Ahmuckk, i could use some pointers if someone is around02:48
kwadrokehello ploftness15:20
ploftnessI got an email about a meeting on irc tonight?15:21
ploftnessor was it two  nights ago?15:21
ploftnessbeen wanting to get involved in the group15:21
ploftnessok, I just saw the ChanBulletin15:23
kwadrokethe IRC meetings are on Tuesdays15:23
ploftnessguess I missed it :(15:23
kwadrokewe also do a Google+ Hangout too on Tues15:23
ploftnessbtw- are you coming to PyCon this year?15:23
kwadrokehere in AR?15:23
kwadrokeor another one?15:24
ploftnessI'm going to AR.15:24
ploftnessDallas is a little bit far.15:24
kwadrokeI plan on it15:24
kwadrokedidn't get to go last year15:25
kwadrokeI went to the first one15:25
ploftnessYea, I was busy too.  I had to arrive late. :/15:25
ploftnessI missed a couple of people I wanted to see.15:26
kwadrokehopefully the committee will get formed soon for it15:26
kwadrokeso things will be more concrete15:26
ploftnessyea... ditto15:27
ploftnessI like the idea of the student talks.15:27
kwadrokeso I'm guessing you're on the planning mailing list?15:27
kwadrokesame here15:28
ploftnessSome things are settled.15:28
ploftnessSome are not.15:28
ploftnessWhat are your thoughts?15:28
kwadrokeI know the date and place have been set15:28
ploftnessYes... they are at the talk-scheduling stage15:29
kwadrokehopefully the City will give money again15:30
ploftnessBTW- I have one other question for ya.15:30
ploftnessIts a little unrelated.15:31
ploftnessDo you know anyone with the new DefCon group in LR?15:31
ploftnessI stumbled across their site recently.15:31
kwadrokeI'm in it15:31
kwadrokewe have an IRC channel on irc.arkgeeks.com15:32
kwadrokewe're having a social off-week meeting tonight in Conway15:33
kwadrokenothing official, just a hang out and BS meeting15:33
kwadrokewe have 2 regular meetings a month15:33
kwadroke2nd & 4th Thursdays15:33
ploftnessok :)15:35
ploftnessso- tonight?15:35
ploftnesssince its non-official15:35
kwadrokeyeah, 7pm at Conway Gaming Center15:35
ploftnessk, awesome15:35
kwadroke2455 Washington Ave Suite 10515:35
ploftnesscould I visit?15:36
ploftnessI will try to make it.15:36
ploftnessok, thanks15:37
ploftnessI live in Conway so it shouldn't be a problem15:37
ploftnessgood talkin' to ya15:38
kwadrokeyeah. Same here15:40
az7wait.. when is pyArkansas?22:48

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