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chrisccoulsonmicahg, the new apport hook prevents people from reporting bugs if it detects that they've upgraded without restarting firefox \o/13:05
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micahgchrisccoulson: cool :)16:17
chrisccoulsonmicahg, i've got it logging all the customised prefs from about:support too16:17
micahgchrisccoulson: cool16:20
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, either the xorg package hook takes a very long time, or it's hung17:49
chrisccoulsoni wanted to add all the graphics info too :/17:50
BUGabundoevening!! :D20:42
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chrisccoulson_lol @ http://whatsmybrowserversion.com/21:53
chrisccoulson_m_conley_away, i just saw your retweet ;)21:53
BUGabundochrisccoulson_: wth is the mouse scroll inverted on that site?21:58

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