RAOFcyphermox: Ok.01:08
cyphermoxRAOF: just in case, dpkg -l libdbus-1-3 libdbus-glib-1-2 libglib2.0-0 ?01:08
cyphermox(from past experience, glib bugs have affected NM in mysterious ways before)01:08
cyphermoxahah. I have reason to believe I may be on to something. I'll give it a shot ;)01:10
RAOFcyphermox: I'm now ready to test whatever you want to throw at me.01:11
cyphermoxRAOF: will try to break NM here first; I should be able to reproduce it01:12
cyphermoxjust need to download packages to revert if updating just glib does make NM fail, I only get wifi here :/01:13
desrtRAOF: so i've semi-resolved my optimus nightmare01:20
RAOFdesrt: Oh?01:20
cyphermoxRAOF: I haven't rebooted but it doesn't seem to be glib, restarting NM should have triggered it to behave badly already, I think01:20
desrti have a pair of scripts to switch between nvidia and intel chips01:20
RAOFBonus points if the solution involves a soldering iron.01:20
desrtrun script + logout01:20
desrtsucks, but works01:20
desrtdid you hear about this virtualGL thing?01:21
cyphermoxRAOF: care to try nmcli con list and let me know if it answers, and what it answers with?01:21
RAOFdesrt: Yeah, that's basically bumblebee, right?01:22
desrtRAOF: it was actually designed to be used for remote X purposes01:22
RAOFIt's run-a-fake-Xserver on your nvidia card and blit across, right?01:22
desrtnot exactly...01:22
desrtit's more like run-a-normal-X-server on your terminal server and redirect the GLX commands to it01:23
desrtthen use a hacked up VNC to get the images to the remote X thinclient01:23
desrti'm sure you can see how its use applies in the bumblebee case, though01:23
RAOFcyphermox: http://paste2.org/p/159234801:24
desrtthe cool thing about it is that it doesn't just redirect the entire app at the other Xserver -- *only* the GL commands01:24
cyphermoxRAOF: and you got that relatively fast?01:24
RAOF_But now, not so much.01:25
RAOF_Now it hangs, as is everything else which touches the network.01:25
cyphermoxmessages in /var/log/syslog, e.g. something about dbus rejecting the message?01:26
cyphermoxwell, brb, rebooting. then if it still works I'll do the remaining updates I have one by one to try and see which one bombs01:27
RAOF_dmesg is happily spewing "Task blocked" messages, though :)01:28
cyphermoxnever seen that before01:28
cyphermoxjust "Task blocked"?01:28
RAOF_No; the "INFO: task $NAME:$PID blocked for 120 seconds..." plus the kernel traceback.01:29
RAOF_Those messages.01:29
cyphermoxok. for NM?01:29
cyphermoxthat's pretty cool01:29
cyphermoxexcept for the whole no connection for you part01:29
RAOF_For nm, ip, wpa_supplicant, and anything else that's tried to touch the network.01:30
RAOF_So firefox, ssh, evolution.  Oh, and, for some reason, irqbalance :)01:30
cyphermoxlet me check something01:31
cyphermoxnothing clearly network-related being updated here; unless you're on kubuntu01:32
RAOF_Hm.  Interestingly, my ssh connection *in* to faye is still working.01:35
cyphermoxwhen you said ip, like ip route list or something?01:39
cyphermoxdoes that just fail or take a long time to respond or something else?01:39
RAOF_ip addr.01:39
RAOF_It hangs.01:39
RAOF_It's blocked in the kernel, in nltl_lock01:41
RAOF_Along with everything else; sudo, firefox, evolution, ssh, …01:41
RAOF_Ok.  I've restarted with the wireless killswitch enabled.  That seems to not do the same thing.01:44
cyphermoxfinishing up with upgrades now01:57
RAOFcyphermox: Anything else you'd like me to do?  Disabling the wireless with the killswitch has made everything work, at the obvious cost of disabling the wireless.  But I've got cat5 here, so that's fine.02:39
cyphermoxRAOF: no idea; here with what looks like full updates, things work03:00
cyphermoxor more precisely, haven't catastrophically failed in the way you described, yet03:00
cyphermoxmaybe it's a driver thing?03:01
RAOFThat's possible.03:02
cyphermoxhere it's ath9k03:02
RAOFBut it's obviously not solely a driver thing; the -7 kernel also doesn't work.03:02
cyphermoxdoesn't really explain why it blocks in rtnl_lock either03:03
RAOFbcma here.03:03
cyphermoxthis isn't shipped in the kernel though, isn't it the new broken^H^Hproprietary broadcom driver?03:06
cyphermoxah, no, I think it's probably shipped in the kernel and not so proprietary03:07
RAOFYeah, it's the broadcom driver that was (is?) in staging; it's now shipped in the kernel.03:10
SarvattRAOF: the staging broadcom driver has always given me corruption problems03:11
Sarvattapt-get update always gave hash sum mismatch problems and crap03:12
RAOFSarvatt: It's worked fine for me; at least until today.03:12
Sarvattath9k was worse, it started corrupting data after about 2GB transferred03:14
SarvattRAOF: this is on the E6420 with the dell 1501 I gave you isnt it? thats the exact machine it didnt work on03:14
RAOFSarvatt: Yup, it's that exact model.03:14
RAOFSarvatt: Now that the system doesn't dependably die within 5 minutes of power up I've not had wireless problems before today.03:15
Sarvattsudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source!03:15
cyphermoxguess that's an option03:16
cyphermoxRAOF: have you opened a bug too? if I put my hands on a system that has a similar chip I'll test oneiric... I suspect there may be such a device in Montreal03:17
RAOFcyphermox: I have not yet; I'll do so now.03:17
cyphermoxthanks; then I or one of the certification guys will be able to follow up if we have a device03:17
cyphermoxfor now, I won't be able to do anything until monday03:18
pittiGood morning04:05
pittiayan: ah, looking04:05
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:08
pittihey TheMuso, how are you?04:09
TheMusopitti: Not too bad thanks, yourself?04:09
pittifeeling much better again, thanks04:09
pittiTheMuso: for bug 828105, which package would need to grow a dependency to at-spi2-core?04:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 828105 in at-spi2-core "at-spi2-core not installed during upgrade from Natty" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82810504:10
TheMusopitti: I don't know, because at-spi2-core is seeded as a recommends in desktop.04:11
TheMusoShould we probably bump those to a depends?04:11
pittihm, that ought to be enough for a dist-upgrade04:11
pittidear apport, compiz quitting is not really "unexpected" any more..04:13
TheMusopitti: My thoughts exactly.04:14
pittiI'll ask mvo about it then04:14
pittiwe have a lot of recommends in meta packages, this stuff needs to work04:14
TheMusoI've even checked in the ubuntu-meta package now as well, and at-spi2-core is indeed listed.04:15
TheMusoOn upgrade, at-spi2-core, libatspi2.0-0, gir1.2-atspi-2.0, and python-pyatspi2 should all be installed, and at-spi, libatspi1.0-0 should be removed.04:16
pittiTheMuso: did we already have at-spi2 in natty?04:16
pittiah, no04:17
TheMusopitti: Universe.04:17
jbichawe were using the old at-spi04:17
jbichagood morning04:17
pittiTheMuso: oh, why removed?04:19
pittihey jbicha04:19
TheMusopitti: at-spi, i.e at-spi v1 should get removed on upgrade.04:19
pittiConflicts: at-spi04:21
pittiit might not like to remove packages to satisfy a recommends04:21
pittiso I think in this case we need a depends:04:21
TheMusoOk, will fix the seeds now.04:21
TheMusoAnd will retarget that bug.04:22
pitti^ I'm doing that part ATM04:22
pittiTheMuso: ok, retargetted; let's try this again with a depends04:23
TheMusoWHich part?04:23
pittiTheMuso: the upgrade04:24
TheMusoOk, pushing the seed update now.04:24
pittiayan: the udisks part is already in -proposed, see the bug trail04:28
jbichaMy sbuild chokes on this line in Metacity's controlfile Breaks: compiz (
RAOFThat should surely be either (= or (<=
pittijbicha: you need an operator04:34
pittiright, what RAOF sais04:34
pitti"said", uh04:34
jbichanot my fault, I just have to fix it :-) I think I'll do the <=04:35
pittiBreaks: usually only make sense with <<04:35
pitti= might have some use cases, <= sounds weird04:35
jbichaok I'll do << then04:36
jbichaactually I think I can just drop it since it was an early natty development thing04:37
pittijbicha: sounds fine04:40
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
pittirodrigo_: good morning06:06
pittirodrigo_: it seems that gnome-session-properties doesn't show up in the control center; do you want a bug for this, or is this already being tracked somewhere?06:07
pittiTheMuso: is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-dx-o-unity-a11y still realistic in any way, or should I just move it to the p series wholesale?06:08
pittiTheMuso: it has 3/3 open items06:08
TheMusopitti: Oh right, meant to look at them the other day but got side tracked. WIll take a look now.06:08
TheMusoOh yeah, they're all done, at least in terms of unity-2d.06:10
pittiTheMuso: ah, I thought this was (also) about 3d06:10
pittiTheMuso: or do we solve this by forcing 2d when you select the visual a11y profiles?06:11
TheMusopitti: It probably is re 3d too. I really wish we didn't hae 2 separate code bases at times like this.06:11
pitti(which would make sense entirely)06:11
pittifading windows are a lot less cool when you can't see them06:11
TheMusopitti: 2d will be forced when a11y profiles are selected. I should do that as soon as I know whether this is done any differently from last cycle.06:11
pittiTheMuso: so should these three be set to done, and we'll add another WI to ensure that 2D is selected for a11y?06:12
pittior should 3d work as well?06:12
TheMusopitti: I am on the page now, so I can do that.06:12
pittiTheMuso: good, thanks06:12
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
Sweetsharkmorning, all!07:24
pittihey Sweetshark07:24
jbichais there anything preventing the new clutter from landing in Oneiric?07:37
pittijbicha: aside from FF, I don't think so; we try to keep it out of the CD wherever we can07:44
seb128hi pitti07:46
jbichawell, it's a requirement to get gnome-shell past 3.1.3, do I need to file a FFE then?07:46
seb128keep what out?07:46
seb128ups, clutter?07:46
seb128new gnome-shell will need the new clutter serie and cogl though, right?07:47
mvohey desktopers! if someone has a bit of time it would be nice if you could play with software-center-gtk3 a bit and let me know how stable it is for you07:48
seb128mvo, hey, will do, where should we get it from?07:48
mvojust run "software-center-gtk3"07:48
mvoits part of the package07:48
seb128mvo, are you thinking about making it default for Oneiric?07:48
seb128you will make Didier unhappy07:48
mvolots of good fixes went in07:49
jbichamvo: the first day was pretty rough, but it's sort of usable now07:49
mvo*urgh* yeah - oneconf07:49
seb128mvo, he ported oneconf to gtk2 before his holidays because he was told that we would stay on gtk2 for Oneiric07:49
mvojbicha: what are the missing bits that make it "sort of"? performance07:49
mvoseb128: I said its 50/50, but yeah, I can see that he will be not happy :(07:49
mvoseb128: when will he come back?07:50
seb128mvo, well during your meeting gary hinted that it was late and it was 90% chance we wouldn't switch07:50
seb128mvo, in 2 weeks07:50
seb12829th of august07:50
mvohm, hm, ok07:52
mvoso I guess in order to make him happy this stuff needs to be ported too, a good point07:53
seb128mvo, well I think he was stopped on getting a design which work with the new version07:53
seb128mvo, we shouldn't take the decision based on oneconf though07:53
mvostill, a good point and something to consider07:54
pedro_good morning07:54
seb128hey pedro_07:54
mvohey pedro_! are you sprinting?07:54
pedro_hello seb128, mvo07:54
pedro_mvo, yeah, in london, today is my last day here07:55
pedro_leaving tomorrow morning07:55
RAOFmvo: It's quite easy to hit unimplemented edges in software-centre-gtk3.  What sort of feedback are you after?07:56
seb128jbicha, did you talk to ricotz? he got cogl and new clutter packaged and was looking for a sponsor in Debian07:57
jbichaseb128: not yet, I sent him an email though this morning07:58
pittimvo: the top toolbar looks quite hard to read (light gray on different light gray), is that intended?08:01
mvoRAOF: exactly this08:01
mvopitti: it tries to derive the color from the theme, I think it may not work so well on the light theme I guess08:01
pittimvo: ah, I see08:01
mvoRAOF: like what cases you hit08:01
pittimvo: here it looks like disabled buttons08:01
mvopitti: ok08:01
seb128jbicha, pitti: not sure if clutter as a standing ffe as a GNOME component, likely not since it's not part of the GNOME set but an external depends08:01
pittimvo: and reducing the banner by 90% would be a lot more small screen friendly :)08:02
seb128mvo, should we just open bugs with [gtk3] in the title? or do you prefer IRC pings?08:02
fredpseb128: it's not an external dep anymore.08:03
RAOFmvo: Hitting "more" on the top-rated category on the front page does nothing; after pressing "more" on the "new" category, pressing the back button results in a blank pane, and none of the buttons under the "All software" dropdown do anything.08:03
seb128fredp, thanks08:03
pittimvo: clicking on any app in the "top rated" container doesn't do anything; i. e. start -> click "games" in left list -> click on any app in top rated box08:04
RAOFmvo: But pressing "back" a second time takes you back to the homepage, and the "Installed" and "History" buttons do the right thing.  But perhaps a bit slow.08:04
mvoRAOF: thanks, I think that is indeed a performance issue we currently having, let me look and try to reproduce. but yeah, that feels rather unpolished08:05
mvopitti: thanks, I can reproduce and will fix now08:06
* pitti hugs mvo08:06
jbichamvo: I don't like the toolbar, it doesn't display right on gnome shell for one, and why do all Ubuntu apps have to look a bit different08:06
pittimvo: want a bug for the theme issue?08:06
jbichait should use the primary-toolbar class that gnome-control-center uses08:07
RAOFjbicha: I actually rather like the toolbar.  That said, we really should whip up a *standard* funky-toolbar and use that everywhere.08:07
mvojbicha: *cough* different look> indeed, its something I am concerned about as well. I08:07
jbichaif we theme the gtk class, it would be used everywhere, creating something brand new everywhere isn't the Right Way08:08
mvopitti: not needed, I put it in my note (unless you want to open one :)08:08
jbichaalong with that, the search icon should be on the right side of the search box08:08
pittimvo: so much the better :)08:08
nzmmjbicha: perhaps mpt's pov in this? i think for the time being i prefer consistency08:08
pittiI still wonder how you guys all can live with the dark theme -- it's so uncomfortable in bright environments08:09
pittido you all work in darkness in window-less rooms? :-)08:09
* mvo works in a dungeon08:09
nzmmjbicha: and yes i have also noticed some oddities when in gnome-shell with usc08:09
pitti*cling* *hammer* *forging python code* *melting iron*08:09
mvojbicha: I guess part of the reason why consitency is no longer that imporant is that poeple are used to it from using website. but I am a bit torn here myself, I do really like consistency08:10
seb128dunno what's the hype for those themes either08:10
seb128mvo, consistency is important still on the desktop I think08:10
pittithe irony is, in the age where we all still used CRTs, and dark themes would actually have made _sense_, we used bright themes08:10
pittiand now with LCDs, which work so much better with bright themes, they get out of fashion08:11
jbichathe All Software button doesn't bring you back to All Software when you're looking at an app08:11
pittimvo: ... you asked for the storm, now you get one apparently :)08:11
nzmmpitti: better here than omgubuntu ;)08:12
mvojbicha: indeed! but only when clicking it the second time, the first time worked for me. a funny bug08:12
mvopitti: heh :) keep them coming08:12
pittimvo: is it possible to sort by popularity?08:13
jbichathe gray star / yellow star thing annoys me08:13
RAOFWhy do some categories go directly to a package list, and others go to a category landing-page with "top rated"?08:13
RAOFeg: Graphics vs Accessories08:13
pittiRAOF: appareently the latter have subcategories08:14
pittithere's Games -> Arcade08:14
pittibut no subsections for education08:14
pitti(which is a shame, of course)08:14
mvopitti: yes, but the branch has not landed yet in the archive. its the last missing bit08:14
jbichaand the "top rated" app buttons don't work in places like Developer Tools and Games08:14
RAOFSo education doesn't get any top-rated?08:14
pittimvo: oh, nice!08:14
mvojbicha: gray because you would prefer yellow?08:14
jbichaclicking Eclipse from the Developer Tools screen does nothing08:14
jbichamvo: I'd prefer that they pick one color and stick with it :-)08:14
pittimvo: science & engineering is empty08:15
mvoRAOF: that is a design decision, some have sub-categories. but I agree that its not obvious08:15
nzmmi think stars should be all yellow08:15
RAOFYeah.  Why are the stars yellow in some places and grey in others?08:15
mvoyeah, that is a good point, concistency++08:16
mvothat we will fix08:16
mvoor "fix that we will, yesssss"08:16
pittioh, mvo moved to Master Yoda now?08:17
* RAOF heard gollum08:18
* pitti sends a s-c-gtk3 crash report launchpadwards08:18
mvoit eas meant to be yoda, but my impersonation is not perfect and there is a certain similarity between yoda and gollum now that I think about it08:18
mvothanks guys, that was really valuable feedback! nzmm and I will now go and fix the mentioned issues :)08:19
pittimvo: just filed bug 828553, should be trivial to fix as well08:20
jbichaas a design thing, the full-length status bar is used only to tell you how many apps are in the current category08:20
pitti(probably just missing .encode('UTF-8') )08:20
jbichaI don't know if it's possible to do a mini-statusbar like Chromium08:21
nzmmnzmm: thanks guys!08:21
seb128pitti, why do we need those encode() calls?08:21
seb128mvo, btw did you figure the software-properties issues I tried to debug for a bit before the desktop summit?08:22
seb128the one with chinese that was worked around by adding a .encore() as well08:22
mvoseb128: pitti merged a fix from a contributor for this, it was a missing encdode too08:22
pittiseb128: I haven't looked at that particualr bug, but in python2 you often get these crashes when you mix UTF-8 byte arrays with unicode strings with % or _()08:22
pittiit's really quite annoying08:23
pittiI'm looking forward to python3, where the separation is a lot cleaner08:23
pittistr, period08:23
jbichaI like to test keyboard accessibility, using ctrl+f to search for an app works but once you are on the app info page08:23
jbichaCtrl+F won't return the focus back to the search box08:23
seb128pitti, mvo: well in the software-properties case the string was coming from gettext, aren't those supposed to be utf8 strings?08:23
seb128mvo, yeah, it seems the fix he uploaded is similar to the workaround I suggested you08:24
seb128but you said it was wrong because the string was coming from gettext and should be utf encoded08:24
mvoseb128: oh, maybe I am thinking of a different one then, yes, in gettext as they should all be utf808:24
nzmmjbicha: is control+F standard, control+S seems normal that said usc doesnt have this accel either afaik...08:28
pittiseb128: that's the thing, it seems to vary08:29
pittiseb128: depending on what you stuff into it08:29
seb128pitti, so it's not deterministic?08:29
seb128how can you decide to call encode() or not if different po might use different encodings?08:30
pittiit certainly isn't random08:30
pittiseb128: it's not a matter of different encodings08:30
pittiit's a matter of encoded byte arrays (UTF-8) vs. unicode strings08:30
seb128pitti, btw can you bump the build scores for https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/compiz-testing08:30
mptpitti, hi, the grey on grey is bug 82809208:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 828092 in software-center "[GTK3] Navigation bar is ugly in Radiance and other light themes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82809208:30
seb128pitti, dbarth and dx are waiting on it to test the compiz candidate for oneiric08:30
pittiseb128: nudged08:31
pittimpt: ah, thanks08:31
seb128pitti, thanks08:31
seb128pitti, unicode against utf, bah :p08:31
pittie. g. you get crashes with08:32
pitti>>> 'ä%sb' % u'ä'08:32
pittior >>> u'ä%sb' % 'ä'08:32
pitti>>> u'ä%sb' % u'ä'08:32
pittithat works properly08:32
pitti>>> print 'ä%sb' % 'ä'08:32
pittias does this08:32
pittii. e. working with byte arrays or unicode only is fine, but not mixing the two08:33
pittiseb128: I think gettext returns the type you stuff in08:33
seb128still seems quite error prone to me08:34
pittiit is08:34
pittibecause in py2, you usually work with both without knowing it08:34
pittiand most people test in English only08:34
pittiand then you get these crashes for locales which happen to have non-ascii translations08:34
pittithat's why python3 is better08:34
pittiyou get the crashes in all cases ;)08:34
seb128pitti, thanks for the explanations08:35
pittioh no08:35
pittigettext is even more evil08:35
pitti>>> type(gettext.dgettext('apport', u'(binary data)'))08:35
pitti<type 'str'>08:35
pitti>>> type(gettext.dgettext('apport', '(binary data)'))08:36
pitti<type 'str'>08:36
pittithat's a string which does have a translation08:36
pittii. e. regardless whether you stuff in unicode or byte array, it always returns byte array08:36
pitti>>> type(gettext.dgettext('apport', u'xxx'))08:36
pitti<type 'unicode'>08:36
pitti>>> type(gettext.dgettext('apport', 'xxx'))08:36
pitti<type 'str'>08:36
pittibut for strings without a translations it returns the original08:36
pittipy3 has that fixed apparently08:39
pittiit always returns the type you stuff into it08:40
pittiand since you need to explicity create binary data (b'foo'), it should always be 'str' then (which is the equivalent of 'unicode' in py2)08:40
seb128 >>> type(gettext.dgettext('apport', u'xxx'))08:41
seb128 <type 'unicode'>08:41
seb128seems like a bug in some way08:42
pittiwell, it's the underlying implementation08:42
pittiif gettext() doesn't find a translation, it returns its input verbatim08:42
seb128I guess it does make sense like that08:42
pittiwell, in C08:42
seb128it's just really error prone to have the return type of a function changing like that08:42
pittipython could do the .encode() call for you in this case08:43
pittiif you told it which encoding it should use08:43
seb128yeah, I would argue it should08:43
seb128seeing the number of bugs we got where I saw people adding some .encode() to strings returned by gettext08:43
seb128anyway not something we will change today08:43
pittiyeah, it didn't really happen in a systematic way08:43
pittiin jockey I fixed a ton of those, and some of the fixes then caused new bugs to appear for other cases08:44
pittiI guess that was the reason py3 has this strict separation now08:44
huatsMorning !08:48
seb128lut huats08:49
pittiseb128: in fact, I'm struggling with such a bug right now, bug 760883 and a million dupes08:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 760883 in jockey "jockey-text crashed with UnicodeEncodeError in write(): 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-2: ordinal not in range(128)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76088308:59
pittiI can't reproduce it :/08:59
* pitti mumbles some curses pythonwards09:00
seb128pitti, the one I got recently happened only with chinese there09:00
seb128no with english french or german09:00
seb128was trying a liveCD in chinese for another bug09:00
pittithere are dupes for French, Russian, etc.09:00
seb128pitti, try with russian or chinese locale09:00
pittiI already tried with russian09:00
seb128dunno then09:00
pittiwith terminal, through pipe, etc.09:00
pittimaybe it's because of that very bug, it's all happening with jockey-text --no-dbus09:01
pittiperhaps that happens at a time when there are no langpacks yet09:01
* pitti tries that09:01
pittinope, no luck09:06
pittiit just doesn't crash here09:06
jbicha70 duplicates is pretty impressive09:15
pittiyeah, I have to use /+text on that bug to even see it09:15
pittibug in locale.getpreferredencoding()09:22
pittior maybe in our installer environment; anyway, I'll fix it09:24
seb128bah, hate source v3 and vcs-es09:52
seb128If some of these files are left out on purpose then please add them to09:53
seb128POTFILES.skip instead of POTFILES.in.09:53
seb128I just bzr merged some upstream revisions in the packaging vcs09:53
pittiseb128: that's not related to v3 or VCS, it's the autoconf stuff being silly09:59
pittiit should not count files in .pc/ as source files09:59
pittior intltool rather09:59
seb128right, that as well09:59
seb128still without source v3 I wouldn't have a .pc :p09:59
pittiwell, apparently you have a debian-changes.patch there10:00
seb128because of source v310:00
pittiif that's a bzr maintained source, I'd suggest to use 1.010:00
seb128right, that's what I did now10:00
seb128it's lightdm10:00
pittivcs maintained source and 3.0 don't go well together10:00
seb128the packaging vcs is derived from the upstream one, full source in vcs10:00
seb128so I did cd ubuntu; bzr merge lp:lightdm -c rev10:00
seb128which lead to a debian-changes10:01
seb128pitti, <pitti> vcs maintained source and 3.0 don't go well together10:01
seb128right, which was my "<seb128> bah, hate source v3 and vcs-es"10:01
Trewasam I missing some configuration software in oneiric for unity? for example appearance (themes/fonts) used to be configurable with gnome-control-center but not so anymore10:11
Trewasgnome-tweak-tool works for fonts and gtk-theme, but not for window borders10:11
seb128Trewas, no, GNOME upstream decided to drop those options10:13
Trewasbut unity is not gnome and configuring compiz is quite out of scope for them anyway... but oh well, I guess the options are still there somewhere in gconf/dconf10:15
rodrigo_seb128, g-c-m ready for sponsoring at lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/oneiric/gnome-color-manager/3_1_2_release10:38
seb128you don't have access to it?10:39
seb128can you email cjwatson to have it added to the desktop set?10:39
rodrigo_seb128, it's in universe, isn't it?10:39
rodrigo_seb128, sure10:39
seb128you should run for motu ;-)10:39
seb128rodrigo_, btw what do you work on this week?10:39
seb128rodrigo_, the g-c-c bug stack isn't moving, we should start tackling some of those10:40
rodrigo_seb128, I have been working on new feature stuff, like g-contacts, g-c-m, some g-s-d and g-c-c things10:41
seb128oh right10:41
rodrigo_seb128, will move now to bug fixing, I think I'm done with the new stuff10:41
seb128yeah, let's finish the features first10:41
rodrigo_well, nothing new missing, right?10:41
rodrigo_afaik, I had g-contacts and g-c-m and the g-c-c stuff10:42
seb128pitti, help11:03
seb128pitti, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1882045/+listing-archive-extra11:03
seb128pitti, can you bump the build score?11:03
pittiseb128: done11:03
seb128pitti, danke11:03
rodrigo_hmm, is not using 'debian/tmp' prefix in .install files correct?11:12
rodrigo_like in https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/metacity/metacity-2.34.1/+merge/7198211:12
pittirodrigo_: with dh compat level 7 and up it automatically tries debian/tmp/ if the given path isn't found11:13
pittiso in general, it's correct, and more convenient11:13
rodrigo_ah, ok11:13
rodrigo_yes, debian/compat is 8, so yes11:13
cjwatsonseb128: for the record, I'm only prepared to add ->ubuntu-desktop package set exceptions for packages that are in core or desktop-core, not for packages that are in universe.  for the latter case, you can just seed them.11:18
cjwatsonthe "mail cjwatson" manual exceptions mechanism only exists because seeding doesn't work to "demote" something from core/desktop-core to ubuntu-desktop11:19
cjwatsonand I don't want to be in a bottleneck position unless I have to be11:19
seb128cjwatson, ok, sorry about that, I was unsure if a set could include universe sources or not11:42
seb128which probably means rodrigo_ should apply to motu for those11:42
rodrigo_right, I should11:43
ayanpitti: okay -- thanks.  i didn't notice (re: udisks & proposed)11:44
* Sweetshark dances11:59
Sweetsharklibreoffice-l10n finally builds again11:59
* desrt starts to wonder if libreoffice's build system is some kind of a job security scam12:16
* rodrigo_ lunch12:17
dpmhi pitti, can the oneiric langpack generation be reenabled?12:22
alex3fhi mvo12:24
cjwatsonseb128: well, that's different, (a) yes a set can include universe sources although in the case of ubuntu-desktop that should generally only be temporary, (b) it's a management-efficiency thing rather than a technical restriction as such, (c) rodrigo probably ought to apply to motu anyway :-)12:25
mvohey alex3f12:28
alex3fregarding your last email, got to my natty laptop12:28
alex3fstill far away from the jhbuild powered desktop12:28
alex3fsegfaults come from pygobject, not from PK12:29
seb128cjwatson, ok, thanks, and yeah, (c) is the way to go ;-)12:29
alex3fis this patch https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=652256 that is in 2.9012:29
ubot2Gnome bug 652256 in introspection "GPtrArray support is missing" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]12:29
mvoalex3f: awsome, let me check12:29
alex3fmvo: what about s-c-gtk3 and pygobject 2.90.1?12:29
alex3fI think I saw a commit log saying it is broken12:30
mvoalex3f: that should be fixed AFAICT12:30
alex3fcool, I'm now trying to run it on natty12:31
mvoalex3f: do you think that http://bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=189598 will apply on 2.28.6 ?12:33
mvoseb128, pitti: are there plans for a new pygobject?12:33
seb128mvo, it's in debian, I guess pitti is waiting to sync for a reason12:33
seb128it might need a ffe?12:33
alex3fmvo, no, it is against an "invoke-rewrite" branch, which is quite different from the last release, 2.2812:33
mvoI just get it from debian then12:34
seb128mvo, wait for pitti to reply12:34
seb128not sure what they are doing, but I think he wanted to build pygobject without gir and add a new pygobject3 with the new gir stuff12:35
seb128mvo, http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/pygobject/news/20110817T101759Z.html12:36
seb128well I guess you can try it12:36
seb128mvo, http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-gnome/desktop/unstable/pygobject-2/12:36
seb128I guess that needs to go with it12:36
mvothanks seb128, I give it a try12:37
alex3fmvo, any ideea about: "python: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgiobamf.so: undefined symbol: g_desktop_app_info_launch_handler_get_type12:51
pittidpm: oh, yes, do you want to?12:52
pittimvo: waiting for pygobject-2 to get through debian NEW12:52
pittimvo: the new pygobject version has quite a lot of changes indeed; my original plan is to only sync it if some GNOME update actually requires it12:53
pittimost stuff should work quite well with 2.28, too12:53
pittimvo: I just did all these uploads and the s-c MP to be prepared in that case12:53
pittimvo: do you need/want it?12:53
pittiseb128: ^ FYI12:53
pitti(sorry, was AFK for lunch)12:54
pittiseb128: is it worth trying the new compiz in that PPA? is it any more stable?12:56
seb128pitti, check with dbarth12:57
seb128the ppa is candidate for oneiric12:57
mvopitti: well, yes and no, it contains a fix for the s-c PK backend12:57
seb128it's supposed to be better than what we have before landing but I'm not sure about the current version12:57
dbarthpitti: no, not yet12:58
pittimvo: I'm a bit torn -- OTOH the invoke-rewrite part is sooo much better, it catches a lot of bugs as proper exceptions which previously went unnoticed and caused crashes later on, etc.12:59
dbarthpitti: it has regressions compared to the version currently in O12:59
pittiand is also quite a lot faster12:59
pittidbarth: ah, thanks12:59
mvopitti: can I get the version from experimental and just build it locally? will that work?12:59
pittimvo: but due to the much stricter "static or GI" it also breaks a lot of things12:59
pittimvo: yes, it does; I built and tested it under Ubuntu12:59
pittimvo: I can stuff it into the u-desktop or my own PPA if you want12:59
dobeyhi pitti13:00
pittihey dobey13:00
seb128pitti, how much python-gobject clients do we have in Oneiric?13:01
pittiseb128: around 7 or so13:01
mvopitti: hm, it complains here it needs python-gobject-2 ?13:01
seb128pitti, seems like the sort of changes we would benefit getting in Oneiric because that's what stable users will use a platform to write new code13:01
pittimaybe 10 now13:01
pittimvo: right, you need the pygobject-2 source as well13:02
mvoaha, ok13:02
seb128pitti, i.e will minimize the churn for next cycle13:02
dobeyhow do you use gir in python without python-gobject? :)13:02
pittidobey: ? you don't?13:03
mvopitti: where can I find pygobject-2?13:03
pittimvo: in svn; hang on, I'll put both into my PPA13:03
seb128mvo, I gave you the url before13:03
seb128 mvo, http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-gnome/desktop/unstable/pygobject-2/13:04
seb128 I guess that needs to go with it13:04
pittior can also use the u-desktop PPA, if you guys want to do more testing13:04
mvoseb128: ups, sorry13:04
pittiseb128: ^ WDYT?13:04
seb128pitti, ppa works for me13:04
seb128it's a "testing ppa"13:04
mvoyeah, sounds good to me13:04
seb128pitti, as said before I would prefer to land that in Oneiric13:05
kenvandinegood morning everyone13:05
seb128so people write code ready for the new version and test with it on stable Oneiric13:05
kenvandinedavmor2, ping13:05
seb128hey kenvandine, how are you?13:05
kenvandineand you?13:05
pittiseb128: I went through all packages that I touched recently yesterday, and fixed them up13:05
seb128kenvandine, I'm fine thanks13:05
davmor2kenvandine: much better thanks or at least so far :)13:06
seb128pitti, yeah, so seems like it should be fine to do the update, anyway let's see how ppa goes to start13:06
pittiseb128, mvo: so, if both of you prefer the new one, I'm happy with that; most fallout is easy to fix13:06
seb128pitti, I do prefer take on new things this cycle to increase our lts stability13:06
kenvandinedavmor2, last nights upload shouldn't have fixed whatever had failed, but it would make it log the error and not hang13:07
kenvandinedavmor2, so i would like to see your gwibber.log again13:07
pittiseb128, mvo: both uploaded, I'll ping you when it's built/published13:07
pittiseb128, mvo: so how about this:13:07
davmor2kenvandine: right give me 5 mins13:08
pitti- the three of us run these versions for a couple of days13:08
kenvandinedavmor2, cool13:08
pitti- I wait for pygobject-2 to get through Debian NEW (day or two)13:08
pitti- I file an FFE now13:08
pitti- we stuff it into oneiric next Monday?13:08
seb128pitti, sounds like a plan!13:08
pittipersonally I'd of course love to see the new version go in13:08
mvosounds good13:08
pittibut I felt biased to do the request myself13:09
seb128pitti, I can file the ffe if you want13:09
pittiI'll do it, and point out the caveats13:09
pittiyou guys can then chime in13:09
seb128will do13:09
Sweetsharkpitti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/828724 ... I will proceed with that one, once the libreoffice-l10n-3.4.1-4ubuntu1 upload in https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-oneirictest-20110718/+packages succeeds.13:13
ubot2Ubuntu bug 828724 in libreoffice "[FFE] LibreOffice 3.4 for Oneiric" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:13
davmor2kenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/669216/13:14
dpmpitti, yeah, I can do it myself, just checking out if they weren't still disabled for anything in particular13:14
pittibah, seems that the PPA uploads failed13:33
seb128lightdm fixed13:37
pittiseb128, mvo: bug 828751  FYI13:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 828751 in pygobject "[FFE] update pygobject to 2.90.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82875113:39
pittiseb128: oh, with ecryptfs?13:39
seb128pitti, yes13:39
seb128pitti, danke13:39
pittiI can log in without tearing apart a chicken?13:39
seb128indeed you can13:39
pitticompiz/lightdm FTBFS in the PPA, FTR13:40
seb128yes, lightdm that was another stupid side effect for the source v313:40
pittipygobject-2_2.28.6-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental13:40
pittiyay, Debian NEW is really fast!13:40
seb128mterry, hey, thanks for fixing lightdm login!13:52
mterryseb128, :)  i was happy too13:52
seb128mterry, I did a trunk snapshot to oneiric btw13:52
pittimterry: my hero!13:52
seb128which robert_ancell somewhat suggested, he didn't have time to do a proper tarball but said trunk is good to use13:52
mterryseb128, I see, thanks!13:53
mterryseb128, btw, I can't reproduce your bad-PATH-for-gnome-session issue13:53
mterryseb128, maybe I was running trunk and it fixed things?  If you can try again with new lightdm...13:53
seb128mterry, it's working now for me, weird13:53
mterryseb128, awesome13:53
seb128just tried with the snapshot13:53
seb128it works13:53
alex3fmvo, have you got pygobject working?13:58
pittipygobject still building in the ppa13:59
alex3ffor me, it depends on python-gobject-2, but I cannot find it13:59
alex3fah, thanks pitti13:59
smspillazdesrt: ping13:59
alex3fpitti, which ppa?14:00
pittialex3f: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+packages14:00
pittialex3f: that's the new pygobject 2.90.114:00
pittiif you are talking about that14:00
alex3fpitti, yes, thank you14:00
pittialex3f: just got accepted into expeprimental, too14:01
alex3fI saw it, have been waiting some time for this release :)14:01
alex3fcan it make it to oneiric?14:02
pittialex3f: feel free to chime in at bug 828751 :)14:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 828751 in pygobject "[FFE] update pygobject to 2.90.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82875114:02
mvoalex3f: not yet, once its ready I will14:06
davmor2kenvandine: was that alright for you?14:10
kenvandinedavmor2, yup... thx!14:11
desrtsmspillaz: hihi14:16
smspillazdesrt: heya14:17
smspillazdesrt: maybe you might know the answer to this14:17
smspillazdesrt: is there any reason why I might get an event twice in a GdkFilterFunc ?14:17
smspillaz(like, exact same, including serial)14:17
smspillazI initially thought it could have been because I had more than one filter on a window, but I tried it with just gdk_window_add_filter (NULL, event_handler, NULL); and that didn't seem to help too much14:18
pittimvo, seb128: pygo stuff all built and ready for testing14:18
seb128pitti, great14:19
desrtsmspillaz: are you in a process with two connections to the X server, by chance? :)14:19
desrtsmspillaz: if not, i'm going to assume it has something to do with adding the filter more than once14:19
desrtor that it's not really the same event14:19
desrtserial numbers are not unique to events coming from the X server14:20
smspillazdesrt: ah, I thought they were14:20
* smspillaz dumps that assumption14:20
desrtthey are, rather, a strange mix of the serial number of the last message the server saw from the client and/or the request that the message is a reply to14:20
davmor2kenvandine: I still have the huge amount of duplicates of a post in FB :(14:20
desrtdepending on the type of event14:20
smspillazdesrt: makes sense14:21
smspillazI guess it still puzzles me as to why I get 5 ReparentNotify events for one XReparentWindow but I guess it could be because I've got SubstructureNotifyMask set on the frame window14:22
smspillazand then Gtk might automatically set StructureNotifyMask on the toplevel it created14:23
smspillazI miss being able to use X directly :)14:23
kenvandinedavmor2, indeed, i need to work on that14:23
jibelpitti, mvo latest dependency changes to ubuntu-meta broke the upgrade from natty to oneiric bug 82875914:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 828759 in ubuntu-meta "package ubuntu-desktop 1.240 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82875914:24
desrtdoes anyone have a T420?14:24
jibelI have not investigated very far but last lines of apt.log look suspect.14:25
desrt(or know anyone who does?  somewhat urgent...)14:25
seb128desrt, no14:26
* desrt just learnt that he has a 2-day window to return this 420s mistake14:26
desrtbut i want to make damn sure that the 420 is actually want i want14:26
seb128what is wrong with the one you got?14:26
desrtoptimus graphics14:26
desrtif you ever see these words, RUN14:27
desrtand if the sales reps tell you "you can just turn it off and the laptop will behave like it has integrated graphics" tell them "you lie."14:27
smspillazdesrt: doesn't bumblebee handle that?14:29
smspillazI know that bumblebee is a hack14:29
desrtbumblebee makes things worse14:29
smspillazok, not surprised then14:29
desrtthe issue is that i want to use my laptop as a desktop14:30
desrtthen pop it off the dock and run14:30
desrtand have all my apps follow me14:30
desrtit's currently approximately impossible to take apps that are on the nvidia X server (ie: external outputs) and migrate them to the intel X server (LCD screen)14:31
desrtparticularly since said apps are actually dynamically linked against the wrong libGL14:31
smspillazdesrt: nouveau ?14:32
desrtdoesn't support this chip yet :)14:32
desrtand wouldn't really solve too many problems anyway14:32
desrtsince you'd still need to migrate all the GL state14:32
smspillazdesrt: well it would solve the libGL issue14:32
desrtbumblebee is based on this weird thing called VirtualGL which implements something that it calls 'glx forking'14:32
smspillazdesrt: though, I'm surprised that the crtc's for the extra monitors aren't exposed to the intel card14:32
desrtthis technique could be an interesting possibility to move towards some sort of way of abstracting GL14:33
smspillazdesrt: yeah, I know about the insanity of VirtualGL14:33
desrtsmspillaz: apparently it's quite common for vendors to do whateverthefucktheywant when wiring this monstrosity up14:33
smspillazdesrt: kill me14:33
smspillazdesrt: ok, T420 is now on the list of machines to avoid14:34
desrtT420 is fine, i think14:34
desrtsince you can get it without optimus14:34
desrtT420s is the trouble machine14:34
desrtif you want the core i7 option then optimus is mandatory14:34
smspillazdesrt: that's really weird though, I thought they actually had the standard in place which required that the intel board was in charge of the memory and framebuffers and then there was an nvidia or ati coprocessor on top of that14:35
mvojibel: can you reproduce it?14:35
desrtsmspillaz: that's how it works for the internal LCD14:35
mdeslaurdesrt: my T510 with optimus works great14:35
desrtbut apparently the nvidia card makes a better driver of the external ports14:35
smspillazdesrt: so they basically just violated their own design14:35
desrtdue to supporting hdmi audio, 'deep colour' and so on14:35
desrtso they wire it up that way14:36
jibelmvo, I haven't try, I'm on something else. I can do that later today and let you know the result.14:36
desrtmdeslaur: are you using external connectors?14:36
mdeslaurdesrt: you got me curious, so I just plugged in an external monitor, and it just worked14:36
mdeslaurdesrt: I have the nvidia stuff disabled in the bios14:36
desrtmdeslaur: VGA or displayport?14:36
mdeslaurdesrt: VGA14:36
desrtVGA is fine...14:36
desrtdoes the displayport connector show up in your xrandr output?14:37
smspillazdesrt: http://images.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/9450166.jpg14:37
mdeslaurdesrt: I guess not: http://paste.ubuntu.com/669282/14:37
jibelmvo, I have a machine available and ready, I can run the test on it.14:37
desrtmdeslaur: you have the same problem that i do, then -- you just don't care :)14:37
mdeslaursmspillaz: lol14:37
mdeslaurdesrt: well, I just hadn't noticed yet :P14:37
seb128desrt, you just ruined mdeslaur's day :p14:38
desrtsmspillaz: ya... pretty much sums it up14:38
desrti'd have used 'PROBLEM?' personally...14:38
desrtif i get the straight-intel version14:39
desrti want to be damn sure that it will actually drive my monitors14:39
desrtand lenovo doesn't have a great track record for telling me true things pre-sales14:39
mvojibel: I ask because I don't see it in the auto upgrade tester14:39
smspillazdesrt: the problem with intel is that their max texture size limits are quite low14:40
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
mdeslaurdesrt: dual monitors are overrated anyway...with unity, you don't need all of that :P14:40
desrtsmspillaz: 8k here14:40
smspillazdesrt: oh, they've fixed that one I see14:40
desrtsmspillaz: the combined horizontal resolution of my monitors is a bit over 5k14:40
desrtso i think i'm okay14:40
smspillazdesrt: I remember the good old days when it used to be 2048 or bust14:41
smspillazincidentally, we have a workaround for that in compiz now14:41
smspillazjust don't tfp textures > mts and use XGetImage instead14:41
jibelmvo, the upgrade tester upgraded to 1.239 and the change is in 1.24014:42
jibelmvo, just different timing.14:42
jibeldon't worry, you should get it tomorrow :)14:42
seb128pitti, oneconf have issues with the new gobject14:43
mvooh, ok14:43
pittiseb128: oneconf source?14:43
pittiseb128: how to reproduce? I never used oneconf14:44
seb128pitti, no, the service, it exit on a stacktrace saying to not use "import gobject"14:44
seb128pitti, install oneconf, start s-c14:44
pittiah, that's the very thing we need to fix indeed14:44
seb128pitti, it's a s-c component14:44
seb128pitti, or just run /usr/share/oneconf/oneconf-service14:44
pittioneconf-service calls gobject.*, but I don't see an import statement for that14:45
pittiah, nevermind, found it14:46
seb128pitti, update-manager has an error14:48
pittiah, another one I forgot about yesterday14:48
seb128TypeError: second argument not callable14:49
seb128in UpdateManager.py l679 update_count14:49
pittican reproduce both14:49
pittiah, u-m seems easy14:50
pittithat's GObject.timeout_add_seconds14:50
pitti(it shouldn't be, but known issue)14:50
pittihm, that's not it, though14:50
pittiperhaps GLib.timeout_add_seconds is actually fixed now with 2.90.114:50
pittiah, indeed14:51
pittithis doesn't accept a priority14:51
pittiperhaps mvo meant timeout_add_full14:51
pittithat's the kind of hidden errors that 2.28 had14:51
mvopitti: let me check14:51
pitti          GLib.timeout_add_seconds(10, self.update_last_updated_text)14:52
pittithat works14:52
pittimvo: nice that GLib. actually works now, the previous requirement to use GObject was quite confusing (same for MainLoop)14:52
pittimvo: do you want to do that fix, or want me to?14:52
mvopitti: I can fix this one, thats trivial14:53
pittiit's a miracle how this ever worked with 2.2814:53
pittipresumably it just silently was ignored14:53
pittiand the timer never fired?14:53
alex3fpitti, running pygobject 2.90 from the ppa, I'm running into this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/669292/14:55
mvoI think it did fire, there is one test at least the uses it14:55
alex3fI'm on natty, and have installed oneiric packages by hand14:55
seb128pitti, I get a "TypeError: glib.markup.escape_text() takes at most 1 argument (2 given)" from apport14:55
pittialex3f: yep, I fixed that in a MP yesterday14:55
pittialex3f: try lp:software-center trunk14:55
seb128pitti, in ui.py l24614:55
alex3fok, thanks!14:56
pittiseb128: whoa, I fixed that yesterday14:56
seb128pitti, hum, I just dist-upgraded that box14:56
pittibut apparently not hard enough yet14:56
seb128it's uptodate14:56
pittiseb128: I see one more glib instance in hookutils, not more14:58
pittibut that's only for attach_gconf14:58
pittithis is obviously broken now14:58
pittiadding to my list14:58
pittiseb128: which version do you have?14:59
seb128pitti, of what? apport?14:59
pittithat seems current15:00
pitti$ grep glib apport/ui.py15:00
pitti$ grep escape apport/ui.py15:00
OwaisLHey guys, I'm getting this weird thing with GtkSwitch. "activate" signal fires on hitting return/space on widget but doesn't fire when clicked. Any Ideas?15:01
seb128apport-1.21.3/gtk/apport-gtk:            n = GLib.markup_escape_text(n, -1).decode('UTF-8')15:07
seb128pitti, let me clean my .xsession-errors15:07
pittiright, I got the crash there yesterday, and fixed it for that15:07
seb128I wonder if some old iinstance was running15:07
seb128pitti, gnome-sudoku does15:08
seb128TypeError: 'Color" object does not support indexing15:08
pittiadded to my list15:09
seb128pitti, ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk doesn't start15:10
seb128import gobject error15:10
seb128pitti, let me know if you prefer me to dump those elsewhere than IRC15:11
pittiseb128: I just put them into a text file for now, but perhaps just keep adding them to the FFE?15:11
seb128pitti, can you maybe add the one you noted already?15:11
seb128I will complete later15:11
seb128pitti, ubuntuone-control-panel didn't go to gir, I'm wondering if that's an issue from using python-aptdaemon from a static gtk2 code15:12
pittifrom gi.repository import GLib15:12
pittiright, that ought to be "import glib"15:12
pittialready fixed locally with that15:13
pittiso that's trivial15:13
seb128pitti, gnome-language-selector fails on an import gobject as well15:13
seb128pitti, I'm done with those, sorry for the spamming ;-)15:14
pittithat's fine, thanks15:14
seb128I will do another round of testing later15:14
seb128need to test unity a bit now15:14
pittiadded to FFE bug15:14
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mvopitti: hm, software-center trunk is now complaining that Gio.File.new_for_path() is not there? did something change with the new gobject there?15:28
pittisounds like missing annotations, hang on15:30
mvopitti: well, Gio.file_new_for_path works15:30
mvopitti: but that is not compatible with the previous version of the Gio interface :/15:31
pittimvo: that used to do new_for_commandline_argument() or so, right?15:31
pittiyou could use that, too15:31
mvoor maybe I'm just using it for the first time now. the last version was "Gio.File.new_for_path"15:31
pittimvo: it runs fine in jhbuild, so I suppose our glib typelib is out of date15:32
* mvo checks15:32
pittidiff -u /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gio-2.0.gir /home/martin-scratch/gnome/share/gir-1.0/Gio-2.0.gir15:32
pitti-> all the File.new_for() added15:32
alex3fpitti, hmm, it's the same in up-to-date master http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/669329/15:33
pittimvo: unfortunately that's only my local update, this needs to happen upstream15:33
pittialex3f: yeah, just realized that I updated the Gio annotations in my own branch15:33
pittialex3f: oh, that crash; I don't get that with my PPA packages, though15:33
pittimvo: I'll ask upstream and see to get that updated15:33
* alex3f scans pitti's branches15:34
mvopitti: ok, so the correct way is Gio.File.new_for_path() ?15:34
pittimvo: yes, the code in s-c is fine15:34
pittimvo: just needs a glib update15:34
pittimvo: yesterday I mainly tested it in jhbuild, sorry15:34
seb128pitti, there is only 4 commits in git since the version we use15:35
mvoright, any eta for this? I guess I could just disable dynamic Gio for now15:35
seb128pitti, none seems gir business15:35
pittisoren: they are built from the gobject-introspection source15:35
pittiseb128: and as I said, it's just a local refresh15:35
pittiI'll see to doing that upstream now15:35
seb128soren, ^ that was for me15:35
pittiand backport the change15:35
seb128pitti, oh ok15:35
pittisorry soren15:35
pittiseb128: glib doesn't build its own typelibs, presumably they want to avoid the mutual build dep15:36
seb128pitti, if you do a glib upload please add a conflicts to wncksyncdaemon15:36
pittiseb128: no, I'd do a g-i update15:36
seb128ok, good15:36
seb128I will just commit the wncksyncdaemon thing to vcs15:36
seb128it's on my list for the next update, I just didn't come to do it yet ;-)15:36
pittimvo: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gobject-introspection/commit/?id=73077ec28b79c8c3ced2d1ec40255fbf5172881715:40
pittimvo: it's been a while since someone did that, unfortunately :/15:40
mvouh, ok15:44
mvocould this be automatically run e.g. on build?15:45
pittiunfortunately not15:45
pittiit needs the glib sources15:45
pittihm, WTH15:50
alex3fpitti, so the Gio.File.new_for_uri needs newer glib?15:56
pittiI'm a bit confused; I refreshed the stuff in g-i, but it's still not coming out right15:59
pittimy stuff in jhbuild is still newer15:59
pittiok, seems we need a newer g-i snapshot16:02
seb128pitti, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1882264/+listing-archive-extra16:04
seb128pitti, can you score it for me?16:04
pittiseb128: done16:05
seb128pitti, danke16:06
smspillazdesrt: got another question for ya16:09
smspillazdesrt: gdk_pixbuf_get_from_surface - was that removed in gdk3?16:10
smspillazor was it added then16:10
pittimvo: aah, I know16:10
pittimvo: darn, chicken & egg problem16:10
smspillazgetting some weird warning when I include gdk/gdk.h saying that this function isn't declared anywhere16:10
pittimvo: in our g-i package we have an older version of the glib annotations which work around a bug in pygobject 2.2816:10
pittimvo: i. e. I can only fix that by breaking pygobject 2.2816:11
pittimvo: I'll upload it to the PPA then16:11
* pitti adds a breaks there then16:12
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pittiseb128: want me to nudge nux in the PPA?16:38
pittimvo: uploaded gobject-introspection_1.29.16+git20110818-0ppa1 to ubuntu-desktop PPA which fixes this16:38
seb128pitti, you mean?16:39
seb128pitti, you did half an hour ago already?16:39
pittiseb128: do you need https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/2719479 urgently/16:39
pittiah, so I did16:40
pittistill 8 mins to go16:40
seb128pitti, it built on amd64 and i386 builds start in 5 minutes16:40
seb128pitti, will need an unity nudge soon though ;-)16:40
mvopitti: thanks16:40
pittiwell, time to say goodbye now16:40
pitti11 hours are 'nuff16:40
pittiseb128: I'll leave the computer running and check IRC from time to time, to nudge stuff16:41
seb128pitti, hum ok, well if you are still around in 10 minutes to bump the unity score in the ppa that would be welcome16:41
seb128pitti, after this one we should be good for today16:41
pittiseb128: yep, should be fine16:41
seb128pitti, danke16:41
pittiso, good night everyone!16:42
seb128'night pitti16:42
alex3fgood night Pici16:42
dupondjemmmm, last upgrades seems to removed my gtk theme ... any idea ?16:46
dupondjegnome-themes-standard is installed, but it doesn't seem to work :(16:52
seb128pitti, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1882327/+listing-archive-extra bump please17:00
seb128pitti, then I'm done for the requests for the day ;-)17:00
desrtso lenovo++17:01
desrtor (canadian consumer protection laws)++17:02
desrtnot sure which one :)17:02
Picigoodnight alex3f17:02
seb128desrt, what did you get them to do? accept to refund you?17:03
desrtyup.  100% refund.17:03
desrtordered a T420 instead17:03
desrtwith straight-up intel17:03
desrtand a slice battery17:03
desrt30 hours, bitches!17:03
desrt(ha.. ya right)17:04
seb128impressive ;-)17:04
* desrt does the usual 'divide by 2' estimate and still arrives at an epic 15 hours17:04
mterryAnyone else having 'failed to execute /lib/udev/input_id' errors on boot (and thus no X) after recent updates?17:11
desrtmterry: i think jorge was complaining about this yesterday17:12
* mterry checks logs, thanks desrt17:13
mterrydesrt, (in this room by any chance?)17:13
desrtmust have been17:13
desrti don't know if it was related17:13
desrthe was just complaining that his X was borked17:13
seb128mterry, is that bluetooth input devices?17:13
mterryI don't know17:14
seb128ok, there was an udev upload today to fix bluetooth mouse and keyboard handling17:14
seb128so I figured I would mention it17:14
pittiseb128: done17:14
seb128pitti, \o/17:14
seb128mterry, lp #82748917:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 827489 in udev "Bluetooth keyboards and mice stopped working in X server" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82748917:15
mterryseb128, hm.  my X doesn't start at all17:17
desrthas anyone seen ted lately?17:21
seb128desrt, he timeouted on this channel an hour ago it seems17:24
seb128desrt, he probably will be back, he might be at lunch17:24
* desrt is wondering why he hasn't heard anything lately17:24
om26erseb128, i386 build gave some "chroot problem" :/ https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+build/271958717:25
seb128om26er, yeah, gobject-introspection had the same issue17:25
seb128not sure what's going on17:26
seb128I did a retry17:26
om26erok :)17:27
seb128pitti, if you are still walking by can you rescore unity and gobject-introspection on i386 in the ppa, they failed to build on buildds issues17:28
mterryheh, nevermind about my X problems, it was my own damn fault, running with a broken custom unity-greeter that I had forgot I had installed17:30
seb128mterry, ok17:31
seb128mterry, btw is the current greeter supposed to tell the indicators that they are in greeter mode?17:31
seb128mterry, seems it doesn't there17:31
mterryseb128, that's in trunk17:31
seb128mterry, ok, I will check with robert_ancell if he thinks we should do a tarball17:32
seb128or maybe I will just snapshot that as well17:32
seb128seems like trunk doesn't have scary changes17:33
seb128pitti, unping, got other buildd admins to rescore it ;-)17:33
jcastrodesrt: mine was a glib bug that Sarvatt found, I just needed an update after RAOF uploaded it.17:34
seb128jcastro, it was not a glib bug, don't scare desrt17:35
seb128it was one leftover package with a broken .so which was taking glib down17:36
jcastrooh ok17:38
desrtseb128: thanks for stepping up =)17:41
seb128it sucks that any broken gio .so can take your system down though17:42
desrtsame is true for random files in quite a lot of places17:42
desrtlike /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ i recently discovered =)17:43
micahgSweetshark: you forgot to subscribe ubuntu-release to bug 828724, done now18:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 828724 in libreoffice "[FFE] LibreOffice 3.4 for Oneiric" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82872418:08
dobeychrisccoulson: so i guess the bindwood update on 11.04 still hasn't made it out of proposed? :(18:19
micahgdobey: no one has tested it, I requested again someone to verify it18:21
micahgdobey: if you can get someone to test it, I"ll get it moved to -security/-updates18:22
dobeymicahg: what was the bug # for that? i can't seem tofind it18:24
micahgdobey: bug 79848418:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 798484 in moon "Tracking bug for Firefox 5 transition in Natty" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79848418:24
dobeymicahg: verified18:27
micahgdobey: thank you18:27
jbichabummer, I had a PPA build fail because of some chroot problem, so I have to wait a dozen more hours...18:29
micahgdobey: pushed18:29
chrisccoulsondobey, oh, it seems micah already answered18:32
chrisccoulsonmicahg, bug 82898118:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 828981 in firefox "This is a test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82898118:32
chrisccoulsonalthough, the plugin information is missing atm18:32
chrisccoulsonbut most of it is there18:32
dobeychrisccoulson: yeah, there was a bug about it not working after the firefox 6 update, that came in today :P18:32
micahgchrisccoulson: wow, that's a lot of info18:33
chrisccoulsonmicahg, i'll probably get rid of most of the hardware info18:33
chrisccoulsoni just want the output of lspci really18:33
micahgdobey: for Firefox 7, can I ping you to test the update and we'll get it pushed on release day?18:33
micahgif we need one that is18:33
dobeywe'll need one18:34
dobeychrisccoulson: did you ever get round to trying bindwood on firefox 7? i think you said you were going to18:34
chrisccoulsonmicahg, the interesting fields are the "IncompatibleExtensions" ones18:35
chrisccoulsondobey, not yet18:35
chrisccoulsonthat's on my list though, as i'm going to upload the first 7.0 beta to oneiric this week ;)18:35
micahgchrisccoulson: ooh, I like :)18:35
dobeychrisccoulson: ok, great18:35
kenvandineseb128, did you see i fixed the count issue?19:00
seb128kenvandine, yeah, I saw the upload before going for dinner19:00
seb128kenvandine, \o/ well done!19:00
kenvandineshould be all around more accurate now19:00
pittiseb128: back again for a bit, do you still need kicks?19:09
seb128pitti, no, I'm fine, thanks19:10
seb128pitti, I will keep it in the ppa for the night19:10
seb128if people want to run it and tell me tomorrow morning how it goes please do19:10
* pitti dist-upgrades again, so that he'll test it tomorrow morning19:13
pittiseb128: uh, that wants to remove unity-2d19:15
seb128pitti, right, because nux broke abi again and we didn't get an unity-2d update yet19:16
seb128pitti, which is part of the reason it stays in the ppa for today19:16
pittiI see19:16
seb128if you use 3d feel free to just upgrade19:17
pittiyep, will do19:17
pittimeh, just crashed again anyway..19:17
seb128pitti, btw you might want to rescore the gobject-introspection i386 build19:32
seb128pitti, the broken builder got put on manual since19:32
pittiyep, already done19:32
seb128pitti, <pitti> meh, just crashed again anyway..19:33
pittibut even with a higher build score it's still 35 mins19:33
seb128pitti, was that the new unity?19:33
pittino, old one stlil19:33
pittinow I just need to wait for another crash19:33
pittiactually, I have nothing running right now19:33
* pitti kills it19:33
pittithere, that should be the new one19:35
seb128pitti, easy way to see it, the new dash have most used applications etc under its icons19:35
pittihm, the typeahead search is weird now19:35
pitti"d-f", displays one result (d-feet), but enter doesn't run it19:35
pittiseb128: hm, I don't see a new icon19:36
pittilooks exactly like the old one19:36
seb128pitti, I mean the grid with 6 icons you get when clicking the ubuntu launcher19:37
seb128you should be able to scroll down and have other things under it19:37
pitti6 icons?19:38
pittiso, the dash has 8 icons19:38
pittiand my launcher some more19:38
dobeyi think it varies19:38
seb128do you have a scrollbar on the right of the dash?19:38
pittiI'll probably have to restart this sesssion19:39
pittikillall unity-applications-daemon unity-files-daemon unity-panel-service compiz19:39
seb128pitti, just run "unity"19:39
pittithat probably wasn't enough19:39
pittialt+f2 "unity" doesn't work, meh19:39
seb128should have been19:39
seb128well old unity didn't react to enter, you had to click on the icon19:39
pittiok, restarted19:40
pittiseb128: still looks the same19:40
pittiseb128: perhaps I use a bigger screen? I have 8 icons in the dash, no scrollbar19:40
pittimultimedia apps, internet apps, more apps, find files19:41
pittisecond row: surf net, show photos, email, music19:41
seb128pitti, ok, weird, I've most used applications under those icons on the dash screen19:42
seb128with most used files19:42
pittiI have three smaller white icons, too19:42
seb128those are the lenses19:42
pittihome, search files/folders, search apps19:42
seb128those which were in the launcher in natty19:42
seb128pitti, well anyway, let's see tomorrow19:42
seb128we need an unity-2d before upload anyway19:43
seb128pitti, yeah, doesn't work on my 10v either, I wonder why it worked on my laptop earlier19:49
kenvandineseb128, would it be helpful if i tested from the ppa?19:52
seb128kenvandine, you are welcome to, it will uninstall unity-2d but otherwise it's a candidate for Oneiric19:52
seb128so I'm happy to take feedback before the update19:52
seb128it's supposed to fix a few bugs19:52
pittigood night19:56
seb128'night pitti19:58
jbichaSweetshark: are you trying to LO 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 in the archives first?20:27
jbichaSweetshark: are you trying for LO 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 in the archives first?20:29
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desrtchrisccoulson_: ping23:06
chrisccoulson_hi desrt23:06
desrtthere seems to be an extremely critical bug with firefox23:06
desrt97/100 on acid 3 :(23:06
chrisccoulson_desrt, http://robert.ocallahan.org/2010/06/not-implementing-features-is-hard_03.html ;)23:07
desrtso those 3 missing points are official policy23:08
desrtapple hacked up safari to pass acid 323:14
desrtmacos has whacked out font antialiasing, and they disable it in safari for a specific font just because they know this font is used in the acid test23:14
desrtthat's pretty lame23:15
lifelessdesrt: WIN :(23:27
desrtlifeless: does YOUR browser score 100/100 on acid 3?23:28
* desrt almost feels dirty for asking chrisccoulson_ now23:28
chrisccoulson_heh :)23:29
desrtchrisccoulson_: how are the toronto boys doing, anyway?23:29
chrisccoulson_desrt, yeah, pretty good i think23:29
desrtdefinitely ready in time?23:30
chrisccoulson_desrt, they have a new office, so they must be doing good :)23:32
desrti mean in terms of meeting the goals for thunderbird23:32
lifelessdesrt: no idea23:32
desrtlifeless: it was asked in jest...23:32
chrisccoulson_desrt, oh, yeah. thunderbird is the default for oneiric already :)23:33
desrthow the hell did you find the space, anyway?23:33
chrisccoulson_desrt, the CD was still a bit oversized when i checked last ;)23:34
chrisccoulson_but not too bad23:34
chrisccoulson_desrt, do you read omgubuntu? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/thunderbird-confirmed-default-mail-app-ubuntu-11-10/ ;)23:34
desrtno.  not usually :)23:34
chrisccoulson_that's where i get all my news from now!23:35
desrti figure it's a good source23:35
desrtthey often have the scoop about what's going on at UDS before the decision is even made ;)23:35
chrisccoulson_yeah, that's a problem sometimes ;)23:35
desrtin fact, for next UDS we should just skip the sessions23:36
desrtand schedule a time at which we will check OMG ubuntu in order to find out what we will do23:36
brycehdesrt, :-)23:37
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