dpmgood morning everyone06:34
andrejzgood morning, dpm06:40
dpmmorning andrejz - thanks for testing the Slovenian langpacks ;)06:41
andrejzyeah it's not a problem, i am running natty on the production machine with ppa so it doesn't take much time06:42
andrejzsome other members of the translation team do the same, and then we tell each other if we find something and fix it06:43
andrejzunfortunately i have been quite busy last two weeks so i forgot to sign off the lang packs06:43
andrejzis ubuntu translators coordinators call still on for today?06:43
dpmandrejz, if kelemengabor is up for it, yeah. Let's wait for him to come to the channel to check up06:46
dpmto check *out06:46
dpmsorry I haven't sent the calendar invitation, I was away last week, and I've been busy catching up with other projects this week06:47
andrejzno problem06:51
danilosdpm, so, I am cleaning up some of the POTemplate +edit/+admin pages mess (to fix an OOPS), and I wonder what is it that you all in UTC generally need to change10:34
danilosdpm, do you really require access to the entire +admin page, or would eg. moving potemplate name to the +edit page be enough?10:35
dpmdanilos, generally, I'd say we don't need the +edit page at all and the +admin page would be enough, if that makes things easier. But let me have a look at both pages...10:36
danilosdpm, heh, well, +admin page has a lot of things where one can mess stuff up very easily10:38
danilosdpm, I'd be happy to leave you (as the rosetta-expert) with access to the +admin page, but I suppose stuff that's on there is relatively uncommon10:39
danilos(changing POT header, file format, source package)10:39
dpmdanilos, sure, give me 5 min to double check, as I'm in the middle of another conversation - the source package we do need, though, as it's not uncommon that KDE packages need that changed10:40
danilosdpm, sure10:43
dpmdanilos, here are my thoughts: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/669125/11:05
dpmandrejz, you've been managing templates this cycle, perhaps you want to have a look at it too, regarding the conversation danilos started ^11:06
dpmit's about the edit and admin links on pages such as https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+templates11:07
andrejzi was wondering why are there two links edit and admin11:10
andrejzthere is a lot of duplication present11:10
andrejzmaybe admin interface is suppposed to be accessible by less people than edit ?11:10
dpmandrejz, yeah, I think that's the idea, but right now it's not really like that, because +edit is not really useful, and everyone goes to +admin11:13
dpmso danilos is trying to sort that out11:13
dpmand is asking for some feedback on what we need on each page11:14
danilosandrejz, +admin link is generally very fragile (it lets one mess up things very badly), it was only exposed to UTC team to avoid Launchpad team blocking Ubuntu from doing what they need11:14
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danilosandrejz, the idea is that we move the things that you *do* need to +edit page, and just get rid of the admin link altogether11:15
andrejzok, i get it now11:15
andrejzi went through the list and i think dpm listed everything we need11:17
dpmthanks andrejz11:19
danilosdpm, andrejz: thanks guys11:19
dpmno worries :)11:19
danilosdpm, so, it's ultimately your call if you want the series on the +edit page11:19
andrejzalso it might be good to add a possibility to change translation priority when solving "need review" status11:19
dpmandrejz, yeah, there is a bug about that, IIRC11:20
danilosandrejz, heh, there are many things that are missing in LP for it to be even better, but we can't fix it all at once11:20
andrejzsure i understand , just wanted to make sure it's written on someone's todo list11:21
andrejzthis priorities are not really that problematic, since they can be changed quickly with a script11:21
dpmdanilos, it all depends on what we do with the +admin page - were you thinking of getting rid of it altogether, or restrict the access to rosetta-admins?11:21
danilosdpm, it will be restricted to rosetta-admins (and LP admins, of course)11:22
danilosdpm, still, I am special casing the Ubuntu templates anyway, so if you feel entire UTC team should have access to something, just let me know before I get this branch finished and landed :)11:24
dpmdanilos, in that case, I'd say leave the source package fields where they are (in +admin), as it's a confusing bit that can mess things around and it's an action that happens only rarely. If necessary, as part of rosetta-admins I can do it myself.11:25
andrejzdanilos, i was wondering if you maybe know anything about this bug (it's been really bugging me) - it's been marked as critical but there was notactivity for over a month now  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/80979111:25
danilosdpm, cool, agreed, thanks11:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 809791 in launchpad "timeout when searching for long or short and common strings in translations (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,Triaged]11:25
dpmdanilos, ok :)11:26
danilosandrejz, we have ~250 critical bugs, but thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll try to take a look at it soon11:26
andrejzit hasn't been so bad untill two weeks ago11:26
andrejzbut i am getting timeouts really often, so i abandoned translating package descriptions for now11:27
andrejzthanks, danilos, appreciate it :)11:27
andrejzdpm is meeting for today on or off?11:28
danilosandrejz, we've actually removed a lot of stale translations from the DB at around that time, so perhaps DB is using very bad query plans since then11:28
andrejzi need to adjust my schedule accordingly to be avaiable at 6 p.m.11:29
dpmkelemengabor, are you up for the translations coordinator call today, at 18:00?11:29
andrejz@danilos: that sounds reasonable11:29
kelemengabordpm: yes11:29
dpmandrejz, ok, let's do it, then11:29
andrejzok cool. is this via skype or google+?11:31
dpmkelemengabor, do you have a g+ account and want to use google hangout, or stick with skype?11:33
kelemengabordpm: no g+ for me11:33
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz, ok, we'll stick with skype, then11:33
andrejzok, good11:33
dpmor if someone wants to investigate if there is a free mumble server we can use, that'd also be great11:34
* kelemengabor is mistrustful towards overhyped new Google services since we in the Loco started using Google Wave11:34
andrejzwhat happened, kelemengabor?11:35
kelemengabordpm: I wonder if our own defauld dogfood (Empathy) is really that bad?11:35
kelemengaborandrejz: nothing special, it just plainly sucked11:35
kelemengaborbut oh its soooo cool! we must make use of it! meh.11:36
andrejzyeah sometimes these things cause more overhead than wanted11:36
andrejzempathy works for me11:36
kelemengaborandrejz: even for conference calls?11:37
dpmkelemengabor, empathy is not bad, but we need a common server/account we can use11:37
andrejzbut i was thinking it might be cool to have some sort of public chat room (not p2p) so everyone can come and listen (if interested)11:37
andrejzkelemengabor: never had the chance to try conference calls11:37
dpmkelemengabor, obviously, I favour free software, but I hadn't found a service that we can use with empathy for a free conference call11:39
dpmwe could perhaps set up jabber accounts or gmail11:40
dpmit only needs investigating and a volunteer for it :)11:40
andrejzi already have gmail so that's not a problem for me. I just don't know if it works for 3 or more people11:45
andrejzempathy's home page doesn't mention anything about conference calls11:45
dpmyeah, I've never tried it, but I thought it might be possible, I just haven't looked into it11:46
andrejzi didi't find anything conclusive. Maybe we can just try it out and see if it works11:51
andrejzkelemengabor and myself will try it out before the meeting11:55
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kelemengabordpm: do you know when will be langpack generation for Oneiric enabled again?12:19
dpmkelemengabor, let me ping pitti, they should have been enabled after the last freeze12:21
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz, let's pick up the agenda for the call from the last call notes I sent. Let me know if there is anything you want to add to the agenda14:52
andrejzcan you give the link to previous agenda?14:53
kelemengabordpm: yes, could we talk about that bug day that I failed to organize?14:54
kelemengaboror rather, what should I do now14:54
dpmandrejz, I think all the points we didn't talk about were on the e-mail I sent with the call notes (sorry, I do need to set up a wiki page for that)14:55
dpmkelemengabor, no worries, let's talk about that during the call14:56
andrejzthis are the notes, dpm, kelemengabor - http://pastebin.com/HhJwWLpE15:47
dpmthanks andrejz :)15:48
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz, all set?15:59
kelemengaborone min15:59
andrejzapt, libapt and such is not a part of langpack, correct?16:00
dpmandrejz, IIRC, that's correct.16:01
andrejzok, just approving some imports and wanted to check16:01
kelemengabordpm: dpkg -L language-pack-hu | grep apt16:02
dpmandrejz, I'm not sure if we disabled the language packs, though (i.e. the checkbox that says "export in language packs")16:02
kelemengaborbut, I'm set now16:02
andrejzyeah i am disabling it now16:02
dpmwell, kelemengabor just confirmed we didn't :)16:03
dpmok, ready to roll16:03
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz http://pastebin.com/HhJwWLpE16:05
kelemengaborandrejz: please close bug #446277 if you are sorting out apt imports16:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 446277 in ubuntu-translations "apt templates handling in Ubuntu (affects: 1)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44627716:06
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz : https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/unity-lens-files/+imports16:23
kelemengaborandrejz: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/unity-lens-files/oneiric/files/head:/po/16:24
kelemengaborthe old file is still in bzr16:24
* kelemengabor just filed bug #82889716:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 828897 in oneconf (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Add gettext type tag to the .ui file entry in POTFILES.in (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82889716:30
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/Planning16:39
kelemengabordpm: andrejz: bug 48787316:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 487873 in ubuntu-translations "Search for translation bugs only reported in ubuntu and assign them to ubuntu-translations (affects: 1)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48787316:43
dpmkelemengabor, andrejz ^16:45

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