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BugeyeDhow does one enable (vnc) screen sharing in natty? i have enabled it before, and used it - but i can't seem to find it tonight ...03:14
holsteinBugeyeD: no vino-preferences anymore right?03:15
holsteinis that in remmina ??03:15
BugeyeDare you speaking enrish?03:15
holsteinremmina is the new VNC tool right?03:16
BugeyeDi dunno, is it?03:16
holsteinmaybe not... i havent really used anything since 10.0403:16
holsteinjust testing...03:16
holsteinused to be vino-preferences03:16
BugeyeDwhere is that in unity?03:16
holsteinnot sure :/03:16
holsteinand my 11.04 is gone03:17
holsteinits xubuntu 11.10 now03:17
BugeyeDfound it. it's called "remote desktop" in applications. which of course LOOKS like a client application, but it is the server config. meh.03:18
BugeyeDand where do we find the built-in firewall maint app?03:23
BugeyeDufw from command-line?03:26
BugeyeDyup, works. and gufw shows a really dumbed-down graphical interface. not that ufw isn't already dumbed down.03:49
akgranerholstein, testimonial added21:36
akgranergood luck tonight21:36
holsteinakgraner: thanks *so* much :)23:47

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