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yofelJontheEchidna: a tad late here, but happy birthday :)00:00
claydohoh yeah!! happy b-day JontheEchidna00:02
rbelemQuintasan, ping00:10
Quintasanrbelem: pong00:12
QuintasanI was about to go to bed00:12
QuintasanIt's 2 in the morning here :P00:12
rbelemQuintasan, you dont need to sleep00:12
rbelemQuintasan, it did not work00:12
QuintasanWhat didn't?00:12
claydoh 2 early 4 bed, the hardcore go to bad past 3 and get up at 5 to go to werk00:13
rbelemQuintasan, i will upload the changes to a branch00:13
rbelemQuintasan, the runtime stuff00:13
QuintasanBut what exactly fails?00:13
rbelemQuintasan, it is not building the active00:14
QuintasanOkay, push the changes to a branch, I'll get up earlier and we will think about it00:15
rbelemQuintasan, oki :-)00:15
QuintasanI'm quarter drunk and half-asleep00:16
rbelemQuintasan, thx00:16
rbelemQuintasan, sleep tight00:16
* Quintasan sets an alarm clock00:16
QuintasanGood night!00:16
rbelemQuintasan, gn00:16
rbelemQuintasan, https://code.launchpad.net/~rbelem/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime-active-4.703:45
* rbelem goes to bed03:46
eMylleromg still cant share connection through wifi. :|04:22
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valoriesorry to be late, but happy bday, JontheEchidna05:48
valorieand thanks for the present05:48
Quintasanrbelem: Let me know when you are up06:37
QuintasanGood morning06:37
QuintasanJontheEchidna: Also, beat that. I went to sleep and had a dream when I was sleepy so I pulled a Rodrigo06:55
QuintasanI herd you like sleeping so we put pulling a Rodrigo in your dream so you can sleep while you sleep06:56
valorieiterative sleep!07:17
debfxclaydoh: are you sure that we have ever shipped a touchpad config plasma widget?07:59
apacheloggerKRF: BTW, I have the other parts of your intel power adaptor... in case you need them ;)09:10
KRFapachelogger: take them with you in case we meet again in the future ;)09:11
apacheloggerIf I don't forget :P09:11
KRFrunning 11.10, you did a good job. no major breakage.09:12
KRF(except kdepim, of course)09:12
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KRFalso there's some really annoying bug in pidgin v2.9.0, who can i ping about bumping that package?09:30
claydohdebfx: maverick had it, but it was in universe - kde-config-synaptiks10:31
claydohdebfx: in the renamed kde-config-toucpad, the widget files are not there inthe package10:32
debfxah right10:33
* claydoh heads off to werk10:33
debfxupstream has rewritten the whole thing in python10:33
debfxand probably dropped the applet in the process10:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: IMHO there is more things that could be done in applicationdetailsview using qml :P10:45
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: http://i.imgur.com/7Tvd1.jpg11:01
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: any suggestions on what? (The screenshot label was more of to get my feet wet w/ QML, and free up a QGraphicsEffect for blur)11:02
apacheloggerI do not understand your code :P11:03
apacheloggerit just seems like there is more stuff that should be in qml11:03
apacheloggerlike the blur & transition :P11:03
JontheEchidnao, that'd probably mean rewriting the entire widget in QML11:04
JontheEchidnanot that that is a bad idea11:05
JontheEchidnajust a bit of work :P11:05
apacheloggeryour ctor is way too big for me to say anything useful :P11:05
JontheEchidnayeah, the class is a bit of a mess. :P11:05
JontheEchidnaif anything it should be split into several sub-widgets11:06
JontheEchidnaIt is exactly 700 lines of imperative code :D11:07
JontheEchidnabiggest class in the app, I think11:08
JontheEchidnaI've been working on a replacement for the updater GUI following these guidelines I brainstormed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672358/11:11
JontheEchidnaI'm thinking of having that System Updates category un-expanded by default11:12
JontheEchidnasince really, why does the average user want to know that there's anything other than miscellaneous system updates available :P11:12
JontheEchidnapeople that really do can hit the expander, or use MPM to update since they are power users :P11:13
JontheEchidnacomments on the design would be appreciated. :) I'm off to work now.11:16
* rbelem pokes Quintasan 11:30
ScottKyofel: You added libsmokekate3 so smokekde.  Debian doesn't provide the package due to unstable ABI of the Kate -dev stuff.  If we drop that we can sync smokekde from Debian.  Do you mind?12:57
ScottKQuintasan: How's it going with -runtime?12:58
yofelScottK: not really, although you'll have to drop the kate bindings from perlkde too then. Is the ABI really an issue here since new packages for smoke and the bindings are released together with kate in the SC?13:10
ScottKThe issue isn't there, but with anything using the bindings.13:11
ScottKI'd take it up with pintotree in Debian as I don't think it's worth divergence over.13:12
yofeldrop it then13:14
ScottKSync requested.13:14
rbelemScottK, i made some changes and now it is building twice13:30
rbelemScottK, but when installing it copies the same files for normal and active pkgs13:31
ScottKProgress then13:35
yofelrbelem: you did adjust the install paths in the install files like Quintasan did?13:36
rbelemyofel, i just duplicated them and renamed accordingly13:47
yofelrbelem: can you pastebin one?13:48
rbelemyofel, the latest changes are here https://code.launchpad.net/~rbelem/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime-active-4.713:50
rbelemyofel, i just saw that Quintasan appended debian/tmp-kwin-gles/13:52
yofelright, or else it will use the non-active files from debian/tmp13:53
yofelalso, you need to add the real install path after the files13:53
rbelemyofel, i thought that -B would do the trick13:53
yofelor it will literally install '/debian/tmp-kwin-gles/...'13:53
yofelrbelem: no, -B installs in debian/tmp-kwin-gles. But the actual install files need to be fixed by hand13:54
rbelemyofel, i will update the .install files and i iwll push the changes again13:55
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ScottKAnyone around that can test a k3b patch? http://paste.ubuntu.com/671830/15:00
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 554 * debian/ (changelog control) Manually specify the library dependencies of kde-workspace-dev instead of15:01
Riddellbulldog98_: https://code.launchpad.net/~jr/+junk/dolphin-plugins-bazaar  testers needed15:33
Quintasanrbelem: late pong15:45
Quintasanrbelem: Did you get it working or there is still something wrong?15:45
bambeeomg... htop is a dream for programmers :D16:55
shadeslayerhahah :P16:56
yofelit is? I don't find it more useful than top17:04
ScottK-workspace accepted.17:09
ScottKyofel: Can you test k3b on oneiric?17:09
yofelScottK: what feature would I need to test for that patch?17:11
ScottKI'm guessing ripping something with video on it.17:13
ScottKyofel: Actually wma audio is what uses it.17:14
ScottK(at least according to the Changelog)17:14
yofelwill have to wait a bit then, I'll test it later on my desktop17:14
bambeeyofel: it is really17:31
bambeeyou can bind threads/processes17:31
bambeeto a specific core17:32
bambeeyou can displays useful informations about threads17:32
bambeememory usage17:32
bambeemonitor core usage17:32
bambeeyou can also change priorities.... mouarf :D17:33
yofelmem usage, core usage and priority change can be done in top too, and how do you bind processes to a core?17:35
yofeland IMO, the per-core cpu usage into is more detailed in top17:36
yofeland the memory usage info in htop is junk, it shows me several processes for firefox - each using the same amount of memory, which isn't true17:39
bambeepress H 17:40
bambeewhy the hell threads has differents PID? o_O17:40
kubotubambee meant: "why the hell threads have differents PID? o_O"17:40
yofelaaaah, much better17:41
bambeeyofel: just test cpu affinity :D17:43
bambee(press "a")17:43
* Daskreech hugs valorie17:44
yofelaaah, so that's what that does. thanks :)17:44
yofelok, *now* I agree that htop might be useful ;)17:45
shadeslayerbambee: because each thread is assigned a different PID i think17:48
bambeehuh? does not make sense, it's not multithreading but multiprocessing in this case, threads share the same address space of the same process.17:50
bambeeor it's not the PID but the Thread ID... :\17:51
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tsimpsonbambee: because linux sucks?17:59
bambeelinux does not suck, linux ftw!18:00
bambeekubuntu ftw!18:01
ScottKOf course Linux sucks.  All things computer suck. It just sucks differently and in a slightly less painful way than the alternatives.18:11
shadeslayerheh true that18:12
shadeslayerMy Dad's HDD failed today on windows18:12
shadeslayermounted it up on Kubuntu and scp'd the data back onto the home server ... 18:13
shadeslayerthe laptop is so old that the HDD didn't even have SMART18:14
shadeslayerQuintasan: fyi they have new HP Touchpads coming in soo18:15
kubotushadeslayer meant: "Quintasan: fyi they have new HP Touchpads coming in soon"18:15
yofelshadeslayer: ping me when they have some18:15
shadeslayeryou might want to join #webos and order one when they're available18:15
shadeslayeryofel: ^18:15
Quintasanshadeslayer: Those for 99$?18:15
shadeslayeri'll be staying up for another 2 hours18:15
shadeslayerQuintasan: yep18:16
shadeslayerQuintasan: yofel https://twitter.com/#!/BrynaAtHP/status/10564667668917043218:16
Quintasan>Server is too busy18:18
shadeslayerthey're working on that as well18:19
tsimpsonbambee: I mean that the kernel doesn't really do "threads", but tasks (which are basically processes)18:25
Quintasanshadeslayer: I see no Notfiy me button anymore :DDDDD18:31
shadeslayeri still see it18:31
Quintasanstop using firefox lol18:31
shadeslayeryeah already did that18:31
shadeslayernot using ff18:31
shadeslayerusing Chrome18:31
shadeslayerQuintasan: you're on the US site?18:32
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://www.hp.com/united-states/webos/us/en/shopping-touchpad.html18:33
QuintasanI click that and18:33
shadeslayerQuintasan: recursive loop xD18:34
shadeslayeroh oh oh18:35
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://www.pcconnectionexpress.com/IPA/Shop/Product/Detail.htm?sku=12900188&cac=Result18:35
Quintasantemporary unavlable18:35
shadeslayerQuintasan: keep refreshing18:36
shadeslayeri've never heard about the seller18:37
Quintasannow I can't connect xD18:37
shadeslayerbut the page opens for me18:37
yofeltimes out here18:37
Quintasanlol at everyone going apeshit18:37
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can we boot Kubuntuz on it?18:38
shadeslayerQuintasan: you can most certainly run a chroot on it18:38
* Quintasan wonders if one can X with KDE on it18:39
shadeslayerand the booloader does allow you to set vars to boot native kernels18:39
Quintasanshadeslayer: order two if you get the page18:39
QuintasanI has monies18:39
shadeslayeri already have a order of 218:39
yofeloh, loaded18:39
yofelQuintasan: I could order if it's possible18:39
Quintasanyofel: Please do18:39
Quintasanapachelogger is probably giggling at us18:40
QuintasanSince he got his ExoPC and whatnot18:40
Quintasanyofel: Good luck, it times out here18:40
yofelshadeslayer: that's the page for the 32GB one, is the 16GB one available somewhere?18:40
* apachelogger also has a pretty huge phonon18:40
shadeslayeryofel: http://www.fnac.com/HP-TouchPad-9-7-Tactile-16-Go-WiFi/a3613653/w-4?SID=d8dc5c01-5cc8-1c9f-16c1-2b35e20e03f0&UID=017CCD505-1E79-73CE-DB67-1C30FCD68734&Origin=FnacAff&OrderInSession=0&TTL=18022012203918:40
QuintasanF5 MADNESS18:40
yofelah great, french..18:41
shadeslayernope no idea18:41
Quintasanorder it!18:41
shadeslayeryeah thats ^^ what i was going to say 18:41
QuintasanAH SHIT TIMEOUT18:42
Quintasan99 €18:43
Quintasanyofel: Can you access that french site?18:44
QuintasanY U TIME OUT ON ME18:44
apacheloggeruse the thardiiis18:44
* yofel wonders how much space one would need - 16GB isn't that much18:44
Quintasanenough for install18:45
apachelogger+ 10 HD prn videos18:45
yofelhm, true - one could use compressed btrfs I guess as emergency for part of the rootfs18:45
Quintasanyofel: Can has one?18:46
yofelQuintasan: sure, but first I need to try to remember the french lessions I had...18:46
shadeslayeror ... you could just google translate18:47
* shadeslayer isntalls a refresh plugin18:47
shadeslayeryofel: i think the france website has sold out18:48
yofelshadeslayer: says "En Stock " for me18:48
shadeslayeryofel: it shows the price as 451 EUR for me18:49
shadeslayerah ... there's a link below that18:49
yofelyeah, now after refresh it does here too. WTF18:49
shadeslayeryofel: http://www.fnac.com/HP-TouchPad-9-7-Tactile-16-Go-WiFi-neuf-occasion/w-4?PRID=3613653&REF=FnacDirect18:50
yofellol, now I'm getting temporarily unavailable from the US site too18:50
yofelok, now it loaded again18:54
yofelshadeslayer: great, now the US page shows "Sorry, we found no matches for the term you searched for."19:04
shadeslayeryofel: i found some of them19:04
shadeslayeron cdwg.com19:04
yofelyeah, but the only ones that are in stock are $512 and $44119:06
shadeslayeryofel: if you come across any devices that are available, email me ASAP, i'm going to sleep right now19:18
yofelsure, I'll be awake for a while longer19:19
* bambee blames firefox19:40
* bambee blames firefox one more time19:40
bambeesince firefox 7_beta it's just unusable :\19:41
bambeeit crashes with almost all sites... o_O19:42
yofelbambee: works for me...19:44
bambeedid you try on google+ ?19:44
bambeeI suspect /usr/lib/firefox-7.0/plugin-container19:45
* yofel has no g+ account19:45
yofelmaybe it's flash then?19:48
yofelthere is a lot of flash talk going on in +1 - packaging related though19:49
yofelbambee: reported the crash to mozilla?19:50
yofelyou can look up what happened there19:50
bambeeyofel: yeah it's probably flash19:50
bambeedon't know19:50
bambeewell , I'm wrong, it's not a crash but a freeze19:50
bambeetypically, when I try to go on G+ for example everything is blocked19:50
yofelgah, freezes are tricky...19:51
bambeefirefox does not respond to kwin events... if I wait a moment... it's unblocked and it's reworks again o_O19:51
bambeeand sometimes it does not respond at all and it's blocked forever19:51
bambeeand there are a lot of " /usr/lib/firefox-7.0/plugin-container" in background... 19:52
Mamarokapachelogger: why does Oneiric try to reinstall the gstreamer-ugly package over and over again every time I start Dragonplayer or Amarok? I don't even use the gstreamer backed, I activated the vlc one19:52
apacheloggerI believe phonon vlc might be broken then19:53
apacheloggerthe gstreamer plugin install is handled *only* within pgst19:53
yofelbambee: well, I usually have the plugin-container eating up 20% of my core on idle if I have a page with flash open, but that's all19:53
apacheloggerso if you selected pvlc it probably fails to load19:53
apacheloggerMamarok: try to get a debug log19:53
bambeeremove flash solves the problem... as expected xD19:53
apacheloggerMamarok: about the continous installation issue you might want to throw a log at tdfischer to look at19:53
* bambee blames adobe 19:54
* yofel uses flash64 11 b219:54
Mamarokapachelogger: what log? I don't even know what triggers that19:55
apacheloggerMamarok: techbase.kde.org/Phonon ... has link to debugging instructions19:55
* bambee blames adobe one more time and touches apachelogger indecently19:55
apacheloggerexport a couple of vars and get the console output into a file19:55
apacheloggerwhoop whoop19:55
apacheloggernow I need to debug dragon3 for a bit19:56
Mamarokapachelogger: are you sure it is in techbase.kde.org/Phonon? that page doesn't seem to exist19:58
Mamarokfound it: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Phonon19:59
apacheloggerMamarok: well, that page20:05
apacheloggerno idea where the phonon page is20:05
apacheloggerphonon.kde.org surely ponits there ^^20:05
DaskreechRiddell: jsut checking if you have a cron job or something updatin the DS photo?20:20
bambeeJontheEchidna: woo ! it's your birthday.  Happy birthday !20:31
Mamarokapachelogger: whatever I do, it doesn't seem to indicate a problem, just the notifier poping up20:37
Mamaroklet me try with Dragonplayer20:37
Mamarokditto, nothing, just that notifier poping up20:38
sophoi installed 11.04 on a pc and it hangs during boot up at the "checking battery state" situation20:46
sophowhat's wrong here?20:46
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bambeeyofel: finally, I have installed flash 64 :)21:07
bambeeit works fine21:08
Quintasan_Can anyone tell me when I will be able to set a damn static IP with NM?21:09
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JontheEchidnabambee: yesterday actually, but thanks :)21:24
=== JontheEchidna changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Feature Freeze in effect - Bug fixing welcome | TODO: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kubuntu.html
RiddellDaskreech: no I don't23:00
DaskreechRiddell: manually? Just wondering since a number of channels were advertising how to update the data for the page.23:01
Riddella number of channels?23:01
Riddellit says on the page, edit the document on etherpad then tell me23:01
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: it's possible that the gstreamer stuff is still set to show up in kubuntu-notification-helper23:11
* JontheEchidna checks23:11
ryanakcaHmm, I just got an email from a guy wanting to sell computers with Kubuntu preinstalled. From the looks of http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy and http://www.canonical.com/engineering-services/oem-services/oem-services , he'll have to at the very least get permission from Canonical and maybe even buy some form of OEM contract with Canonical, unless he decides to rebrand Kubuntu as "Joe's Linux" or something of the sort?23:13
ryanakca(I'm basing myself off of the "Restricted use that require a trademark licence: Any commercial use, <link>OEM services</link>" on the trademark policy page)23:14
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: installed kde-window-manager-gles. When I went to kwin --replace, it failed to start. It was trying to load symbols from /usr/lib/kde4/libkdeinit/libkdeinit4_kwin.so23:21
QuintasanJontheEchidna: so shlibs didn't take care of it ...23:21
QuintasanStupid thing23:21
QuintasanJontheEchidna: Do you have libkwineffects1abi2-gles installed?23:22
JontheEchidnathat got automatically installed, yes23:22
Quintasanand it still doesnt work? @_@23:23
QuintasanI'll have a look at it tomoro..later today23:23
JontheEchidnawait, maybe not.23:24
JontheEchidnait's depending on the non-gles version23:25
JontheEchidnathat's weird, I could have sworn the gles version was installed23:25
QuintasanJontheEchidna: So, what's going on?23:32
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: libkwineffects1abi2-gles is not getting installed since kde-window-manager-gles depends on libkwineffects1abi223:32
JontheEchidnabug 83167323:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831673 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "kde-window-manager-gles should depend on libkwineffects1abi2-gles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83167323:33
* Quintasan fixes23:33
QuintasanI think that yofel's commit broke something23:35
QuintasanDisregard that23:35
yofelI doubt that...23:35
QuintasanThat means shlibs did not take care of this magic23:36
QuintasanAdding as Depends and we should be all right23:36
QuintasanShould do the trick IMO23:37
JontheEchidnaexcept won't the shlibs pick up libkwineffects1abi2 as well, creating an unresolvable dependency?23:37
JontheEchidnashlibs is picking up the non-gles version somehow23:38
QuintasanNow, how can I fix this?23:39
* Quintasan has no idea23:39
yofelQuintasan: dh_shlibdeps -Xlibkwineffects1abi2 maybe?23:42
QuintasanThat would probaly have some "not nice" sideffects23:42
QuintasanUnless I'm severly misunderstanding that23:43
yofelnot -X but -x (from dpkg-shlibdeps)23:43
Quintasan$(overridden_command) -pkde-window-manager-gles -- -xlibkwineffects1abi2 ?23:45
Quintasanwhere $overriden_command would be dpkg-shlibdeps23:45
yofelyeah, try it23:45
yofeler no, overridden_command would be dh_shlibdeps23:45
QuintasanDetails :P23:46
CIA-52[kubuntu-notification-helper] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20110822235751-nofkxaxjnfk92p3e * src/daemon/installevent/ (installevent.cpp installevent.h) Get rid of the multimediaDecodingPackages. DragonPlayer/Amarok use Phonon, which handles plugin installation as necessary.23:58

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