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alex-mayorgaOK guys that seemed to install, let me reboot and see how it goes BRB and thanks again00:00
alex-mayorgaIan_Corne, jtaylor: thanks00:09
alex-mayorgayour workaround saved the day00:09
alex-mayorgacan someone explain multiarch to me in layman terms please?00:15
alex-mayorgaalso, are the missing scroll arrows in Terminals "by design" or is my metacity borked?00:17
jtaylorit installs arch dependent files into subfolders of e.g /usr/lib so that packages from multiple architectures can be installed at the same time00:17
jtaylorand dpkg/apt gains the ability to handle dependencies that cross architectures00:18
jbichamy scroll arrows come and go in gnome-terminal, wonder if there's a bug about it...00:19
Ian_Corneisn't that just the new scroll arrows?00:19
alex-mayorgajtaylor: thanks00:26
alex-mayorgaanother broken thing I have is dash is bright orange and really ugly here :(00:32
penguin42alex-mayorga: Oh youch - it is here as well; it was a nice Cyan yesterday00:34
penguin42I'm fairly sure that shade of Orange is illegal in most countries00:35
billybigrigger_any major breakages in the last couple of days? i haven't updated since thurs....04:45
IdleOnejust had a kernel upgrade to
IdleOnenot sure I want to reboot yet.04:51
billybigrigger_i didn't get one yet, 64bit?04:51
billybigrigger_i couldnt see much for showstoppers on the forums, i'm glad you piped up04:51
billybigrigger_i'm sync'd up to the canadian mirror, probably not ready for me yet, thank god :P04:52
IdleOneI'm also using the canadian mirror04:52
IdleOne64bit server here04:52
billybigrigger_oh, i guess i put my laptop back to the main repo04:53
billybigrigger_still odd that mine is being held back, but no complaints here, i have a working laptop for the moment :P04:53
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fastaHow do I add foo=bar to the command line in grub2?07:09
fastaIt used to be a matter of editing menu.lst, but now there is a file which is read by a compiler which is then read by yet another compiler, etc.07:10
geserfasta: try adding it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX or GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub07:25
dabukalamIf I install oneiric minimal now, and apt-get ubuntu-desktop, will I get the same build as a regular oneiric install?08:32
dabukalamwill it work?08:32
dabukalambecause last time I tried, I got a bunch of errors, and was told it was broken or something08:33
dr-williswork as in install  yes..08:33
dr-willisthis is alpha stuff... :)08:33
dabukalamtrue, but that's my question, is this alpha stuff now working or not?08:33
dr-willisso its hard ti tell08:33
dabukalamwill anything have changed from thursday?08:34
dr-willisalpha could break at any time08:34
dabukalampfft, i'll try it and come back here with yay or nay08:34
dr-willisor get fixed at any time08:34
dr-willisive had very few issues with this alpha08:35
dabukalamwell in the words of arnold08:35
dabukalami'll be back08:35
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Vadi'Delete' key isn't deleting selected items in 11.10 on latest updated - bug or feature?09:55
jbichafeature, Nautilus the file manager has shifted to Ctrl+Delete to delete stuff09:56
jbichaor bug, I don't like it but it's intentional09:57
Chipacaa feature that's a bug, is that called a beature?09:57
Vadithanks jbicha09:59
VadiIs Delete being used for anything else?09:59
jbichano, apparently people accidently pressed the delete key10:00
VadiPeculiar but alright. I hope the reviews will take this kindly.10:01
VadiThanks for answering :)10:01
zniavreanyway to use indicator-applet-complete in gnome-panel for fallback session ?11:03
jtaylorgna I finally figured out my opera flash plugin problem ...12:35
jtaylorI forgot to update my apparmor profile ._.12:35
rohdefafter I started using multiarch for Skype dependencies aptitude started marking non-existing conflicts, what can I do about that12:37
dsdaleanyone know how to get flash support? When I try to install flashplugin-nonfree, aptitude tells me that nspluginwrapper is required, but is a virtual package12:37
jtaylordsdale do you have multiarch enabled'?12:42
dsdalejtaylor: don't know. how do I enable it?12:42
dsdalealso: why do I need to enable it? There is a 64-bit flash player available12:43
jtaylornot in the official repos12:43
jtaylorecho foreign-architecture i386 | sudo tee /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch; sudo apt-get update12:43
jtaylorhm weird I gave opera ptrace capability but it still won't work ._.12:47
jtaylorstupid opera, what does it need ptrace for anyway ...12:47
BluesKajHiyas all12:52
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fastaWhat kernels are supported with jockey?16:10
fastaSince... I get again a pathetic excuse that it doesn't work.16:11
charlie-tcafasta: All of them here are supported with jockey16:24
charlie-tcaEven the 3.0.0-9-generic16:24
charlie-tcaIf I could only do good with the GUI for Users and Groups :(16:25
fastacharlie-tca: but it doesn't work.16:25
charlie-tcaWhy? It does work for me16:25
fastacharlie-tca: I can paste the log, but I don't know why. If I knew, I wouldn't be asking.16:27
fastacharlie-tca: http://paste.debian.net/127016/16:29
kjeldahlLatest dist-upgrade broke audio (again) on sandy bridge laptop, Aspire 3830TG, Conexant ID 506c.16:30
charlie-tcafasta: that's not a virtual machine install, is it?16:31
fastacharlie-tca: no16:31
fastacharlie-tca: if I run the binary from ATI, it crashes when I want to make a disto specific package.16:32
charlie-tcaI don't know then. Hopefully someone else does. It looks like it can't find the drivers in the repositories.16:32
fastacharlie-tca: it is just one miserable pile of failure.16:32
fastacharlie-tca: do you know how to solve my other mtrr problem?16:33
charlie-tcano, sorry16:33
charlie-tcaAll I can do is verify jockey should be working, I guess.16:33
fastaWhat does that mean?16:34
charlie-tcaYou asked above what kernels are supported by jockey. I can tell you "all of them so far"16:34
VanillaliteHello all!16:58
VanillaliteHave a weird issue where Unity 2d works fine but regular Unity gives me a black screen sometimes unless I move my mouse around and I get these big black bars over my top panel, unity panel, and the top panel of say opened programs... any ideas what's wrong?17:00
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jtaylorVanillalite: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/81914417:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 819144 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[fglrx] everything is black and blinks when using unity" [High,Confirmed]17:15
jtaylorI also have the problem and know no solution17:15
VanillaliteThanks for the bug link tho!17:16
VanillaliteAt least I know it isn't just me and can follow the bug track to see what I can do to help and the status of being fixed!17:17
rohdefafter I activated multiarch for i386 aptitude started marking a non-existing conflict. Between qt4-gui and qt4-qui:i38617:25
rohdeffor instance synaptic have no problem with this17:25
high-rezflashplugin-installer doesn't seem to want to install for me in +1...  It seems a dependency on nspluginviewer which no longer exists ?17:40
PiciLog a bug then.17:40
Ian_Cornesudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash17:40
Ian_Corneto get 64 bit flash17:41
BluesKajhigh-rez, 64 bit OS ?17:42
high-rezBluesKaj: Yep.  About to try Ian_Corne's suggestion :)17:42
BluesKajhigh-rez, yup, go for it ..it should work17:42
blueyedany showstoppers with oneiric? /me is thinking about updating his production machine already.17:56
BluesKajblueyed, a production machine ...too risky for that17:57
jo-erlend_are there any serious, well known and unresolved issues with oneiric now ? I thought I'd have another attempt at upgrading my laptop.17:57
blueyedjo-erlend_: just what I am thinking about.17:58
blueyedBluesKaj: thanks for holding me back.17:58
jo-erlend_the last time I tried, I couldn't get X up at all.17:58
kjeldahl`Well, wifi and audio on modern sandybridge laptops has been challenging, but was mostly solved last month, but yesterday I lost audio again. Not critical, but annoying.17:59
blueyedI was always using alpha/beta during the last years, but am just enjoying a fresh install (since 2004)17:59
blueyedI could dd-copy/backup the partition to the ubiquity-based instance on the same machine, and would have an image to go back to.18:00
BluesKajblueyed, dd-copy/backup sounds like an idea , but is it worth the trouble18:13
blueyedBluesKaj: not really. I will just wait and get to know the current kinks and hope for them to be fixed in the next release.. :)18:28
BluesKajblueyed, right , I meant in it's present state18:31
high-rezSweet, that did it.  Thanks guys.18:43
high-rezWill 64bit flash be integrated into 11.10 at some point or will it still be a PPA ?18:43
PiciIt should be in there now.18:44
PiciLike I said earlier, if you can't install due to a broken dependency, then you should log a bug.18:45
h00kyeah, it's...18:46
h00kndiskwrapper, I think?18:46
Picior viewer?18:46
h00kI don't remember :) Lemme check.18:46
IdleOneit's viewer causing the error18:46
high-reznspluginwrapper won't install because of nspluginviewer18:46
h00knope, yep, it's viewer.18:47
IdleOneuse the PPA for now and file a bug18:47
h00kNo PPA for me!18:48
h00kI'm trying to keep this as stock as I can18:48
IdleOneno flash for you!18:48
* IdleOne sees h00k with redeye18:48
Ian_Corneno sound in lxde?18:49
Ian_Corneunity isn't working for me atm18:49
h00kIdleOne: yeah, I can make it!18:50
jbichahigh-rez: the 64-bit Flash won't be in Ubuntu until it hits a final release18:56
high-rezAhh ok18:56
jbichaAdobe has a bad tendency to not support beta software, their last 64-bit plugin didn't get security updates for instance18:56
Ian_Cornethat was alpha i think :)18:57
bjsniderthe last 2 flash releases have been 64-bit side-by-side with the 32-bit19:18
bjsniderbut it doesn't matter as ubuntu is now multiarch and you can use the 32-bit flash without nspluginwrapper gumming up the works19:19
ali1234but i need nspluginwrapper19:24
ali1234how am i supposed to patch the bugs without it?19:24
jbicha_ali1234: did you enable the 32-bit repositories?19:26
penguin42hmm is multiarch actually upto installing a 32bit chromium or firefox and all libraries on a 64bit system yet?19:26
ali1234jbicha_: you don't understand, i need nspluginwrapper to load patched libraries just for flash, to make it work properly19:27
jtaylorpenguin42: it appears no, apt-get install firefox:i386 will ahve unmet dependencies19:29
Ian_Cornesound seems to be broken?19:30
Ian_Cornepulseaudo restart fixed it19:32
h00kflash is broken.19:34
genii-aroundIsn't flash *always* broken??19:34
h00kwell, by definition ;)19:34
penguin42Ian_Corne: Yeh I've had a few pa restarts needed in the last couple of days19:35
penguin42jtaylor: It'll be nice when it is, but until then I guess we just still need nspluginwrapper19:35
BluesKajh00k,  if you have 64 bit then add this ppa ,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash19:36
h00kBluesKaj: yeah, I know ;)19:36
h00kBluesKaj: I'm not going to, I'm just going to wait for it to be fixed19:36
h00kBluesKaj: staying away from PPAs while I am testing things19:36
BluesKajh00k, one could ask , will it ever be fixed ? :)19:37
h00kBluesKaj: mebbe19:37
h00kand yeah,  I'm on 64bit.19:37
BluesKajone can alaways delete ppas once the app is "official"19:39
jbicha_well with Flash being closed source, it's unclear whether the bugs will get fixed19:46
penguin42IMHO the current problem isn't a flash bug, it looks more like nsplugin*19:46
farciarz84hi, I got error when dist-upgrade according flash plugin20:00
farciarz84nspluginwrapper: no appropriate viewer found for /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so20:01
farciarz84dependencies problem, and some my langague translated infos20:01
farciarz84would you like helping me with this?20:01
farciarz84the flash is being download from this link http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_10.3.183.4.orig.tar.gz20:02
farciarz8464bit sandy bridge platform20:03
ianm_did something change with the SDL package in Oneiric? http://bugs.launchpad.net/luz/+bug/83073320:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 830733 in Luz "Cannot build Luz on Ubuntu Oneiric" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:03
BluesKajfarciarz84,  you could try , sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash20:03
farciarz84BluesKaj: which package should I install now?20:05
BluesKajfarciarz84, or you could choose one here https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash/+packages20:06
BluesKajfarciarz84, heh , yeah , that's the same site as you poated :)20:10
BluesKajerr posted20:10
farciarz84BluesKaj: thx for help, I've installed 11.X version and everything seems to work20:13
BluesKajfarciarz84, well, you were already halfway there :)20:14
Ian_Cornedbus is broken too it seems20:15
Ian_Corneanyone confirm?20:15
Dr_Willisnot booted/upgrded my system in like 2 weeks... :) scary..20:16
bjsniderianm_, when you get "undefined reference to" errors in a build it's usually because of mismatched code, so old code vs. new code and whatnot20:17
farciarz84when the rc will be lanunched?20:18
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule20:18
ianm_bjsnider: seems like the build is missing SDL entirely, though I don't have an Oneiric box to test20:18
bjsniderthere's going to be an sdl-dev package that takes care of that20:19
ianm_could someone on Oneiric try:  pkg-config sdl --cflags --libs20:19
ianm_oh it's likely that the package name changed20:20
ianm_it was libsdl1.2-dev previously20:20
bjsnidergames should switch to pulse20:20
ianm_using pulseaudio?20:21
ianm_Luz uses SDL for graphics20:21
bjsnideri must have gotten it confused with audio20:22
ianm_it does audio as well20:22
farciarz84ok I'll keep my finger crossed for you. Thx for your hard work, 12.04 will be better then OSX and 11.10 then ms win ever.20:22
bjsniderwell, they should switch to pulse20:23
farciarz84I'm restarting my machine, hope everything will be fine after dist-upgrade20:23
Ian_Cornealso my keybindings don't work in unity 2D20:26
Ian_Corneand the PA thing is plenty annoying20:30
BluesKajthere are all kinds of pulseaudio problems ...wish it was optional instead of default20:37
farciarz84how to check wich intel driver gpu has been installed?20:39
penguin42farciarz84: /var/log/Xorg.0.log shows the X startup20:41
penguin42farciarz84: To my knowledge there is practially only one driver20:41
Ian_Cornewell, there's vesa too20:42
genii-aroundfarciarz84:  sudo lshw -C video        also shows a line starting with: configuration:      which has what driver is loaded for that video card20:42
BUGabundogood evening darlings!20:42
BluesKajfarciarz84, dpkg -l | grep intel20:42
BluesKajfarciarz84, or at or nvidia20:43
BluesKajhey BUGabundo20:43
farciarz84ok 2.2.15 they changed a lot and looks some major bugs were fixed20:45
farciarz84I have some issue with recent distro system-settings. Messageing and VoiP Accounts are unable to add/remove from account list. The =/- buttons are not working.20:46
farciarz84+/- *20:46
farciarz84also the import button doesn't work correct20:47
farciarz84Is is some common bug or not working only for me?20:48
farciarz84I've sent the bug to your tracking system.20:49
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h00kokay, I gave in and grabed the ppa.23:01
h00ks see how flash64 works.23:02
penguin42Angry Birds in G+ works - what else is there to say?23:02
h00khey, look at that.23:05
IdleOnepenguin42: needs more levels23:09
penguin42oops, sorry - wrong window23:17

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