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bigjoolsDNS777: ping09:17
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czajkowskimrevell: so glad my bug on how to suscribe to a bug is confusing to other people also11:06
mrevellczajkowski: I'm gonna take a look at it this afternoon.11:09
czajkowskimrevell: :) yay11:10
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=== benji changed the topic of #launchpad to: PPA uploads are working, it just looks bad: https://launchpad.net/bugs/798957 | https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: benji | Launchpad is an open source project: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | User Guide: https://help.launchpad.net/ | Support: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad
nigelbmrevell: hehe, cute vid :)12:04
nigelbwhere do you find these gems? :P12:04
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mrevellnigelb, It's lodged in my brain as a memory of 1990s Britain :)12:20
nigelbmrevell: heh :)12:21
nyuszika7hbenji: o_O How did you change topic without being opped?12:25
nyuszika7hOh, no +t.12:25
benjiI'm just cool like that.12:25
nyuszika7hI first thought that you're an IRCop or something, but whois would have shown that,12:25
zyga-siestaI cannot seem to call launchpad.me.getPPAByName() as anonymous user, is this expected?12:28
wgrantzyga-siesta: launchpad.me doesn't make sense when anonymous.12:29
wgrantSince the anonymous user hopefully doesn't have PPAs.12:29
zyga-siestawgrant, oh12:29
zyga-siestawgrant, so how should I call this?12:29
zyga-siestaI just want to avoid having to authenticate as anything, the ppa is public and I will only do read request12:30
zyga-siestawgrant, I need to know the owner of the PPA?12:30
wgrantzyga-siesta: Yes. PPA names are local to the owner.12:30
wgranteg. the default name is 'ppa'.12:30
zyga-siestawgrant, ah12:30
zyga-siestawgrant, I know about that, I just misunderstood the ppa12:31
zyga-siestawgrant, I used to call "launchpadlib.me.getPPAByName("someuser/ppa")12:31
zyga-siestawgrant, the "name" is certainly confusing I'd say12:31
wgrantzyga-siesta: Well, look at what object it is on :)12:31
wgrantgetPPAByName is on person.12:31
zyga-siestaah, right12:33
zyga-siestaI find the API confusing still but that works12:33
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AlecTaylorI'm looking for a good (locally-hostable) Intranet frontend which integrates with Active Directory (including groups). Know of one?15:14
dieckAlecTaylor: I suppose #launchpad is not the right location to ask about this feature, but Plone interacts nicely with AD15:45
dieckonce set up correctly, which can be a pita15:45
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cndwho can I ask about lp:ubuntu/gvfs being out of date?17:27
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maxbhttp://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ is the first place to check17:41
cndmaxb: looks like it's due to an error: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/gvfs.html#2011-07-07 12:41:25.63878117:49
cndwhat should I do with this information?17:49
cndis it likely to be fixed any time soon, or should I fall back to creating debdiffs until it is resolved?17:50
maxbThe error can mainly be summed up as the importer having a disagreement with a manually committed revision, and further interacting with what turned out to be an unwise call in setting append_revisions_only on package branches without fully analysing the kind of things the importer does to them17:50
cndmaxb: thanks for the explanation of the error :), do you know if it is something that will be fixed soon?17:52
maxbIt could probably be fixed right now by backing out the append_revisions_only setting17:53
maxbIs it something you were hoping to work on right now?17:54
cndmaxb: I'm trying to help someone else by being a good patch pilot :)17:57
cndand they are very responsive right now17:57
cndso it would help to have a fix and get the branch updated asap17:58
cndbut it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things17:58
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cndmaxb: thanks for fixing the gvfs branch issue!18:31
maxbah, it completed18:31
maxbI wasn't certain it would :-)18:31
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sorenIf someone accidentally posted sensitive information in a bug comment, how can he get it deleted?20:49
sorenFile a question against launchpad?20:49
dokoDNS777, may I ask, what you are testing in your PPA? these are mostly packages which do not change. why test them daily?21:01
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flacostesoren: yes21:32
flacostesoren: specifying the bug and comment number # and an admin will hide the comment21:32
sorenflacoste: Thanks.22:17
mwhudsonnot even an admin, any lp developer can do it22:18

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