h00kCheesehead: are you here right now?00:37
h00kCheesehead: can I /query you with my cell number, can you call me? I had an emergency at work and won't be available tonight00:37
h00kMy goal was to basically go over the agenda, remind people about artwork, but that was it00:38
CheeseheadWant me to handle it for you?00:38
h00kbut I can't be there (I have to leave this location and will be without internets for a bit)00:38
h00kCheesehead: are you comfortable in doing that?00:38
h00kCheesehead: I'll /query you my number, if you need to call for any reason00:38
h00kCheesehead: I super-appreciate it00:38
h00kCheesehead: if you don't need anything else, feel free00:39
CheeseheadNot a problem. No real need for your number. I forsee nothing critical that cannot wait00:39
h00kand please express my apologies for not being able to attend00:39
h00kokay, I have to cruise. Some work was done without quality control, we're on a tight deadline, and I have to go put out an inferno.00:40
CheeseheadGood luck with it!00:40
h00kPeace all.00:40
CheeseheadWisconsin LoCo Gloabl Jam Planning meeting in three minutes00:57
Cheeseheadping douglasawh-deskt, KBme, lostson, mikeputnam, nickmoeck, ripps00:57
lostsongood evening00:58
lostsonjust walked in n00:58
CheeseheadWisconsin LoCo Global Jam Planning meeting in three minutes00:58
lostsoni cant stay my wife has to work nights so she is taking a nap and i have to watch the kids will have to catch up later00:58
Cheeseheadlostson: rgr00:59
CheeseheadThanks for letting us know!00:59
lostsonwednesdays dont work well for me once the kids are in bed say 930 or so i will be back00:59
bigbashI'm here, just got back01:00
CheeseheadI don;t call it 'watching the kids'. I just call it 'parenting'. My wife digs that01:00
lostsonyeah must mean i am a bad parent then cause i call it watching01:00
CheeseheadNo, you're just getting the credit you deserve01:00
Cheeseheader, not getting...01:00
CheeseheadOK, let's get started01:01
Cheesehead(I know - no bot here)01:01
Cheeseheadh00k had to step out, asked me to chair01:01
CheeseheadThis is the Wisconsin Loco Global Jam Planning Meeting http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/178/detail/01:01
CheeseheadThe agenda is in the link01:01
CheeseheadFirst up, could everyone active in channel please give some kind of response?01:02
* Cheesehead gazes into the distance, daydreaming for a moment while the responses roll in...01:03
* bigbash waves01:03
blududehow does one do that effect? i'm an IRC n00b01:04
Cheeseheadbludude: forward-slash ME blah blah01:04
bigbash./me then something01:04
bigbashminus the .01:04
Cheesehead[Topic] Introductions01:05
* bludude test01:05
CheeseheadI had a bad connection last time, so I'll lead off...01:05
CheeseheadI'm Ian, in Milwaukee.01:05
CheeseheadI've been using Ubuntu since '0601:05
CheeseheadI'm not a tech person, just been hanging around for a long time.01:06
CheeseheadI'm also a moderator for Ubuntu Brainstorm01:06
CheeseheadAny volunteers to go next?  For example, bluedude?01:06
blududeI'm JC, in Menomonee Falls01:07
blududeI've been using Ubuntu since '0801:07
blududeI'm a tech person; I created the Ubuntu GNOME Remix01:07
Cheeseheadmongo65, want to tell us anything about yourself?01:08
Cheeseheadbludude: hold...01:08
Cheeseheadmongo65 has the floor01:08
mongo65not much to tell im in rhinelander not supper techy been using ubuntu for a few years now01:09
CheeseheadBigbash? Want to say?01:10
bigbashI'm Shawn, from Neenah01:10
bigbashbeen using Ubuntu sine '0801:10
bigbashI'm a tech person, I'm on here almost all the time01:10
bigbashwell since I found out about this group01:11
* bludude asks for you to please ignore the bugs in his wifi driver while he finds an ethernet cable01:11
CheeseheadThanks, bigbash.  Anyone else out there I missed?01:11
CheeseheadGoing once...01:12
CheeseheadGoing twice...01:12
CheeseheadFellows, thanks a lot for...01:12
Cheeseheadparticipating tonight.01:12
Cheesehead[Topic] Global Jam Overview01:13
CheeseheadWe covered a lot of ground last week.01:13
CheeseheadWe have a definite Ubuntu Hour in MKE on Sept 201:13
CheeseheadWe have a couple possible IRC events on the agenda...01:13
CheeseheadAnyone want to add to the possibles?...01:14
CheeseheadAnd then we can gauge interest?01:14
blududeI am interested in the IRC events, but will probably not attend the Ubuntu hour01:14
bigbashDitto, most interested in the bug event01:15
YotuxSept 2nd holiday weekend01:15
CheeseheadWelcome, Yotux. True, holiday un the USA01:16
CheeseheadThat will hurt us a bit01:16
CheeseheadBut still an opportunity to get together, even if just IRC01:17
CheeseheadFor most of us01:17
CheeseheadFloor is open for [IDEAS]. Doe anybody want to propose an event for Sept 2-4?01:17
CheeseheadThat's not already on the agenda?01:17
* Cheesehead bangs the gavel once01:19
CheeseheadOK, no new proposals.01:19
CheeseheadLet's look at the ones we already have:01:19
CheeseheadBug Triage - anybody here have bug experience?01:19
CheeseheadIdeally, looking for somebody to volunteer to choose the date/time for an IRC bug jam, and coordinate it...01:21
bigbashI don't but I signed up for BugSquad for a mentor, but haven't heard back yet01:21
Cheeseheadbigbash: I can mentor you a bit. When do you want to do it?01:22
blududeI'd also like to get involved in bugs01:22
CheeseheadLet's see some proposals for times on Sept 3 or 4...01:22
bigbashWhenever I'm on all the time, I get a lot of freedom at work and usually after 9pm01:22
CheeseheadHow about Sept 4 (Sunday) 12:00 - 15:00 CDT?01:23
bigbashWorks for me01:23
Cheeseheadbludude? OK time?01:24
nathan_Sound like it could work01:24
Cheeseheadbigbash: Will you take charge of announcing it to the list?01:25
=== nathan_ is now known as yotux
yotuxCheesehead:  do you have any focus points for this event?01:25
Cheeseheadyotux: Let's send focus ideas though bigbash.01:26
Cheeseheadbigbash: You okay with that kind of coordination?01:26
bigbashSure That works for me01:27
Cheesehead[action] Bigbash to coordinate Sunday Sept 4 IRC Bug Jam01:27
* Cheesehead is always happy to advise and provide backup01:28
CheeseheadNext event:...01:28
CheeseheadBrainstorm idea triage, Sep 3 (Saturday) 12:00-15:0001:28
CheeseheadThat's my baby.01:28
CheeseheadBrainstorm is a great way for people who don't...01:28
Cheeseheadknow much about Ubuntu's bugs and teams and upstreams and other...01:29
Cheeseheadstructures to learn about them.01:29
CheeseheadI sent an e-mail announcement around. I won't repeat it here.01:29
yotuxI would be willing to be part of your Brainstorm01:29
CheeseheadGroovy. Thanks01:29
yotuxNew to bug reporting have filed a few bugs though01:30
bigbashI'd like to take part too01:30
blududesame here01:30
CheeseheadThese events are both great ways to stick your toe in the water...01:30
Cheeseheadwithout committing to deep water.01:30
* bludude apologizes for being a bit distracted, as he is talking to his mother ATM01:31
h00khi friends from my phone01:31
Cheeseheadh00k: hey!01:31
h00kapologies for bit bring able to chair the meeting01:31
CheeseheadLet's reopen the floor one last time to new event [IDEA]s.01:31
h00kmeet and greet01:32
CheeseheadAnyone have a vague interest they would like to see happen?01:32
h00kmaybe Rhinelander or Superior01:32
h00knot sure where I'll be01:32
Cheeseheadh00k: Cool. Are you committing to an Ubuntu hour in one of those places?01:32
h00kI'll send an email later clarifying01:32
h00kperhaps, I may be moving that weekend01:32
Cheeseheadh00k: No problem. UGJ is every six months.01:33
CheeseheadAs you know perfectly well01:33
CheeseheadFloor is still open for any new event proposals...01:33
h00kok.gotta ruin01:33
Cheeseheadh00k: Good luck!01:34
CheeseheadGoing once...01:34
CheeseheadGoing twice...01:34
* Cheesehead bangs the gavel01:35
CheeseheadOh yeah...01:35
Cheesehead[action] Cheesehaed coordinated Brainstorm Triage01:35
CheeseheadLast item on the agenda...01:35
Cheesehead[Topic] T-shirts? (Artwork)01:36
blududecool idea01:36
CheeseheadSome discussion last week, some interest.01:36
CheeseheadWe need some such art.01:36
yotuxInterested no an artist sorry01:36
yotuxT shirt or polo?01:36
CheeseheadWell, let's stick with artwork for now01:36
blududemy art skills are rather lacking. I would go for a t-shirt01:36
CheeseheadShirt buys at this point are premature without art.01:37
CheeseheadArt also goes on the website, etc.01:37
CheeseheadWho has done shirt buys fore for a group?01:37
yotuxCheesehead:  what type of art are you looking for?01:37
yotuxMay have some non ubuntu contacts I could tap01:37
CheeseheadSomething cool for a website and a t-shirt01:38
CheeseheadMaybe a poster01:38
CheeseheadSomething that says UBUNTU and WISCONSIN and COOL01:38
CheeseheadI suspect we're looking for concepts more than details at this point01:39
CheeseheadBut if someone's friend or talented spouse happens to come through...01:39
Cheesehead...that would be great.01:39
CheeseheadIf you have such a friend, and a beer or two to pay them with,...01:40
Cheeseheadthen post the result on the mailing list to gather some feedback...01:40
Cheeseheadand we can gauge interest at the next IRC meeting.01:40
CheeseheadOnce we have a concept that a quorum likes, then we can specialize it into shirts and web art, etc.01:41
yotuxI am a ham radio operator.  Have a follow radio op that is a photographer.01:41
Cheeseheadyotux: Great!01:41
yotuxThinking out loud:  Ubuntu circle with a twist of wisconsin?01:41
Cheeseheadyotux: Possible. I'd need to see it.01:42
yotuxmaybe a cheesehead is the middle?  not sure01:42
Cheeseheadyotux: Or a cow. Or a fishing boat. :)01:42
blududeCanonical doesn't often play nice with mods of the Ubuntu logo, be advised01:42
Cheeseheadbludude: Good point. There are guidelines for that.01:43
yotuxthanks will do some legal work with Canonical01:43
yotuxlegal should have been leg01:43
Cheesehead[action] yotux will research Ubuntu Trademark guidelines for logo use.01:44
CheeseheadAnd anyone else, if you have a concept, put it on the mailing list.01:44
CheeseheadAny problems with that course of action?01:44
* Cheesehead bangs the gavel01:45
yotuxor second action01:45
CheeseheadAny last meeting business?...01:46
CheeseheadThat was the final agenda topic.01:46
CheeseheadI don't know h00k's plan for the next meeting date. I know it will go out over the mailing list01:46
CheeseheadEveryone, thanks again for coming!01:47
CheeseheadDrinks in the atrium01:47
* bigbash grabs a drink01:47
Cheeseheadyotux: When you figure out the trademark issue, do please put out the relevant result on the mailing list.01:48
Cheeseheadyotux: If you want someone to review a draft, feel free to ping me.01:48
Cheeseheadbigbash: Thanks for taking charge of the Bug Jam.01:49
yotuxI am stepping away01:49
bigbashNo problem01:49
Cheeseheadbigbash: If you have any questions or issue, feel free to ping me!01:49
bigbashI probably will just to be sure i'm covering everything01:50
Cheeseheadyotux, bigbash: we seem to have some good people in this group - if I'm not around, you can probably ping just about anyone for a second opinion.01:51
CheeseheadGeneral ping: Anyone in the MKE area planning to attend the Sept 2 Ubuntu Hour?01:52
Cheesehead(I expect probably not the first month. Couple months to get rolling.)01:52
blududeI could, but I'm 15, can't drive yet, and don't think my parents will be excited to take me to a random place to meet a bunch of internet randoms...01:53
Cheeseheadbludude: Then don't worry about it. That's good sense.02:02
Cheeseheadbludude: Do you ever make it over to MKE LUG?02:03
blududeno. I have heard of these mythical LUG things, but I have never seen one in action...02:04
Cheeseheadbludude: They would be more interesting if they served pizza. I can only take an apparmor lecture for so long before I zone out.02:05
CheeseheadThat's why we're shifting gears toward Ubuntu Hours02:05
CheeseheadPublic place, more social,...02:05
Cheeseheadshort enough to bring a spouse or girlfriend along with a good book for an hour.02:06
CheeseheadNot long enough to get really geeky,02:06
CheeseheadOr rather the really technical stuff goes over to the side alcoves02:06
blududemakes sense02:06
CheeseheadWe'll see how it works.02:06
CheeseheadSept 2 is an experiment. Never done one before.02:07
CheeseheadI'm just gonna show up with my little Ubuntu sign slung over the back of my laptop.02:07
CheeseheadMaybe bring a friend for company. Maybe not.02:07
CheeseheadI'll do 12 of them (one year), and see if anything takes off.02:08
CheeseheadIf not, try something else02:08
yotuxare we going to try and become an offical loco team02:14
CheeseheadYes - I'm sure not doing all these reports for fun!02:15
CheeseheadWell...maybe a little for fun.02:15
yotuxcheesehead: just asking  I see we are not offical yet02:16
yotuxwhat needs to be done to get us certified,  willing to help out02:17
CheeseheadWe need to show mostly that we're not a flash in the pan...02:17
CheeseheadThat we do events that are public-oriented, welcome new users,...02:18
CheeseheadThat we have a large-enough group and leadership to be sustainable...02:18
CheeseheadThat users are feeling fulfilled by participating.02:18
CheeseheadEveryone has a different idea of what a good, functioning team looks like. But those are the basics.02:19
CheeseheadThe specifics are on the LoCo Team wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams02:22
CheeseheadGoodness, the French LoCo got 5000 people to attend their release party.02:23
CheeseheadI think if we put our heads together we can get a couple events going.02:23
CheeseheadSomething, perhaps, worth doing a t-shirt for!02:24
bigbashwe're like one of the only unapproved LoCo teams that actually has events listed02:34
Cheeseheadbigbash: Yeah, because we're trying.02:35
CheeseheadYou don;t get approved on promises. You get approved by doing stuff.02:36
CheeseheadAnnouncing on that site isn't necessary, but is convenient.02:36
CheeseheadDoing stuff means we must be organized. Lots of good tools for that, too.02:38
CheeseheadGetting organized means getting to know each other, interests, goals.02:38
CheeseheadAnother reason for Ubuntu Hours. Good time to do those.02:38
bigbashCheesehead so people are going to send me focus ideas via mailing list or irc for the Bug Jam?02:39
CheeseheadI recommend doing one of those wiki announcements,...02:40
Cheeseheadand an IRC and e-mail announcement.02:40
Cheesehead"Hey, I'm setting this event up. Blah time, Blah IRC channel. I want your input on stuff you want to do during the event"02:41
CheeseheadSo if somebody ONLY want to cover Software Center bugs, great. You put them in charge of that02:41
Cheeseheadand advertise that Person is doing SC bugs, and willing to mentor new people on them, etc.02:42
bigbashmakes sense02:42
CheeseheadYou're the switchboard operator, you just need to let people know.02:42
CheeseheadSo someone shows up and says 'how can I help', you have a couple options for them. Well, person A is doing these kinds of bugs, and person B is training brand-new folks, and person C is doing those kinds of bugs, and what do you feel comfortable doing?02:44
CheeseheadYou're also the store greeter, in that sense.02:44
bigbashgot it, Wal-mart greeter02:44
CheeseheadSo, in this case, we know we have a lot of people interested in learning triage...02:45
Cheeseheadso keep your ears open for somebody willing to teach it.02:46
CheeseheadOr advertise it. "Hey, I got four people who want to learn triage, I need someone to show up with links and a short training course, and help out with training and mentoring"02:47
bigbashI have that link from BugSquad for a quick briefing into triaging bugs02:47
bigbashI was going to include that02:47
CheeseheadTrue, and you have people here (like me) who have done it.02:48
bigbashfeel like going through one or two with me?02:48
CheeseheadSome people prefer to learn from the wiki, some don't. We must be flexible and cater to both types.02:48
bigbashor whenever you have time02:49
CheeseheadSure, but cannot tonight.02:49
CheeseheadI have ignored that sink full of dirty dishes too long!02:49
CheeseheadAlso, we should find someone more current on bugs. I've been mostly out of Triage for almost three years.02:49
bigbashI can ask to see if anyone is available from #ubuntu-bugs02:50
CheeseheadAlso look back through the wiki and and IRC Ubuntu Week.02:50
CheeseheadYou're coordinating it; you don't need to suddenly be a bug expert yourself.02:51
CheeseheadA bug guy (like me) *will* show up.02:52
CheeseheadYou just want me to show up prepared to mentor (yes, I will)02:52
CheeseheadThe basic theory is everyone looks at the same bug02:53
CheeseheadWe talk about it.02:53
CheeseheadThen one of us triages it based on the consensus.02:53
CheeseheadThen the group moves on to the next bug.02:53
CheeseheadWe do five or so this way02:53
CheeseheadCrawl-walk-run.  This is crawl.02:53
CheeseheadThen we break out into smaller groups. Maybe two or three new-triagers in each group.02:54
CheeseheadThe mentor jumps between groups.02:54
CheeseheadEach group discusses, and takes the consensus to mentor for approval.02:54
CheeseheadThat's walk.02:54
CheeseheadThat's as far as you'll get in three hours.02:55
CheeseheadRun is triaging bugs at home alone for fun.02:55
CheeseheadThe mentor is the #ubuntu-bugs IRC list for run.02:55
CheeseheadSee...no need for lots of read-ahead. Some people will anyway, and they will transmit the info to everyone else.02:56
CheeseheadAnd everyone has a good time.02:56
bigbashnice, I'm looking forward to this02:56
CheeseheadMe, too.02:57
CheeseheadOne of Ubuntu's biggest problems in general right now is growing leaders and mentors.02:58
CheeseheadTechnical people are not taught how to lead groups or mentor people. They muddle through, some are good at it...02:58
CheeseheadBut those are not born traits. Both must be taught/learned.02:59
CheeseheadOne of my goals in this group is to teach people how to lead, and how to mentor.02:59
bigbashthats a great goal02:59
Cheeseheadbigbash: Please be explicit in the announcement - new users, and no-experience-with-bugs are welcome. All training will be provided, and it's a great way to meet people and learn about Ubuntu.03:02
CheeseheadMentors and trainers are also welcome03:02
CheeseheadIf anyone has a specific focus, shoot it to you so you can make it available to everyone.03:03
bigbashsounds good, I'm typing it up now actually03:04
CheeseheadIf anyone has a problem with the time, let them propose alternatives. No guarantee, but perhaps a second session may be possible if enough interest03:04
CheeseheadYou may not get much (or any) response. But you got some in this meeting, and you got at least one mentor already lined up, so I think you just need to tie the ribbon on the package.03:05
CheeseheadMinutes and log of tonight's meeting are posted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/WisconsinTeam/2011081703:14
* Cheesehead goes off to clean up the kitchen03:14
* bigbash sent out Bug Jam to mailing list03:18
Cheeseheadbigbash: Great announcement103:55
h00kmongo65 was from Rhinelander?13:28
h00kreviewing the logs13:29
h00koop, have to call a client13:29
bigbashmorning h00k15:02
h00kbigbash: hey there15:02
h00kbigbash: thanks for being at the meeting last night ;)15:04
h00ksorry I couldn't be there15:04
bigbashno problem15:04
bigbashh00k, you on call ?15:04
h00kbigbash: not exactly, no15:06
h00kI'm salaried, if that means anything15:06
bigbashit does, I am as well15:06
h00kIt was...erm. We had to revisit some quality control.15:07
h00kOn a tight deadline.15:08
h00kAlso, *ahem* completely unrelated...15:08
bigbashbah, just got work email. no casual friday tomorrow :(15:09
h00kIf you're installing new computers in a new Windows environment, rename, restart, join to domain, restart.  Do not skip that first restart. It wreaks havoc on Active Directory.15:09
h00kNo casual Friday?! That's blasphemy!15:11
bigbashwe're made to wear ties, so I'm not a fan15:12
bigbashhas anyone been wating the live keynotes from LinuxCon?15:13
h00kI was supposed to be there :|15:17
h00kI won a free ticket last year, couldn't redeem it, couldn't afford it this year post-wedding and all15:17
h00kI will be watching them when I get a chance15:17
bigbashah, weddings are expensive15:17
h00kOurs wasn't too terrible, considering the events we did (9 motoryachts to an island with family), live band, etc15:18
h00kI have a good set of friends.15:18
bigbashThat's good. 9 motoryachts to an island?15:19
bigbashsounds like a blast15:19
h00kIt was :)15:19
bigbashWe did it kinda small, her parents neighbor let us borrow his Model A to drive from ceremony to reception15:20
h00kOh, nice15:20
h00kwe had approx 50 at the ceremony, maybe a bit over 100 (120?) at the reception15:20
bigbashour friends wedding was very different, it was at 7:30AM15:21
h00kOh, that is different.15:21
h00kHello, Favrenation15:32
Favrenationwhatup whatup15:32
h00kI'd like to meet mongo65 sometime, apparently from Rhinelander15:32
Favrenationthats way up north15:32
h00kFavrenation: yes it is ;)15:33
h00kThat's where I be.15:33
Favrenationi have a cabin up there lol15:33
Favrenationno internet of course15:33
h00kCool. What lake?15:33
h00k(all cabins are generally on a lake ;))15:33
Favrenationwhiggins or something lol15:33
Favrenationits more by iron mountain15:34
h00kah, okay.15:34
Favrenationhow does he get internet up there?15:35
Favrenationalways looked at way to get internet up north15:35
Favrenationother than sucky 3g or dialup15:35
h00kWe have internet up here15:38
h00kCharter is in the area15:38
h00kSome places are still stuck with DSL, however15:38
h00kdepends on how far out you are15:38
bigbashh00k, you're from Rhinelander?15:41
Favrenationi have dsl15:41
Favrenation6mbps down15:41
h00kbigbash: yes15:42
h00kdon't hold it against me15:42
bigbashha, I won't.  We have a location up there15:42
h00kbigbash: Cool :)15:42
h00kSo do we ;)15:42
Favrenationdid u see a hodag?15:42
h00kThe other day jogging, yeah ;)15:43
h00kIt was chasing a white bulldog15:43
h00kIt's a pretty sweet mascot, I have to admit15:44
h00ka good conversation starter, anyway15:44
Favrenationi remember those comerical15:44
Favrenationso lame though15:45
Favrenationbut i have a weird wisconsin book15:45
Favrenationpretty cool stories about it15:45
bigbashLinux - A Short Retrospective and an Opinion on the Future -- Keynote starts in 12min15:49
bigbashin case anyone wanted to know15:49
h00kI would, but I can't15:50
h00kand it's killing me15:50
bigbashthe ones from yesterday aren't available yet15:52
h00khey, bludude.16:06
blududeUbuntu shop items just arrived :)16:06
h00kWhat'd 'ya get?16:08
blududeCouple shirts and a hoodie16:08
h00kThis PC has a rootkit of some type, still looking for it. It keeps opening the oddest pages.16:09
h00klike Google Translater16:09
h00kand Yahoo News16:09
h00kYahoo Finance, CNN,16:09
blududeStrange. Is it windoze?16:10
h00k'Course ;)16:10
h00kNot mine.16:10
blududeWell that explains a lot16:11
bigbashdoes anyone think they might be able to guide me in porting some sna stuff from an old version of linux to current?16:17
h00kbigbash: maybe if you poke ripps (who isn't here), he does some packaging stuffs16:25
h00kor ping the mailing list16:25
bigbashok cool, its old.  ah the joys of sna and mainframe16:25
blududeBye, everyone. Heading off to school registration16:34
=== chris_ is now known as twopoint718
bigbashh00k, that gave me a good laugh18:52
bigbashhi ripps20:17
bigbashI was told that I might want to talk to you about try to port something from an old version of ubuntu to current20:19
h00kripps: I maybe spilled you've done packaging...20:26
bigbashh00k forgot to ask you, will you be around Sept 4 to possibly help mentor for Bug Jam?22:38
* bigbash will be back in 1hr22:39
itsatrapWhy isn't this team approved?23:50

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