andrewrmg51: Morning04:54
InHisNameMorning ? or Good night !!!04:57
SamuraiEireGood bacon to all!14:34
teddy-dbeardid you forget how to spell your nick or did you move?14:37
=== SamuraiEire is now known as SamruaiAlba
SamruaiAlbaAlba is Socts Gealic for Scotland14:40
SamruaiAlbaIt turns out...14:40
SamruaiAlbaI had to reinstall Ubuntu AGAIN14:40
SamruaiAlbaEvery time I install the latest AMD Catalyst drivers, on Reboot it says "no screens found" and I'm at a prompt14:41
rmg51where is PennBot when you need him?14:42
rmg51Teddy can be a little slow with some jokes ;-)15:17
SamruaiAlbaguess I'll have to wait till the next LUG to find out the issue with this laptop and Catalyst drivers.  LOL15:29
rhpot1991SamruaiAlba: you may be SoL with the bios screwing you15:41
rhpot1991on my laptop I have dual nvidia15:41
rhpot1991and in windows you can choose which gpu to use15:42
rhpot1991in linux it used the main one, which just happens to be the more powerful one, so I'm ok with that15:42
rhpot1991but I can't disable them in the bios15:42
SamruaiAlbaIt is a conflict with the Intel HD 3000... :'(15:46
SamruaiAlbaAnd I called HP15:46
TheEvilPhoenixbecause your computer fucking hates you15:46
SamruaiAlbaThey said UBUNTU runs fine15:46
SamruaiAlbaWITH THE INTEL15:46
TheEvilPhoenixi should stay off the inet after drinking a shot of whiskey :P15:46
TheEvilPhoenixanyways, that's true15:46
TheEvilPhoenixthe Intel works fine on Ubuntu15:46
SamruaiAlbaI need the 6670 with the STEAM SDK (OpenCL)15:46
SamruaiAlbaPyrit wont compile and run under windows15:47
TheEvilPhoenixthen imo, you're SOL15:47
SamruaiAlbaAnd I already tinkered...15:47
SamruaiAlbabye warranty15:48
TheEvilPhoenixgo back to HP, hand them the computer, and tell them to shove it :P15:48
SamruaiAlbaI'm gonna try one more time, then head to CHLUG or PLUG next meeting see if I can pick a brain IRL15:48
* SamruaiAlba gets tongs15:48
Sadinyay i got my Drum teacher to switch to Ubuntu :)20:52
jedijfwoot projector has arrived...time to play21:44
jedijfpleia2: i do need wp registration - email me you know where (i hope) jedijf at myfisher dot org22:00
pleia2k, doing so now22:00
pleia2username jedijf? jfisher?22:01
jedijfdon't confuse me22:01
jedijfyou hve lyz usernames? and if so, don't you wish they were pleia2's now?22:02
pleia2yes :)22:03
pleia2jedijf: you should receive an email from the wordpress install w/ password22:03
jedijfk thanks..want to post sfd info22:04
Sadinanyone else ever used the WMFS window manager?22:07
rmg51jedijf: are you done yet? :-/:P22:36
jedijfrmg51: sorry, you just happen to be on most of my personal administriva lists22:42
jedijfrmg51: hey, at least i don't email MALT anymore22:43
rmg51what's one more email?22:43
rmg51at least your not sending to Teddy as well22:44
rmg51jedijf: any more?23:01
jedijfwell, i wanted to help the reprap world tour23:02
rmg51will you send that last one again?23:05
rmg51no clickable link:-/23:05
jedijfto the pacs yahoo?23:14
jedijfor ubu pa23:15
rmg51the last one you sent23:15
jedijfyahoo ok23:15
rmg51looking forward to one more email :P23:16
jedijfcan i play with my projector now?23:18
jedijfit's a month early, but i want an *event* . new people, new faces, new minds23:19
rmg51go play23:20
rmg51that means no more emails :-D23:20
rmg51better 8-)23:25
rmg51now go play with your projector and stop the emails23:26

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