jibelhggdh, I like your latest improvement to usit.08:03
jibelthe job fails in 3 minutes instead of 80 :)08:03
jp_HraniceHallo here.12:12
jp_HraniceSomething new to test ? :-)12:13
hggdhjibel: ah, this is better indeed12:18
hggdhjibel: good morning12:18
hggdhpatrickmw: good morning12:18
jibelhggdh, good morning12:21
patrickmwhggdh, jibel, gema: good morning / afternoon13:14
hggdhgema, patrickmw: good!13:15
jibelmorning patrickmw13:23
gemapatrickmw, hggdh, jibel: hello!13:24
hggdhbuen dia13:24
hggdhcorrect? ^13:25
gemabuenos dias :D13:25
gemabuen dia is more used by the south american part of the Spanish speakers13:26
pedro_so it's ok ? :-)13:27
gemaI thought he was just talking to me, so being from Spain I suggested the other form :P13:28
gemahi pedro_ !13:28
gemabuen dia ;)13:28
pedro_buenos dias gema :-)13:28
jibelgema, that's because hggdh only known Pedro's spanish. It is not proper spanish ;-P13:29
gemahahaha, it's proper, it's just different from mine x)13:29
hggdhwell, I try13:29
hggdhbom dia13:29
gemais that Portuguese?13:30
hggdhthere. Done. I give up on Spanish13:30
hggdhgema: yes, it is13:30
gemabom dia :D13:30
pedro_jibel, lol!13:30
gemajibel: does anyone speak French to you or are you feeling lonely?13:30
hggdhthis is like all europeans. The French say French from Canada is not French (as from Belgium, and anywhere else not on continental France); The Spanish say the rest of the world does not speak it correct13:31
jibelgema, oh you don't know about the french mafia then13:32
hggdhactually, the Spanish complain about the Spanish from Spain itself (depend on where from)13:32
jibelgema, even rickspencer speaks french, you'll have to learn it.13:32
pedro_hggdh, true true, like Catalan vs Spanish13:32
hggdhPortuguese from Portugal is good, from Brazil, or any of the transmarines is bad13:32
hggdhCatalá is cool, at least written13:33
gemayep, I don't like south spain's spanish13:33
gemathat's not spanish x)13:33
gemait's andalusian13:33
hggdhthere you go...13:34
* gema wonders if that word even exists in English13:34
hggdhoh, there is the Portuguese from the Madeira Islands. Perhaps the most heavy accent I have ever heard13:34
hggdhgema: if it did not, now it does ;-)13:34
pedro_we should consolidate everything in Portuñol13:35
hggdh(mind the swearing, a lot of them bad words are the same, found it the worst possible way)13:35
jibelgema, offtopic but back to your question this morning about "what amount of Ubuntu's code is C/C++, Java, python, etc ?"13:36
hggdhoh, noes! jibel is going off-topic!13:37
* hggdh wonders about all the chat we just had...13:37
pedro_time to switch the channel13:38
jibelgema, I did the count on 10% of the main archive here is the result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/669239/13:38
gemahe is actually going on-topic x)13:38
gemaw0w, that's excellent, thank you !13:38
gemawhat is the main archive?13:38
jibelso the results of the study seems still relevant13:38
gemaall the source code together?13:38
gemayes, indeed13:39
gemajava has gone up quite a bit13:39
hggdhjibel: salary seems a bit off though13:39
hggdhand I did not know there was still fortran being coded13:39
jibelhggdh, well copyright 2001-2004 may explain the salary13:39
hggdhgema: the main archive is where the official packages reside13:40
jp_HraniceSomething new to test ? :-)13:40
gemaok, good, thanks a lot13:40
hggdhjp_Hranice: there is always the daily ISOs13:40
gemaso ISOs come from the archive, right?13:40
gemaand people dump new code in the archive?13:41
hggdhjp_Hranice: not counting SRU validation/verification13:41
hggdhgema: not as easy, but yes13:41
jp_Hranicegema:  somebody post me testing ISOs are closed for Oreinick13:41
jibelgema, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu13:41
gemajp_Hranice: what does that mean, for a newbie like me?13:42
jibeljp_Hranice, testing alpha 3 is over (since it is out), but not testing daily builds.13:42
gemajibel: thanks13:43
jp_Hranicejibel: ok thanks13:43
jibeljp_Hranice, you cannot report results to the tracker for dailies but you can still file bugs in launchpad.13:43
jp_Hranicejibel: It's understable.13:44
jp_Hranicedaily snapshots are made from repositories ?13:45
jp_Hraniceor I have to install entire Ubuntu13:45
jibeljp_Hranice, yes. they are built everyday from what is in the repositories13:46
jp_Hranicejibel: thanks13:47
jibeljp_Hranice, Ubuntu desktop daily isos are there http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/13:47
jibelfor example today there is no new desktop image because probably there is some dependency issue in the archive13:48
jibelhm, gone :(13:48
jibelI'm feeling so lonely and depressed13:48
hggdhso am I...13:48
hggdhgot mesself into working on a MIR13:49
* jibel trying to finish live session automated testing and wonders why there's no recursive directory copy in python that allows file overwrite.13:51
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel

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