Noldorinhi jelmer04:26
Noldorinwhat's up?04:26
jimisIs there a way for "bzr log -p" to display diffs using specific diff flags?05:19
jimisIn particular I want diff -p05:24
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jimishmmm I'm trying to do "bzr diff -cREV1 -cREV2" to get a diff containing various sparse changes, but it seems it doesn't understand that05:51
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vilahell o guys !06:48
vindolinwhen i click on the icon before modified items in the overview, the diff window briefly opens and closes immediately.. on the console i get: bzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: __init__.py07:12
vindolin^ bzr explorer07:12
MerwinI've got a problem, I made a mistake a switched to a repo I didn't want to. So, I removed the directory. But now, bzr considers I'm still in the repo...07:19
Merwinthibaut@thibaut-VirtualBox:~/OpenERP 6/Logica/addons-opas$ bzr status07:20
Merwinbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/thibaut/OpenERP 6/Logica/addons-opas/trunk/".07:20
MerwinOf course, the trunk/directory is deleted07:20
MerwinI'm using a colo-branches repo, but switch to colo:xxx doesn't work07:20
MerwinLike if my repo was broken. How can I change the branch I'm currently in ?07:21
Merwin(Trying to bzr switch somewhere else give me the same error: Not a branch)07:25
vilaMerwin: did you try the '--force' parameter for switch ?07:41
Merwinvila: I'll try07:41
MerwinIt works, thank you ;)07:42
vilaMerwin: great07:46
vilavindolin: make sure you use the latest versions of bzr/qbzr/bzr-explorer and if the problem persists, file a bug: http://pad.lv/fb/bzr-explorer07:47
vilamaxb: bzr -2.4.0 all over the place ? \\0 \o/ 0//07:47
vilajelmer: so, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/826946 is still a blocker ?07:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 826946 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "Commit to svn repo completes, but repo is not updated" [Critical,Triaged]07:49
jammorning all07:51
vilahi jam !07:52
maxbvila: ?09:18
vilamaxb: celebrating 2.4.0 in the stable ppa ;)09:19
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jelmersigh, just had a kernel panic. It's been a while since I've seen one of those.09:40
* vila kills a goat09:48
jelmervila: :)09:48
vilajelmer: so, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/826946 is still a blocker ?09:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 826946 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "Commit to svn repo completes, but repo is not updated" [Critical,Triaged]09:50
jelmervila: yes, I have a better idea of what's happening there now though09:51
* vila nods09:51
vilaI've read your last comments09:51
vilajelmer: any help needed ?09:51
jelmerany suggestions on what's actually happening would be most welcome :)09:53
vilaha, that's harder  :-/09:55
vilayou said 'http-specific', any details ?09:56
jelmernot at this point09:57
jelmerit just seems like all revisions are pushed with empty details09:57
jelmerin theory the external users of the svn library shouldn't really care about the transport, but in practice there are a couple of quirks09:58
jelmerthe bzr-svn testsuite only uses file://09:58
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jimisIs there a way for "bzr log -p" to display diffs using specific diff flags?12:48
vilajimis: not that I know of from the command line, writing a plugin to define a specific log format will give you access to all the control you want though12:57
=== Riddell changed the topic of #bzr to: current topic is: Bazaar version control <http://bazaar.canonical.com> | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: JAM
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MerwinHey guys, when using Bazaar Explorer to merge using meld on Ubuntu, when I save my .THIS file. Am I doing something wrong ? WHich one will be my "final" file ?13:23
MerwinI'm using meld to do the merge13:23
MerwinOpps, some words are missing : When I save my file with meld, merge markups are not removed from the file.13:23
MerwinSo, maybe I'm not editing the good one, which one should I edit ?13:24
jelmerhi Merwin13:25
Merwinhi jelmer :)13:25
jelmerMerwin: I think you need to edit the regular file using meld, but I'm not entirely sure (I don't have experience with meld)13:25
MerwinWhat do you use ? If you have a better tool, lemme know !13:26
MerwinCurrently, Meld opens a 3-file view, with .BASE, .THIS and .OTHER. I'm editing the .THIS file.13:28
jelmerMerwin: I just use a regular editor to resolve conflicts13:29
Merwinjelmer: I don't understand. From what I read here : http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-guide/resolving_conflicts.html#resolving-a-conflict we have to edit the three files13:39
MerwinWhy would I do this ?13:39
jelmerMerwin: you don't have to edit the tree files13:42
jelmerMerwin: you can either edit the main file and resolve the conflicts there, overwrite it with .OTHER or .THIS (if you want to keep one side of the merge only),)13:43
MerwinSo, if .OTHER is the merge version, and .THIS my version, what is .BASE ?13:44
jelmerMerwin: .BASE, .THIS and .OTHER are there so you can copy them over the main file, or e.g. run "diff" between them to see what has changed, use your favorite merge resolve tool (like meld))13:44
jelmerMerwin: .BASE is the base version from the 3-way merge; the merge works by applying all of the difference between .BASE and .OTHER to your version13:44
jelmer(roughly speaking)13:47
mgzyou don't generally edit any of those three files, you edit the original13:48
jelmermaxb: hi13:54
jelmermaxb: where was the problem with the bzr-builddeb test suite exactly?13:54
maxbtest_repack_tarball IIRC13:54
maxbThe failures should be clearly visible in the daily PPA13:54
jelmeryeah, but what was the issue?13:54
jelmerI know which tests are failing :)13:55
maxbThe issue was that it was trying to open an on-disk path that happened to contain ( ) characters, and it was trying to open them as %28 %2913:55
jelmerah, ok13:55
Riddellug, I just had a random X crash, haven't had that in ages, something crashy in the air today14:18
jelmerRiddell: ouch14:20
Riddellmust be solar flares or the like14:21
* vila kills another goat14:21
* jelmer wonders where vila finds all those goats in the city centre of Strasbourg14:22
vilajelmer: courtesy of fullermd14:22
fullermdAiee!  My goat!14:23
* fullermd runs out the door to a meeting.14:23
jimisHow do I tell to "bzr merge -c" to get the last changeset from target branch?14:54
jimisis it -c-1?14:54
jelmerjimis: yes15:01
jimisjelmer: nope, it brought some other changeset, which had various conflicts15:05
jimisluckily I used --preview :-)15:05
jelmerjimis: It will only merge that change, but that change obviously depends on previous changes, which might cause conflicts.15:06
jimisIt's in the same file with other changes, but really far away from them15:06
jimisis there a way to bring the patch from only that revision?15:06
jimisjelmer: I think it brought the one before the tip, not the tip (the last one)15:07
jelmerjimis: -c -1 is the changes made for the last revision15:07
jelmerjimis: see also "bzr diff -c -1"15:08
jimisah thanks15:09
jimisstrange that it had all these conflicts15:10
jimisso I'll just apply the diff15:11
jimisbut it doesn't look right, conflicts should be only when changes overlap :-s15:11
smoserAnyone know where these messages come from:15:46
smoser Packaging branch version: 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.515:46
smoserPackaging branch status: OUT-OF-DATE15:46
smoserI *really* like them.  It might be useful if they provided a link to http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ also15:46
jelmersmoser: jam added them recently, they come from a hook in the bzr launchpad plugin15:51
jelmersmoser: wrt the package-import link, please file a bug :)15:51
smoserjelmer, will-do.15:52
smoserthen, even better would be to not fail the importer15:52
smoserwhat source package is that ?15:53
smoseris it just bzr ?15:53
jelmersmoser: yup, it's a plugin bundled with bzr15:53
smoserk. so file bug against bzr project15:54
smoserjelmer, bug 83142815:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 831428 in Bazaar "add link to failed imports in branch out-of-date message" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83142815:56
jelmersmoser: merci15:57
jimiswhen merge --preview outputs nothing, it means the branch is already merged?15:58
jelmereither that, or there are no changes to merge15:58
jimisIs there another way to see which branch is merged where, without using a gui?16:00
jelmerjimis: "bzr missing"16:03
jimisthanks jelmer, very helpful!16:04
vilajelmer: looks like your fir for testtools-0.9.2 is not part of bzr-2.4 ?16:08
jimisjelmer: and can I see where exactly a merge happened, and at what revision were both trees? log doesn't help, any parameters I'm missing?16:08
vilajimis: bzr log -n0 ? (+ --limit=nnn if needed)16:09
jelmervila: yeah, though it's cherrypicked to the relevant debian/ubuntu package16:09
jimisI've tried log -n0 -v, but output is not clear about merges16:10
jimisI'll check it again16:10
vilajimis: yeah, bzr log output is an acquired taste, but really for moderately complex histories, you'd better try bzr qlog (from the qbzr plugin)16:10
vilajelmer: hmm, so if we ever upgrade pqm confusion will ensue :-/16:11
jimis:-( unfortunately gui access isn't a choice16:11
vilajimis: huh ? how come ? remote access ?16:12
jimisand user access only, not root16:12
vilagoes without saying... :-(16:13
jimisso even if I did compile my own python etc to be able to run bzr 2.416:13
vilajimis: I don't fully understand your use case but bzr log --exclude-common-history may help you at one point16:13
jimisI don't have devel libraries to build gui packages, it would be too much hassle to do them from start...16:13
vilajimis: OS ?16:13
jimisvila: ok I'll try it thans16:13
jimisRHEL5 ;-)16:14
jimisbzr: ERROR: --exclude-common-ancestry requires -r with two revisions16:16
jimisit would be cool to understand I mean current branch versus parent branch :-p16:16
jimisanyway :-)16:16
vilajimis: bzr log -rancestor:.. ?16:19
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jimisvila: it was only a "bzr log --exclude-common-ancestry". I was expecting to exclude common history of current and parent branches.16:23
vilajimis: ha ! Oh, but it has far more uses and requires a revision range anyway16:24
Noldorinhi jelmer16:26
jelmerhi Noldorin16:26
Noldorinjelmer, i noticed collocated branches are now supported in bzr :-)16:26
Noldorinat least the beta16:26
Noldorinjelmer, still had no time to investigate my particular issue with my branch....been busy on holiday16:28
Noldorinbut soon16:28
Noldorinshall be back shortly16:28
Noldorinjelmer, but at least i can start testing with GitHub i guess?16:43
Noldorinmultiple branches16:43
jelmerNoldorin: yeah16:43
Noldorinjelmer, cool. which releases of each do i want to use?16:43
Noldorinbzr, bzr-git, dulwich that is16:43
jelmerNoldorin: tip of all three16:48
Noldorinjelmer, no releases in either yet?17:19
jelmerNoldorin: nope17:19
Noldorinjelmer, when do you anticipate them?17:19
Noldorinjelmer, i though bzr 2.5b1 has collocated branches support now...17:19
jelmerI guess dulwich 0.8.0 is sufficient, but bzr-git and bzr will be a while (about a month I guess)17:19
jelmerNoldorin: 2.5b1 isn't out yet17:20
Noldorinjelmer, are you timing a new release of bzr-git/dulwich for around 2.5b1 release time?17:24
jelmerNoldorin: depends on if there are any other worthwile fixes at that point17:24
Noldorini see17:24
Noldorinjelmer, so maybe i should get working on that bzr-git bug when i return :-)17:25
Noldorinthe git database issue i guess17:25
jelmerNoldorin: what's the problem with running a snapshot?17:25
jimisWhat log -n0 does is that is shows subrevisions that came with merges?17:25
Noldorinjelmer, nothing, i'm just curious :-P17:25
Noldorinbut also, are there windows binary builds for bzr 2.5b1?17:25
jelmerthere probably will be17:26
Noldorinok cool17:26
Noldorinwill have a look before long17:32
Noldorinbrb for now17:32
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CrazyLemonhey guys..one quick question..is it possible to pull specific files instead of whole branch ?19:47
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pooliehi all23:01
maxbpoolie: Hi. You seem to have a forgotten vim session on jubany23:14
niemeyerHey all23:21
niemeyerWho's the bzr MacOS master?23:21
jelmerhi niemeyer23:22
jelmerniemeyer: probably doxx, though I don't see him around at the moment.23:22
niemeyerjelmer: Yo23:22
jelmerniemeyer: what's up?23:22
niemeyerjelmer: COol.. I just got a note from a friend saying the MacOS bzr fails when unpacking23:22
niemeyerHe thinks it might be on his side, but not quite sure, so I figured it might be good to at least ping the maintainer23:22
pooliehi maxb, niemeyer23:23
pooliemaxb, does it have something locked? i'll close it23:23
niemeyerpoolie: Hey!23:23
jelmerniemeyer: FWIW I don't see anything related in the bzr-mac-installers lp project bugs, so it'd indeed be good to check with doxx23:24
pooliemaxb, should be ok now23:24
maxbpoolie: Thanks. Also, are those local mods to import_package.py yours?23:24
jelmeralso, hi poolie, maxb23:25
niemeyerjelmer: Cool, thanks23:26
pooliethey are; let me see about cleaning them up23:27
poolieat the moment i have it tweaked to get the branch using lp.load rather than branches.getByURL23:28
pooliethe latter is probably better, and i think it's now in trunk23:28

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