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ioniteupgrading to 4.7 would it change my current settings and programmes?00:08
ioniteupgrading to 4.7 would it change my current settings and programmes?00:20
claydohionite: no, all the settings will be the same00:28
ioniteclaydoh: are u using 4.7 too? what about my wine programs. and installed existing programs. would there  be any changes?00:29
claydohand yes, i am running 4.700:29
ioniteclaydoh: what are the pros and cons changing to 4.7?00:30
claydohin general,any user specific settings are never touched00:30
claydohI don't see any cons, unless you have a really old system with equally old graphics00:30
claydohionite: what version do you run now?00:31
ioniteclaydoh: 4.500:31
claydoh4.7 is not what I would call a critical upgrade00:31
claydohooh yeah00:32
* szal knows one downside when running a system w/ a nVidia gfx card that runs on a legacy driver00:32
claydoh4.6 and up are much better than 4.5, polish and speed wise00:32
claydohionite: you will see and feel the difference imo00:32
szaldoes 4.7 even exist for anything other than Natty and Oneiric?00:32
claydohszal:  no00:33
ioniteclaydoh: i'm on netbook. difference in appearance or performance? i'm more keen in performance and bugs differences00:33
szalthen all talk is futile; 4.5 was default in Maverick and optionally available for Lucid, iirc00:33
claydoh4.6 is available in maverick via kubuntu's ppa, well worth it00:33
claydohimo on a really old laptop (circa 2003)00:34
claydohthe intel graphics have better support in 4.6's version of Kwin in maverick as well00:34
claydohwhich is good for netbook users00:35
claydohionite: I suggest trying out a live session of natty if you want to see00:36
ioniteclaydoh: how do i go about?00:39
claydohdownload the iso and burn to a flash drive, like you were going to install it, and boot it to the desktop session instead of the installer00:42
claydohusb-creator is the tool to use00:43
_BS_OK, 11.04 ... where did search go on khelpcenter?00:58
_BS_And, for some reason, htdig not installed. Now installed. Still no search / build index.00:59
FirefisheI'm using kubuntu 11.04, fresh install.  When I bring up konsole, then try to resize it from the bottom-right corner of its window, my entire system completely freezes, although the cursor seems to move around a bit, somewhat randomly, but also as if delayed touchpad or mouse actions are also getting through somehow.  I also lose keyboard (laptop) input.01:38
_BS_Firefishe: Try going into systemsettings / display first, and see what's what? Also, I experienced same upon first install, until I remeoved my KVM so it could directly read the monitor's capabilities.01:39
Firefishe_BS_:  What am I looking for?01:40
FirefisheI"m there01:41
FirefisheIdentify Outputs?01:41
Firefishe_BS_: When you say you removed your KVM, what exactly do you mean?01:42
_BS_Firefishe: What is your monitor capable of, and what is it showing? e.g. (size) 1024x768, (refresh) auto01:42
FirefisheSize: 1366x768 - Refresh: 50.0 Hz - Orientation: No Rotation - Position: Absolute01:43
_BS_Firefishe: Never mind on KVM, if you don't know, you don't have one. I have a doohickey that let's me hook up a single keyboard/video/mouse to two systems. Thus KVM. Monitor settings wasn't passing through to computer until I removed it. You must not have one.01:43
_BS_Firefishe: What country are you from? NA defaults to 60 Hz.01:44
_BS_Firefishe: Ouch! (i.e. In NA yet monitor running at 50Hz. Ouch.) Try changing to 60Hz, click apply along bottom, see what happens. (We're just starting, for the moment.)01:45
_BS_Firefish: What is your monitor capable of? e.g. 1024x768, wide screen, colour depth? e.g. 24-bit.01:45
Firefishethe only choice I have is 50 Hz or Auto01:45
Firefishein the Refresh area01:46
FirefisheIt's a laptop from 2008 with an nvidia 9800M GS - 512MB chipset.01:46
FirefisheAsus G50V01:47
FirefisheI was running 10.04 LTS with no troubles....01:47
Firefishebut you're right...50 Hz is a little strange01:47
_BS_Firefish: Try auto, can't hurt. Darned strange. Hmmm. Any chance you installed hardware drivers on 10.04, or can still boot to it?01:48
_BS_Firefishe: If you go start / system / additional drivers, and give it some time, does it suggest any drivers?01:48
FirefisheI just reinstalled 11.04 from an install a few days ago....this thing just started happening to me.  I have to see if there are any proprietary drivers yet...one sec01:50
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Firefishe_BS_: This is strange.  It almost always shows what may be available.01:50
Firefisheand now my h/d is whirring like a bloody propeller...one sec01:51
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Firefishehelps if I refresh (first time) the source.list ... doh *bonk*01:52
Firefishesources.list even01:52
FirefisheI installed kubuntu-full from the text based installer on the dvd I made, so there will be a lot of updates.  Do you recommend updating the system at this time?01:53
_BS_Firefishe: If you know to look for proprietary drivers (which is what I was just searching for), then you know more than I can ever help you with. About the only thing I can think of is go Alt-F2, aptitude update ; aptitude safe-upgrade. May need apt-get install aptitude first. ...01:54
FirefisheI usually use apt-get01:54
_BS_Firefishe: What may be available? It doesn't show what's available, it shows what's needed (and available). e.g. On my new system it doesn't show anything, as it no longer needs anything (built in).01:55
FirefisheThe problem seems to lie with konsole and the window manager in that particular window....weird01:55
programmingFirefishe: what is the problem?01:55
FirefisheI'm using kubuntu 11.04, fresh install.  When I bring up konsole, then try to resize it from the bottom-right corner of its window, my entire system completely freezes, although the cursor seems to move around a bit, somewhat randomly, but also as if delayed touchpad or mouse actions are also getting through somehow.  I also lose keyboard (laptop) input.01:55
programmingcan you switch to a terminal? ctrl + alt + f201:56
_BS_Firefishe: Switch to aptitude as you can. Aptitude later, has more built in intelligence. May want to go into aptitude first, though, Ctrl-T, go over to options. I used to have always installed recommended packages checked, now I don't do that. No so much less grief as greater control.01:56
programmingsounds like a graphics driver problem01:56
Firefisheprogramming: I think so, too.01:56
programmingwhat type of card, Firefishe01:56
Firefishebut why only that window and program? (konsole)01:56
Firefishelaptop...nvidia 9800M GS01:57
Firefishe512M dedicated01:57
programmingI notice konsole is a bit different from other windows for some reason01:57
Firefisheworked flawlessly with 10.0401:57
programmingfor example if you shut off all desktop effects01:57
Firefisheand 4.5.301:57
programmingyou'll see every window but konsole, has perfectly round corners01:57
programmingbut konsole's are square01:57
programmingso there is something wonky about it, not sure what01:57
_BS_programming: Yah think. (-: Current display settings for Firefishe are at Size: 1366x768 - Refresh: 50.0 Hz. Laptop.01:57
programmingFirefishe: well, I assume you've already fallen back to using xterm or something01:58
Firefisheprogramming: What's wonky is the dev's didn't quite get konsole integrated with the new plasma engine, methinks ;)01:58
Firefisheyes, I'm using xterm01:58
programmingare you using the hardware accelerated driver for your card?01:59
Firefisheand I can get to a pure console session if need be (just did it)01:59
programmingi.e. the real driver01:59
Firefisheprogramming: well, additional drivers didn't bring it up.  Let me see if it does now that I've gotten my sources updated.01:59
_BS_Firefishe: Given fresh install, I'd suggest getting current. Video drivers should probably come in by themselves, especially if 10.04 was fine without additional action on your part. Also, switch to text console is Ctrl-Alt-F2, like you said.01:59
Firefishewhat is that package?  nvidia-current?02:00
Firefishelet me see if that works02:00
LINKSWORD2Hello, everybody. :)02:01
_BS_Firefishe: This is first boot after fresh install, correct? My experience thus far with 11.04 showed me in pulled in proper driver by itself. Your nvidia is old enough to do the same as well. Not to say you won't want proprietary later, but it shouldn't be at 50 Hz, even now.02:01
Firefishe_BS_: Do I do `sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' ??02:02
_BS_11.04 ... where did search go on khelpcenter? (htdig is installed, no make index, no nothing.)02:02
programmingmy experience is that unless you are on the official drivers of the hardware manufacturer, that the experience is poor.. Unless you are using a very old driver, or vesa.02:03
_BS_Firefishe: As I said, if I understand correctly, this is first boot after install. Go to text console, get current. X will reconfigure itself as part of that - assuming it brings down new drivers for you. (There's no xorg.conf any more, all xrandr. Most times.)02:04
programmingnvidia, and r128 are pretty decent drivers.. I've had ok times with intel.. but the I won't use linux unless I can get the official drivers running.02:04
Firefisheso update and upgrade first?02:04
_BS_programming: Right, but he should, at least, be running 800x600, 60Hz, and not getting wonky screen glitches.02:04
FirefisheI also need the proprietary drivers.02:04
programmingis he using the "nvidia" driver?02:05
programmingor nv?02:05
Firefisheprogramming: not right now, it's not there, it's not even available via the Additional Drivers program in System02:05
_BS_Firefishe: You may, but first you need a working screen, even the most basic one - with no blotches, etc.02:05
FirefisheI'm on the desktop in quassel02:05
_BS_programming: HE'S JUST INSTALLED. He hasn't had a chance to do SQUAT, yet.02:05
FirefisheI *was* installed, but loaded something that did something else and zonked my system where it was locking up and freezing every five minutes...had to do hard shutdown via the power switch02:06
Firefisheso I just reinstalled.02:06
FirefisheWhat I'02:06
FirefisheWhat I'm asking now is should I do the update and upgrade before I do more?02:06
programmingtweak xorg.conf02:07
_BS_Firefishe: Yes.02:07
_BS_Firefishe: Get current, then play.02:07
Firefisheprogramming: what would you suggest?  xorg.conf has so little in it these days.  Getting current.02:07
programming_BS_: why the screaming02:07
Firefishehe's fine02:07
programminghigh blood pressure, or something02:08
programmingI can picture the veins in your neck swelling up _BS_02:08
Firefisheyes, the xserver files will be upgraded02:08
Firefishe<to the above>02:08
Firefisheprogramming, _BS_, thank you for your help02:08
Firefisheas soon as it's done, I'm going to reboot.02:09
programmingyou can configure your HorizSync and VertRefresh manually in xorg.conf, if you have to02:09
FirefisheI have half an hour on this connection, so do either of you have any further suggestions?02:09
Firefisheprogramming: the screen is 1366x78802:10
FirefisheI keep forgetting which is which02:10
programmingwhat res are you getting?02:10
Firefishelet me check my xorg.conf02:10
programmingyou'd want to check /var/log/X*log02:10
_BS_Firefishe: Probably makes sense, I expect you're getting a new kernel too.02:11
programmingalso check it for clues.. grep WW for warning02:11
_BS_Firefishe: Before you reboot, you might want to go change /etc/default/grub to your satisfaction. e.g. By default, I don't believe a menu of OS choices comes up. You may, or may not want that, but you should probably have a peek.02:11
Firefishe_BS_: Well, actually, what happened on my system is that there was a selection for something like previous kernel choices in the list.  Do you think installing grub instead of grub-pc (grub2) would hurt anything?02:12
FirefisheI really do not like the complexity of grub202:13
_BS_Firefishe: "have any further suggestions?" - depends upon what happens after reboot.02:13
Firefisheheh...yeah, I suppose02:13
programmingFirefishe: what about grub2? it worked pretty much automatically for me every time I installed it02:13
programmingfinds every os and just created the menu02:13
Firefisheyes, and it did the first install of 11.04.  I don't think grub will pose a problem.02:14
Firefisheprogramming, _BS_:  Is there a way to change the refresh rate and my horiz/vert sync right now, in real time?02:14
_BS_Firefishe: installing grub will definitely make your life worse. Grub2, it turns out, really isn't all that bad. Easier, actually. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2?action=show&redirect=GRUB2 is gold. Print it, tuck it under your pillow. Never forget its there.02:14
programmingFirefishe: I don't think so.. Maybe with xrandr, but I really doubt it.02:14
programmingxrandr can change your resolution, and the orientation of your display, though.02:15
_BS_Firefishe: If the right driver is installed, and it's behaving properly in the first place - absolutely yes. But right now, at 50Hz, something's gone stupid. Easier to update / reboot / see where you're at.02:15
FirefisheI took the `sudo aptitude safe-upgrade' path02:16
_BS_Firefishe: Between that document and /etc/default/grub, I believe most any of your concerns / difficulties with migrating to grub2 will disappear. But, don't forget - you can always peek at /boot/grub/grub.cfg to see what's what. Just jump to the bottom and work back up. If you're comfortable with looking at menu.cfg, then you can look at grub.cfg if you're comfortable with that, to see...02:18
_BS_...what's going on when you need to. update-grup will overwrite it, so it's pointless to change grub.cfg.02:18
_BS_Firefishe: after 'aptitude update' right?02:18
Firefishe_BS_: oh yeah, did that ages ago02:18
Firefisheit's upgrading now02:18
Firefishealthough I don't normally use aptitude.  I'm just doing it to keep things balanced in the beginning.  once it's stable again, I'll tweak until I did ;)02:19
_BS_Firefishe: You can always come back to 'aptitude full-upgrade' later and see what's what. Nice thing about it is you can see what it wants to do, then just press N until you're ready to deal with that nonsense. Screen first.02:19
Firefishe_BS_: I'll have to get used to it.02:20
_BS_Firefishe: Yet, evidently, tweaking is what got you here in the first place. :-)02:20
Firefishe_BS_: actually, no.  I have had virtually no problems with kubuntu/ubuntu since Fiesty.02:20
Firefishe10.04 was rock solid02:20
_BS_Firefishe: Aptitude is merely a refined aptitude with a bit more intelligence in it. There are equivalents for just about anything you can think of with apt-get.02:20
FirefisheI can always reinstall it, but I wanted to upgrade to the newest kde02:20
_BS_Firefishe: Yet you said you were reinstalling over top of reinstall, due to something going wonky. ;-)02:21
_BS_Firefishe: Be advised, you're not getting the latest kde. Search for 'kubuntu sc 4.7' to get to page that tells you the ppa to use. Also, be advised that korganizer has been held back. Unless you add a different ppa. Just so's you know.02:22
_BS_Firefishe: It's one of the reasons I upgraded, too, only to find ...02:22
Firefishe_BS_: Well, there was really nothing on it, and I just upgraded a few days ago, so I figured I'd just reinstall02:23
_BS_Firefishe: But hey ... let's just get a decent screen first.02:23
Firefisheyes...oh, here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/672076/02:23
Firefishethat's the output of my xrandr02:23
Firefishebrb....nature call02:24
_BS_Firefishe: I'm not saying what you did doesn't make sense, but if 'over'? tweaking is what got you here ...02:24
_BS_Firefishe: Ick. All the garbage resolutions ... ah, never mind. When you get a decent screen, just don't forget to hist 'Save as Default' in your monitor settings. Stupid 50 Hz.02:25
programmingFirefishe: this is an onboard chipset right?02:26
programmingcan you try specifying more VideoRam?02:26
Firefisheprogramming: yes02:26
Firefisheprogramming: how do I do that?  (where do I do that?)02:26
programmingI am not sure if this can affect your refresh rate02:27
programmingbut it has boosted my ability to use higher res before02:27
Firefisheoh wait...there is an nvidia control panel02:27
programmingOh, you're using that?02:27
programmingI think the answer might lie within there, then.02:27
Firefishewell, it's available when the proprietary driver is installed.  Let me see if it's even there02:27
Firefisheyes, it's there and it's now open02:28
_BS_Firefishe: So, reboot has happened, and you're video is in a happy place once again?02:33
FirefisheI *can* specify individual settings (including setting it to 60 Hz and 1388x768 (which is the maximum showing available).02:33
Firefisheno, upgrading still02:33
Firefishehave not rebooted yet02:33
_BS_Firefishe: So if you do so, 1320 (?) x 768 x 60, does your screen get happy, konsole looks reasonable, etc.?02:34
Firefishe_BS_: So far I can't save the xorg.conf.  I also can't seem to get the nvidia-settings program to open using sudo, nor even using the root prompt (sudo su -)02:35
_BS_Firefishe: I wouldn't worry about any of it until after the reboot. I went through the same nonsense myself until I got current. Changing res reset X, it was just ... irritating.02:36
Firefishelet than five minutes for upgrade completion then reboot.  When I disappear, I'll come back in a few and figure it out then.02:37
Firefishethanks for your help02:37
FirefisheI appreciate it02:37
FirefisheI wonder if I should just upgrade to 4.7 SC and forget it?02:38
_BS_Firefishe: Hey, been there, done that, don't wish it on anyone. Besides ... talking on irc is computer preserving. I don't know how many computers I've manage to not throw out the window due to a little external sanity.02:38
Firefishe_BS_: Yes, IRC is sanity, as far as I'm concerned :)02:39
_BS_Firefishe: kde change isn't going to change any video issue. All video is X, and on top of X is rest, including kde.02:39
Firefisheirssi, kvirc (my favorite, from svn), or quassel (slowly showing it's greatness!)02:39
Firefishe_BS_: Still, while my install is fresh, wouldn't upgrading via the ppa be wise?02:39
Firefishebtw, what's korganizer?  part of kontact isn't it?02:40
_BS_Firefishe: Someday, for me, when I get that far. Right now, laptop parked beside new system, and chatzilla hit regularly. It gets the job done - in the face of so many other areas to ... fix ...02:40
Firefishe_BS_: Having issues with 4.7.x?02:40
_BS_Firefishe: Don't get me started - I have long lost track of names of korganizer / kontact / kde-pim / whatever. The irritating beastie in the corner is akonadi, the new database backend for the stuff. Irritiating, as in, what the heck is an akonadi. Anyways, it's the mostly equivalent to Outlook - calendar, contacts, e-mail, tasks, plus other stuff, including some optional stuff. All part of...02:42
_BS_...the kde family.02:42
_BS_Firefishe: I always get it backwards, but one of korganizer / kontact starts the pim with the other apps listed on the left side, the other just starts the right side. Don't ask me which is which.02:42
_BS_Firefishe: The advantage is, it's the kde standard, to which other kde things are written. So, if there's going to be any inter-kde synergy, it will happen based out of kde pim. Even if you never use kde pim. My issue is the whole, I should only have to enter a contact in one spot - and everything else that needs to should just pick it up from there.02:44
Firefishe_BS_: I've used kmail, the kontact suite, evolution, etc.  I usually install all the primary desktop environments (kde, gnome, xfce) and I even had e17 installed on my last system (a little buggy, but interesting)02:46
Firefishecompiled each e17 component individually...good lesson02:46
_BS_Firefishe: Yeah, I get the whole ... let's find the nature of this beastie I've never heard of, syndrome.02:46
Firefishewhat is it?02:47
Firefisheoh, nm02:47
Firefishemy brain is slow tonight *bonk*02:47
FirefisheI even have my wife using linux now.  She can't stand doze anymore.02:48
Firefishe_BS_: One day I'm going to have multiple drives with every major gnu/linux distro on it, just for fun. ;)  My most recent foray into adventure is Slackware 13.37 on virtualbox. ;)02:48
_BS_Firefishe: Not a package. :-) http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/syndrome, as in: a group of related or coincident things, events, actions, etc. The "What's that all about then, eh?" Syndrome.02:49
Firefisheyeah, I figured it out02:49
Firefishejust a wee bit too late ;) heh02:49
_BS_Firefishe: Been there, done that, done with that. There's a point where you have to stop playing with distros. 'course, then you just replace it with playing with apps.02:49
FirefisheI've been wanting to do slack for a long time.  Every distro of it I've used in one form or another has been rock solid...just no dependency checking on packages....needs more  adjusting than others sometimes.02:51
_BS_Firefishe: Done Gentoo?02:52
Firefishe_BS_: no, too much infighting ;)02:52
_BS_Firefishe: Fedora? ICK.02:52
FirefisheFedora is too buggy since RH Prime ditched it02:53
_BS_Firefishe: Actually ... the other one really good to get really familiar with is CentOS.02:53
Firefisheubuntu based?02:53
_BS_Firefishe: CentOS is RHEL 'based'. For all intents and purposes, think of it as Fedora done real. It's a server os. But a server os not serving anything ... Good knowledge to have under your belt though. Even if painful / I hate it / won't go back to it unless I have to. Hate the fedora interface. Mind you, I say the same thing about gnome. Different strokes for different folks - don't...02:55
_BS_...matter what you use if you're productive and happy with it.02:55
_BS_Firefishe: i.e. Just because it's a 'server OS' doesn't mean you have to run it as a server. But you'll want to.02:55
_BS_Firefishe: Still not rebooted?02:56
FirefisheIt's installing02:56
Firefishestill unpacking02:56
FirefisheI had half a gigabyte02:56
Firefisheincidentally, I used the text-based installer to do it this time.  I set the file system up as standard. There were some other selections, like largefile4 or something like that.02:57
Firefisheis that for servers or something?02:57
_BS_Firefishe: Yes, it's used on a LOT of servers. Bonus - it's free.03:00
FirefisheI assume that standard was my best choice for a laptop03:00
Firefisheand ext403:00
_BS_Firefishe: http://centos.org/ - CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.03:01
FirefisheI'll definitely look at it.  Incidentally, I'm going to college starting tomorrow to start a course in Networking Systems Technology, and they have a super-fast connection.  I'll d/l an .iso and burn it and give it a try.  Live cd or dvd available?03:02
_BS_Firefishe: Quite probably. (ext4). You could debate forever on it. For your laptop, probably most reasonable choice. Unless you're into heavy video or heavy <other stuff>. Basically, if another filesystem makes more sense for you, you would probably already know.03:02
Firefisheyeah, pbly03:03
_BS_Firefishe: I think LiveCD, but I forget. Regardless - just use whatever the course wants and worry about CentOS another day. More than likely you're about to get stuck with Fedora. Or Debian - which is fine, but not likely. Also, don't forget, if you have the CPU and drive space, you can always vm a different distro.03:04
Firefishe...like slackware 13.37...I saved the .vdi to the win partition ;)03:05
_BS_Firefish: Many courses and books are actually teaching that way. Whatever distro they're talking about, running in a vm. Gives a common base for all students, avoids hardware issues, keeps everyone on the same (virtual) hardware page, etc.03:06
FirefisheWell, reboot time....brb03:06
Firefishewish me luck03:06
_BS_Firefishe: If you haven't, you might want to consider buying an external enclosure. Stick a drive into it, back your laptop up to it, etc. Or run a vm off of it. Consider the future if you do: You may only have USB, and 2 at that, for the moment. You'll likely have USB 3 and eSata3 in the future. Having those won't hurt you, going forward.03:07
_BS_Firefishe: Ah, you'll always come back to the grub command line. That's all you need. Why in my grandpapy's day ... they didn't even have keyboards ... they had to enter their programs by morse code ... in Spanish ... backwards ... both ways.03:08
Firefishe_BS_: Okay,  I'm back in.  What now?03:09
_BS_Firefishe: But ... did the screen come back in some sort of reasonable state that you can now get on with your day with. e.g. Not 50Hz.03:09
FirefisheI'll have to check the settings03:10
_BS_Firefishe: Well given how you started ... screen going wonky, mouse disappearing, etc. If that's gone, even a crude 800x600x60 is still an improvement, and you're good to go.03:10
FirefisheI never had problems with the actual screen size.  The system just froze when I resized the konsole window.03:12
FirefisheI have wobbly windows, non wobbly windows, effects on, effects off, etc.  My current settings in the nvidia settings app show that my resolution is  set to auto03:13
FirefisheI have not tried to duplicate the konsole window bug.03:14
Firefishe_BS_: xorg.conf doesn't tell me much03:17
Firefishewhere can I find my current refresh rate in use?03:17
_BS_Firefishe: It won't. It essentially no longer exists.03:17
_BS_Firefishe: Try xrandr from the command line.03:17
Firefisheya...thanks for the reminder03:18
Firefisheseems to still be at 5003:18
Firefishelet me try the dpkg-reconfigure program03:18
_BS_Firefishe: You are starting to exceed my limited expertise - just so's you know. What does systemsettings / display say. e.g. I'm not sure that it's using nvidia proprietary to know that what it says is germane.03:19
_BS_Firefishe: dpkg-reconfigure -a, but I'm not hopeful. It will, at least, confirm that all is configured.03:19
Firefishesystem settings still shows 1388x768 @ 50 Hz03:20
FirefisheLet me try to load the proprietary driver03:20
_BS_Firefishe: OK, found what I had to use initially to get going long enough for it to get internally happy. What does systemsettings show for name, VGA1?03:20
FirefisheWell, this is at least a bit better and more informative03:21
Firefisheapparently, nvidia-current is being used, but it says it's not in use (which I believe is a bug)03:21
_BS_Firefishe: xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1366x768 --rate 60. (1388 seems weird, but I don't have much experience in the area.)03:22
Firefishewobbly windows works (but I turned it off), so the driver is actually working....still, is 50 Hz with the proprietary driver (if it *is* in use) weird?03:23
Firefishethe screen is a weird size03:23
Firefisheit's a gaming laptop03:23
FirefisheI'm going to upgrade to 4.7 I think.  Suggestions?03:23
Firefishethat artifact in konsole may be gone03:24
_BS_Firefishe: Maybe so, but 1366 is a standard res. Tweak later, solid base now. start / system / additional drivers show proprietary driver in use. Or anything at all, for that matter.03:24
FirefisheIt says driver is activated but not in use03:24
Firefisheyet I have effects03:24
_BS_Firefishe: Like I said, if unhappy display, changing KDE ain't gonna change anything. Screen is randr (xorg) - everything else, including kde, built on top of it. Can't put a solid top on a wobbly base.03:25
Firefishewell, then I might as well try another distro for the time being or just go back to 10.0403:25
_BS_Firefishe: Proprietary or not, doesn't mean the non- doesn't have a fair bit of functionality. Speed, maybe, but you're not there yet.03:26
Firefisheboy this is weird03:27
FirefisheI just did sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a   and it's doing a lot of things that, apparently, were left undone....03:28
_BS_Firefishe: If you're expecting a distro to do your hardware perfectly, out of the box, you may as well go back to windows. Any distro is X based. If another distro works better, it's only because it just happens to include the components perfect for you. It's not that the components perfect for you aren't already present, they just haven't been kicked in yet Solve your video problem and keep...03:28
_BS_...going. (Not to say that I have the expertise to help you solve it, though.)03:28
_BS_Firefishe: Well, ain't that annoying. Here's hoping things sort themselves out. At the least, to a consistent impression of what driver it's using.03:29
Firefisheit's never done this before...I wonder if the install got hashed....I'll have to keep an eye on it.03:29
Firefisheit happens on occassion03:29
_BS_Firefishe: I'm wondering if the install over the install confused things. In any case, the reconfigure will probably get things stable / consistent / comprehensible for you. (Here's hoping.)03:30
Firefishe_BS_: Me, too03:33
_BS_Firefishe: Sorry, but I've got to go. Good luck with this, I hope the reconfigure sorts you out. Keep at solving the video problem. No real point to going to another distro. In essence, the biggest difference between the different distros (aside from debian vs. fedora based) is the standard apps they include. Any of which, if missing, are easily installable in any other distro. G'nite.03:35
Firefishek, thanks :)03:35
Firefishebe well03:35
_BS_Firefishe: Oh, and don't forget to bookmark https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2?action=show&redirect=GRUB2. Gold.03:37
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, is there a remote server where I can back up my files, or something?04:08
LINKSWORD2Hello all. I've located some backup software, but I'd like to find out if I can store my backups online with it, and if so, how....?05:44
e_t_What do you mean "online" ?05:45
LINKSWORD2Store my important documents, music, photos, etc. on a remote-access server. Perhaps via a cloud server?05:47
e_t_What is the scale of what you're trying to do? (personal desktop, handful of desktops, SMB, enterprise)05:50
LINKSWORD2Just 2 or 3 small desktops. Personal.05:53
e_t_I think Amanda might be overkill for that because (according to the diagram on the website) you have to have one Amanda server onto which all clients will be backed up. That, in turn, can back up to remote stuff like Amazon S3.05:55
e_t_I'd check out Deja Dup. "Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of backing up the Right Way (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend." It's geared more toward desktop -- rather than enterprise -- use.05:56
LINKSWORD2... Maybe I should just buy a couple of external harddrives.05:57
LINKSWORD2This isn't something I've had to try to figure out before. I'm just trying to save the stuff I don't want to lose before I wipe out my system and start over.05:59
LINKSWORD2I've had a handful of file errors popping up, and it seems that I can't fix them, even with the help of people here.06:01
LINKSWORD2So starting over seems the "best" option.06:01
e_t_The degree of backup depends on how worried you are about data loss, and what you expect to cause the data loss. If you're afraid of fire or theft, external hard drives are at as much risk as your local computer. If you're afraid of hardware failure, external drives would probably be sufficient. If you've got the space, you could just rsync the data you want to save between all of your computers. That would be duplicity rather than a true backup, but a06:01
e_t_failure of one machine wouldn't sink you.06:01
LINKSWORD2I'm just looking for free storage that I can use for a temporary situation, while I re-install Kubuntu.06:03
LINKSWORD2.... *facepalm*06:04
LINKSWORD2That didn't work, well_laid_lawn06:04
well_laid_lawnno it didn't...06:04
e_t_Definitely go with external disks. That's what I do whenever April and October roll around.06:04
LINKSWORD2well_laid_lawn: What's this "dropbox" ?06:04
well_laid_lawnit's a free online storage option06:05
LINKSWORD2How does it work, if you know??06:05
well_laid_lawnI don't use it - I have an old comp as a fileserver here06:05
LINKSWORD2Maybe you should store my files, lol.06:06
e_t_LINKSWORD2: http://www.dropbox.com/06:06
well_laid_lawnthere'll be a fee :P06:06
e_t_2 gigs free, 50 for $10/month -- according to the website.06:07
LINKSWORD2If I back up to an external harddrive, or to something like a DVD+/-RW, can I just select my home directory as the copy source?06:10
well_laid_lawnI'd setup the partitions from a live cd then plug the external in and copy it to what will be the /home partition06:11
well_laid_lawnthen install06:11
well_laid_lawnmounting the written to partition as /home06:11
LINKSWORD2No, no, no....06:12
e_t_well_laid_lawn: That presupposes a separate home partition.06:12
LINKSWORD2I mean, can I copy all of my stuff by setting my home directory as the source.....06:13
LINKSWORD2Or do I have to go into it and copy documents, music, pictures, etc. folders individually...?06:13
well_laid_lawnwhere's this home directory?06:14
well_laid_lawnon the external?06:14
LINKSWORD2No. I'm talking about copying from my current computer to the external.06:15
e_t_LINKSWORD2: 1. plug in (and mount) external drive. 2. sudo chown link:link -R /path/to/external 3. rsync --progress --recursive /home/link /path/to/external/link06:15
LINKSWORD2e_t_: About 90% of that went over my head.06:16
well_laid_lawnjust use the -R option for cp06:16
LINKSWORD2I'm not the most familiar with Kubuntu yet, so I'm absolutely oblivious to what you're saying....06:17
well_laid_lawnor the -a06:17
* LINKSWORD2 slaps self in frustration!*06:17
well_laid_lawndo you have the external now?06:17
well_laid_lawnready to write to?06:18
LINKSWORD2.... Huh? Plugged in, yes.06:18
e_t_can you view files on the external drive?06:18
LINKSWORD2I can navigate to it and open it. It's currently empty...06:19
e_t_OK. That means it's mounted.06:19
well_laid_lawntry copying one file there06:19
well_laid_lawnas a test06:20
LINKSWORD2Yep. Worked.06:20
e_t_Are you using Dolphin to browse files?06:21
e_t_Navigate to your home directory and press ALT+. (period). That will reveal all the hidden files that you want to copy too.06:22
LINKSWORD2I don't think I need to copy the hidden stuff. Although I can now check. Thanks for the shortcut.06:23
e_t_the hidden stuff includes all your settings, like desktop wallpaper, themes, colors, etc.06:23
e_t_Also your Firefox profile and a bunch of other stuff.06:24
well_laid_lawnsaves a lot of setting up having those files06:25
LINKSWORD2Interesting. Yet I've already got my themes saved to a USB key. lol06:26
e_t_When you're doing backup, you want to save as much as you can. You can decide later what to restore. If you don't back something up and find later that you wanted it, tough cookies.06:27
well_laid_lawnunless you have a time machine06:28
e_t_and a paradox compensator06:28
LINKSWORD2Inertial dampers? lol06:28
e_t_Those wouldn't hurt either.06:29
LINKSWORD2Ugh. Computer's running excessively slow tonight.06:30
e_t_Are you copying files? That'll make any computer slow.06:31
trionsHi, I have a headphone which has a USB sound card. I can see them both listed in alsamixer. Kubuntu takes the system sound card as the default one. I want to set the headphones sound card as the default one, so that I can access Skype through headphone. Where can I do that?06:31
e_t_trions: System06:32
e_t_trions: System  Settings > Multimedia > Phonon06:32
LINKSWORD2e_t_: Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you man...06:36
trionse_t_: Thanks, the audio output is now on the headphones. But the capture (Mic) does not work yet. I have set "Audio Capture" and "Communication" to have my headphone as the prefered device. But when I close the window and reopen it, it resets to the defaults, that is internal Mic comes at the top.06:44
e_t_trions: You may want to install the tool pavucontrol (sudo apt-get install pavucontrol). It controls PulseAudio more directly than KDE does. You should be able to select the input you want with that.06:46
trionse_t_: thanks, pavucontrol has a "Recording" tab where Skype is listed when it doing test call. I had to assign it to headphone for input. IT works now Thank you.06:52
LINKSWORD2e_t_: I can't delete the trash folder from my external harddrive. Do you know why?06:56
e_t_LINKSWORD2: what is the message you get?06:58
LINKSWORD2"Cannot rename .trash-1000"06:58
e_t_LINKSWORD2: We'll do this on the command line.06:59
e_t_Open Konsole and type "cd /media"07:00
LINKSWORD2OK. Enter?07:00
e_t_Now type "ls" and press Enter.07:00
e_t_What do you see?07:00
LINKSWORD2bash: cd /media no such directory07:00
e_t_That's weird. /media is where removable storage like USB sticks and CDs are mounted.07:01
LINKSWORD2There we go. "ls" brings up "floppy" "floppy 0" and "cirago"07:02
LINKSWORD2cirago is the name of the USB external drive.07:02
e_t_OK. Type "cd cirago" and press Enter.07:02
LINKSWORD2GRRR!!! This thing is case-sensitive. *Facepalm.*07:03
LINKSWORD2OK, there we go.07:03
e_t_Where is the .Trash-1000 folder?07:04
LINKSWORD2Right inside the drive. No previous folders above it.07:04
e_t_OK. Try "rm -rf .trash-1000"07:05
e_t_That's r m for remove.07:05
LINKSWORD2Checking it.07:06
LINKSWORD2Confirmed. No more trash folder.07:06
well_laid_lawnI like the tab button for filenames in the terminal07:06
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:06
well_laid_lawnsaves on typos... :)07:06
LINKSWORD2*Facepalm!* I wish I had known that 5 minutes ago.07:06
LINKSWORD2All right everybody. I think I'll be seeing all of you in about 24 hours.07:11
e_t_You wouldn't have even needed to use the "cd" command at all. You could have done "rm -rf /media/cirago/.trash-1000" as soon as you opened Konsole. I thought I'd get your feet wet in command-line navigation.07:11
LINKSWORD2e_t_: I know a little bit of this stuff, mostly involving "sudo apt-get install" gimp, konqueror, etc.'s....07:12
LINKSWORD2But I wish there was a cheat-sheet for all the commands.07:12
e_t_There are many. Google "linux command cheat".07:13
LINKSWORD2I'll have to do that another time.07:13
LINKSWORD2I've gotta sign off for tonight, and then start a new install in the morning.07:13
=== llee_ is now known as llee
xieyimy rekonq's address bar disappeared. How can I recover the origin GUI layout09:10
=== niels_ is now known as nielsbusch
contrastGreets, everyone... Anyone notice any new issues with PulseAudio after upgrading to KDE SC 4.7? "Playback through the PulseAudio server" is no longer showing up in System Settings, and ProjectM PulseAudio Visualization is no longer working.12:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:52
ioniteWhy do I have to click in order to exit my splash screen whenever I start up?13:17
ioniteAlso when I click leave and choose shutdown.  The "Shutdown" dialog box doesn't appear.  What can I do?13:18
ioniteszal: u there?13:19
ioniteWhy do I have to click in order to exit my splash screen whenever I start up?13:22
ioniteAlso when I click leave and choose shutdown.  The "Shutdown" dialog box doesn't appear.  What can I do?13:22
James147ionite: see if a new user suffers from the same problems13:29
ioniteJames147: i suspect it's a plasma desktop problem.13:29
ioniteJames147: what about my splash screen problem?13:29
James147try a new user... allot of weird problems are caused by user level configs and a new user is the easiest way to tell if its a system or user problem13:30
ioniteJames147: if a new user works out fine so what can i do?13:32
James147ionite: find and reset the appropiate configs (normally by renaming or moving them)13:32
ioniteJames147: how do i find? log file?13:32
* James147 normally systematically guesses13:33
James147but first check to see if the configs are the problem then worry about fixing them later :)13:33
ioniteJames147: i tried a few times. it happens on some occasions only13:36
ioniteBluesKaj: Why do I have to click in order to exit my splash screen whenever I start up?13:36
BluesKajionite, do you mean after entering pw ?13:37
ioniteBluesKaj: Also when I click leave and choose shutdown.  The "Shutdown" dialog box doesn't appear.  What can I do?13:37
ioniteBluesKaj: what's PW?13:38
James147ionite: what version of kubuntu/kde are you using?13:39
ioniteJames147: 4.513:39
BluesKajionite, or do you have the login set for auto13:39
ioniteBluesKaj: Mine is auto login. after i boot my netbook from a fresh start up. it occasionally get stucks at the splash screen even when it's finish loading. i need to click to exit the splash screen. when this happens, it affects my shutdown. whenever i click 'leave' and choose shut down the count down shutdown dialog box doesn't appear.13:40
BluesKajionite, sounds like a plasma glitch/bug ..choose shutdown from the kmenu , that should work13:42
ioniteBluesKaj: yes, seems like that to me also. but how can i permanently fix it?13:42
BluesKajionite, difficult to say , sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop ?...you can try that , there are no guarantees tho13:44
ioniteBluesKaj: if i were to reinstall my desktop what would be affected? my desktop settings?13:45
BluesKajionite, nothing really , but it might bring along some missing dependencies in plasma13:46
ioniteBluesKaj: alright i'm reinstalling now.13:46
ionite_BluesKaj: how do i perform a shut down now that the dialog box won't appear?13:50
ionite_BluesKaj: nothing was installed @ the reinstallation of the KDE desktops13:51
KavehHi there14:05
Kavehi installed kubuntu 11.04 and i cant connect through dsl connection in network manager14:06
Kaveha created a dsl connection in network manager but it is not visible in network connection14:06
Kavehwhat can i do?14:07
Kavehplz help me14:07
Kavehif someone see my qoestion plz tell me14:10
James147!wait | Kaveh14:17
ubottuKaveh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.14:17
PhoenixzI have a Dell E6400 latitude, BCM4312 WiFi card, have tried just about everything to get it to work, but it wont.. At first modprobe b43 did it, I had wifi, rebooted, and it was gone. Ever since, with the b43 driver loaded, ifconfig -a shows a wlan0 device, with MAC address which seems to be correct, but I can not use it.. Any help? OS is Kubuntu 11.0414:35
James147!broadcom | Phoenixz14:44
ubottuPhoenixz: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:44
R49Hello there. I have an upgrade question, please. I run KDE 4.6.5 (kubuntu 11.04 natty) with kmail 1.13.6. Is there a simple way to just upgrade kmail to 1.13.7? The .7 fixes a gnarly bug in the GPG integration. Thanks!15:00
R49No takers :)?15:17
BluesKajR49, sorry I dropped kmail when kde4 became default ...couldn't get it properly configured for my liking15:21
=== hacked is now known as vinces
BluesKajtry upgrading to kde 4.7 , perhaps that will solve the prob15:22
R494.7 comes with kmail2... that has many issues15:23
R49ok bye15:27
shane2peruok, how can I scan the ports on my LAN and find out what ip's are being used?15:35
genii-aroundshane2peru: nmap is pretty good, although mostly command-line15:38
shane2perugenii-around: command line is fine, I need to find out my vonage IP so I can get into the box, and figure out what is going on with it.15:39
genii-aroundshane2peru: Thats probably what you want then, you can scan a range of IPs to find what services/ports are open on each, and give a report back15:40
shane2perugenii-around: thanks that was pretty simple15:41
avihayI've cloned a git repository so I could have a local copy, now I want to update my local copy from the repository. how do I do that?16:11
genii-aroundavihay: cd into the directory which has the name of the git you cloned, then use the same command as before but put "pull" instead of "clone"16:12
avihaygenii-around:  thanks16:15
genii-aroundavihay: You're welcome16:16
fathimahello how to install ns 2 in kubuntu 11.0416:29
Picifathima: What is ns 2?16:31
rethusanyone knows a good gui to show the hardware?16:37
fathimahello ANY ONE PLEASE TELL how to install ns 2 in kubuntu 11.04 ITS URGENT16:37
KimLarouxfathima, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=installing+ns-2+linux&l=116:37
fathimahello any one please tell how to install ns 2 in kubuntu 11.04 its urgent16:38
BluesKajns 2 ?16:38
Picifathima: What is NS 2?16:41
PiciWe cannot help you unless you tell us what that is.16:41
KimLarouxrethus, there's http://www.kde.org/applications/system/kinfocenter/ but I can't seem to have it on my system16:41
fathimaits a network simulator16:42
rethusmhh, i realy wonder.. i have buy ati 5450 with 1GB RAM, but sysinfo only shows 256MB16:43
rethusnow i search a way to check how many RAM my graphiccard has16:43
BluesKajfathima, I see ns2 in the repos16:43
genii-around!info gns316:44
ubottugns3 (source: gns3): graphical network simulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7.3-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 3722 kB, installed size 17680 kB16:44
rethusgenii-around: you mean me?16:44
genii-aroundrethus: No :)16:44
fathimakk but i need steps to install in kubunthu 11.0416:45
genii-aroundrethus: For your graphics card info: sudo lshw -C video16:45
rethusresult in: http://paste.kde.org/113161/16:46
rethusgenii-around: you see how much RAM it has?16:47
BluesKajfathima, open your software center in the kmenu and choose internet then type ns2 and choose install16:47
fathimak k thanks16:48
genii-aroundrethus: 256Mb16:52
rethusgenii-around: how could you find out this?16:53
rethuson the card the 1024MB is marked ... is it possible that the driver only support such 256 MB ?16:53
genii-aroundrethus: eg: memory:d0000000-dfffffff   ... means FFFFFFF hex, which is 268,435,455 in regular decimal notation16:54
rethuswhat you think about my driver question? could this be=16:55
genii-aroundrethus: Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the fglrx driver17:00
rethusso i wonder how this could happend, that only 256MB shown17:00
genii-aroundrethus: Is your video card a separate one which plugs into a slot on the motherboard or an integrated one?17:03
rethusseperate one17:03
BluesKajyour graphics card has 1024 mb ? or are you talking about regular RAM ?17:03
rethusi buy this card with 1024MB17:04
rethusand 1024MB is marked on the card itself17:04
rethusso i soesn't think its a wrong (256MB Card)17:04
genii-aroundIt's possible it uses some kind of memory paging in the driver17:07
rethusis there a gpu benchmark-prgramm on linux... which may check the whole RAM and show the result?17:10
genii-around!info phoronix-test-suite17:13
ubottuphoronix-test-suite (source: phoronix-test-suite): a comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.1~repack1-1 (natty), package size 351 kB, installed size 2468 kB17:13
rethusseems to crash17:20
rethusseems only to be a cmd-line programm?17:20
rethusis there a gui for it17:20
=== blackbuntu is now known as ex0dust
BluesKajrethus, it's simple to use just follow the instrucrions at launch17:22
rethusi don't know what the output should tell me17:23
rethuswhat should i do "phoronix TESTING" ?17:23
genii-aroundrethus: Usually #2, then test #5117:24
BluesKajit lists your system hardware , rethus..my graphics shows NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 1024MB17:24
rethuswhat means #2... if i start phoronix it output only this (what i paste) and jump back to cmd input17:24
=== blackbuntu is now known as ex0dust
genii-aroundrethus: At the bottom of that page should be a place where it wants you to answer some questions the first time it runs, like do you want to let it collect anonymous data, and so on. 2-3 questions17:26
rethusk, that i answerd 1=y 2=y 3=n17:27
rethusnow if i start the programm i got always this i paste at first17:28
rethussame if i do phoronix-test-suite list-test17:28
rethusno output like http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/?k=documentation17:28
rethus(be back in 15 minutes)17:28
Daskreechfathima: Used linux much?17:45
Daskreechrethus: You can ask in #phoronix17:45
DaskreechThey made the program17:45
rethusno answers in phronix irc17:53
BluesKajrethus, look in phoronix/System Hardware ..what does the graphics section say?17:56
rethusBluesKaj: what exactly is the "phoronix/System Hardware" ? Phronix doeing nothing but only showing me this linnes i posted before.17:57
rethusno system Hardware-section or menu17:57
genii-aroundrethus: Did you install it from in the package manager, or did you install it from their website?17:58
BluesKajrethus, look in kmenu>apps>system17:59
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
rethusthis popup the terminal-window for 0,5 seconds and finish the programm17:59
rethusbut in this 0.5 seconds i see... exactly same output like on cmd17:59
BluesKajrethus, did you follow my instruction ?18:00
rethuswhich one?18:00
BluesKajlook above18:01
rethusif phoronix didn't start, i can't go to any "System Hardware"-Menue inside of it18:01
rethusyes, and click on phoronix18:02
rethusi desccribed before what happens.18:02
BluesKajpastebin the text18:02
rethusone moment, wrong text18:03
rethusthis one18:03
rethusphoronix output nothing else18:03
BluesKajyour install failed18:03
rethusno message about this18:03
BluesKajrethus, sudo apt-get install --reinstall phoronix-test-suite18:05
fathimahow to install ns2 on kubuntu 11.04?18:15
Picifathima: sudo apt-get install ns218:16
fathimai tried but its not istalling showing error message18:17
PiciWhat error?18:17
fathima"make: *** [install-binaries] Error 118:18
fathimatcl8.4.18 installation failed.18:18
fathimaTcl is not part of the ns project."18:18
jerwareWhat file to I put a list of commands I want to execute at startup ?18:19
BluesKajjerware, scripts ?18:22
jerwarewell .bashrc is for every spawned shell.18:22
jerwareI just need login.18:22
jerwareso conky & executes just once. upon login18:22
yofeluh, login for bash is ~/.profile - rc.local is system wide after boot18:24
yofelor .bash_login18:25
BluesKajsystem settings >startup and shutdown > autostart>scripts ?18:25
genii-aroundyofel: Yes, good point. they may not want conky to start for all the users!18:26
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
BluesKajyofel, genii-around so where in the boot to login sequence does the startup and shutdown > autostart link take place ?18:33
BluesKajok I see a kdm / kde option in "startup and shutdown"18:34
yofelhm, user session startup after login i think18:34
BluesKajpre kdm/kde , actually18:35
djzn how to prevent "Launching Knotify" from popping up on GNOME panel ?18:52
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ale_ciao a tutti19:21
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:21
Lastmerlingood evening19:29
LastmerlinI have a strange issue with my kubuntu 11.0419:29
Lastmerlinwhenever I do any actions while playing music sound quality suffers significantly19:29
Lastmerlinwhen I just run the music player, everything is fine19:30
Lastmerlinbut just when I move the mouse around, it starts cracking and jittering19:30
Lastmerlindoes this sound familiar to someone or do you have some ideas how to fix that ?19:31
Lastmerlinthanks in advance :)19:31
DaskreechLastmerlin: Can you press Ctrl+Esc and tell me the top three items19:41
Lastmerlinfirefox, quassel, vlc19:41
LastmerlinI found that, but I could not solve it this way ^^19:43
Lastmerlinmouse movement is really horrible ^^19:43
Lastmerlinbut flash videos sound horrible too19:44
Lastmerlinseveral forum threads propose buying different hardware19:46
Lastmerlinbut honestly, this never occured before my upgrade to 11.0419:46
BluesKajLastmerlin, is pulseaudio installed in system settings>multimedia>phonon>device list ?19:49
Lastmerlinyes it is19:50
Lastmerlinthats the difference to 10.10 as I see it19:50
Lastmerlinin 10.10 I had something called Jack running19:51
Lastmerlinat least I guess that pulseaudio is something that replaced Jack19:51
DaskreechPulse uses more CPU than Jack?19:52
Lastmerlinno idea19:53
LastmerlinI have a core2duo here19:53
Lastmerlinnot the latest cpu, but honestly, that should be enough19:53
BluesKajjack is quite versatile , but pulseaudio is installed by default on 11.04 , and unless you listen more than one source at a time it's mostly redundant, IMO ...I don't use it19:53
BluesKajyes same here , 4yr old HP dual core cpu with entry level integrated soundcard19:54
Coboldlastmerlin, I'm running Natty on a Core2Duo, the sound settings were fine for me out of the box.19:54
BluesKajLastmerlin, I don't think it's the soundcard apps or the drivers ...wondering about input devices , mouse and KB19:56
LastmerlinI already read, that some inteferences can cause these problems19:57
Lastmerlinbut this sounds not logical as  I never had these problems before with the same hardware19:57
Lastmerlinso you propose replacing pulseaudio by jack ?19:58
rekcuFniarBjack is for musicians19:59
Lastmerlinwhats the difference ?19:59
Daskreechjack is a low latency sound server19:59
KimLarouxLastmerlin, what are the cpu usage for those top programms?19:59
Daskreech!info jack20:00
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-26build1 (natty), package size 119 kB, installed size 652 kB20:00
BluesKajLastmerlin,no just remove pulseaudio for now , then when you check phonon again choose delete pulseaudio20:00
KimLaroux!info jackd20:00
ubottujackd (source: jackd-defaults): JACK Audio Connection Kit (default server package). In component universe, is optional. Version 5 (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB20:00
Lastmerlinwhen I looked at it, it was about 30% overall cpu load20:00
Lastmerlinnow its <10% for some reason20:00
Lastmerlinok, perhaps because I stopped playing flash and music :D20:01
KimLarouxif flash was HD, might be the problem20:01
BluesKajstop all players before removing pulseaudio20:01
KimLarouxyou use VLC for music?20:01
BluesKajKimLaroux, I do ..I use vlc for all media20:02
Lastmerlinright now I did, normally amarok20:02
KimLarouxdid you get the same cracking and clipping on amarok and VLC?20:02
Aluminjust installing Kubuntu 11.04...I am quite impressed with the installer20:03
KimLarouxLastmerlin, I suppose you're playing mp3 files? 44.1khz?20:03
Lastmerlinapt-get remove pulseaudio20:04
Aluminthe icing on the cake would be to be able to do something (like play a simple game) while the installation finishes, rather than watch this (very professional-looking and helpful for newbies) slideshow :)20:04
Lastmerlinso you propose this, essentially ?20:04
DaskreechAnd now my sound starts skipping :-p20:04
KimLarouxcan you test sometime for me? Play a song in vlc, then do ~$ cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params20:04
KimLarouxOh, you have pulseaudio?20:05
Aluminoh no, there's a typo in the slideshow text!20:05
Lastmerlinaccess: MMAP_INTERLEAVED20:05
Lastmerlinformat: S16_LE20:05
Lastmerlinsubformat: STD20:05
Lastmerlinchannels: 220:05
Lastmerlinrate: 44100 (44100/1)20:05
Lastmerlinperiod_size: 4409620:05
Lastmerlinbuffer_size: 8819220:05
Lastmerlinyou cat output :)20:06
FloodBotK1Lastmerlin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:06
KimLarouxyeah I just wanted to know the rate20:06
KimLarouxwell Alsa isn't resampling, so that's not you problem... amarok might tough20:06
Lastmerlinok, just another thing I noticed20:07
Lastmerlinwhen I move the mouse around on an empty desktop, nothing happens20:07
Lastmerlinbut the more windows on the desktop, the worse the effect20:07
KimLarouxthat's weird... do you have many desktop effects on? like transparency and such?20:08
Lastmerlinbtw: honestly, less than 10 lines are not flooding yet :P20:08
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KimLarouxit can be when chat is busy...20:08
well_laid_lawnrulez is rulez20:09
LastmerlinI had transparency, deactivated it now20:10
Lastmerlinno improvement20:10
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Lastmerlinoverall, I first notice: the problems are tied to performance20:11
Lastmerlinand xserver seems to be the culprit, mainly20:11
Lastmerlinhmm deactivated the desktop effects, this did help :)20:16
LastmerlinBut why is kubuntu 11.04 so performance sensitive ?20:16
LastmerlinI am _far_ away from 100% cpu load20:16
DaskreechLastmerlin: bottleneck?20:17
DaskreechThere are a number of channels other than CPU that could be used20:18
BluesKajLastmerlin, your issue is definitely an odd one , what about your graphics card and driver ..what are they ?20:18
Lastmerlinhmm whatever the problem is, 10.10 did a better job here...20:18
LastmerlinATI card, proprietary driver20:19
Lastmerlinwhich works quite well for me 3D applications20:19
LastmerlinRadeon 4550 to be specific20:20
Lastmerlinbut switching off deskop effects yielded a notable reduction of the noise, at least20:23
PrincessArtemisHello, I have a couple questions.  May I ask?20:26
BluesKajLastmerlin, that card should handle most loads without a hitch ...wonder about xorg settings , do you have an xorg.conf file ?20:26
BluesKaj!ask | PrincessArtemis20:26
ubottuPrincessArtemis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:26
LastmerlinI have an xorg.conf file20:27
Lastmerlinbut it was written automatically20:27
BluesKajI wonder about the input devices there20:28
BluesKajwell, not much there :)20:29
LastmerlinI did tell you :P20:29
PrincessArtemisAttempting to run ATI's Catalyst Control Center as an admin from Applications > System > brings up a small window for my password--it doesn't accept my password there.  However, it does accept my password using sudo amdcccle; any ideas why?20:30
Lastmerlinok, got to go now20:36
Lastmerlinthanks a lot for your advice20:36
LastmerlinI will be back when I annoyed enough with the current state again ^^20:37
BluesKajLastmerlin, I would still check around for input device settings and related problems in xorg.conf20:39
Lastmerlinok, thanks for the advice20:40
SlimSilverSurferI'm new to IRC, and kubuntu too actually. I'm trying to get familiar with the terminal. Can anyone point me to a site or a book that could take me through the different commands and their usage?20:41
well_laid_lawnyou have a manual on them installed20:43
well_laid_lawnthe man pages20:43
well_laid_lawntry   man ls   in a terminal20:44
genii-aroundAlso http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/Bash-Beginners-Guide.html is sometimes useful20:44
well_laid_lawnthat's a handy guide :)20:47
SlimSilverSurferwell_laid_lawn and genii-around Thanks! I'll look into it :)20:49
well_laid_lawnhandy hint here20:50
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:50
SlimSilverSurferubottu: Thanks! This'll be real handy! :D20:53
ubottuSlimSilverSurfer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:53
SlimSilverSurferOh well_laid_lawn, that was cause you pressed !tab..20:53
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots20:54
SlimSilverSurferHaha cool. Thanks a lot man!20:54
well_laid_lawnnp :)20:54
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:55
genii-aroundThe great thing about the command line is that it's desktop-agnostic20:56
Aluminwhoa, 11.04 doesn't have aptitude any more?20:58
Aluminwhat's the Recommended Package Tool(tm) these days?20:58
BluesKajapt-get mostly20:58
rekcuFniarBapt-get install aptitude20:58
AluminrekcuFniarB: yeah, I know I can install it, I just wondered why it wasn't there by default20:59
genii-aroundKubuntu is moving to Muon20:59
Alumindoes apt-get handle orphaned packages now?  That's why I always used aptitude to install, 'cause it would always offer to remove packages that were only installed as dependencies once their "parents" were all gone20:59
BluesKajAlumin, yes21:00
rekcuFniarBAlumin: Canonical things that it isn't needed for desktop users21:00
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chemtailI have the win-key reconfigured to act as F13 and use it for the application launcher hotkey.  This setup disappears several times a day, and I have to manually invoke xmodmap -e 'keycode 113 = F13'  to get it back22:06
chemtailIt's driving me mildly nuts.22:06
chemtailCould KDE be doing this?22:06
chemtailI'll add that I'm running an up-to-date 11.0422:08
kyubutsuplasma slow with desktop effects. uptime:1day 21hours22:20
kyubutsueffects disabled. performance: 40 down to 5 %22:21
kyubutsulost a few degrees of heat too22:22
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projectrallusI'm new to Linux in general23:17
projectrallusand was wondering if this is a place I can find some info23:18
projectrallusWhat's the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?23:19
clashingwaveHello Everyone I'm having a small problem, I'm using Kubunut 11.04  and I install samba from dolphin, and set the folder so that everyone has full control, but when I try to past a file into it from my other computer it says access denied . Can anyone help me with this please?23:36
clashingwaveHello Everyone I'm having a small problem, I'm using Kubunut 11.04 and I installed samba from dolphin, and set the folder so that everyone has full control, but when I try to past a file into it from my other computer it says access denied . Can anyone help me with this please?23:45

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