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* apw yaws07:23
* apw pitches07:23
* apw rolls07:24
* amitk pulls back the rudder07:24
* apw hears "pull up, pull up"07:24
* amitk sucks at flight simulator and promptly crashes the plane07:25
* apw was ok on the bbc back in the day... flying under the bridge upside down was tricky07:25
ckingheh, I learnt my flying skills in Elite07:38
apwcking, :)  that bbc flightsim had a lot of hours of my time07:40
ckingthe wonders of 3d wireframe graphics on the 6502...07:42
apwyeah amazing07:43
apwand their GPU was a dac07:43
ckingI hacked up a 6502 line drawing routine that could pop out pixels in 98 cycles07:44
ckingthose were the days...07:45
apwheh yeah :)  old bugger07:45
_ruben6502 .. that's c64'ish?07:55
_rubenbeen too long, and am not too old yet :p07:56
apw_ruben, that era yes.  when computing hit the home for the very first time07:56
ckingwhen one could get a lot done in 1K of assembler..07:58
apwa scarey thought indeed, when your logout button takes up more RAM than you had space on all of your disk media07:59
* apw is pretty sure his first hard drive in his PC was 15MB, and the OS and something useful fit on it08:01
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* gema thinks this is starting to feel like a kernel channel now :D08:01
_rubeni recall picking up our first pc with my dad .. a laser xt .. the question was to go witha 20MB hdd or no hdd08:01
_rubenand my dad upgrading our PET from 64KB to 128KB ram orso .. for 500 bucks .. hadda solder out the old mem chips and replace 'em with new ones :)08:02
apwheh, the days when you could see the pins on chips08:03
_rubenapw: fair point :)08:50
_rubenthe good ol' .1" spacing08:50
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ppisatican i have a faster kernel.ubuntu.com for christmas?09:57
apwppisati, heh ... she a little reticent to do what you want ?09:57
smbppisati, Depends on how many times your sudo attempts fail09:58
cooloneyppisati: how's your speed to k.u.c10:02
cooloneyppisati: for me, sometimes 3k10:02
smbSounds as fast as from the hotel last week...10:04
sorenThat's impossible. It's git, so it doesn't care about bandwidth. It just sprinkles more pixie dust on the bits and bytes and then magically makes everything faster.10:06
ppisatii'm not talking about network, it's jst that gitweb is so slow...10:06
ppisatibtw, in the last few days since i upgraded to the latest kernel, after 3/4 hours of work. my trusty ps/2 dies10:07
ppisatiand i've to reboot to make it work again10:07
ppisatidid anyone experience this before?10:07
apwppisati, nope all stable here10:07
smbNeither before nor after...10:07
apwppisati, but what release you running on it10:07
ppisatiLinux newluxor 3.0.0-8-generic #11-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 12 20:23:58 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:08
ppisatii update it every morning10:08
ppisatiin fact half of the desktop is broken10:09
ppisatibtw, this usb eyboard sucks10:09
smbSeems to have lost its k... :)10:09
apwppisati, well there is known death in the archive right now, see ubuntu-devel@ for details10:18
smbshoot, and I just upgrade a test system...10:21
apwsmb, kiss it goodbye10:22
smbapw, Definitely should not try to reboot it... :-P10:22
* smb wonders whether it is Friday already...10:23
apwthe end of something :)10:23
ckingheh, I updated my lap-top 10 mins ago and it's working OK10:27
smbcking, For me, apport seems to be one of those packages not really happy10:28
ckinghowever, typing seems really laggy on the desktop - it's as if something is getting in the way10:29
apwcking, i think you should show that to colin king he is great at fixing those toughies10:32
ckingapw, that's just a rumour, anyhow colin king is busy at the mo10:33
* cking double checks his US visa paperwork. gah, I dislike paperwork10:34
ckingthe ESTA stuff10:36
ppisatiah ok10:36
ckingit's just a faff remembering my number, putting in hotel and flight info.10:36
smbIsn't that supposed to be no *paper* work?10:36
ckingit's paperwork in electronic form IMHO10:37
* smb never does update the thing. somehow I got in anyways...10:37
smbMaybe its the reason they ask for the hotel and stuff again after putting the same information into the online checkin (which of course gives you no boarding passes because you could be lying)10:38
apwcking, putting in what ?10:39
apwcking, you do know you don't have to do that right ?10:40
smbapw, In theory you have to update your esta thingy everytime you travel to the us10:40
apwsmb, thats not what it said when i applied.  it said the info was optional (hotel)10:40
ckingwell, I like to update it because they may do something nasty to be if I don't. being paranoid as usual10:40
apwand i've never updated mine10:40
apwmaybe i am meant to. bah10:40
smbMe neither, but the travel agency brought it up last time10:41
smbApparently its optional for the allowance10:41
apwfor the allowance ?10:41
smbbut you should (if you are nice) update it when you know10:41
smbapw, wrong work maybe10:41
smballowing you in10:41
ckingthey allow apw in?10:41
apwahh i see, for the permission perhaps10:41
apwnot if i am with _you_ no10:41
apwahh gads, i've just realised, you and scott will be in the same place10:42
smbcking has done every bit required, of course he *must* be a terrorist10:42
ckingyep, but we won't be travelling on the same plane, therefore it's OK10:42
ckingthings only go pear shaped when scott and myself travel on the same plane/train/taxi/etc10:43
apwcking, you claim ...10:46
ckingassert(trip_cking == trip_scott);10:49
smbnot !=?10:50
* smb thinks there should be a tripit travel warning if that happens10:51
apwthough cking hides from tripit10:51
smbEven more reason to get him some glove treatment (apart from acting suspiciously unsuspicious)10:52
ckingvery funny10:53
ckingsmb, you saying if I act weird then I'm OK?10:53
smbcking, Of course, only people that want to do evil would not want to stick out, wouldn't they? ;)10:54
ckingsmb, I'm doomed10:54
smbcking, Too normal for the world. But I guess travelling with apw cancels out that a bit... :-P10:55
ckingquite a bit10:56
ckingonly another 34 fwts tests to document.. sigh10:58
* ppisati -> lunch11:03
smbppisati, A sec11:03
ppisatismb: what?11:04
smbppisati, Just to confirm (since I got some mails about subscriptions to those) you got the tracking bugs for arm topic branch prepeartions too?11:04
smbbug 800234 and 8000235 just in case not11:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 800234 in gwibber "gwibber-accounts crashed with URLError in do_open(): <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known> (dup-of: 728844)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80023411:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 728844 in gwibber "gwibber-accounts crashed with URLError in do_open(): <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72884411:07
apwheh those are not even close specially the second on11:08
smbforget it... there seems to be something with wastagin in it...11:08
smbapw, Yeah, I think I got some test runs11:08
apwbug #800023511:08
smbBut did not realize11:08
smbbug 80023511:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 800235 in firefox "firefox addons web page is not opening just it keep loading" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80023511:08
apwoh i see its actually reading its _own _ output11:09
smbapw, Well the numbers I saw are not valid in the "real lp world"11:09
apwbug 80023411:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 800234 in gwibber "gwibber-accounts crashed with URLError in do_open(): <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known> (dup-of: 728844)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80023411:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 728844 in gwibber "gwibber-accounts crashed with URLError in do_open(): <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72884411:09
smbOh you mean that11:10
* smb wonders what would happen if a bug title contained its own number again...11:10
ppisatismb: actually no11:11
ppisatismb: did yu receive just now?11:11
smbppisati, No, I saw some but there were done in the staging system. I got one for ec2 for real, but maybe they just did not get that far for the fsl et al11:11
ppisatii had some emails about the tracking bugs for the different arm topic branches11:12
ppisatibut didn't receive it right now11:13
smbThose would be the ones. With "version to be filled". Those would have come yesterday11:13
ppisatiah ok11:13
ppisatiyes, got them11:13
smbI just got confused by the test ones11:13
ppisatibt i didn't have anything to push11:14
smbFor ec2 it was at least the rebase (and actually needed one upstream patch to be brought into the file clones)11:15
apwppisati, do you not do the mvl-dove rebases when they are needed11:21
ppisatiapw: last time they did it11:22
ppisatiapw: uhmmm...11:22
smbppisati, You saw that email about passing of things to us, did you? :)11:23
apwppisati, ok then they may be happy doing so, probabally worth asking who is responsible in case they fall through the cracks11:23
ppisatiapw: maybe i did the rebase, and they closed the release... don't remember exactly...11:23
ppisatismb: you mean the "Updates on topic branches" mail, right?11:23
ppisatismb: yes, but i think i forgot it... :)11:24
* ppisati goes to reread it...11:24
apwppisati, thanks for your feedback on those arm patches ... they have been hangin about for a while.  am happy to carry them if we need to but we don't "know" anything about they at the moment11:25
smbapw, On related topic, was I able to clarify the libbfd confusion?11:25
apwnot seen your reply yet, i am "better" at my email now, but not great11:26
ppisatiapw: ye, let's see what sakoman says11:26
* smb was hoping... :-P11:26
apwogasawara, on burndown, we seem to have two sets now, the pitti ones we've used for sometime, and now the new status.ubuntu.com ones.  There hwe is split out and on the kernel ones we are: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kernel-tasks.html11:33
apwogasawara, and there we are below the line!11:33
DavieyReset the trend line, simples.11:36
apwDaviey, no they are genuine trend lines, its whats included and whats not that gets us there11:36
apwthe status ones split kernel into kernel and hwe and its hwe who are behind :)11:37
apwbut nothing they are doing is release critical so we don't really care if they are behind11:37
tgardnerppisati, uploaded the meta package for linux-ti-omap4 3.0.0-1202.6 and sent announcement.11:52
ppisatitgardner: ok, thanks12:07
ppisatismb: it's still in demo-mode, right? i mean the new trackign bug etcetc12:15
smbppisati, The ec2 one was real. Have not looked out for any other.12:16
ppisatii've 2 mvl-dove tracking bugs, bt they say "Ignore this bug"12:17
ppisatiand one on bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net12:18
ppisatiok, i'll ask the SRU when they apper12:18
ppisati*SRU people12:18
smbHm, one of the ec2 ones went to ignore as well12:18
smbyeah, they should know12:19
hertonppisati, smb: yep, they were closed because we are respinning today lucid and maverick kernels12:19
ppisatiah ok12:19
ppisatibtw, in case i've noting to push, wat do i have to do?12:19
hertonso just ignore them for now, you will get new bugs after the new kernels are built again12:19
smbherton, Seems only one. I've done a rebase to what was in lucid-master12:19
hertonppisati: if you don't have anything to release, I think you can just close the bug, invalidating everything (you can do with check-release-tracking-bugs --bug=<n> --invalidate)12:21
hertonsmb: if you rebased that's fine, but you will have to rebase again, I'll push to master a fix to a CVE patch that brought a regression12:22
smbherton, Not a problem just more work. Would have been good then to have both tracking bugs marked as, please ignore... :-)12:23
hertonsmb: you mean the master lucid bug? it could be done, I just set it as a duplicate of the new tracking bug12:25
smbherton, No I mean the two ec2 tracking bugs12:26
smbbug 80023612:26
ppisatii've to disappear for half an hour12:26
apwsmb, luckily the second rebase should be a slam dunk :)12:26
smbapw, yeah12:27
hertonsmb: 800236 doesn't find any bug here12:28
smbherton, You really confuse people with those qastaging versions12:28
hertonsmb: ah... I used qastaging for testing, everything on qastaging should be ignored :)12:29
smbherton, Tell that the bug mailer... :-P12:29
hertonsmb: hmm, I don't know how qastaging is setup, I thought it shouldn't sent any emails, weird. Never received emails from it, pehaps it's broken for direct people assignments, who knows12:31
smbherton, It seems so. And unfortunately the mails look completely like real ones. Just with qastaging in the link. :/12:31
hertonppisati, smb: so just wait for new tracking bugs, they will be opened when the packages are built, nothing to do until then. I'm going to get sconklin review the new releases today and then do the upload, the bot will open the tracking bugs when everything is built.12:38
smbherton, ack12:39
ogasawaraapw: \o/, I'll update our status wiki's to point to the status.u.c burn downs12:40
apwogasawara, :)12:41
apwogasawara, what did we decide about SECCOMP (mode 2) in the end12:44
ogasawaraapw: I'm waiting for an updated pull request as it currently breaks the build on arm12:45
apwahh yes, i remember now.  cool12:45
tgardnerogasawara, apw: I'm thinking it won't make the cut since its gonna take  a major revamp to get it working on ARM12:47
apwtgardner, might there be value to having it availabe on x86.  it sounded like chromium was committed to using it12:47
tgardnerapw, perhaps. in that case we should use it as is and disable for armel ?12:48
apwtgardner, that was kinda my thinking.  arm is marjinal for users right now12:49
tgardnerapw, don't say that too loud. you'll have ogra_ crawling all over you.12:49
apwogasawara, we normally say EXPERIMENTAL =n, but for filesystems, sensors, etc we tend to say "but they are opt-in and we want them enabled for testing" ... does that sound about right?13:18
ogasawaraapw: yep13:18
apwok so i am going to code that in, i am thinking filesystems, sensors, hid, netfilter things13:19
apwas a first set of exceptions13:19
smbcking, I now see what you meant with lagging. Seems every keystroke ponders about something. And trying to move a window my mouse pointer is at the target before the window even considers to move...13:22
smbcking, Have you reported that already?13:22
apwsmb, see if you have kworker threads eating your machine13:23
apwthat sounds liek the symptoms i had when that was occuring13:23
smbapw, Now compiz is using 8%cpu even when idling13:23
smbapw, Only have a few kworkers and they do not show up prominently in top13:24
apwsmb, 2-3% on my netbook on oneiric13:26
smbapw, consistently between 8 and 10 on a dual core dell...13:27
ckingsmb, not yet13:27
smbapw, Its ati gfx13:27
apwsmb, slightly more when there are stupid OSDs on the screen13:27
apwsmb, ok, i don't have those13:28
smbapw, btw bug 82873713:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 828737 in ubuntu "The iconify and de-fullsize buttons are barely noticable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82873713:28
* apw confirms it13:29
ckingwow, just moving a window makes compiz consume 12%  of my CPU13:30
apwcking, it must be falling back to doing something by hand13:30
smbcking, What gfx card do you have?13:31
apwdoes unity 2d work any better13:31
ckingsmb, an old ATI Radeon X130013:31
smbcking, May be a pattern as apw does not see it. I got some ati card as well13:32
smbAn X120013:32
ckingsmb, since pulling in some updates this morning it feels less laggy13:32
smbHm, I just pulled the latest stuff13:32
* smb does not want to know haw it was13:32
* cking tries 2d13:34
ckingyep, 2d much snappier13:35
ckingstill, moving a window gives 10% CPU loading13:35
ckingand terminal feels more responsive when typing - although the is a tad subjective13:36
ckingterminal resizing is a pain when you have wobbly touchpad input13:38
smbcking, bug 82875213:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 828752 in compiz "Very slow responding system (compiz/ati?)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82875213:39
ckingsmb, you verified this with 2d to see if it does the same?13:39
smbcking, not yet. doing now13:40
smbcking, Hm so compiz is not right... its the same in 2d but without any process to blame directly13:42
smbthough the typing is quicker13:42
ckingso it looks to me like the keyboard is being read in a timely manner, but rendering it is taking a while13:44
ckingdo you see a lay when you switch to a text console?13:44
apwor s/lay/delay/13:44
smbcking, no, just on the way backl13:45
smbcking, But actually typing text is rather normal in 2d (I had a one sec delay before a key typed would appear)13:46
smbJust dragging windows feels like they are unwilling13:47
smbBtu maybe that is a new feature...13:47
ckingsluggish windows a good feature?!13:48
* smb did not say good13:49
smbIt feels as "good" as that for a restart you now have to click shutdown and then restart...13:53
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tgardnerapw, do you remember how to change the I/O scheduler ? I'm thinking a HW RAID controller doesn't need any kind of elevator sorting.13:58
vanhooftgardner: system wide, elevator= in grub, believe on a per fs basis somewhere in sys13:59
tgardnervanhoof, I remember that there is a sysfs knob, but can't remember the name14:00
vanhooftgardner: /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler14:01
apwtgardner, i think its per device in sysfs14:01
apwtgardner, i will be supprised if no elevator is going to be better unless its to IO merging14:01
apwbut i assume you are going to measure14:01
tgardnerapw, how can it know if its talking to a HW RAID controller with 8 spindles ?14:02
apwtgardner, it can't know, but sending lots of small IO's may not be an improvement over at least merging things nearby14:03
apwtgardner, but i am all for trying it14:03
tgardnerapw, I'm just watching this Emerald idle along with 10-15 processes running and 1350 sleeping. wtf ?14:04
Guest3769cking: Nope, no lag here!14:04
apwtgardner, i would very supprised if that much CPU couldn't kill almost any ammount of disk you add14:04
ckingGuest3769, very droll14:04
tgardnerapw, but only 10 processes running? I'd think a high end RAID controller could keep things busier then that.14:05
apw tgardner i am keen to see if changing it helps any, try the others if not too14:06
apwtgardner, my experience is if there isn't battery backed front end cache on the controller then its not going to like random IO14:06
tgardnerapw, I'm only seing write speeds in the 5M/s range, well below what its capable of.14:07
smbI actually think even noop does merging. But I am not sure that the other elevators still take any geometry assumptions14:07
apwand bear in mind this is a write heavy pattern, which is usually hindered by any sort of raid 5 type raid14:07
apwas we have to write more than one sector for each sector, and often have to cut up the IO into smaller chunks14:08
tgardnerI wonder if there are any white papers on how to tune for HW RAID14:08
Guest3769cking: :D14:08
Guest3769cking: lag is in Africa 14:08
apwthat is a goog question14:08
tgardnerapw, I think 'goog' is apropos :)14:09
apwtgardner, heh i did chuckle at my own typo14:09
* ogasawara back in 2014:09
awolfsonHi all. Are there any plans to include utrace support in onerick?14:16
apwif that is extra kernel patches then its not in now, and unlikely to be14:17
apwogasawara, ok i've done the bulk of the annotations for the P config review we should ahve far fewer oddnesses in the session now14:51
ogasawaraapw: awesome, thanks14:52
* tgardner disappears into his server room14:57
apwogasawara, i have just found an NETFILTER match which is inconsistant on O, it really should have been caught in the review, so i am proposing to just fix it and push it up, that ok ?15:09
ogasawaraapw: go for it15:09
apwnow that there are not 1000s of inconsistant entries its easier to find the ones one should worry on15:10
apwogasawara, done15:11
apwogasawara, also pushed it to u-p, i note that uses master not master-next ... which is a little odd15:12
ogasawaraapw: yah, I didn't make master-next yet since I didn't think there'd be much conflict in pushing15:14
ogasawaraapw: but will do so now15:14
apwogasawara, i more think of master as 'whats released' and master-next as 'next stuff'15:15
apwso we almost could not have a master in there15:15
* ogasawara migrates back to the office15:23
jpdsCan someone take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/795823 ?15:26
ubot2Ubuntu bug 795823 in alsa-driver "Dell Studio XPS - Internal Microphone not Working " [Undecided,Triaged]15:26
jpdsI can confirm that the model= workaround works.15:26
apw /whois jpds15:27
jpdsapw: Oh hi.15:28
apwhi, i've pushed it over to the kernel, as it will need a quirk15:28
apwjpds, you do need to confirm that abolutly everything all the holes and jack detection etc works with that model=15:28
apwif you can do that and report it in the bug15:29
apw(not just the one mic you are trying to fix)15:29
jpdsapw: I'll test it and see.15:29
apwjpds and your machine isn't the one listed on that bug15:31
apw(or is it)15:32
diwicjpds, can you please file a new bug for your issue with "ubuntu-bug audio"? (As hw might not be the same)15:33
diwicjpds, and do so in a state where you're trying to record from the internal mic15:34
apw        SND_PCI_QUIRK(PCI_VENDOR_ID_DELL, 0x02fe,15:34
apw                                "Dell Studio XPS 1645", STAC_DELL_M6_BOTH),15:34
apwit seems there is already a quirk to a different setting for that machine15:34
* apw hands over this one over to diwic :)15:34
diwicwe had the same problem with dell studio 155815:35
apw        SND_PCI_QUIRK(PCI_VENDOR_ID_DELL, 0x0413,15:35
apw                                "Dell Studio 1558", STAC_DELL_M6_DMIC),15:35
apw        SND_PCI_QUIRK(PCI_VENDOR_ID_DELL, 0x0413,15:35
apw                                "Dell Studio 1558", STAC_DELL_M6_DMIC),15:35
apwyeah we have _two_ entries for that puppy15:35
diwicoh, anybody want to have their name in the kernel? Some low-hanging fruit here :-)15:36
apwoh no that is my incompetance, i'd copied it to add the new one before i dicovered it was already there15:37
apwdiwic, ok this 1645 was only set to STAC_DELL_M6_BOTH cause a reporter said it worked, they may have never tested the mic15:38
diwicapw, m6_both creates two mics whereof one does not work, and so user gets confused15:39
diwicapw, it would be good to have jpds alsa-info or apport info to see if that's the case15:40
* apw pokes jpds15:41
apwogasawara, can you make "16:04
apwUBUNTU: Stop ARM boards crashing when CUPS is loaded" (no-up) on your next rebase please16:04
ogasawaraapw: yep16:04
apwogasawara, then thats lag's patched done and dusted, i've closed that WI16:05
ogasawaraapw: sweet16:05
apwtjaalton, hey you have a patch hanging around on our tree, and we are wondering if it is going upstream or ... "UBUNTU: SAUCE: Added quirk to recognize GE0301 3G modem as an interface"16:08
tjaaltonapw: yeah I got a ping about it while on vacation, and actually refreshed my tree to create a patch for upstream, but didn't finish it yet :)16:10
apwtjaalton, so can i say "its upstreamable and timo is sorting it out as time allows" ?16:11
apwas i think from the review point of view that means keep it till it collides on rebase which is fine16:12
tjaaltonapw: yeah, I believe it's still a valid patch16:12
apwtjaalton, thanks :)  i call that reviewed16:12
tjaaltoncool :)16:12
apwogasawara, we should look a lot better in a few16:14
ogasawaraapw: indeed.  I think we only have one work item left for the delta review now.16:14
apwogasawara, two i think, both inprogress16:16
ogasawaraapw: heh, I overlooked yours16:16
ogasawaraapw: so I'm going to rip out master from P for now16:17
apwogasawara, yeah always me, sigh16:19
apwogasawara, works for me16:19
* apw bails16:25
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Sarvattmdeslaur: building a kernel now with what jbarnes posted on the fdo bug16:31
mdeslaurSarvatt: cool, thanks16:34
Sarvattmdeslaur: amd64 or i386?16:34
mdeslaurSarvatt: please build it for oneiric, I'm on oneiric now16:34
Sarvattoh, ok16:34
mdeslaurSarvatt: I couldn't postpone updating any longer :)16:35
Sarvattmdeslaur: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/fdo40172/16:52
mdeslaurSarvatt: cool, thanks, give me a few minutes16:53
* tgardner is off to buy a house.16:57
sforsheecnd, you around?16:57
sforsheemore touchpad questions for you :)17:02
sforsheein reference to this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/669405/17:03
sforsheeit seems like the ABS_[XY] report in the last packet is making utouch's drag or flick detection get confused17:03
sforsheesince their 0, it detects an upward flick17:03
sforsheebut the buttons are being released17:04
cndhmmm, our stack doesn't look at ABS_{X,Y}17:04
sforsheeso is that a driver problem (the driver shouldn't send the position) or a utouch problem?17:04
cndit looks at ABS_MT_POSITION_{X,Y}17:04
sforsheebecause if I modify the driver so that those aren't sent, there's no upward flick at the end of my downward drag17:05
cndhmm, maybe for semi-mt devices it looks at ABS_{X,Y}17:05
cndwe should check out the code of utouch-frame17:05
cnd(which I'm currently rewriting :)17:05
sforsheeI'd think since BTN_TOUCH and BTN_DOUBLETAP are released in that frame, it should ignore the position17:05
sforsheethis is something I'm encountering in testing the driver changes elantech sent earlier17:06
cndwhat are you using to test touch?17:07
cndto test utouch* that is17:08
sforsheeI have an oneiric install, and I'm just testing drag-to-scroll in various application windows17:08
cndsforshee: is ginn running?17:08
cndps aux | grep ginn17:08
cndok, good17:09
cndso outside of a development version of ginn, we don't do scrolling through utouch (yet)17:09
cndso this is an issue in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics17:09
sforsheeoh, okay17:09
cndthough it's in the code that I added17:10
sforsheeat least I'm asking the right person then :)17:10
cndwell, actually, maybe not17:10
cndlet me try to remember17:10
cndyeah, I don't think I touch scrolling17:10
cndthat's still handled through ABS_{X,Y} and BTN_TOOL_DOUBLETAP17:10
cndwhich would explain why this is throwing things off17:10
cndreally, the driver shouldn't be emitting ABS_{X,Y} of any value when BTN_TOUCH is released17:11
sforsheethat's what I was thinking17:11
cndso I would consider that a bug17:11
sforsheeit's pretty trivial to not send them from the driver too, so I'll probably suggest they make that change17:12
sforsheenot that the bug shouldn't be fixed :)17:12
cndI think we're talking about the same bug17:12
cndthe driver should be fixed17:12
sforsheesorry, didn't read carefully enough (trying to multitask...)17:12
cndif you mean that synaptics shouldn't be using an X and Y event when BTN_TOUCH is released17:13
cndwell, that would be great too :)17:13
cndbut it shouldn't have to check that17:13
cndsforshee: thanks for testing it out!17:13
sforsheeeither way, I'll just tell them to fix it in the driver17:13
sforsheecnd, thanks!17:14
mdeslaurSarvatt: unfortunately, I can still reproduce17:16
Sarvattmdeslaur: darn.. mind commenting that on https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40172 ?17:17
ubot2Freedesktop bug 40172 in DRM/Intel "[arrandale] Fuzzy screen after dpms cycles on lenovo t510 [bisected, 3.0+]" [Normal,New]17:17
mdeslaurSarvatt: just did17:17
Sarvattthanks a ton!17:17
cndsforshee: in return you can help jog my memory17:25
cndhow do I build the generic kernel from git17:25
cndfdr clean17:25
cndfdr binary-image (but I know there's something to select just generic)17:25
sforsheefdr binary-generic17:25
sforsheeis that what you want?17:25
cndahh, yes17:25
cndis there still an env var to make it not build the dbg package?17:26
sforsheeno, you have to give a var in order to get the dbg package built17:26
sforsheeby default it doesn't build the dbg package17:26
cndahh, that's a change from when I last built stuff17:27
cndwhat about building with make -j16?17:28
cnddo I need to do anything special?17:28
cndnm, I see it did it automatically17:28
sforsheejust what I was about to say :)17:29
sforsheeI don't know how to override the decision the scripts are making tho17:29
sforsheewrt how many jobs to use, that is17:29
sforsheeSarvatt, thanks!17:30
cndhmmm, I'm trying to rebuild the 3.0-0.1 kernel but I get the following:17:33
cndWARNING: drivers/built-in.o(.data+0x1c898): Section mismatch in reference from the variable ab3550_driver to the function .init.text:ab3550_probe()17:33
cndThe variable ab3550_driver references17:33
cndthe function __init ab3550_probe()17:33
cndIf the reference is valid then annotate the17:33
cndvariable with __init* or __refdata (see linux/init.h) or name the variable:17:33
cnd*_template, *_timer, *_sht, *_ops, *_probe, *_probe_one, *_console17:33
cndanyone seen this type of error before?17:34
sforsheecnd, I see those sometimes, but I didn't think it caused the build to fail17:34
cndmaybe it's something else17:34
sforsheeprobably, looks like ab3550_probe shouldn't be marked __init but the build shouldn't fail as a result17:35
cndsomething else, but I'm not sure how to fix it17:35
cndI'll have to play a bit17:35
* ogasawara goes out for lunch, back in a bit17:35
cndstupid rtl driver17:47
cndglad we got rid of it17:47
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