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DJonespopey: Not having seen "Howie" in -ik before, but the opening line "I have returned" reminds me very much of Phineas/Ferb etc09:07
popeyit is him09:08
DJonesI got that impression09:08
popeyI asked him when he turned up earlier in the week, stands out a mile09:08
DJonesAh well, and I thought we were doing quite well not to have any visits for ages09:09
Howieok better now?09:30
popeythis is the right channel for issues relating to bans in loco channels, yes.09:30
Howieso when will this ban be over?09:31
HowieAlanBell yes another one needs dealing with09:32
popeyHowie: Do you know why you were removed frmo the channel?09:33
Howiebecause I was mucking about?09:33
popeyNot quite.09:33
popeyYou arrived asking for support.09:34
popeyPeople give up their time to give you support.09:34
popeyIt turns out you're lying. Again.09:34
popeyWasting people's time.09:34
popeyIt's not the first time, it's not even the 3rd or 4th time. You've been kicked from the channel as bolt, ferb, phineas...09:35
HowieI did have a problem but felt like making joke.out of it at the end09:35
popeyThis is unaccaptable09:35
popeyThere is an official support channel, which is #ubuntu09:35
popeyYou can get support there, but be warned the tolerance level for your "humour" is considerably lower than that of #ubuntu-uk09:35
popeyI am unwilling to lift any bans on you in #ubuntu-uk and will ban on sight if I see you attempting to evade that ban.09:36
Howieand I want the ban lifted (might hack irc if worst comes to worst) thats how fed up I am09:38
AlanBellI fully support popey in this ban09:38
AlanBellit isn't on to waste people's time who are trying to help09:38
DJonesHowie: Threatening that doesn't give anybody any ideas that they might lift the ban09:38
HowieI know and I understand that09:39
AlanBellthere are plenty of other channels that you are not banned in09:39
DJonesAnd having seen that threat, I agree with popey & AlanBell, the ban shouldn't be lifted for the forseable future09:39
elkyDoes he mean he's going to hack into freenode, or ban evade. Not that it matters, both can get him klined...09:39
Howieonce again Im.joking, Im.like that I joke but its hard to.see it in.Txt09:41
elkyThose kinds of jokes are very inappropriate.09:41
k1lHowie: what about you try another linux community and give yourself a new start there? your reputation is well ruined here with ban evading lots of time and threatenings.09:42
Howieoh, I didnt relise that thanis elky09:42
Howiesee now I know where I went wrong09:43
HowieI dont know any other channels09:43
popeyYou're well aware where you go wrong. We have done this dance at least 3 times before. Stop playing dumb. Take responsibility for your actions and above all, grow up.09:43
Howieplease Im only 1409:44
popeyYet you have a full time job in a warehouse?09:44
popeyWhich of those two is a lie?09:45
Howieand I have brain damage09:45
Tm_Tall this is irrelevant09:45
ikoniapopey: I like firm popey09:45
elky14 is old enough to have mens rea.09:45
Howiethe job thing is me doing role play09:46
popeyI'm done here.09:46
DJonesHowie: Enough lies and random stories, I doubt anybody who's read them will believe anything you say09:46
Howiebut some are true and some arnt09:47
HowieIm.actually.admitting I do.lie.allot.to make myself.sound. more grone up than I am09:48
Howiethats why I do it09:49
elkyI don't think anything you say now is going to help your situation today.09:49
HowieI want to help the situation today09:50
Howiebut I dont know how to09:51
elkyYou can't. Another day perhaps, but definitely not today.09:51
Howiefine, see you tomorrow09:52
DJonesHowie: Myself, popey and AlanBell have all said the ban stands and won't be removed. Thats not going to change in the foreseable future.  I would suggest you use other linux/ubuntu support channels for a while and demonstrate that you can adhere to the rules of the channels09:52
Howieok will do09:52
elkyhe's now in #defocus10:05
elkyif he manages to get himself banned from there, then he's truely exceptional10:05
DJonesI'm tempted to join just watch the fireworks10:09
jpdsDJones: It's not November 5th.10:12
popeyhe was in #defocus a lot10:44
popeywould join as two people and have a conversation10:44
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