awesomenessbabaei, u r so kind:) let me read it but i believe i don't have any of them (of course it they dont come with this operation system automatically)00:00
delacurlin2u: bascialy, but what I ment is that the root privileges are not "on" on default.00:00
DaemonikGentoo64, Using 2.6.35-30-generic, nvidia-current00:01
urlin2udelac, how long have you been using open source?00:01
delacurlin2u: why is no one else worried about program suddenly starting to ask root password without any apparent reason? :(00:01
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delacurlin2u: a while (few years)00:01
Gentoo64delac, what asks for root password?00:01
delacGentoo64: usb-creator00:01
urlin2udelac, you are on another planet is why basically ;-)00:02
Gentoo64because it needs root priveledges?00:02
Gentoo64and it does gksu automatically?00:02
delacGentoo64: it did not on ubuntu 9.10. I just checked00:02
Gentoo64delac, run it from terminal as user00:02
urlin2udelac, you needed sudo in 9.10 just like I do in natty.00:03
delacGentoo64: I did check that no "grace" time was on00:03
Gentoo64delac, does it work, as user from terminal?00:03
Gentoo64delac, you need root priv to format usb etc00:04
delacGentoo64: it doesnt ask any password even from command line00:05
babaeiawesomeness: those two packages I listed should be something you can get from Synaptic00:05
Gentoo64as  anormal user?00:05
Gentoo64delac, well it wont ask for a password from terminal...00:06
delacGentoo64: as normal user (who is sudoer)00:06
Gentoo64delac, whats the actual problem?00:06
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Gentoo64delac, yea, because running a  program as a user is different from running gksu program00:06
Gentoo64or sudo00:06
CortexI'm having problems with Ubuntu acting slow on my laptop. it worked perfect before00:07
delacGentoo64: i'm just wondering why it (usb-creator) started asking for the password after some update on ubuntu 10.1000:07
Cortexanyone know how I can fix it?00:07
DebiansArmycortex version00:07
Gentoo64delac, when you click on usb creator icon?00:07
CortexDebiansArmy: 11.04, I think. I use the Classic mode00:07
Tim55i have a problem with ubuntu00:07
zeldaHow would I remove Ubuntu and Grub to make the computer default to other OS?00:08
delacGentoo64: no, when I try to either "Erase Disk" or "Make Startup Disk "00:08
Gentoo64delac, thats because it needs root priveledges for that00:09
The_Rufusdoes anyone here have any experience in installing a Highpoint Rocket RAID driver on ubuntu server 11?00:09
CortexEven my internet is acting slow, and it's a pretty fast one00:09
Gentoo64delac, why does it bother you?00:09
delacGentoo64: because the thing started to ask me root privileges suddenly, without any good reason00:09
Gentoo64delac, its nothing to worry about..00:10
delacGentoo64: it just got me worried00:10
zeldaHow would I remove Ubuntu and Grub to make the computer default to other OS?00:10
Gentoo64zelda, what other os?00:10
delacGentoo64: well, apparently it is something that everyone is suffering from, so it might be legitimate00:10
Gentoo64delac, asking for root priv to format a usb stick is no security issue00:10
CortexShould I just flatout install Ubuntu again?00:11
Gentoo64zelda, delete the uubntu partition, and reinstall win bootloader00:11
zeldaIm getting rid of Ubuntu cause I cant get my HDMI to work.00:11
zeldaGentoo Thanks00:11
DebiansArmydelac: Wow, lol its a usb stick??00:11
zeldaIs there a date in Oct with 11.10 is coming?00:12
bazhangzelda, no00:12
bazhangzelda, 11.10 discussion is in #ubuntu+1 by the way00:12
zeldacan someone help fix my HDMI issue? The computer doesnt see it00:12
rwwzelda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule00:12
Cortexah, anyone know how I can fix Ubuntu from acting slow on my laptop?00:12
Gentoo64Cortex, thats too vague00:13
zeldaRWW sweet! thanks00:13
bazhangCortex, need more details00:13
Gentoo64Cortex, does dmesg say anything00:13
Cortexdmesg? I don't know what that is, sorry00:13
Gentoo64Cortex, run it from a terminal00:13
delacGentoo64: well, I dont really know what it is using the root password for. I mean, Writing the bootable disk doesnt require it. First thing that came to my mind is that it is trying to write to some other disk that does require root privileges. Like /00:13
CortexUbuntu is acting slow with everything. Programs, music, internet, everything is slow. It was p perfect before00:13
Gentoo64before what?00:14
Gentoo64delac, no idea i dont use usb creator :s sorry. surely youd know if it was writing to / or not?00:14
CortexI haven't used the laptop in three months,, so I don't know what's the problem here00:14
delacGentoo64: well, afterwards I would ;)00:14
tripelbWhat is error -71 and how could I find that out for myself: context: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 58  (newline) [449024.716024] usb 4-2.1: device not accepting address 58, error -71 (newline) [449024.718061] hub 4-2:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1  AND does enumerate mean mount?00:15
Gentoo64delac, doesnt it tell you in the gui? i doubt itd do anything to root00:15
th0rCortex: do you run a system monitor of some sort...conky, gkrellm?00:15
Cortexth0r: nope00:15
Gentoo64Cortex, run top what does the cpu etc say00:16
th0rcortex: at least, open a terminal, run top, and see if you are loading the cpu or memory00:16
delacGentoo64: well, of course it should not, in any circumstances, but if a bug struck...00:16
Cortexok, let me check00:16
Gentoo64delac, your being over paranoid00:16
ProstheticSthis isnt really an ubuntu specific question, but anyhow , ive lost a partition, what tools are available to do file recovery  (hopefully whole partition recovery, but if not , file will do)00:16
Gentoo64"if a bug struck"... any root running app could have a bug00:16
Cortexran top. what should I be looking at/for in here?00:17
Gentoo64Cortex, cpu use00:17
delacGentoo64: and that is why I was worried. a program that erases a disk starts to ask me root privileges even when it doesnt need it. it is pretty alarming00:17
Jordan_Udelac: I already told you what it requires root permissions for. Writing to the mbr.00:17
Gentoo64delac, gparted requires root00:18
CortexGentoo64: it says 97.7% us, the rest for sy00:18
DebiansArmydelac: Do you understand linux structure. Would get a kernel error more then likely... If it security issue use firewall, virus scanner00:18
Gentoo64DebiansArmy, virus scanner?00:18
DebiansArmydelac: ssh tunelling00:18
Gentoo64do you understand linux structure?00:18
delacJordan_U: so it didnt write the mbr earlier? and why is the mbr written now?00:18
Gentoo64delac, post a screenshot or something please00:19
DebiansArmyGentoo64: just trying to put person at ease... If there worried00:19
Gasseushow do I get empathy use a socks proxy?00:19
delacGentoo64: of what?00:19
CortexGentoo64: what does that usage of cpu mean? is it normal?00:19
Gentoo6497% is bad, if nothing is running...00:19
Cortexall i'm running is Chrome00:20
Gentoo64Cortex, what program is using that? itl say next to it00:20
DebiansArmyGentoo64: Maybe we can put up a barbwire fence around the terminal...00:20
Jordan_Udelac: The easiest and most reliable way to determine that the correct bits are in the mbr is to write them to the mbr. It could read them from the mbr and not write if nothing needed to be changed, but reading from the mbr *also requires root privileges*.00:20
Gasseusthere's your problem00:20
jack____Is there a way to tell which source apt-get is pulling a package from?00:20
jack____or which source it was installed from?00:20
CortexGentoo64: under command it says "indicator-apple"00:20
zykotick9jack____, "apt-cache policy FOO"00:20
th0rCortex: hit Shift-P, it will sort by processor usage00:20
Gentoo64Cortex, chrome shouldnt use cpu. im on chrome and xchat and cpu is less than 1%00:20
DebiansArmycortex top -m00:20
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Gentoo64Cortex, sounds dodgy00:21
ProstheticSthis isnt really an ubuntu specific question, but anyhow , ive lost a ext4 partition, what tools are available to do file recovery  (hopefully whole partition recovery, but if not , file will do)00:21
Jordan_Udelac: There is no way around a program like unetbootin requiring root privileges.00:21
Gentoo64ProstheticS, how idd you "lose" it?00:21
K-RichHEY ALL00:21
CortexGentoo64: dodgy?00:21
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jack____is there a way to spit out which PPAs are configured from the cmdline?00:21
ProstheticSgentoo it had not long started a 'move ' in gparted when someone knocked the keyboard off the bed and hit the cancel key00:21
Gentoo64Cortex, sudo killall indicator-apple, see if it speeds up00:22
ProstheticSi think that the partition has been relabelled, infacti  can see it has00:22
zykotick9ProstheticS, check out testdisk00:22
ProstheticSbut i doubt its been corrupted much00:22
ProstheticSits 2tb of data00:22
ProstheticSwill test disk do the above zyko?00:22
spo0kzis there a linux equivalent to Traktor....00:22
Sonneis it possible to install sun java6 plugin on natty amd64?00:22
qinspo0kz: mixxxx00:22
Gentoo64Sonne, yes00:22
orkim2spo0kz: mixx00:22
DebiansArmycortex how large is your swap partition??? How long has this computer been on???00:22
spo0kznice nice !00:22
SonneGentoo64, any tips on that?00:23
Gentoo64i dont know the name of it00:23
Sonnei can't see any sun-java6 packages in the repositories00:23
zykotick9!java | Sonne00:23
ubottuSonne: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:23
Sonneseen that00:23
CortexDebiansArmy: not sure, should i post a pic of what the terminal is showing?00:23
Sonnenothing on partner repository either00:23
qinspo0kz: There is one more (neat one) on source forge, java based, but never tried it.00:23
Gentoo64Cortex, yes00:23
delacJordan_U: that is odd, as on ubuntu 9.10 the usb-creator doesnt seem to require root privileges00:23
CortexGentoo64: doesn't seem to work. "sudo kill-all: command not found" just pops up00:23
Gentoo64Cortex, its killall00:24
Gentoo64one word00:24
DebiansArmyGentoo64: pastebin... not a pick of terminal00:24
Gentoo64i like pic00:24
spo0kzqin: the software list never ceases to amaze, really00:24
The_Rufuscan anybody help me with installing a rocketraid controller on U11server?00:24
Jordan_Udelac: Are you sure that wasn't just you misinterpreting not being asked for a password (due to gksudo remembering your authentication) again?00:24
DebiansArmyGentoo64: Lol ;000:24
delacJordan_U: I'm sure it is not that00:25
Gentoo64delac, let it rest lol00:25
Jordan_Udelac: And how are you sure it is not that?00:25
Gentoo64your acting like the worlds ogna end00:25
CortexGentoo64: "indicator-apple not found"00:25
Cortexok, let me post a screen and show you00:26
Gentoo64Cortex, post a screenshot of top please00:26
zykotick9Cortex, indicator-appleT00:26
Gentoo64i thought it was some dodgy apple prog00:26
Cortexwith a t?00:26
Gentoo64either way, shouldnt be using 97% cpu00:26
delacJordan_U: I tried to open synaptic before I opened the usb-creator. The synaptic did ask for password. (I didnt give it).00:26
jack____is there a way to get `aptitude search` or `apt-cache search` to dispaly current versions00:27
Gentoo64jack____, maybe there not in ubuntu repos?00:27
jack____Gentoo64, what?00:27
Picijack____: What do you mean by 'current versions' ?00:27
Gentoo64oh you mean versions of installed apps?00:27
qinjack____: dpkg -L <package>00:27
Cortexok, it worked and is asking me to reload the program/whatever it is. should I?00:27
zykotick9jack____, apt-cache policy FOO00:27
jack____Pici, current version _in the repo_00:27
Gentoo64Cortex, does your comp seem faster?00:28
Picijack____: apt-cache show has a version line.00:28
jack____picasso, ++00:28
Gentoo64Cortex, when did you last reboot btw?00:28
Jordan_Udelac: Did you actually successfully use usb-creator without entering a password? Do you realize that policykit is separate from gksudo and has more fine grained control over remembering authentication for specific actions?00:28
CortexGentoo64: reboot? as in restart?00:28
intraderAnyone, printing on ubuntu? I used to in 9.04 - once I went to 10.10, I had not printed; I don't know how to set it up00:29
picassothanks jack____!00:29
jack____yeah picasso. free karma00:29
CortexGentoo64: not really00:29
FerretWithASporkIs it possible to get rid of the deadzone caused by using TwinView with different resolutions? Or at least stop the mouse from going there?00:29
picassokarma for picasso:00:29
Gentoo64Cortex, when di you last reboot?00:30
Gentoo64"not really" ?00:30
delacJordan_U: I logged in to the desktop (gave password there). Tried the synaptic (it asked for password). Then ran the usb-creator and made the bootable disk. Never giving the password.00:30
zykotick9FerretWithASpork, i never found a way, hopefully you'll have more luck00:30
bazhang!lol > Gentoo6400:30
ubottuGentoo64, please see my private message00:30
qinpicasso: -- (karma police)00:31
CortexGentoo64: earlier today00:31
Gentoo64Cortex, did it go slow earlier?00:31
zykotick9qin, ok Radiohead00:31
CortexGentoo64: yes00:31
Cortexok,  here's the screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZBNkp.jpg00:31
jack____is there a way to display all packages in a certain repo?00:31
Chicheguenas a todos00:32
Gentoo64Cortex, no idea why indicator applet is using that cpu. did killing it make it faster?00:32
Jordan_Udelac: It's possible that you selected to permanently remember usb-creator's authentication (if usb-creator uses policykit rather than gksudo).00:32
qinjack____: Most easy in synaltic, left bottom offering filters00:32
jack____qin, any cmdline equivalent?00:32
delacJordan_U: hmm, is that resetable?00:32
Jordan_Udelac: If that's the case then I think creating a new test user and trying to use usb-creator from that user would test that theory.00:33
The_Rufushow can I change the resolution of bash? I'm running server so it's terminal only (NO XWINDOWS) but no matter how I set my monitor, I can't see the first 10 characters00:33
Jordan_Udelac: I'm sure it is but I don't know how off hand. I'm looking now though.00:33
CortexGentoo64: i though I killed it but it seems to still be on when I see TOP again00:33
Gentoo64Cortex, did you choose "yes" to reload it?00:33
CortexGentoo64: No, I didn't. Should I?00:34
Gentoo64try killall again00:34
qinjack____: not sure, will lurk into dpkg and apt man00:34
Gentoo64Cortex, keep top runing00:34
Gentoo64see if it pops up again00:34
zykotick9Gentoo64, i imagine indicator-applet will auto respawn00:34
moonunitzappahello everyone, im setting up a media pc in my living room, got natty on it. wondering if anyone can suggest some programs and free clouds that can help me00:34
Gentoo64prob a bug in it?00:34
Gentoo64why would it use all that cpu00:35
CortexGentoo64: ok, let me try00:35
Gentoo64could be a bug anywhere...00:35
devralhow can i rename the useracct ubuntu server created when I installed it?00:35
urlin2umoonunitzappa, seen dweezil lately?00:35
CortexGentoo64: when I try to kill it again, it says it's not found00:36
urlin2uor ahmed00:36
Cortexbut it's still popping up in top00:36
devrali tried `usermod -l` but i'm currently logged in...00:36
delacJordan_U: well, it seems that even non sudoer can make bootable usb sticks on 9.1000:36
Gentoo64Cortex, is this on 11.04? if so is it classic mode?00:37
wildbatdevral: create a new one first.00:37
CortexGentoo64: yeah, classic mode00:37
CortexGentoo64: might that be the problem?00:37
Gentoo64i dont think so00:37
moonunitzappacan anyone point me to a chan where i can get help getting my natty box set up for a media center, and get some cool themes and whatnot00:37
Gentoo64thats normally the good safe one00:37
Gentoo64Cortex, i have no idea :s00:37
The_Rufusgah, i must be invisible. or nobody is willing to help. I'll install something other than ubuntu then00:37
sevithSSH runs default listening on ipv6?00:37
sevithThe_Rufus what do you need?00:38
sevithwhoops too late.00:38
qinjack____: I guess aptitude00:38
sevithwheres sshd configs at?00:38
sevithi know im lame..i forget things easily lol00:38
Picisevith: /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:38
Gentoo64sevith, etc ssh00:38
sevithfound em as you said that :P00:38
sevithTY though.00:39
DebiansArmyGentoo64: Found a post to cortez explaining indicator-apple rises with the Pidgin Facebook plugin....00:39
Jordan_Udelac: Can you pastebin the output of "ls /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/"?00:39
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: you can try ubuntu studio. it has BUNCHES of multimedia stuff00:39
sevithOK slight problem just wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing. Sometimes when i boot it says the indicator applet on my taskbar crashed or something and gives me the option to delete it00:39
sevithwhy does this happen? Never happened before until i upgrade to 11. i dont use unity i use the classic00:39
CortexGentoo64: what exactly is indicator-applet, btw? what does it do/should do?00:39
moonunitzappai already have natty on it. is there a way to grab it without fresh install?  also are there any UI or themes i can get other than the stock ones?00:40
Gentoo64Cortex, i dont know. i think its the little icon bit00:40
sevithIt just shows attention for things needed on your desktop and most importantly i use it for my wifi connections00:40
sevithits like my wifi crashes or something..00:40
eugeneeeeeecam show going on in #he_reigns sick stuff00:40
th0rcortez: it is a relatively new addition to gnome. It combines the balloon messages for pidgin, evolution, and other messaging software into one item on the panel00:41
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: let me look at something real quick. brb00:41
zykotick9Cortex, it's the ubuntu specific notification area in the top right of panel00:41
sevithYea and it constantly crashes in 11.00:41
Cortexzykotick9: ah. yeah, that's not showing up on mine00:41
Cortexthat' AFTER killing it00:41
zykotick9Cortex, probably because it's crashed/in the process of crashing00:41
pooltablegentoo64 can you recommand a multi torrent search for google chrome?00:42
Gentoo64pooltable, a website?00:42
delacJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668738/00:42
CortexI do remember something about the wireless networks thing not working anymore00:42
Cortexbut I don't use that. I'm connected through ethernet00:42
moonunitzappahow do you replay to somebody quickly. rather than typeing their name?00:42
pooltablegentoo64 yes is there a extebsion?00:42
Pici!tab | moonunitzappa00:43
ubottumoonunitzappa: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:43
zykotick9!tab > moonunitzappa00:43
Cortexmoonunitzappa: type the start of the name and then tab00:43
ubottumoonunitzappa, please see my private message00:43
sevithCortex, Was it something specific to 11.0400:43
Gentoo64pooltable, theres loads of torrent sits00:43
Jordan_Udelac: Can you pastebin the contents of /usr/share/polkit-1/com.ubuntu.usbcreator.policy ?00:43
Cortexsevith: what do you mean? the wireless thing?00:43
sevithCortex, Yes00:43
Cortexsevith: if you mean if I'm using 11.04, yes. using classic mode00:44
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: search synaptic for ubuntustudio-desktop00:44
sevithCortex, Cuz i use it alot of my laptop but i have to reboot at least 5 times before it works right without crashing...its pretty annoying...makes me wanna install windows :O!00:44
Cortexok, i'm going to reboot and see if this happens again00:45
moonunitzappaawesome ty ObrienDave00:45
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: np00:46
delacJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668743/00:46
sevithok SSHD configs say nothing about ipv6 but i want it to stop listening on ipv600:46
sevithunless i missed it?00:46
Jordan_Udelac:       <allow_active>yes</allow_active>00:46
delacJordan_U: yes, what does that mean?00:46
zykotick9moonunitzappa, for an HTPC perhaps check out MythTV, but it's not the easiest to setup I'm afraid00:47
pooltablegentoo64 i got it thanks00:47
Jordan_Udelac: That means that authorisation for that action will be given without requiring a password to any user who is "active" (at a physical keyboard / mouse).00:47
sevithNEVER mind.00:47
pooltablegentoo64 i use chrome to firefox is fix00:48
don-ii recently got 2 routers and set them as wds. I have a windows machine and ubuntu machine. The windows has internet the ubuntu machine does not00:48
DebiansArmyUbuntu's Indicator-Applet project – which aims to make panel application entries behave consistently  – is pretty neat.00:48
joallardI had problems with my nvidia drivers and went to version 173 using "Additional drivers" window. Now I think X won't start back up again. How do I revert?00:48
moonunitzappazykotick9: nice, good idea00:48
don-iany idea where i should look ?00:48
Cortexok, rebooted. applet is still running at 1 hour or so now00:49
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: search synaptic for ubuntustudio. you will find packages for audio, video, graphics.00:49
vantomdoes anyone here speak korean?00:49
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko00:49
zykotick9joallard, where you using current before?  perhaps "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" from a CLI?00:49
delacJordan_U: ok, I cant remember if that is something I have set, or if it has been default. althoug I highly doubt I would have changed anything that has such security ramifications00:49
Jordan_Udelac: If you change it to "auth_admin" or "auth_admin_keep" instead of "yes" then you will be prompted for a password.00:49
DebiansArmycortex I've read other posts on Indicator applet being high and overheats CPU.... extremely bad....00:50
sevithCortex, Really? Mine always crashes and i cant even use a hardwired connection.....Wireless is brought down with it...Maybe its a driver issues but iv never had this problem until i upgrade to 11 from 10. Now it happens all the time00:50
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joallardzykotick9: I'll try that. I had forgotten I kind of "removed" the 'current' drivers.00:50
Jordan_Udelac: Here is a the same file from a default 11.04 install (there have also been many translations added since 9.10) : http://paste.debian.net/126563/00:50
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Guest63648Boa noite00:51
CortexThe weirdest part is that now it says that I've been using it for close to three hours when a minute ago it says an hour and a half00:51
sevithBah iptables ? Who uses them?00:51
sevithI love them.00:51
kingofswordshi ive just added ppa https://launchpad.net/~c-korn/+archive/ppa but only 3 programs are showing and there should be 400:51
dasbootHi all.  Is there any way to find out what is making the mousecursor interminably pinwheel? gnome,10.0400:51
delacJordan_U: I wonder why they changed it? is there some security related issues with just using "yes"?00:52
moonunitzappahow can i select all of the pakags in syn. im quite new to ubuntu00:52
kingofswordsis there s'thing im missing?00:52
Cortexshould I just reinstall ubuntu and hope this fixes the problem?00:52
Guest63648Quit marcelo00:52
Cortexis there any way to directly reinstall ubuntu ?00:52
sevithCortex, ? Whats the issue?00:53
Cortexsevith: indicator-applet keeps using up a lot of cpu. 90% +00:53
Jordan_Udelac: They removed the checkbox allowing you to permanently allow authorization for a given action in policykit in general. I don't know for sure what the default settin for usb-creator in 9.10 was.00:53
qinCortex: Is it unity?00:54
joallardIt's still not starting up. I see that "Stopping automatic crash report generation" returned [fail]. How can I find out the cause?00:54
sevithCortex, I see...Im having issues with the same indicator applet. It keeps crashing on mine00:54
Cortexqin: I'm using 11.04 in classic mode00:54
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: just click the little box to the left of the packages and mark for installation. it will then show you the required packages that will be automatically downloaded and instaled00:54
moonunitzappaObrienDave: should i install all of those under ubuntustudio00:54
sevithmy CPU % is ok though00:54
sevithheats fine00:54
DebiansArmyCortex found what it is???? Indicator-Applet refers to the system tray or To ubuntu notifactions... Have you switched or edited the indicator-applet????00:55
qinCortex: Alt-F2, gnome-panel --replace, as far asi know it will restart indicarotrs too00:55
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: not all at once. i suggest doing one at a time then reboot after each one.00:55
moonunitzappatheres like 20 haha00:55
CortexDebiansArmy: i don't think so i haven't done anything00:56
traskersRunning Openbox, just ugpraded to 3.5.0 and my autostart no longer loads at login, can anyone help me fix this?00:56
sevithctrl+alt+backspace :P00:56
sevithfk the GUI00:56
FloodBot1sevith: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:56
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: yea i know. you only need to do -desktop -audio -video, etc.00:56
bazhangObrienDave, there is zero reason to reboot after installing a package from there00:56
qinsevith: Medicine?00:56
Jordan_Udelac: Indeed, looking at a 9.10 package the default was in fact "yes".00:56
CortexDebiansArmy: well, when I rebooted it said my network was using a .local domain and would shut down the app (not sure which one though)00:56
sevithqin, Lol.00:57
moonunitzappaok ty ObrienDave going to go try ti00:57
DebiansArmyCortex try what qin is asking that might work00:57
Cortexqin: did it and it said it had a problem with indicator-applet and if i wanted to delete it00:57
CortexDebiansArmy: just did.00:57
ObrienDavemoonunitzappa: wlcm00:57
ObrienDavebazhang: yea, but safer.00:57
bazhangmoonunitzappa, install as many as you wish, the ubuntustudio-desktop package will bring most in; there is no reason to reboot after installing a single package00:58
bazhangObrienDave, in no way at all.00:58
sevithDoes anyone use compiz?00:58
ObrienDavebazhang: ok, whatever00:58
bazhangsevith, whats the actual question00:58
joallardI can't get my system to boot after changing a driver. Installing it back doesn't work. I think it might be the X server, but can't tell. How do I find out the cause?00:58
bazhangObrienDave, please be more careful before offering such advice00:59
sevithbazhang, 11.04 broke compiz and my wireless along with my wired connections.00:59
qinCortex: Right click on panel and: Add to panel, this will show you what indicator you have installed, so you can "reattach" faulty one, or !resetpanel00:59
bazhangsevith, broke? as in cannot use unity?00:59
delacJordan_U: so, the question is, why the change? but, at least now I know that thecurrent situation is by design and not some usb-creator malfunction. thank you!00:59
ObrienDavebazhang: being safe is bad advice???00:59
sevithbazhang, Its the indicator applet. it fails. When it crashes it brings down my network interfaces too for some reason.00:59
sevithbazhang, I dont use unity. I dont like it at all.00:59
bazhangObrienDave, rebooting after installing a single package is bad advice, and no way safer.00:59
ObrienDavebazhang: how do you figure?01:00
bazhangObrienDave, completely unnecessary. lets move on please.01:00
Cortexqin: ok, it's showing me four different kinds of the indicator-applet01:00
ObrienDavebazhang: ok, whatever01:01
zykotick9ObrienDave, please be aware the bazhang is correct in this matter and you are incorrect01:01
qin 02:01:36 up 58 days, 23:12,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0001:01
zykotick9qin, you haven't had any kernel updates in 58 days?  that's almost hard to believe.01:02
qinzykotick9: No.01:02
zykotick9qin, wow01:02
qinzykotick9: Experimenting with ksplice01:04
Cortexis there any way i can directly reinstall ubuntu and see if this fixes the indicator-applet problem?01:04
zykotick9qin, not for long.... :(01:04
qin!resetpanel | Cortex this will remove any modification from panel01:05
ubottuCortex this will remove any modification from panel: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:05
ObrienDavezykotick9: sorry, I'm not arguing about wether it is correct or not correct to reboot after installing. imho it is safer.01:05
qinzykotick9: Why?01:05
zykotick9qin, ksplic will be Oracle only soon01:05
DebiansArmyqin 2 years ago I see there was a lot of complaints about going to a applet indicator ... Users expressing uses to many resources and had the potential for cpu overload...01:05
zykotick9ObrienDave, you are free to have any incorrect opinion you wish, just don't share them ;)01:06
qinDebiansArmy: Unaware of it, using tint201:06
Cortexubottu: did that, the top panel isn't popping up now01:07
ubottuCortex: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:07
jasongriffeeHow would I remove the ubuntu logo and computer name from the login screen01:07
Cortexqin: resetpanel?01:07
Cortexi did what ubottu told me to01:07
DebiansArmyqin users expressed to many notifactions and  were not needed when Unplugging usb drive...01:07
joallardHow do I diagnose a boot problem?01:08
breathHeloooooooooooo Guys !! Okéé I'm aa Programmer And I need a Tool That modify text files ! Like when i want to make changes ( Exemple I want to change all the return=0 with return=1  so i need a tool to change them all ) HELP HELP HELP01:09
muellibreath: sed is your friend01:09
breathmuelli : but u remain my best friends thanks i love u bye ;)01:09
muellibreath: maybe smth like sed -i 's/return=0/return=1/g' *.foo01:09
joallardbreath: Text editors depend on your preferences. Do you prefer something more simple and graphical or something more complex?01:10
qinzykotick9: I guess You right. /exec sudo reboot01:10
muellioh, didn't know it is so easy to become best friends :-)01:10
Cortexdamn it, what do i do now?01:10
cgrozabreath: you can achieve that with Emacs(recommended) or vim.01:11
bazhangCortex, what is the exact issue with the indicator applet01:11
breathMmM I'm not Good at english LooL didn't understand what u said joallard :-( :( but i heard a lot bout sed and muelli advissed me with it :)01:12
babaeibreath: the built-in text editor with Ubuntu (gedit) includes a "find and replace" feature, as does pretty much any editor.01:12
jasongriffeeHow would I remove the ubuntu logo and computer name from the login screen?01:12
breathi don't like vim ( i donnow how to quit it :t :t :t ) xD01:12
babaeibreath: type in ":q!"01:12
Cortexbazhang: using too much cpu.01:12
DebiansArmybazhang: holding at 70% usage when running top http://i.imgur.com/ZBNkp.jpg01:12
babaeiyou might have to mash <esc> a few times first01:12
kingofswordswhat does ./ mean?01:13
babaeikingofswords: "in the current directory"01:13
zykotick9breath, :q! will quite without saving!  use ":wq" to save and quit01:13
kingofswordsahh thx01:13
breathThanks babaei in tutorials i can see just :q i try it no work !! the last ! escaped ;( ;(01:13
joallardbreath: Sorry for that. Like babaei said, gedit is nice for simple stuff. If you want something a little more programming-oriented, I personally like geany.01:13
bazhangCortex, what other processes do you have running, ie major ones01:14
joallardbreath: By any chance, what's your primary language?01:14
Cortexnot much else, just Chrome01:14
kingofswordsim trying to run a script but when i run .chmod +x winepulse_installer.sh01:14
kingofswords./winepulse_installer.sh second line does run01:14
bazhangCortex, and this persists, when you create a guest account?01:14
Arti_12Issues with an GPX Mp4 device, I loaded it with several mp3 files and it is not playing when I tell it to play it is showing "NAND No Files"01:14
DebiansArmybazhang: http://i.imgur.com/ZBNkp.jpg thats a screenshot of cortex terminal01:14
bazhangDebiansArmy, yes, no need to repaste, thanks01:15
breathArabic ;) LooL In my language there's no 2 words for the same meanin01:15
Cortexbazhang: guest account? haven't made any01:15
breathThanks guys helped me a lot :)01:15
babaeibreath: good luck!01:15
rosstaylori can't get my sound to work01:15
bazhangCortex, that would be  a first step, hardly ever need to completely reinstall for something like this01:15
bazhang!audio > rosstaylor01:16
ubotturosstaylor, please see my private message01:16
joallardCan't boot. Where do I begin?01:17
jasongriffeeHow would I remove the ubuntu logo and computer name from the login screen?01:17
Cortexbazhang: so I should create a guest account then?01:17
bazhangCortex, have you not already done so, and tested it?01:18
traskersRunning Openbox, just ugpraded to 3.5.0 and my autostart no longer loads at login, can anyone help me fix this?01:18
josewhich is the best path to install me own compiled programs (samba,apache..)01:18
escottjasongriffee, you would have to download and install an alternate gdm theme01:18
DebiansArmyCortex if you allow this cpu to run hot like this for long it will burn on cpu...  Might want to go with earlier version of ubuntu or reinstall ubuntu...  Not for one min. would I allow my computer to keep hanging around 100% cpu usage the fan has to be going all the time...01:18
=== G-Style[away] is now known as G-Style[Work]
escottjose, /opt01:19
Tavoxbuenas noches01:19
Tavoxme pueden ayudar con algo01:19
joseescott, opt its for compiled software?01:19
DebiansArmyCortex is the fan consistently running ???01:20
Cortexbazhang: no, i haven't. let me try01:20
UflexSignalHello world. This reminds me of the old BBS world.01:20
escottjose, /opt is traditionally for anything outside of the package management software01:20
=== miguel is now known as Guest42032
CortexDebiansArmy: yeah, i hear it running all the time. the laptop isn't hot though01:20
cgrozajose: /opt01:20
Cortexbazhang: so i should log out, make a guest account and log in from there?01:21
jasongriffeeescott: is there a guide for this?01:21
joseok thanks :), i dont want problems later with apache, mono paths..only ask for that, thanks cgroza escott01:21
DebiansArmyCortex not good feel underneath were the cpu and gpu are that will tell me how hot this is ...  This could cause fan burn out and kill cpu rare... still it is no good... When you rebot is dues the fan startup right away???01:22
Monotoko[iOS]Jose, you shouldn't have any problems if the other programs know where apache is01:22
CortexDebiansArmy: yes it does01:23
josecool i go to do that, thanks 4 all01:23
bazhangCortex, system---administration---users and groups---add  log out, log in with new user01:23
escottjasongriffee, don't know of one off hand. also 11.10 is planning to switch to lightdm so if you plan to upgrade you might want to wait before changing the theme01:23
DebiansArmyCortex not good I don't know how old the machine is ,but if this is new I would reinstall or face burning up cpu....01:24
rosstaylorbazhang : thank you!01:24
bazhangDebiansArmy, a reinstall is the last step, not the first one01:24
Cortexbazhang: ok, will do01:24
CortexDebiansArmy: it's an old laptop, still....01:25
Cortexlet me try the guest account thing, see how it works01:25
jasongriffeeescott: so the process will be simpler if I wait?01:25
Guest31802What is the channel for  Ubuntu India Folks ...?01:26
bazhang!in | Guest3180201:26
ubottuGuest31802: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India01:26
DebiansArmybazhang: I agree a 100% ,but Im not going to buy a new laptop for them are u????01:26
Guest31802Ok , i got in01:26
IdleOneGuest31802, #ubuntu-in01:26
Guest31802Thanks ...01:26
bazhangDebiansArmy, please dont recommend that as a first step01:26
tbruff13hey help can someone tell me a program where i can convert decimals to fraction in linux01:27
Guest31802!in | Guest3180201:27
ubottuGuest31802, please see my private message01:27
bazhang!loco > allen_01:27
ubottuallen_, please see my private message01:27
DebiansArmybazhang: The forum has been working on this problem for about 30 mins 5 different techs.... This has not been the first step by a longshot....01:27
linuxuz3r_whats 10.4?01:28
devralis it possible to use freenx-server on Ubuntu Server 10.04?01:28
bazhanglinuxuz3r_, message received01:28
allen_old radio 10 codes01:28
th0rDebiansArmy: there is little chance it will overheat the cpu. The chips are designed to run about 90C full time.01:28
eryn_1983_fl_2I got a quick ? here Need to know if this is STILLL the proper way of setting up wifi in Ubuntu. I  believe i am running 10.10 not sure  at workie.http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch13_:_Linux_Wireless_Networking#Debian_.2F_Ubuntu01:29
allen_10-4 = message recieved  lol01:29
eryn_1983_fl_2if not whats the right one? I need to use  this on the cli. From what I under stand this  file ^^  is overwrritten  by networkmanageR??01:29
eryn_1983_fl_2do I need configure network amanger somewhere?01:31
paijem-cantikeryn: i think that was plug n play01:31
jukebox-zeroWhat's the proper syntax for checkinstall provides when the package provides more than one thing?01:31
DebiansArmyth0r: Not even close were did you get this number... I'm a bench tech..... There is no laptop cpu meant to run this high for this long....  at over 80c it is to notify you that your running hot .... Yes I have seen mine run at 90c on a video game, but on a applet no...01:32
dzuphello i went from maverick to natty, but i found out the gnome is getting slow ...can i not have this new gnome unity or whatever is call ?01:33
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall jukebox-zero read this?01:33
eryn_1983_fl_2its not plug and play I got to cinfugre the wifi01:33
eryn_1983_fl_2if that were the care it would connect  automaticcally01:33
th0rDebiansArmy: they run 90C on cpu load, it doesn't matter if it is a video game or an applet. Bench specs are conservative, and even at that, 100% cpu shouldn't push the temps that high if there is any circulation at all. Certainly no reason to panic someone trying to troubleshoot01:33
eryn_1983_fl_2I got not place for the funkdy  icon01:33
Cortexbazhang: ah, indicator-applet isn't on anymore01:34
jukebox-zerobazhang: thanks, will look at it real quick. Google's been surprisingly unfruitful for me on this.01:34
Cortexcpu usage is fine now for some reason01:34
eryn_1983_fl_2I got to confiure it cli I got no bar to put a  stupid icon on.01:34
eryn_1983_fl_2not using  gnome or kde or  fluxbox anymore01:34
bazhangCortex, so a video driver issue, or perhaps a theme would be my guess01:34
* speedrunnerG55 high fives CorpX 01:35
eryn_1983_fl_2so all I need to know is if this is the right config file01:35
* speedrunnerG55 high fives Cortex 01:35
bazhangspeedrunnerG55, not here please01:35
speedrunnerG55ok bazhang01:35
DebiansArmyth0r: we also did the conversation wrong 90c = 194F ... wrong conversation 32c = 0f  wrong01:35
Cortexbazhang: probably. it's fine, now, for the time being01:36
th0rDebiansArmy: I never did any conversion. and this is getting offtopic01:36
tbruff13hey help can someone tell me a program where i can convert decimals to fraction in linux01:36
bazhangDebiansArmy, lets take this chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please01:37
jukebox-zerobazhang: Yeah, no dice. What I'm doing is compiling mplayer and need to specify that it provides both mplayer and mencoder so my command it like so: sudo checkinstall --pkgname=mplayer and --provides= and that's where I'm stuck. I used the prompt checkinstall gives me without the provides command and entered "mplayer mencoder" but it gave me syntax error. Not sure if I need to quote it, or commas. man checkinstall, info ch01:37
jukebox-zeroeckinstall and google are not help so far. You CAN specify more than one provides right?01:37
Cortexjust came back to thank everyone who helped me. bazhang DebiansArmy  and everyone else who put up with my crap01:37
Cortexthanks a lot guys. gotta go and leave work now01:37
DebiansArmyCortex hopefully u have a good night :)01:38
devralis it possible to use freenx-server on Ubuntu Server 10.04?01:39
MestreLioni dont get the point in ./configure --prefix=/opt when installing from source. If in Linux an app's files are scattered all over the fs (/usr/bin, /usr/lib, /etc. /var, etc), what is the point in chaging the prefix. What will this change do? What will go to /opt and what will go elsewhere?01:39
bazhangjukebox-zero, sorry to say I will be of little avail on that subject, please repeat to the channel every so often; I usually get a PPA or the mplayer from medibuntu.org iirc01:39
joallardI can't boot at init. How do I find the cause?01:40
jukebox-zerobazhang: no worries, thanks anyway.01:40
Jordan_UMestreLion: /opt/ (and /usr/local) will include directories like those in your main root, so you will have /usr/local/bin /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/etc/ .01:41
bahaubuntu 11.4 with gnome3, is it a good thing to try?01:42
eryn_1983_fl_2so nobody know my answer?01:42
bazhangbaha NO01:42
jukebox-zeroDoes anyone know if you can specify more than one provides in a pkg built with checkinstall, and if so, what's the syntax?01:42
bazhang!gnome3 | baha01:42
ubottubaha: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:42
babaei^ not fully true. I downgraded it using ppa-purge and it seemed to fully remove it without problems.01:42
bahathanks bazhang01:42
bazhangbaha stay well away from it01:42
MestreLionJordan_U: if i choose /opt, ill end up with /opt/bin , /opt/lib, /opt/etc ?01:43
bahabazhang, maybe debian?01:43
Jordan_UMestreLion: Yes.01:43
babaeibaha: I tried it a month or so ago. It wasn't fully ready to go, but worked OK. imho, I like Unity better (better use of the screen), but I like both better than the old Gnome.01:43
bazhangbaha no idea, ask in #debian01:43
jasongriffeei was changing login wallpaper, used something that looked like reg wallpaper changer. now can't stop it from loading on boot?01:43
urlin2ujoallard, here is a boot from cli link. http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20How%20To%20Boot%20From%20CLI%20Mode.html01:43
bahababaei, bazhang , thanks01:44
babaeibaha: if you want to give it a go, try it from the PPA, but there is a chance you could wreck your install and have to wipe and reinstall.01:44
bazhangbabaei, which is why its completely unsupported here01:45
babaeibazhang: right.01:45
joallardurlin2u: thank you. however, I can get past grub, something goes wrong after that01:45
babaeialso, like I said, Unity is better. ;)01:45
urlin2ujoallard, is it a black screen, blinking cursor?01:46
joallardI have a blinking cursor under lines of text01:46
joallardVisibly trying-to-boot stuff01:46
joallardI can Ctrl+Alt+F1 and the root filesystem is mounted01:47
urlin2ujoallard, have you tried reloading grub, and is this a standard booted install, not a wubi install from windows?01:47
DebiansArmybazhang: Funny how fast you run off at your 90 degrees celsius comment http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Z-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/CPU-Temperature-90-C-normal-Please-HELP/td-p/3809  Wonder why they express this issue funny and show a computer and laptop needed new thermal paste....  and give pictures ...01:47
jasongriffeei was changing login wallpaper, used something that looked like reg wallpaper changer. now can't stop it from loading on boot?01:48
joallardurlin2u: Yes, this is a standard-boot install, not wubi. I don't understand what you mean by "reloading grub"01:48
urlin2ujoallard, you can reload the mbr with grub fairly easy would you like alink?01:48
=== |usr|bin|nice| is now known as |usr|bin|nice
joallardurlin2u: I do not think this is necessary. ubuntu gets loaded fine, it just interrupts when it's there. It's not at the grub stage anymore01:49
TophenTo all the guys that helped me. Thanks. I finally did it. :)01:49
TophenIm off now. Cya.01:49
NeroonHi everyone01:50
MestreLionthank you very much Jordan_U... i just checked my /usr/local and /opt.. they are indeed almost empty. /usr/local have a large tree of dozens of dirs... but 90% of them are empty. /opt has no tree, only 4 apps01:50
urlin2ujoallard, okay. ;-)01:50
eryn_1983_fl_2I can't tell did anybody respond to me yet?01:51
Jordan_UMestreLion: make install will create directories as needed.01:51
bazhangpatience eryn_1983_fl_201:52
fatih1993how can i log in to  NickServ?01:52
NeroonCould someone help me with a small network problem? I can upload any size of file via ftp, but that doesn't work with a browser or mailclient01:52
devralis it possible to use freenx-server on Ubuntu Server 10.04?01:52
MestreLionive never used make install for any app yet... but it looks like the tree in /usr/local is ready for them :)01:52
bazhangfatih1993, with your irc client01:52
fatih1993bazhang, what should i write here?01:52
eryn_1983_fl_2https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NetworkManager#Command_line I was thinking of doing this  at line Other Desktops and Window Managers01:52
eryn_1983_fl_2I did try trayer but It didnt pull anything up.  gnome-panel did butnot nm-applet01:53
bazhang!wireless | eryn_1983_fl_2 have you checked this first01:53
ubottueryn_1983_fl_2 have you checked this first: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:53
bazhangfatih1993, what client01:53
MestreLionJordan_U:  so i guess its pretty "safe" to install to default /usr/local, since tree is already there... no fear in "messing"  a sys the tree since tree is already there, empty. But... what about desktop integration? will source files from upstream include things like .desktop files, mime types, etc?01:54
dcabotHi folks01:54
MestreLion(my question is actually "how would a ./configure && make && make install be different from a .deb packaged downloaded and installed via Synaptic)01:55
fatih1993bazhang, for example to access a channel we use /join #channel ,  to log in what should i do? like that?01:55
dcabotHas anyone  seen a problem with pptp vpns on 11.04?01:55
MrGeneralfolks, I installed chrome here, how can I change the default browser ?01:55
bazhangfatih1993, which irc client01:55
escottMestreLion, deb has a database of where every file is stored and what it is needed for. make install does not01:56
bazhangfatih1993, thats not an irc client01:56
eryn_1983_fl_2It is unsupported01:56
Travis-42because of some incompatibilities, I would like to go back to firefox 5 from 6. is this easy to do?01:56
dcabotI've run  into a problem, and I've seen others have it to - but no one has any solutions yet.01:57
eryn_1983_fl_2I havee benn looking at it but It  does not work.01:57
bazhangfatih1993, xchat? irssi? something else?01:57
dcabotThe LCP Config Ack comes back, but pppd never sees it01:57
fatih1993bazhang, xchat01:57
escottTravis-42, start by uninstalling firefox and then try to install the last firefox 5 deb you have in /var/cache/apt01:57
bazhangfatih1993, are you registered?01:57
fatih1993bazhang, yes01:58
eryn_1983_fl_2I will give it another try in a bit01:58
=== QaDeS_ is now known as QaDeS
xenzioshas anyone tried to install starcraft 2 with playonlinux?01:58
Travis-42escott, doesn't appear to be in there, do I have to go find it?01:58
escottTravis-42, yes you will have to do some searching01:58
bazhangfatih1993, okay----> xchat menu -->network list --->ubuntu servers--> click edit, add nick:pw in the server field01:58
MestreLionescott: that why im having trouble learning the "proper" way to install from source. Most tutorials out there are too generic.. they dont even mention tools like checkinstall. I would like to install stuff using the most "ubuntu tools" and infrasctructure as possible01:58
jukebox-zeroDoes anyone know if you can specify more than one provides in a pkg built with checkinstall, and if so, what's the syntax? I think I'm going to try supplying the argument more than once like: sudo checkinstall --pkgname=mplayer --provides=mencoder --provides=mplayer but I'm worried it will only accept the first argument without throwing any errors.01:59
escottMestreLion, the only people who do their own builds are developers or (the very rare) individual who has built a system from scratch01:59
escottMestreLion, what you should do is lookup the ubuntu/debian packaging instructions and make a package for your application and then install it that way (ie roll your own deb)02:00
MestreLionescott: nooo, i dont want to build the whole system... just a few, hand-selected packages... simple stuff, mostly small apps or upgraded versions02:00
escottMestreLion, otherwise install to /opt so you can clean up easily02:00
MrGeneralfolks, I installed chrome here, how can I change the default browser ?02:01
somsipMrGeneral: to what?02:01
escottMrGeneral, its in the settings application. you could also search for preferred applications02:02
MrGeneralsomsip:  I just want to set it as default02:02
MestreLioni wonder what is wrong with chromium for so many people wanting to install chrome instead02:02
MrGeneralits chromium02:03
somsipMrGeneral: and there is no option under Preferences to Set As Default?02:03
MestreLionescott: ive been reading several wiki's and ubuntu's docs about that... thats where i learned about checkinstall... by the way... is that still good to use? or too outdated?02:03
MrGeneralit is somsip but didnt work02:03
MrGeneralbut its working now, I did it other way02:04
somsipMrGeneral: k02:04
MrGeneralthanks tho02:04
fatih1993bazhang, thanks a lot. done!02:04
escottMestreLion, ive never actually rolled my own package, but i believe that is how it is done. you can also lookup who was the debian packager for the versions you just want to update. there may already be a .deb in debian testing for the newer version02:04
eryn_1983_fl_2no workie on the cli stuff02:05
vectoryhi, reinstalling grub from livecd. in grub, `find /boot/grub/stage1' gave hd0,5 iirc it should be something else. is there anyway to confirm which sdaX hd0,x is?02:05
MestreLionescott: there are debs for newer version... but only for newer distros (Oneiric)... i use Lucid, and i dont wanto to upgrade the whole system just to get upgrades of a few packages02:06
escottMestreLion, you can always ignore dependencies... its risky because things might be broken.02:06
vectoryi may just have installed grub to a swap partition, if X=Y for hd0,X and sdaY02:07
Tim55HELP MEE!02:07
bazhangTim55, with what02:07
escott!help | Tim5502:07
ubottuTim55: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:07
MestreLionvectory: are you sure you using ubuntu? stage1, hd0, etc, are legacy grub jargon... and ubuntu uses grub202:07
urlin2uvectory, what guide are you using?02:07
Tim55bazi have mounted shares but they expire after a while02:07
Tim55very annoying02:07
Tim55i have to press the bookmark for the shres to come back02:07
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Tim55how to change the disconnect timer?02:07
escottvectory, you dont install grub to partition numbers. you install it to the mbr. it should be grub-install /dev/sda02:08
vectoryescott, it was a reinstall, so i pointed it to the partition /boot is on02:08
vectoryor so i planned02:08
escottvectory, and if you did install to a swap partition just install to the correct one and mkswap again on your next reboot02:08
nbest Hello.  Can a linux application read/write to a NTFS disk with windows files, with no issues or risks?02:09
escottvectory, you don't point it to /boot. it finds /boot by virtue of /boot being mounted. you point it at the disk (no partition number) it will complain rather loudly if you try to install to a partition02:09
urlin2unbest, pretty much, within reason.02:09
bazhangnbest, of course02:09
nbest hmmm, what's the 'within reason' urlin2u ?02:09
escottnbest, not with no risk02:09
nbest oh so there is risk :(02:10
vectoryescott: so there is no chance it coulda found /boot on a swap partition? hope it notices a swap partition02:10
escottnbest, there is no documentation of how ntfs works, and ubuntu cannot repair an ntfs partition02:10
bazhangnbest, minimal02:10
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escottnbest, you should have a working windows system if you intent to use ntfs. thats the main thing02:11
Pippi_Longstocki got a problem, im afraid of updating from 10.4 to 11 something02:11
escottPippi_Longstock, try the livecd thats what it is for02:11
vectorywhats the problem02:11
urlin2unbest, windows has files that rad the HD basically if you added a lot of data, from linux you might have some problems, the description you give is not complete, usually a shred partition is preferred.02:11
Pippi_Longstocki think if i update all my settings get messed up02:11
prezidentwhats up everybody when i first got my system i thought i was never going to use ubuntuone now i kind of want it i deleted it before is there a way to get it back i tried looking it up but didn't work.02:11
prezidenthow to install ubuntuone02:11
MestreLionvectory: this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2715502:12
urlin2unbest, shared partition sorry.02:12
Tim55so nobody cares about my problem?02:12
bazhangprezident, from the package manager02:12
nbest escott  my intended use right now is to use clonezilla to clone my new pc's HDD to a storage external HDD but i don't want to mess it up in the process :P02:12
paijem-cantikhello Tim55, what your problem ?02:12
prezidentive tried not there02:12
bazhangTim55, you provided way too few details02:12
fatih1993i compiled a C text. It seems light green in terminal. Which command make it run?02:12
escottnbest, clonezilla is not ntfs-3g its a bit-level copy, and is completely safe02:12
escottfatih1993, ./program_name02:13
xanguaprezident: if you install ubuntu-desktop should install all default packages like ubuntu-one02:13
urlin2unbest, that is just a ntfs no problem, is it a OS though on the external?02:13
prezidenti deleted it02:13
Pippi_Longstocki need tht02:13
prezidentxangua i removed it02:13
xanguaprezident: install it then02:13
bazhangprezident, so reinstall it from the package manager02:13
ablyssfatih1993: chmod +x ./file && ./file02:13
nbest  oh good, i'm glad it's safe then escott, i think i'll make a partition just to be on the safer side anyway02:13
Tim55paijem-cantik i'm accessing shared windows drives on ubuntu but the shares expire after a while. how can i stop them from expiring?02:13
nbest urlin2u  there is on OS on the external just datqa q02:14
LostyJaiis natty the stable build of ubuntu 11.10?02:14
nbest *data02:14
bazhangLostyJai, no02:14
urlin2unbest, your cool then. ;-)02:14
prezidentxangua, bazhang lol i tried and it wasn't there i typed in ubuntuone and ubuntuone-client-dbg pops up and ubuntuone-file-storage and it doesn't show anything after02:14
nbest  great , thanks urlin2u  and escott02:14
urlin2uLostyJai, no02:14
fatih1993ablyss, i cant understand this command. But ./file_name command runned it02:14
Hot2Trotdoes anyone know how I can change pine's text editor to vi?02:14
LostyJaithen what is natty? and oneiric?02:14
MestreLionLostyJai: natty is 11.04... 11.10 is oneiric02:14
bazhang11.04 and 11.10 LostyJai02:15
urlin2uLostyJai, separate release02:15
escottfatih1993, . is the current directory. since the file is marked executable (chmod +x and why it is green) passing the full path to the file will run it. the full path is the current directory + "/" + filename02:15
LostyJaican't find desktop-11.1002:15
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for 11.10 LostyJai02:16
paijem-cantikTim55: maybe that was your windows sharing problem02:16
escottHot2Trot, in your .bashrc export EDITOR=vim02:16
Tim55no it's ubuntu02:16
LostyJaiis it in beta?02:16
Tim55i access the files from another windows and they never expire02:16
MestreLionHot2Trot: update-alternatives --config editor02:16
bazhangLostyJai, ask there, thats the support channel for it02:16
paijem-cantikTim55: you say access windows share from ubuntu, that's right ?02:17
MestreLionLostyJai: as the version number suggests, 11.10 will be released in.. 11.10 :P02:17
Hot2Trotescott: You mean add the line "export EDITOR=vim" ?02:17
LostyJaithanks MestreLion02:18
paijem-cantikTim55 : are you have try with another user ?02:18
fatih1993escott, i've understood.02:18
fatih1993escott, thanks for help02:18
Tim55do you know to stop ubuntu from removing the shares?02:18
Tim55yeah or no02:18
MestreLionHot2Trot: vim does not come installed by default in ubuntu02:18
Pippi_Longstockwell horsemeat is very tasty i still got some steaks here02:19
bazhang!ot | Pippi_Longstock02:19
ubottuPippi_Longstock: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
Pippi_Longstockoh wrong network lol02:19
MestreLionTim55: at least here it shares dont expire until log out or manual disconnect02:19
cpareHello Everyone02:19
Hot2TrotMestreLion: I know I have it installed, I did what you said, but it doesn't appear to be making the text editing in alpine vi02:19
MestreLionHot2Trot: update-alternatives must be run with sudo02:20
Hot2TrotMestreLion: I did that02:20
paijem-cantikTim55 : can you paste output $pdbedit -v -u username ?02:21
escottHot2Trot, yes02:21
cpareQuestion: Why don't I see thumbnail images when I browse a remote share (SMB)02:21
Hot2TrotMestreLion: though it appears that it did make my command line commands use vi editing02:21
MestreLionHot2Trot: ive never used alpine... but if that software is meant to be a vi replacement, i hope it adds itself to update-alternatives list, so you can choose it02:22
Hot2TrotMestreLion: I see02:22
MestreLionHot2Trot: that depends on the command you use... some rely on the EDITOR enviroment var (as someone here suggested), some use the symlinks that update-alternatives provide02:23
escottcpare, its a nautilus preference, but to make the thumbnail the entire file has to be downloaded02:23
MestreLioncpare: Nautilus -> Edit > Preferences > View > Preview02:24
cpareescott - will it build a thumbnail database file for future references?02:25
jukebox-zeroLet me try asking this a different way: If i install this using checkinstall --pkgname=mplayer --provides=mencoder will apt-get, aptitude, dpkg, et al have any trouble or complain if there were a pkg that depended on mplayer? It looks at the pkg name mroe than the provides, right?02:25
MestreLionbut i *strongly* recommend you NOT to change from Local Drives Only to All Drives... as escott said, files would be downloaded for preview generation... and in remote servers, this is a BAD idea02:25
rosstaylori am currently downloading a torrent file, but it's incredibly slow. Is it possible to somehow increase my downloading speed?02:25
lfaraonerosstaylor: get a faster torrent?02:26
cpareThanks escott & MestreLion - that was the ticket!02:26
GutenTagwhat directory is best to install hadoop?  (I really don't know the conventions used with *nix directory structures for 3rd party software)02:26
cpareI am happy again :)02:26
el_seanohas anybody here used bluetile?  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Considerations?02:26
urlin2urosstaylor, your subject to the peers02:26
lfaraonerosstaylor: the problem is either your network speed, or the fact that there is not a lot of available bandwidth on the torrent.02:26
lfaraoneI have a ThinkPad x220 with integrated Intel sound. After using HDMI, pulse fails to run with "E: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-card" (argument: "device_id="29" name="platform-thinkpad_acpi" card_name="alsa_card.platform-thinkpad_acpi" tsched=yes ignore_dB=no card_properties="module-udev-detect.discovered=1""): initialization failed.". Is there a workaround here (googling gave me nothing), or should I report a bug?02:27
adantehi guys, should a macbookpro pass a ubuntu memory test out of the box?02:27
adanteor are there nuances to the mbp hardware that would e.g. make it instantly reboot02:27
lfaraoneadante: all computers should pass memtest02:28
lfaraoneadante: does it load up the test at all?02:28
MestreLionGutenTag: unless youre really sure what youre doing, stick with Software Center and / or Synaptics... "3rd party software downloaded from web" is not the *nix way, and may mess your system02:28
MestreLionGutenTag: and hadoop IS in the official repositories02:30
rosstaylorok thank you02:30
adantelfaraone: i think so... it gets to the blue background console screen and then promptly reboots02:30
Pippi_Longstockis there anything about a tool to manage harddrives (mdadm) and stuff?02:30
Pippi_Longstockbut witha Gui, qt or gtk or something?02:31
escottcpare, it should02:31
lfaraoneadante: sounds like you may have a ram problem :) does Ubuntu work properly at that computer?02:31
MestreLionGutenTag: for 90% (or more) of the apps you need are avaliable through Software Center... that is the first place to loob for before going to the World Wild Web ;)02:31
jukebox-zeroHow about this, I've been doing some searching, does anyone know of a pkg that has more than one provides I could look at as an example. Tovid came to mind, but it appears to be in the description only. Or is there a better way to look at that than aptitude show * or apt-cache show *?02:31
MestreLion(pun intended)02:31
adantelfaraone: haven't actually tried, gonna give it a go in a bit02:31
lfaraoneadante: yeah, memtest is supported on Intel Macs.02:31
GutenTagMestreLion: hadoop just unpacks, though, I believe.  That said, can I use Software Center / Synaptics to download a specific version of hadoop and install it?  Do either of those two options equate to using 'sudo apt-get'  ?02:32
escottPippi_Longstock, there is the disk utility but i dont know that it supports mdadm. generally raid is something done through the terminal. if you need help for that ask02:32
MestreLionjukebox-zero: i guess wine does that.... version from PPA provides both wine and wine1.302:32
jukebox-zeroMestreLion: Thanks, I'll check it out.02:32
_alexleon_hey ppl what is better instal windows vista first or install ubuntu first?02:33
lfaraone_alexleon_: install Windows then Ubuntu02:33
centHOGGwindows then linux02:33
_alexleon_thank u02:33
centHOGGms dinks the mbr on every install02:33
_alexleon_nd what happens if i install ubuntu first?02:33
centHOGGms dinks the mbr on every install02:33
lfaraone_alexleon_: you'd just need to reinstall grub02:33
MestreLionGutenTag: Sofware Center is a friendly version of Synaptics... which in turn is a friendly version of Apptitude... they ALL use sudo apt-get behind the curtains02:33
escott_alexleon_, you have to reinstall grub, nothing too complex02:33
Nach0zjust outta curiosity, didn't Ubuntu used to come with a "install alongside windows" option? Now i'm having to repartition and everything manually >_<02:33
edbiandink dink dink02:33
centHOGGextra work02:34
_alexleon_ok :)02:34
escottNach0z, it does02:34
edbianNach0z: You should still be able to install along side windows. (maybe not those words exactly)02:34
MestreLion_alexleon_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2715502:34
Nach0zit doesn't have the "install alongside windows" option anymore02:34
lfaraoneescott: I think they removed the 'resize partition foo' in recent versions of ubiquity. its not on oneiric at least, haven't used the gui installer on natty02:34
Nach0zit's just "delete windows" or "something else" :/02:34
escottlfaraone, i swear i saw it oneiric the other day02:35
lfaraoneit used to be you could have it resize and use free space automagically.02:35
edbianNach0z: Open gparted02:35
MestreLionNach0z: it does still have that option02:35
edbianNach0z: If the partitions have errors on them you won't be able to resize them and the installer won't let you dual boot.02:35
Nach0z.... just not the easy one-click option anymore. lol. i've already taken care of repartitioning and stuff.02:35
Nach0zjust waitin for  finalization on the install.02:35
edbianNach0z: oh, then nevermind02:36
Nach0zlol. thanks though.02:36
GutenTagMestreLion: OK, just checked (searched) software center for hadoop and found nothing.  We have the tar.gz file and need a destinatino directory.  Is something like this better in /usr/bin or /opt or somewhere else?  It's a pre-compiled java app (but comes with source)...so even perhaps /usr/local is an option?02:36
MestreLionGutenTag: apt-get install <name> will install the appropriate version for your system/architecture02:36
_alexleon_i wish there was something like itunes touse my iphone so u would just install ubuntu02:36
edbianGutenTag: /usr/local/bin/02:36
edbianGutenTag: That's where custom binaries go :)02:36
GutenTagthanks edbian :)02:37
edbianGutenTag: sure02:37
gundySo, I'm looking for a good SIP-PSTN gateway that does pay as you go.02:37
lfaraoneedbian: ah, they do have that still, lol02:37
MestreLionGutenTag: avoid using tar.gz, even for precompiled java apps... it wont install launchers in /usr/bin, it wont install .desktop files for menu entries, etc.... cant you at least find a .DEB package?02:37
A000293If one builds their own distro, can they copyright their own built distro if they don't want to share it? it even though linux is open source?02:37
edbianlfaraone: /usr/local/bin/?  I don't think it's going anywhere.02:37
gundyheh, wrong channel :)02:38
lfaraoneedbian: mix, meant escott02:38
edbianlfaraone: :)02:38
lfaraoneA000293: you have to abide by the terms of the GPL02:39
A000293Whats that02:39
lfaraoneA000293: you don't have to share, but you must give those whom you provide with binaries access to the source code, and a license to redistribute.02:39
lfaraone!gpl | A00029302:39
ubottuA000293: gpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html02:39
ArseneReiHrm...my terminals (urxvt and xterm) have been acting weird since I've upgraded to natty. Their refresh gets really weird after a few hours.02:39
ArseneReiAny thoughts?02:39
klarkis there a fix for the space bar not working within Flash apps in Google Chrome?02:40
lfaraoneklark: can you reproduce the issue with chromium?02:40
escottA000293, and you dont copyright the distro (generally) you trademark it02:40
klarklfaraone: good question. Will try that.02:40
A000293escott: ok02:41
jukebox-zeroOkay, this looks like what I need to do. When apt-get, aptitude, dpkg et al looks for dependancies to be satisfied does anyone know if it only looks at installed package names or also provides? As long as it's both I'm fine.02:41
_alexleon_does someone know how to update an iphone in ubuntu?02:42
escott_alexleon_, update?02:42
MestreLionA000293: you cant build a distro based on Linux and not share... the Linux (and 99% of any modern distro) have a licence that forbid that02:42
lfaraone_alexleon_: sure. check  http://www.libimobiledevice.org02:42
_alexleon_update its ios02:42
lfaraoneMestreLion: sure you can, see Amazon's Kindle :)02:43
escott_alexleon_, install virtualbox, install windows on virtual box, install itunes on windows02:43
A000293MestreLion: I see02:43
MestreLionA000293: i mean... IF you distribuite it, you would need to provide source code02:43
MestreLionlfaraone: Kindle does not use Linux kernel02:43
CrazyTux[m]Hey guys - running 11.04 Ubuntu --- I just recently switched over.  I am experiencing a VERY VERY annoying delay when switching applications with ALT + TAB ( I've googled and I find many people talking about an issue with a two second delay ) -- however while I am not positive that this is not the delay that I am experiencing - I do not believe it to be the  case - as I've both A) Tried all of the suggestions listed on go02:44
lfaraoneMestreLion: who told you that?02:44
MestreLionA000293: you are not forced to distribute it tought... you can build your own distro and keep it to yourself... in that case, youre not forced to share02:44
lfaraone_alexleon_ / escott I've actually had great luck with my iPhone 4, the most recent version of libimobiledevice, and a fix to tell the iPhone to speak a older encrypted adatabase protocol02:44
_alexleon_mm u mean i can install virtualbox in ubuntu nd windown in virtual box so windowswill be inside ubuntu/?? :O02:44
repozitorhello all02:44
escottlfaraone, playing fire with a $200+ device... closed source, flashing with an unsupported system02:45
A000293MestreLion: I assumed that, lol02:45
repozitorhow can i create a nickserv02:45
lfaraoneescott: your device will refuse to flash an unsigned image, and they are verified prior to load.02:45
lfaraonerepozitor: join /j #help and ask them02:45
bazhangrepozitor, #freenode NOT here02:45
_alexleon_so i think i tunes is better02:46
repozitorJoining #help requires an invitation.02:46
mrdeblfaraone: why02:46
MestreLionlfaraone: Linux is GPL'd... meaning if you modify and redistribute it, you must provide cource code of it02:46
repozitorwhat U mean exactly?02:46
lfaraoneMestreLion: right, but you can build a distribution of software around it and not GPL that software.02:46
bazhangrepozitor, ask in #freenode , you are there already02:46
lfaraonemrdeb: why what?02:46
urlin2urepozitor, http://freenode.net/faq.shtml02:47
MestreLionlfaraone: only if you develop from scratch all the software around it02:47
lfaraoneMestreLion: in the case of the Kindle, TiVo, most Android devices, they do give oyou the source to the kernel, and their modifications to the same. But they are not oblidged to give you the entire distribution.02:47
escottlfaraone, i wouldn't know. im strictly no apple here02:48
_alexleon_ima use virtual box :D02:48
MestreLionlfaraone: TiVo is another issue... they used a very nasty feature to prevent you from changing the code... that was one of the main reasons GPL3 was born02:48
lfaraoneMestreLion: so I could take Ubuntu, create a proprietary GUI or killer app on top of it, and as long as it doesn't link with any GPL libraries, I can distribute it all on a CD and call it lfaraone linux and not give you the source for that bit. I could also forbid you from making verbatim copies of that CD.02:49
MestreLionlfaraone: they are not obliged to give any code that is not GLP'd... but that also means they cant use any GLP'd sogtware to build it ;)02:50
bazhanglets get back on topic please02:50
[THC]AcidRainim not sure if this is the right place to ask this.  but i think it has a high relation to ubuntu.  im going to be developing a website, but thats aside from the point.  i want to create a search engine on my site to search within the site.  is it possible to have user input search across directories and files on my box?02:50
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, #ubuntu-offtopic02:50
lfaraone[THC]AcidRain: no, and yes. I think there is a web development channel.02:50
[THC]AcidRainlfaraone, could you tell me that channel?02:51
bazhangand there is a GPL channel02:51
_alexleon_yo ppl unity still sucks?02:51
lfaraone[THC]AcidRain: I have no idea. try #web, #webdev, and other similiar things.02:51
bazhang_alexleon_, actual support question?02:51
MestreLionlfaraone: true... but that means making a GUI that would be completely "detached" from the rest of the distro...02:51
escott!alis | [THC]AcidRain02:51
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*02:51
bazhang!ot | MestreLion lfaraone02:52
ubottuMestreLion lfaraone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:52
MestreLionyoure right, sorry bazhang02:52
bazhang#gpl perhaps02:52
_alexleon_i mean does unity still give problems?02:53
_alexleon_cuz last time it gave me many :/02:53
bazhang_alexleon_, give us details, we will troubleshoot them02:53
lfaraone_alexleon_: that is incredibly vague. it works for a large number of people. many others have issues. as is the same with everything else.02:53
bazhang_alexleon_, "sucks" is not much of a detail02:53
escott_alexleon_, its not unity that usually causes the problems its compiz and graphics support. that and some people just dont like it02:53
eryn_1983_fl_2ok peeps I got it working with trayer no worries02:54
_alexleon_mm i see well this is my new laptop so ima try it here ima isntall it now brb :)02:54
NeoncamouflageIs there a way to change the login screen for Ubuntu 10.10? Or just have it default to like a command line interface to login? I love Ubuntu but have always hated that login screen.02:59
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escotthas anyone enabled compose key to replace the capslock key on a us 104 who would be willing to !paste me their xkb config?03:01
escottNeoncamouflage, you could disable gdm and then login and startx. anything else is just a gdm theme03:02
edbianNeoncamouflage: Here's this: http://ubuntuguide.net/an-effective-way-changing-ubuntu-11-04-login-screen-appearance03:02
edbianNeoncamouflage: But really I recommend turning of GDM as well.  It's a waste of resources03:02
NeoncamouflageI use 10.10, not 11.04. And what's GDM?03:03
somsipNeoncamouflage: or maybe a lightweight replacement like SLiM03:03
edbianNeoncamouflage: GDM is the login screen.03:03
NeoncamouflageOh, well yeah, that's exactly what I want gone. :P03:03
NeoncamouflageOr changed to look nicer03:03
edbianNeoncamouflage: You know it's not hard to google ;)   http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1303:03
Neoncamouflageedbian, Yes but then we don't get to have a nice conversation. :)03:04
edbianNeoncamouflage: ha03:04
cordovalanyone knows how to disable the suspend button on the keyboard for good?03:05
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cordovalubuntu natty latest here 64 bit asus g73jw03:05
NeoncamouflageAlright, I highly doubt this, but would there be any way to disable the login screen but not have to start x each time I log in? Like login to the terminal and then automatically go to the desktop.03:09
NeoncamouflageThat I did try to google.03:10
escottNeoncamouflage, you could just uninstall your greater or boot to text03:10
somsipNeoncamouflage: add exec startx to .bash_profile.03:11
escottNeoncamouflage, booting to text is probably the easiest, just modify /etc/default/grub to set text as the boot option and rerun update-grub03:11
somsip!zh | yingouqlj03:13
ubottuyingouqlj: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:13
Neoncamouflageescott, That's exactly what I'm trying to do, thanks.03:13
Neoncamouflageand thank you somsip, will do that03:13
nekrohey guys, i have a question03:14
edbiannekro: yeah?03:14
nekroim having issues03:14
escottNeoncamouflage, i would worry about adding startx to .bash_profile. what happens when x fails to start, or when you login to multiple consoles03:14
nekrojust installed ubuntu 10.10 to my HDD03:15
nekrovia USB stick, and im getting a geom error03:15
nekroif i don't boot with the USB stick in, i get no error, it just sits there03:15
escottnekro, a geometry error? what exactly does it say03:15
Kamikazehey all... I just finished installation of latest version of Ubuntu, the thing is this, My partition "D" and "E" are NTFS is that ok? because I'm coming from Windows Vista and I did't format that partitions, sure i change the format of that partitions that are NTFS ?03:15
nekrogeom error. and then it sits there03:15
urlin2uKamikaze, ubuntu wont install to a ntfs03:16
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escottKamikaze, you can't/shouldn't install ubuntu to D or E, but otherwise its fine03:16
Neoncamouflageescott, if x fails for some reason and it's in bashrc, would it crash Ubuntu?03:16
escottnekro, have you tried reinstalling grub?03:16
NeoncamouflageI would assume it would just stay on the command interface.03:16
nekroit won't let me03:16
escottNeoncamouflage, well usually startx would fail and drop you back to bash. but what if x starts locking the entire box up?03:17
nekrocan i use F8 to bring up a boot menu like windows?03:17
Kamikazeurlin2u, no i have installed ubuntu on C and it automatically changed the type of partition and it installed there, but i have partitiot E and D where are my pics songs etc... is that fine?03:17
escottnekro, i think its the space key?03:17
Kamikazeurlin2u,  and they are NTFS03:18
urlin2uKamikaze, is your question will ubuntu read those partitions?03:18
Neoncamouflageescott, then wouldn't that do the same thing regardless of whether it's me trying to startx or bashrc?03:18
nekrowon't work03:18
Sna4x8I am having a grub nightmare.  I tried to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 last night using the update manager.  After that my system would not boot.  This is standard for me - every upgrade since 8.x for me, I've had to manually boot into rescue mode and grub-install on my mdadm raid.  Now, however, update-grub2 is not finding my Ubuntu installation.  This has never happened before.03:18
escottnekro, or maybe escape. can you tell if the kernel is loading?03:18
nekroit doesn't load past bios03:18
nekrothis is my first time running linux03:19
escottNeoncamouflage, well presumably you won't do it on your 5th, 6th, 7th, ... reboot03:19
Kamikazeurlin2u, i already checked it reads everything is fine as should be, im just wondering is this how it supposed to be? or i should change the type of that partitions that are remaining NTFS now03:19
escottnekro, so grub isn't coming up at all. try to reinstall grub. thats always the first thing to do03:19
escott!grub | nekro03:19
Neoncamouflageescott, oh...right. duh. XD Will refrain from adding it to bashrc, good call. Thanks again man.03:19
ubottunekro: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:19
nekrooh cool a skybot03:20
nekroi can't install it if the machine won't boot >->03:20
escottNeoncamouflage, it can be done, just keep those rescue cds around, or be prepared to work in single mode or ...03:20
urlin2uKamikaze, if you just a a ubuntu install the other two partitions are okay as ntfs, uuntu can't defragg them though if that matters.03:20
nekrobe right back03:20
escottnekro, you install grub (not the whole os) from the live usb03:20
nekroi think it was corrupted accidentally03:21
escottnekro, this is what the error means: This error message will occur if the location of the Stage 2 or Stage 1.5 is not in the area supported by reading the disk with the BIOS directly. This could occur because the BIOS translated geometry has been changed by the user or the disk is moved to another machine or controller after installation, or GRUB was not installed using itself (if it was, the Stage 2 version of this error would have been03:21
escott seen during that process and it would not have completed the install).03:21
Pippi_Longstocki need to make a backup from backup03:21
urlin2uKamikaze, sorry for the spelling mistakes I think your fine.03:22
r3b00tcan somebody help me with a driver issue??03:22
bazhangPippi_Longstock, okay.03:22
Kamikazeurlin2u,  thanks ) cuz i was thinking that it might make conflict with something that two of my partitions are ntfs but sounds like its ok because the system has its own partition and its own type03:22
bazhangPippi_Longstock, where is said backup03:22
Kamikazeurlin2u,  sure no problem )03:22
r3b00twcid is acting up for me03:22
urlin2uKamikaze, if you wanted you could reformat them to ext4 at some time.03:23
nekroi used unetbootin03:23
nekroare there any better utils?03:23
lidaobinghello, the F12 key sounds occupied by my LXDE window manager, how can I disable this?03:23
KamikazeKamikaze,  would it make difference? i mean would it work faster than now? or it wont effect on anything anyhow03:24
Captainkrtekr3b00t: I can03:24
escottlidaobing, it would be in your lxde wm config whatever that may be03:24
GutenTagI just downloaded a .rpm file (jdk-7).  I want to install it into / directory, but I get permission denied.  I'm not sure how to start the rpm manager with sudo or get around the permissions problem.03:24
escottlidaobing, see if there is a .lxde? file/folder03:24
escott!rpm | GutenTag03:24
r3b00tso I am trying to connect my laptop to my wifi router. I have it selected as WPA 1/2 Passphrase.. and I made sure my password is right. then hit connect03:24
ubottuGutenTag: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)03:24
edbianGutenTag: .rpm's are for other distros03:25
lidaobingescott, no ~/.lxde03:25
bazhang!java > GutenTag03:25
ubottuGutenTag, please see my private message03:25
r3b00tbut then it says "Connection Failed: Bad Password"03:25
lidaobingescott, or ~/.config/lxde03:25
Kamikazeurlin2u,  would it make difference? i mean would it work faster than now? or it wont effect on anything anyhow03:25
bazhang!partner | GutenTag03:25
ubottuGutenTag: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »03:25
urlin2uKamikaze, all relative really.03:25
Captainkrtekr3b00t: have you tried disabling security?03:25
r3b00tI need my security though...03:25
urlin2uKamikaze, it's safe just use it would be my motto. ;-)03:25
Kamikazeurlin2u, if i change them to ext4 it wont erase any of my files right? they'll survive ?)03:26
Jordan_Unekro: Why did you install Ubuntu 10.10 rather than 11.04 ?03:26
urlin2uKamikaze, nope changing partitions types wipes them.03:26
r3b00tCaptainkrtek, and there is another unsecure WAP right by me and it wont connect to that either03:26
nekroa friend said it was better03:26
GutenTagahh, thanks guyes.  That said, we double clicked on it and it seemed that it installed it (although in my ~/Download directory).  Would that behavior be expected?  Also, for jdk-7, should I just then grab the compressed binary tar.gz and unpack it appropriately?03:26
Kamikazeurlin2u, wips them? lool i have my whole life in that 2 partitions )03:26
escottKamikaze, you generally cannot "just change" partitions. upgrades do exist for ext2->ext3->ext4->btrfs but not for other combinations03:26
Lasersnekro: There are no reasons to stay on 10.10.  Either you go with 10.04 (LTS) or 11.04 -- Or switch to a different distro. Just saying.03:27
Captainkrtekr3b00t: using any manual connection settings? like manual dhcp?03:27
urlin2uKamikaze, you would have to back up the files03:27
GutenTag(I did search the Software Center for java and didn't see it there.)03:27
nekroo-o i had 10.04 LTS03:27
r3b00tnot to my knowledge03:27
nekroand he said 10.10 was better03:27
Kamikazeescott, thanks )03:27
urlin2uKamikaze, if that is your whole life you better back it up anyway.03:27
Jordan_UKamikaze: Having your whole life in two partitions with no backups is a problem in any situation.03:27
Kamikazei would like to have a back up but i have no idea how to do that ?03:28
Captainkrtekr3b00t: what wireless adapter are you using03:28
escott!backup | Kamikaze03:28
ubottuKamikaze: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:28
Kamikazeya its really my whole life in that 2 partitions03:28
nekrocan i just not use GRUB?03:28
Jordan_Unekro: There isn't much sense in installing 10.10 when 11.04 is newer and 10.04 will be supported longer (since it's an LTS version).03:28
Kamikazethankss guys u r kind )03:28
escottnekro, you have to use something, grub is generally the best choice03:29
r3b00tCaptainkrtek: broadcom BCM4312 is what comes up with lspci -v03:29
Captainkrtekkk hold on03:29
syrinx_priestnekro: and what happens when you boot from the USB?  do you get a live desktop?03:29
escottsyrinx_priest, geom error03:29
nekrono, its an installer USB03:29
nekroi get a geom error after installing03:29
Jordan_Unekro: The error you're getting isn't actually from Ubuntu 10.10's version of grub.03:29
Captainkrtekr3b00t: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source03:30
Kamikazeescott,  might i sound funny but i would like to ask, is that true that Linuxes in this case(Ubuntu) never get infected with viruses ?03:30
nekroim re-imaging the USB via unebootin03:30
Captainkrtekr3b00t: Under the desktop menu System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers, the STA drivers can be activated for use.03:30
nekrothen im gonna see if i can reinstall and run it03:30
escottKamikaze, generally speaking no. for a number of reasons03:30
Captainkrtekyou may have to restart after03:30
nekroi mightve yanked it out too soon03:30
r3b00tthat came back with a bunch of errors03:31
Kamikazeescott, so there is possibility that even Ubuntu can be infected with some viruses ?03:31
Captainkrtekr3b00t: pastebin them03:31
r3b00tthat machine cant get online03:31
escottKamikaze, its not something one usually worries about but yes it is possible.03:31
Captainkrtekr3b00t: right... any way to connect it via ethernet?03:31
Jordan_Unekro: I would recommend installing Ubuntu 11.04. If that fails also, run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt it produces.03:31
Jordan_U!bootinfo | nekro03:31
ubottunekro: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).03:31
r3b00tno cables03:31
Kamikazeescott, thanks:) i hope it wont happen with me )03:32
r3b00tCaptainkrtek: and hardware/additional drivers isnt listed under System>Admin03:32
nekroJordan_U, id be unable to. right after the BIOS screen is the geom error03:32
urlin2uKamikaze, rootkits will run on any OS.03:32
r3b00tim running backtrack 5 which is ubuntu03:32
urlin2ugenerally *03:32
bazhangr3b00t, not supported here03:32
escott!backtrack | r3b00t03:32
ubottur3b00t: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition03:32
Captainkrtekr3b00t: not supported in the ubuntu channel03:32
Captainkrtekalso I wouldn't use backtrack as a daily driver03:33
bazhang#backtrack-linux r3b00t03:33
Kamikazeurlin2u, im sorry im a new guy in Ubuntu... i have no idea what is rootkits )03:33
r3b00tthere is a bt channel here?03:33
Captainkrtekit's meant for being a live cd mainly for pen testing, not really a daily driver03:33
bazhangr3b00t, yes, look above03:33
r3b00tdidnt know that thanks!03:33
nekroim wanting to runa gamer OS. should i just install win7 after i get ubuntu running?03:33
escottKamikaze, in common terminology "viruses" there are lots of terms depending on how it is transmitted and what it does03:33
r3b00tit wont let me send to the room03:33
urlin2uKamikaze, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_kit03:34
Kamikazeurlin2u, escott  thanks :) now ill read it, sorry guys is there any site that can provide my basic skills of this operation system? simplest ones just how to use them which is where... ?03:34
escott!manual | Kamikaze03:35
ubottuKamikaze: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:35
=== mayer is now known as SSMiaka
bazhang!wiki | Kamikaze03:35
ubottuKamikaze: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.03:35
urlin2uKamikaze, in ubuntu getting a rotkit is unlikely if you know the source of the installs, and root is locked basically needs a password to access.03:35
Sna4x8Any help with my grub/mdadm problem is greatly appreciated.03:35
Kamikazeurlin2u, this thing sounds hard... i dont believe that i can ever master those things )03:36
escottSna4x8, be more specific please03:36
Sna4x8Thanks escott:03:36
Sna4x8I am having a grub nightmare.  I tried to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 last night using the update manager.  After that my system would not boot.  This is standard for me - every upgrade since 8.x for me, I've had to manually boot into rescue mode and grub-install on my mdadm raid.  Now, however, update-grub2 is not finding my Ubuntu installation.  This has never happened before.03:36
prezidentdoes anybody know how i can convert doc or docx to a pdf03:36
urlin2uKamikaze, nah its a learning curve I guess I started on open source.03:36
escottprezident, in bulk... no idea, but you can print to pdf with libreoffice03:36
Captainkrtekprezident: open it in LibreOffice and export as PDF03:36
r3mHi, which mta is installed when we install Ubuntu? is it exim? because i do not have it installed03:37
prezidentok cool03:37
r3b00twaa nobody is awake in the Backtrack room03:38
Sna4x8r3m: I think it's postfix now.03:38
r3mSna4x8: thanks03:38
bazhangr3b00t, not an ubuntu problem. be patient there03:38
r3b00tso it has something to do with what they stripped away with ubuntu when they made the BT Distro?03:38
jmcantrellwhen a network share gets mounted through nautilus, is there a way to get to that at the command line?03:38
urlin2uKamikaze, if you just install from the Ubuntu repos to begin with you have nothing to worry about, just don't run in root, for various reasons.03:38
dr-willisr3b00t:  they are on a different irc network normslly i think. check their jomepage03:39
r3b00tyeah nobody answers there either03:39
bazhangr3b00t, please stop asking for bt support here. its offtopic03:39
dr-willisr3b00t:  siunds like a goid reason to not use bt. then03:39
Captainkrtekr3b00t: what are you using bt for?03:39
CaptainkrtekI have used it a bit in the past03:39
r3b00trunning through my network security etc. but I cant even get it online. so Ill ask in the other room about the driver issue03:40
dr-willisive not noticed anything in bt that cant be installed onto ubuntu from a ppa or other soruce03:40
Kamikazeurlin2u, actually i have no serious purposes with this operation system, I'm daily user... like browsing... music films etc... and some yahoo skype that's it... but i would like to handle this operation well if im able of course to understand how is everything going on here03:40
Captainkrtekr3b00t: you can PM me if you like03:40
bazhangKamikaze, yes, so read the links we sent you03:40
Kamikazebazhang, ye thats what im doing right now03:41
xenzioshas anyone gotten starcraft2 to work?03:43
xenzios(I tried playonlinux channel but it's dead)03:44
wildbatxenzios: #winehq03:44
xenziostried that too03:44
xenziosstill waiting for a response03:44
escottjmcantrell, check `mount` but usually it will be found in ~/.gvfs03:44
Kamikazeurlin2u, wondering is out there an app that like has a search bar you can type the music's name and it comes up and play for you? or ask you to download ?03:45
jmcantrellescott: ah, there it is. thanks :)03:45
wildbatxenzios: we don't support wine here so check on the appdb or wait for #winehq response:>03:45
escottjmcantrell, it may be that its not actually mounted but just using libsamba03:45
nekroim running rescue mode03:46
urlin2uKamikaze, there are players, rhythmbox has plugins to get stuff from proprietors, probably others as well not sure really.03:46
=== sweat is now known as Guest17991
Kamikazeurlin2u, thanks for patiently answering to my questions03:47
nekrourlin2u, would running rescue mode fix my geom error?03:47
nekroor is it merely GRUB related03:48
urlin2uKamikaze, no problem there is a #ubuntu-offtopic channel as well probably more suitable for random stuff. ;-)03:48
nekroand would rescue mode fix GRUB schtuffs?03:48
urlin2unekro, have you a bootable thumb now?03:48
nekroim running rescue mode on it03:48
nekroi may have to use the thumb as my primary OS storage, and put everything else on the SATA HDD03:49
Kamikazeurlin2u, ill try there as well) still trying to figure out basic things such as music player programs this then ) as i master them ill go deep far to see what can this operation do generally ;)03:49
nekrook, i exited rescue mode03:50
urlin2unekro, boot the thumg open a terminal and run this command in the link in one fell swoop it will put a RESULTS.txt in home copy and paste all the text to a pastebin.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/667640/03:50
nekrourlin2u, ok, after i try reinstalling GRUB03:51
nekroits 33% formatting03:51
urlin2unekro, this is actually to see what your mising so you can install grub, are you confident in installing grub?03:52
nekroim using an iso loaded by unetbootin. im a windows user, flying blind03:52
nekroa someone on here said reinstall GRUB03:53
jukebox-zerowhen dpkg checks to see if a pkgs dependencies are satisfied, does it look at the names of installed packages, what those packages say they provide, or both?03:53
urlin2unekro, run the script, it will show any anomalies that may be causing problems first.03:53
Pippi_Longstockis it possible to isntall and run ubuntu on a raid5 with a dedicated root partition using btrfs for root?03:53
nekrowell, i am already in the middle of (installing base system)03:53
nekrowhatever that means03:54
urlin2unekro, your just reinstalling Ubuntu you will be okay.03:54
rwwjukebox-zero: both03:54
nekrois unetbootin good?03:55
bazhangPippi_Longstock, what about your backup issue03:55
Pippi_Longstocki try to build up a NAS with 6x 4 terabyte and a separate partition for the OS03:55
Pippi_Longstockbazhang: thats another problem03:55
urlin2unekro, I use it often, are you loading it right now I think we are on differnt pages here.03:55
urlin2uloading the thumb03:56
jukebox-zerorww: so I'm good in assuming if I compile a package using checkinstall --pkgname=mplayer --provides=mencoder dpkg will recognize that a dependency for both mplayer and mencoder would be satisfied?03:56
rwwjukebox-zero: I don't use checkinstall, but I would assume so.03:58
hylianhello all03:58
nekrourlin2u, i am right now03:59
urlin2uhylian, hey, need some help?03:59
nekroim on a winxp machine'03:59
jukebox-zerorww: well, if we leave checkinstall out of the mix, that a .deb package that is named mplayer and provides mencoder would satisfy deps without having to specify it provides both mplayer and mencoder? (Can't figure out the syntax to specify more than one)03:59
urlin2unekro, so do you want to fix grub?03:59
nekroconfiguring console setup03:59
hylianurlin2u, no, but thanks for offering. I thought I would see if anyone else needed help.04:00
nekroits 83 percent done installing base system04:00
rwwjukebox-zero: yes04:00
jukebox-zerothat it satisfies mplayer by virtue of being named mplayer04:00
urlin2uhylian, coo.04:00
elacheche_anisHey guys, I have a serious problem here with the loco.ubuntu.com website!! When I sign in using my OpenID the site don't use my real OpenId but an other one XD04:00
urlin2uhylian, cool.04:00
jukebox-zerorww: excellent. Thank you.04:00
rwwelacheche_anis: ask #ubuntu-locoteams, that's where the LoCo Directory people hang out.04:00
elacheche_anisok rww thx :)04:01
Kamikazeurlin2u, Sr. If i download apps only from "Ubuntu Software Center" there is no risk to infect my PC right?04:01
urlin2uKamikaze, thats right.04:01
hylianKamikaze, there is always a risk to infecting your pc, unless you do not use the internet.04:02
nekrourlin2u, do i NEED to install grub? or can i boot without it04:02
hylianKamikaze, albeit a very very small one04:02
urlin2unekro, does the computer boot to ubuntu now?04:03
Kamikazehylian, i got it, thanks Sr )04:03
nekrothis is part of the install process04:03
nekroit asks if i want to or not04:03
nekrocan it boot without GRUB04:03
urlin2unekro, so your reinstalling is this correct?04:03
nekroits at the end of the reinstall04:04
nekroi reformatted just in case04:04
nekroso theres no GRUB isntalled right now04:04
hylianwireless does not work with lxde, even if i install another wifi client like wicd.04:04
urlin2unekro, grub is automatic under the best of conditions, but when you boot with a thumb, the HD and thumb can get switched, as far as how the installer see them.04:04
=== Guest86224 is now known as twotwenty
nekro... so i don't need to install it?04:05
PeddyMy keymaps are messed up (in the default layout, the ALT and WIN keys are swapped), how do I change this?04:05
jukebox-zerorww: out of curiosity, do you use something else like src2pkg or just install the source without worrying about pkg mgmnt?04:05
urlin2unekro, can you just boot the umb with no install and run the script I suggest we are not really able to communicaye here.04:05
nekrono, i can't04:06
nekroam at the last portion of the install04:06
jukebox-zerorww: I'm kinda behind on what's the newest and greatest in ubuntu.04:06
nekrowhere it asks if i should install GRUB or not04:06
urlin2unekro, hmm what id the release your installing?04:06
rwwjukebox-zero: I don't go outside the repositories.04:07
hyliannekro, if your installing ubuntu to a usb key, i wouldn't advise it, especially if you have linux already installed in a local hard disk.04:07
urlin2unekro, can you describe that question about a grub install?04:07
nekroim installing it FROM the usb TO the HDD04:07
Kamikazeurlin2u, is that just seems to me or it is really lol i think my PC barely runs this OS? is this too heavy for my PC? my pc is core i7 n 8gb ram, and 1gb video, sometimes when i close a dialog or search for something it takes a few seconds very a few is that means my PC weak for this OS ?04:07
hyliannekro, ohh, i do that all the time. then I do suggest installing grub, yes. I have never had any problems in doing that. :)04:08
urlin2unekro, honestly I just don't understand you.04:08
nekroInstall GRUB boot loader to the master boot record? <yes> <no>04:08
hyliannekro i would.04:08
nekrook, i am04:08
jukebox-zerorww: ah. well probably part of my problem in doing this in the first place is being behind. Is there anything you might recommend rather than the ffmpeg/mplayer combo I learned back in dapper days?04:08
nekrosetting hardware clock. installation complete04:08
nekro... geom error04:09
hyliannekro, never seen that error before...04:09
urlin2unekro, are or did you install from windows?04:10
urlin2uyiu or did04:10
nekroit was broken windows install04:10
nekroi switched the primary boot device from the USB to the HDD and nothing happens04:10
hyliannekro, a quick look at that error suggests you would have to shut down the machine, remove yur usb key, and then reboot.04:11
Jordan_U!bootinfo | nekro04:11
ubottunekro: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).04:11
urlin2uJordan_U, thanks. ;-)04:12
wadIs there a factoid on how to play a DVD with the latest UBuntu?04:12
Jordan_U!dvd | wad04:12
ubottuwad: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:12
Sna4x8I'm completely stumped, any help is appreciated.  I used the update manager to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10, and now grub will not detect my raid array.  I can mount the raid array fine, and see all my files, I just can't get grub to generate a good grub.cfg.04:13
Jordan_Uwad: You're welcome.04:13
Jordan_USna4x8: What is wrong with the grub.cfg? What happens when you try to boot?04:13
hyliannekro, from what I have read this could also be an error with having the auto detect setting in your bios. here is what i am quoting from: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/grub-geom-error-287509/04:14
nekroautodetect? where at?04:14
Sna4x8Jordan_U: I get cannot find boot device.04:15
jukebox-zerorww: thanks, mplayer v4.4.3 is up and running like a charm and satisfies a dependency for mencoder. :)04:15
urlin2uhylian, that is grub-legav=cy04:15
Sna4x8Jordan_U: That's the case for me with every single update, though.  I always have to reinstall grub on the raid array.04:15
hylianurlin2u, ahh, thanks, didn't see that.04:15
Sna4x8Jordan_U: Typically I just mount the raid array, chroot, and grub-install ; update-grub04:16
nekrohylian, set LBA to off then?04:16
Jordan_USna4x8: "Cannot find boot device" is not an error message that grub gives. Please copy and paste (using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com for multiple lines) the exact error message.04:16
urlin2unekro, the only way any of us wikll understand you is if you run the script two of us have suggested.04:16
Sna4x8Jordan_U: At this point, I have grub installed on the raid array.  This is a dual boot system.  I can boot into XP now.04:17
=== sevensixtwo is now known as Seven_Six_Two
nekroi get the geom error on loading my USB drive04:17
nekroi have to REMOVE LINUX04:17
nekroto get the USB to load04:17
nekromeaning i can't run your script04:17
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Jordan_Unekro: Have you tried removing the internal drive from the BIOS's boot order rather than removing it physically?04:18
hyliannekro, from more research, that might solve your problem, but another problem is some bioses not being able to use uuid numbers, in which case your only option is to dig up lilo. it's worth a try to do that first, set the bios yourself instead of auto detect.04:19
chrome_For when ubuntu 11.10?04:19
nekrohylian: uh... what the heck does that mean04:19
slipkid08hello all04:20
nekrolilo and uuid04:20
hyliannekro i can tell you that both the machine i am using and my netbook where just frshly installed using a 16gb usb stick. nothing special either about that stick.04:20
chrome_when for ubuntu 11.10?04:20
urlin2uchrome_, #ubuntu+1 is 11.1004:20
Pippi_Longstocksir bazhang are you still there?04:20
slipkid08I hate Win704:20
slipkid08I love Ubuntu04:21
nekrook, lets try this again04:21
urlin2uPippi_Longstock, tab there nic they will be notified04:21
crushey guys, are there any official documentation to getting gnome3 shell running on 11.04? i tried with the gnome3 team ppa and it hosed my install04:21
hyliannekro lilo is and older stand by for grub. uuid is a universal i.d. number for your hard drive. some bios'es can't handle it, so you would have to use the old standard /dev/hda1/ (for instance)04:21
slipkid08but Ubuntu needs to embed wine inside their fresh install04:21
wildbat!gnome3 | crus04:21
ubottucrus: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.04:21
Jordan_Uhylian: UUIDs have nothing to do with this particular problem.04:21
nekrohylian: you guys don't seem to udnerstand, i've never ran linux on this machine, and the old OS was windows, which corrupted04:21
slipkid08What exactly is GNOME?04:22
cruswildbat: any further information you can give me? such as when this might be possible?04:22
hylianJordan_U, great, that helps. please enlighten me or nekro though, sure could use the help.04:22
crusslipkid08: www.gnome.org, it's a desktop environment.04:22
hyliannekro, i see. ok, let's take this a little slower.04:22
wildbatcrus: i doubt it will be04:23
Jordan_Unekro: Can you possibly burn and boot from a CD?04:23
slipkid08so GNOME is actually just the "Point-and-click"?04:23
nekroit refuses to boot from a CD04:23
nekroonly a USB04:23
nekroor else i'd be running WIN704:23
Jordan_Unekro: What happens when you try to boot from CD?04:23
slipkid08nice answer04:23
nekroits true. nothing happens04:23
crusslipkid08: for a better understanding you would be better off visiting the website i replied to you with04:23
hyliannekro, do you have 2 hard drives?04:24
slipkid08Check your CD/DVD Cables and make sure none are turned upside down04:24
nekroone hard drive, and a USB drive it THINKS is a HDD04:24
Jordan_Unekro: "nothing happens" is almost never a useful description. You insert a CD, press the power button and ... ?04:24
nekrothey can't be upside down04:24
slipkid08so the problem is that it's trying to continue booting from the USB, correct?04:24
hyliannekro, yeah, they are actually designed to do that. is this a live cd image put on the key, or was it an attempt to install ubuntu straight to the usb key?04:25
nekroJordan_U, it boots, loads the hardware analyzer (shows my hardware) and then hangs04:25
nekrono matter what i do04:25
cjsWhy is the anki package in 10.04 version 1.2.8, but in 11.04 rolled back to 1.0.x? Am I getting it from somewhere else, even though it doesn't look like it from sources.list? How do I tell where a package is coming from?04:25
nekroif i direct it to boot from the USB i get a geom erro04:25
Jordan_Unekro: And if you direct it to boot from the internal drive?04:25
nekrosame thing as disk drive04:26
urlin2uhylian, slipkid08 may I suggest we let Jordan_U take care of this they are more then qualified and all the other help is causing more problems.04:26
hylianurlin2u, sounds grand to me :)04:26
slipkid08fine. Just trying to help04:26
Jordan_Unekro: Does the machine have a floppy drive?04:26
cjsOk, simpler question: how do I tell what line in /etc/apt/sources.list is bringing in a particular package?04:27
urlin2uslipkid08, I like helpng but you have to know when to hold them so to speak. ;-)04:27
Jordan_Unekro: Can you take the internal drive out of the problematic machine and put it in a working machine?04:27
nekroi only have this machine04:27
nekrothe previous machine it was in worked04:27
nekrothis machine and the problematic one04:27
slipkid08I do this for a living. I deal with these problems daily. Just trying to help him troubleshoot is all. Been doing it for 15 years. :)04:28
hylianJordan_U, i think he actually had it installed to the usb key, thereby actually installing grub to it's master boot record, so this is probably not a live cd image unetbootin type install.04:28
Jordan_Ucjs: "apt-cache policy packagename" will give enough information that you should be able to determine the line in the sources.list (or in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/foo.lst ).04:28
* hylian must drift off to the land of nod.04:30
nekrohylian: its installing from the USB to ym SATA04:30
cjsJordan_U: Thanks. So the new 1.2 one comes from lucid-updates/universe, and the old 1.0 one comes from natty/universe. What does this mean?04:30
hyliannekro, it might actually be the cd drive that is causing this error. I would love to help you further, but I need to leave. :(04:31
cjsJordan_U: Oh, wait, I'm misreading it, I think....04:31
hyliannekro, if you have the time, try this install again after removing the cd/dvd drive.04:31
Jordan_Unekro: You are able to boot from the USB drive if you unplug the internal drive?04:31
cjsJordan_U: Oh, got it. The "100 /var/lib/dpkg/status" for my new version means I must have grabbed a package file and installed it manually.04:31
cjsJordan_U: Problem solved. Thanks!04:32
Jordan_Ucjs: You're welcome :)04:32
nekrothat didnt work...04:33
Jordan_Unekro: What didn't work?04:35
nekrodisabling the CD drive04:35
nekroand the HDD04:35
nekroand USB booting04:35
Jordan_Unekro: Disabling by unplugging?04:35
nekrotelling the BIOS to not boot them04:36
Jordan_Unekro: I need clarification. If you unplug the internal drive can you successfully boot from USB?04:36
nekroi have yet to unplug the internal drive04:36
nekroseriously, i spent a few days putting it together, only to find that the mobo was faulty, two weeks ago04:37
nekroi just got a new one back04:37
nekroand got it all put together04:37
Jordan_Unekro: I assume you have tried unplugging the USB drive and booting from the internal (after re-enabling it in the BIOS)?04:39
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Jordan_Unekro: Do you have another linux machine you can work from to try some changes to the USB drive?04:41
nekroi've never ran linux, only win04:41
nekroand a little mac04:41
Jordan_Unekro: Do you have a mac available?04:41
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nekrono, just my windows. the mac was at school.04:42
Jordan_Unekro: Or, can you boot from the USB drive on another machine?04:42
Peddywhere are the keyboard configuration files stored? mine keep reverting to a bad default04:42
nekroJordan_U, yes04:42
Jordan_Unekro: Please do that, then rejoin here and tell me when you're done.04:43
nekroim on said machine04:43
nekroi've already booted this machine on from the USB04:43
nekrothats how i tested it04:43
Jordan_Unekro: So you're booted from the Ubuntu liveUSB currently (from a non-problematic machine)?04:44
Jordan_Unekro: Assuming that the answer to my previous question is yes, can you run "sudo fdisk -l" and pastebin the output?04:48
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:52
ObrienDavebambanx: greets04:53
ParkerRbambanx, hello04:53
bambanxguys i amnew on ubuntu / linux anyone can help me? i install fancontrol with: sudo apt-get insyall fancontrol04:54
bambanxand i dont know where it is :/04:54
FFTaiI'm not familiar with the package04:54
FFTaigive me a second to check it out04:54
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Sna4x8Jordan_U: Any input?  I boot to the live cd, apt-get install mdadm ; mdadm --assemble --scan ; mkdir /mnt/temp ; mount --bind /dev /mnt/temp/dev ; mount --bind /sys /mnt/temp/sys ; mount --bind /proc /mnt/temp/proc ; chroot /mnt/temp ; update-grub2 "Found Microsoft Windows XP Professional on /dev/mapper/isw_beagebhcda_RAID_Volumn1p1\ndone."04:55
Sna4x8Ubuntu is not detected.  The ubuntu raid array mounts fine.04:56
Sna4x8No idea what I need to do to get a good grub.cfg from here.04:56
Jordan_USna4x8: Can you pastebin the output of "ls /boot/"?04:56
Sna4x8Sure, sec.04:56
FFTaihrm bambanx, can you describe what you're trying to do?04:56
bambanxfftai i installed fancontrol is a software for read temperature ... and is it installed but i dont know how run it04:57
FFTaitry typing pwmconfig04:58
FFTaiwait, you're a newbie right?04:58
FFTaiit's sudo pwmconfig = )04:58
FFTaithat will make a config file04:58
FFTaii assume it will ask you where to save it04:58
FFTaiand then you can't type sudo fancontrol /where/ever/you/stuck/the/file04:59
FFTaican type*04:59
FFTaithat'll give you more info04:59
bambanxfftai you ave teamviewer?04:59
Karen_mlibre office or open office?  which should I be using?04:59
Sna4x8Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/HyWhna3k04:59
FFTaiI'm not touching someone else's box, sorry05:00
Sna4x8I tried to run update-initramfs -u earlier.05:00
ParkerRKaren_m, Libre office is the attempt to get away from oracle05:00
marhellHey, I have a litle problem whit my ubuntu 10.04 version. My cursor doesent show, but the mouse still works. Yesterday i came here for help and got all these ways to try to fix it and it didnt.05:00
Karen_msame software, just fork?05:00
bambanxi am fighting with ubuntu and trying to dont back to windows lol05:00
bambanxbut is a new world  for me05:00
ParkerRKaren_m, pretty much05:00
bkerensabambanx: Give it a chance and you will love it05:01
FFTaiyou'll get the hang of it05:01
Karen_mbambanx, stay with it, you will LOVE it05:01
nekroJordan_U, hmm?05:01
Jordan_USna4x8: Your problem is that you don't have any kernel in /boot/. Did you forget to mount your /boot/ partition?05:01
nekroon THIS machine?05:01
FFTaiand then in a while you'll go back to a windows computer for some reason and curse every minute of it05:01
Jordan_Unekro: Yes.05:01
bambanxi have a lot of love05:02
nekroWell, actually i had a spit of luck. i might be abl to get a friend of mine who is a computer technician to look at it05:02
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ParkerRAww my I dont have a fan sensor that supports pwm XD05:02
marhellOk, ill try again later.05:02
TBotNikHey, Got a webmin install that will not go in right.  I keep doing an apt-get purge on it, but normal install pops-up a screen for MySQL DB install, this does not and when I finish there is no DB in MySQL and though login screen comes up, will not let me login.  Anyone seen this before?05:03
bambanxfftai what mean that: sudo fancontrol /where/ever/you/stuck/the/file05:04
G00053if i'm dual-booting with fedora how can i fix permission automagically ? (using the same /home)05:04
FFTaibamb, do you know how file system works in linux?05:04
FFTailet me find you a basic unix tutorial or something05:04
FFTaiyou know how in windows you have like c:\users\bambanx\Desktop\porn05:05
nekroJordan_U, also, it might also be a dead HDD05:05
cire_need help05:05
FFTaiin Unix you have / as the root05:05
bambanxo men today i read all day trying to install my basic software05:05
cire_i just installed xubuntu05:05
FFTaiand then it's /users/home/bambanx/Desktop/porn05:05
cire_the sound does not work05:05
ObrienDaveKaren_m: from what I understand most of the major developers have left OpenOffice to work on LibreOffice since Oracle decided to donate the source code to the Apache foundation. or something like that.05:05
urlin2uFFTai, it is in user/bin     and probably need more than just that app05:06
FFTaithe config file?05:06
urlin2uFFTai, the trigger to lay=unch05:06
FFTaiah, gotcha05:06
Sna4x8Jordan_U: Thank you for pointing out the obvious.  I think that will get me going.  I added a different partition for /boot/ a while ago.05:07
urlin2uFFTai, I would try a desktop launcher05:07
usr13!audio | cire_05:07
ubottucire_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:07
urlin2uFFTai, I know your helping tthe other user '-)05:07
Jordan_USna4x8: You're welcome :)05:08
_aaron_I'm looking for information on making a ubuntu RIS server to install muti OS's05:09
FFTaiyeah, I'd have to play around a bit with it to know what's going on, i was just following the wiki for what he wanted to do05:09
usr13!webmin | TBotNik05:09
ubottuTBotNik: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.05:09
cire_thanks usr 1305:09
Jordan_Unekro: I'm thinking that it's most likely a buggy BIOS which passes a garbage value via the dl register (which is where the BIOS is supposed to store the number of the drive that was booted from).05:09
urlin2u_aaron_, wht's up.05:10
TBotNikusr13: Dang, it is the only tool that works Samba right the first time.05:10
nekroso how would i fix that05:10
bambanxwhat can i do bro fftai05:10
bambanxfor run fancontrol05:10
_aaron_urlin2u, I'm looking for information on making a ubuntu RIS server to install muti OS's05:11
usr13!swat | TBotNik05:11
ubottuTBotNik: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:11
ParkerRO.O Hey KittyGirl05:11
FFTaidid you build a config file?05:11
Jordan_Unekro: By installing boot code which ignores what the BIOS passes in the dl register and simply assumes that it needs to read from the first drive.05:11
ParkerRKaren_m, i line winetricks and Office 2003 too :)05:11
ParkerR*I like05:11
bambanxsudo fancontrol /where/ever/you/stuck/the/file05:12
TBotNikusr13: SWAT and GADMIN-Samba are worthless, don't do anything right.  Can't handle any smbclient calls.05:12
FFTaito be honest, this might be a bit above your head05:12
usr13TBotNik: You're better off manually editing the cofig files anyway.05:12
Karen_mParkerR, ok i will google that05:13
FFTailet me install it just so i can see what it does05:13
TBotNikusr13: Ur right on that, both those blot the smb.conf with useless and conflicting commands and so it never works.05:13
ParkerRKaren_m, that was mostly a joke05:13
_aaron_urlin2u, nvm i'm getting help with it on #ubuntu-server05:13
urlin2u_aaron_, cool05:14
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usr13TBotNik: It's been my experience that most applications that try to guess what you want and write to the config files don't do it very well.05:15
usr13TBotNik: ... you have to go in behind and clean up errors.05:16
essonhello world05:17
edbianesson: Hello esson05:17
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ParkerRHey edbian, how goes it?05:19
edbianParkerR: Good.  Need help with Ubuntu?05:19
ParkerRedbian, naah just seeing how you were doing05:19
sgerbinoanyone able to get live galaxy compiz plugin working in 11.04?05:19
edbianI'm good :)05:19
jinuwhen I make C file using this 'make -C /usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r` SUBDIRS=$PWD modules', I got error like this error: implicit declaration of function ‘user_path_walk05:20
DoYouKnoware there any tools for linux firefox that will speed up downloads like there is for IE?05:20
DoYouKnowmanaging the number of sockets?05:20
urlin2usgerbino, what is that in, inside compiz, I don't see it05:20
TBotNikusr13: I use WebMin because I control all these remote boxes and most are not Ubuntu.05:21
FFTaiDoYouKnow, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/05:21
sgerbinourlin2u: first you install an additional ppa, and the package compiz-plugins-livewallpapers05:22
sgerbinourlin2u: http://ilapstech.blogspot.com/2010/10/galaxy-live-wallpaper-like-compiz.html05:22
sgerbinoi tried compiling from source, and ppa -- no one seems to have it working in 11.04 that i've found05:23
prashant_how to install java runtime environment ??05:25
prashant_anyone here to help ??05:25
FFTaihey guys, while i'm helping bamb, I have a display issue if anyone has some time05:27
FFTaiI have an old LCD tv that has a native resolution of 1366 x 76805:27
ParkerR:D I love wine http://i.imgur.com/C0g1D.jpg05:27
FFTaiwhen it's hooked up to my box via HDMI, the task bars are outside of the screen05:28
edbianParkerR: gross05:28
prashant_how to install jre in ubuntu 11.04 ??05:28
ParkerRAnd speaking of 1366x768 XD05:28
FFTaijust right outside05:28
sgerbinoParkerR: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww05:28
ParkerRedbian, :P05:28
sgerbinoi agree with edbian :p05:28
FFTaiI've tried decreasing it down to 1200x768, but it doesn't really help05:28
ParkerRI like 2007. Better than any open source alternative imo05:28
FFTaiany ideaS?05:28
sgerbinoParkerR: meh libre does the job for meh05:28
Sna4x8Jordan_U: Disc golf clap (a normal clap that involves spilling beer). You're the man.05:32
Jordan_UFFTai: See if the TV has an option labeled something like "overscan".05:32
FFTaiit's an older tv05:32
FFTaiI've checked all the settings I can on the tv's end05:33
FFTaiand there is nothing i can do there05:33
Jordan_UFFTai: Overscan is something that's been around since the dawn of TV.05:33
FFTaihaha, trust me, I've been through ever setting this tv has05:34
FFTaivizio vw32l hdtv10a05:34
kapnobataidoes anyone know how may I install on natty libboost-dev 1.40 side by side with libboost-dev 1.42 (current - stable) ?05:34
FFTaiif you don't believe me05:34
ParkerROffice is the one thing that MS does right, imo05:34
edbianFFTai: Might help to have the TV plugged in when the computer is booting.05:34
FFTaidone that too05:35
FFTaiit doesn't detect the native resolution05:36
FFTaiwhich is fine because I can just add it in05:36
FFTaibut it still puts the edges outside of the screen05:36
FFTaiwhich, some stations have their logo half cut off05:36
FFTaiso I think it might be the way the tv normally displays?05:37
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:37
FFTaiso I was trying to think of a way to just add like a few px of black space or something to the top and bottom05:37
prashant_how to install java runtime environment in ubuntu 11.04 ??05:37
bullgard4_Audacity > Effect > Normalize is grayed out. How can I change this?05:37
FFTaisudo apt-get install sun-java605:38
ParkerROr openjdk-6-jre05:39
Jordan_UFFTai: Do you have an Nvidia graphics card?05:39
FFTaii'm running an integrated card on my mobo05:39
bullgard4_prashant_: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Java/Installation05:39
FFTaithis is my hdtv which i threw together as cheap as possible05:39
FFTaia lot of salvaged parts05:39
FFTaigeez ParkerR, it's like you believe in free software or something xD05:40
FFTaiso I just got a mobo with an hdmi port05:40
Jordan_UFFTai: If you can find an NVidia card nvidia-settings has an overscan correction option.05:40
FFTaihrm, that's a good idea05:40
Jordan_UFFTai: From searching around it appears to be possible with intel cards as well, though more difficult.05:42
FFTaiyeah, a nvidia card with hdmi might be the only option in this case...or just live with the task bars slightly out of reach05:43
ParkerRFFTai, better man than I XD05:43
ParkerRI hate overscan XD05:43
FFTaiit's the bane of my existence right now05:44
ParkerRAlthough I have an nvidia chip so... XD05:44
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r3b00tsoooo.. I re-installed ubuntu on my netbook and now cant get wifi to turn on05:46
FFTaiif I wasn't without a job for 5 months, i'd just order one xD05:46
FFTaiwhat's your chipset r2b00t05:46
FFTaijust trying manually installing the wrapper05:47
ParkerRFFTai, broadcom should be supported without ndoswrapper05:47
r3b00ti cant even find the damn terminal on this version05:47
FFTaiParkerR, since when?05:47
ParkerRalt f205:47
Jordan_UFFTai: Many years.05:48
ParkerRFFTai, since what I remember. Never had one in recent memory XD05:48
* FFTai can't keep up with kids these days05:48
FFTaiyou kids and your new fangled toys05:48
ParkerRIntel Wifi link 5100 ftw!!05:48
Jordan_Ur3b00t: System Settings > Additional Drivers05:49
FFTaiso, did broadcom finally stop being douchebags long enough to release native drivers?05:49
lewis93Is it possible to get iTunes in Ubuntu 11.04 at all? I know it doesn't work through Wine.05:49
r3b00tk so run what to activate my wifi?05:49
ParkerRlewis93, no05:49
ParkerRlewis93, and why the hell would you want to?05:49
ParkerRNo offense05:49
* FFTai remembers when he had to spend two weeks configuring ndis_wrapper manually to get wifi05:50
Jordan_UParkerR: Please watch your language.05:50
lewis93ParkerR, none taken - I can't synchronise my iPod Touch with gtkpod or Banshee properly. It doesn't take in to account things like Apps, and I prefer iTunes' layout and interface.05:50
r3b00twell I had this exact same friggen CD install of ubuntu and had wifi...05:50
r3b00tnow it wont work05:50
lewis93ParkerR, could I run Windows inside of Ubuntu just for iTunes, or is there no such thing?05:50
Jordan_Ur3b00t: System Settings > Additional Drivers05:50
ParkerRlewis93, well even if it did launch you wouldnt be able to sync05:51
lewis93ParkerR, why not?05:51
Jordan_Ulewis93: Yes, using Virtualbox.05:51
ParkerRlewis93, yes with vmware player or virtualbox05:51
ParkerRvmware player has better USB support05:51
lewis93ParkerR, so I could sync my iPod that way?05:51
bullgard4_Audacity > Effect > Normalize is grayed out. How can I change this?05:51
ParkerRYes afaik05:51
FFTailewis, does amarok do what you want?05:52
r3b00tjordan it doesnt work05:52
lewis93FFTai, I don't know what amarok is sorry05:52
r3b00tdownloading packge indexes failed, please check your network status.05:52
FFTaiyou might check it out05:53
FFTaiit's sort of like iTunes, but, i prefer it to iTunes05:53
ParkerRlewis93, banshee or rhythmbox with libgpod should sync music05:53
FFTaiand it should sync with your iPod05:53
Jordan_Ubullgard4_: Is it the only thing greyed out? Do you have playback paused instead of completely stopped?05:53
ParkerRAnd you can use libimboiledevice to install apps05:53
r3b00tanyone have any idea05:54
lewis93ParkerR, how do I get those things? Would it be better to do it that way or should I use amarok like FFTai suggested?05:54
bullgard4_Jordan_U: No, almost all entries of Audacity > Effect menu are grayed out.05:54
Jordan_Ubullgard4_: Then you probably have playback paused but not stopped. Hit the stop button.05:55
FFTaitry both ways and see what you like lewis05:55
ParkerRlewis93, if you are going for natively syncing apps ideviceinstaller is what you need05:55
FFTaiisn't that installed by default with amarok now though?05:55
FFTaiah, I gtg05:56
ParkerRFFTai, is it? I didnt know amarok did appp syncing05:56
marhellhey, I have this weird cursor problem, Anyone who could help me with it?05:56
lewis93ParkerR, I will give Amarok a go and see if it has app synching. If not, then I'll use ideviceinstaller. How do I get that though? Is it in Ubuntu Software Centre?05:57
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Can you connect to the internet via ethernet temporarily?05:57
prashant_bullgard4, its not working05:57
ParkerRlewis93, you have to compile it but it isnt too bad http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147101805:58
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Do that, then use Additional Drivers.05:58
lewis93All right cheers :)05:58
r3b00tJordan_U: downloading06:00
bullgard4_Jordan_U: This works. --  Thank you very much for your help.06:00
Jordan_Ubullgard4_: You're welcome.06:01
r3b00tJordan_U: it says no proprietary drivers are in use on this system06:01
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Can you pastebin the output of "lspci -vnn"?06:02
r3b00twhats weird there is a little sliding switch on the front of my netbook, it is used to turn on/off wifi.. it wont turn it on it stays red06:03
JuNeXhi! is there any way i can connect my bluetoothheadset in my ubuntu while watching movies or listening music?06:05
prashant_java plugin missing can anyone guide me through it ubuntu 11.0406:06
JuNeXim using ubuntu 10.1006:06
prashant_any solutions06:07
r3b00tJordan_U: see anything in there?06:07
ParkerRprashant_, try sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre06:08
ParkerROr use Google Chrome06:08
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.06:09
prashant_ParkerR, i have installed it but my browser is showing plugin missing06:09
wildbatJuNeX: just pair it with your PC .06:09
Jordan_Ur3b00t: That wireless card should be supported by the open source b43 drivers and the proprietary STA drivers.06:10
r3b00tnothing came up on that list06:10
JuNeX@wildbat i can't pair it to my pc.. the pc can't see it06:10
groktarhi, i'm having trouble setting up postfix on my ubuntu server.  nothing can authenticate with it. i don't suppose anyone would take a look at my log? http://paste.ubuntu.com/668924/06:10
ParkerRprashant_, what?06:10
prashant_ParkerR, i have installed it but my browser is showing plugin missing06:11
ParkerRwildbat had a good suggestion06:11
ParkerRprashant_, sudo synaptic, then Settings > Repositories > Other software. Check the first two boxes06:13
JuNeXi tried setting up new device but its been 20 mins now and my bluetoothheadset can't bee found. its still searching06:13
ParkerRThe click close then reload06:13
ParkerRAnd search sun-java6-plugin06:13
JuNeXi still can pair it06:14
JuNeXi mean Can't pair it06:14
r3b00tanybody else have any idea why my wifi wont turn on?06:14
prashant_ParkerR, ok then ??06:14
ParkerRDid you install the plguin?06:15
prashant_ParkerR, now what to do ?06:15
ParkerRThen restart firefox if it is open06:15
ParkerRAnd load a page with java06:15
G0Rr3b00t: load the module for it with modprobe and see if that helps06:16
abhay_i need help in v4l2 driver06:16
abhay_abyone there06:16
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Try "sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer".06:16
r3b00tG0R: how do you use modprobe?06:16
prashant_ParkerR, i did it but it says java plugin missing06:17
ParkerRDid you follow all those steps?06:17
G0Rr3b00t: just type "modprobe modulename"06:17
urlin2uJuNeX, here is ubuntu forums link. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176143306:17
r3b00tJordan_U: got an error on installation06:18
ParkerRG0R, Umm hemmight need the module name06:18
ParkerR*he might06:18
G0RParkerR: that's for him to find out, I don't know what hardware he has06:18
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Please pastebin the complete output.06:18
urlin2uJuNeX, I also find at least 2 bugs on the web as well.06:18
JuNeXim gonna try this link. sorry but im still a newbie here in ubuntu06:19
r3b00tJordan_U: https://pastebin.com/EnDWt0dw06:19
JuNeX@urlin2u where can i open this -- > /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf06:20
ParkerRJuNeX, nano /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf06:20
Jordan_Ur3b00t: That appears to be empty.06:20
r3b00twhat does?06:21
urlin2uJuNeX, in the terminal run sudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf    or nano as suggested, geidt is maybe easier for a new user06:21
Jordan_Ur3b00t: Never mind, it's some problem with the page or my browser.06:21
r3b00tJordan_U: started with "Not supported low-power chip with PCI id 14e4:4315"06:21
r3b00tthats what threw the code06:22
JuNeXThanks Parker06:22
JuNeXgot it.. i already opened the .conf file06:22
Jordan_Ur3b00t: OK. "sudo apt-get remove firmware-b43-installer" will hopefully at least remove it again.06:23
JuNeX@urlin2u should i follow whats on the link?06:23
urlin2uJuNeX, not sure really, I was just looking at the web for answers.06:24
JuNeXahh ok.. im also looking in the web but no success..06:25
urlin2uJuNeX, those lines can be removed if that doesn't work.06:25
r3b00tJordan_U: http://techie-buzz.com/foss/wifi-ubuntu-install-broadcom-drivers.html would that apply to me?06:25
JuNeXok.. i'll try it. i'll just save this default .conf file06:25
betanickhi ubuntu06:25
ParkerRHello betanick06:26
megalomanNarwhal is teh awesome.06:26
betanickcan i ask a non ubuntu question in #ubuntu?06:26
JuNeXi got this error..  [ Error writing /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf: Permission denied ]06:27
rwwbetanick: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support only. #ubuntu-offtopic is for non-support chat.06:27
r3b00tJordan_U: damn my b43-fwcutter is already most current06:27
betanickrww: ty06:27
* r3b00t kicks ubuntu!!!!06:28
r3b00twhy wont you work!06:28
urlin2uJuNeX, open it with inn the terminal sudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf06:28
ParkerRr3b00t, sometimes there are low pwer bugs06:28
JuNeXahh ok06:29
ParkerRLike my wifi wont work in Windows so I reboot and activate the chip in something else and them when I go back to windows irt works06:29
ParkerROr like when I used wubi06:29
marhellHey, could anyone help me with a mouse/cursor problem?06:29
r3b00there is the ting06:30
ParkerRIf I turned my bluetooth radio off in windows and rebooted to Ubuntu it would stay off and not activate at all06:30
ParkerRReactivating in Windows and back to Ubuntu turned it on06:30
r3b00tI had this exact same installation from the same CD and everything about a month ago.. i took it off and now am putting it back on.. now it doesnt work06:30
r3b00twhen I had it a month ago it DID work06:30
JuNeXstill i can't pair it with my bluetooth06:30
Jordan_Ur3b00t: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer06:31
JuNeXstill can't pair it with my bluetooth headset06:31
r3b00tI did lshw -C network and it says network Disabled, wireless interface wlan006:31
r3b00tso I know it sees wlan0 it just wont turn it on06:31
megalomanDoes emacs23 play well with narwhal?06:32
betanickr3b00t: ifconfig wlan0 up?06:32
r3b00tone sec.. installing something06:32
r3b00tooOoOoh my wifi light came on06:32
urlin2ur3b00t, you might try another distro for comparison maybe it is the switch06:32
r3b00tbrb testing06:33
Pippi_Longstockhow should i simulate deb package to check their dependencies?06:33
=== hacked is now known as vinces
widewakehello, recently my browsing speed has been cut in half, my page loading via mozilla and other applications are taking minutes too long.. no idea what it could be, i have full bars. i took a speed test and my results are harsh06:34
tensorpuddingyour download rate is 2.56 MB/s?06:36
tensorpuddingthat's faster than mine06:36
tripelbWhat is error -71 and how could I find that out for myself: context: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 58  (newline) [449024.716024] usb 4-2.1: device not accepting address 58, error -71 (newline) [449024.718061] hub 4-2:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1  AND does enumerate mean mount?  -- I've been asking this for 3 days now. Please give me some sugar.06:36
r3b00thmm wont connect06:37
widewakeanyone know how to speed up browser speed? or what the problem may be? just last week there was no problem, now i can barely load pages. im also looking though google..06:37
DebiansArmyJuNeX: Here is something new.... http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/bluetooth-configuration-where-is-it-stored-on-debian-895907/06:37
tensorpuddingit's almost surely your ISP's fault06:37
ParkerRwidewake, type about:config06:38
ParkerRThen type ipv606:38
r3b00taw WTF... i cant get on my network OR the unsecured network...06:38
r3b00tit just sits there and tries to connect06:38
widewakeParkerR,  terminal?06:38
ParkerRNo in firefox06:38
ParkerRAnd then doubleclick where it says false and it will turn to true06:38
ParkerRThen restart firefox06:39
betanickr3b00t: what if you assign an ip?06:39
r3b00tdoes ubuntu have some stupid firewall built inor something?06:39
r3b00tlemme try that06:39
widewakeParkerR,  its true already06:39
widewakeParkerR, ill refresh it just for funs06:39
ParkerRWeird. Dunno then06:39
JuNeXThanks DebiansArmy.. i'll try this one now.. i also find a link now im trying to figure it out. --> http://madebynathan.com/2010/04/29/how-to-use-a-bluetooth-headset-on-ubuntu-9-10/06:39
JuNeXim trying if this version will be ok on 10.1006:40
r3b00twhere do I config my own ip?06:41
r3b00tfound it..06:42
r3b00tstill not working06:44
betanickr3b00t: can you ping your router?06:45
r3b00tit keeps asking me for my WPA password.. but Im typing it correctly every time..06:45
urlin2uwidewake, have you checked with a speed test on the web?06:46
uabn93r3b00t: are you on a laptop under wifi?06:46
r3b00tnope it says network is unreachable06:46
widewakeurlin2u,  yes, http://www.speedtest.net/result/1438216153.png06:46
r3b00tno im on my desktop wired into my router06:47
betanickr3b00t: is you wpa a long password if so maybe use 1234test for now?06:47
r3b00tthe other machine with ubuntu is a laptop06:47
r3b00tits the same Ive been using for over a year06:47
r3b00tthe same one that works on my other laptop, my phone, my tablet06:48
somsipr3b00t: definitely worthwhile removing password for testing. I've had some laptops with some OSes just refuse to connect to a WPA SSID06:48
r3b00twell i refuse to NOT have security06:48
somsipr3b00t: then you won't know if it's a password issue or not06:48
betanickr3b00t: just for a quick test06:49
DebiansArmyJuNeX: Ran across several people complaining they have to manual start bluetooth to get headset to work or to connect to ubuntu06:49
uabn93just do it temporarily06:49
r3b00tk brb lemme remove it06:49
Jordan_Ur3b00t: I would try shutting down and starting back up again (not simply rebooting as that won't reset the wireless card completely).06:50
DebiansArmyJuNeX: Here may be a better way to start this bluetooth idea... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1463610&highlight=bluetooth+headset+sound+issue06:51
JuNeX@DebianArmy i see... how can i manually start my bluetooth? tried some in the web but it wont still pair.. also downloaded the bluetooth manager got no luck06:52
=== gary is now known as Gary
uabn93Jordan_U: its strange, he said hes using a wired connection06:52
JuNeX@debianArmy ok.. i'll check the link06:52
shomonhi, can I install thunderbird 6 via apt somehow yet?06:52
shomonin 10.1006:52
Jordan_Uuabn93: I told him to connect via eithernet so that he could download wireless drivers.06:52
TophenCould I get some simple networking help?06:53
betanickTophen: yes06:53
r3b00tk changes applied.. no security06:53
JuNeXwhat is hcitool?06:53
urlin2ushomon, https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/thunderbird-stable06:54
TophenOk. I'm not great with this stuff.06:54
betanick<Jordan_U> r3b00t: I would try shutting down and starting back up again (not simply rebooting as that won't reset the wireless card completely).06:54
TophenOk, but not great.06:54
betanickTophen: that's ok06:54
DebiansArmyJuNeX: hold on cooking be right back...06:54
TophenI'm at a boarding school at the boarding house. I can get wireless access as my friend got me on. I deleted the autoeth0 connection and I can't connect to the wired.06:55
tripelbHow do I find what an error code means? I cant get my android to connect. someone told me to do dmesg and so I did and got this....06:55
tripelbWhat is error -71 and how could I find that out for myself: context: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 58  (newline) [449024.716024] usb 4-2.1: device not accepting address 58, error -71 (newline) [449024.718061] hub 4-2:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1  AND does enumerate mean mount?  -- I've been asking this for 3 days now. Please give me some sugar.06:55
TophenI'm on another computer.06:55
JuNeX@debianArmy ok :D06:55
r3b00tgrr now its not even showing up on the list06:55
TophenThere's an option when I click the network thing at the top. But it won't connect.06:55
TophenI might have misconfigured.06:55
shomonurlin2u, thanks very much!06:56
ziSeems like ubuntu has equalized off the bass off of my headphone  output, why and how can I fix that?06:56
r3b00toh there it is lol06:56
r3b00tk so still not connecting06:56
LostyJaiI'm using 11.04 (Natty) and I setup automatic login, but when the computer restarts and I try to remote in via VNC, on the ubuntu screen it says I need to type password for login keyring or something?06:56
LostyJaihow do I get rid of that06:56
betanickr3b00t: do you need to use b43?06:56
r3b00tshutting down, then restarting06:56
urlin2ushomon, no prob installing myself just for fun.;-)06:56
betanickr3b00t: what about modprobe?06:57
Pippi_Longstockno backport for maverick on samba 3.6.0?06:57
r3b00thold on 1 thing at a time lol06:58
glisstechI am having an issue where when I start certain software apps, like virtualbox, or Quassel I am logged out of my session06:58
glisstechand I have found a reference to the gnome-keyring in the auth.log06:58
DebiansArmyJuNeX: Here is the link... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio  For short it is the tool used to see the devices it scans in bluetooth06:58
TophenAbout the thingo?07:00
DebiansArmyJuNeX: The problem is the bluetooth devices in 11.04 are dropping connectioon so some are manually forcing connection with the same result of a lost signal..07:00
ubuntui have downloaded ubuntu ultimate edition 3.0 and i can not find software center07:00
ubuntudo u know where it is07:00
JuNeX@debianArmy ok i'll check this site. the Bluetooth manager still wont see my headset07:00
JuNeX@debianArmy ok.. but im using 10.1007:00
ubuntuif i download  ubuntu 11  is there anyway to have a normal desktop or does it have to look like a cell phone??07:01
DebiansArmyrestart service sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart understand haven't seen any complaints of 10.10 dropping connectionn07:01
betanickTophen: wireless?07:01
thrasher456@ubuntu the ultimate edition is for gamers ?07:01
JuNeXjunexgodoy@ubuntu:~$ sudo modprobe snd-bt-sco07:01
JuNeXFATAL: Module snd_bt_sco not found.07:01
r3b00tokay still not connecting07:01
ubuntuyes thats the one i have07:01
ubuntui am on it now07:02
TophenI got on the wireless just fine becuase my friend knew admin pass.07:02
ubuntubut i cant find software center so i dont know if i want to install it07:02
thrasher456is it for gaming or what07:02
glisstechubuntu: At the login screen, once you click on your login username, you will have the option below to choose Ubuntu Classic07:02
TophenBut now I can't work out how to get on wired.07:02
ubuntuits alright its got some decent games07:02
ubuntui dont know if i want to install it though beause i need software cente rbeucase im a noob07:02
ubuntuand i dont know how to get it07:03
thrasher456sudo apt-install <software name>  try it07:03
r3b00tokay now what the F*** next07:03
r3b00tim ready to toss this out my window07:03
ubuntuno, i need the actual ubuntu software center07:03
* r3b00t kicks ubuntu07:03
somsipr3b00t: the best thing might be to take a break with what you are saying07:04
tensorpuddingr3b00t: what's the issue07:04
ubuntualso when i try to install backtrack distro my wifi doesnt work07:04
Misiexhi who uses virtualbox ? how can i mount existing sata disk?07:04
thrasher456m on backtrack 5 right now07:04
ubuntuits really cool but i cant get my wifi to work in it07:04
r3b00tjust installed ubuntu, it wont connect to the internet07:04
ubuntuotherwise id be using that07:04
thrasher456which card do u have for wifi i mean the adapter07:05
ubuntuit sees the networks  but it just says getting ip for a min then it says error07:05
tensorpuddingr3b00t: what is your wifi chipset07:05
ubuntuits usb wireless card belkin model f6d405007:05
overcluckeryuk, broadcom07:05
tensorpuddingr3b00t: have you run Additional Drivers07:05
betanickr3b00t: what about modprobe?07:06
shomonI just did sudo apt-add-respsitory for the new thunderbird, and it keeps getting stuck and not inding the key from keyserver.ubuntu.com07:06
tensorpuddingr3b00t: Ubuntu has some special drivers for some broadcom wifi07:06
shomonfinding, that is... looking for ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-stable07:06
r3b00tyes I ran additional drivers nothing came up07:06
ubuntuthe wifi didnt work on the live cd do u think it would work if i installed it?07:06
tensorpuddingr3b00t: run 'sudo lshw -C network' in a terminal07:07
ubuntuthrasher is backtrack on ubuntu 11??07:07
DerpellaHello, I installed 10.10 on a fresh laptop, something went wrong when upgrading to natty, I used packet repair and succeeded, but desktop keeps refreshing and I can't even click any command.07:07
=== ubuntu is now known as redchord
r3b00tlemme paste bin this07:07
urlin2ushomon, I saw some key not updated or something when I ran it but the key is on the page.07:08
betanickr3b00t: google modprobe broadcom07:08
shomonurlin2u, can you manually tell it the key?07:08
LasersDerpella: Upgrading blows. Opt for a clean installation of 10.04 LTS or 11.04 on the laptop.07:09
tensorpudding4312 should be supported by the standard wifi driver07:10
DerpellaLasers: can't burn dvd's, unfortunately07:10
maestrojedI just consolidated  my music to ubuntu. I insist on keeping my music lossless. Half my music is FLAC, the other half Applelossless m4a. Can you suggest a program to batch conver these all to a standard lossless format? On linux/ubuntu what is the lossless format of choice, FLAC?07:10
LasersDerpella: USB sticks?07:11
r3b00tsee anything in there?07:11
urlin2ushomon, in the past I have saved the key to a gedit, put it in home, then go to synaptic settings-repositories-authentication-import key file07:11
Derpellalasers: too old pc, won't boot from usb07:11
shomonah, thanks!07:11
tensorpuddingr3b00t: the b43 driver should work07:11
r3b00thow do I install that07:12
tensorpuddingr3b00t: are you sure it's not that your wifi is disabled?07:12
thrasher456@darpella if u cant install by USB and also cant burn DVD then best would be to get oracle vm machine and install ubuntu07:12
r3b00tno because it shows a list of networks to connect to. I put my WPA password in and it keeps popping up for me to enter it07:13
r3b00ti removed the security on my network and it still wouldnt connect07:13
tensorpuddingr3b00t: uh07:13
tensorpuddingr3b00t: if a list of networks show up, then the driver is loaded07:13
ikoniar3b00t: are you using network manage to connect to the wireless network ?07:13
JuNeXbe right back later will restart PC..07:13
ikonianetwork manager even07:14
lewis93Any suggestions on my driver problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182624307:14
tensorpuddingr3b00t: but just to be sure, open the terminal, and look at the output of 'lsmod' to see what modules are loaded07:14
osmosis_paulGood morning, somebody know how can i add an shortcut into the left shortcut bar of ubuntu 11.04???? the shortcut is for a program that i download from internet and is not a debian package so the application search engine does not find it07:14
r3b00tI use whatever it is thats in the upper right corner, looks like a slice of pizza07:14
ikonialewis93: you're already getting help on the forum for this07:14
r3b00ti dont see mod probe running07:15
lewis93ikonia, I know and it has reached a halt.07:15
ikoniar3b00t: ok - can you open a terminal please and pastebin the output of the command "sudo iwconfig"07:15
thrasher456@osmosis right click on desktop then select link to application then throw it into the left shortcut bar07:15
ikonialewis93: the guy helping you is probablyh asleep07:15
urlin2uosmosis_paul, make a launcher for hit with right click and drag it to the panel07:15
thrasher456osmo left07:16
r3b00t(yes blacknyellow is my router lol)07:16
ikoniar3b00t: ok - good news, it's connected to the blacknyellow network07:16
tensorpuddingi don't know about that07:17
r3b00tbut when I pull out the network cable it drops07:17
tensorpuddingif it had a link it'd have a bit more information wouldn't it07:17
ikoniar3b00t: the bad news is the router is not taking it onboard, which is why you don't have an assocaited accesspoint, or ip address07:17
k4r1mhow do I add a file to a certain directory inside a zip file using zip?07:18
shomonurlin2u, I think the port is closed to go to the keyserver :(07:18
thrasher456anybody here knows 4 player podcast ?07:18
glisstechthrasher456: Miro07:18
thrasher456miro knows it07:19
urlin2ushomon, what happens when you just run a update && upgrade after adding the ppa?07:19
=== lahardy is now known as lazynoob
r3b00tso its my router causing this?07:19
shomonI can't add the ppa, because the port for the key server is blocked by my company firewall07:19
ikoniar3b00t: well, I wouldn't say causing it, however, certainly not working with it07:19
r3b00tthen why cant I connect to my apartment's free wifi? its an unsecured network07:19
betanickr3b00t: mac filter?07:19
r3b00tlemme check07:20
joseHi, was installing samba from source file, i can't find /etc/init.d/smb. its rare?07:20
urlin2ushomon, ah I see, your personal computer?07:20
ikoniajose: no, it won't install it07:20
r3b00ti dont have MAC filtering enabled07:20
ikoniar3b00t: just step back for a minute07:20
josehow i can do that ikonia ?07:20
ikoniajose: do what ?07:21
ikoniar3b00t: so blacnknyellow is the network you want to connect to, yes/no07:21
josecan i install smbd service in etc.init.d?07:21
ikoniajose: yes07:21
ikoniajose: it's just a script07:21
shomonurlin2u, can I do something like gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys  MYKEY07:21
urlin2ushomon, I wouldn't know.07:22
r3b00tbut also to any other network I need.. because I use this netbook for wardriving07:22
ikoniar3b00t: it's currently running without any encyption yes/no07:22
shomonok no problem, thanks urlin2u07:22
urlin2ushomon, np.07:22
r3b00tno its WPA right now07:22
ikoniar3b00t: right - so the output of iwconfig shows it's not using any encyption,07:23
josei look for information, any suggestions?07:23
ikoniar3b00t: Encryption key:off07:23
ikoniajose: you need to create your own script07:23
ikoniajose: if you're building samba from source code you should know what you're doing - this is basic stuff07:23
ikoniar3b00t: so that's possibly why it's not currently associated07:24
osmosis_paulAnother thing, it is possible made that the shortcut bar of ubuntu 11.04 show more quick?07:24
r3b00tI just selected WPA and typed my password in07:24
r3b00tand its not connecting07:24
betanickr3b00t: google modprobe broadcom :)07:25
ikoniar3b00t: is this an inbuilt wireless card, or some usb dongle (please don't say dongle)07:25
r3b00ton board07:25
betanickr3b00t: but you won't beable to put the card into monitor mode07:25
r3b00ti can put it into monitor mode07:26
ziDoes ubuntu have a equalizer built in by default?07:26
r3b00tbetanick: i did google it and didnt find much07:26
ikoniar3b00t: what make/model of card is it ?07:26
ikoniabetanick: do you know he's using a broadcom card ?07:26
r3b00tjust people complaining it wasnt working07:26
betanickr3b00t: if you use modprobe that is07:26
betanickikonia: yes07:26
r3b00tyeah screw that I need monitor mode07:26
ikoniabetanick: which one07:26
r3b00tthe shitty thing is I JUST HAD IT WORKING a few days ago07:26
ikoniar3b00t: tone down the language07:27
josei saw few ways to do, i was just asking..07:27
betanickikonia: i don't know which one07:27
r3b00tI re-installed ubuntu.. still no workie07:27
ikoniajose: ok, well, get on with it07:27
ikoniar3b00t: I guess the obvious question is first, is anything else connected to this router ?07:27
betanickikonia: does airmon-ng work?07:27
betanickr3b00t: does airmon-ng work?07:28
ikoniabetanick: I thought that was for cisco chipsets to be honest, I don't know07:28
r3b00tyeah usually my phone, tablet and macbook.. but right now just my imac hard wired into it07:28
r3b00tI have XP dualboot on this laptop lemme boot into xp and see if it works07:28
ikoniar3b00t: ok - can you verify the router is available first, lets not chase our tail07:28
betanickikonia: modprobe?07:28
ikoniabetanick: what about modprobe ?07:28
betanickikonia: what's for cisco chipsets?07:29
ikoniabetanick: I thought airmon-ng was for mostly cisco based chipsets07:29
betanickikonia: nope07:29
r3b00tif I dont have the network cable plugged in I cant ping the router07:29
ikoniar3b00t: of course you can't, you're not on the network07:29
betanickr3b00t: do you have a model for us?07:30
r3b00tbetanick: yes airmon works07:30
r3b00tit lets me put it in mon mode07:30
r3b00tyeah one sec07:30
clarezoehi, my gtalk in empathy shows network error today? Anyone knows what was wrong? It has been working for a long time07:30
betanickr3b00t: and you can see a list of aps?07:30
r3b00tof aps?07:31
betanickr3b00t: access points?07:32
r3b00toh yeah it lists every one around me07:33
betanickr3b00t: just doesn't connect07:33
betanickr3b00t: what version of b43?07:34
r3b00tsays rev 0.107:35
betanickr3b00t: 2.6.33+07:35
DebiansArmydoritey: un boon tooo07:35
ikoniadoritey: do you have a support question ?07:35
gaurav_nattyhow to make a file executable file07:36
Dulakgaurav_natty: for everyone or just you?07:36
r3b00tjust the rev is all it listed07:36
doriteyikonia: No I'm just here to cause a ruckus.07:36
it-wijayahow to print half letter07:37
it-wijayafrom ubuntu07:37
ikoniadoritey: please don't bother, the topic of this channel is ubuntu support, please keep to that topic only.07:37
r3b00tIm going to take a break from this and come back tomorrow07:37
r3b00tthanks everybody for trying to help07:37
Kanzarhi all, newbie trying to set up a VPN on a host1plus vps. I'm using this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openvpn.html but am stuck at where I need to edit the server.conf. I don't understand what I should be changing the IPs to, as I don't -know- what the IPs should be, or if they are just there for the VPN to assign... or something. And I can't find some of the options to07:37
Kanzaredit either.07:37
doriteyDon't be ridiculous. All I did was a funny greeting. Your complaining that I happened to spout ONE LINE that wasn't ubuntu support-related is detracting more from the point of this channel than anything I ever did.07:38
betanickr3b00t: ya sry you didn't get it07:38
doriteyI'm here to ask questions and provide support, so there's no need to complain.07:38
ikoniadoritey: you've done one pointless line, I'm asking you not to conntinue it07:38
r3b00tnow if it works in XP (my dual boot) then its an ubuntu issue right?07:38
betanickr3b00t: have you tried madwifi?07:38
doriteyAnd I'm asking you not to nitpick at stuff that probably won't continue in the first place. :-)07:38
ikoniadoritey: you've done it in other channels, so how about just say "ok"07:38
r3b00tis that like modprobe?07:39
betanickr3b00t: nope07:39
betanickr3b00t: like b4307:39
doriteyOther channels have nothing to do with #ubuntu. Give it a rest man. I understand your sentiment and all but it's annoying that a guy can't even say hi without getting IRC REPRIMANDED.07:39
DebiansArmydoritey: watch out I got ripped by this one early in the day... This one is trying to set a record how many people they can help in an hour.... lol07:39
betanickr3b00t: you install b43?07:40
r3b00tokay so on XP it wont even list any networks around me07:40
gaurav_nattyi am an eclipse file in my drive i want 2 make it exectuble how i make them07:41
ikoniadoritey: that is not a greeting, just to make it clear, please don't do it in this channel,07:41
doriteyJust to be clear, leave me alone and don't ever complain about something ever again unless it's clear that it's meant to detract from the purpose of this channel instead of lashing out at one-liners that may or may not continue.07:41
doriteyYou're ridiculous.07:41
doriteyGo away.07:41
betanickr3b00t: what about a shutdown wait 10 secs and power up?07:42
r3b00ttried that07:42
r3b00ti jsut dont see how one day it works.. the next it doesnt, even between 2 different operating systems07:42
betanickr3b00t: may aireplay burnt it out lol07:42
betanickr3b00t: is the switch on?07:43
r3b00tyes the switch is on07:43
betanickr3b00t: have you tried turing the switch on and off07:43
dohomidoes somebody know, how to delete thousands of filename in one time? I have all filenames row by row and want to delete them...can I do this with a bash script?07:44
somsipr3b00t: what was the result of turning off WPA on the router? I missed what you said...07:45
r3b00tnever connected07:45
somsipr3b00t: same sort of thing - just hanging?07:45
somsipr3b00t: anything interesting showing for error messages? Does dmesg shw any dhcp info?07:46
lewis93I just got an email from Realtek about struggling to use my driver. They sent me this email: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668988/ I followed the instructions up 'til where it says "sudo su" then "make". "make" and "make install" do not do anything. What now?07:46
r3b00till mess with it more tomorrow.. I gotta hit the sack07:46
stefan_Hello, is there a tool to show me the names of the computers of the w-lan-network i am connected to? It is an open network and i want to contact the owner concerning the risks of this.07:47
gaurav_nattydrwxr-xr-x 16 gaurav gaurav    12288 2011-08-18 13:16 Desktop What these lines means in terminal when i do ls -07:47
stefan_(U 10.10 64bit)07:47
czarhi stefan07:48
betanickstefan_: nmap :)07:48
cjsIn Ubuntu 11.04, when I bring up the "configure toolbar" dialog box, I can't flip the sections open and closed, nor do the OK or Cance buttons work. Any thoughts? It worked fine under Ubuntu 10.04.07:49
betanickstefan_: run ettercap to get thir pop3 email info and send them a note :)07:49
cjsI could change some checkboxes a moment ago, but the whole thing seems to have wedged now.07:50
stefan_thanks. I have run nmap and now i must look, what the output is. I will try ettercap afterwards.07:51
cjsOh, so I can close the dialog box window and go back to normal (minus the toolbar changes I'm looking for)....07:51
rickardo11Is there any way I can connect to my server with AFP?07:52
betanickstefan_: make sure you include their password in the email07:52
cjsstefan_: Do you really want to send someone a note stating you've just performed what is probably a criminal act against them?07:52
stefan_It is weird. On Win Vista (at least) the network is open, but one cannot connect. Ubuntu simply connects :D07:52
dohomiIs there some () or {} for wrapping for a deleting bash script, I have over 1500 rows and want to delete each file, dont want to copy "rm " in front of each row.07:52
stefan_cjs, in Germany this is not illegal07:52
betanickstefan_: maybe it's a problem with the ssid07:54
stefan_cjs, in Germany one has to pay only for traffic, that costs the victim money, but this irrelevant, as everyone has a flatrate and the sums would be cents07:54
betanickstefan_: i know xp had issues with some ssids07:54
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stefan_(but it is forbidden to have an open w-lan in Germany one one is responsible for criminal things done by the ip)07:55
betanickstefan_: can you access their router?07:55
=== Guest74726 is now known as jack
stefan_no, their router is password protected07:56
betanickstefan_: linksys?07:56
cjsstefan_: Interesting.07:56
stefan_it is a d-link dir-300 router07:57
=== fr0sted is now known as fr0sted-bnc
betanickstefan_: tyr username: admin and password: none or admin07:58
betanickstefan_: try*07:58
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
betanickstefan_: you can then configure it for them07:59
betanickstefan_: make sure you use wpa or wpa208:00
stefan_betanick, their router seems to be protected08:01
betanickstefan_: could be a honeypot?08:01
stefan_betanick, the Dir-300 has no password at all by default. I do not know the expression honeypot08:01
stefan_Something to lure me?08:02
betanickstefan_: they welcome users to connect to it08:02
betanickstefan_: they use them to gather information08:02
betanickstefan_: any other hosts beside the router when you ran nmap?08:03
stefan_betanick, this ssid exists in this house of good friendly neighbours for months. Two weeks ago, a lightning bolt destroyed some devices. I think, this ssid was protected before.08:03
kapipiIt seems that ubuntu uses two fonts when rendering a text of mixed japanese and english. How can I see what fonts are in use for rendering the japanese characters?08:04
betanickstefan_: aoh so you know who it belongs to08:04
optimusPcan anybody suggest me DNS08:04
betanickoptimusP: opendns?08:05
fragolinaciaso a tutti08:05
stefan_no, the lightning bolt hit the hole big house. Our router and phone was destroyed too.08:05
betanickstefan_: oh08:05
optimusPbetanick, can you please tell me ip, i am not able to browse08:06
betanickoptimusP: that's google08:07
cjskapipi: I do believe that it's the application, not Ubuntu, doing the rendering.08:07
betanickoptimusP: same with
betanickoptimusP: opendns =,
stefan_betanick, nmap shows me things, which I do not know much about but the host seems to use microsoft whatever: Ex: scanme.nmap.org, microsoft.com/24,; 10.0.0-255.1-25408:08
stefan_Or this is due to my other PC with Vista trying to connect (without success :D)08:09
betanickstefan_: how are you running nmap?08:09
stefan_betanick, nmap ENTER08:10
betanickstefan_: try nmap -sP 192.168.0.*08:10
betanickstefan_: nmap ENTER should only display the help08:11
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stefan_betanick, http://pastebin.com/zPkjUVCk08:12
optimusP betanick lookup seems to be slow08:12
betanickstefan_: is you and is the router08:13
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=== phrosty is now known as phrostbite
betanickstefan_: no other hosts08:13
betanickoptimusP: are you using google or opendns?08:14
betanickstefan_: now run "nmap --open" or "nmap --open"08:15
stefan_betanick, http://pastebin.com/UAZ8xuQP08:19
betanickstefan_: goto www.whatismyip.com08:22
betanickstefan_: that will tell you your ip address08:22
betanickstefan_: iplookup.com i believe will tell you your provider08:23
don-itrying to setup vsftp. I can access it locally, but not externally08:23
don-iwhere should I be looking to solve the problem ?08:23
betanickdon-i: firewall?08:23
betanickdon-i: port forwording?08:24
don-ii set it up...08:24
betanickdon-i: port forwarding*08:24
don-ilet me try from another machine08:24
rhughesPlaying the game Machinarium from Humble indie bundle but save seems to loose games. ideas?08:25
don-ii just wanted to make sure that it does work locally, ive been testing with localhost only..08:25
don-ii did a scan of my network and port 21 is exposed08:25
betanickdon-i: try using your network ip08:25
LjL-Webchatmy computer misbehaves (spontaneously reboots), and that has resulted in serious corruption of my btrfs filesystem. fsck segfaults on it. what could i do?08:26
stefan_betanick, thanks, I think I know, who has a contract with this provider.08:26
don-ibetanick, as in my internal ip ?08:26
don-iin that case, i can connect08:26
stefan_It is the owner of the house08:26
betanickdon-i: like a 192 not 12708:26
makarahi. Wifi not authenticating on 11.04 32bit. I see a lot of talk about WAP not working out the box. Where are we up to with this?08:26
don-ibetanick,  i tried from another machine08:26
don-iand i was able to connect08:26
betanickdon-i: can you access it form another computer?08:27
don-ibetanick, yup :)08:27
don-ii just rechecked as i was talking to you08:27
betanickdon-i: sorry what's the problem then?08:27
don-ii want to access it from outside my network08:27
don-inot using internal ip08:28
betanickdon-i: and you have port fowarding setup?08:28
Polysics11.04 WTF08:28
betanickdon-i: want me to nmap you?08:28
Polysicsit is simply horrible08:28
tensorpudding!ot | Polysics08:29
ubottuPolysics: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:29
betanickdon-i: oh you know what it could be too08:29
makaraLjL-Webchat - sounds like hardware, not ubuntu08:29
betanickdon-i: some ISPs don't allow certain ports.. you have to buy the server package08:29
Polysicsis there a way to get back the old gnome notification chain?08:30
LjLmakara: the spontaneous reboots are hardware, but i'm not trying to address those, i'm merely trying to fix the filesystem now08:30
betanickdon-i: port 21? try another port08:30
don-ino that cant be...because i have a nas server, that supports ftp, and it works.08:30
don-iive disabled it08:30
don-ibut it works08:30
betanickdon-i: oh ok08:30
don-iand why would isps block ftp ?! :S08:30
tripelbhello. I relly need help. My froyo android phone when connected, charges but does not connect. someone told me to do dmesg (3 days ago) and I'd like someone to tell me what the error code is and maybe help me. Thanks.08:30
betanickdon-i: so they can make more $$08:31
betanickdon-i: so port 21?08:31
betanickstefan_: np good luck08:31
tensorpuddingPolysics: which notifications are you talking about?08:31
don-iim wondering if...08:31
Polysicstensorpudding, i basically do not have a systray08:31
don-iare you familar with wds ?08:32
makaraLjL - beyond me I'm afraid. Ubuntu checks filesystem occasionally when it loads. What happens when you turn on?08:32
don-iim not..i just learned about it today..lol...08:32
Polysicsno skype or empathy icons, no guake button, nothing08:32
Polysicsjust a network, volume and mail (which i do not even use) icon08:32
LjL-Webchatmakara: says something like "serious errors have been found, ignore, don't mount or fix manually?"08:32
betanickdon-i: wds for wifi?08:32
tensorpuddingPolysics: the old notification area is still there, it's just configured to hide most of the icons because the indicator area makes them superfluous08:32
tensorpuddingPolysics: it can be configured08:33
don-ibetanick, ya, i needed wifi in an area of my house, and i couldnt run a cable, so i bought 2 routers today and loaded dd-wrt and used them to create a wds..a bridge08:33
Polysicstensorpudding, i would leave it to the users to decide what is superflous imho08:33
makaraboot from cd and run the gui diskutility, choose 'check filesystem' for your drive. maybe it will have more options08:33
tensorpuddingPolysics: that's never been the way that such things are done08:34
don-ibetanick, it took some time to get it setup, but my desktops are hardwired into a router, that communicates wirelessly with another router connected to a modem. its an ugly setup but it works08:34
Polysicsthis would surely be a cause of problems with a new user. they put in a lot of work on unity, then someone starts skype and the icon isn't there08:34
LjL-Webchatmakara: ok i will try08:34
Polysicsi just found out how t oshow them, btw08:34
tensorpuddingPolysics: install dconf-editor, and follow this guide: http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/ubuntu-11-04-fix-show-all-iconsindicators-in-unity-panels-notification-area/08:34
Polysicsi found the same URL :-D08:34
don-ibetanick, the router im connected too right now, is the station, and dhcp is set to repeat. When i port forward, i port forwarded from the router that acts as a wds ap08:35
don-ibetanick, im wondering if i need to port forward both routers, or if i port forwarded the wrong one ?08:35
tensorpuddingi thought skype was one of the ones in the whitelist; skype not having an icon there would be a bug08:36
betanickdon-i: you need to forward the port on all08:36
don-ibetanick, lets go give that  a try08:36
ravenXorg causes very high cpu load - how to find out why?08:37
th0rraven: what does top show?08:38
raventh0r, 99%08:38
th0rraven: top shows X running that high or is that the total? Are you using a proprietary video driver?08:39
don-ibetanick, ive set both to fwd 21, but same thing08:39
don-ibetanick, just for laughs, i also removed them, and tried again, and it refused the connection immediately08:39
seliteHello everyone08:39
raventh0r, X is running 99% load until i "reset" it with kill and relogin08:39
seliteCan you please tell me where can I find open source projects to work on?08:40
th0rraven: when you kill X and log back in, does it settle down?08:40
raventh0r, yes then it is "normal"08:40
th0rraven: are you running unity? If so, have you tried switchng to gnome to see if that solves the problem?08:41
raventh0r, i am running 10.04 lts. perhaps this problem is since i installed xbmc and mythtv. its near that time08:42
anli_I am trying to open a csv file with 13703 records in libre office. It tells that the maximum number of rows has been exceeded...08:43
anli_Is 13703 even close to the maximum number or rows? :)08:43
betanickdon-i: can i nmap you?08:43
th0rraven: I would try disabling or uninstalling them. If X works after logging back in, then something is hanging on bootup so it is probably a 'service'08:44
don-ibetanick, ya go for it08:44
betanickdon-i: nmap sees it08:44
betanickdon-i: want me to try to connect?08:45
seliteGentleman, I would like to contribute can you please show the right direction.08:45
don-ibetanick, sure08:45
don-ijust see if it prompts a user name...i wasnt even getting that far :(08:45
betanickdon-i: looks good to me08:45
don-iit works ?08:45
raventh0r, any way to find out the sevices "behind" Xorg?08:45
rickardo11:o, I just discoverd someone has planted udp.pl in a users homefolder on my ubuntu server… We have strong passwords and update server frequently…  how can it possible be done?08:46
Tommyanyone here use steam in ubuntu?08:46
tripelbI've been asking the same question for 3 or four days. (I'm not happy about not getting anyone to help me. :( ) but I changed up where it was plugged in and I made progress. I took it out of the hub and directly into the computer and the error message changed. It added one about the USB hub being overloaded and to plug it into a high speed hub. I had identified in the past that the front USB port was the 2.0 and all the rest were 1.1 s08:47
tripelbo I put it in the front. --> now it works. SOLVED.08:47
Tommykill: i hope you're not talkin about me >.<08:48
th0rraven: it would have to be something tied closely to video. You mention mythtv...I never tried it, but it would be a good suspect08:48
raventh0r, ok08:48
ColKurtz_clicking the "workspace switcher" in the launch bar gives an overview of your desktops08:49
ColKurtz_how do I find out to do that with a command08:50
ColKurtz_so i can map a custom keyboard shortcut to it08:50
xcopymy ubuntu 11 updates didnt go so well - system boots into grub now :(08:52
PureHello, I have a question.08:52
ashickur-noor@Pure What?08:52
PureIf I run Ubuntu off a Live CD, can I install programs and such on an external drive?08:52
* don-i declares betanick vsftp master...kinda08:53
PureSo, I'm stuck with the defualts?08:53
ashickur-noorIf you boot it from any optical media you can not08:54
ashickur-noorBut If you use USB KEY such as pendrive then it is possible08:54
ColKurtz_i was gonna say08:54
ikoniaPure: it's not really a good usable solution though08:54
PureBut I can't run things from an external hard drive?08:54
ColKurtz_put into a pendrive with plenty of extra space and apt-get something08:54
ashickur-noor@Pure Ya u Will08:54
ashickur-noorBut you can save the those downloaded packages08:54
ColKurtz_do you need it to be portable?08:55
ashickur-noor@Pure u can run ubuntu from any media if it is bootable08:55
ashickur-noorand store if it is writtable08:55
ColKurtz_or are you testing it out?08:55
ashickur-noorif you need then you can customize it then use it as much as you want08:56
PureIt's so I can run it on a computer that's got too restricted settings.08:56
PureHow do I do that?08:56
PureCan I just open the iso and write to it?08:56
orchatahi guys, I started using ubuntu pretty much a year ago now and since then been experimenting by installing differnt apps. Right now my ubuntu got really slow, especially with browsers. Is there any way to make it faster without reistalling?08:57
tripelbmy computer is running hot. dmesg told me. is there any way I can get that told to me on my desktop?08:57
ashickur-noorthen you have to install is first in your hard drive08:57
ashickur-noorthen install what you want08:57
ashickur-noorthen use remastersys to backup08:57
FloodBot1ashickur-noor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:57
ashickur-noorit is a way to customize08:57
PureI was joking, heh.08:57
ashickur-noor@Pure what are you talking about?08:58
tripelborchata what's your brower? is it slow when only running the browser or only when several programs are unning at the same time?08:58
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PureBut in short, my main computer does not have an internet connection.08:59
PureIs it possible to download the packages manually and install the offline?09:01
ashickur-noor@Pure Then ask some one who use Ubuntu09:01
ashickur-noor@Pure Ya possible09:01
orchatatripelb: I am using chrome 13. Browser is pretty much always open, since I need to google something once in a while. The problem is that the startup time is also slow, over one minute.09:02
ashickur-noor@Pure Use keryx09:02
IdleOne!offline | pure09:02
ubottupure: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD09:02
PureOh, does Synaptic come with databases and such?09:02
ashickur-noor@ubottu aptoncd is no good for the as keryx09:02
ashickur-noor@Pure ya, but you need to update it after install Ubuntu'09:03
ashickur-noorso you need internet connection09:03
Pureah, I see.09:03
=== madunix is now known as server1
ashickur-noor@Pure using keryx is best way for offline install09:04
PureSo, I can install Ubuntu on a VM and do the downloads I need and then make a live cd?09:04
makarahi. i sent my pc for repairs. They changed the desktop to 640 x 480 and now when I change back to 1920 x 1080 my settings are lost on reboot ??09:04
ashickur-noor@Pure ya09:04
ashickur-noorits easy though09:04
PurePlease, please say Ubuntu comes with sshd?09:04
ashickur-noorto make a iso you need to use remastersys09:05
server1when i try to call up the script infophp.php from my webserver ubuntu 11  apache2 it gave me the source code of the file  ... why it cant read php files?09:05
aleph-2is it possible to configure the mouse settings higher or lower than what the sliders allows for in the mouse section of the control center?09:05
PureDoes keryx require install on the internet pc?09:06
ashickur-noor@Pure Ubuntu has09:06
ashickur-noor@Pure No it is completly portable09:06
makarai save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still it loses settings. why?09:07
seliteHello I would like to contribute to open source. However, I do not have any original idea.09:11
seliteCan anyone help me out?09:11
ikoniaselite: this isn't really the place for that sort of discussion09:11
ikoniaselite: this channel supports the Ubuntu Linux distribution.09:11
seliteikonia: Which place is good for that kind of discussion?09:12
PureAlright, just crashed out.09:12
PureDo I need to install keryx?09:12
FartificialI have a problem.09:12
ikoniaselite: if you look on freenode.net it will show you how to search for channels09:12
Fartificial$5 to whoever helps me fix!09:12
ashickur-noor@Pure No09:12
ikoniaFartificial: how about just ask the question and someone will help if they can09:12
seliteikonia: Thank you09:12
msseverFartificial: Just describe your problem09:12
ashickur-noorkeryx is tottaly portable09:12
FauxFauxhttp://faux.uwcs.co.uk/unity-systemtray-spotify.png Unity natty x64 is failing hard at system trays; banshee and davmail are supposed to be in the tray, but only Spotify (in wine) shows up, and in a stupid place?  systray-whitelist seems to be the only problem I can find, and I've set it to all, but it does nothing.  Another dual-head bug?09:13
PureDo I have to run any programs on my internet sided pc?09:13
FartificialMysql isnt working - I get a mysql error - Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock09:13
FartificialAnnoying me09:13
FartificialIve removed the mysql-server and mysql-client package and restart09:13
FartificialBut when I type mysql I still get the error, even though I removed the package.09:13
somsipFartificial: did you reset root password when you reinstalled?09:13
ikoniaFartificial: the mysql problem, have you looked if mysql server is running ?09:14
Fartificialservice mysql status still gives a process id (even though it changes, so I cant exactly kill it). Process is called post-start process xxxx09:14
makaraubuntu problem?09:14
FartificialDid I reset root password? No.09:14
ikoniaFartificial: 1.) mysql server needs to be running 2.) there needs to be a socket file in place and have the correct permssions 3.) the mysql password (not system password) needs to be set so you can connec tto it09:14
FartificialWhenever I install mysql server I get the same error09:15
FartificialI want to get rid of all traces of mysql and start again09:15
tripelborchata, that's time to login or time after login to desktop completely up or the sum of the two?  (I think mine is too.) glad you posted.09:15
FartificialI dont know why its erroring, I installed LAMP yesterday on ubuntu fine.09:15
ikoniaFartificial: try to start mysql server, what happens09:15
* Nephro ubuntu's gnome broke down, now it's ugly as hell, but it works SUPER FAST09:15
FartificialIts the same error.09:15
FartificialBut fine09:15
FartificialIll install it and run it09:15
ikoniaFartificial: no, that's a client error09:15
orchatatripelb: It is total time09:15
ikoniaFartificial: what happens when you try to start the server09:15
msseverFartificial: go to Synaptic, search for mysql, and hit totally remove for everything. THen you can reinstall if that's what you want09:16
tripelbOK I'm going to time mine next time. thanks for answering me and good luck in getting help.09:16
FartificialInstalling now09:16
FartificialJust installed mysql-server save error.09:17
Fartificialsudo service mysql start09:17
ikoniaFartificial: ok - so that's why you can't connect, as the service is not running09:17
FartificialSo how do I run the service?09:18
ikoniaFartificial: you need to look at the error log (the syslog is a good start) to see why mysql is not starting09:18
silkenphoenixxHey all09:19
zicronsandhi there09:20
stephenhhello, i'm experiencing a problem when trying to rotate syslog-ng09:20
stephenhi've seen a few people paste this, but don't see any fixes.. :\09:20
ikoniastephenh: have you looked if there is a bug filed ?09:21
zicronsandwhat is this syslog-ng??09:21
zicronsandsome kind of log file is it09:21
ikoniazicronsand: it is the syslog for the system09:22
ikonia(system log)09:22
zicronsandthen what is the error09:22
ikoniazicronsand: what error ?09:22
zicronsandi mean the paster tells that09:22
ikoniazicronsand: it's a process that rotates the log, the error is saying it can't rotate the log09:22
zicronsandwould you be more specific09:23
ikoniain what way ?09:23
rethushi there. does someone here runs hd5450 with dual monitor09:23
zicronsandyou told it can't rotate the log09:23
ikoniathat is exactly what's happening the logrotate application that is run by cron is failing to rotate the syslog09:23
rethusis it well suported on ubuntu ?09:24
zicronsandok so the application is called logrotator09:24
zicronsandlet me search for it09:24
ikoniazicronsand: the application is called logrotate09:24
zicronsandit  is new to me09:24
zicronsandwait i can solve the rotation prob anyway09:24
rethushi there. does someone here runs hd5450 with dual monitor?09:25
zicronsandif there is some programming things concerned with it09:25
stephenhikonia: the closest i found was this:09:25
rethushow good is ati dual monitor suported in linux?09:25
stephenhi'm currently installing syslong onto a test box to test this out ..09:26
ikoniastephenh: it's worth looking at bug  678402 on launchpad.net09:26
rethusfor my old nvidia-card i have a nvida-settings tool09:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 678402 in syslog-ng (Ubuntu) "No need to use $SYSLOGNG_OPTS in case of reload" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67840209:26
rethusare something simlar for ati?09:26
ikoniastephenh: see what it's current status is09:26
zicronsandikonia is there a bug09:26
SMJI'm upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04. python2.7-minimal fails configuration. now what?09:26
zicronsandi guess so09:26
ikoniazicronsand: yes, I've just given the id09:26
zicronsandso do you like to fix it09:27
stephenhikonia: great, thanks.  will do09:27
zicronsandi mean lets do the programming09:27
ikoniazicronsand: please stop being silly, how can you expect to fix something when you know nothing about it,09:27
ikoniazicronsand: if you want to fix it, read the bug report and set yourself up to fix it09:27
ikoniazicronsand: no09:27
zicronsandi am serious buddy09:27
ikoniazicronsand: please stop messing around.09:27
zicronsandi fix things for bluetooth module of android09:28
zicronsandis it worth is09:28
xrfanghow do I remove a broken package?09:28
zicronsandi guess so09:28
ikoniazicronsand: then review the bug report and see if you can fix the problem09:28
zicronsandikonia copy that09:28
rethussomeone here use ATI 5450 with dual monitor - does this works well, and easy to setup)?09:29
zicronsandikonia could i have your mail id or something09:29
ikoniazicronsand: no09:29
zicronsandmine is mailto:lordsangram@gmail.com09:29
SMJI'm upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04. python2.7-minimal fails post-install configuration. what should I do now?09:29
ikoniazicronsand: please stop posting your email address09:29
zicronsandr u a girl?09:29
ikoniazicronsand: that doesn't matter, please keep to the topic of this channel which is ubuntu support discussion09:29
zicronsandafraid of anything09:29
* herkupus smells a troll09:30
rysiek|plmmm troll09:30
betanick+o oj09:30
rysiek|plheere it goes09:30
=== famille is now known as gusterhack
themillxrfang: do try to ask a sensible question with enough detail that people have a chance of answering it. Referring to your pastebin and where you got this package would be smart.09:31
xrfangthemill, sorry but I am preparing the screenshot09:31
xrfangI will upload and post the link09:31
xrfangthe command and output is here: http://ubuntuone.com/p/1BCd/09:32
zicronsandi was kicked out i guess09:32
zicronsandno prob09:32
zicronsandso who actually started the thread for the rotator application09:32
SMJI'm upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 (32-bit). python2.7-minimal fails post-install configuration. what should I do now?09:33
xrfangthe situation is in rev2874 of the program, I made some mistake in debconf script. then I think I have fixed the problem, but when try to install new version, it does not allow me, because it try to execute prerm script of the previous version09:33
zicronsandsmj,did you follow the normal procedure09:33
SMJzicronsand: tell me the normal procedure09:33
zicronsandyou could mannually install the packages09:33
xrfangbtw, the package I am installing is a homemade package, not a ubuntu one09:33
betanick+o +b +quiet09:34
ikoniabetanick: don't need a running commentary please.09:34
ikoniano problem09:35
SMJok, where should I go looking for an answer?09:35
ecolitanwill ubuntu 12.04 be an LTS ?09:39
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
makarahi. i sent my pc for repairs. They changed the desktop to 640 x 480 and now when I change back to 1920 x 1080 my settings are lost on reboot ??09:43
makarai save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still it loses settings. why?09:43
=== rikard is now known as Rikard
milos-silni #bumblebee09:45
_vaibhav_how device driver is loaded with respect to its vendor and product id? I guess there has to be entry somewhere, can you please guide me?09:45
pyarunhey guys i need help with dir permessions..i need to 2 give 3 users rwx access to one dir so i have set the setgid attribute for dir and put all the three users in a  group. now when user a is creating file in dir group permissions are not set09:45
pyarunso user b and c are not able to access file created by user a09:46
pyarunhow to give complete access to all three user09:46
remoteCTRLhi guys!09:49
remoteCTRLi would like to print a libre office document to a pdf file, how do i do that?09:49
remoteCTRLwith open office that used to work...09:49
betanickremoteCTRL: save??09:50
dddbmtHi guys. I've just installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my HP Pavilion dv3. But I'm having trouble getting the multi touch working on the touchpad. I've had it working before, but can't remember how - could anyone help me?09:51
remoteCTRLbetanick: i see all types of files in the save dialog, loke odt, xml, doc, rtf, but pdf is unfortunately not amongst them...?09:52
remoteCTRLbetanick: geeeez, he who can read has an advantage, there is even a very own menu item in the "ffile" menu "convert to pdf", thanks tho :D09:53
makarano one here09:53
ikoniamakara: 1400 are here09:54
Howiemorning all09:55
makarano comment09:55
makararemoteCTRL there's an icon on the toolbar EXPORT TO PDF09:56
betanickmakara: he figured it out09:57
remoteCTRLmakara: yeah thanks i found it meanwhile:) in earlier times that worked per prpint to pdf, document viewer for example still can do that, dunno why libre office changed that... but anyways as log as it is there...09:57
HowieAlanBell hi10:00
rethussomeone here use ATI 5450 with dual monitor - does this works well, and easy to setup)?10:01
henry_I want to set up a multi-boot pc, I want the linux partitions to share a big "stuff" partition and have their individual partitions for booting10:03
henry_how do I pull this off?10:03
makarajust installed natty-proposed updates to kernel and still can't connect by wifi10:04
makarais there some other 3rd party network manager I can install to 11.04 to get wifi working?10:04
henry_do you have wifi enabled?10:05
henry_right click on the symbol10:05
makaraindeed I do10:05
henry_alright, I remember disabling it myself a while back without noticing it and spent hours trying to troubleshoot it <.<10:05
cillo564can other linux distro users use ubuntu one music store?10:05
ikoniacillo564: I believe it's locked to ubuntu10:06
makarahenry_ when you install just select the advanced option to create your own partitions10:06
msseverhenry_:  just create your "stuff" partition, then add it to each distro's /etc/fstab10:06
cillo564ikonia: im using debian that could be great if i can use it10:07
ikoniacillo564: I don't think you can10:07
makaradoes anyone actually use wifi on 11.04?10:08
ikoniamakara: many people10:08
makarai'm so jealous10:09
Omie__Hi ! I wish to make installer of my software like ubuntu installer. thing will be installed on Ubuntu server. any hints to start with ?10:09
ikoniaOmie__: do you mean you want to build a deb package for your software ?10:09
SubNormalcan some one tell me why I get "No valid connections found!" when I try to get connection information, I can get on the internet but I can't access webmin from remote location (on the same network)10:10
Omie__ikonia: no, I've got a huge installer script which takes care of installing all things. I just want to make nice UI for it10:10
ikoniaSubNormal: probably routing10:10
msseverOmie__: A .deb package, or a live CD installer?10:10
ikoniaOmie__: then that's not something we deal with here, this channel is for ubuntu support10:10
SubNormalikonia: do you know how I can fix that?10:10
Omie__i meant the way ubuntu os gets installed. that slideshow and all10:10
prc33hi, I've been having temperamental system freezes due to Xorg. I'm running 11.04 (xubuntu) with the AMD Catalyst drives. I've extracted the relevant syslog (http://paste.ubuntu.com/669083/). Can I report this as a bug? The reporting bugs page seems to heavily discourage reporting of X problems...10:11
msseverOmie__: You can google .deb packaging howto to find some info10:11
Omie__ikonia: okay, any idea where should I look for ?10:11
ikoniaSubNormal: look at the routing table10:11
ikoniaOmie__: google10:11
msseverOmie__: I think it's called Ubiquity. Google it10:11
Omie__ikonia: I did a little bit but thought to ask here first. Ubuntu's installer's name is ubqt something ?10:11
Omie__mssever: oh thats ! I only had heard, didnt know name spelled like that. Thanks :)10:12
ikoniaOmie__: see what mssever said10:12
Omie__ikonia: yeap. will check. Thanks man ! cya !10:12
msseverOmie__: np10:13
makaraso what makes them so special? why do the bugs in launchpad only apply to me when they're about a bug in the kernel? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/75317410:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 753174 in linux (Ubuntu) "Wireless password repeatedly asked for" [Undecided,Fix released]10:13
SubNormalikonia allright I looked at the routing table, I could not find any thing that could help me :-/10:13
ikoniaSubNormal: is your webmin machine on the internet or a local netowkr10:13
SubNormalikonia it's on the internet, but I was trying to set it up as a gateway when this started10:14
ikoniaSubNormal: is this machine hosted on your network or a remote location10:15
SubNormalikonia ah sorry, it's hosted on my localnetwork10:15
ikoniaSubNormal: ok, what is it's internal IP address10:15
makaraand why do i feel like I'm being made to think I'm the only one with this problem?10:18
makarawhat can you sincerely suggest I do next?10:18
ikoniaSubNormal: and what is your machines IP10:19
=== eddy is now known as ga_sk8er
ga_sk8eri have an issue with my floppy drive10:19
mssevermakara: I didn't catch the beginning of your problem, but if it's too difficult to get a solution here, try askubuntu..com10:19
msseverga_sk8er: Do people still use floppy drives? :)10:20
ikoniaI'm yet to see a question be asked makara10:20
ga_sk8ermy bios finds the drive & ubuntu finds the drive but when i insert a disc & click the drive i get "unable to mount location"10:20
ga_sk8ermsserver i actually need it to load a raid driver so i can load windows10:21
achuany body know how to password protect a file in ubuntu?10:21
pyarunhi, i ahve a dir where group(a,b,c) has rws permession, when a creates a file in dir permission that comes are rw------- , i want this file to be accessable to user b and c as well10:22
ga_sk8erid like to know why ubuntu is finding the drive but not reading the discs10:22
makaramssever, thanks I'll try them. Let me repeat here once more if you could take a look please10:22
SubNormalikonia i'm behind clearos gateway atm, and now i'm trying to put that gateway to rest and use ubuntu server 11.04 to take it's place10:22
msseverpyarun: You need to set your umask. Google it10:22
makarahi. i sent my pc for repairs. They changed the desktop to 640 x 480 and now when I change back to 1920 x 1080 my settings are lost on reboot ??10:22
makarai save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still it loses settings. why?10:22
pyarunmssever: but umask will change it system wide, can that be done on per dir basis10:23
mssevermakara: How does this affect wifi? Or am I confusing you sith someone else?10:23
SubNormalikonia my clearos IP is and I belive this machine IP address is
makaramssever, they are two unrelated questions10:23
achuCOZ_ HERE?10:24
msseverpyarun: Not as far as I know, in stock linux, but there are Linux ACL (access control list) programs available, or so I've heard10:24
makaraachu, what is your question?10:24
ga_sk8erover 100 ppl in here...anyone got an answer?10:24
ikoniaSubNormal: what are you running on and what OS's10:24
makaraga_sk8er: be more specific please10:24
icerootpyarun: have a look at setfacl10:24
ikoniaga_sk8er: why are you trying to load a raid driver in Ubuntu ?10:24
msseverga_sk8er: I've got a feeling that no one here has any experience with floppy drives. I haven't used one in years, so I don't know how to help10:24
ga_sk8ermy floppy drive shows up but when i put a disc in i get " unable to mount location"10:25
ikoniaga_sk8er: what file system is on the floppy10:25
mssevermakara: I don't know much about X issues, but I suspect that a wrong driver is being loaded somehow10:25
ga_sk8erikonia i need it to work so i can load a raid driver to my windows10:25
ikoniaga_sk8er: I need you to answer my questions10:25
ikoniaga_sk8er: what file system is on the floppy10:26
ga_sk8erthe disk has been formated before if thats what ur asking10:26
SubNormalikonia: is my "old" gateway running clearos wich is still distributing my IP's, and is this machine, ubuntu server 11.04 (with ubuntu desktop GUI)10:26
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:26
msseverachu: If somebody knew, they'd probably have answered10:26
ikoniaSubNormal: ok - so from can you ping
msseverachu: What kind of file?10:27
=== Mud is now known as Guest46620
ikoniaga_sk8er: what file system is on the floppy disk10:27
ga_sk8erthe floppy? fat 32 i suppose. i formatted it with windows before10:27
msseverga_sk8er: fat32? ntfs? something else?10:27
ikoniaga_sk8er: ok - so try to mount it manually10:28
makaramssever, the driver should be fine because I can switch the resolution, but the config file is not saving properly10:28
ikoniaga_sk8er: what do you want to do with the floppy in ubuntu ?10:28
ga_sk8erikonia idk how10:28
makaramssever, maybe about the wifi question then10:28
ga_sk8erikonia i want to be able to put a file to it10:28
SubNormalikonia: yes I can, i'm running my internet connection trough
mssevermakara: Have you tried backing up and deleting Xorg.conf?10:28
auronandace!mount | ga_sk8er10:28
ubottuga_sk8er: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount10:28
mssevermakara: These days, many configurations don't require an Xorg.conf10:29
ikoniaSubNormal: ok - so how are you trying to access the webmin service10:29
ga_sk8erubottu i know what mount is i just dont know how to do it manuallly. im sure liek everything else its a terminal command10:29
ubottuga_sk8er: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:29
mssevermakara: Can you repeat your wifi question?10:29
auronandace!webmin | ikonia10:29
ubottuikonia: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.10:29
ikoniaauronandace: I know what webmin is, please don't push factoids ay me if you're not following the conversation10:29
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:30
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:30
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:30
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:30
achucan i password protect a file in ubuntu?10:30
FloodBot1achu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
auronandaceikonia: sorry10:30
=== tum is now known as Guest8542
ga_sk8erso how do i manually mount the floppy10:31
msseverga_sk8er: sudo mount -t auto /dev/whatever /mnt10:31
ikoniaga_sk8er: do you know what it's device file is10:31
msseverga_sk8er: see man mount10:31
ga_sk8erikonia no i dont10:31
SubNormalikonia: from another local computer wich is trough to
ikoniaga_sk8er: look in the syslog10:31
ga_sk8erive had linux on here less than a week10:31
mssever!mount | ga_sk8er10:31
ubottuga_sk8er: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount10:31
ikoniaSubNormal: well that's never going to work unless you've set up as an internal router10:31
ga_sk8erubottu i told u i know what mount is just not how to manually do it10:32
ubottuga_sk8er: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:32
ikoniaSubNormal: can see without going through as it's on the same network10:32
msseverga_sk8er: did you follow ubottu's link?10:32
SubNormalikonia: well that has worked for 3 weeks now, until last night when I was trying to setup my ubuntu as the gateway10:32
msseverga_sk8er: or the command I gave you?10:32
ikoniaSubNormal: that is bad networking setup10:33
ikoniaSubNormal: they are on the same network and should not be going through a gateway10:33
ga_sk8erur command said "or whatever"10:33
ga_sk8eri need to know the whatever part10:34
ga_sk8eri did click the link too10:34
msseverga_sk8er: use the path yo your floppy drive. I don't know it. You'll have to look it up on your machine10:34
msseverga_sk8er: but if I had to guess, I'd guess /dev/fd010:34
SubNormalikonia: sorry but am I missunderstanding something here, gateway=router? I thought that gateway was to control the local network and distributing IP addresses10:35
ikoniaSubNormal: geting an IP Address does not mean it has to route through that device10:35
makaramssever: i have pc with a d-link wifi device. it can detect wifis in the area, but stalls on authentication. i get the same log output as this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/75317410:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 753174 in linux (Ubuntu) "Wireless password repeatedly asked for" [Undecided,Fix released]10:35
ga_sk8eri typed in sudo mount -t auto /dev/fd010:35
ga_sk8erstill get same message "unable to mount location10:36
ikoniaif you are using you should be able to get to without the need for any routing10:36
msseverga_sk8er: you missed the last part--the mount point. I really suggest you read man mount, so you'll have some idea what you're doing10:36
Myrttiga_sk8er: if that is your whole command, then it can't work as you've not defined a mount location, ie a place where you want the mount to be10:36
makaramssever: I installed the natty-proposed kernel updates ...38-11 and still it gives the same error10:36
mssevermakara: I don't have a browser open at the moment to look at the bug, but I don't have any special knowledge of working around kernel bugs. Sorry10:38
Myrttiga_sk8er: /media/fd0 or something like that10:38
msseverga_sk8er: sudo mount -t auto /dev/fd0 /mnt10:38
makaramssever, I've heard about other problem with WAP, but when I use WEP or no authentication it still gives issues. i think its a broader issue than just the wifi because my GSM modem also gives trouble, as double the ethernet after every 3rd boot or so10:38
Jacohi all .. why the wireshark can't display mine tp link wireless card?10:39
ga_sk8ermount point mnt does not exist10:39
mssevermakara: I'm sorry. I don't really know anything about those kinds of problems. My wireless works perfectly, so I've never had to troubleshoot it.10:39
ikoniaga_sk8er: make the mount point10:39
msseverga_sk8er: did you leave off the /?10:39
makaramssever: are you just a friendly, or do you work for Canonical?10:40
ga_sk8erim likei n a linux diaper here...walk me through the stages of this stuff10:40
mssevermakara: I don't work for Canonical, and neither do most people here10:40
mssevermakara: This is just a community support channel10:40
mssevermakara: nothing official10:40
makarais askubuntu.com official?10:40
msseverga_sk8er: Start by typing the command with everything10:41
mssevermakara: No. To get official support, you have to purchase a support contract from Canonical10:41
ga_sk8ersudo mount /dev/fd0 /floppy -t vfat10:42
makaraso what do you get out of being here? how do you know what most other people here are about?10:42
Myrttimssever, makara: this is as official as the free community support, mentioned and linked by the official websites can be10:42
mssevermakara: I just like helping. As do most other people10:43
ga_sk8erthat command?10:43
ga_sk8erthat command?10:43
ga_sk8ersudo mount /dev/fd0 /floppy -t vfat10:43
Myrttimakara: paying back the help I've been given in the past. Anyway, deeper motivations can and should be discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic10:43
msseverga_sk8er: what about that command?10:43
ga_sk8eris that the one u mena?10:43
msseverga_sk8er: sudo mount -t auto /dev/fd0 /mnt10:44
msseverga_sk8er: this is the third time I've given this command10:44
ga_sk8eri get a weird message10:46
msseverga_sk8er: What is it?10:46
ga_sk8ermount: /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device10:46
=== jamie is now known as Guest9987
herkupusga_sk8er: what type of floppy drive do you have?10:46
auronandacega_sk8er: have you plugged the floppy in?10:46
msseverga_sk8er: Have a look at the /dev directory and see if you've got anything that looks like it might be related to your floppy drive10:46
wh1zz0Sup guys10:46
ga_sk8eryes...its internal & the pc recognizes it10:47
msseverga_sk8er: before you can do anything else, you need to know what your machine is calling your floppy drive10:47
wh1zz0Anyone successfully made the fireburn cursor work on natty?10:47
herkupus.oO(ls /sys/block)10:47
msseverga_sk8er: it'll be under /dev, but if it isn't /dev/fd0, then you'll just have to hunt10:48
ga_sk8erif disk is in i dont get that message about not valid block device10:48
msseverga_sk8er: then try the mount command with the disk inserted10:48
glebihanga_sk8er, are you trying to mount the floppy drive without any disk in it ?10:48
msseverga_sk8er: You can't mount a floppy that isn't inserted into the drive, so there's no point in trying10:49
ga_sk8eri went into disk utility10:49
ga_sk8erits /dev/fd010:50
ga_sk8erkinda weird though10:50
herkupusga_sk8er: i don't whats weird about mount not working if there is no floppy inserted10:50
ga_sk8eri put a disc in & it shows at bottom of disk utility no media detected10:50
herkupusga_sk8er: i don't see whats weird about mount not working if there is no floppy inserted10:51
ga_sk8eri did put a disc in...its not detected10:51
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest52408
ga_sk8erthere is a disc in it10:51
msseverga_sk8er: Floppy drives can't detect media that isn't mounted10:51
msseverga_sk8er: Insert the disk, then try to mount it10:51
steph_hi, I need help with Ubuntu Minimal install 11.0410:51
ga_sk8ernow i know its dev/fd010:51
herkupusga_sk8er: floppy drives cannot report disc insertion (hardware limitation). you have to mount it to see if a disc is inserted or not.10:52
steph_I just went through the setup, rebooted and now I have 'grub_xputs' not found10:52
steph_what do I do now?10:52
msseverga_sk8er: no, it's not dev/fd0. It's /dev/fd010:52
steph_its a minimal cd...10:52
ga_sk8ersudo mount -t auto /dev/fd0 /mnt10:52
NEWyhello, does anyone knows how to fix the following error with ubuntu and kvm: vnet0: received packet with own address as source address ?10:52
ga_sk8erthats 4th time ive ran that command with a disk in the drive10:52
steph_hope someone can help me10:53
ga_sk8erit still dont find it10:53
NEWyifconfigs says that the vnet0 and vnet1 has different macs10:53
msseverga_sk8er: what happens when you run the command with the disk in the drive10:53
steph_my computer won't boot10:53
auronandacega_sk8er: have you looked under /mnt? does it show you whats on your floppy?10:53
ga_sk8erthe floppy drive lights up for a second or 2 like its working but terminal does nothing10:54
msseverga_sk8er: if there's no error message, then it worked10:54
padi999I have xubuntu on /dev/sda1 (bootable) and want it as an exact copy on sdb1 (another ssd drive). Is dd the safest option here? Since it's not just data but an OS that gets "mirrored"10:54
msseverga_sk8er: look at /mnt and you'll see your floppy's contents10:54
ga_sk8erhow do i look at /mnt?10:54
herkupusls /mnt10:55
wildbatsteph_, try reinstall !grub10:55
msseverpadi999: sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb110:55
steph_wildbat: how?10:55
padi999mssever: I know how to invoke dd, the question was different :) but thanks10:55
wildbat!grub| steph_10:55
ubottusteph_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:55
msseverpadi999:  Sorry, I didn't read your question thoroughly10:55
ga_sk8eri put that in terminal & i get nothing10:55
padi999mssever: I know ^^ it's ok10:56
steph_so I've got the minimal CD10:56
msseverpadi999: I've used dd successfuly for this exact thing several times10:56
steph_what do I do?10:56
auronandacega_sk8er: is there anything on the floppy?10:56
padi999mssever: perfect, then I'll do it too.10:56
ga_sk8erhow do i read whats on the floppy?10:56
ga_sk8eri know this floppy has files on it cause it has my mobo bios upgrade i did a while back10:56
msseverga_sk8er: type mount by itself and make sure your floppy shows up in the list10:57
auronandacega_sk8er: if nothing is on the floppy and you've looked at its mountpoint then you are not going to find anything (because nothing is there)10:57
padi999ga_sk8er: floppies are odd. cat /proc/scsi/scsi shows the floppy but the OS does not automount it. Normally manual mounting works however without problems10:57
ga_sk8eri still got that its not a valid block10:58
steph_what is rescue mode on the minimal Cd?10:58
padi999ga_sk8er: instead of /dev/sdc (or however it is called) try finding the primary partition on it /dev/sdc4 usually10:58
wildbatsteph_ Mini; CD do have a shell for you :>  just boot it, drop to shell , mount your drive and install grub10:58
msseverga_sk8er: But you said earlier that the mount command worked without error message. Which is it? How can we help you if you give conflicting information?10:58
wildbatsteph_, try it you will see :>10:59
padi999(that's how it was when I "digitalized" all old floppies, however :)10:59
steph_wildbat: I was following instructions from a website to install LXDE, I really don't know much about this stuff10:59
ga_sk8eri guess i didnt have disc in all the way. now its going10:59
ga_sk8erbut not showing floppy10:59
msseverpadi999: Ah, someone who knows something about floppies! Thanks10:59
msseverga_sk8er: What does "going, but not showing floppy" mean?11:00
wildbatsteph_: then URL have about 4 method of doing it from a CD.11:00
steph_wildbat: I don't know how to get to shell from LiveCd11:00
ga_sk8erit only shows my hard drive11:00
steph_well I wanted to try minimal11:00
msseverga_sk8er: what only shows your hard drive?11:00
ga_sk8eri meant the command is going now but not showing the floppy11:00
steph_but now I can't get passed grub11:00
* steph_ blush11:01
msseverga_sk8er: The command can't be "going."11:01
wildbatsteph_, boot the CD rescue mode11:01
msseverga_sk8er: please be specific11:01
ga_sk8eri did that command like u asked & only drive it shows is hard drive...no floppy listed11:01
padi999mssever: haha, yeah, it's so refreshing finding the old OLD games on the discs (and then trying them with dosbox) ^^  I had IOMEGA ZIPS for which you need the parallel port (module ppa). Most computers nowadays don't even have it ^^11:01
herkupusga_sk8er: grep -w fd0 /proc/mounts11:01
wildbatsteph_, it give you root shell11:01
msseverpadi999: I remember the horors of working with Zip disks back in the day11:02
ga_sk8ernot doing anything11:02
padi999mssever: sure. Still a horror: Let them drop 20cm and they are gone ^^11:02
msseverga_sk8er: Try this command: sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt || echo "failed"11:03
padi999the most amazing thing are the disk/filesizes from back then ^^11:03
ga_sk8ersudo mount /dev/fd0 .mnt || echo "failed"11:04
ga_sk8ermount: mount point .mnt does not exist11:04
msseverga_sk8er: You made a typo11:04
ikoniaga_sk8er: READ what people are giving you11:04
steph_wildbat: a) how do I get root shell, b) how do I reinstall grub from there?11:04
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
aguitelis there anyway to install ubuntu in ipad2 ?11:06
ikoniaaguitel: no11:06
aguitelikonia, do you work with ipad 2?11:06
ikoniaaguitel: yes11:06
aguitelikonia, how to connect to pc this device ?11:07
wildbatsteph_: boot the CD 's rescue mode.11:07
ikoniaaguitel: in what respecty11:07
aguitelwhat means?11:07
ikoniaaguitel: what do you mean11:07
ga_sk8eri typed it just liek u did11:08
aguitelikonia, to transfers files11:08
ga_sk8eri copied & pasted that time11:08
ikoniaaguitel: ipad support is not really available in linux11:08
msseverga_sk8er: and what was the result?11:08
ga_sk8erterminal didnt tell any results11:08
msseverga_sk8er: how about "mount"?11:09
aguitelikonia, but in windows can i transfer files via usb ?11:09
ikoniaaguitel: you've not using windows11:09
ikoniaaguitel: you're using Linux11:09
aguitelikonia, i have win+linux11:10
ikoniaaguitel: then use windows11:10
msseveraguitel: It means that you can transfer via USB from Windows, but not from Linux11:10
ga_sk8ersorry. dint mean to leave the room11:10
revilodrawhey y'all, i've used ubuntu since 2006 and am currently using the newest distro with all updates installed and no proprietary drivers on my toshiba laptop. of the 5 or 6 laptops i have installed ubuntu on, none have ever worked flawlessly with suspend/hibernate. is there a reason for this? they have always gone down for suspend or hibernate properly, but sometimes don't wake up, which is annoying. should i just get over it11:10
msseverga_sk8er: how about "mount"?11:11
anihi,I was trying to get a certificate by doing this command..11:11
aguitelmssever, my question is :is ipad2 have usb port ?11:11
ani"keytool -genkey -keyalg rsa -alias myKeyName"11:11
ikoniarevilodraw: suspend has a lot of issues, mostly to do with video card properitary drivers11:11
ikoniaaguitel: not on linux, no11:11
ga_sk8erstill only lists hard drive11:11
msseveraguitel: Dunno. I was just explaining what ikonia was telling you11:11
ga_sk8eri may just have to buy usb external floppy drive11:11
revilodrawikonia: thank you, but i'm not using any proprietary drivers :s11:12
aniand for this ask for password of keystore11:12
ikoniarevilodraw: the open ones can cause the same issues, especially ati11:12
aniI need to know the password of keystore11:12
SubNormalikonia: did you see my PM?11:12
revilodrawikonia: lol damn, ok11:12
msseverga_sk8er: I don't think you're telling me everything. If the mount command succeded, you'd see in in "mount." If it failed, you would have seen "failed." There are no other possibilities.11:12
ikoniaSubNormal: noipe11:12
anican anybody help me?11:13
SubNormalikonia: or cant you recive PM's?11:13
ikoniaSubNormal: just didn't get it, post it in the channel11:13
msseverani: If you don't know the password, ask the person who set the password.11:14
SubNormalikonia: ok np's11:14
aniit's default with ubuntu11:14
SubNormalikonia: this is my setup http://i54.tinypic.com/vskt4y.jpg11:14
aniI have checked Synaptic package manager11:14
msseverani: have you tried your regular user password?11:14
ga_sk8eri see it when i go into "computer" but it dont show up in the mount...i dont understand this at all11:14
aniJKS keystore was already there11:15
aniin system11:15
ikoniaSubNormal: that's fine, it doesn't change what I said11:15
aniyes,I have tried11:15
SubNormalikonia: that it's a bad setup?11:15
dddbmtI've just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and did "apt-get install chromium-browser". But no matter what I do I can't get Chromium to be my default browser.11:15
aniand also tried with keystore default password that is "changeit"11:15
anibut get no result11:16
dddbmtI've tried in the settings for chrome, and tried the "Do you want to make chromium default" alert that pops up.11:16
aguitelikonia, mssever ,i need some advice, what is best to buy ,ipod 2 or Samsung - Galaxy Tab 10.1 ?11:16
ikoniaSubNormal: no, but you said you where sending traffic through 111.1 between 111.199 and 111.19811:16
ikoniaaguitel: that's not what this channel is for11:16
ikoniaaguitel: this channel is for ubuntu support11:16
msseverga_sk8er: If mounting succeeded, then you'll find the files in /mnt, If there are no files there, it's because the disk is blank. If mmounting didn't succeed, then you would've gotten the message "failed."11:16
glebihandddbmt, try using "gnome-default-applications-properties"11:16
anli_This is an off topic question, a friend of mine has got a directory of images fubared, all images has been brighter than before11:17
anli_Any ideas?11:17
ikoniaaguitel: please don't ask offtopic questions11:17
gamer1990or from the command line with     sudo update-alternatives –config x-www-browser11:17
ikoniaaguitel: sorry, that was for anli_11:17
ikoniaanli_: please don't ask offtopic questions11:17
anli_The #images_has_been_brighter channel is so lonely, but ok, I will respect that11:18
aguitelikonia, ok11:18
ikoniaaguitel: sorry about that11:18
anli_I try in #windows instead, maybe they like off-topic questions11:18
mavI am new here and in ubuntu. I need to know can I boot Ubuntu 11.04 from usb 3.0 hard drive?11:18
ga_sk8ermsserver when it pops up "unable to mount location" it says below that "no media in the drive"11:18
ga_sk8erbut i have a disc in so i know theres media in the drive11:19
msseverga_sk8er: We're working from the command line. Remember? Switching interfaces all the time is only confusing11:19
glebihanga_sk8er, did you try with different disks ?11:19
auronandacega_sk8er: you don't seem to want to listen to what people have already explained to you several times11:19
ga_sk8eryes i have 2 different discs here11:19
devishhi,i have few questions regarding ubuntu11:19
NEWyhello, does anyone knows how to fix the following error with ubuntu and kvm: vnet0: received packet with own address as source address ?11:20
SubNormalikonia: when I looked at the picture, I noticed that 111.198 does not go trough 111.1 to get to 111.199 it goes trough the switch, my bad11:20
devishfirst, what is the latest eclipse package it has in the repo11:20
ga_sk8erim doing everything im getting told to do11:20
ikoniaSubNormal: thats fine, then you should ahve no problem accessing the webmin service11:20
mavI am new here and in ubuntu. I need to know can I boot Ubuntu 11.04 from usb 3.0 hard drive?11:20
ikoniaSubNormal: if you can't access it there is a problem witht he service11:20
SubNormalikonia: but i'm still not able to connect to my webmin11:21
msseverdevish: You can search synaptic and find that info11:21
glebihandevish, 3.5.2-811:21
ikoniaSubNormal: then there is a problem with the webmin service setup11:21
msseverga_sk8er: Actually, you aren't. I've had to repeat things many times, and correct many things11:21
dr-willismav you should be able to.11:22
msseverga_sk8er: And now the info you've given can't possibly be all correct, so you must be leaving something out11:22
SubNormalikonia: my ubuntu machine network went bad yesterday after I connected a cable from it to another pc to check if ubuntu was sharing its connection.11:22
dddbmtglebihan, how do I do that?11:22
ga_sk8ersorry im not too good at the terminal commands. thats why i dont care too much for linux. half the stuff u do in linux is a terminal command11:22
ikoniaSubNormal: then review the networking setup on the ubuntu machine11:23
SubNormalikonia: almost instantly as I connected the network cable the ubuntu internet stoped working11:23
devishsecondly , i have dell bluetooth headset ,is it supported in ubuntu out of box, with services like audio chat etc.11:23
mssevermssever: Anyway, I have to go to class now, so I've gotta run.11:23
glebihandddbmt, launch that command from terminal11:23
auronandacega_sk8er: it might help if you highlight who you are talking to11:23
auronandace!who | ga_sk8er11:23
ubottuga_sk8er: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:23
mavdr-willis: I tried  but I have problems. Some times when I restart my laptop it just accidentaly shut down.11:23
ga_sk8erive tried 2 differnts discs & it wont read either of them. bios reads the drive. the drive shows up in computer. but when i type in "mount" it only lists my hard drive11:23
herkupusga_sk8er: does  ls /sys/block  show fd0?11:24
dr-willismav no idea on that. try the hd in a usb2 port perhaps.11:24
dddbmtglebihan, it worked perfectly - thank you for your time! :)11:24
SubNormalikonia: is there any chance that you could guide me trough this?11:24
glebihandddbmt, you're welcome11:24
padi999in /etc/fstab I have a device (ntfs) which should be mounted automatically IF it is connected. I have the "nofail" tag invoked BUT when the device is unplugged it still stops the boot-process. This is bad because I can only connect via ssh (no monitor) but the sshd is only started after that...11:24
ga_sk8erherkupus yes it does11:25
ga_sk8erthats a new command nobody else has told me11:25
MuNk`i got a odd bug , all the indicator icons in the top menu bar keep moving on there own to the right further and further off my screen...11:25
MuNk`any ideas?11:25
padi999/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_HD203DJKWDRJ1LZ204776-part1   /media/ntfs_hdd        ntfs    noatime,defaults,uid=1009,gid=1004,rw,nofail    0       011:25
herkupusga_sk8er: just wanted to make sure the kernel really knows the fd0 block device11:25
mavdr-willis: Okay thanks :) But do you maybe know can mount '/' and 'boot' partition on internal hard drive and other ubuntu partitions on external hard drive?11:25
padi999this is the invocation. It works for the mounting but nofail has no effect11:25
devish i have dell bluetooth headset ,is it supported in ubuntu out of box, with services like audio chat etc.11:26
dr-willispadi999:  its possble that nofail option is not correct. ive never noticed such an option befor.11:26
herkupusga_sk8er: are both floppy discs bios updates?11:26
padi999dr-willis: I might invoke the mount command as an init script rather than having it in fstab. Then at least sshd starts earlier. But that's kind of a hack ^^11:27
dr-willismav you can put /home or whatever on external hds.. yes...11:27
ga_sk8erno. the other i got from my mom. i think its just some old clipart pics she has11:27
glebihanpadi999, I think the nofail option is only used by fsck11:27
dr-willispadi999:  use /etc/rc.local ;)11:27
padi999glebihan: I see. So there is no way to say: "mount only if hdd is plugged"? :)11:27
padi999dr-willis: yeah ^^11:28
ga_sk8erherkupus 1 is my bios update & the other disk i  got from my mom. i think its some old clipart of hers11:29
glebihanpadi999, check the "nobootwait" option11:29
herkupusga_sk8er: can you try to make an image file of the floppy: sudo dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/tmp/floppy.img11:29
glebihanpadi999, never used it but it looks like it could be the correct one11:30
steph_I just did a complete resintall of Ubuntu 11.04 minimal and I got the "grub_xputs" not found error again11:30
ga_sk8eri guess my moms disk is blank11:32
HyperbyteWhat's the recommended command-line tool for managing startup services in Ubuntu?11:32
ikoniaHyperbyte: update-rc.d11:32
padi999glebihan: thanks11:32
Hyperbyteikonia, how do I list all current services and runlevels/start with taht?11:33
ikoniaHyperbyte: worth checking the man page on it before using it11:33
herkupusga_sk8er: that does not answer my question11:33
ga_sk8er0+0 records in11:33
ga_sk8er0+0 records out11:33
ga_sk8er0 bytes (0 B) copied, 1.99242 s, 0.0 kB/s11:33
ga_sk8erif thees nothing thee, theres nothing to copy11:34
herkupusga_sk8er: even if the disc is blank, it should not read only 0 records11:34
aniwhere will I get valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain in my system?11:34
Hyperbyteikonia, I don't see it on the manpage.  In fact, the manpage suggests it can't be done.  It states the tool is only for updating the services, doesn't say anything about listening them.11:34
wildbatsteph_ why are you using miniCD thou while you umfamiliar with ubuntu .11:35
ikoniaHyperbyte: all services run at run level 2 now, ubuntu only uses run level 211:35
glebihanikonia, is update-rc.d still in use with upstart ?11:35
ikoniaglebihan: I believe so11:36
Hyperbyteikonia, okay.. so how can I get a list of all enabled/disabled services?11:36
BluesKajhey folks11:36
ikoniaHyperbyte: I've not read it11:37
mavdr-willis: Sorry if I ask too much but I just want to be sure. I have internal hd with 2 partitions. One is recovery and other one is boot partition for XP. Now  I bought Transcend 750GB external hd.  so, can i split by GParted XP boot partition so and new one partition on internal hd use to mount '/' and '/boot' partiton and on Transcend hd mount other partitions(swaparea, /usr, /var, /temp, /home) without messing with RAID and LVM?11:37
glebihanikonia, the man page only mentions System V scripts11:37
ikoniaglebihan: really, could be wrong11:37
ikoniaglebihan: as in I could be wrong11:37
ga_sk8erherkupus idk then11:37
steph_wildbat: familiar yes. expert no.11:38
glebihanHyperbyte, try "service --status-all"11:38
auronandacega_sk8er: you need to mount the disk before you dd an image from it11:39
Hyperbyteglebihan, awesome!  And then I can use update-rc.d to enable/disable, or should I use another tool for that?11:39
steph_wildbat: it shouldn't matter, an absolute novice should be able to load the minicd and get it to boot!!!11:39
dr-willismav you can put / and /boot inernal  and mount / home to external.  i dint see the need for a dizen partions fir the otger plaves.11:39
glebihanHyperbyte, I don't think update-rc.d can be used with upstart, but I'm not sure11:39
ga_sk8eri just tried fdrawcmd & i get " open floppy: permission denied"11:39
Hyperbyteglebihan, which program should I use for managing upstart jobs?11:39
wildbatsteph_ , may be :)11:39
glebihanHyperbyte, from what I've learned so far, I don't think there is any tool for it yet, you have to edit the scripts in /etc/init/ manually11:41
HyperbyteHmm, okay11:41
steph_wildbat: my conclusion is that the MiniCD X64 is broken11:41
mavdr-willis: I just read it on ubuntu site like sugestion, i still learning :)))11:41
wildbatsteph_,  i doubted it11:41
steph_well, I have followed the install to default...  I have simply pressed enter... and it will not boot11:43
ga_sk8ercant i change the floppy in fstasb?11:43
glebihanga_sk8er, your floppy drive should not be in fstab11:44
steph_and, I even did it twice11:44
Omie__hey eveyone ! I installed ubiquity on my ubuntu desktop but it doesnt run11:44
ga_sk8erit is11:44
Omie__actually nothing happens, I get back to console11:44
ga_sk8erim also googling11:44
mavdr-willis: Thanks man :) I'm just going to try :)11:45
DuolosI can NOT, for the life of me, get the Java JDK installed!  Anyone know what I'm supposed to do other than extract the archive?  Java's installation notes are apparently outdated.11:46
susundbe1gDuolos: install one from the repository?11:46
susundbe1gDuolos: If you insist to have sun java, see: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-jre-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-using-ppa.html11:47
Duolossusundbe1g: I'm using it to develop software for Android, so Sun Java is a better option.11:47
susundbe1gi agree11:47
ga_sk8eri found a link online that says in fstasb im supposed to add in vfat but i cant tell if i replace "type" with it or if its another one of the "options"11:48
=== puffin is now known as the_troll
Ekusheyga_sk8er: what link is it? your question is not clean11:49
Duolossusundbe1g: Ah, that's what I was missing.  Didn't realize ubuntu removed sun Java from it's own repos.11:49
ga_sk8erthey need pictures on this stuff11:50
Ekusheyga_sk8er: checking, wait11:50
susundbe1gDuolos: Happy coding!11:50
Duolossusundbe1g: Thank you, sir!11:50
Ekusheyga_sk8er: yes I'm there, what seems to be the problem?11:51
=== the_troll is now known as puffin
ga_sk8erdo i add in "vfat" as a type or an option11:51
neglectedhai guise11:51
glebihanga_sk8er, one more, your floppy *should not* be in fstab11:51
neglectedhave you ever tried crossover games?11:51
bazhangneglected, thats not on topic here11:52
bazhangneglected, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat please11:52
Ekusheyga_sk8er: yeah using vfat should be fine11:52
=== rikard_ is now known as rikard
neglectedcrossover games it's an ubuntu application11:53
ga_sk8erbut is it a "type" or an "option11:53
Ekusheyga_sk8er: type11:53
bazhangneglected, which repo is it in11:53
ga_sk8erthey need pictures in these help sites when they tell ppl how to do things11:53
ga_sk8erso i erase auto?11:53
Ekusheyga_sk8er: you can leave the line as it is...11:54
ga_sk8erits not working as it is11:54
neglectedi found in ubuntu software center11:54
MuNk`ummm is it possible to move the icons/indicator-icons ?11:55
Ekusheyga_sk8er: did you try mouting the floppy using mount command?11:55
=== puffin is now known as profiterole
bazhangneglected, its essentially wine, but trial period only. may as well stick with wine11:56
ga_sk8eryes i believe thats what msserver had me do11:56
bazhangneglected, some trouble installing it? or just wish to chat about it11:56
Ekusheyms server?11:56
ga_sk8eranother user in here11:57
neglectedno trouble man, chill11:57
Ekusheyuser on your ubuntu machine?11:57
Tim55bazhang hey man. i need help11:57
bazhangTim55, ask the channel please, give as many details as possible; if someone knows they will answer11:58
Tim55how to cook an egg?11:58
PiciTim55: This is Ubuntu support, not Cooking support, try #ubuntu-offtopic or #help11:58
usr13_I have 10.04 and most everything works nicely but something amiss with recordmydesktop and it may not be a problem with recordmydesktop itself, but here's what it does.  When I make a video and then play it, the video is way ahead of the audio.  The video runs 3 or 4 times faster, audio is normal but video is way fast.  Video finishes and playback ends and the audio is cut off in mid-sentence only 1/3 or 1/4th of the way through.  Any ideas?11:58
auronandaceEkushey: he means another nick in this room11:59
FeldegastTim55 get really mad and sit on it?11:59
profiteroleJust buy an egg roll!11:59
Tim55bazhang i need to assign " paste text " to crtl+v keys11:59
Tim55how ?11:59
ga_sk8ereku...no a chatter in the chatroom11:59
Ekusheyauronandace: oh11:59
MuNk`Anyone know how to edit com.canonical.Unity.Panel ? cause my icons keep moving off my screen11:59
ChessTeachI am having trouble using mailutils, I installed it, and am able to send emails without errors, but nothing shows up on the other end.11:59
Ekusheyga_sk8er: ok, did the mount command work when you tried it?11:59
usr13_ChessTeach: What method are you using to send emails?12:00
ChessTeachmail chessteach@gmail.com12:00
ChessTeachi fill out the fields and click ctrl d12:01
usr13_ChessTeach: So you are using gmail's pop server?12:01
ChessTeachi didn't configure the smtp server12:01
ChessTeachi am not sure how12:01
usr13_ChessTeach: Or are you using the standard web-based interface gmail.google.com ?12:01
ChessTeachno console12:02
Ekusheyga_sk8er: aftre inserting a floppy disk the following command should work: mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy12:02
damo22no, comma, console12:02
usr13_ChessTeach: Are you using a mail client?  Or are you using gmail's web-based mail, (the standard/normal method)?12:03
ChessTeachi want to use mailutils, and command line program, i have my own domain name which I would like all emails to go out through as well as a host for the domain name12:03
usr13_ChessTeach: Are you using gmail to send these emails?  Or not?12:04
PiciChessTeach: Have you setup postfix?12:04
ChessTeachno, like i said i am not sure what i need to set up12:04
ga_sk8ersorry my irc client booted me12:06
ga_sk8erwhat was that command?12:06
ChessTeachso i need to set up postfix in order for this to work?12:07
PiciChessTeach: I'd start by looking here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html12:07
Feldegastaftre inserting a floppy disk the following command should work: mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy12:08
ga_sk8ersomeone gave me the terminal command i need but then xchat closed out on me12:08
Feldegastga_sk8er that's for you12:08
ChessTeachPici: thanks12:08
ga_sk8ergotta be root12:09
Feldegastga_sk8er so make it.... sudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy12:10
ga_sk8ersudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy12:10
ga_sk8ermount: mount point /mnt/floppy does not exist12:10
damo22sudo mkdir -p /mnt/floppy12:10
usr13_Here's MY problem: recordmydesktop is making videos that run WAY too fast.  The video runs way ahead of the audio.  I'm thinking it may not be recordmydesktop's fault.  I also notice that when I dump some text with middle mouse button, it sometimes prints the text 3 or 4 times if I don't get off the button really fast, (in other words, just punch it really fast). Any ideas?12:10
damo22then run the first command12:10
* dormeur[a] музяка долбит12:10
mil3yga_sk8er, pm ?12:10
vlt!ru | dormeur[a]12:11
ubottudormeur[a]: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:11
ga_sk8ermil3y what u asking12:11
mil3ypm ??12:11
mil3yneed help12:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:11
auronandacemil3y: what do you need help with?12:11
mil3ybro need help, im trying to install ubuntu from win 7 - using wubi installer,, after installation - when i try 2 start - its giving error "no root file system is defined" in ubuntu 11.04..12:11
mil3ydunno what to do ??12:11
FloodBot1mil3y: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:11
usr13_This may even be a hardware problem of some sort.  But everything else seems ok, so not sure.12:11
ga_sk8erwhat does pm mean...are u asking me the tiem of day here?12:11
dormeur[a]rm -rf /12:12
auronandacega_sk8er: pm means private message12:12
usr13_I would just like to figure out how to make recordmydesktop slow down the video.  (It runs super fast.)12:12
ga_sk8ersudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy12:12
ga_sk8ermount: block device /dev/fd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only12:12
mil3yauronandace, thats the issue12:12
auronandacemil3y: i don't use wubi and never recomend it12:13
mil3ythen how to install ubuntu from win12:13
damo22ga_sk8er: check that the tab on the floppy isnt set to read only... that special sliding thingy on the actual floppy disk12:13
auronandacemil3y: can't you use a livecd or usb?12:13
mil3ybut it will overtake win boot loader12:14
auronandacemil3y: another option is to install it in virtualbox12:14
mil3yno virtual box12:14
mil3yi can but i don't want12:14
mil3yalready im running 3 os virtually12:14
ga_sk8eri still get the same message12:14
damo22ga_sk8er: you need to unmount and remount12:15
mil3yauronandace, pls help witn win installer12:15
auronandacemil3y: no, i don't use wubi12:15
mil3yohh then who can help here12:15
ga_sk8ermy bad...now i dont get a message in terminal but when i click to read the disck it says unable to mount location12:15
mil3yi don't find any solution in ubuntu forums too12:15
popeyusr13_: thats been a problem for some time12:15
damo22ga_sk8er: what are you trying to do? read an important file on a floppy?12:16
popeyusr13_: I use this method now http://lwn.net/Articles/452233/ - recordmydesktop is broken12:16
zambathe nouveau-driver is the linux kernel's attempt at a nvidia driver?12:16
ga_sk8erdamo22 i want to copy an important file to a floppy. has to be floppy for the mobo to read it12:16
mil3yauronandace, say something mate12:17
auronandace!nouveau | zamba12:17
ubottuzamba: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.12:17
damo22ga_sk8er: do you need the disk to be readable by dos/windows?12:17
ga_sk8erno not really12:17
ga_sk8eroh yes12:17
ga_sk8ermy mistake12:17
auronandacemil3y: why don't you want to install it normally?12:17
damo22ga_sk8er: you need to install mtools12:17
mil3ybecause it will over take windows boot loader12:18
ga_sk8erim copying a raid driver over so i can load windows. without it windows dont see the hard drive12:18
lewis93I have a linux driver for my WLAN card. Could someone run me through how to install it?12:18
mil3yand i want win boot loader12:18
ga_sk8erdamo how do i do the12:18
damo22ga_sk8er: sudo apt-get install mtools12:18
auronandacemil3y: grub can boot into windows too you know?12:18
ga_sk8erE: Invalid operation mtools12:18
mil3yyes but it will flash ubuntu boot loader initial12:19
ga_sk8eroh nevermind i made mistake12:19
lewis93I have googled methods but they are all too complicated and I get stuck.12:19
lewis93It is a driver for my realtek wlan card.12:19
auronandacemil3y: you can change which one gets booted by default12:19
ga_sk8erok i got it12:19
damo22ga_sk8er: you need to unmount the disk12:19
lewis93I have the file, I just don't know how to get it going.12:19
damo22ga_sk8er: sudo umount /mnt/floppy12:20
lewis93It isn't like Windows where you just double click things and it installs.12:20
mil3yauronandace, check ur pm12:20
ga_sk8eru sure its not /mnt/dev/fd012:21
sattu94lewis93: what is the file name ?12:21
ga_sk8erddy@eddy-desktop:~$ sudo umount .mnt.floppy12:21
ga_sk8erumount: .mnt.floppy: not found12:21
ikoniaga_sk8er: if you don't listen to what people say - you will be removed fro mthe channel;12:21
ikoniaga_sk8er: you have been told enough times to pay attention, stop wasting peopels times and start READING what is given to you12:22
ga_sk8eri asked cause i got the error message i just posted. sorry12:22
alexleon_:( i need help i installed ubuntu 64 bit on my Satellite L755-S5258 and my wi fi doesnt work :(12:22
ikoniaga_sk8er: you typed it wrong - again - .mnt = no, /mnt = yes12:22
lewis93sattu94, rtl8192e_linux_2.6.0015.1013.2010.tar.gz12:22
damo22ga_sk8er: sudo umount /mnt/floppy12:23
ga_sk8ersudo umount /mnt/floppy12:23
ga_sk8erumount: /mnt/floppy: not mounted12:23
damo22ga_sk8er: lets double check the mtools configuration12:23
alexleon_installed ubuntu 64 bit on my Satellite L755-S5258 and my wi fi doesnt work -.-12:24
sattu94lewis93: it's a .tar.gz, so it's probably a precompiled binary. u will have to untar(extract) it.12:24
damo22ga_sk8er: cat /etc/mtools.conf and tell me the line that relates to a:12:24
lewis93sattu94, done12:24
lewis93now what?12:25
sattu94lewis93: good, so whats in the untarred folder ?12:25
ga_sk8er# # Linux floppy drives12:25
ga_sk8erdrive a: file="/dev/fd0" exclusive12:25
damo22ga_sk8er: excellent.. now do this: mformat a:12:26
lewis93sattu94, four folders; firmware, HAL, realtek and rtllib. Then Makefile, readme.txt, release_note, runwpa, wpa1.conf and wpa_supplicant-0.6.9.tar.gz12:26
sattu94read readme.txt and see if you can figure out how to get it done ?12:26
alexleon_installed ubuntu 64 bit on my Satellite L755-S5258 and my wi fi doesnt work12:26
ga_sk8ermformat: Can't open /dev/fd0: Permission denied12:27
Tim55how to paste text in the terminal using the keys ctrl + v ?12:27
damo22ga_sk8er: okay, try sudo mformat a:12:27
sattu94lewis93: if it says something like build instructions etc. u might have to build the driver from source.12:27
PiciTim55: use ctrl-shift-v12:27
hubJava doesn't work for Firefox, I've installed sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib , any idea please ?12:27
OerHeksTim55, paste with middle mouse wheel12:27
lewis93sattu94, how do I do that?12:27
Tim55pici i want it to be ctrl + v12:27
sattu94lewis93: later, just read.12:27
PiciTim55: ctrl-v is reserved.12:28
sattu94lewis93: see what it says,12:28
Tim55for what12:28
ga_sk8erplain_io: Input/output error12:28
ga_sk8ermformat: Error reading from '/dev/fd0', wrong parameters?12:28
Tim55nobody gave me a choice i want it to be changed12:28
effervescenceDoes anyone have arista transcoder?12:28
damo22ga_sk8er: is it chugging the disk and making noise when you do it?12:28
alexleon_installed ubuntu 64 bit on my Satellite L755-S5258 and my wi fi doesnt work and additional drivers says no proprietary drivers are in use on this system12:28
lewis93sattu94, it says to change to super user with "sudo su" and then enter "make" then "make install". When I do that, the terminal says: "make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."12:28
ga_sk8eryes it is12:28
PiciTim55: ctrl+KEY are all reserved for your terminal to use.12:28
damo22ga_sk8er: sounds like a faulty disk12:29
ga_sk8er2 faulty discs?12:29
Tim55pici i'm not stopping it from using it. i want to use it too12:29
ChessTeachlet me ask you guys something, I am setting up exim4 and it wants the 'mail name', this is the name of my computer right, not nessisarily the name of the domain name?12:29
sattu94lewis93: just a sec. i'll try getiing that file myself.12:29
damo22ga_sk8er: got another one to try?12:29
ga_sk8erlet me look12:29
sattu94lewis93: also when u run make u need to be in the untarred folder.12:29
hubHi, I've got a problem with JAVA and FIREFOX, any idea, please ?12:30
PiciTim55: I don't know what to tell you, thats just the way things work.12:30
auronandacehub: not really, based on the information you provided12:30
hubauronandace, : I did sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib12:30
tekkhow the hell am i meant to pull a SAS connector out.... its so stiff12:31
ga_sk8eri knowi  got some more in the mini warehouses whenever i can get over to them12:31
hubauronandace, : and if I do java -version, I've got version java version "1.6.0_20"12:31
ga_sk8ernone here12:31
damo22ga_sk8er: what happened to the first one12:31
sattu94lewis93: right so cd /path/to/driver/folder/12:32
hubauronandace : and I did the sym link from /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/i386/libjava.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins , but itstill doesn't wrok :s12:32
damo22ga_sk8er: try putting in the first one and doing sudo mformat a:12:32
ga_sk8eri tried every command to both discs12:32
lewis93sattu94, Downloads or in the actual extracted folder?12:32
auronandacehub: i don't think you should simlink it12:32
ga_sk8ergot same reaction to both discs12:32
sattu94lewis93: in the actual extracted folder.12:32
damo22oh wait there might be a switch to apply to mformat12:33
hubauronandace : I've seen many info on google, but I'm lost now :s12:33
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
lewis93sattu94, done12:33
auronandacehub: i don't really use java, but i think you just need to install the plugin12:34
hubauronandace : someone told me to install icedtea-plugin icedtead-netx, but I dont't find it :s12:34
auronandacehub: maybe there is a mozilla java plugin in the repos12:34
ga_sk8erdamo22. thanks for the help anyways12:35
damo22ga_sk8er: okay, is this a 3 1/2" HD disk?12:35
auronandace!find icedtea | hub12:35
ubottuhub: Found: icedtea-6-jre-cacao, icedtea-6-jre-jamvm, icedtea-netx, icedtea-plugin, icedtea6-plugin12:35
Picihub: What release of Ubuntu are you using?12:35
alexleon_i think the reason that my wifi doesnt work is cause my fn key conbination doesnt work :/ does anyone know how to fix it?12:35
hubPici : 10.1012:36
sattu94lewis93: now do ls12:36
sattu94lewis93: do you see all the files and folders ?12:36
ga_sk8erno damo...3 1/2 floppy12:36
sattu94lewis93: the ones that u mentioned earlier ?12:37
bahaI want to access another ubuntu laptop on the same network from my laptop, how can I do it?12:37
damo22ga_sk8er: sudo mformat a: -f 144012:37
alexleon_is there any expert here? -.-12:37
lewis93sattu94, yes12:37
Picihub: The package name on 10.10 should be icedtea6-plugin12:37
ga_sk8eri need to load a raid driver to floppy disk so i can make windows find it when im loading windows to the hard drive12:37
sattu94lewis93: good now follow instructions from the readme file.12:37
lewis93sattu94, it is working! Thank you so much for your help and for your patience with me. :)12:38
damo22ga_sk8er: see above command12:38
ga_sk8erplain_io: Input/output error12:38
ga_sk8ermformat: Error reading from '/dev/fd0', wrong parameters?12:38
ga_sk8eri tried the command & got those results12:38
sattu94lewis93: so did u run make ?12:38
alexleon_i  hate u all imtry by myself12:38
sattu94alexleon_: hat happeed ?12:39
damo22ga_sk8er: ls /dev/fd* and tell me in pvt message the whole output12:39
sattu94alexleon_: so try doing ifconfig in a terminal.12:39
alexleon_sattu94 my fncombinationkeys dont work nd i have been ignored so long12:39
hubPici, auronandace, ubottu : thank you, it works ! great !12:40
Picihub: you're welcome12:40
auronandacehub: no worries :)12:40
alexleon_sattu94 i did12:40
sattu94alexleon_: yea, IRC can be slow sometimes, also you have 11.04 right ?12:40
bahawhen networking two ubuntu laptop should I use "windows network"? what else should I do?12:40
hubbye all12:41
alexleon_sattu94 yes ijust installed ubuntu12:41
sattu94alexleon_: so is there any interface listed as wlan0~ ? in ifconfig output ?12:41
ga_sk8erdamo22 i messaged u the results12:41
alexleon_can i paste all the text here?12:42
damo22ga_sk8er: i have an idea12:42
sattu94alexleon_: no. do pastebin, or the likes12:42
sattu94alexleon_: paste.ubuntu.com12:42
damo22ga_sk8er: be careful to copy this exactly ..... sudo fdformat /dev/fd0H1440; sudo mformat a:12:43
alexleon_sattu94 http://pastebin.com/mNQufjGp12:44
ga_sk8ersudo fdformat /dev/fd0H1440; sudo mformat a:12:45
ga_sk8er/dev/fd0H1440: No such file or directory12:45
ga_sk8erplain_io: Input/output error12:45
ga_sk8ermformat: Error reading from '/dev/fd0', wrong parameters12:45
alexleon_maybe my laptop isnot compatible with ubuntu :(12:45
sattu94alexleon_: try searching for additional drivers via the dash..12:45
damo22ga_sk8er: my bad its a u not a H....  sudo fdformat /dev/fd0u1440; sudo mformat a:12:46
sattu94alexleon_: you will find an application. called Additional Drivers. Run it to check if you need any.12:46
alexleon_sattu94 i didnt and it saystheres no aditionaldrivers12:46
ga_sk8erformatting disc12:46
damo22ga_sk8er: it might still fail... if the disc is faulty12:47
alexleon_no proprietary drivers are in use on this system12:47
bahahow can I know my ip on the local network?12:47
ga_sk8erDouble-sided, 80 tracks, 18 sec/track. Total capacity 1440 kB.12:48
ga_sk8erFormatting ... done12:48
ga_sk8erVerifying ... Read: : Input/output error12:48
ga_sk8erProblem reading cylinder 0, expected 18432, read -112:48
ga_sk8erplain_io: Input/output error12:48
ga_sk8ermformat: Error reading from '/dev/fd0', wrong parameters?12:48
FloodBot1ga_sk8er: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:48
compdocbaha, ifconfig is one way12:48
* wh1zz0 wants to have a feel of ubuntu 11.1012:48
damo22ga_sk8er: then you need to try the other disc12:48
ga_sk8erill try the 2nd disc now12:48
[THC]AcidRaindoes sun-java6-jdk come installed by default in ubuntu 11? i cant seem to find the package name12:48
bahacompdoc, it gives me the interfaces but does it give my ip?12:49
ga_sk8erdamo private message12:50
ga_sk8ersame as other disc12:50
alexleon_maybe i should try installing ubuntu 32 bit12:50
damo22ga_sk8er: okay it might be mtools.conf needs to be set to /dev/fd0u1440 instead of /dev/fd012:50
ga_sk8erhow do i  do that12:51
compdocbaha, it does on every system Ive used it on. are you using wireless?12:51
MuNk`Is it possible to limit the size of status text in the unity panel/bar, as it keeps pushing my icons off screen12:51
damo22ga_sk8er: gksudo gedit /etc/mtools.conf12:51
bahacompdoc, yes I'm using wireless12:51
sattu94alexleon_: try to manually search for drivers. You might find them.12:51
sattu94alexleon_: on the internet that is.12:52
compdocbaha, sorry, I dont use wireless, so Im not sure. Have you opened the network manager?12:52
damo22ga_sk8er: then change the line you told me before about a: to /dev/fd0u1440 instead of /dev/fd012:52
alexleon_sattu94 with update manager? ye it found manny  nd i installed all12:52
damo22ga_sk8er: then save and quit12:53
aarHi, is there any linux command specifically designed to count the number of files in a directory? (Something that doesn't involve a pipe?)12:53
alexleon_sattu94 oh ill check it out12:53
sattu94alexleon_: no, not update manager,12:53
storrgiePlease help me! http://askubuntu.com/questions/57612/dell-m6600-amd-firepro-m8900-graphics-driver-and-power-issues12:53
ga_sk8erso i just added "u1440" to the end of that line12:53
damo22ga_sk8er: now try to format the disc again .   yes12:53
sattu94alexleon_: you will have to manually check/search the internet.12:53
chillehey guys! i have some trouble with my webcam in skype. /dev/video0 is used, and if skype opens the device the video works, but no sound. if i let pulseaudio open the device i get sound but no video. is there any way to make it possible to open the device by two different applications?12:53
fosburghow do I access my Ubuntu One folders from another computer12:53
alexleon_sattu94 im on it12:54
bahacompdoc, what I couldn't figure out in thing from the manager12:54
sattu94alexleon_: try this site.12:54
sattu94alexleon_: it has the hardware compatibility list for laptops in the toshiba section.12:55
ga_sk8ersame problem as before...do i gotta repost again?12:55
damo22ga_sk8er: need a new floppy disk then12:56
ga_sk8erok thanks 4 the help anyways12:56
damo22ga_sk8er: it would be easier to format on a windows box and then use mcopy to copy the files on12:56
ga_sk8erif i had a usb floppy drive i could use someone elses to send the file over i need to put to the disc. i h ave the file on my thumb drive12:57
damo22ga_sk8er: sudo mcopy /path/to/myfile a:12:58
ga_sk8erusb floppy drive...windows is easier than linux lol12:58
alexleon_sattu94 mine is not there:( its like anyone has tried to install ubuntu on this laptop yet o.O12:58
fosburgwhat do I do to access UbuntuOne from another computer?12:59
damo22ga_sk8er: maybe the disk is formatted and just threw an error12:59
ikoniafosburg: I thought it was only for Ubuntu machines to connect to12:59
sattu94fosburg: you can go to one.ubuntu.com to view your files..and download them.12:59
fosburgI don't know--it says any computer13:00
damo22ga_sk8er: do you know the path to your file13:00
ga_sk8eru mean to the floppy?13:00
fosburgok on the one.ubuntu.com--thanks13:00
ga_sk8erdev/ fd013:00
damo22ga_sk8er: no the file you want to put on the flopp13:00
damo22where is it13:00
ga_sk8eroh not the path wrote out but iknow the folder its in & that its only file in the folder13:01
ga_sk8erdell gives its files weird names thats just letters & numbers jumbled together13:02
damo22ga_sk8er: copy the file to your desktop and tell me its name13:02
matahow to join another chanel13:04
Myrttimata: /join #channel13:04
damo22ga_sk8er: thats no good you need to extract that out first13:04
ga_sk8eri need it for windows13:05
damo22ga_sk8er: it is an installer for the floppy13:05
=== vastu is now known as pgulley
ga_sk8erits not for the floppy13:05
damo22ga_sk8er: it creates the floppy with the files you need for the sata drivers13:06
damo22ga_sk8er: but it runs on windows13:06
ga_sk8erits a raid driver for the hard drive. it has to go to the floppy. i load windows from the cd. press a button to load a raid installer then i have to have a floppy in with the raid on it which is why i need to get my floppy working so i can put the file to it13:06
damo22ga_sk8er: I know, but its not the file you need to put on the floppy, you have to INSTALL that exe first to a floppy13:07
damo22ga_sk8er: believe me i have done this many times13:08
ga_sk8erbut if i dont got a working floppy i cant do that....see what my problem is?13:08
alexleon_do i need any driver to get a hdmi cable working with video nd sound?13:08
JoeR1I am astonished that someone still has, and uses, a floppy drive13:08
damo22ga_sk8er: okay try this: sudo mdir a:13:08
damo22JoeR1: windows still requires it, for some sata raid installs13:09
ga_sk8erCannot initialize 'A:'13:09
^Alitahi to all. i'm in trouble with samba: i've added an user with smbpasswd, after a restart of the daemon it works, but after a pc restart it loses the user and i've to readd the user. how can i fix it?13:10
damo22ga_sk8er: you cant do much until you get a working floppy disk13:10
ga_sk8erthanks for ur help though13:10
ga_sk8ergreatly appreciated13:10
JoeR1alexleon_, When I did it I didn't need any extra  drivers but I had to work with configuring option in alsamixer I think13:11
damo22ga_sk8er: one thing you should try is to uncompress the exe file using zip13:11
ga_sk8erdamo...no zip drive13:11
damo22ga_sk8er: no... dude, zip command13:11
alexleon_joe R1 i ll try thx13:12
damo22ga_sk8er: cd `13:12
damo22ga_sk8er: cd ~13:12
ga_sk8eri can run my thumb drive in windows to open the program13:12
EEMPHASISSHi, I want to run an automatic script on user login to do one command, but not have the user run a terminal & sudo.  I recall doing this with SCO-UNIX: something like setting a super user bit on the command file.  (Also the user will not be allowed to edit this.)13:12
ga_sk8ermy main issue is floppy not working13:13
coz_ga_sk8er,   out of curiosity,, do you need the floppy?13:13
damo22ga_sk8er: cd ~/Desktop; zip x R126083.EXE13:14
ga_sk8eryes. it says to insert disk in drive A:13:14
coz_ga_sk8er,  ah ok13:14
froesi guys... i have been trying to install VLC with no luck. any ideas what can it be?   http://pastebin.com/hgeiA0Zr13:14
^Alitai'm in trouble with samba: i've added an user with smbpasswd, after a restart of the daemon it works, but after a pc restart it loses the user and i've to readd the user. how can i fix it?13:15
ikoniafroes: do you have any external repos or PPA's enabled ?13:15
damo22coz_ he needs to install a sata raid driver for a native windows install13:15
ga_sk8eri need better floppy to solve my problem so im gonna go for now13:15
ga_sk8erthanx anyways remo13:15
coz_damo22,   ah ok that expains it ,, thanks,, I can butt out now :)13:15
ga_sk8ersorry. i went all night without sleep to try to fix this13:15
damo22ga_sk8er: which version of windows?13:16
ga_sk8erxp. its the version this pc is made for13:16
damo22yeah the only way to get the driver into the install is to slip stream it in or use a floppy13:17
froesikonia, let me check13:17
ga_sk8eri dont like vista anyways & a disc of windows 7 is too expensive13:17
mtrd`Hello, i can't receive files with pidgin, i read it's a port configuration issue, don't know which to open ?13:17
damo22ga_sk8er: why do you need windows again?13:17
ga_sk8ermtrd. u might have a firewall turned on13:17
damo22ga_sk8er: can't you install linux onto it instead?13:18
ga_sk8erdamo. alot of programs i do are windows only13:18
ga_sk8eri plan on doing a dual boot13:18
mtrd`ga_sk8er, no way, running xubuntu and i've never did that13:18
BubonicPestilencHey guys, help me find song please :) I remember that name of singer may include "elvis"; music video was: people dancing inside yellow rooms in big shelve; release date 2000-200513:18
damo22ga_sk8er: you can install a virtual machine running xp13:18
bazhang!ot | BubonicPestilenc13:18
ubottuBubonicPestilenc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:18
ga_sk8erbut i want to install my programs. games & things that save to the pc13:19
damo22ga_sk8er: boot into linux, then start the virtual machine... okay games wont work too well in virtualbox13:19
froesikonia, it has Canonical partners and Independant selected on other software tab13:19
ga_sk8erin linux my webcam dont work but it does in windows13:19
damo22ga_sk8er: but you can attach the usb cam to the virtual machine13:20
EEMPHASISSAnyone got a solution for running a script as super-user, but not sudo'ing?  (e.g. some special permission on the file?)13:20
froesikonia, do i need to have anything selected?13:20
ga_sk8erits a 400 GB hardr drive . its big enoguh for both windows & linux13:20
ga_sk8eri need windows for my illegal stuff i do lol13:21
damo22ga_sk8er: i didnt hear that13:21
Picifroes: Can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy vlc-nox13:21
ga_sk8er*yells into a bullhorn* lol13:21
ga_sk8ersoem of the online games mess up alot on linux like java-based & adobe flash-based games13:22
ga_sk8erFARMVILLE lol13:22
froesPici, http://pastebin.com/VCAGy61M13:22
damo22ga_sk8er: you should see vmware running windows xp, its smooth as13:23
JoeR1ga_sk8er, I agree, on average Linux sucks for gaming13:23
ga_sk8eri do games13:23
ga_sk8eri got some of the violent games for the pc...halo, halflife, doom, grand theft auto13:24
ga_sk8eri also do alot of online gaming13:24
ga_sk8ersoi need my winders13:24
Bry8StarHi , where can i download a LiveCD version of Ubuntu 11.04 via a torrent ?13:24
JoeR1ga_sk8er, Give me CIV or give me death13:24
xanguaBry8Star: ubuntu.com13:24
bazhang!torrents | Bry8Star13:24
ubottuBry8Star: Natty can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/server/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/13:24
ga_sk8erJoeRI whats CIV?13:25
EEMPHASISSga_sk8er, damo22: use both VirtualBox & VMWare server on my Ubuntu laptop to run 2 or 3 XP's: development, test, connections - even Carmageddon13:25
damo22EEMPHASISS: yep i know its cool as13:25
Bry8Starthanks , bazhang13:25
ga_sk8erive never fooled with virtualbox. neverh ad to. my hard drive has always been enough for me.13:25
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
JoeR1ga_sk8er, Civilization, possibly the greatest game series of all time13:26
=== baha is now known as bahax
ga_sk8erok i know the game just never played it13:26
damo22EEMPHASISS: and you can attach a fake floppy image to the vm if you need to , so who cares about floppy drives and disks13:26
ga_sk8erJoeR1 theres kinda a game like it on facebook13:26
EEMPHASISSAnyone know about super-user bit for lusers running a system command (i.e. on login)?13:26
ga_sk8erdamo22 right now i care about them lol13:26
JoeR1ga_sk8er, blasphemer!!!! There is CIV and everything else13:27
bazhang!ot | JoeR1 ga_sk8er13:27
ubottuJoeR1 ga_sk8er: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:27
JoeR1pull the stick out bazhang13:28
bazhangJoeR1, pardon?13:28
ga_sk8erwho shoved it in? lol kidding13:28
Picifroes: hmm... How about apt-cache policy libavcodec5213:28
JoeR1heaven forbid I be more clear on that statement without facing retribution but I'm sure you can figure it out13:28
bazhangga_sk8er, did you have an actual support question?13:28
Bry8Starbazhang , is this link is ok ? : http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent13:29
bazhangBry8Star, should be13:29
PiciJoeR1: This channel is already busy enough without all the random discussion, feel free to take it to #ubuntu-offtopic13:29
ga_sk8eryes i was asking about a support question for about 3 or 4 hours & finally got a little bit of help from damo2213:29
Bry8Starthat was from this page : http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/desktopdownload/ubuntu/alternative-download#bt13:30
damo22a little?13:30
ga_sk8erlol damo22...i got alot of help from u...better?13:30
MuNk`Is it possible to add/remove cron jobs one at a time instead of having to remove jobs nad reload all jobs each time you want to change one?13:30
bazhangBry8Star, it works great here13:30
TheEvilPhoenixMuNk`:  yeah, by erasing the cron jobs  one-by-one.13:30
TheEvilPhoenixi think13:30
bahaxI have an ssh connection to a laptop how can I copy files to my laptop?13:31
Bry8Star... thanks13:31
icerootbahax: scp13:31
icerootbahax: scp localfile user@laptop:/path/to/store/13:31
ga_sk8erits 9:30 so i think i might finally log off here lol13:32
PiciMuNk`: How are you adding/removing cron jobs now? It shouldn't be that much of a problem to add a new job.13:32
osmosis_paulHi, one question, this is the correct way to connect to a remote terminal and use remote GUI's right? ssh -X user@domain.com ???13:32
DuolosI'm having a problem with Eclipse (#eclipse is barren) in ubuntu. For some reason, it seems to be missing fonts and displaying empty boxes in place of characters in most of my code. Any ideas?13:32
ga_sk8erTHANKS A BILLION damo2213:32
osmosis_paulwith i connect to one of my cluster amazon machine that is ubuntu works fine13:32
osmosis_paulbut in another cluster server nope13:32
MuNk`pici, at the moment im basically clearling all jobs with -r and reloading in the changed file full of jobs13:33
bahaxiceroot, this would copy from my laptop to the distant, right? I want the revers operation13:33
icerootbahax: that will copy from your local machine to your laptop13:33
PiciMuNk`: Why not use crontab -e ?13:33
icerootbahax: scp source target13:33
MuNk`because im using a script. kinda automation13:33
icerootDuolos: using eclipse from the repos? or from the website?13:34
bahaxiceroot, I'm inside a distant laptop using ssh in cli, I want to move a file from there to my machine (copy from distant to local using ssh)13:35
Duolosiceroot: The latest version from the website.  I suppose I could try the older, repoed version.13:35
PiciMuNk`: Well, if you don't mind running the script with root, you could put/remove files from /etc/cron.d/13:36
jackbahax: man scp13:36
bahaxjack, you've got a point of view :)13:36
jackfor sure13:36
kyle_Can i set a time for my ubuntu 11.04 to shutdown13:36
escottosmosis_paul, thats not using the remote gui, its using yours and just tunneling the drawing requests back, but it is "correct"13:37
beliMuNk`: copy/remove  a file for each job into the special folders daily, weekly or whatever you want it to be executed13:38
escottosmosis_paul, does it not work for things like "xclock" and does it give an error messages13:38
jackscp is what you want, promised13:38
icerootDuolos: #eclipse, that version is not supported here13:39
belikyle_:  man at13:39
osmosis_paulescott, actually yesterday when i try in my ubuntu machine of Amazon xclock i saw it in my computer13:39
jackescott, does you can speak proper english?13:39
icerootbahax: scp file-on-the-machine-you-are-calling-scp user@remote-system:/path/to/copy/13:40
Duolosiceroot: yeah, I know it's not supported and #eclipse is barren.  Just thought I'd ask...assumed there'd be someone here using the new version.13:40
osmosis_paulescott, i think the problem is that i need to install some library x11, any idea?13:40
kyle_beli: like this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man8/shutdown.8.html13:40
kyle_beli: sudo shutdown -h 18:45 "Server is going down for maintenance"13:40
belikyle_: ok you can specify a shutdown message and when it will go down and how often it will be repeated as a warning13:41
kyle_beli: but shutdown doesn't exist and is not on apt-get13:41
Bry8Starplease also need a torrent of Ubuntu 11.04 i386 DVD disc Intel-AMD x8613:41
bahaxiceroot, the problem is I want to do the following: scp file-on-the-machine-you-are-calling-scp user@localsystem:/path/to/copy/13:41
bahaxiceroot, I want the file from the distant laptop to my laptop :(13:41
escottosmosis_paul, the machine you are sitting at must have an x server running on it. it "serves" screen space to the remote client (which is your ec2 cluster)13:41
escottosmosis_paul, so if you are running windows install mingx or some other windows xserver13:42
froeshi guys... i have been trying to install VLC with no luck. any ideas what can it be?   http://pastebin.com/hgeiA0Zr13:42
froesoutput of apt-cache policy    http://pastebin.com/VCAGy61M13:42
osmosis_paulescott, is ubuntu, do you know the name of that package???13:42
escottosmosis_paul, for *nix if you are in a gui you are running x13:43
belikyle_: sudo apt-get install apt-file13:43
d_atharva_Hi...Where can I download Vm Ware ?13:43
belikyle_: apt-file search shutdown13:43
damo22bahax: you need the external ip address of your "local" machine and port forward from your router to your "local" machine, then scp from the remote machine back to your "local" ?13:43
osmosis_paulescott, is a remote machine without gui]\13:43
escottd_atharva_, the vmware website13:43
bazhangd_atharva_, their website13:43
Bry8StarHi , please also need a link of torrent file for downloading official Ubuntu 11.04 i386 DVD disc Intel-AMD x8613:43
ikoniaBry8Star: on ubuntu.com13:43
osmosis_paulescott, do you know the name of the package to install13:43
xanguaBry8Star: ubuntu.com13:43
d_atharva_<bazhang>  : Can you please send me the link as I am unable to get it..13:44
bazhangd_atharva_, vmware.com13:44
icerootbahax: i dont see the problem13:44
icerootbahax: i told you what to do13:44
escottosmosis_paul, the point is client server get reversed pc --commands to ssh server--> ec2 --drawing commands to X server--> pc13:44
damo22iceroot: i think he wants to make incoming connection to his home pc from external13:45
escottosmosis_paul, so the local machine must be *nix running a gui, or windows + xming or apple + xwindows13:45
osmosis_paulescott, i know how works but i need install the X server in the remote machine13:45
kyle_beli: doing now13:45
escottosmosis_paul, you shouldn't the presense of the xclock binary should be sufficient13:45
osmosis_paulescott, local machine has gui of course13:45
kyle_beli: The cache directory is empty. You need to run 'apt-file update' first. << Have done..13:47
Picikyle_: What release of Ubuntu are you running?13:47
kyle_pici: 11.0413:48
Bry8Stari'm not able to find a torrent in the ubuntu.com , of a 11.04 server dvd i386 x86 intel-amd ... can some1 give me a link please .. .thnaks13:48
osmosis_paulescott, then to can use remote GUI i need that my remote machine has a GUI installed?13:49
Picikyle_: Then you should already have the shutdown command. It is part of upstart which is installed by default.13:49
osmosis_paulescott, because one of the ubuntu machine in my Amazon cluster i dont think that has GUI installed and transmit the xclock interface to my local machine13:49
escottosmosis_paul, no, no, no. and i dont think you are understanding how this works13:50
kyle_pici: i have done this now and it seems to be there. I'm sure that wasn't a moment ago13:50
kyle_pici: i'm losing it.13:50
osmosis_paulescott, no what? could you be in what i'm wrong please?13:51
Picikyle_: heh, we all have those days ;)13:51
osmosis_paulescott, be a little more specific yi mean :-)13:51
kyle_pic: If you set a time how do you check it's status?13:51
escottosmosis_paul, to avoid remote/local client/server confusion. im going to call them "pc" and "ec2" you are sitting in front of "pc" and ssh -X username@ec2. you need to have a gui running on "pc" you do not need any kind of gui on "ec2"13:52
kyle_pici: If you set a time how do you check it's status?13:52
damo22kyle: "date" ?13:52
osmosis_paulescott, ok got it, already have that conf, continue please13:52
Picikyle_: Thats a good question.13:52
escottosmosis_paul, if /usr/bin/xclock exists on ec2 then you can run /usr/bin/xclock and it should appear on the display of "pc"13:53
Bry8Starcan someone please give me a link ... i'm not able to find a torrent file from the ubuntu.com website , i'm looking for this 11.04 server DVD disc i386 x86 intel-amd iso torrent ... can some1 give me a link please .. .thanks  ... found other torrents though (server CD , livecd/desktop CD, etc)13:53
kyle_pici: really or are you just playing wih me.?13:53
Picikyle_: Really, I don't know the answer and it is a good question.13:53
escott!torrent | Bry8Star maybe this will have a link. otherwise it is under alternate download methods13:53
ubottuBry8Star maybe this will have a link. otherwise it is under alternate download methods: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P13:53
damo22kyle_: what do you mean by set a time13:54
Pici!torrents | Bry8Star escott13:54
ubottuBry8Star escott: Natty can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/server/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/13:54
osmosis_paulescott, with ec2 happend, show me the xclock in my "pc" but with the other machine in the other cluster "tilaa" that is ubuntu as well, tell me "Error: Can't open display: "13:54
PiciBry8Star: iirc there is no server DVD though.13:54
Bry8Stari also think there is no torrent for the server DVD disc13:55
escottosmosis_paul, ok sounds like $DISPLAY is not set. in your ssh username@ec2 window type "echo $DISPLAY" it should say ":10"13:55
kyle_damo22: using shutdown to scedule a shutdown13:55
Bry8Starso i will have to use IDM or FDM to download the ISO image , i guess ?13:55
kyle_How do you check it's running etc..13:55
osmosis_paulescott, yes in ec2 give me this "localhost:10.013:56
osmosis_paul" and in the tilaa machine empty13:56
escottosmosis_paul, "grep X11 /etc/ssh/sshd_config" on the ec2 machine13:57
escottosmosis_paul, an empty $DISPLAY on tilaa is wrong wrong wrong. are you running a gui on tilaa13:58
osmosis_pauli already check sshd_config the parameter looks acept x1113:58
osmosis_paulescott, i dont think so, is a cluster machine should only has terminal13:58
escottosmosis_paul, you need to be running a gui on the machine you are sitting in front of.13:59
osmosis_paulescott, i understand that, tilaa is not my pc is another cluster server13:59
osmosis_paulescott, when i said cluster server i mean external server14:00
osmosis_paulescott, without any kind of gui14:00
osmosis_paulescott, ec2 give me this14:00
escottosmosis_paul, are you bouncing through multiple ssh sessions to get to ec2? (pc --> tilaa -> ec2)14:00
osmosis_paul<escott> osmosis_paul, you need to be running a gui on the machine you are sitting in fr14:00
osmosis_paulescott, ec2 is just an example that machine that works14:01
osmosis_paulescott, i need make it work in tilaa now14:01
escottosmosis_paul, you can't ssh -X from a console only system and expect it to work. there is nowhere to draw the picture on tilaa14:01
osmosis_paulescott, PC->Tilaa, pc always has gui14:02
escottosmosis_paul, whatever machine is physically connected to the display must be running Xorg14:02
osmosis_paulescott, it is correct do this then???14:02
osmosis_paulsudo aptitude install xorg14:02
osmosis_paul[3:53:54 PM CEST] booster_apetenko: sudo aptitude install gdm14:02
osmosis_paul[3:54:26 PM CEST] booster_apetenko: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:02
escottosmosis_paul, it should be14:03
osmosis_paulescott, ok thanks14:03
bahaxiceroot, when I made what you're suggesting it tried to connect to my local machine (witch has no server installed), but I have a connection in the first place, I'll try the graphical way14:03
Bry8Star... found torrent of DVD disc Ubuntu 11.04 x86 i386 Intel-AMD , here : http://mirror.eftel.com/ubuntu-dvd/11.04/release/14:05
escottBry8Star, be sure to check md5sums of what you get out of that14:06
Bry8Star... thanks escott  , i sure do that14:07
escottBry8Star, really you should be checking sha1sums14:07
osmosis_paulescott, nahh that's wierd man, still does not working, even after install xorg14:07
escottosmosis_paul, did you startx?14:07
escottosmosis_paul, the windows you run ssh -X out of should be an xterm or gnome-terminal, and you should be able to drag it around. if you can't its not going to work14:08
bahaxiceroot, when I made what you're suggesting it tried to connect to my local machine (witch has no se14:08
osmosis_paulescott, the only machine that i'm touching is the no gui machine(remote)14:08
osmosis_paulescott, my pc is ok14:08
davixwhy can't i access this package? http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libmysqlclient15off and how can I get a download link for it if I cant access it?14:08
Bry8Star... escott , in ubuntu.com website which page is showing the MD5 / sha1 hashes ?14:09
escottosmosis_paul, i dont know how i can say this any differently, so sorry this is condescending but -- put your hands on your monitor, follow the cable out the back of the monitor to a computer (if you hit a wall you picked the wrong cable), you have to be running X on THAT machine14:11
escott!md5sums | Bry8Star14:11
ubottuBry8Star: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.14:11
bahaxiceroot, I installed openssh-server on the local computer and went to the distant, then used scp and it worked as you said, thanks14:12
escottBry8Star, md5 can be collided at will so really you want to be using sha114:12
icerootbahax: great14:12
osmosis_paulescott, thanks for your help, the comunication i thinks is not going very well, so dont want waste more your time and my time. Just only for try to tell you by last time. My PC is an ubuntu with Gnome that is connecting to Tilaa, that is a machine without GUI14:13
xaojanwhen i using gedit to edit sth,it will print "sys:1: Warning: g_object_ref: assertion `object->ref_count > 0' failed" in the command,what's going?THX14:14
osmosis_paulescott, and i want that this Tilaa machine send me a remote GUI to be visible in my PC that already has a Gnome :-)14:14
Bry8Star... THANKS again , escott .. then i will definitely check SHA1 , and MD5 , both14:14
escottosmosis_paul, so if you don't have a DISPLAY on tilaa thats a problem. if you dont have X11Forwarding = yes in sshd_config on tilaa thats a problem14:14
MaK10hey every114:15
escottosmosis_paul, you shouldn't need to touch anything else on tilaa14:15
=== Guest60129 is now known as jens
=== jens is now known as Guest71330
osmosis_paulescott, X11Forwarding in tilaa is "yes" but echo DISPLAY dont show me nothing14:16
MaK10hey has any got crossover games running CSS?14:16
=== Guest71330 is now known as jbache
iceroot!appdb | MaK1014:16
ubottuMaK10: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help14:16
Cat-MeowI'm having issues connecting to web pages that end with .aspx or .asp14:17
escottosmosis_paul, is xauth installed on tilaa `which xauth` should say /usr/bin/xauth14:17
Cat-Meowcan someone help?14:17
=== hacked is now known as vinces
osmosis_paulescott, it is installed14:18
escottosmosis_paul, and was it installed when you started your ssh session?14:18
cire_where can i find the sound driver information for my computer my sound is not working14:18
compdocCat-Meow, have an example url?14:18
osmosis_paulescott, i dont know14:18
escottosmosis_paul, then start a new ssh -X session14:18
osmosis_paulescott, but i already close the terminal an open again of hat machine14:18
osmosis_paulescott, now!!!14:19
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
cire_help pls.14:20
escottosmosis_paul, xauth will be included with xbase-clients which you can install instead of xorg-server14:20
osmosis_paulescott, good to know for the next time14:20
osmosis_paulescott, thanks for your time14:21
Cat-Meowcire_, here you go http://help.com/14:21
ikoniaCat-Meow: why did you give someone that link - that's nothing to do with his problem14:22
m_fulderI asked this some months ago, saved the links for the future but then my HDD died so I need the same help once again :P .. on a new 64bit ubuntu installation I can't run binary files.. there's some library I need to install and then it works just fine. Anyone know what the name of theos libraries are? (A)14:23
escottosmosis_paul, no problem just try and be more clear about what system is what next time. you kept saying tilaa and i thought that was your pc14:23
Cat-Meowikonia, he asked for help14:23
Cat-Meowit was a joke, sheesh14:23
ikoniaCat-Meow: that link is nothing to do with his issue, please don't issue bad advice to people14:23
Cat-Meowit was just a link....14:23
Gasseuscan anyone recommend a good php ide?14:24
osmosis_paulescott, ;-)14:24
cire_need some help i am new to xubuntu having problem with the sound i tried the alsa but did not work14:24
compdocCat-Meow, what happens when you open https://access.pensacolastate.edu/student.asp?14:24
Cat-Meowcompdoc, it tells me "Could not connect to remote server"14:24
Cat-Meowcire_, do you dual boot with windows?14:25
escottm_fulder, ia32-libs14:25
xrfanga quesiton about shell script: db_input medium foo/like_debian || true14:25
xrfang  in this debian config script what's the meaning of "|| true"?14:25
Cat-Meowcire_, reboot into windows, check and see if your sound works there. Make sure when you restart, that you are not muted in windows14:26
m_fulderescott thanks trying it on :)14:26
cire_it works in windows14:26
cire_but does not in xubuntu14:26
Cat-Meowcire_, I have the same issue, when I mute in windows and reboot to ubuntu sound won't work14:26
=== Mud is now known as Guest74261
m_fulderworks great and I have saved the library name once again thank you escott :D14:27
escottm_fulder, in 11.10 it will switch to multiarch (you just install libc6:i386)14:28
axisysok now that I installed linux disk encryption in ubuntu .. how would someone verify it remotely.. my IT needs to verify it for audit purpose.. I could record the login as one option.. is there any other way?14:28
m_fulderah will remember that to14:28
escottaxisys, what kind of disk encryption14:28
Cat-Meowcire_, are you having the issue in just Xubuntu, or is it the same with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or other desktop environments?14:28
axisysescott: the default with LVM .. used the option from alternate cd during install14:29
cire_ubuntu 11.04 the sound does not work also14:29
cire_ubuntu and xubuntu14:29
Cat-Meowcire_, hmm, not sure now. :(14:30
Cat-Meowanyone figure out issue with .asp?14:30
cire_any way thanks Cat meow14:30
axisysescott: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/10/how-to-install-ubuntu-11-04-on-an-encrypted-lvm-file-system/14:31
Cat-Meowcire_, you're welcome, sorry I couldn't help further14:31
compdocCat-Meow, that site opens fine for me14:31
axisysescott: I picked the use entire disk and setup encrypted lvm14:31
compdocyou think you have some add-on or setting that might stop it?14:31
Cat-MeowI tired it in firefox, opera, and chrome14:32
compdocyou have a firewall on the lan thats preventing opening https sites?14:32
Cat-Meowdon't think so, I can get to those sites in windows and on android devices14:33
compdoccan other computers on the lan open the site?14:33
ikoniaCat-Meow: that url works fine for me14:33
escottaxisys, im not sure what one would look at to verify dm-crypt. but i imagine it shows up in `mount` if it were me I would install virtual box, and then install ubuntu on that and use disk encryption and then forward the ssh into the vm system, and laugh when they fail to realize the real system isnt encrypted14:33
compdocdo you use iptables on that machine?14:33
dddbmt_Anyone know of a mysql program that accept SSH connections? I tried "Mysql administrator" - but it seems like it doesnt support SSH connections.14:34
Cat-Meowit works when I use my ubuntu 10.10 disc, just not with 11.04 installed14:34
dddbmt_mysql client*14:34
arshinatorhi i have just installed ubuntu and when i am trying to see any video in the browser on youtube i am not able to do so14:34
axisysescott: hehe..14:34
dualcorei was downloading a torrent in transmission and it said Tracker gave a warning: "Your torrent client ip is (my ip)"14:34
arshinatoris shockwave player already not preinstalled?14:34
dualcoreDoes this mean I was downloading it from myself? and does that mean my computer could be hosting torrents without my knowledge?14:34
somsiparshinator: no - you have to install flash-plugin or similar14:35
arshinatorhow to do it?14:35
axisysescott: mount does not show it.. during boot it asks encrypted passphrase14:35
arshinatorcan u pls guide me somsip14:35
Cat-MeowI think it has to be an issue with 11.04...every other thing I use works14:35
axisysescott: and then the login prompt for my password14:35
arshinatorsomsip:cn u pls guide me hw to d that14:36
axisysescott: mount shows only if I chose encrypted home dir14:36
arshinatori am new on ubuntu14:36
escottaxisys, "verify remotely" that a system you installed is encrypted.... thats very possibly the stupidest thing i've ever heard. are they going to come over and verify that the password isn't taped to the bottom of the machine?14:36
somsiparshinator: whatversion of ubuntu14:36
arshinatorthe latest14:36
axisysescott: tell me about it..14:36
arshinatori guess 11.0414:36
axisysescott: they rather me run windows with guardiaedge full disk encryption14:36
escottaxisys, you could boot a liveusb and then someone could ssh into the liveusb system and see the disk is encrypted14:37
somsiparshinator: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/03/install-adobe-flash-player-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/14:37
axisysescott: uh huh.. awesome idea14:37
axisysescott: thanks .. let me do that14:37
somsiparshinator: not personally tested, but looksa good tutorial14:37
arshinatorsomsip:thanks i guess this would solve the problem14:38
escottaxisys, i hate auditors14:38
axisysescott: stupid question.. but anyway they can tell that they log'd in into the live cd env?14:38
somsiparshinator: cool14:39
axisysescott: yep14:39
Cat-MeowI guess my issue is unfixable14:39
escottaxisys, a trained baboon could probably identify the difference between a livecd and an installed system. not sure an auditor could14:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
axisysescott: coolest comment of the day14:41
* axisys can't stop laughing.. sorry14:41
Cat-Meow??? axisys?14:41
escottaxisys, but seriously there are things you could tell the auditor to look for, but hes not going to understand it. people who know what they are doing leave auditing because its so pointless. so just tell him its the install disk and this is the drive and you can see it cant be opened14:41
herrgabrielwhen I click on links in evolution or empathy, the content of the link is being loaded into Geany instead of being opened with firefox. halp plox?14:42
axisysescott: yep.. I guess if he can't fig it out.. he should not audit in the first place and find someone who can . before they deny me from running ubuntu on corporate laptop14:43
axisysCat-Meow: being silly... i thought escott's comment was too funny about trained baboon.. specially when picturing one. :-)14:43
escottaxisys, if he starts asking questions just show that `mount` sets root on a loopback on top of a device which is really a usb device14:44
axisysescott: yep.. good point14:45
axisysescott: thanks a lot!14:45
Cat-Meowno one else has any ideas as to why I cannot connect to .asp sites?14:45
escottaxisys, its always better to have answers to their questions than make them think. they can only do that once a day14:45
axisysescott: yep14:45
axisysescott: :-)14:46
h00kapologies. That wasn't directed at anyone ;)14:46
escottCat-Meow, what do you mean cannot connect?14:46
Cat-Meowit won't let me load the pages, keeps saying "cannot connect to remote server"14:47
brontosaurusrexsilly one: how would i disable capslock on remote machine (via nx) ? running ubuntu karmic btw14:47
escottCat-Meow, this sounds like it would be specific to one server or that your entire internet connection is down. not that "all asp pages don't work but everything else does"14:48
brontosaurusrexnow i have a toggled state, local machine are CAPS, while remote is normal and vice versa14:48
Cat-Meowescott, other people can get to those sites, I can get to them in everything BUT Ubuntu 11.04, and it's only those sites ending with .asp or .aspx that I have issues with14:49
escottbrontosaurusrex, copy your .Xmodmap over to the remote machine?14:49
OerHeksCat-Meow, do you use IPtables yourself, like you asked us before  ?14:49
brontosaurusrexescott: this is windows14:49
arshinatorhi i am not able to install adobe flash through ubuntu software center14:50
arshinatorcan anyone help me14:50
=== profiterole is now known as puffin
escottbrontosaurusrex, do you mean you had caps ON when you connected, but they started OFF on the other machine so when you hit capslock they switch to off/on instead of on/off14:50
szalbrontosaurusrex: we neither support Karmic (EOL) nor Windows (different OS)14:50
archmanarshinator: do you have "flashplugin-installer" installed?14:50
dualcorehow can i tell if my computer is hosting torrents somehow without my knowledge14:50
archmanarshinator: install it14:51
archmanarshinator: apt-get install flashplugin-installer14:51
brontosaurusrexescott: yes14:51
brontosaurusrexszal: ok ...14:51
escottbrontosaurusrex, i would restart the connection with caps_lock off. i didnt realize that could happen14:52
escottCat-Meow, what happens if you take the url and plug it into wget?14:53
brontosaurusrexescott: that didnt help14:53
arshinatorarchman:thanks...just one more question why am i not able to play mp3 files14:53
escottCat-Meow, wget -o google.html http://www.google.com/index.html vs wget -o asp.html http://something/that/ends/in.asp14:54
Cat-Meowescott, please forgive me for being dumb, I never heard of wget, googling now though14:54
archmanarshinator: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats14:54
archmanarshinator: use ubuntu's wiki14:54
escottCat-Meow, it will just download the page and save it to a file14:54
xaojanSOS...korean characters display overlapping in chromium...how to fix it?14:54
escottarshinator, install ubuntu-restricted-extras14:54
needhelp1im having issues connecting to my other pc on the same router via smb via shared folder. i think i know the issue, the two computers have the same hostname, so i changed one of them, but its still not showing in shared network folder, both pcs are ubuntu, im trying smb://    its not working14:54
archmanarshinator: in short, you need ubuntu-restricted-extras14:55
Herakles_I want to suggest to put the Keybindig for turning the X-Server off back to "Alt"+"Crtl"+"Backspace"14:55
kernixhi all14:56
escottHerakles_, you can add nozap=false to your Xorg.conf14:56
Cat-Meowescott, where does it save it to?14:56
escottCat-Meow, type pwd in the terminal and it will say14:57
axisysCat-Meow: by deafult same place where you are running it from14:57
needhelp1im having issues connecting to my other pc on the same router via smb via shared folder. i think i know the issue, the two computers have the same hostname, so i changed one of them, but its still not showing in shared network folder, both pcs are ubuntu, im trying smb://    its not working14:57
axisysCat-Meow: what escott said14:57
archmanneedhelp1: you just said that a min ago, we saw it14:57
susundbe1gneedhelp1: network connection works fine between them?14:57
susundbe1gneedhelp1: that is you can ping the other machine?14:58
needhelp1susundbe1g: yeah, ping works, and interenet works14:58
escottHerakles_, enable zapping like you wanted14:58
Cat-Meowit's an html file that says "--2011-08-18 09:57:56--  https://access.pensacolastate.edu/student.asp Resolving access.pensacolastate.edu... Connecting to access.pensacolastate.edu||:443... failed: Connection refused. "14:58
fonrithironghi, how do you give highest priority to a program you're running?14:58
susundbe1gneedhelp1: ping to the other machine works? it might be that internet connection is fine but router is blocking the connection between the machines14:58
jAyenGreen_I did an apt-get purge apache2, and apt-get install apache2, which had no errors, but the /etc/apache2 directory doesn't exist14:59
susundbe1gfonrithirong: see manpage of nice14:59
escottCat-Meow, can you please try an asp page that is not https14:59
needhelp1susundbe1g: the shared folder works on other pcs, like i have a windows box that can see and access the shared ubuntu folder14:59
fonrithirongsusundbe1g, thanks!14:59
Cat-Meowok, lemme find one14:59
needhelp1susundbe1g: is there anything wrong with my smb command?14:59
escottCat-Meow, perhaps www.w3schools.com/asp/default.asp14:59
needhelp1smb://    the path is correct15:00
duckxxso im running ubuntu via virtual box and im getting this proxy error when trying to download stuff via the terminal. But going to sites are fine... Drush dl doesnt work and neither does wget, but pinging site do work! What  could be wrong? screenshot: http://prntscr.com/2orjq15:00
susundbe1gneedhelp1:have you tried console commands?15:01
needhelp1susundbe1g: console commands? im using these commands in terminal15:01
susundbe1gneedhelp1: i mean 'smbclient' -- the 'smb://' looks like path15:01
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|curro
needhelp1susundbe1g: never used it, let me try15:02
escottduckxx, i think the host proxies network activity for the guest. im not sure how it all works, but evidently thats not working.15:02
Cat-MeowI got to w3schools just fine15:02
susundbe1gneedhelp1: check that page15:02
escottCat-Meow, so the problem is specific to access.pensacolastate.edu15:02
Cat-Meowhow come it works in everything else except ubuntu 11.04?15:03
Cat-Meowhttps://myaccessaccount.dcf.state.fl.us/Login.aspx this site doesn't work in it, either15:03
axisysCat-Meow: telnet access.pensacolastate.edu 44315:04
axisysCat-Meow: what do you get when you run that in terminal ?15:04
Cat-Meowlemme try, hold on15:04
Cat-Meowtelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused15:05
axisysCat-Meow: yep.. you have a network issue.. might be fw..15:05
axisysCat-Meow: ufw status15:05
axisysCat-Meow: what do you get when you run that on terminal?15:05
escottCat-Meow, unclear, maybe an incompatibility between your SSL library and theirs? you could try telnet 44315:05
axisyssudo ufw status <-- this one15:05
Cat-MeowStatus: inactive15:06
axisysCat-Meow: so so ubuntu internal fw is not an issue15:06
Cat-Meowso all 3 of my browsers have an issue with these sites?15:07
axisysCat-Meow: what do you get when run the telnet command that escott suggested?15:07
needhelp1susundbe1g: Desktop$ smbclient --ip-address= --directory=/user/home/Desktop/test15:07
needhelp1susundbe1g: not working15:07
needhelp1susundbe1g: looks like im using the command wrong15:07
Cat-Meowsame thing as before15:07
escottaxisys, he will get the same result. you beat me to the punch. thats access.pensacolastate.edu15:08
escottCat-Meow, it seems to be on their side of the connection. they are blocking your connection15:08
wangyoangwhat is this15:08
escottCat-Meow, some other things to try (a) can you ping access.pensacolastate.edu? (b) can you traceroute access....15:08
needhelp1susundbe1g: how do i take down the smb client and restart it?15:08
Cat-Meowbrb, pinging15:09
wangyoang_this is good15:09
Cat-MeowPING access.pensacolastate.edu ( 56(84) bytes of data.15:09
Cat-MeowFrom icmp_seq=1 Destination Port Unreachable15:09
Cat-MeowFrom icmp_seq=2 Destination Port Unreachable15:09
Cat-MeowFrom icmp_seq=3 Destination Port Unreachable15:09
debsanneedhelp1, sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart15:09
FloodBot1Cat-Meow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:09
=== sandeep is now known as Guest53083
needhelp1debsan: does   smbd stop work15:10
needhelp1smbd restart/start15:10
Guest53083Is there any channel for discussing about usb in linux15:10
escottCat-Meow, and can you telnet to another port (they don't appear to be running a server on port 80 though)15:10
Cat-Meownot sure15:10
needhelp1Guest53083: #linux  .. though i would suggest changing your nick15:10
needhelp1Guest53083: /nick newnickhere15:11
=== h141 is now known as orly
Cat-Meowapologies, I'm not exactly a computer expect, so some of this stuff I'm not familiar with15:11
=== orly is now known as besure
intmedvishnu@vishnu-git-server:~/src$ git clone git://eagain.net/gitosis15:12
axisysyou said you can connect to the site from another computer near you?15:12
intmedCloning into gitosis...15:12
intmedfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly15:12
axisysCat-Meow: ^15:12
escottCat-Meow, seems like there is something wrong with your network setup. check your router if that doesn't work try
compdocCat-Meow, try powering off your router15:13
needhelp1debsan: sudo: /etc/init.d/samba: command not found15:13
san_1989Is there any channel that handling usb device driver programming in linux?15:14
deven1Front audio jacks are not detected by ubuntu 11.04 ? help!15:15
san_1989 Is there any channel that handling usb device driver programming in linux?15:16
Cat-Meowaxisys, I can connect to the sites on this same laptop, just not when using 11.0415:16
axisysCat-Meow: oh ok.. so you have multiple OS in this?15:17
compdocCat-Meow, and when did you last use 10.10 on it?15:17
Cat-MeowI have windows xp, and a boot disc for 10.1015:17
axisysCat-Meow: that means like escott and compdoc suggesting.. not probably getting an IP15:17
axisysfrom the router15:17
Cat-Meowwhy would the router do that with just 11.04 though?15:18
Cat-Meowand how can I fix it15:18
axisysCat-Meow: what do you get from ifconfig ?15:18
intmedi can't clone gisosis ? why ?15:18
somsipintmed: gitosis?15:18
somsipintmed: not really an ubuntu issue, but what exactly is the problem?15:19
intmedvishnu@vishnu-git-server:~/src$ git clone git://eagain.net/gitosis.git15:19
intmedCloning into gitosis...15:19
intmedfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly15:19
compdocwlan0 and wlan1?15:20
axisysCat-Meow: hmm two ips15:20
axisysCat-Meow: netstat -nr ?15:20
compdoctwo wireless adaptors?15:20
Jacruthhi guys, is there any way to install Windows 7 AFTER installing Ubuntu?15:20
somsip intmed: fails here too. Have you tried the https link if there is one?15:20
escottCat-Meow, !paste us `route`15:21
escott!grub | Jacruth just reinstall grub after15:21
ubottuJacruth just reinstall grub after: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:21
axisysCat-Meow: yikes!15:22
Jacruthescott, will not Windows 7 erase my whole hard disk?15:22
K4kDoes anyone know if .bash_logout runs before or after your session is closed? IE, would the "whoami" command still work for detecting if you have any other sessions still open in other consoles?15:22
axisysyou need to remove one those route15:22
axisysCat-Meow: ^15:22
axisysCat-Meow: can you paste your interfaces config file15:22
Cat-Meowhow can I get to that?15:22
axisysCat-Meow: paste the cat /etc/network/interfaces15:23
escottCat-Meow, i think your /etc/hosts is screwed up. route should resolve names unless you say route -n15:23
=== credencio is now known as credence
Cat-Meowauto lo15:25
Cat-Meowiface lo inet loopback15:25
escottJacruth, can't say what windows will or will not do, but i think you can ask windows to install to a particular partition. but it does insist on blowing away the mbr15:25
axisysescott: i think that was netstat -nr output15:25
escottaxisys, he sent this http://paste.ubuntu.com/669319/15:25
escottaxisys, ok nevermind i see15:26
axisysescott: :-)15:26
axisysCat-Meow: so wlan1 needs to be down15:26
axisysCat-Meow: compdoc asked you  .. if you have two wireless adapters15:26
intmedsomsip: here is the repo http://eagain.net/gitweb/?p=gitosis.git;a=summary15:26
Cat-Meowno, just the one15:26
axisysCat-Meow: so how did you get wlan0 and wlan1 ?15:27
Cat-MeowI have no idea15:27
axisyswlan1 needs to be down for you to go out..15:27
axisysor essentially one of them15:27
Cat-MeowI see on my network thing it lists my ralink device, but I see something else as well15:27
axisysCat-Meow: can you please traceroute to that host and post the output here15:28
Cat-Meowto the site host from earlier?15:28
axisysCat-Meow: also please paste the output of route as escott suggested15:28
axisysCat-Meow: yes15:28
FirefisheI'm using ubuntu/kubuntu 11.04.  I just installed.  I'm using the nvidia-current proprietary driver (or so I thought).  When I bring up the additional drivers dialog, the display says that the driver is activated but not in use.15:28
axisysCat-Meow: s/post the output/paste the output/15:29
compdocsometmes firewire ports are seen as networks, I think.15:29
escottaxisys, it will be the same as netstat -nr just with * and default and link-local and all that jazz15:29
Cat-Meowhold on, apparently traceroute wasn't installed15:29
escottCat-Meow, its not by default15:30
Cat-MeowI thought it was 9_615:30
axisysCat-Meow: tracepath15:31
axisysCat-Meow: that's it?15:32
somsipintmed: maybe it's dead. It's 2-3 months since I installed it. There seems to be no new repo for it. Maybe just down for a while. Possibly try later/tomorrow15:32
axisyscan you paste the tracepath www.yahoo.com ?15:32
axisysescott: true15:32
intmedsomsip: ok, will try tomorrow15:32
somsipInteus: hang on - it;s on apt-get :-)15:33
somsipintmed: it's available thorugh apt-get15:33
escottCat-Meow, also paste your /etc/hosts15:34
Cat-Meowok, hold on15:34
Kingsycan I get a history of things I had in my clipboard with ubuntu ?15:34
escottKingsy, you can install a clipboard daemon there are a number of them.15:36
Tank852hi all15:36
Tank852im running ubuntu 10.04, just started using ubuntu15:37
Tank852playing with the themes, etc. is there a easy way to customize the OS?15:38
MasterMarkhi too all15:38
MasterMarksomeone has problem with temperature + laptop + ati?15:38
axisysCat-Meow: tracepath www.yahoo.com15:39
ramviI'm unable to port forward with IPTABLES. Been troubleshooting for hours; what am I doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/NnTNXj4g15:39
escottMasterMark, try powertop it may help reduce power usage a bit15:39
axisysescott: that is an awesome tool.. i use it a lot15:39
kingofswords hi i play assassin creed in wine but have set to low resolution ....as a result the game doesnt fill the screen, how do i change this?15:39
sulisaguscan i install ubuntu on a macbook?15:40
RA_drcsulisagus: yes15:40
MasterMarkpowertop from teminal?15:40
RA_drckingofswords: have you tried a higher resolution?15:40
Kingsyescott: ah ok, so nothing out of the box then15:40
kingofswordsmy graphics card wont handle it15:41
escottKingsy, well xclipboard may be part of the base install, but there are so many versions and some have guis and some dont that you should check the different ones out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipboard_manager#X_Window_System15:41
duckxxso im running ubuntu via virtual box and im getting this proxy error when trying to download stuff via the terminal. But going to sites are fine... svn doesnt work and neither does wget, but pinging sites do work! What  could be wrong? screenshot: http://prntscr.com/2orjq15:43
axisysCat-Meow: it does not look right15:44
livingdaylightanyone play with the weather screenlet? Seems set to Korea by default and don't see how to change it. In properties there is a zip code dialog, but enterming my postcode returns an error15:44
escottduckxx, what are the proxy settings in firefox? and does that correspond with the HTTP_PROXY environment variable15:44
axisysCat-Meow: you should be departing from wlan0 or wlan1 ..15:44
MasterMarki've installed powertop15:44
Cat-Meowhow to I turn one of them off?15:44
axisysCat-Meow: it shows you departed from
escottaxisys, does he need to clear the old routing table? does it remember?15:44
sulisagusRA_drc: mine is macbook white 7.1. But, on ubuntu community documentation site, the page doesn't exist yet for this particular macbook.15:44
escottaxisys, that is after taking down wlan1?15:45
duckxxescott where is the http proxy setting sin ubuntu ?15:45
theborgerhey guys having a problem with a fresh install of Ubuntu, apt-get is not working. do i need to change something?15:45
afsdkj"Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system."15:45
escottduckxx, first echo $HTTP_PROXY in a terminal. wget should be respecting that variable. then go into firefox preferences and see if it is using a proxy15:46
axisysescott: no .. they both can be up..15:46
axisysCat-Meow: you sure you are tracepathing from same host?15:46
afsdkji want to start firefox, i get the message ""Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.", i try "sudo killall firefox" and i get "firefox: no process found"15:46
Cat-MeowI need to go now, thank you for the help you've given me so far. Sorry I'm so dumb. :C15:46
axisystarcepath should dept from your network.. you departed from 172.* network15:47
axisysyour network based on your ifconfig is 192.*15:47
escottafsdkj, firefox-bin15:47
afsdkjescott: aaah, life can be so easy ... thanks15:48
bioiqhi u all guys!15:48
axisyshmm.. looks like Cat-Meow left15:48
axisysor dropped off the network15:48
bioiqi'm running ubuntu lucid 10.04...15:48
escottaxisys, and he will get to repeat everything from scratch when he comes back because he wont remember15:49
MasterMarknothing change with powertop I have 60°C on coretemp15:49
MasterMarkis too much for idle state15:49
axisysescott: :-)15:49
w30afsdkj, there is a file called lock in /home/afsdkj/.mozilla/firefox/abunchofnumbers/lock. remove that15:49
MasterMarkon windows I have 47°C15:49
bioiqi've got problems with xchat... in specific a bug don't let me save the settings and when i restart it i loose many settings...15:50
escottMasterMark, its probably all from the ati card. linux doesn't switch to intel graphics as well. you can try vga_switcheroo15:50
axisysescott: he departed from two different networks.. on the two different tracepath .. not possible15:50
axisysnot posible based on his ifconfig15:50
nekronukehey guys, i may have a possible fix15:50
escottaxisys, you got me.... thats why i was wondering if there might be some caching of routes15:50
bioiqis there a simple way to update the version to 2.8.8 (mine is 2.8.6)15:50
theborgerhey guys having a problem with a fresh install of Ubuntu, apt-get is not working. do i need to change something?15:51
xanguabioiq: tried the xchat ppa¿15:51
livingdaylighthow does one run a bin file?15:51
bioiqsomeone told me to upgrade to natty15:51
livingdaylightlike worldofgoo.bin6415:51
xanguatheborger: what exactly does not work¿ can you give us an output¿15:52
escottlivingdaylight, chmod +x filename; ./filename15:52
livingdaylightescott, thank you15:52
nekronukeescott i might have a fix for my previous issue15:52
theborgerxangua: just says connection timed out15:52
escottnekronuke, can't say i remember what it was15:52
theborgerxangua: i am doing this from the command line. ubuntu 10 server15:52
nekronukewouldn't boot past bios for shit15:53
escottnekronuke, the geom error?15:53
xanguatheborger: then cahnge it and use the main servers15:53
nekronukeafter installing ubuntu it'd give me a geom error with the USB in, nothing at all without the USB in15:53
MasterMarkso I can't have linux on my laptop15:53