komputesHi everyone!18:52
komputesI am trying to find every wiki page which points to HardwareSupport, does anyone know how to get a list of pages that refer/link to HardwareSupport?18:54
komputeshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport?action=info&hitcounts=1 seems to do that but I can't get it to load19:15
jbichakomputes: this might not be what you need but it's something to try: http://is.gd/WPdlhM19:28
komputesjbicha: no only from within the wiki, I searched linkto:HardwareSupport19:29
jbichayou could add site:wiki.ubuntu.com to the Google search19:30
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komputesjbicha: brings up so many false positives: http://is.gd/5gZBRr19:39
jbichahmm, sorry19:42

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