AmaranthSarvatt: I think I ended up with 2D accel disabled and debug disabled, only 3D acceleration left on00:54
Sarvattusing unity-2d?00:54
Sarvattall 3D apps have problems still here, http://sarvatt.com/downloads/vmwgfx3.png00:56
Prf_JakobSarvatt: are you using Unity-2D?01:10
Prf_JakobSarvatt: that bug should be fixed on master01:10
Sarvattin that screenshot yeah, i linked 2 screenshots earlier where i was using 3D and it was completely busted01:10
Sarvattmaster what?01:11
Prf_Jakobgit master of mesa01:11
Sarvattsweet, thanks for the heads up01:11
Sarvatti was just using oneiric packages there01:11
Prf_Jakobyeah that exactly the bug we saw.01:11
Sarvattdont usually use anything but master but wanted to see how it'd be out of the box01:12
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bjsniderricotz, nvidia 285.03 released. i'm not putting it in x-updates because it's marked beta, but it should go in edgers16:52
Sarvattbjsnider: I went to update it but he already put it in there :P16:56
ricotzbjsnider, as you noticed - it is already there ;)19:15
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