holsteinScottL: i wanted to talk about th target audience thing a bit00:43
holsteinyou got a minute?00:43
ScottLholstein, sure01:50
holsteinScottL: i was really basing my 'beginner' notion more on what i see rather than what i want01:51
holsteini mean, thats who i see in #ubuntustudio01:51
holsteinis that because the savvy dont need help?01:51
holsteineither way, i think we should put a time limit on this question01:52
holsteinjust so it gets answered01:52
holsteinits not going to *ever* be an answer that works for everyone01:52
holsteinbut, if we keep some of the new ideas im mind like what *can* we accomplish with our current team01:52
holsteinwhat are our resources01:53
holsteinand who is here to help01:53
holsteini think we can come up with a work plan that we can do, that will target the audience in question01:53
ScottLthat sounds good01:54
holsteini think we should decide on this audience this cycle01:54
holsteinand be rolling with something next cycle for the 12.04 LTS release01:54
holsteinwith the target audience in mind01:54
ScottLmuch of the current focus probably will need to get the ISO working01:55
* ScottL admits he hasn't tested yet01:55
ScottLbut i agree about setting the audience01:55
ScottLonce the images are working again01:55
holsteinsure, all im saying is, by the end of this cycle, lets set this audience01:55
ScottLwe can focus on tightening it up and then maybe work the documentation to help newbies01:56
ScottLi think that sounds like a good timeline, maybe even shorter01:56
holsteinScottL: shorter is fine by me01:57
holsteini thought that was super realistic01:57
ScottLwhat mechanism would you prefer to make sure we "agree" on an audience?02:00
ScottLtalk in the IRC?  on the mailing list?02:00
holsteinall of them ideally02:00
holsteinat some point, i think you'll just have to make the call though02:00
holsteinand i dont think anyone will really care02:00
ScottLi think we may have already done the first02:00
holsteini mean, this doesnt change much really02:01
holsteinjust helps us have a focus for the future02:01
ScottLdo you remember the 64studio documenation02:01
holsteinits not like anyone is going to lose anything they currently have/do because we choose a target audience they disagree with02:01
ScottLthat's the direction i would like for us to move for our documentation02:01
ScottLi agree with you holstein02:01
holsteinScottL: yeah, that old ducumentation is quite nice02:02
holsteini think its still up to, for reference02:02
holsteinScottL: so, along these lines... whats you elevator talk about the ubuntustudio target audience ?02:03
ScottL"elevator" talk?02:04
ScottLyou might, like, small chit-chat talk?02:04
holsteinScottL: yeah02:04
ScottLokay :)02:04
holsteinlike we meet in an elevator and i say 'whos that for?'02:04
ScottLbefore that, let me ask you a question that just occurred to me02:04
ScottLdo you think you see so many inexperienced people in #ubuntustudio because they are drawn to ubuntu studio?02:05
ScottLmaybe ubuntu studio is just more on the web?02:05
holsteinsee, thats what i want to make sure i leave room for02:05
ScottLmaybe they don't know/can't find a/v linux or others?02:05
holsteinmost folk might not even turn to the IRC02:05
holsteini would like to browse the forums a bit02:06
holsteini *hate* forums though02:06
holsteinand the email list makes me tired02:06
holsteini like the IRC02:06
ScottLyeah, the forums are tough to wade through for me02:06
holsteinbut, that doesnt mean others do02:06
ScottLand it seems like you only see the same people in their own places02:06
ScottLnot many people visit all three consistently02:06
holsteinand i want to make sure i have a realistic perspective, and im not too IRC-centric in my opinions02:06
ScottLbut on to your question:02:07
holsteinto answer yours (better) i do think inexperienced users are drawn to ubuntu, and by proxy ubuntustudio02:07
ScottLi would say that it's a powerful system for the semi-pro band, indie musician, or bedroom guitarist to make or record music but geared to helping the inexperienced02:08
ScottLthere are lots of documentation to help those inexpereienced but it still offers extreme power and versatility for the experienced as well02:08
holsteinthats not far from mine02:08
holsteintools a beginner can learn to use, and a professional would be happy with02:09
ScottLdid you read my second email to the -dev mailing list?02:10
holsteini skimmed it02:11
holsteini need to read it more throughly02:11
holsteinthe bit about 2 potential teams02:11
holsteini like that02:11
ScottLyeah, i think that can really address the two audiences without stepping on toes or trying to cross coordinate everything02:11
ScottLi think we could develop a bigger audience with experienced people if we had a good tool for them to install stuff02:12
holsteinyup... i agree02:13
holsteinand i think both things need the seperate attention you are mentioning02:13
holsteinim *so* stoked about ardour302:15
holsteinthats going to simplify the work flow a bit in a good way02:15
ScottLyeah, it is :)02:21
ScottLdo you want help editing the podcast?02:21
holsteinScottL: maybe02:21
ScottLholstein, maybe we can alternate editing also02:22
holsteini think i can knock it out this weekend02:22
holsteinScottL: choose the music though02:22
ScottLholstein, i'm not really worried about the quality of it to be honest, i just want to get it out righ tnow02:22
holsteinand send it to me if i dont have02:22
holsteinScottL: we'll get more 'live' too02:22
holsteinall in one go02:22
holsteinless editing needed02:22
ScottLwhat i'd like to do make sure we just keep getting it out02:23
ScottLevery two weeks is fine for me02:23
ScottLbut hopefully it gets more polished as we go02:23
ScottLi'll work on figuring out the beginning music02:25
ScottLof course we can still change the music next release or another time02:25
holsteincan be different each time 02:29
holsteinno rules02:29
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