mtx_initHow do you do a debootstrap of ubuntu server?00:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #828437 in chkrootkit (main) "chkrootkit cron job went nuts, spawned 14 instances and consumed nearly 90% of my ram" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82843700:51
hallynstgraber: heh, it was fine - cgroup-bin just refused to actually remove itself01:12
hallyn(and as a result libvirt was not starting, so my containers couldn't attach to virbr0)01:12
hallynstgraber: the package at http://people.canonical.com/~serge/cgroup-lite  should work01:13
The_Rufusfor the love of all that is holy, please, can someone please help me get Ubuntu Server 11 working with a RocketRaid 2320 RAID card?01:14
hallynThe_Rufus: (i probably can't help, but someone probably can) where precisely is it failing01:17
The_RufusI've installed Ubuntu server 11 x64 to a USB flash drive, I have 5x2Tb SATA drives on a RocketRaid 2320. US-s is installed on the drive and working fine01:19
The_Rufusbut no matter what I try, I can't get RR2320 drivers loaded01:19
The_Rufusi've follwed every howto, downloaded all the drivers (ubuntu specific AND open source) from the HighPoint website01:20
The_Rufusthe ubuntu specific drivers are too old (ubuntu 9) and the open source generic drivers are missing a header file and won't compile01:21
tarvidwhat is the best way to do dyndns like services using bind on ubuntu server?01:21
hallynThe_Rufus: where do you get the open source drivers, and can you pastebin the output showing msising header file01:22
hallynI'm wondering whether we can find the header file for you01:22
The_Rufushttp://www.highpoint-tech.cn/BIOS_Driver/page/rr232x.htm <--drivers aquired from there01:23
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The_Rufushow can I pastebin the error?01:33
hallynThe_Rufus: which part is failing?  'install.sh'?  pre-inst?01:33
hallynThe_Rufus: if it's install, for instance, you can do01:33
hallyn'install.sh > output 2>&1'01:34
hallynthen 'pastebinit output'01:34
hallynand paste the resulting url here (or apt-get install pastebinit and do it again :)01:34
The_Rufuswell, i'm doing a make01:34
hallynof what?  did you grab the ubuntu 9.04 package?01:35
The_Rufusso that would be : make > output 2>&101:35
The_Rufusno, open source driver01:35
The_Rufuswhen I try the Ubuntu driver, it just says that ....insert is for linux kernel 2.601:36
The_Rufus.....ot the system to use the new driver module01:36
hallynok - yeah make > output 2>&1 works01:36
hallynif you haven't yet, 'apt-get install linux-headers' would hopefully give you waht you need.01:36
The_Rufusi say .... because I can't see the first 5 characters of my terminal because bash doesn't work with my 22" widescreen lcd01:36
The_Rufusok, pastebinit pasted to something......ubuntu.com/66876301:38
hallynuh, that looks successful.  do you have any .ko files in that tree?  ('find . -name "*.ko"')01:40
The_Rufuscan you give me the url to my pastebin please?01:41
hallynhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/668763/ ?01:47
The_Rufusi worked it out01:47
The_Rufusbut that's NOT what's on the screen01:47
The_RufusI get (among other things): fatal error: linux/config.h: No such file or directory01:47
The_Rufus[/home/rufus/rr/rr232x-linux-src-v1.10/product/rr232x/linux/.build/os_linux.o] Error 101:48
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The_Rufus[_module_/home/rufus/rr/rr232x-linux-src-v1.10/product/rr232x/linux/.build] Error 201:49
The_Rufusrr232x.ko] Error 201:49
hallynhm, it says latest supported kernel is 2.6.2501:50
hallyni would contact them and ask for any updated drivers01:51
The_Rufusso if I install ubuntu server 10, would that work?01:51
hallyn10.04  was based on 2.6.3201:51
The_Rufusno wonder people use windows01:51
hallyn2.6.25 was april 200801:52
hallynnonsense, i could use bios update for my 1 year old vaio under windows 7 bc that's too new01:52
hallynd'oh!  My attempts at reproducing were foiled by 3.0 kernel switch :)01:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #828451 in samba (main) "Very slow access to DroboFS shares" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82845101:55
twbDump the lspci -n into kmuto.jp's HCL01:56
* hallyn wonders who twb was talking to02:01
mtx_initHow do you do a debootstrap of ubuntu server?02:02
twbhallyn: re rr232x, whatever that is02:03
hallynmtx_init: debootstrap lucid destdir02:04
mtx_inithallyn: How is that any different than regular lucid and when regular lucid becomes EOL, what happens as lucid server is supposed to keep going.02:06
hallynmtx_init: i don't understand the question02:06
hallyntwb: The_Rufus: oh yeah, this rings a bell - linux/config.h did in fact disappear at one point02:06
hallyn(or maybe rather, was there at one point :)02:07
The_Rufushallyn: and....? how can I get it going?02:09
hallynThe_Rufus: well, you can comment out line 12 in osm/linux/osm_linux.h, but then you run into plenty of other compile failures.02:11
hallynuserspace ABI is consistent, but in-kernel is not :(  ask vendor for new source02:11
mtx_inithallyn: lucid desktop is supported to 2012, server to 2015.02:12
The_Rufusthat didn't work02:13
mtx_inithallyn: so if they have different end of life dates, how will the system know if not installed from a specific media02:16
hallynmtx_init: good question.  My understanding is that so long as you do a minimal install and stick to software from server set, you'll be supported.02:22
hallynin other words, if you file a bug against postfix in lucid, it will be addressed.02:23
Coreyhallyn: Is that an example, or is there a postfix bug?02:23
hallynCorey: just an example :)02:23
hallynI'm sure it is bug-free02:24
* hallyn runs out the door02:24
jcastrokirkland: RoAkSoAx: woo, provisioning my first orchestra client!02:57
bkerensajcastro: cool02:58
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_aaron_any one have information on creating a RIS server in ubuntu05:02
_aaron_going to ask in #ubuntu05:05
twbMaybe if you told us what a RIS is05:08
twbReparto Informazioni e Sicurezza, a military intelligence agency of Italy, see SIOS ?05:08
twbRouting Information Service project of RIPE NCC?05:10
_aaron_a pxe server for installing os's over network05:10
twbOh, that05:10
twbSUre, we can help with that05:10
twbA lightweight solution is to roll your own with dnsmasq, or to use di-netboot-assistant.05:11
twbHeavyweight solutions include FAI (old) and Orchestra (new)05:11
_aaron_where can I find information on orchestra05:13
twbIt's some new-fangled thing that the locals are gushing over05:13
twbProbably because they're writing it05:13
twbhttps://launchpad.net/orchestra or something05:14
_aaron_can I get the info for the di-netboot05:15
twbapt-get install di-netboot-assistant05:15
twbAnd read the appendices of the install guide05:15
_aaron_i'm looking at something like FAI but I need it to also install M$05:18
twbSorry, I don't do Windows05:19
_aaron_I don't like to either but this is for work and well execpt for the servers it's all M$05:19
twbYou can talk to ##windows about it; I don't know anything about Microsoft systems.05:21
_aaron_##windows ?05:28
twbEr, you know how to use IRC, right?05:28
_aaron_kinda i know how to join channels05:29
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twbSo guess what I get to do today07:57
twbMake slapo-ppolicy work with xdm07:57
twbThat's right, we signed off on delivering password expiry under lucid at fixed price, forgetting that we had to switch from gdm to xdm when we migrated from hardy to lucid (I forget why).07:58
twbThis is going to be about as fun as home trepanation07:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #828585 in openssh (main) "ssh client prioritises ssh-agent keys over -i" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82858509:16
philipballewdoes ubuntu still support floppy disks?09:55
sorenphilipballew: It should, yes.10:03
sorenI've never ever tested it, though.10:03
philipballewwould i mount that any differently?10:03
soren..but the drivers are there.10:03
philipballewi just found a floppy i need to read10:03
philipballewso 90's....10:03
sorenphilipballew: Differently from what?10:03
philipballewany other command to mount anything10:04
sorenBack in the old days, you'd "sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt"10:04
* smb thinks there also used to be mdir, mcopy... loooong way back10:06
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_rubeni usualy use(d) the mtools as well10:30
ivoksonly mtools :)11:22
reisidoes anyone have a clue on how to recover when a dpkg package list file goes corrupted?11:39
Davieysoren: Am i correct in saying nobody has started packaging keystone?11:44
Davieyoh wait11:45
Davieysoren: Would you mind pushing your branch to the team namespace?  Anything else need doing before uploading it?11:51
sorenDaviey: I thought zul took that and worked some more on it.12:09
sorenDaviey: But sure, I can move it.12:09
sorenDaviey: https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-ubuntu-packagers/keystone/ubuntu12:10
sorenDaviey: Enjoy.12:10
lynxmansoren: btw sent a merge request your way for upstartified swift init scripts12:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #828184 in swift (main) "Swift init scripts need migration to upstart" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82818412:17
lynxmanthat one :)12:17
lynxmandoes somebody know adam_g launchpad profile name?12:17
lynxmanfound it12:19
Davieysoren: Yeah, zul mentioned he was working on it - but he isn't around at the moment, and i didn't know if he knew you had started it12:28
KM0201how do i put a users home folder, on my NAS?12:28
KM0201i've already created the user.12:28
KM0201let me clarify, i know how to make a users home directory on my NAS,  but i have a folder on my NAS, for this user already, and don't want to lose the data in there12:29
KM0201sudo useradd -d /media/NAS/username -m username    --- i get an error the home directory already exists12:30
PiciKM0201: How about using usermod -d if the user already exists?12:31
KM0201Pici: never used that.. so you're saying create the user normally... then use that, and point it at the folder on my NAS, right?12:32
PiciKM0201: I thought you said that you already created the user?12:32
KM0201when i tried to create the user (using the command i created above)... .. that creates the user, and puts their home directory on my NAS12:32
KM0201then i just give them a password, and thats that...12:33
KM0201but i think what you've said will work, lemme add the user the normal way, and try that12:33
PiciKM0201: If you specify -m with useradd then it will fail, just use -d12:36
KM0201that seems to have done the trick12:39
KM0201i think it worked anyway12:44
KM0201i'll know in a minute.12:44
KM0201is there a way i can tell if that's the home directory assigned to that user.12:44
PiciKM0201: getent passwd theusername12:45
Pici(same as grepping for theusername in /etc/passwd12:45
KM0201looks like it worked12:46
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KM0201i'll know for sure in a minute.12:46
hggdhDaviey: so, how is ti now?13:05
hggdh(and good morning)13:05
KM0201Pici: seems to have worked perfectly, thanks.13:15
PiciKM0201: great13:16
kim0smoser: hey there, is ubuntu-vm-builder discontinued ? should I remove it from docs?13:28
kim0Daviey: I see your name on the blueprint for dropping vmbuilder .. is it going to be dropped for 11.10 ?13:31
sorenDaviey: I've pointed him at my PPA with the packages.13:36
sorenDaviey: Twice :)13:36
Davieysoren: good stuff!13:45
lynxmansmoser: ping whenever you're around13:55
Davieylynxman: smoser is out today14:09
Davieykim0: will now not be removed this cycle.14:12
Davieyhggdh: good morning, will look shortly14:13
DavieyThanks for working on that, it is most apreciated!14:13
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lynxmanDaviey: aah k, ty :)14:15
kim0Daviey: thanks14:16
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cjs226how can i forward non-syslog logs from remote Ubuntu servers to a central rsyslog server?  I've tried snare's epilog but it's not logging correctly14:29
patdk-wknon-syslog logs?14:31
patdk-wkjust have rsyslog read them14:31
cjs226logs for applications to don't write to syslog14:31
patdk-wknormally though, I will pipe the log output from the prorgam to something like logger though14:33
patdk-wkactually, I have some perl scripts I made to do that, for logging apache log files14:33
cjs226why would you prefer to do that vs. using imfile?14:34
patdk-wkcause I don't care to have the log exist on the drive, and mainly don't wan the i/o overhead required to save the logfile in the first place14:35
cjs226ah, understand14:35
patdk-wkanything to help my 5gig disk space vm's run without using disk space, and keep i/o down so I can load up more vm's at a time helps :)14:36
patdk-wkit's a pain if they do anything to the local filesystem, that means making sure they don't overfill, clean them selfs up, and everything else14:36
cjs226yup, makes sense14:37
_rubenyet it sucks when the remote syslog server is unavail for whatever reason :)14:42
patdk-wkruben, haven't had that issue :)14:45
_rubenhehe :)14:46
patdk-wkbut then, I told syslog to hold a queue of 12hours in it's cache if it is unavailable14:46
patdk-wknever had it unavailable for >2hours14:46
_rubenah nice, didn't know that was an option14:46
patdk-wkand that was cause of harddrive crash14:46
patdk-wkdunno in rsyslog, it is in syslog-ng14:46
patdk-wkI still haven't done any tests with rsyslog to see if I want to switch to it or not14:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #828813 in samba (main) "ntlm_auth fails to use cached credentials" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82881315:06
utlemmingPing Daviey15:15
utlemmingPing zul15:15
skritehey all15:16
bluethundrhey guys.. I need to install xinetd / xinetd-logrotate on jaunty (9.04) server but I dont see any jaunty packages on the ubuntu site15:17
bluethundrno longer supported? how do I get jaunty packages.. maybe backports?15:18
bkerensabluethundr: Just find the .deb file wget it and install it?15:19
skriteevery tutorial i see about building an apache and mysql cluster shows me how to set up an load ballancer haproxy, but i am wondering about a hardware load ballancer. Are they as straightforward to configure?15:21
bluethundrbkerensa: ok just need to google the .deb for the jaunty package15:22
bkerensabluethundr: Yeah that would be the easiest15:23
bluethundrbkerensa: cool tx15:24
bkerensabluethundr: no problem15:24
kim0any idea why vmbuilder downloads g++ and build-essentials ?15:35
bkerensaprobably is prereq15:38
hggdhDaviey: my pleasure15:52
hallynDaviey: I filed bugs 828782, 828785, and 828789 for spice sync+enablement.  all of it compiles fine for me in oneiric15:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 828782 in ubuntu "[FFE] Please sync spice from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82878215:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 828785 in ubuntu "[FFE] Please sync spice-gtk from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82878515:56
Davieyhallyn: I will have a look at them shortly.16:08
bkerensahallyn: I'm looking too16:10
hallynoh, i didn't realize I could combine those.16:16
stgraberhallyn: good morning. Grabbing you cgroup-lite now.16:19
stgraberhallyn: first note (before installing it), I think it should be "arch: all" and not "arch: any" as it doesn't seem to contain any binary16:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #828871 in samba (main) "package smbclient 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82887116:21
bkerensahallyn: No problem16:28
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hallynstgraber: ok16:37
stgraberhallyn: ok, it installs fine, does what it's supposed to and I can still suspend/resume. So looks good to me.16:41
hallynstgraber: cool.  so what's next, file a [FFE] [ITP] bug?16:51
hallyn(biab, lunch)16:53
stgraberhallyn: yes, next step would be to prepare a debdiff against libcgroup (I think it makes sense to have both cgroup-bin and cgroup-lite built from the same source)16:53
stgraberhallyn: having them conflict with each other16:54
stgraberthen attaching that debdiff to the FFe bug16:54
stgraberthe FFe bug should also mention changing the Recommends on the lxc package from cgroup-bin to cgroup-lite16:54
hallynthat would still include a second FFE bug against lxc though right?16:56
hallynstgraber: ok, thx.  I'll get on that after finish qemu and libvirt merges.16:57
hggdhDaviey: what else can I do?17:02
zulhallyn: around?17:44
utlemmingzul: hey do you want partitioned arm images?17:45
zulutlemming: still in vancouver but next week sure! :)17:46
utlemmingzul: I'll have non-partitioned images being spit out automagically starting tonight17:46
zulutlemming: sweet ill have a look when i get back home17:47
utlemmingzul: but I'll get the partitioned images going along in a bit. The code that makes the partitions assumes some _very_ x86ish assumptions, like you want grub, etc.17:47
zulutlemming: grrr ick....talk to the arm guys if you need help17:48
utlemmingzul: its actually our cloud-image building code and our desire to keep a similar code tree that is causing the headaches. arm images are built 90% of the same, and the remaining 10% is where all the pain is coming from. Also, I'm installing the linaro-vexpress which should work with panda-boards (if I'm not mistaken)17:50
utlemmingzul: I get my panda board whenever Robbie sends it, so these images haven't been tested on real ARM hardware.17:51
utlemming(not that I would expect it to work real well anyway)17:51
Davieyhggdh: Where do we start? :)17:52
Davieyhggdh: give me 10 mins, there are a few things to tackle17:52
hallynzul: what's up?17:52
hggdhDaviey: heh. BTW, kees is accepting the ajaxterm patch17:52
Davieyhggdh: hah, just checked that :)17:54
Davieyhggdh: that is rocking.17:54
Davieyi love it when a plan comes together17:54
* utlemming hears the A-Team theme song17:55
Kingsycan someone in here help me with rebuilding a raid mirror?17:55
zulhallyn: so whats the problem with libvirt/lxc?17:56
zulutlemming: cool hopeuflly ill get libvirt on pandaboard next week17:57
medberryDaviey, thanks.17:57
hallynzul: there's a problem?17:57
hallynmust be not enough ppl using it17:57
zulhallyn: i dunno smoser says there is a problem17:57
hallynoh.  yes.  i don't yet know anything more than what he's said.17:58
hallynexcept it's not an lxc/libvirt problem,17:58
medberryHi Daviey, when firing up a bunch of cloud instances, we exhaust our IP pool as some machines end up with three distinct leases (although only one MAC id is involved.)17:58
hallynit's an openstack/libvirt/lxc problem17:58
zulhallyn: did you see upstream libvirt has got block device support and loopback support fox lxc now?17:58
medberryWe'd like to find a way to force isc-dhcp-server (natty) to hand out the same lease.17:58
hallynzul: no i didn't.  that's cool.17:58
Davieymedberry: Are you seeing this in dnsmasq aswell?17:58
Davieymedberry: Also, is this a regression from dhcp-server3?17:59
medberryDaviey, no idea.17:59
Davieymedberry: If you know the mac addresses that will be needed, they can be statically defined?  Does that help?17:59
Davieymedberry: I can pastebin a config for an example, if that use case is ok?17:59
medberryit doesn't seem to help as there is already a host definition with the mac.17:59
medberrysure, I'll take a look.18:00
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medberryDaviey, where/why would dnsmasq come into play? I think a full DNS server is in place.18:01
Davieymedberry: so we are doing, http://pb.daviey.com/wii2/18:02
DavieyDoes that help, or are you already doing that?18:02
medberryalready doing that (on a much bigger scale)18:02
Davieymedberry: I just wondered if dnsmasq handled this differently to isc-dhcpd18:02
Daviey(dnsmasq can do dhcp aswell)18:03
medberryah. no idea.18:03
Davieymedberry: And isc-dhcp is ignoring those fixed addresses?18:03
medberryI can run a test with dnsmasq and see if it exhibits the same problelm.18:03
Davieymedberry: That would be interesting to compare.18:04
Davieymedberry: You mentioned the other day that it might be part of the spec to supply a different address?18:04
medberryit is part of the spec: varying the client-id is treated as a distinct request (per RFC). I was looking for a flag/etc to ignore client-id and always use hardware (aka MAC).18:05
Davieywow, i didn't know that.18:05
medberryso those hardware type entries get ignored if the dhclient provides a client-id18:05
DavieyOoooooo! i see.18:05
medberryso you can end up with multiple leases per machine as PXE's dhclient and Installer's dhclient and running OS dhclient all behave distinctly.18:06
medberryand the RFC is written so that client-id field is first/primary key and only falls back to mac if client-id isn't sent.18:06
medberryat any rate--I was just poking you as I saw your name in the changelog. Thanks for the help, I'll look at an alternative (dnsmasq) dhcp server.18:07
medberry(the closest thing I've found but is the "master hardware;" and "deny duplicates;" dhcpd.conf setting and I'm still investigating in that area.)18:07
Davieymedberry: Does "deny unknown-clients;" change what happens?18:08
medberryhaven't tried that one....18:08
* medberry reads the man18:08
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Davieymed_out: a short dynamic-bootp-lease-length XX might also be helpful?18:10
Kingsyhas anyone used mdadm before?18:10
DavieyKingsy: many people have used mdadm18:11
Davieymed_out: one-lease-per-client looks interesting18:11
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KingsyDaviey: well, I need some advice on a raid drive I have, I am sure its setup but on boot my raid controller says it needs to be rebuilt. the drive I can see on my operating system has files on it, so I am assuming that just means I need to resync the mirror? right?18:12
DavieyKingsy: raid controller and mdadm is sort of at odds surely?18:12
KingsyDaviey: sorry, its fake raid18:13
Kingsyonboard raid..18:13
Kingsyraid controller was the wrong choice of words there18:13
DavieyKingsy: Why use fakeraid?18:13
KingsyDaviey: because its onboard18:14
DavieyKingsy: Can you disable it?18:14
DavieyKingsy: mdadm is, unless i am mistaken, purely for entirely software raid - handled entirely from linux.18:14
DavieyKingsy: dmraid is for fakeraid.18:15
Kingsyoh ok18:15
Davieyfakeraid can burn in a fire, it's a waste of time.18:15
DavieyYou get no extra perf' and it's usually less reliable/good than linux mdad.18:15
DavieyAlso, it's not hardware dependant - you can pull out the disks from a mdad based system and throw them into another box.  Good luck with that using fakeraid :)18:16
DavieyIf the raid support your motherboard has doesn't steal cpu cycles, then there is some benefit.. but unless it's a good end card, i wouldn't use it.18:17
KingsyDaviey: well I have installed dmraid, I just wanna see if I can get this rebuilt first then maybe look at some other options. you used this before?18:18
CrazyGirdon't use onboard RAID18:18
CrazyGirit's a shame18:18
CrazyGirthough shame works too18:18
hallynDaviey: gah, a little qemu-kvm+ipxe issue, are you around?18:29
hallynDaviey: in qemu-0.14.1, which we have now, it looks for /usr/share/qemu/pxe-*.bin18:30
hallynin qemu-0.15.0, that is changed to /usr/share/qemu-*.rom18:30
hallynDaviey: that's the only issue I'm seeing with the otherwise clean 0.15.0 qemu merge.  What is the best way to handle that?  A simultaneous update of ipxe?18:30
hallynwell i guess ipxe update is the only thing that makes sense.18:34
Davieyhallyn: o/18:34
Davieyhallyn: ipxe is new this cycle, so we can largely do what we want.18:35
Davieyhallyn: the symlinks is a ubuntu delta anyway, that i am *about* to upload.18:35
DavieySo.. it seems OK to morph the symlinks :)18:35
hallynDaviey: ok.  Morphing them before I upload qemu 0.15.0 is wrong too, we have time it :)  so you can upload what's there while i test 0.15.0 some more18:36
hallynDaviey: I'll upload a new merge proposal when I'm ready?18:36
DavieyI am wondering if a "for *.bin do symlink /foo/*.bin /bar/*.rom" in debian/rules18:36
hallynor maybe i should just take the plunge and uplaod qemu-kvm18:36
DavieyBut a static list is also ok, as you have done18:36
hallynyeah and trying to get the order right of dh_links and the rest of debian/rules can get flaky :)18:37
Davieyhallyn: Does qemu have any new features?18:37
Davieyhallyn: I think, considering how vital qemu is - we probably should have a FFe where the merge is discussed.18:38
hallynoh ye...18:39
hallynbug 82783118:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 827831 in qemu-kvm "[FFE] Upgrade qemu-kvm for oneiric to version 0.15 from upstream" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82783118:39
hallynfeature list is at http://wiki.qemu.org/Planning/0.15.  Now I don't know if usb 2.0 actually made it.  If so that'd be killer.18:39
Davieyhallyn: Can you attach an upstream changelog diff to the bug?18:40
hallynChangelog is un-updated,  and git log is huge18:41
hallynIt does look like usb2 is supported...  haven't tested though18:41
hallynchangelogs are so pre-millenial18:42
hallynDaviey: actually http://wiki.qemu.org/ChangeLog/0.15   looks like it18:43
tdnI am trying to enable connection sharing as described here: http://blogs.perl.org/users/smylers/2011/08/ssh-productivity-tips.html -- I have added "ControlMaster auto" and "ControlPath /tmp/ssh_mux_%h_%p_%r" to my .ssh/config, however, I do not see any file created in /tmp, nor do I notice any speedup in connections. I do not think this setting has any effect. If I check netstat -tn, I see that there is created a new tcp connection each time I ss18:43
Davieyhallyn: throw that on the bug.18:43
hallynand attaching a debdiff18:44
Kingsyyeah it turns out it is fakeraid.. and I have started with it, so can someone give me some advice on dmraid?18:45
Davieyhallyn: good stuff.18:45
DavieyKingsy: My advise is "don't" :)18:45
Daviey!fakeraid Kingsy18:45
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto18:46
geekbriI've installed perl and a ton of perl modules all through apt-get on ubuntu server 10.04 LTS, but when i try to use the zlib module, i get the following error Compress::Raw::Zlib version 2.037 required--this is only version 2.02318:46
geekbriAny clue why that would be coming up if ive installed everything through apt?18:46
Davieygeekbri: Purely installed via apt-get and not cpan?18:46
Kingsybasically dmraid -help|grep rebuild18:46
geekbriDaviey: yes, i have some modules installed through CPAN but they are not these compression modules18:46
Kingsygives me the command I need but what does it mean by RAID-set ? how do I find out the paths of my raid set?18:47
Davieygeekbri: If you are certain this is packages at fault, can you raise a bug against the offending one?18:47
Kingsyis that whatever is in /dev/mapper/ ?18:47
geekbriDaviey: i am pretty sure, but is there a way for me to verify?18:47
Davieygeekbri: raise a bug and provide an example how to reproduce.  Someone can then verify in a clean lucid instance.18:48
geekbriDaviey: k thanks, will do.18:48
Davieygeekbri: Ie, a simple perl script and what packages it needs.18:48
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Kingsyok this is a new one, my hd light has been on contstantly since I booted about 15 mins ago.. how can I see what its doin?18:56
Kingsyis it possible its resyncing the raid array automatically or something?18:56
patdk-wkkingsy, possible18:59
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ping?18:59
Kingsysomething called kworker/0:0 is using the hd.. what is that?19:00
DavieyRoAkSoAx: hola19:09
patdk-wkhmm, I have no kworker's19:09
Kingsypatdk-wk: according to google its a "kernel bug" whatever that means, so I just need to either go back to windows or just let this random wakeup prog abuse my hard drive ?19:10
patdk-wkwhy not use a more stable verson?19:11
hallynDaviey: why did you think that "Does this require a new build dep of librbd-dev (universe)?"19:11
hallynDaviey: it compiled and installed fine on regular oneiric19:11
Kingsypatdk-wk: I am using Linux mars 2.6.38-10-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 15:07:17 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:11
Kingsythats stable19:11
patdk-wkdepends on how you define stable then19:12
patdk-wkI would consider when using ubuntu, LTS to be stable :)19:12
Kingsypatdk-wk: well I downloaded the official stable iso from ubuntu.com19:12
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Kingsybut this really doesnt help.. does this mean that ubuntu have allowed me to download install and configure an operating system that is broken?19:13
Kingsypretty crazy19:13
patdk-wkdepends on your definition of broken also19:13
patdk-wkI wouldn't really call that broken19:13
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Kingsypatdk-wk: fair enough, but its not exactly great19:14
Kingsysaying as though its a brand new installation and now I am going to have to try and "fix" the kernel19:15
patdk-wkmuch better than what karmic did to my laptop19:15
patdk-wkit would wipe everything on the harddrive, if you used the wifi19:15
patdk-wkhad to install and upgrade it with wifi disabled, then reboot, and I could turn on the wifi19:16
Kingsymaybe i should try and apgrade the kernel19:17
RoAkSoAxDaviey: hola!! and never mind found the solution to what I was gonna ask you :)19:18
sponzorhi. i m installing ubuntu server and i got unable to install grub in dev sda. so i change it to /dev/md0 i got the same problem ( i put boot to raid 1) what should i do?19:21
DavieyRoAkSoAx: you can't just say that.... what was the problem, dammit! :)19:23
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RoAkSoAxDaviey: postinst wouldn't return when restarting apache2 and there wasn't apparent error messages. so I just tried with apache2ctl and it restarts correctly and post-inst returns19:52
jcastroRoAkSoAx: I think I ran into that mirror/squid problem you guys were having20:09
jcastrowhere it can't find a mirror20:09
jcastroRoAkSoAx: the other stuff appeared to work well though, the PXE menu with the proper ISOs, etc.20:09
RoAkSoAxjcastro: yeah Idk if that's squid or not cause today i imported and ISO. cleaned squid's cache, and still failed to install with not finding the kernel modules20:16
RoAkSoAxjcastro: so I'm guessin that today's ISO has a older upload of the kernel than the archives20:17
jcastrowell, shouldn't like the natty ISOs work?20:17
RoAkSoAxjcastro: those should20:17
jcastrohmm I got the same problem on any iso I tried20:17
RoAkSoAxjcastro: those not working?20:17
RoAkSoAxuhm interesting... are ytou using squid or squid-deb-proxy20:18
RoAkSoAxjcastro: unless the issue is with some corrupts Release files or similar20:22
jcastroRoAkSoAx: I was using whatever is stock in oneiric20:29
RoAkSoAxjcastro: you mean orchestra?20:30
RoAkSoAxjcastro: uhmm check that squid is running cause i think there's a bug a in the squid conig20:36
Davieyjcastro: keep up, keep up.20:36
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bernhard2cant seem to enable tls on exim4 anybody want to shed some light on my issues ?20:38
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Kingsycan someone tell me what application rebuilds/updates raid1 in ubuntu by default?21:01
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fhhmdadm ?21:02
Kingsyfhh: and if the raid is fake?21:03
Kingsyfhh: cos in this case the raid controller is onboard and the drives are in /dev/mapper/ so they are fakeraid21:04
fhhso dmraid21:07
Kingsyfhh: ok, so if dmraid is syncing my raid mirror how can I tell ? are you aware of any dmraid --status type commands?21:09
Kingsyfhh: basically the hdd on my pc is on constantly, I need to find out if thats dmraid syncing my drives or if its some rogue process that needs to be fixed...21:10
Kingsycan yo think of a way of finding that out?21:10
Kingsyfhh: iotop says that kworker is read/writing 70-100MB/s but that is the only information I can find, it doesnt trace ot na21:12
Kingsyit back to an application**21:12
fhhim not specialist in fakeraid...21:13
RoyKKingsy: just use software raid21:13
RoyKworks well21:14
vraa_is everything in /var/log in logrotated by default, or i have to add it in the conf manully21:14
KingsyRoyK: lol it might but I am trying to solve this problem first, not look for an alternative solution21:14
RoyKKingsy: fakeraid sucks performance-wise21:15
RoyKbetter use software raid21:15
RoyKor get a decent raid controller21:15
fhhKingsy: like RoyK i prefer soft raid or real hard raid...21:15
KingsyRoyK: ok, i agree but are you aware of how to solve this problem?21:15
RoyKfhh: I like good hardware raid systems for the root21:15
RoyKKingsy: is this a system you're trying to fix, or is it a new install?21:16
KingsyRoyK: its something I am trying to fix, but tbh I don't even know if it needs *fixing* I just need to know what the hell the hdd is doing at 70-100MB/s constantly21:17
RoyKif it's a new install, never mind the so-called raid controller, just use software raid21:17
KingsyRoyK: naa its not a new install21:17
RoyKno idea about fakeraid stuff21:17
RoyKtoo many variables there21:17
* RoyK uses hardware raid or softraid for mirrored roots or zfs for storage21:18
RoyKthe latter on non-linux21:18
KingsyRoyK: ok, let me suggest this then, say I wanted to move from fake to soft raid. can I move to that WITHOUT formatting the hd I want to raid?21:18
RoyKI daresay that would be hard21:19
RoyKbackup/restore would be the easiest21:19
KingsyRoyK: see I did try to get a soft raid working but I couldnt seem to do it21:19
KingsyRoyK: I take it hdd need to be firstly set to IDE in the bios right?21:20
Kingsythen you boot into the operating system so you can see two hard drives?21:20
RoyKKingsy: that depends on the hardware etc21:20
RoyKKingsy: for those quasi raid systems, linux will see two drives21:21
RoyKif you don't have much data on it, reinstall with sw raid21:21
RoyKless hassle21:21
KingsyRoyK: well basically I am new to this, and I cant seem to get any specific help so I just enabled the onboard raid and booted. it seemed to mirror great..21:21
KingsyRoyK: well the operating system isnt installed on tehe raid drive21:21
Kingsythe raided drive is a data disk21:22
RoyKKingsy: if the system doesn't hold much data, reinstall21:22
Kingsythats not the point, the raid drive has 700GB worth of data I need to first backup.. in order to format the drives to setup something I don't know how to do21:22
RoyKdmraid is quite bad21:23
RoyKjus don't use dmraid21:23
RoyKjust, even21:23
KingsyRoyK: ok, but do you know where I am coming from? I am looking for advice and all ppl say are don'y use fakeraid, and I cant find any solid information on how to setup any other type..21:24
vraa_dont use fakereaid lmao21:25
RoyKKingsy: please pastebin lshw21:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:30
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:30
KingsyRoyK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/669568/21:33
patdk-laphmm, go into your bios, setup acpi without raid21:35
RoyKKingsy: looks like a raid controller to me21:35
Kingsyoh so its not fake after all?21:36
KingsyI assumed it was cos it was onboard21:36
RoyKdoesn't look that way21:36
RoyKdid you configure raid in the bios or the controller's bios?21:36
patdk-lapheh? it's intel ICH5 southbridge fakeraid21:37
KingsyRoyK: I enabled RAID in the bios and configured it in a raid controller menu which is accessed later on in the boot process21:37
patdk-lapexact same as my workstation: product: 82801 SATA RAID Controller21:38
RoyKKingsy: if you boot up on an ubuntu cd, what does /proc/partitions tell you?21:39
RoyKif /proc/partitions show both drives, it's fakeraid21:39
KingsyRoyK: hmm I don't know I cant really do that right now, is there another way of finding out?21:40
RoyKif it shows a single drive (sda etc), it's ok21:40
patdk-lapit's fake raid21:40
RoyKKingsy: pastebin /proc/partition21:40
RoyKKingsy: pastebin /proc/partitions21:40
RoyKpatdk-lap: ok21:40
KingsyRoyK: command not found21:40
* RoyK chooses to trust patdk-lap 21:40
RoyKKingsy: cat /proc/partitions21:41
patdk-lapit's the intel ICH thing21:41
patdk-lapjust go into the bios, disable the raid options and just set it to achi mode21:42
patdk-lapinstall ubuntu21:42
patdk-lapthen when you go to setup the partitions21:42
RoyKuse sw raid21:42
KingsyRoyK: yeah it appears as twi drives --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/669570/21:42
patdk-lapyou just set those 1gig drives to use for raid21:42
RoyKKingsy: bingo21:43
RoyKhw raid is nice, if it's true hw raid21:43
patdk-lapand kicks ass if it has the battery backup to turn on writeback mode21:43
* RoyK hands patdk-lap a beer21:43
RoyKpatdk-lap: or if you use zfs with ssd-caching :P21:44
* RoyK rather likes zfs21:44
patdk-lapI've been thinking about trying flashcache21:44
RoyKwith what system?21:45
patdk-lapthat is my issue21:45
patdk-lapI have no point to try it at the moment :)21:45
RoyKI have a system with 7TB net storage - 14 1TB drives - striped mirrors with some SSDs21:45
RoyKperformance is better than anything I've seen so far21:46
patdk-lapI would like to try it for a esx san backend21:46
RoyKpatdk-lap: that system cost about NOK 43k21:46
patdk-lapbut really need like 10g nics or something to make use of it, to stress it21:46
RoyKso not a lot :P21:46
RoyK14 drives in striped mirrors, two spares, two for the root, the remaining slots for SSDs21:47
w00Link :)21:47
RoyKw00: just a normal 24-bay supermicro machine with a bunch of drives21:48
dannfhallyn: can #697690 be marked fixed-released now?21:49
patdk-lapyay, I might get ipv6 this month21:50
dannfer bug 69769021:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 697690 in multipath-tools "no dbg package for multipath-tools" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69769021:50
Davieyadam_g: around?21:51
hallynbug #69769021:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 697690 in multipath-tools "no dbg package for multipath-tools" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69769021:55
hallyndannf: yeah, it's in oneiric right?  it's even in debian21:55
dannfhallyn: right21:55
hallyndoes it need to be SRUd to lucid, or is that done?21:56
dannfhallyn: does adding a dbg package make sense for an SRU?21:56
hallynmarked it fixed21:56
dannfhallyn: thx21:56
adam_gDaviey: here21:56
hallyndannf: i guess not, bc it's a new pkg21:56
hallynthx, ttyl21:57
Davieyadam_g: ah! i just opened bug 82905521:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 829055 in python-amqplib "[FFe] Please update to version 1.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82905521:59
adam_gDaviey: ah, yea. i just ran that pkg by chuck before sending it to PPA. was gonna let it build while im in this talk22:01
Daviey** Public Service Announcement **  - Are there any bugs that people know of that should be tracked on http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html that are nt22:01
Davieynot. Thanks :)22:01
Davieyadam_g: Ah cool, you are working on it atm.22:01
patdk-lapI just submitted one for ubuntu desktop :)22:01
Davieyadam_g: You need to jump through the FFe hoops, sadly.22:01
adam_gDaviey: figured as much.22:02
Davieyhallyn: did you see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu-kvm/+bug/827831/comments/3 ?22:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 827831 in qemu-kvm "[FFE] Upgrade qemu-kvm for oneiric to version 0.15 from upstream" [Low,New]22:03
Davieyadam_g: If you are able to test that update on nova, that would rock my world.22:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #829061 in multipath-tools (main) "[SRU] double free of mpp->dmi in free_multipath()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82906122:16
utlemmingmaybe we need a new build host for making arm cloud image...build time is about an hour on our current build host22:18
utlemmingDaviey: do you want to chat tomorrow around 3ish your time?22:19
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bernhard2Cant seem to enable TLS in EXIM4 file 03_exim4-config_tlsoptions .ifdef MAIN_TLS_ENABLE howto set this ? MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = yes22:21
bernhard2MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = 1 MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = true In this order ? .ifdef MAIN_TLS_ENABLE MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = 122:21
Davieyutlemming: sounds good to me22:23
Davieyutlemming: can you fire me across across a google invite?22:24
utlemmingDaviey: yup, can do22:24
utlemmingDaviey: assuming this build goes through, arm images are now automagic.22:24
hallynDaviey: yes i did - scroll up, i asked you what you meant by that22:25
hallynDaviey: it compiles and runs just fine on standard oneiric22:25
Davieyhallyn: ah, sorry - so 0.15 RC is currently in Debian experimental with that added build dep.22:28
DavieyI wondered if that is a requirement / want.22:28
hallynDaviey: interesting.  but that's different from the debian unstable version right?22:37
hallyni see22:37
hallyni've got libvirt on the brain :)22:38
hallynDaviey: I guess we're just supporting without librbd.22:39
hallynseems like something worth pursuing MIR for for 12.0422:40
hallynAlright, in theory i'm done with libvirt merge.  I'll save testing for later so i can keep this good feeling during dinner and not get all cranky :)22:40
Davieyhallyn: Have a good one.. Have you pushed the libvirt merge anywhere?22:51
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hallynDaviey: /win 622:56
hallynDaviey: not yet22:56
hallynDaviey: it's whining at me about libnl3-dev, and i don't understand22:57
* Daviey wonders what is more interesting on window 622:57
Davieyhallyn: I'm too tired to worry about it :)22:57
hallynDaviey: np - good night22:58
Davieyhallyn: nn22:59
adam_gDaviey: what tests were failing on amqplib being out of date?22:59
Davieyadam_g: amqplib >1.0 is required for a newer kombu package.  A newer kombu package is required to throw away carrot from nova (or at least, they way i started working on it)23:01
Davieyalso, the MIR required a newer version23:01
adam_gDaviey: are there nova packages anywhere that depend on kombu instead of carrot?23:06
Davieyadam_g: no.. it's work in progress.23:08
Davieyadam_g: What i mean is, check that a newer version of amqplib doesn't break nova, regardless of kombu vs carrot23:08
Davieyand on that note, i'm going to bed.  Nighty-night.23:10
adam_gDaviey: 10-4. night.23:11
utlemminghave a good one Daviey23:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #829089 in clamav (main) "clamd scanning mimedefang temp files blocked by apparmor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82908923:17
KiallCam anyone tell me whats wrong with these rules? getting "Can't specify HL option twice" on all the commented rules ... http://pastie.org/private/g0gxhepmeox3woqkx6ouma23:31
Kiallthese iptables rules*23:31
bkerensaKiall: Strange... If they are commented why not just save the commented rules in another file until you need them?23:34
KiallSorry .. I've only commented them out because they dont work :)23:35
KiallBasically I have this .. `-m hl --hl-eq 255 -m comment --comment "Embedded Rule comment"`23:35
KiallThis works: `-m hl --hl-eq 255` ... as does this ... ` -m comment --comment "Embedded Rule comment"`23:36
bkerensaKiall: Well they look like duplicates23:36
Kiallbut combined, they fail :/23:36
KiallI've also tested that `-m conntrack ... -m comment ...` works as expected (in case the -m twice was causing issues)23:37
Kiallhah .. i found the issue .. when --comment is used with hop limit stuff, the comment option must come before the hop limit option -_-23:41

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