snailchilts: looking at it, the biggest obstacle to me using the go language is lack of an XML toolchain02:27
ojwbooh, that sounds like a nice feature!02:28
ibeardsleewhy do people need something other than perl?02:30
ajmitchthe ability to read the source in 6 months time?02:33
ojwbif people only used perl, I'd only get to leave the house once a month02:33
ajmitchfor the monthly perl UG meeting? :)02:33
chiltsibeardslee: because Go and NodeJS and other things let you think in different ways :)02:34
chiltssnail: yeah, good call ... I guess one may come along at some stage :)02:34
ojwbajmitch: really one can write impenetrable code in any language - perl just offers more assistance then some02:34
chiltsI wanted to try Erlang a few years ago but didn't ... NodeJS and Go are my new pet languages :D02:34
* ajmitch has seen some hairy python code02:34
chiltswell, moreso Go 'coz I kinda know JavaScript already02:35
chiltsheh, "offers more assistance" :)02:35
ajmitchit's like giving you more rope to hang yourself with02:35
ojwbexhibit a: http://survex.com/~olly/rheolism.html02:35
ajmitchso evil it's beautiful02:36
chiltshmm, meeting time, back later02:36
* ojwb actually managed to save a byte and fix the known bug in the process not long ago02:37
chiltsolly: you wrote that enhanced version?02:37
chiltsright, I see, you're crazy! :D02:37
* ojwb was peripherally involved in the original too02:37
chiltsand a little funny (though that might be the same thing)02:37
chilts10 people on the list now :)02:46
* snail has a itch to write a javascript BBC BASIC V emulator so he can play that game, but decides not to scratch it02:48
snailscratches https://github.com/stuartyeates/strawperson instead02:50
ojwbsnail: yes, I've had that itch too03:15
ojwba few quirks of the BBC BASIC implementation are exploited, which makes it a little trickier03:16
ojwblike s=s+1 working even when s doesn't previously exist and IF0ELSE to unbranch03:17
snailojwb: what you mean is that you have pre-supplied test-cases for your project?03:52
snailso the government have launched a website (http://www.ict.govt.nz/ ) to launch a strategy which seems to include the 'fewer websites' policy...03:54
ajmitchis it time to go home yet?20:56
Atamirathe day will be over before you realise it20:59
ajmitchit will if I fall asleep at my desk20:59
ibeardsleeconsider wrapping a towel around your head now21:01
ibeardsleeit'll save the key imprints on the forehead later21:02
Atamirai normally push the kb out of the way so i have nice smooth desk to snooze on21:09
ibeardsleenot pushing yourself hard enough if you have time to do that! ;)21:11
Atamirai dont want imprints on my fce21:15
Atamiraand whole lines of blank spaces on whatever im doing21:15
* chilts waits for Atamira to post 'zzz z z xx zaskjfha sd zzzzzzz'21:41
snailwhat you need is a videoconference software plugin that detects when you've fallen asleep and mutes the audio/video21:43
hadsNeat just found a bug in nicegear that's never been discovered, searching for "and" or "or" by themselves breaks.22:51
chiltsthat's quite interesting23:10
chiltswhat about 'and or or'? :)23:10

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