shantornevening all00:38
shantornhow are you guys holding up in Ptown tonight01:00
thefinn93i'm bored01:02
thefinn93i ought to go do something01:02
thefinn93I got a Square01:02
thefinn93but i have no smartphone01:02
shantornwhat is a square?01:02
shantornwhy do you have one?01:07
thefinn93why not01:08
thefinn93wanted to play around with it01:08
shantornare they very costly?01:08
thefinn93they are free01:11
shantorncool, would be fun to try then01:11
thefinn93do you have a device with iOS or Android?01:11
shantorntouch 3g01:12
shantornit was a prize01:12
thefinn93there ya go01:12
thefinn93get a square01:12
thefinn93mine took like 3 days to come01:12
* bkerensa just ordered a square01:15
thefinn93your phone doesn't support it01:16
thefinn93isn't supported*01:16
bkerensaI have a android tablet01:17
bkerensait has the same port01:17
bkerensaand have wifi01:17
thefinn93oh right01:17
thefinn93wame port?01:18
* bkerensa needs to go return this Blockbuster Express movie and such01:18
* thefinn93 didn't know Blockbuster was still around01:18
* thefinn93 needs to find hist analygraph glasses 01:20
thefinn93play me some 3D minecraft01:21
shantornminecraft, what is the big deal about that  game, people seem to love it01:21
thefinn93it's an amazing game01:21
* thefinn93 is going AFK01:22
shantorntake care01:25
el_seanominecraft is a near perfect combination of mindless repitition, material acquisition, and creative freedom.02:02
el_seanonot to mention it has a hugely active, and frequently interesting community02:02
el_seanoalso, also; it's cheap and runs good on linux :)02:02
shantorni see02:16
shantornbut its blocky year 2k graphics02:16
el_seanowell, yeah.  But then consider the sort of budget's most mainstream games have to work with.02:24
el_seanothis was basically a goof off project that blew up02:24
m60_pidginmint fans, anyone?06:25
bkerensaI like mint candies06:40
* bkerensa snaps his fingers06:40
* thefinn93 pings everybody07:44
thefinn93anyone up?07:44
thefinn93I have some code I need yall to try07:44
thefinn93it's a GNOME panel applet that displays realtime TransitTracker data07:45
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
bkerensagood morning14:19
shantorngood morning bkerensa14:20
shantornhow are you14:20
bkerensaI'm just waking up... a bit tired but im here14:20
shantornthats good, i would hate for it to be the alternative14:21
shantornwhats on todays agenda14:25
bkerensajust dealing with email and relaxing :)14:38
bkerensaUbuntu Global Jam T-shirts should be arriving this morning :) I will post pics to Ubuntu Oregon FB page when they come16:53
bkerensathefinn93: Ubuntu Oregon Global Jam Shirts - http://imgur.com/k1Q6m17:47
shantornnice shirt19:20

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