FloatingGoatim gonna get a coupl replacable mics02:23
FloatingGoatas in like 4 dollar cheap skate ones02:24
FloatingGoatbetter than what i got probs02:24
FloatingGoatrecord my stuff with two mics02:24
orngjce223Do they plug into your sound ports or USB? 'cause if one soundport mic would work, any one of them should work exactly as well. USB is iffier.02:24
holsteinFloatingGoat: im going to lay out for you some 'cheap' gear02:25
FloatingGoatits a 6.3mm the cheapscade mic im looking at02:25
holsteinyou should bookmark it02:25
FloatingGoatill see02:25
FloatingGoatthis isnt my comp02:25
FloatingGoatwell its my ubuntu02:25
FloatingGoatbut i figure ill use a splitter that should work okay02:25
FloatingGoatbro this is sooo slow02:27
FloatingGoatbehringer fan?02:27
FloatingGoati heard of them before02:27
holsteinFloatingGoat: if you are on a budget, you can do a lot worse than behringer02:27
FloatingGoatyou arent slow02:27
holsteinif you want to get the wallet out... let me know02:27
FloatingGoatoh my thats awesome02:28
holsteinotherwise, these are easy ways to get some professional results02:28
holsteinfor cheap02:28
orngjce223That is pretty cool. He was talking about $4 mics, though... you don't get /anything/ professional at $4, down there at the bottom they're all made in China.02:28
orngjce223So just to know what we're talking about here.02:28
holsteinthere are cheaper mics02:30
holsteinanything in the perception series is a lot of bang for the buck02:30
holsteinthis is a nice mic for the $$02:33
holsteinheres a bunch of others..02:33
holsteinthese are really nice http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/rode-microphones-nt1-a-condenser-mic-bundle02:33
FloatingGoatsorry had to eat02:44
FloatingGoatyou told me no mxl 990?02:45
holsteinFloatingGoat: i wouldnt get it...02:46
holsteinthe rode is nice02:46
FloatingGoatI saw rode02:46
FloatingGoatim sorry my computer is slow as nuts02:46
holsteinthat at2020 is about the cheapest i would get02:46
FloatingGoathow much is the rode?02:46
holstein$200 or so i think02:46
* holstein clicks on link...02:46
holsteinyeah, $229 in that bundle02:47
FloatingGoatthats more than im worth02:47
holsteinyou can get it cheaper02:47
holsteinFloatingGoat: if you want 'better' than what you had, you'll need to spend some cash02:47
FloatingGoatill check my local second hand music store02:48
FloatingGoatthey might have some good gear and mics02:49
FloatingGoatthey always have great guitars02:49
holsteinwont hurt to look/listen02:49
FloatingGoati forgot :02:50
FloatingGoatyeah cause i dont want to pay for a studio.02:50
FloatingGoatim not on that level yet02:50
holsteinwhy record at all then?02:50
holsteini mean... you can spend $100+ per hour at a studio02:51
holsteinyou scrape together $300 or so, and you can have some decent somewhat professional sounding results02:51
holsteinotherwise... i say use what you got02:51
holsteinyou *wont* get better results with new microphones around 50 bucks02:52
FloatingGoatill see wat i can deaux02:52
holsteinmaybe something used :)02:52
FloatingGoatheck yeah02:52
holsteini shop craiglist and ebay often02:52
FloatingGoatright right02:53
FloatingGoatfell in love with craigslist when i got a 20 dollar hdtv02:53
holsteincool... you just need to do that again :)02:54
holsteini got a $50 tube mic from ebay02:54
FloatingGoatthose good?02:54
holsteinits at the shop... but i think i'll end up having $200 or so in it02:54
holsteinits decent02:54
holsteintheres a $1000 mohave mic with the same tube02:55
holsteinive heard this mic, and i like it02:55
FloatingGoatwhat kind of music do you play?02:55
FloatingGoatand also02:55
holsteinim a bass player02:55
FloatingGoatwhat catagory on craigslist do i gopher mics02:55
holsteinupright bass02:56
holsteinmostly jazz02:56
holsteini play other things, but bass is what i do professionally02:56
holsteinFloatingGoat: i usually search craigslist specifically02:56
FloatingGoatI try to02:56
holstein'tube mic' 'condendser mic'02:56
FloatingGoatI try to play acoustic guitar02:56
holsteini remember.. i liked your tune :)02:57
FloatingGoatthannks :D02:57
FloatingGoatit was rebecca black02:58
FloatingGoathows the mxl 3000?02:58
holsteini dont have any MXL02:58
holsteinim sure its sub-par02:58
holsteinbut tolerable02:58
holsteini would look used02:58
FloatingGoatusually higher numbers are better02:58
holsteini mean, if you get something for $30, thats fine02:59
holsteinFloatingGoat: lol02:59
FloatingGoatits 100 here03:00
holsteinid get that at202003:00
FloatingGoatill look more03:02
holsteinif you find an MXL mic, or really any condenser like that for $20.. id go for it03:03
holsteinotherwise, save your $$ or get somthing like that at202003:03
FloatingGoatholstein: hey sorry got kicked off05:22
FloatingGoatwhat do you think about mac for audio?05:23
FloatingGoatwhat does anyone think about it?05:24
cnk_hey all, how can i install ubuntu studio in parallel of ubuntu?15:31
cnk_or wouldn you recommend this ?15:31

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