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Seeker`woo, new backend PC ordered :D17:57
likwid--im waiting on delivery on mine right now :/  probaby next week17:58
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Seeker`tomorrow morning for me :D20:33
Seeker`Any problems with mythbuntu 64-bit?20:34
Seeker`or any reason not to use it over 32-bit?20:34
dekarlit can do more than 2gig memory without tricks?20:34
Seeker`dekarl: that isn't a reason not to use 64-bit :P20:35
dekarluhh, I'm running 64bit mythbuntu, so it's pro ;)20:35
Seeker`found anything that doesn't work?20:36
dekarland it's working fine at the family, too. Unless you got strange old hardware with icky drivers...20:36
Seeker`hauppauge nova-t 50020:37
dekarlruns fine there and here20:37
Seeker`which is pretty well supported it seems20:37
Seeker`everything else is brand new20:37
dekarleverything else == supported by linux? then go... :)20:37
dekarlwhat graphics processor are you going to use? Nvidia with hardware decoder or software decoding?20:38
Seeker`already got a frontend running .Basically splitting out the backend in to a seperate computer20:40
Seeker`but my fronted uses a GT43020:41
dekarlI see, only tried acpi wakeup with 32bit yet, but that should be no issue either...20:41
dekarlgt430 means NVidia with vpdau decode enabled?20:42
dekarlwhy 32bit on the frontend?20:43
dekarlbecause it's been setup back then?20:43
likwid--seeker, tell me about the gt430, thats what i have coming20:46
Seeker`dekarl: yes, it is vpdau20:47
Seeker`dekarl: and its been running for a few years20:47
Seeker`likwid--: works well, handles everything but really really high profile 1080p20:47
likwid--also, does sound work through your hdmi?20:48
likwid--or are you even outputing through hdmi20:49
Seeker`yup, using HDMI in to an AV receiver20:50
Seeker`I've got Blurays I have ripped to hard drive20:50
Seeker`and they play back fine20:50
Seeker`well, a little stuttering now and then, but nothing really noticable20:51
Seeker`only problem with mythtv is that it takes up to 60 seconds or so to start playing20:51
Seeker`likwid--: all in all, I'm very happy with it20:54
likwid--how much ram?21:00
Zinn[pastebin.com] AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8GHz (Dual Core) 45nm, AM3 2MB Cache Spire Kestrel-King - Pastebin.com21:01
likwid--thats what i was going to use frontend/backend21:01
likwid--ive got hdhomerun device and will be using firewire for teh cablebox21:02
Seeker`bah, got a wireless access point to connect my mythtv frontend/backend together21:11
Seeker`claims to support 150mbps wireless21:11
Seeker`but the built in switch only supports 10/100 ethernet21:11
Seeker`what is the point in that?21:11
Seeker`woo, it can send and recieve at 150mbps,but you'll never get more than 100mbps in to or out of it21:12
dekarl100mbit wired are 100mbit, 150mbit wireless are, well up to 150mbit only on cloudy days at full moon ;)21:12
dekarlbut mostly no more then 50mbit (or thereabout) net throughput21:12
likwid--ive got cables running under the house where the coax was already running, little switches in various places21:13
Seeker`rented property ftl :(21:13
likwid--hell i even have one of those gig powerline adapters.  im not sure if it does full gig21:13
Zinnlikwid--: Please watch your language.21:13
likwid--but i can definitely max out my cable modem from it21:14
patdk-lapSeeker`,  you do know that 150mbps wireless only goes 72mbps max?21:54
patdk-lapcause that 150mbps is one way speed, and well, you need two way traffic21:54
patdk-lapthat is why 100mbit is more than enoughfor it21:55

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