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MartijnVdSpopey: http://nyantardis.com/04:08
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MooDoomorning all06:52
* Gary is still feeling sorry for himself07:02
MooDoowassup Gary ?07:06
MooDoomorning popey07:06
DJonesMorning all07:13
DJonesAlanBell: COngrats on the reapproval, sorry I couldn't join in, but deepest darkest derbyshire doesn't have much in the way of internet or mobile signals07:25
smittixMorning all07:28
popeyhi smittix07:29
smittixHow goes it?07:29
popeyhow was the holiday DJones ?07:29
popeysmittix: need coffee07:29
GaryMooDoo: morning, things are okay, still in pain tho :'(07:30
MooDooGary: feeling poorly.07:31
Garyyeah, came off my bike on sunday, faceplanted the pavement07:33
MooDooGary: ouch, done that a few times :S07:33
DJonespopey: It was good, nice and relaxing, lots of walking (dog now has legs that are about 2 inches shorter), visiting places, drinking wine/beer/southern comfort etc07:33
popeyfeeling refreshed?07:34
DJonesKnackered :)07:34
GaryMooDoo: I broke my hand too!  and have since been feeling rather sorry for myself07:34
DJones5 mile walks up hills & down dales07:35
christelpoor Gary :(07:35
MooDooGary: hugs07:35
DJonesGary: Sorry to hear about that, hope the recovery doesn't take too long07:35
MooDoomorning czajkowski *poke*07:55
gord"Just letting you know your bi-monthly candy was just sent from Japan and should be arriving to you in about a week." :D07:55
Ngpopey: the Morpeth on Millbank often has canoniclers on a friday08:06
Ngbut many of us prefer to scurry home to our burrows ;)08:07
kirrusgord: you get candy from Japan?08:11
gordkirrus, yup08:14
Myrttipocky ♥08:15
kirrusgord: ordered from a site, or just a friend being friendly? :)08:15
gordfrom a site, its a club, every other week you get sent new candy08:16
gordfor €15 a month08:16
HazRPGmorning all \o08:18
kirrussounds good.. gotta link? ;)08:19
gordum candyjapan.com maybe? something like that? i have no idea08:19
kirruswoo, thanks :)08:20
diplomorning all08:22
diploThat's the first time in 20 years that I have overslept for work :D08:22
MooDoodiplo: no excuse :D08:25
diploNope :(08:27
diploLuckily on my own at work this week08:27
Garyanyone notice?08:27
diploNot yet, work remotely from our headoffice in Nottingham08:29
diploNo missed calls, just wasn't on msn/skype08:29
diplo"I forgot to sign in this morning"08:30
MooDooNottingham O_o :)08:31
MooDooUs Nottingham Ubuntu-ers definately need a meet up :D08:32
smittixI concur!08:32
diploI'm up on my own next month for 2-3 days08:32
diploStaying in a hotel in the town centre08:32
MooDoocool, pub night :D08:32
diploSo up for a meet up08:32
HowieI have returned08:33
smittixMoodoo, are you on google,08:42
MooDoosmittix: yup08:45
MooDooPaul Mellors08:46
popey\o/ Google+08:47
popeyI've been playing some games on it recently08:47
smittixNot related to John Mellors by any chance?08:47
popeyits nice that they keep game stuff to the game stream08:47
smittixpopey: You're already in my Linux Peeps circle08:47
MooDoosmittix: no :)   and i've added you :D08:47
MooDoosmittix: John?  Johnathan?08:48
MooDooi have an uncle Johnathan08:48
smittixHow old roughly?08:48
smittixThe John I know is 27ish08:49
MooDoonah not the one, he's my uncle and i'm 40 :D08:49
MooDoowell 39 :)08:49
smittixahh heh08:49
* Howie is still.here08:52
MooDooi'll contact you guys in a couple of weeks about a beer, still waiting for the new nipper to drop.08:52
Howiehelp ubuntu has got stuck on a 30 second loop, and its driving me up the wall08:57
Howieany ideas08:59
popeynot with that level of detail, no08:59
HowieI cant see any open aplocations and the pc is stuck.on stand by08:59
Howieand I cant stop it or get the pc off stand by09:00
bigcalmDo you have sshd running on the machine?09:01
Howiein English please09:01
bigcalmThat'll be a no then09:01
MooDooHowie: the ssh deamon, the program that allows you to SSH into your box09:02
HowieI have no idea what that is anyway09:02
bigcalmI have SSHd running on all of my linux machines, so that if they freeze, I can connect from another machine and kill whatever is causing the freeze09:02
popeyHowie: have you tried turning it off and on again?09:02
bigcalmIT Crowd to the rescue09:02
Howiepopey it wont turn off09:03
bigcalmPull the power cable out09:03
bigcalmOr remove the battery09:03
MooDooHowie: press and hold the power button for 15 seconds09:03
MooDooit should then power off09:03
bigcalmYes, what MooDoo says09:03
Howieit beeps twice and continues to run09:04
popeypull the power out09:04
bigcalmIf it still runs after that, you have bigger problems09:04
MooDoobigcalm: and i want to know his secret as it's running with no power :D09:05
Howiewth battery backup mode active just appeared on screen for a few seconds and then it contonues being annoying09:05
bigcalmReminds me of one of the few x-files eps. I can remember: Ghost in the Machine09:05
popeyHowie: take your trolling elsewhere09:06
MooDooHowie: just remove all power to the machine...that will sort it.....09:06
popeyI believe howie to be wasting our time here.09:07
Howiepopey its not trolling its me forgetting that I put a backup battery in iy09:07
MooDooHowie: that won't effect anything09:07
MooDoopopey: i think that was a little harsh :S09:07
christelFIST OF DOOM09:07
popeyMooDoo: feel free to go back over the last year of crap we've had from him and undo that09:08
popeythen come back to me and tell me it was harsh09:08
MooDoopopey: ah ok09:08
* MooDoo stands corrected09:08
* MooDoo wonders if it's pushing it a little too far if i mention language ;)09:09
popeyyes, it is09:09
bigcalmOh, it's him09:11
bigcalmAnd now, for something completely different: http://eddirt.frozenreality.co.uk/index.php?id=78309:12
bigcalmI want me a kitten09:13
smittixThat sums my cat up09:13
AlanBellMooDoo: name a pub in nottingham09:15
popey"The MooDoo Arms"09:15
bigcalmI name this pub...09:15
bigcalmJust don't break the bottle09:16
diploI do like the pubs in Nottingham, and the people seem quite nice as well09:17
czajkowskiI tried to add a pin to where we are on the UK map the other day09:18
czajkowskiI think I failed09:18
AlanBellczajkowski: did it tell you that you already had said that?09:19
MooDooAlanBell: the trip to jerusalem?   the bell in, the salutation inn09:19
AlanBellMooDoo: pick one09:19
czajkowskiAlanBell: no I couldnt move the pin to anywhere other than "London" and I was trying to be specific09:19
czajkowskiso not sure it saved09:19
smittixdiplo: Except for the rioting scumbags which were in the city center not long ago.09:19
MooDooAlanBell: salutation09:20
diploThe Bell inn is our usual I believe, that just down / opposite a tescos/mcd's ?09:20
diploI forgot to ask my work peeps about that smittix, was it that bad ?09:20
smittixdiplo: Yeah The Bell is a good pub09:20
AlanBellczajkowski: it did save, somewhere09:20
bigcalmOo, Nottingham is only 1.5hours from here09:21
smittixdiplo: Yeah It was worse than the media made it out to be. They didnt report on half the things that happened.09:21
czajkowskihmm ok09:21
diplosmittix, :(09:21
AlanBellczajkowski: it saved in Westminster, want it deleted?09:21
czajkowskiI am the only person in London09:21
czajkowskiI find this hard to believe09:21
czajkowskinah tis cool09:21
smittixdiplo: But I have to hand it to Nottinghamshire Police they did a great job.09:21
MooDoosmittix: the only things i heard about was in st anns and mansfield09:22
diploNowt happened in my small town, I didn't actually here about it till monday night/tuesday morning09:22
smittixMooDoo: Bulwell, Sneinton, Meadows, Basford, Radford, St Anns.09:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: can you RT my last tweet :)09:22
MooDoosmittix: where are you living at the mo?09:23
smittixMooDoo: Bulwell, Stanns, Meadows and Oxclose lane police stations were all attacked.09:23
smittixMooDoo: Cinderhill.09:23
MooDoodidn't know oxclose was :S09:23
MooDoosmittix: Calverton here09:23
MooDooUbuntu UK Road Trip - Nottingham '11 :D09:24
czajkowskiAlanBell: thanks09:24
smittixMooDoo: Yeah, I remember you saying :). One person from Calverton was arrested.09:24
MooDoosmittix: yay :D lol09:25
MooDoosmittix: don't know the name do you?09:25
smittixI will have a look09:25
MooDoos'ok i got it09:26
diploRain is horrible :(09:28
bigcalmI quite like the rain09:28
diploWant to go home put heating on and watch a movie, not really making me want to stay at work09:28
bigcalmExpect when it causes flooding and I lose my car to it in 200709:29
gordwhy must every program have a different key combination for re-do :(09:29
* MooDoo started encoding his movies last night, shame all i've got is a laptop 2.5 hours to encode a movie :S09:29
gordwe all decided on undo!09:29
popeygord: you should try SAP one day09:29
gordoh really?09:29
popeythey have different function key combinations within the application on different screens09:29
gordha nice09:29
popeyrefresh might be F5, F8, or perhaps Shift F209:30
AlanBellright, more people tell me about pubs where they live, postcode and name please09:30
* popey pokes AlanBell DJones and whoever else with -irc09:31
bigcalmAlanBell: the LUG in my county meets here: http://shropshirelug.wordpress.com/meetings/09:33
bigcalmAlanBell: not the biggest pub, but they do have an upstairs room the LUG gets to use09:34
czajkowskihttp://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/05/free-official-ubuntu-book-for-approved-loco-teams/ for offical locoteams09:34
AlanBellczajkowski: applied for it when that was posted (deadline was monday)09:36
MooDooI have the one for 10.04 LTS if any one is interested in borrowing it :D09:37
gordheh, neat. found my suse thing :) http://ubuntuone.com/p/1BCk/09:37
gord*puts it next to the wookie that guards his computer from viruses*09:37
popeyhehe, i have one of them09:38
popeyit's in Sams bed09:38
MooDoogord: not seen mine in years :)09:38
gordmine was behind the coffee in the kitchen cabinet - smells like coffee now :)09:38
gordoh right yes, i took a photo on my phone *watches u1 notify-osd spam me on all my computers*09:39
smittixI want one of those Tux Droids09:40
AlanBellneed moar pubs09:41
* popey will tweet this.09:41
AlanBellthen I will mix the order up a bit09:41
popeycan you put some text on that page which describes what we plan?09:41
gordthe planned route isn't too helpful, just lots of red lines with no progression indicatied09:43
diploThat is some distance to travel AlanBell :D09:43
MooDoois there a way to add a pub yourself?09:43
AlanBellMooDoo: sure, register on the site and I will bump you up to editor09:43
MooDoook thank you09:43
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Have you discovered whether the WP/Apache/PHP issue is still there on a later version of Ubuntu?09:47
bigcalmZoomed out, the pin looks as though it's in Wolverhampton. It's Telford if that gives and +/- points :)09:49
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: no, all of them run LTS09:50
TheOpenSourcererAnyone know how to get schema and data out of MSSQL so it could be imported in MySQL or something more free and useful?09:51
smittixI should be ashamed of myself. Its the first time I have installed 11.1009:52
smittixLiking the login screen.09:52
TheOpenSourcerersmittix: I'm still on 10.10 currently. Can't bring myself to get all unityfied just yet.09:52
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, don't blame you09:53
smittixTheOpenSourcerer: To be honest I hated unity to start with because it was so different. But now I love it.09:53
MooDooi was in oneiric, then it crashed to much, so went to 10.04, just upgrated to maverick last night09:53
directhexunity's implementation in natty is really really really really really really really really bugged09:53
smittixI have no problems in Natty at all.09:54
DJonesOuch, on exam results day, the UCAS website has crashed and had to been taken offline09:57
kirrusTheOpenSourcerer: you can upgrade, and still use Gnome2, just on the login screen select 'Ubuntu Classic'. I had to, as Unity kept flipping my workspace orientation, so nothing was where I put it :/10:01
bigcalmIf only they could have predicted when it will be in high demand...10:01
TheOpenSourcererkirrus: Yeah I can, but why? 10.10 is stable and reliable. I use this for work and don't really have time to get to grips with all the other UI changes right now.10:02
kirrusNewer version of firefox? I tend to upgrade just because I've seen what happens to machines that don't get upgraded, ever. (i.e. they're a pig to get up-to-date, or they just break when you try)10:04
TheOpenSourcererI am running FF6 this morning.10:04
bigcalmSame here (think I was yesterday as well). When will this crazyness end?10:05
bigcalmThe guy who does the HTML Validator extension has stopped releasing until the API settles down :(10:05
directhexbigcalm, never, then10:06
TheOpenSourcererI'm not very happy about the Mozilla 6weekly release schedule. As an extension dev (for Thunderbird which is also now on the 6 week cycle) it is a pain in the bottom.10:06
TheOpenSourcererIt's just a number! WTF can't they update a minor one rather than a major?10:06
gordthe new api they are making is supposed to fix that problem10:06
gordif its just a number why does it matter?10:07
TheOpenSourcererThe way you specify the version an extension relies on major numbers.10:08
directhexinstall.rdf, isn't it?10:08
diploTheOpenSourcerer, re MSSQL, could use php/perl to extract and put into mysql10:09
diploI did it at my last job10:09
directhexwho te hell uses toy products like mssql?10:10
AlanBellone of our customers10:10
AlanBellso we are going to put it in a real database10:10
AlanBellbut there is a lack of sensible export options from MSSQL10:10
directhexthat's not how lock-in works10:11
AlanBellhttp://www.convert-in.com/mss2sql.htm this looks like it might work10:11
diploheh, we had quite a few software companies dependant on it, so we let them use it and exported the data to mysql to do with it what we wanted10:11
TheOpenSourcererThere are a few commercial tools. There used to be a MySQL tool but that EOL'd in 200810:11
diployeah that was the issue I came across TheOpenSourcerer10:12
AlanBellhowever a free softare mysqldump tool for mssql would be kind of nice10:12
diploThere is AlanBell, you can do CLI with MSSQL10:12
diplotrying to remember commands, has been a while since I had to do it10:12
TheOpenSourcererLast Update   2009-07-17   :-(10:13
diploNot sure if it's human readable though like mysqldump10:13
diploAlso seems to be http://sqldump.sourceforge.net10:14
diplolol 200210:14
diplo2005 MSSQL ?10:14
TheOpenSourcererCan't tell if that handles the schema or not.10:16
diployeah looks like what I used10:16
diploMy brother is a MSSQL chap, want me to ask how to dump the schema ?10:19
kazademorning all10:19
TheOpenSourcererThat would be kind diplo - thanks. If he has time of course.10:20
TheOpenSourcererThat blog post and the DPW look to be helpful too. Thanks.10:21
smittixDoes anyone here have a Vega Tablet?10:21
diploWill send him a text now, he was always my fall guy when I got stuck with MSSQL, not really my speciality by any means, but I normally get by, but not having to touch it for nearly 2 years doesn't help :)10:22
AlanBell£875 for a linux ODBC driver for MSSQL!10:24
diploDon't need it.. can do it with a pear module10:24
diploI believe10:25
jmlso, after a very long and painful process, I've got cuts, in .ogv, for all the bits of my screencast that I want.10:25
jmlnow I want to put them together and publish them10:25
jmlI basically have no idea how to do this10:25
AlanBellopenshot \o/10:25
jmlmencoder doesn't output ogv for me10:25
jmlAlanBell: openshot is fail10:26
jmlAlanBell: it snips off beginnings and ends of clips10:26
jmlAlanBell: at least when I am playing back within openshot10:26
AlanBellhmm, try a test render, I have not seen that problem10:27
smittixHmm my Google+ Invites arent going down.10:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I can't stop playing "Kakkaoi!" song :P10:34
smittixIf you listen to this you will not get it out of your head http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo10:34
HazRPGsmittix: heh, man I haven't heard that in years XD10:35
diploNo mine don't either10:36
diploDon't think they are are really doing it, just a ploy to say it's in "Beta"10:36
HazRPGwhen me and my friends first heard that song in like 2000, we all went out and were doing the dance constantly10:36
smittixHazRPG: I actually like it.10:36
HazRPGthen WoW:BC came out, people all thought we were imitating the Draenei dance10:37
MooDoomorning davmor210:38
davmor2morning MooDoo10:39
smittixHazRPG: haha10:39
HazRPGsmittix: yeah I do too, I first heard heard the song in Saudi on the asian Channel V music channel, it use to be a random channel, mainly English songs played - but they're occasionally do music from all across asia (india, china, korea, japan, etc)10:40
HazRPGthere was another Punjabi song I really liked back then, but because I can't really remember the lyrics (and since you can't do a google search on an image that's in your head) ... I could never find it10:42
smittixHazRPG: This one makes me laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdyC1BrQd6g10:44
jmlAlanBell: basically, Openshot's internal playback is very unreliable for me10:45
jmlbut the output render seems to go ok10:46
AlanBellI think the internal renderer tries to play back realtime even if it can't get the data on screen fast enough10:47
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diploAnyone else here having issues with Chomium recently since a recent update, seems to just lock up ( go grey )10:48
diploJust from a selecting a link10:48
HazRPGsmittix: heh that dude looks familiar!10:49
directhexdiplo, close all chromium windows. run a ps -ef | grep chromium. you may have a defective chromium flash process10:49
HazRPGsmittix: haha no wait, I have heard this song before XD10:49
andybleadenI would love to get an Ubuntu hour up here in Manchester...perhaps one of the wifi friendlier pubs in the city...10:50
HazRPGsmittix: it was another song I heard on Channel V10:50
diploIt keeps happening directhex even after reboots since maybe 2 days ago10:50
MooDooandybleaden: tell AlanBell about a put and get it added to the list :)10:52
MooDooandybleaden: pub not put :)10:53
AlanBellandybleaden: pick a pub name and postcode10:53
andybleadendoes it have to have wifi10:54
andybleadenor just nice beer10:54
andybleadendont rush now!10:54
andybleadenI would go for the marble arch then10:54
sallyI nominate the Crown Beeston Nottingham NG9 1FY http://www.everards.co.uk/pubs/crown_inn_173/10:54
MooDoosally: FTW!10:55
* AlanBell adds that to the list, thanks sally10:55
MooDoosally: another nottingham user eh :D10:55
andybleadenMarble Arch 73 Rochdale Road Manchester M4 4HY10:55
andybleadenbrew their own beer too!10:56
MooDoo#ubuntu-uk-notts-branch :)10:56
sallyMooDoo :) link?10:56
MooDoosally: i was just creating a irc channel as a joke :) although i'm in it lol10:57
andybleadenMarble is also easy public transport wise in Manchester and away from the noisy part10:57
andybleadenmany others here in GM area?10:58
HazRPGsmittix: if you wanna hear something really random... just before saudi arabian channel 2 (they only had 2 local TV channels) was turned on or opened up, this was the song that played, just to let you know they were about to start the first program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajf6WO4MuSg10:58
christelAlanBell: i nominate the hop blossom10:59
diploTheOpenSourcerer, my brother is on hols but said ossql is what you want11:03
Laneywait more notts people?11:03
diploI remember now that is what I used11:03
diploo/ - Sorta11:03
diploI pop up for work every other month or so11:03
andybleadenAlanBell,  Marble Arch 73 Rochdale Road Manchester M4 4HY11:03
MooDooLaney: a few more yeah :)11:06
HazRPGsmittix: heh, score managed to find it... was trying to find a song that I head on Channel V on my last holiday to the Philippines. Ironically their influence is Michael Jackson (and you can tell from the style of the music and the dance): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja3T8GdADIs11:06
MooDooLaney: diplo smittix and sally was here, she's from beeston :D11:06
MooDooLaney: got her in #ubuntu-uk-nottingham lol :)11:07
Laneyi live in beeston too11:07
Laneysmall world eh11:07
MooDooLaney: yeah considering i used to live in chilwell :)11:07
popey\o/ subteams11:08
directhexi live in a pineapple under the sea11:08
MooDooyup #ubuntu-uk-nottingham is alive and well :D11:08
paddax_j lwjgl11:09
MooDoodoes that mean AlanBell / popey / czajkowski will have to do uk subteam approvals ;)11:09
smittixHazRPG: Catchy song!11:10
smittixLaney: Cinderhill Here :)11:10
HazRPGsmittix: isn't it just! Its korean iirc11:10
AlanBellMooDoo: yes, but I have heard the UK subteam approval board is quite corrupt and open to bribery11:11
Laneyarr, good ol' phoenix park11:11
MooDooAlanBell: i should hope so :)11:11
hoovermorning all11:12
LaneyMooDoo lives in some strange village out in the sticks11:12
hooveror good afternoon rather11:12
* MooDoo would like to have the #ubuntu-uk-nottingham subteam approved....cash on its way to AlanBell :)11:12
MooDooLaney: pah! yeah ok your right :D11:13
Laneyit's alright, working in the city qualifies you for membership11:13
MooDoophew :)11:13
MooDooand not far from the trip either ;)11:14
Laneyheart, right?11:14
Laneynear the donor centre11:14
MooDooLaney: are you stalking me ;)11:15
Laneyno, i just see it when i go there to donate11:15
HazRPGsmittix: I thought I wrote more song titles down in my journal, but seems not! Must have had them down on a piece of paper or something and lost them11:15
MooDooah cool :)11:15
Laneywhich I hope you do too :-)11:16
MooDooLaney: alas no11:16
MooDooLaney: i carry a medical green card which means i'm not allowed11:16
MooDooLaney: which does annoy me seeing as i work next door lol11:17
gordAndroid fans! is there any way i can block text numbers?11:17
directhexi can't donate11:17
directhexthey get tetchy when you pass out from just being in te building11:18
MooDoogord: there is if you're using cyanogen, i'm not sure it blocks texts though11:18
LaneyI have a pretty cool hole pattern on my inside elbow from donating11:18
czajkowskikazade: did you get your mac issue resolved?11:20
HazRPGsmittix: haha, this one's random too... more korean stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7mPqycQ0tQ (song doesn't start until 0:20 or so)11:20
HazRPGI'll leave it at  that, otherwise I'll just spend all day on youtube lol11:20
gordMooDoo, using stock :)11:20
gordgetting spamvertisements about my "accident"11:21
gordare they talking about when i tripped over my cat? i don't want to sue my cat11:21
MooDoowell if any nottingham users have anything they want to say and don't want to spam this main channel the other one has a guard on it now.....i can delete it any time :D11:27
Myrttipopey ♥11:34
DJonesgord: If your phone company don't offer teh facility to block certain numbers from sending texts, this may help https://market.android.com/details?id=org.baole.app.antismsspam&feature=search_result11:36
dutchiequick question: usb wireless adapters: likely to Just Work with 11.04 or not?11:36
gordDJones, neat, thanks11:37
kazadeczajkowski: nah, but I found a bug report somewhere. Basically I can tap to click, but clicking the actual button confuses Ubuntu (it thinks I'm multitouching)11:46
kazadeit's not a big deal - I fixed a shedload of other weird quirks...11:46
czajkowskiah ok11:46
kazademy biggest annoyance is the Nvidia drivers - which suck11:46
kazadeI can't hot plug my external monitor because Nvidia *STILL* don't support xrandr - which everyone else has been supporting for ages11:47
directhexyou can hot plug it via nvidia-settings though11:47
kazadeyou mean, opening the nvidia settings window and enabling it?11:47
gordkazade, not tried nouvou or however its spelt?11:47
kazadeNouveau works like a dream...11:48
kazadebut freezes about once an hour - forcing a hard reset11:48
directhexkazade, right. nvidia-settings can enable/disable monitors without restarting x11:48
kazadedirecthex: true, but, I have my external monitor set as my primary, guess what happens if I unplug it?11:48
kazadeI lose the side of my desktop with gnome shell on it11:48
kazadenouveau works awesomely in that regard - but it freezes :(11:49
Garyhey Matt12:03
AlanBellhi Gary12:07
AlanBellGary: do you have an irssi command to alias /20 to /window 20 for all numbers at once?12:08
Garyerm, yes, somewhow12:08
Garywindow_switcher.pl is what I use12:11
AlanBellok, nice, but not quite what I was after12:13
GaryI think thats what I use12:13
GaryI just do a /23 to go to window 2312:14
popeyi just have a giant list of aliases12:16
gordi just stopped using irssi once i got over 20 windows ;)12:17
* Laney has a window list12:18
Laney>> (e=13|#ubuntu-uk r=14|&bitlbee   t=15|#ub~eeting y=16|#debi~evel et cetera12:18
Laneyancient (phorm reference!) but it's pretty much like that still12:22
* MooDoo feels left out that he only has 9 irssi windows12:31
dwatkinsI try to keep mine down to 15 or so12:31
MyrttiI just remember them by number...12:33
popeyLaney: I couldn't copye with the abbreviations :D12:34
Laneyi kind of got used to them12:34
Laneymuscle memory tells me where most of the important channels are12:34
mfraz74I'm trying to follow the tutorial at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-from-scratch.html, but I'm getting stuck at the "make" stage12:36
AlanBellhi mfraz7412:37
mfraz74hi AlanBell12:37
mfraz74any ideas?12:38
AlanBellnot really, but that looks more like "doesn't compile" than it "doesn't package"12:41
AlanBelldid you write the code?12:41
mfraz74no, i was following the tutorial I iposted, cmake worked and then I tried make which failed12:42
AlanBelloh, right12:45
AlanBelldid you install libqrencode-dev libzbar-dev libzbarqt-dev12:46
gordheh neat, my little experiment with only passively cooling this atom machine worked out well, cpu is at 20 degrees after a day of running :)12:46
mfraz74AlanBell: yes, they are all installed12:46
MooDooLaney: you on google+12:47
AlanBellmfraz74: what version of Ubuntu are you using?12:48
popeyjml: just watched your video, so does this mean Launchpad now accepts binary-only packages in ppas? I thought it only accepted open source packages that build on launchpad farm?12:48
jussipopey: DAMN!!! that media player looks amazing for the price12:48
mfraz74AlanBell: kubuntu 11.0412:49
jussipopey: I might have to get you to order and send it to me - seems ebuyer doesnt do overseas12:51
jmlpopey: terms of service are still the same: you can use PPAs for free only if you're uploading open source stuff12:51
jmlpopey: we use PPAs as the mechanism to distribute commercial games etc in the software center12:51
popeyso that demo wouldn't work for me?12:52
popeyif I got pkgme and tried to upload a blob?12:52
* nigelb notes popey should have been there at jml's Q & A. :)12:52
* popey notes he didnt know there was a Q & A.12:52
jmlpopey: it would, (although see the follow-up blog post http://code.mumak.net/2011/08/how-dependency-guessing-works.html) ... but you'd be violating the Launchpad terms of service, and we'd take it down when we found out about it.12:52
smittixAny nottingham users I can add to my NottsLinux Circle on google+?12:52
nigelbpopey: I wish there was more pbulicity planned.12:53
popeyjml: so at some point of time in the future when developer.u.c is working and pkgme is done, I could somehow register for a special ppa which lets me upload blobs, and do effectively what you did?12:54
jmlpopey: LP is a libre code base providing a gratis service for libre apps, and a paid service for proprietary apps12:54
jmlpopey: yes, pretty much.12:54
popeyof course, yes12:54
popeyI forgot about the pay-for service12:55
popeydoes the pay-for service come at an apple-like XX$/yr or is it %age of revenue or a mix of both?12:55
jmlthere are some interesting things that come out of this, though12:55
popeyor is that not known yet?12:55
jmlpopey: umm... it is known, but I don't actually know off the top of my head12:55
popeyis it public info?12:56
AlanBellmfraz74: I would suggest trying some other random app12:56
popeyor commercially sensitive canonical info?12:57
jmlI don't know :\12:57
popey(I am not trying to trip you up, just wondering)12:57
mfraz74AlanBell: OK, I'm trying to build akonadi-facebook now12:57
jmlI'm looking for a public source12:57
AlanBellnot sure who is responsible for developer.ubuntu.com but there shouldn't be tutorials there which don't work12:57
jmlpopey: fwiw, you can submit binary blobs now, it's just that someone at Canonical will package them manually for you.12:58
jmlor you can package them yourself, as rickspencer3 did w/ photobomb12:59
popeyAlanBell: previews of upcoming functionality are good though12:59
jmlpopey: I can only find internal information, so I'm going to assume it's company-confidential for now. Sorry.13:00
popeyok, no worries13:00
popeyif/when I get to that point, I'll ask :D13:00
jmlto me, there's interesting stuff that comes out of this13:00
jmlmaking it easy for commercial apps to get into the software center for stable ubuntu releases is great13:01
jmlbut, imo, it's got to be as easy for free apps13:01
popeyhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/commercial/ lol13:01
jmlyeah :)13:01
popeywe (podcast) should talk to someone about this in an interview13:01
popeywho would be the best person to talk to?13:01
* popey glares at jml13:02
jmlhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/myapps-packages/ is the only other thing I can think of13:02
MartijnVdSwow, mono is shiny in oneiric today13:02
jmlpopey: me, rickspencer3, maybe Steve George.13:02
popeyshall I mail all three?13:03
popeyor do you want to sort it out amongst yourselves :D13:03
jmlpopey: email me & I can do the internal shuffling :)13:04
popeywill do13:04
jmlpopey: also, the transcript from my https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WeeklyQandA might be worth reading.13:04
popeyyour first name at ubuntu dot com?13:04
jmlpopey: no, that's riddell. :) I'm not an Ubuntu member.13:06
jmlpopey: my nick at canonical.13:07
popeyah, doh :D13:07
daubersurgh, it's a touch wet outside13:07
HazRPGand off we go on the android sdk wacky install races!13:07
HazRPGdaubers: hurray for UK weather \o/13:07
HazRPGhmm, interesting, java 7 just recently got released13:08
daubersHazRPG: it breaks bits of apache13:10
popey\o/ Java 1.4.213:11
HazRPGdoes it? How so?13:11
daubersHazRPG: http://www.developerfusion.com/news/123346/java-7-breaks-apache-projects/13:11
* hoover just wrote his first greasemonkey script, yay ;-) 13:14
TheOpenSourcererIt is *really* raining here.13:29
MooDoolets hope it stays there then :)13:30
popeyoh look, bug 75450513:31
lubotu3Launchpad bug 754505 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Populate http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/commercial/ with revenue share details" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75450513:31
TheOpenSourcererBloody hell - rain getting heavier13:33
daubersToday I mostly wish to scream13:41
bigcalmSun is shining here13:42
bigcalmThis is despite the forecast of heavy rain all day13:42
daubersbigcalm: It'll be back13:43
daubersand there it is :)13:48
* daubers needs spotify suggestions13:51
bigcalmWhat's your mood?13:53
daubersbigcalm: trying to calm down and not be shouty at really dumb people14:05
hoovercheers all14:18
bigcalmdaubers: not this then? http://open.spotify.com/track/3iv0TOFQ0dzLhGY4jSSXt014:20
daubersbigcalm: Probably not14:21
* bigcalm likes that track a lot14:21
* popey clicks "I have spotify" then "Launch application". Nothing happens14:42
bigcalmThe app launches for me14:43
bigcalmBut never opens the track/album14:43
bigcalmI have to copy the http url and change it to a spotify:one14:43
bigcalmThat's linux for you, pfft14:43
dauberspopey: snap14:43
bigcalmNew DMSB14:57
daubersDomineeringly miniscule suave brother?14:57
bigcalmAnybody else know? :)14:57
DJonesgoogle throws up a few suggestions http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/DMSB The McDonalds sounds the best option :)14:59
bigcalmIt's a podcast14:59
bigcalmHopefully that'll narrow it down14:59
bigcalmDavid Mitchell's SoapBox15:02
* daubers needs caffeine15:30
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livingdaylightanyone play with the weather screenlet? Seems set to Korea by default and don't see how to change it. In properties there is a zip code dialog, but enterming my postcode returns an error15:43
ubuntuuk-planet[Jo Shields] Why we mustnt allow smartphones to become a 2 or 3 horse race - http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/391/16:02
* daubers prods ldap with a stick and runs16:19
* MartijnVdS watches LDAP rise up and eat daubers 16:20
daubersMartijnVdS: Thats what normally happens when I poke it16:24
jchristeli say16:29
bigcalmI wonder if he's being attacked16:29
bigcalmProviding services leaves one open for abuse from unhappy people16:30
gordbeing attacked doesn't cause you to excess flood surely16:30
bigcalmThat's what I thought, but I'm trying to think back to my ircnet days16:30
bigcalmI recall a silly attack where you send a butt load of messages to a user and their quit message was usually Excess Flood, rather than Ping Timeout16:31
bigcalmThis was late 90s though16:32
LcawteHmm, wonder if the nvidia-96 driver has been updated yet16:32
Myrttilooks like it's stable now16:46
bigcalmIs there a block select in Eclipse?16:50
andypiperI thought so16:53
* andypiper tries to remember how to invoke16:53
andypiperalt+shift+a toggle?16:54
bigcalmTurns out it was quicker to do it by hand than to find the key combo16:54
bigcalmNo worries ;)16:54
bigcalmBut, it's good to have for future needs, thanks :)16:55
andypiperi think that's it, might be editor-specific though16:55
bigcalmalt+shift+a worked for me16:56
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MyrttiAzelphur: connection problems? or trying a new silly IRC client?16:58
hamitronwhat would make a chroot jail running bash, close?17:09
MartijnVdShamitron: schroot?17:09
MartijnVdSuhr ait17:09
MartijnVdShamitron: anything that kills that bash process17:10
hamitronI was supposed to be compiling stuff and installing in a chroot jail17:10
hamitronand now I notice I have no jail17:10
MartijnVdSIf I have to manage chroots, I use schroot17:10
MartijnVdSit's ++17:10
hamitronk :)17:10
MartijnVdShamitron: Debian (and Ubuntu)'s default bashrc has a cool feature for it17:11
MartijnVdSit shows a marker in your prompt if you are in a schroot-chroot17:11
hamitronI think I probably used none defaults17:12
hamitronas lfs instructions say17:12
dwatkinsMy prompt has a smiley to reflect success or failure of a command.17:32
MartijnVdSdwatkins: cool :)17:33
MartijnVdSdwatkins: how do you do that?17:34
gingi want a smilie prompt17:37
judgeyomg omg omg i had some nightmears :(17:52
MartijnVdSand it's not even night!17:53
judgeytell me about it lol17:54
judgeyanyhow i was in here lastnight, i got a line of code and now i dont know it, i just installed lamp again and phpmyadmin but there was a line of code to make phpmyadmin to work.17:55
MartijnVdSjudgey: isn't it on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin ?17:55
judgeythanks MartijnVdS  ;)17:58
judgeyreinstalling again plz plz be last time18:15
popeyAlanBell: http://twitter.com/#!/JohnPinner/status/10422644342430924818:21
popeyAlanBell: http://twitter.com/#!/rmounce/status/10422447422794547218:21
popeyAlanBell: http://twitter.com/#!/davmor2/status/10425775382396928018:32
davmor2popey: what's with the LOL on that one  serious options :P18:33
davmor2popey: oh you down to like 5 meg then18:35
Myrttiawww, poor popey :-(18:41
MartijnVdSThe UK has bandwidth caps on wired connections?18:49
MartijnVdSHow 1990s ;)18:49
dwatkinsIf you pay enough they give you so-called unlimited bandwidth.18:50
dwatkinsNot all ISPs cap in this way, however.18:50
MartijnVdSWe only have it on mobile internet connections here18:52
MartijnVdSThose used to be "unlimited" but now you get them in 100MB increments for way too much money :(18:52
judgeycan a website run from this path?19:09
judgeyi though tit had to be www.19:10
judgeyjust playing with somthign and it installed it there19:11
judgeyseems it dose19:16
ikoniadirecthex: ping19:36
directhexikonia, i don't wanna hear it -__19:37
ikoniaI've still not heard it19:37
ikoniayou are breaking it to me, I've just sent a text to a collegue19:37
directhexi informed my colleagues too. we're contractors working on touchpad!19:38
ikoniaI sat in a meeting on Friday of last week with the product manager19:38
ikonianothing was hinted at at all19:38
mgdmdirecthex: eek :/19:38
ikoniastern faced he said "all on track"19:38
ikoniadirecthex: I'm sorry19:39
ikoniatomorrow will be interesting for me now19:39
directhexikonia, my pre3 shipped from the palm webstore 30 minutes ago! >_<19:40
ikonianow that stings19:40
andylockranhey guys19:41
andylockranI could do with some advice, I want to parse a html file using python19:43
ali1234dont use regexps19:43
andylockrani.e. the page is a 'structured' report19:43
andylockranI'm having issues with BeautifulSoup printing chinese :)19:43
ali1234set the encoding on your strings19:46
andylockranali1234: how to do?19:47
andylockranI'll dpaste my code19:47
ali1234print mystring.encode('utf8')19:48
ali1234don't forget to paste the error message as well19:48
andylockranI don't get an error message19:49
andylockranif I uncomment the prettify command19:50
ali1234s is an object19:50
ali1234use the methods19:50
andylockranali1234: can you explain why that works, and mine doesn't?19:54
ali1234not unless you show me the dods.html19:55
ali1234and the way you invoke the script19:55
ali1234if you don't get an error message, how do you know it doesn't work?19:56
andylockranali1234: it prints a load of unicode stuff19:56
ali1234why is that wrong?19:56
andylockrani expected 'prettify' to print it out indented like that example I pasted showed it19:58
ali1234and what does it print instead?20:00
andylockranloads of lines of \xe0\xa0....etc20:01
andylockranthats the tail of the output20:02
ali1234that's not unicode20:03
ali1234how do you invoke the script?20:03
ali1234i suspect your html file is gzipped or something20:07
andylockranit looks normal enough to me20:09
mgdmthat's not necessarily unicode20:09
mgdmjust looks like the script is outputing hex values instead of the actual chars20:09
mgdmcould be fixed with a one-liner in PHP, or some such20:09
mgdmandylockran: you get PM?20:13
mgdmali1234: it is Unicode, just UTF-16LE20:16
ali1234this is why i asked how the script was invoked20:17
ali1234the only way this can happen in python is if it totally failed to understand the encoding of the input file20:18
mgdmI think it has a broken BOM at the start of it20:18
mgdmthere's certainly something iconv can't understand, then a broken MS Office header thing20:18
bernhard2cant seem to enable tls on exim4 anybody want to shed some light on my issues ?20:39
popeydirecthex: any regrets? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/08/18/hp_kills_webos_tablets_and_phones/20:43
directhexpopey, a deep sadness, but it's the company's money that went on the pre3, not mine20:45
popeyit's bonkers20:45
directhexi can fire up a new contract on some android bullshit whenever i like20:45
popeyutter madness20:45
ali1234popey: http://www.gizmag.com/popemobile-auction/19440/21:05
popeyI get that a lot21:06
Azelphurpopey: you get throttled for 40GB/day?21:25
AlanBellpopey: a new version of openERP was released today as well21:26
* bigcalm wishes his could understand his client's requirements21:26
bigcalmSod it, time for some MC21:26
* Azelphur did 600GB last month :D21:26
Azelphurdid like 38GB in one day got no complaints21:26
ali1234you don't get a warning on VM, it's a secret cap21:27
AlanBell28MB for the server and 1.1MB for the client21:27
Azelphursecret cap ftw21:27
ali1234throttling only lasts 1 day anyway21:27
ali1234well, that's how it worked when it was called NTL anyway21:27
ali1234i haven't used them since then21:28
AzelphurThis is why I like Sky, they have no caps or throttling that I know about21:28
Azelphurand I hit it pretty heavily.21:29
mgdmpopey: did I see you say that Apache had OOMed again?21:31
AzelphurI pay for 24mbit and actually get around 12mbit, I average 20GB/day and I've seen no throttling/letters/... from sky :D21:33
Azelphurso they seem to live up to their "really no FUP" advertising21:33
Laneythat's a lot of linux isos21:33
Azelphurindeed, lots of Linux isos :p21:33
Laneymaybe some creative commons licensed music in there too?21:33
Azelphursure, and movies21:33
ali1234oneiric had 200mb of updates today21:33
Azelphurhave you seen the yes men, it's awesome :D21:34
ali1234and 300mb the day before21:34
ali1234i don't even use it21:34
ali1234i only keep it updated so that i can test my bugs21:34
ali1234over and over and over again21:35
ali1234yes, this bug has not been fixed21:35
ali1234yes, my system is up to date21:35
andylockranali1234: I got quite a big further with BeautifulSoup :)21:44
andylockranI've been able to parse a few tags,21:44
andylockranThanks for your help21:44
dlsssslibnet-akamai-perl This package provides a perl module to interact with Akamai CCUAPI to handle multiple purge requests. ne ideas what this is21:49
dlsssson software centre21:49
mgdmYou very probably don't need it21:49
mgdmAkamai are a content-delivery network - effectively a very large caching system for websites - that package lets you tell them to clear things from their cache21:50
dlssssthe thing is..21:50
dlsssswhen i open firefox in gnome and check firestarter log, alot of ips open up with dns of akamaitechnologies21:51
dlssssis this normal21:51
mgdmlots of websites use Akamai to handle their images21:51
dlssssso even just on google search homepage its usual to have a few ips pointing to akamai21:51
mgdmYou'll see a lot of "llnw.net", too - that's Limelight, who do similar things21:52
mgdmit wouldn't surprise me21:52
dlssssis saw something like  -in-f101e or something like that21:52
dlssssas dns21:52
mgdmthey have thousands of machines, so they have funny names21:52
dlssssah ok then thanks21:52
=== bbs is now known as jmprince80
dlssssone of their dns is on a blacklist sight21:53
dlssss so panicked21:53
dlssssi know a few things but alot i dont so thanks for help21:53
mgdmit's probably that they ended up, by accident, storing some content that was 'bad'21:53
dlssssok ta for that then21:53
mgdmbut if you block Akamai you'll block much of the Web :)21:53
mgdmNo bother21:54
dlssssjust interesting also to find out these hidden companies that must have alot of power on web21:54
dlsssswould never have known. there you go. ta ta :)21:54
=== bbs is now known as jmprince80
sganybody about?22:38
hamitronabout what?22:39
sgabout this channel ^^22:39
sgthis isn't specifically ubuntu-related but this is the only channel i could think of that has a predominantly british userbase22:39
sgbasically i'm a soon-to-be american university student, but im curious about studying computer science at durham or another uni in the UK22:40
sgi was wondering what the job prospects look like in the UK after graduation for CS majors, and how it compares to other countries like the US22:40
directhexsg: the job market isn't great right now, anywhere22:43
directhexbetter for tech people than non-tech people, though22:43
sgdirecthex: what about starting salaries and the like22:48
StevenRdepends massively on the role22:48
directhexsg: depends on what you want to go into. i think good programmers get something in the mid-high 20k range, excluding london, as a reasonable starting point22:49
sgsoftware engineer i suppose22:49

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