wrsthello vychune12:20
vychunehow ya doing man12:21
wrstdoing good vychune, how about your bad self?13:04
vychunegot some great programming done13:23
vychunei'm gonna work on chestpaint.com today13:24
vychuneanybody got skype for linux?13:25
wrstyes I do have skype for Linux... hopefully will tell him later14:20
wrstcyberanger, pace_t_zulu ping14:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: pong16:14
wrstpace_t_zulu: something to think upon, do we need a standard greeting when new people join the team? maybe even a webpage on the site  or something along those lines?16:23
cyberangerwrst: pong16:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: like an orientation?16:26
pace_t_zulunew member orientation?16:26
wrstyeah maybe pace_t_zulu something along the lines of this is what we do where to talk to others etc kind of thing16:27
pace_t_zuluwrst: like at http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org16:28
wrstjust a little static page, or do we have something already? :)16:29
cyberangerIntroduce ourselves & such16:31
pace_t_zului think a "New Member Orientation" page is a great idea16:32
cyberangerI'm Zach and I'm an Alcohol...wrong meeting sorry16:32
pace_t_zuluwrst: did you want to go ahead and start that?16:32
cyberanger(horrible joke aside, I do like the idea)16:32
cyberangerSvpernova09: care to chime in?16:32
wrstyeah pace_t_zulu i can do that :)16:33
wrstI will get something then get it up for you guys to review and change and what not16:33
Svpernova09An about page should do the trick16:34
pace_t_zuluwrst: it will we a living document ;)16:34
cyberangerorias: care to chime in?16:35
cyberangerhopefully it won't die too16:36
cyberangerbut yeah, something to show more than what they see now is a nice thought16:36
oriasan about page is fine16:38
* cyberanger is glad we keep things simple here, we don't add any pork to our plans or create a bill 10,000 pages long16:51
cyberangerperhaps we should run for congress......16:51
wrstha ha cyberanger we would just need a week a year to do everything :)16:57
wrstmaybe this weekend before I get started as I have no interwebs at home yet16:57
* cyberanger hands wrst his setup, hopes he has a cell signal16:59
wrstcyberanger: actually my 3G is spotty at home16:59
cyberangerand you have ddwrt, yes?16:59
wrstI have had it to disappear the last couple of nights and I can see the tower!17:00
wrstcyberanger: yes17:00
wrstno open networks in range cyberanger :)17:00
cyberangerwrst: can you tether?17:00
wrstI'm not rooted none of the non-rooted options have worked17:00
cyberangeryeah, least easy to work with on that, vzw really doesn't want that (which makes me think they're really not built for data like sprint & t-mobile are)17:02
cyberangerI was gonna say, you have it made in the shade17:02
wrstwell the current about page pretty well sums things up17:03
cyberangerbut if it were so easy a caveman could do it <cut to really bad gieco caveman commercial>17:04
wrstcyberanger: all the info seems to me to be there I just need to modify my greeting :)17:06
cyberangerwrst: oh, I was referring to vwz & tethering17:07
wrstoh yeah :)17:08
cyberangerif there is one thing I know, it's how to run networks (in an unorthodox but working manner, however, when the conventional stuff fails, try anything ;-))17:11
wrstcyberanger: i'm just going to wait until friday :)17:11
wrstits near now17:11
cyberangerwhoops, I mean especially the unorthodox methods, can cover it all reasonably well17:12
cyberangerwrst: eh, that's no fun17:12
wrstha ha yeah but too busy doing other moving stuff17:12
cyberangerbut not to busy to metion the idea of an about page, and chat to a guy bugging you about not having a internet connected network at home17:15
cyberangersounds like the right amount of busy to me ;-)17:15
cyberangerand I take it the move is going well then?17:18
wrstyes going well cyberanger just need to get all things digital back to going again17:22
cyberangeryeah, nice to have that all in working order17:25
cyberangerI just hope the day doesn't come when we all forget how to unplug17:32
wrstha ha cyberanger very true17:38
cyberangerwelcome back excid319:21
cyberangerlong time no see (well, as far as this channel is concerned)19:21
excid3yes! :)19:21

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