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holsteinpleia2: ping20:26
pleia2holstein: pong20:26
holsteinpleia2: o/20:26
holsteini know you were saying collecting articles was too much for you20:26
holsteinand i agree20:26
holsteinis there anything happening to get others onboard?20:26
holsteinthere might be some duplication, but it might be nice to have a person, or persons per section collecting20:27
holsteini dont feel like i can personally do much more that the summary writing im doing unfortunately20:28
pleia2holstein: I've blogged a couple of times to get people to add sutff to our etherpad, and philipballew said this week he'd collect some and add them to the google doc (doesn't look like he's gotten around to it yet though)20:28
holsteinmight need to recruit some folk...20:29
holsteini'll try and keep that in mind, and see what i can do20:29
pleia2yeah, blog posting clearly isn't enough, I think I need to do some direct nagging :)20:29
holsteini know we have 'what goes in what section' up somewhere on a wiki20:29
holsteini think that would be really easy for 6 or 8 new folks to do20:30
pleia2I don't think it matters if people put them in the wrong section, we can move them around later20:30
holsteinnearly effort free for that many people20:30
pleia2do your best, we'll sort them later20:30
holsteinpleia2: yeah... just folks to throw *something* in20:30
pleia2I think the key thing is telling people they need to be strictly ubuntu related20:30
pleia2almost every newcomer wants to submit generic linux or app articles, which don't really fit20:30
pleia2(I probably did too :))20:30
holsteinyeah, i wasnt clear about that either... the 'in other news' section was where i was trying to put general linux things that would effect ubuntu20:31
holsteinanyways... i'll try and troll #beginners a little harder for help20:31
philipballewpleia2, doin it tonight/tommorow. its on the scheadule20:31
* holstein high-fives philipballew :)20:32
philipballewi can recruit some folk to20:32
pleia2yeah, in that section I tend to put articles that are generic but somehow mention ubuntu (top list of games, btw here's how to install them in ubuntu, top server distros - ubuntu is #3! etc)20:32
* philipballew wanted to wait till later so there would be more stories20:32
holsteinphilipballew: i think even if we just get some folk to just join this channel regularly, and see what we do20:32
philipballewwhats a good way to get the word out?20:33
pleia2ask your friends, tell them to join here :)20:33
holsteinblogging is a great idea actually20:33
holsteinbut, yeah, we'll just have to say 'come here, and check this out!'20:33
philipballewi could post a blog about it to planet ubuntu maybe?20:33
philipballewconvince them its cool20:34
holsteintheres got to be folk who want to contribute, and dont know how or where20:34
philipballewif you dont help ubuntu news you are a square20:34
holsteineven trolling... #ubuntu... not that i want to ever go there20:34
holsteinphilipballew: hehe20:34
rwwholstein: #ubuntu is strictly for Ubuntu support, please don't advertise things in there :)20:34
holsteinrww: im not suggesting spamming the channel20:35
pleia2philipballew: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=3883 is my last blog post about it, so you could write something similar20:35
holsteinif you could say to someone after they ask 'how do i help?'20:35
holstein"may i PM you?"20:35
holsteinthen, you invite them here20:35
pleia2I'd prefer anonymous users who don't join here edit the etherpad rather than the google doc20:35
holsteinrww: would that be acceptable?20:35
rwwholstein: not really, no20:35
holsteinrww: yeah?20:35
holsteinif someone asks 'how can i help?'20:36
rwwthough I'm now interested in whether there's a page of Ubuntu teams with simple introductory tasks that need help, and if not why not20:36
holsteinand a PM is initiated?20:36
holsteinthats not cool?20:36
rwwholstein: no, it isn't20:36
holsteinin a /query?20:36
holsteinthats not in the channel at that point20:36
rwwholstein: it's another one of those things where if everyone did it, it'd be a problem.20:36
philipballewi think holstein has a good idea here20:36
philipballeweveryone wont rww20:37
holsteinrww: sure, but, whats the answer then?20:37
pleia2rww: right now it's up to teams themselves to write their own introductory tasks page, and most teams don't do it20:37
holsteinthe new user says 'how can i help?'20:37
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams is a nice teams list though20:37
holsteinwhats the response20:37
rwwholstein: !contribute | username, generally20:37
rwwno ubottu in here ;)20:37
pleia2it's on our roadmap (which kinda lives in my head) to fix our wiki to get some introductory tasks up20:37
philipballewwe should have one20:37
holsteinso, we need the news team on that page20:38
holsteinwho do i see for that?20:38
rwwor on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu , which I think I might add to that factoid20:38
rwwwould be easier since it's a wiki :)20:38
philipballewholstein, whoever editited it last maybe?20:38
pleia2that's a complicated question, we had a whole session about improving those pages at UDS (have to work with Canonical for ubuntu.com stuff)20:38
pleia2but yeah, we should be added to the ContributeToUbuntu wiki20:39
pleia2maybe once we fix our wiki20:39
* nlsthzn_work turns his back for two minutes and all hell breaks loose in channel... /ativate lurk mode +stealth +shields20:39
* rww adds that wikipage to !contribute20:39
holsteinhttp://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved comes up when i run !contribute20:39
rwwholstein: I just changed it.20:39
holsteinrww: O I C20:39
rww(on ubottu, will percolate out to the ubot clones in an hour or six)20:40
holsteinso... one of us adds to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu and we are good then right?20:41
* holstein trying to keep up ;)20:41
pleia2holstein: well, we need to fix our wiki so it's friendly to newcomers and accurate20:42
holsteinpleia2: we are supposed to have a global jam20:42
pleia2it's not really right now, lots of legacy stuff there from when we had a single editor in chief rather than a team, no "get started quick" page, etc20:42
holsteinwiki maintaining is on the top of the list20:42
pleia2nice :)20:42
holsteinpleia2: hopefully its at a time when i can bother you about some details20:43
pleia2holstein: unfortunately I'm going to be visiting family global jam weekend :(20:43
pleia2not much tube time20:43
holsteinpleia2: nah, thats good for you :)20:43
pleia2yeah I'm excited, haven't seen one of the aunts I'm visiting for 10 years!20:43
pleia2now they just live 2 hours away by plane, shameful that I haven't visited sooner :)20:44
philipballewpleia2, is there a clear understandinf here for everybody on what to do? it seems like maybe if we could assign that people would get more done?21:52
* nlsthzn_work is but a humble Ubuntu user with limited skills except that he is willing... so if anything ever comes up that needs a hand please yell loudly with clear instructions and a handy undo-button21:54
philipballew^ me to!21:54
pleia2philipballew: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Jobs21:56
pleia2needs a little cleaning up, but tat's the basics21:56
pleia2we can't really strictly assign people though, if one person fails to do their job then the whole newsletter fails to get released21:57
pleia2people just pick jobs and do them, the editor for the week (usually me) grabs people to picks up the slack21:57
philipballewwhos the editor?21:58
philipballewif its not you?21:58
philipballewor has it just been you forever now?21:59
pleia2I just started in june :)21:59
pleia2nhandler could be editor, akgraner did it for over a year21:59
pleia2but anyone with a firm understanding of the process could (I'm sure holstein could too)22:00
philipballewholstein, is the man22:00
akgranerIt's not a hard job and it's even less time consuming now - like pleia2 said once you have a firm understanding it's a cakewalk22:01
akgranerok maybe not a cakewalk but you know what I mean22:01
pleia2it's mostly about nagging people and making sure we hit deadlines :)22:01
philipballewif you ever feel like stepping down and need one, i am happy to take that over. but your doin a great job22:01
pleia2the most tiring part is that it never ends (yay released! oh ... more news to gather to start again)22:01
akgranerpleia2, and nhandler are a team that rocks! :-)22:02
akgranerpleia2, I'll be around again Monday - can I try the scripts again?22:02
pleia2philipballew: not much to "step down" from, we're a team and whoever can do it each week just does it (it's been me lately because I've had time)22:02
pleia2philipballew: once you're familiar with it all we'd be happy to let you do it :)22:02
akgranerI just want to make sure I have that process down...22:02
akgranerI'll try to help some this weekend but Pete is only home Saturday and Sunday and then leaves again for a week..22:03
philipballewmakes sence. college starts soon so i actually have a stable schedule. id love to do that if needed. its only a few hours a week i see22:03
holsteini missed philipballew...23:45
holsteinmaybe he's around while akgraner and i and the other LoCo folk are working wikis for the jam :)23:46

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