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oSoMoNgood morning07:00
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andyrockJohnLea, is this bug still valid? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/74730911:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 747309 in unity (Ubuntu) "opening the dash should not desactivate the launcher" [Low,Confirmed]11:29
JohnLeaandyrock; yes it is, the launcher should be active when the dash is open, but the visual appearance should not change (e.g. the launcher remains desaturated).  Clicking on a Luncher item will close the dash and perform the usual action11:32
andyrockJohnLea, ok thx... so we should use the old behavior...11:33
JohnLeaandyrock; well in Natty clicking on the Launcher closes the Dash but does not activate the Launcher item the user has clicked on11:34
JohnLeaandyrock; this bug basically makes the launcher item that is clicked on perform the action the user would expect it to if the dash was closed11:35
andyrockJohnLea, i got it11:35
JohnLeaandyrock; u thinking of working on this one?11:35
andyrockJohnLea, i don't know :) i'm working on other bug atm11:36
JohnLeaandyrock ;-)11:37
jmlI notice the new alt-tab stuff switches between desktops. Is there a key to get expose-like functionality for just one desktop?11:44
thumperjml: I wish!11:52
thumperjml: ccsm probably lets you set it11:52
jmlSo there's no supported way to switch between windows on a single desktop?11:53
thumperbut warning, unity will crash if you try to do anything with ccsm right now11:53
thumpernot as far as I'm aware (much to my annoyance)11:53
jmlthumper: yesterday, unity crashed when I used alt-tab11:54
jmlthumper: you guys should have a test suite or something :P11:55
* thumper pokes jml in the eye11:56
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njpatelapw, hi, who would I speak to about really, really bad performance with SSD , i7 and any hard-disk related activity? Even with metacity my entire computer is rendered useless if I compile something....pulseaudio freaks out, can't move windows or type in real-time and this has been there since natty12:17
apwnjpatel, we in the kernel team would be interested in that12:19
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apwnjpatel, we have seen issues with some sata controllers being crap and needing command queueing turning off for instancee12:38
andyrockdaniel van vugt (i don't know what's your nickname) around?12:39
njpatelapw, alrighty, will investigate more on thursday after the freeze, would be really nice to try and find a fix as a lot of us in dx seem to suffer from it12:49
apwnjpatel, odd indeed not something that i seem to see, but maybe i use newer bits than natty kernel side most of the time12:55
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davidcalleHi njpatel, do you have time for a quick question?12:56
njpatelapw, to give you an idea, on my quad core (and on gord's I believe), we no longer use make -j8 as it causes random side-effects across the desktop (like pulse dying or making everything sound like a robot), only use mak -j4 now12:57
apwnjpatel, 32 or 64 bit12:59
njpatelapw, 6413:01
apwhmmm ok thanks13:01
njpatelboth with intel SSDs13:02
njpatel8GB ram13:02
njpatelone has quad-core 2660 and other is i713:02
apwand do they have any swap configured13:02
njpatelboth have 4b swap13:02
njpatelbut ram doesn't really get above 4gb on either13:02
njpatelram usage*13:03
apwok cool13:03
gordyup same thing here, sucks13:09
gordalso happens when $random thing decides to eat up a lot of IO here too13:09
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njpateldavidcalle, dude, sorry!13:37
njpateldavidcalle, yes, I do, I thought I replied but I didn't :)13:37
njpatelwhat's up?13:37
davidcallenjpatel, ;)13:37
davidcallenjpatel, is the new scopes/lenses api documented?13:37
njpateldavidcalle, not yet, going to try and get something out today13:37
njpateldavidcalle, right now lp:unity-place-files is the best/simplest example13:38
njpatelbut I'll try and have something up tonight13:38
davidcallenjpatel, today? That would be awesome. I've looked at kenvandine's lens but I'm having a hard time porting to python.13:39
davidcalle*porting it13:39
njpateldavidcalle, right, python13:39
davidcallenjpatel, yeah, some people are still using it :)13:40
njpatelyeah, as soon as I'm done with code I'll continue writing up the changes as best I can13:40
njpateldavidcalle, I got ken to move to vala, you're next! :)13:40
davidcallenjpatel, what could go wrong ? ;)13:40
* kenvandine is glad he ported to vala :)13:41
njpateldavidcalle, you and I might be spending some time together over this week if I've messed something up in the bindings to python, but I tried to stay as simple as possible with the API so I really hope not13:41
davidcallenjpatel, thanks a lot13:42
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andyrocksmspillaz, present?17:34
andyrocksmspillaz, it's about the scale plugin and dnd... what's the wanted behavior? I mean, the timeout should be reset every time the mouse pointer hover another scaled window or should reset every time the mouse pointer move more then X pixels...18:03
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