hallowedwhat is the easiest way to do the equivalent of 'remote desktop' with ubuntu?03:52
hallowedvia ssh...then how would one go about forwarding the gui?03:52
fabricator4For a terminal session ssh03:52
hallowedthe whole gui03:53
hallowedi remember it was X..something03:53
fabricator4there's a remote desktop available... Never used it.03:53
fabricator4Under system -> preferences there's settings for "remote desktop"03:54
halloweddo you know what protocol it uses03:55
head_victimVNC from memory03:55
hallowedok, i was going to ssh then forward gui03:55
fabricator4Looks like an old tute: http://www.howtoforge.com/configure-remote-access-to-your-ubuntu-desktop03:55
hallowedbe more secure wouldn't it...03:56
hallowedrighto, sounds simple enough03:56
hallowedwork from windows/mac?03:56
fabricator4Don't know, but there's tutes on that too...03:57
lubotu2VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX03:59
head_victimThat should do it ;)03:59
hallowedsounds nice04:00
fabricator4System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> Remote Desktop04:00
head_victimYeah there's always HEAPS of documentation floating around. It's just a matter of finding the right set to follow.04:01
hallowedso !VNC come with ubuntu or is a package i need to download?04:01
head_victimIt's all in the link. Most of it should already be there or easily installed with apt-get (or the software centre)04:01
hallowedhow many og you guys installed gnome on natty?04:02
hallowedmuch better!04:03
head_victimI don't have natty installed anywhere. I have 10.04 on this pc and 11.10 on virtualbox installs04:03
fabricator4No, tried Debian for a while though.  Same problems as Unity, but looks pretty.04:03
head_victimYeah as many people that complain about Unity I've heard the same number complain about gnome-shell. The beauty of linux, you can choose what you like.04:04
hallowedUnity is too clumsy04:04
fabricator4Let's just forget about 25 years OO GUI development and go with a dock...04:04
head_victimI want a little more config in Unity, but I'm thinking 12.04 will be the one I really test out.04:04
hallowedwhens 12.04 due?04:05
head_victimWorst case scenario, I move to LXDE04:05
fabricator412.04 :-)04:05
head_victimhallowed: April 2012 :)04:05
hallowedisn't it still6 month releases04:05
fabricator411.10 in October, then 12.04 in April04:06
fabricator4Lxde is a bit minimal.  I like though...04:06
hallowedwhat is lxde?04:07
halloweddebian based?04:07
head_victimAwww it doesn't have that04:07
fabricator4:-)  hahah04:07
lubotu2lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:07
head_victimIt's another desktop environment, like gnome or kde.04:07
fabricator4Tried Kde, null pointer crashes here...04:08
fabricator4<head_victim> you work shifts?04:09
hallowed so are guys part of the ubuntu australia mob or just into ubuntu?04:10
head_victimIndeed I do.04:10
head_victimhallowed: both :)04:10
hallowedi checked out some screenshots of lxde04:12
hallowedlooks nice04:12
hallowedvery clean04:13
head_victimI found it for when I needed some P4s to work snapp04:13
fabricator4It is.  Xubuntu (Xde) isn't bad either04:13
hallowedfor lubuntu where its version is 11.0404:14
head_victimI found very little performance difference between gnome and xfce04:14
halloweddoes that mean its built on ubuntu 11.04? just new GUI04:14
fabricator4hallowed: correct04:14
head_victimhallowed: it's all Ubuntu, just different GUIs04:14
head_victimWith varying feature sets.04:14
hallowedbut i can get gnome individually but it looks like lubunut only comes as lubuntu! lol04:15
head_victimI actually spent 30 mins last night at work discussing translation with a guy at work. He couldn't understand how you could just go and fix something when you find it broken and everyone would have it fixed.04:15
hallowedcan i get the lxde package and just install?04:15
fabricator4Hallowed: Yes04:15
hallowedlooks like kde to me - hopefully it does run snappy!04:16
head_victimhallowed: just type "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" into a terminal and you can then log into it when you next go to log into your computer04:16
hallowedI might come to this channel more often!04:17
hallowedgood for learning04:17
head_victimWe're here to help04:17
head_victimAnd if we're not here, just try the mailing list04:17
hallowednatty comes with IRC client ya?04:18
fabricator4Yes, but I prefer Xchat04:18
head_victimYep, I personally use Xchat04:18
hallowedi read ages ago that xchat on windoes i think was unsecure... ::04:19
fabricator4Windows in unsecure :-)04:19
hallowedrighto then04:19
fabricator4People use adminstrative logins all the time.04:19
fabricator4I believe Windows 7 addresses that.04:20
hallowedoh no :004:20
hallowedall that *right clicking 'run as admin'*04:20
fabricator4That's it :-)04:20
fabricator4Took 'em 30 years to learn that.04:21
hallowedwinows was around b4 unix tho ya?04:21
fabricator4No, But DOS was04:22
fabricator4Those were the days...04:22
hallowedu saying unix was around b4 dos?04:22
fabricator4Actually, AT&T had things happening with a portable system in the 70's04:23
fabricator4Heard of Kernigan and Ritchie?04:23
fabricator4The Linus Torvolds of the 60/70s04:24
fabricator4You can trace the origins of *nix all the way back to K & R04:25
hallowedwhere did dos originate then?04:25
fabricator4Digital Research, sometime around 197004:26
fabricator4William Gates used to work for DResearch04:26
fabricator4When IBM wanted a CP/M type OS for their PC, up he popped.  The rest, as they say, is history.04:27
hallowedhow long u used linux/unix?04:28
fabricator4First used it in the early 90's04:28
hallowedlong time...04:28
fabricator4Didn't use it at home until Ubuntu 8 something or other.04:29
hallowedyeah thats what i first installed i think04:29
hallowedbut when i installed it it was old already!04:29
hallowedone of the free discs canonical used to post out04:30
fabricator4In the early 90's *nix only supported SCSI drive systems, so not suitable for home PCs04:30
halloweddo you pronounce scsi as SCUZZI?04:30
hallowedah ha04:31
fabricator4Stands for.... ?04:31
hallowednope -.-04:31
fabricator4Small Computer Systems Interface04:31
hallowednevder had a box with scuzzi04:31
hallowedwhat is that exclamation mar mean?04:32
hallowedeveryone on here uses them?04:32
fabricator4Trying to get the info bot to give a definition04:32
hallowedoh cool04:32
halloweddoes it work for anything?04:33
lubotu2Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:33
hallowednot work04:33
lubotu2SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)04:33
halloweddoes it pull definitions out of database?04:33
fabricator4Must do04:34
hallowedstill not work04:34
fabricator4Too basic.04:34
hallowedyou heard of airstream04:35
hallowedpretty cool04:35
hallowedhuge wifi network04:35
hallowedcovers like a state04:35
hallowedthey link towns with directionals and stuff04:36
hallowedpretty neat04:36
hallowedall users can go on the mini network04:36
hallowedfree of course once your on there04:36
hallowedi think its just fast wifi04:37
halloweddepends where you weer i guess04:37
fabricator4Expensive to set up, cheap to run04:37
hallowedyeah hey04:37
hallowedalways thought of making something similar04:38
hallowedeven just a really long point to point04:38
hallowedfree phone calls!04:38
fabricator4this it? http://www.air-stream.org.au/04:38
hallowedlooks like it - i think there is spin offs in WA etc cos i remember seeing a map of coverage way out of perth04:40
hallowedwhich state you in?04:40
hallowedin wa here04:40
fabricator4Raining and blowing a gale04:40
hallowedahh no04:40
hallowedthat cyclone way back must have been crazy04:41
fabricator4That was up north04:41
fabricator4I'm near Brisbane04:41
hallowedoh well04:42
hallowedi will come on here some time in the future04:42
fabricator4Now worries, someone is always here (usually)04:42
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hallowedhey folks08:46
hallowedi am chasing a benchmark/stress test program for ubuntu08:46
hallowedjust overclocking an old mobo08:46
hallowedand got the 1386 ubuntu disc ready...08:47
hallowedi have never benchmarked using ubuntu - any ideas08:48
fabricator4Might be an old reference.  I haven't done it either.08:48
head_victimphronix have a bench test suite for linux from memory08:49
head_victimDepends on what you want to test08:49
fabricator4Most of my old machines, I try NOT to stress them too much :-)08:49
hallowedthe program "stress" sounds nice - just got the package08:51
fabricator4Hey that's not a bad program for testing.  Might have a look myself.  CPU torture anyone?08:52
hallowedwe will see how hot it gets... :)08:52
head_victimIf it's just cpu I use burnP6 08:52
fabricator4You can target different areas, CPU, Memory mallocs, io sync08:52
hallowedyeah looks good08:53
hallowedbut how keep a check on temp & CPU usage?08:54
hallowedor does it show that aswell?08:54
hallowedin windows everst dows the trick08:54
fabricator4No idea.  You might need to display temp separately.08:54
hallowedany apps built into ubuntu? system properties perhaps...08:55
fabricator4Not that I know of.  I use Gkrellm for system monitoring08:56
lubotu2To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.08:57
hallowedthanks 08:59
head_victimNo worries, I'm just sitting here trying to work out how I can make google send me reminders about birthdays. Apparently it's not as easy as I thought.09:00
hallowedsomeone needs to call it a day...!09:01
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TonjevicI was just wondering what this team does20:25
Tonjevichrm, well, having read some of your website, I guess I've answered my own question!20:33
Tonjevicapologies for popping into the channel at such an early hour :)20:33

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