alkisgjbicha: I tried the gcompris package from your ppa in my Lucid box a few days ago, it seems to run fine. It's supposed to have a lot more features and stability than the older version.07:30
alkisgBut we're only using LTS releases here so we can't do extensive tests and give appropriate feedback...07:30
jbichaalkisg: thanks, I'm surprised you used it from my PPA07:38
alkisgI saw the bug report and I thought I'd comment on it, that's why I put your ppa, but no time for proper testing to report back :(07:39
jbichaI deleted it from there fairly quickly as I was just experimenting with it07:39
alkisgAh sorry not your ppa, I tried it from this one: https://launchpad.net/~aapo-rantalainen/+archive/gcompris07:40
alkisg(linked from in the bug report)07:40
jbichaoh ok, my dev PPA gets broken stuff in it & I delete regularly, I don't expect people to use it07:41
jbichagcompris is so huge, it's difficult to really test it anyway07:41
alkisgYeah.. I'd put my kids to do it, but the last weeks they've been sitting a lot in front of screen so I turned off their PCs for the rest of the summer :D07:42
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highvoltagebon matin13:32
DamianosSo anybody using Edubuntu 11.04?  I read on the Edubuntu  page that it comes with "Gnome Classic"...does that mean Gnome 2.x or Gnome 3?16:26
ewl"Ubuntu Studio does not currently use Unity. As the user logs in it will default to Gnome Classic Desktop (i.e. Gnome2)." under "Ubuntu Studio" at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/ReleaseNotes. So I guess it's Gnome2?16:29
brunolambertDamianos: it is gnome216:30
Damianossweet, thanks!16:31
brunolambertbut it does contain Unity too16:32
brunolambertI do not remember which one is the default16:32
DamianosIt says Gnome is the default16:34
Damianos*It = web site16:35
alkisg11.04 doesn't have gnome 3 at all, does it?16:50
DamianosWell, I think I'm going to ride it out on 10.10 for a while. Once the dust settles I may look into LMDE or straight Debian, but that won't be for at least a year.16:53
Damianosalkisg: I just read on a forum that you need to do Gnome 3 via PPA so I guess Gnome 2 is what they're calling Gnome Classic in 11.0417:04
alkisgYes, I think gnome classic is the session, not the framework, as opposed to unity17:05
alkisgAll of them use gnome 2 in 11.0417:05
alkisgI.e. metacity, gnome-panel etc17:05
DamianosThe net is littered with A LOT of complaints over the DE situation in 11.0417:05
DamianosIt certainly has me avoiding it like the plague17:06
DamianosIt's a weird time in Linuxland....many distros seem to be in an awkward transitional phase right now17:08
DamianosDespite all the complaining I see...I can actually see myself getting very used to Gnome 3...I don't mind waiting for implementations to mature either since GIMP 3 will be here before too long as well17:10

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