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* lamont plans to freshen the oneiric chroot tarballs later today (in say an hour) unless someone screams at him.13:02
cjwatsonsounds good to me13:05
lamontcjwatson: good. done.13:25
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Laneypitti: how do the pygobject regressions manifest? build or runtime failures?19:20
pittiLaney: erm, runtime -- python isn't built, unless there are test suite runs19:22
Laneyah, ok --- thought there might be a static pass.19:22
Laneywait, what? I was thinking of gir. Sorry.19:32
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ScottKSigh. Options:23:10
ScottK1.  Release Oneiric with kdelibs (KDE3) that's unbuildable.23:11
ScottK2.  Port kdelibs to work both with openssl1.0 and without avahi.23:11
ScottK3.  Post FF removal of all KDE3 stuff (Debian has already done this).23:11
ScottKSo we get no help from Debian on #1 or #2.23:11
stgraberdo we still have a lot of kde3 stuff around?23:12
ScottKIt's all in universe.23:16
ScottKActually we may not.23:17
ScottKIt looks like most of it got auto cleaned up from when Debian did removals.23:17
* ScottK votes removal then.23:18
stgraberrdepends gives me around 5 software actually using the old kdelibs, so option 3 would seem reasonable then23:18

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