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carcinogen75hi ppl. What can i do. My xfce stop drawing headers of the windows. A didn't install anything before this problem =(05:11
carcinogen75mb i must reinstall some packet?05:16
well_laid_lawncarcinogen75: try in a terminal   xfwm &    and see if they come back05:19
carcinogen75thx, i'll try it05:20
carcinogen75yes, i start xfwm4 in terminal and header apears whithout errors. What i must change that it start automaticly at windows manager start05:31
well_laid_lawnI'm guessing you're saving the session that's why it keeps not showing05:32
well_laid_lawna logout / login should test if they'll stay05:33
carcinogen75ok i'll try it, thx05:33
carcinogen75Yeah!! It works fine now! Thank you very much!05:48
well_laid_lawncarcinogen75: no problem :)06:16
AlanHmm, maybe somebody else has had this problem... google chrome and XFCE are having a fight over the default browser11:05
Alanwhen i launch google chrome, it asks to be made the default browser, i say "yes"11:06
Alanbut then when i try and click a link in some other application the XFCE preferred applications thing is under the impression that no default browser is set11:06
Alanchrome doesn't appear in the list - if i add it manually, then the link opens in chrome correctly11:06
AlanBUT the next time i start chrome it asks me if i want to make it the default browser11:07
Sysiset it to not ask11:10
Alansimply tell chrome to STFU?11:12
AlanI guess i could do that :p11:12
Alanfeels... ugly.11:12
Sysiif it doesn't set default correctly, why to let it set11:12
Sysiproblem is chrome being ugly :p11:13
Alanwell it works fine everywhere else :P11:19
AlanI haven't worked out how chrome is trying to set it though11:20
Alanbecause it's definitely not affecting gconf settings11:20
Alanand it doesn't appear to be setting anything meaningful in XFCE settings....11:20
DaewI have a problem with my Xubuntu. Whenever I start it, there is 1 workspace (Even if I select more in settings), the windows are not showing in panel nor in workspace and the top of the windows (close, minimize... part) is missing. If I start the second session, it is working good, but there is no connection settings in panel so I now have to run 2 sessions at the same time to have everything working properly. And it is kinda annoying to h12:19
DaewCan anyone help me to fix this? It looks to me like something doesn't load in the first session.12:19
TheSheepDaew: did you install compiz or something like that?12:56
TheSheepDaew: or was it always like that?12:57
xubuntu001qualcuno parla italiano?12:59
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:59
xubuntu001molto gentile13:00
gouratm i use freebsd (pcbsd) with xfce, but considering to buy some netbook soon and wonder whether you recommend using xubuntu with it?13:11
knomegour, no problems with xubuntu on netbooks in my experience13:37
gourknome: thanks13:38
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jarnosIs encrypted swap supposed to be unknown to free and top commands?14:51
jarnosAnd the file system of the parititon unknown to gparted application?14:53
janimohello, can Xubuntu use the monitor settings written by gnome-control-center display ? Dual monitor setup works in unity but not in Xfce for me14:54
mogitafffor multiscreen, you can use grandr  ou arandr14:56
mogitaffs/ ou/or/14:56
janimomogitaff, thanks. grands looks like gnome-control-center display only with a worse UI. sigh14:58
jarnosjanimo, then try arandr15:00
janimojanimo, arandr seems somewhat better, or at least complements grands. Neither holds a candle to the gnome tool though15:03
jarnosjanimo, I uses keyboard shortcuts for setting dual screen15:07
jarnosHow do you know encrypted swap is working ok?15:09
jarnosAnd can you hibernate when using it?15:09
jarnosIs there anybody here that uses hibernate?15:18
charlie-tcaMine seems to boot as fast it comes out of hibernate, which leaves the reason for hibernate missing.15:27
jarnoscharlie-tca, do you have encrypted swap (in Natty)? I think I got encrypted swap in installation as I chose encrypted home.15:29
jarnosAnd /etf/fstab has line "/dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0"15:29
jarnossorry, I meant /etc/fstab15:30
jarnosBoth "free" and "top" command show zeros for swap.15:31
jarnosExcept in "top" nonzero for "cached"15:32
charlie-tcaI don't use encrypted at all except in testing15:34
jarnoscharlie-tca, here in fresh Natty (updated after installation, though), I have encrypted /home and I think it tried to encrypt the swap, but no swap seems to be available. Hibernation fails due to not enough swap space.15:41
charlie-tcatried using swap on15:42
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jarnos_charlie-tca, I setup normal swap, and now I get same effect in hibernate; it wakes like normal boot, but volume muted.18:43
jarnos_charlie-tca, I think it uses wrong hibernation device here; I changed swap partiton so different UUID.19:00
charlie-tcaum, if hibernate uses /swap, how can it use the wrong device. Wouldn't it use /swap regardless of the device?19:01
jarnoscharlie-tca, I applied this, rebooted and it works now: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5777643&postcount=719:18
jarnoscharlie-tca, for some reason, there were no UUID for the swap partition and swap partition was unknown to gparted after installing Natty with encrypted home folder.19:20
jarnoscharlie-tca, I guess it was this UUID issue with Natty: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/ReleaseNotes#Boot.2C_installation_and_post-install19:22
AlanIs anybody else having problems with basically everything in the UI locking up?20:22
Alanxubuntu 11.04 x86_64, nvidia 270.x driver, XFCE compositing enabled20:23
Alanat some point, seemingly at random, everything becomes completely unresponsive20:23

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