zkriessephillw: You 'round mate?02:03
Unit193He currently had /away set if that means anything02:03
zkriesseYeah means he's probably out or sleepin02:03
ubot5Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:16
ubuntu_I am pissed off :(04:41
ubuntu_Spent last day and today but could not install lubuntu04:41
ubuntu_on 1MB DSL speed I downloaded lubuntu several times, MD5 sum is also ok but during installation it give file copy error04:41
ubuntu_tried on my two systems, my friend also tried on his computer but same problem04:42
ubuntu_i wonder how other people got installed lubuntu in their systems04:42
ubuntu_my mouse pointer is left to right04:43
jmarsdenubuntu_: Can you boot from the CD?  If so, does it pass the Test the CD" menu item test04:43
ubuntu_I tried with both cd's usb, cannot boot from CD it goes to command line. Didn't try test the cd04:43
jmarsdenTry it :)04:43
ubuntu_what will that do? i will have to burn cd again04:44
jmarsdenNo.  If the md5sum of the downloaded .iso file is good, then you need to check if the image on the CD is also good....04:44
jmarsdenThe kind of error you are seeing sounds like a hardware issue of some sort, we need to find out where the problem is.04:44
ubuntu_these troubles with me never happened on same cd, same image burner. with linux mint, ubuntu, mint lxde blah blah04:45
ubuntu_sure i will be happy to give details04:45
ubuntu_so that lubuntu can fix the problem04:45
jmarsdenOK, so it must be Lubuntu hates you :)   I am an Lubuntu developer trying to help you.  Please run the test mentu item and tell me what it says.04:46
ubuntu_my one another feedback is please add IRC lubuntu channel details on front pages, It was really hard to find about lubuntu IRC channel04:46
jmarsdenWhich web page or pages do you think we should add info about the IRC channel to?04:48
ubuntu_on lubuntu.net main site04:48
ubuntu_i found it from wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ContactUs04:49
jmarsdenAh, OK.  lubuntu.net is ... not really the main site, in some ways.  http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu is the main Lubuntu web page.04:50
ubuntu_:O really04:50
jmarsdenAll the pages at ubuntu.com about Lubuntu have the "Contact Us" link.04:50
jmarsdenOr should have.04:50
ubuntu_lubuntu.net isn't official site? :O04:51
jmarsdenCall it historical accident.  It is owned by someone who used to be a lot more active in Lubuntu than he has been recently.04:51
ubuntu_what are official links to dowload lubuntu iso?04:51
jmarsdenThe /topic of this channel has a shortedn URL to that, too.04:52
ubuntu_yes i am downloading from these tried both .iso mirrors and tired torrent too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu04:53
jmarsdenIf you type /topic here, you will see that none of the links in the topic point to lubuntu.net :)04:53
ubuntu_wow thanks04:54
jmarsdenBy why are you redownloading... I asked you to boot from a CD and run the test menu item... ?04:54
ubuntu_yes i am going to test cd was download screenshot to show you a screenshot04:54
ubuntu_this happens to me from cd, usb during installation http://imagebin.org/16904604:54
jmarsdenWow, interesting ubiquity bug you are seeing there.04:55
jmarsdenLet's test the CD and then look at that some more.04:55
ubuntu_ok i am going to reboot brb04:55
jmarsdenHmmm: "<ubuntu_> ok i am going to reboot brb "   was 40 minutes ago...05:34
Unit193Well, assuming he isn't using vista, he should have been back :/05:36
jmarsdenYes... I'm going to give him about another 20 minutes and then go AFK myself.05:36
bioterrorvista boots rather fast!05:37
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ValentineXjmarsden: ping09:50
jmarsdenValentineX: I'm here, but I shouldn't be, it is approaching 3am...09:51
ValentineXoh I am Aaqil, do you remember I was here before telling you about my Lubuntu installation problem09:51
ValentineXwhat is your google plus ID, I would be happy to add you :)09:52
jmarsdenI don't do all the "social" stuff; email and IRC is plenty to keep me busy :)09:52
ValentineXI checked CD for defects and it said cd is ok09:53
jmarsdenAh, you were ubuntu_ before, not Aaqil09:53
ValentineXoh sorry :D09:53
jmarsdenOK, so it is most likely something "different" about your PC, perhaps disk size or partitioning or something?  Is there anything unusual about the machine you are installing Lubuntu onto?09:54
ValentineXCD is ok, but still same installation problems09:54
jmarsdenWell, at least you can stop redownloading the image now :)09:54
ValentineXi dont think so ..... I think problem is with lubuntu installer ... because I install linux mint LXDE, mint gnome, ubuntu, xubuntu on my same machine without any problems09:54
jmarsdenThe Lubuntu installer works on many many machines, and this is the first time I have heard of the issue.  So yes, there is probably some issue in ubiquity and how it handles doing Lubuntu installs on your hardware...09:55
ValentineXand my friend with AMD dual core is also facing same problem. Mine is intel 945 board09:55
jmarsdenI've pesonally done tens of Lubuntu installs and never seen that issue... so while I accept there is an issue there, there is likely to be something about the way you are doing the install or the machine(s) being installed onto that is triggering it.09:56
jmarsdenDuring the install, what non-default things are you choosing?09:57
jmarsdenAre you using an unusual language or keyboard?09:57
ValentineXI choose manual partitions ... no internet connection ... normal USA keyboard settings09:57
jmarsdenIf you let it auto partition does it make any difference?09:58
ValentineXyes, because I am installing it with windows xp dual boot09:58
jmarsdenAha!  That is the "unusual" thing about your install, then.  All the ones I have done have been on dedicated PCs or else in virtual machines.09:59
jmarsdenIs your friend with the AMD also doing dual-boot?10:00
jmarsdenOK.  Do you happen to have a spare old hard drive, one that you could temporarily use instead of the "real" hard drive, and test an install using the whole drive and automatic partitioning?10:01
ValentineXcant do this I do not play with hardwares or I mess things10:02
jmarsdenAh... OK :)10:03
jmarsdenI don't have any more immediate suggestions for you to try, but thanks for letting us know about the issue.  I'll see if I can test a dual boot install later this week (I have a Windows-free home, but do use Windows at work...)10:04
jmarsdenYou might want to join the lubuntu-desktop mailing list and ask there in case anyone else has seen this kind of problem with Lubuntu.10:05
ValentineXThanks, my intention to come here was to report the problem to make Lubuntu better10:05
jmarsdenOK, sounds good.  Now I need to sleep ... goodnight :)10:06
gigenieksHi all,10:44
gigenieksguys need help we cannot install Lubuntu tried:11:28
gigenieks1) LiveCD11:28
gigenieks2) Alternate install11:28
gigenieks3) Minimal CD install11:28
gigenieksall failed11:28
bioterrorfails on what?11:28
Grossi need help11:55
GrossI looked on internet but still havent find solution11:55
bioterrorGross, that doesnt tell us much12:03
GrossPCMan and trash12:04
Grossin lubuntu 11.0412:04
Grossofc there is not one12:04
Grossand I want it :)12:05
bioterroryou mean like trash on desktop or what?12:05
bioterrorit doesnt work12:05
GrossI know that PCMan deleted files instantly12:06
Grossthanx anyway byw12:09
japancan somebody help me about adding my language on keyborad12:21
bioterrorwas it  /etc/default/keyboard12:24
bioterrorXKBLAYOUT="us" or what ever you want it to be12:24
bioterrorI dont have buntu machine near me now12:24
bioterrorsomeone could confirm this for me12:25
avelldirollbioterror: i confirm, that should do the trick12:26
japani am cumming on dead bird12:34
bioterrorwe all have our faults12:34
japanwhen i see dead bird , i fill erection12:35
bioterrorand now you can behave12:35
gigenieksHow about my issue?12:50
bioterrorgigenieks, what about it? you have not told us any information about your failure12:52
bioterrorI cant see your problem from here12:52
gigenieksI will do something better -->  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11175726#post1117572612:53
bioterrorhow you can have a 900MHz Celeron and graphics card from the stone age?-)12:56
gigenieksI don't have. My friend somehow has. :D12:58
bioterrorand about that minimal install12:58
bioterrorhe cannot install it at all?12:59
gigenieksI explained everything in that thread; did you read it?12:59
gigenieksnothing happened12:59
gigeniekswe waited like 20min12:59
bioterroris that RAM okay? you've run memtest?13:00
gigeniekswhen he clicked "Command Line Install" - there blinked some text in top left corner it was like shrinked together (at least he explained it that way to me), so it was not readable. And then it dissappeared and nothing happened for 20minutes....13:01
gigenieksbioterror: he installed on that PC XP SP2 - no problems13:01
bioterrorif nothing is wrong with it and the Xorg supports that display, then check out the boot parameters for kernel13:04
gigenieks"check boot parameters" - I don't have a clue what to check or how to do it.. and if I did know - I wouldn't know what commands to type. And I know all above I would have to explain it to my friend over skype. And friend havent used Linux at all!!!13:05
bioterroryou may want to xforcevse too13:08
bioterrorbut start without acpi and apic's13:09
bioterrorcould do the trick13:09
bioterrorif you dont have anything better to do, go see your friend and have some nice GNU/Linux time together13:09
gigenieksCan you post exactly what should I (he) do in forums, so others could give input, and maybe fix same problem?13:11
gigenieksI would really appreacitate13:11
bioterrornope, I'm already 15mins late and I should be leaving my work13:13
bioterroras my parents in laws returns from holiday and my wife and kids are waiting13:13
bioterroryou can try those out and then post if you had it working ;)13:13
bioterrorI dont like ubuntuforums as it's full of "BEAN HUNTERS"13:14
bioterroryou post something and right after that comes someone and rephrases your lines as his owns13:14
silverarroware lubuntu up to date on VLC ?13:20
silverarrowI suspect there are some codecs missing, it doesn't play youtube anymore13:21
bioterroryoutube is played with flash13:21
bioterroror with html513:21
bioterroras chromium can handle that13:21
silverarrowI know, but for downloaded youtube videos then?13:22
silverarrowI used to be able to open youtube flash streams and play fine too13:22
bioterrorwas it 1.1.11 the latest VLC13:22
bioterrorthey might have changed something in youtube13:23
silverarrowmaybe, I have 1.1.9 The Luggage, but in linux the version number is always different13:24
bioterrormy vlc player disappeared :D13:24
bioterrorI inserted youtube url for stream13:25
silverarrowinvoluntarily ?13:25
bioterroryes, it crashed :D13:25
silverarrowyes, that used to work fine13:25
silverarrowmine doesn't, but will not play youtube any more13:25
silverarrowis lubuntu up to date with latest vlc ?13:26
bioterrornow I'm off, laters13:26
silverarrowhave a fine day13:26
silverarrowor evening I suppose13:26
bioterrormy worklaptop has 1.1.1113:26
bioterroron windows and it crashes, tried twice13:26
silverarrowmaybe some kind of issue13:27
silverarrowthe videolan guys are usually quick at responding to flaws13:27
silverarrowubuntu updates are often delayed13:28
silverarrowlike, new versions doesn't apply until next version of ubuntu13:28
silverarrowlatest VLC works fine in old windows xp13:30
silverarrowI checked13:30
silverarrowany thoughts ?13:30
bhmsilverarrow: Is this what you are looking for?13:31
silverarrowOneiric Ocelot13:31
silverarrowbhm, it's abit old though, 2008, and mine has played fine for ages13:33
silverarrowand not quite the same issue13:33
bhmok sorry13:33
silverarrowit's all right, worth a shot13:33
silverarrowbhm, what if i removed lubuntu vlc, (installed form package manager) and get the one from their site?13:34
bhmv 1.1.11 ?13:35
silverarrowit seems I have 1.1.0913:35
silverarrowwhich is a bit silly, cause I installed not that long a go, like a week13:35
bhmwell your install package might be a bit outdated. Maybe ubuntu software centre will fix that soon13:36
bhmhave you checked the lib's?13:36
silverarrowyes, maybe I should just wait a week or so and see13:36
bhmsudo apt-get install libdvdread413:37
bhmthen: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh13:37
bhmand restart vlc13:38
bhmDoes it help?13:38
silverarrowIt seemed I already had the lib package13:38
bhmI just found VLC guys on IRC on irc.videolan.org #videolan give them a buzz13:39
silverarrowvlc plays sound, but no picture13:40
bhmUr Welcome13:40
silverarrowdoes anyone know minitube?14:57
silverarrowis the gnome player project under development, or more like a finished product ?15:13
silverarrowanyone using the terminal window for updates?15:18
silverarrowhow do you do updates from windows15:29
silverarrowI have been googeling commands15:29
silverarrowany clever lubuntu users here?15:33
silverarrowhalf clever?15:33
silverarrownot so clever but enthusiastic ?15:49
silverarrowany random geek from the street15:50
bioterrorI've got intense discussion about ouman eh-203!16:26
silverarrowjust be intense, maybe another time then ;- )16:27
bioterror!ssh | silverarrow16:29
ubot5silverarrow: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)16:29
silverarrowanyone good with terminal window?16:35
silverarrowand ppa16:35
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, nice help to japan LOL17:26
ShveloInstalling Lubuntu on Virtualbox18:27
Shveloany guide on setting up a web server?18:28
Shveloanyone here?18:29
bioterrorthat was guy in hurry18:35
Unit193And Lubuntu server? lubuntu-core would be better, but still not the best18:36
bioterrornothing wrong in running web server18:37
bioterroras OS X comes with apache, so does OpenBSD18:37
Unit193Eh, I guess I do have lighthttpd installed18:37
bioterrorlighttpd <318:38
Unit193It's not used for much, that's for sure... (Moved to offtopic)18:39
KM0201how can you make pcman show thumbnails of files on remote filesystems?18:43
bioterrorgvfs should enable that feature18:44
KM0201nautilus does, but the idea of installing nautilus for that is kinda silly.18:44
KM0201gvs is installed.18:45
bioterrorKM0201, thunar does that too18:45
bioterrorand I'm sure pcmanfm can do it also18:45
KM0201bioterror: i tried thunar, not working there either18:45
KM0201just for grins, i installed nautilus, and thumbnails is working there, as i suspected18:48
bioterrorKM0201, that's too easy =D18:50
KM0201bioterror: i know, and i'd rather not to do that.18:50
bioterrorKM0201, did you use ssh:// or smb://?18:50
KM0201but i guess the question becomes, why doesn't pcmanfm have an option for thumbnails18:50
KM0201bioterror: smb18:50
bioterrortry ssh://18:50
KM0201any other ideas bioterror ?18:54
bioterroredit > preferences > Display18:55
bioterrorthere's Only show thumbnails for local files18:55
bioterroruncheck that box18:55
bioterrorand adjust filesize big enough18:55
KM0201son of a.... i can't believe i missed that18:55
KM0201that didn't work either though18:56
bioterroryes it works18:56
KM0201well wait, it didn't save the change for some reason, hang on18:56
bioterrorput the size to 12MB and go to pictures folder18:57
KM0201i did that.18:57
KM0201it doesn't seem to save the changes.18:57
KM0201ok, now it saved the changes,18:57
KM0201lemme see if it worked.18:57
KM0201its showing thumbnails for pics, but not for videos.18:58
bioterroras I said, make that file size bigger18:58
KM0201i did, i maxxed it out.18:59
KM0201any other ideas?19:14
bhmGuess you have to hit the right box..... grmbl...20:11
silverarrowanyone clever with minitube?20:14
silverarrowreally bad idea the minitube alternative, impissilble to upgrade20:48
lunasspectoIf any of the Lubuntu developers are around, I'd just like to say I've just switched from vanilla Ubuntu to Lubuntu, and I'm extremely satisfied. Thanks!20:49
silverarrowI did the same, Ubuntu and Totem really wore down my system20:56
silverarrowlunasspectro, considerably lighter20:57
silverarrowthough Ubuntu should run with normal specs, but was way slower than Windows 7 here20:57
KM0201ubuntu was slower than 7?20:57
KM0201had to be 11.0420:57
bioterroronly on slow hardware! ;D20:58
silverarrowyes, ubuntu 11.0420:58
silverarrowyeah, maybe not the best computer, but still 1,6 GHz processor20:59
silverarrowUbuntu will not go on my newer HP,20:59
silverarrowthe bootable live CD sort of will not boot20:59
silverarrowit halts before the boot up menue even21:00
bioterrorI have couple of HP Compaq 8200 Elite's behind my back at work21:00
silverarrowlike inbuilt Ubuntu inhibitor21:00
bioterrorwish I had time to play around with them21:00
silverarrowPuppy linux goes on the HP just fine21:01
silverarrowmight be driver issues too, making ubuntu run slow21:02
silverarrowwindows 7, isn't that miraculously light and fast is it?21:02
silverarrowdoes anyone know how to add ppa for minitube?21:03
silverarrowI am having trouble21:03
bioterroryou have guide on the ppa site21:03
silverarrowyes, I tried at least two guides googeling21:04
silverarrow*found googeling21:04
pAt_silverarrow: try Debian with LXDE, way faster then Lubuntu. I use it on my 1.6 Ghz Laptop. On my desktop, dual core Athlon, I use Ubuntu with LXDE21:16
silverarrowlubuntu runs fast here tough, on minimal computer21:17
silverarrowwell, fast enough21:17
silverarrowubuntu is like dipped in syrup21:17
pAt_Ubuntu with Gnome or Unity is a blowed Cow :D21:18
pAt_But even Ubuntu with LXDE alocates about 230 MBs after just starting it. Debian LXDE just needs 80 MB after start21:21
silverarrowmaybe I should try debian then, but doesn't it very fast add to consumption when I add software?21:26
silverarrowpAt, I wonder why ubuntu has grown that big then21:28
silverarrowbut I like ubuntu, when it runs fast21:28
pAt_I also like Ubuntu, used it for years, but it is blowed up. Yes, it will add to consumption, but not as fast as Ubuntu. In total, it is much more responsive silverarrow.21:32
silverarrowI see21:32
silverarrowright know lubuntu runs fine luckily21:32
silverarrowthough I have major trouble with ppa21:32
silverarrowadding ppa and upgrading21:33
pAt_if lubuntu runs fine, then donĀ“t touch it :)21:34
pAt_what problem with ppa?21:34
pAt_sorry, g2g silverarrow, catch you later21:36
silverarrowppa for minitube21:36
silverarrowsee you pAt21:37
silverarrowlen, do you have any idea about adding ppa for minitube?21:51
silverarrowfor upgrade via terminal21:52
silverarrowhi, mike21:56
phillwsilverarrow: any ppa can be added, as to what it does to your system in terms of what additional resources it requires, is down to the author and not the linux operating system you use.22:09
phillwthankfully, any ppa can be easily removed, should it cause a problem :)22:10
phillwgilir: there is some chatter on the forum area, which I can confirm in that the daily builds have vanished / access denied. Any ideas as to what the problem is? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20110818/22:14
silverarrowphillw, this ppa didn't come easy though22:14
phillwsilverarrow: if it goes 'bad' then use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Developers#PPA_management22:15
silverarrowI am happy with all idiot proof "copy & paste" guides lol22:15
silverarrowphillw, trouble is I downloaded a version from package manager, and it turns out it is 2 versions outdated, and youtube have done something22:17
phillwadding an ppa, is about one the least painful methods of grabbing an app not in the repository, the advantage of using the repos is that there is some q.a. stuff done on them to get there. I've used ppa's not in the official repos and have been fine, others have borked really badly!22:17
silverarrowit might have been easier if I installed directly via terminal or via homepage22:18
phillwsilverarrow: is that the download from you-tube via terminal?22:18
phillwthere is an extension for chromium at http://www.chromeextensions.org/music-videos-photos/download-youtube-videos-as-mp4-flv/ that covers you-tube, I've never used mini tube - so cannot advise. sorry :/22:20
phillwsilverarrow: Download Helper (previously only FFfox and one I use) is now available for Chromium :D22:23
phillwas an 'approved' extension, it should sit much happier than messing about with a ppa22:25
silverarrowyoutube-dl works fine though, but playing is fuzz after the latest youtube codec type changes22:26
phillwsilverarrow: Have a look at http://www.youtube.com/html5 Afterall, HTML5 is the future :)22:29
silverarrowI need a break, maybe I shall find a fix tomorrow23:20

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