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adam_gsmoser: ping16:41
smoseradam_g, here...16:45
adam_gsmoser: https://bugs.launchpad.net/software-properties/+bug/829109 breaks the apt CC module because cloud-init/cfg are running with a tty attached. any thoughts? im looking at it now16:51
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 829109 in software-properties "add-apt-repository - New confirmation dialog breaks existing scripts" [Medium,Fix released]16:51
smoseradam_g, will look at it in 15 minutes16:52
adam_gsmoser: if you're jammed up don't worry about it16:53
smoserno, just patch piloting for another 15 minute sor so16:54
adam_gsmoser: /win 517:20
adam_gsmoser: errr, fix incoming17:21
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smoserhallyn, any progress?18:22
smoseradam_g, so do you ahve a redirect to /dev/null or '-y' add for cloud-init ? or you want me to do that18:23
smoseri guess i wonder why there is a console there anyway.. maybe we should generally kill that in cloud-init18:24
smoseras there is no reason that there should be a console18:24
hallynsmoser: not sure yet how/why, but i think the root cause is that /var/lib/nova is a symlink to /mnt/var-dirs/nova18:26
hallynah, yes18:26
hallyni getr it18:26
hallynit's a symlink.  that symlink doesn't correctly dereference while we're pivot-rooting18:27
hallynor at least, not to /.oldroot/...18:27
hallynmaybe just using the right path in xml will work?  lemme try18:28
smoserholly carp18:30
smoserso that pivot root issue would be actually kernel ?18:30
hallynissue is that libvirt_lxc is trying to mount --move from /.oldroot/var/lib/nova/.../dev/pts, but a part of that is a symlink which does not dereference18:31
smoserhallyn, so why did that not fail with reasonable debug output ?18:39
smoser  virReportSystemError(errno, "%s", _("Failed to mount /dev/pts in container"));18:39
hallynwell in the end (IF i'm right) that's pretty reasonable output :)18:39
smoserits *very* reasonable output18:42
smoserbut i did not see it in any log18:42
adam_gsmoser: sorry, back18:42
smoserdoes it segfault or something?18:43
smoseradam_g, i see your merge proposal18:43
hallynanyway, it's definately a bug, but we'd have to (and this will take time) come up with a reproducible case and work with upstream for a good fix18:43
hallynbut, i'm still not 100% working18:43
adam_gadam_g: sent a merge proposal that just redirects input to /dev/null otherwise it'll have a tty. thats the better way to do it, as '-y' would only work with the recent software-properties versions18:43
smoseradam_g, do you happen to have an idea on how we would say "stdout is not a terminal" globally in cloud-init ?18:43
smoserhallyn, that is easy to do if you're right. (the test case)18:45
smoserif thats the only issue.18:45
adam_gsmoser: we want to do that for stdin, and its handled per subprocess via the subp() function in cloudinit/util.py18:45
smoserand i'm *really* sorry that we wasted time on this... i never would have expected that symlink i was doing to cuase such a pita18:45
smoserright... stdin, not stdout. my bad.18:46
RoAkSoAxadam_g: im here :)18:46
hallynsmoser: well, the thing i'm hanging on now (after not using the symlink) is a failed (-EBUSY) umount of .oldroot.  which should NOT be hanging.  it's not busy18:48
hallynwe may need to make it do lazy umount if umount fails.  not sure how danpb will feel about that18:48
RoAkSoAxsmoser: isn't there a way (in user-data) to tell add-apt-repository to use -y?18:48
hallynor, if it's just masking over real problems18:48
hallynoh wait, maybe bc i didn't change console file18:49
smoserRoAkSoAx, i could think of a hack18:49
RoAkSoAxsmoser: what do you have in mind?18:50
smoserboothook that did: f=/usr/bin/add-apt-repository; [ -f "$f.real" ] || mv $f $f.real && echo '#!/bin/sh\nexec $0.real -y "$@"\n' && chmod 755 $f18:51
hallynsmoser: yes!  i'd messed things up enough that i needed a reboot, but in the end that fixes it18:55
RoAkSoAxsmoser: cool thanks18:55
smoserhallyn, right. reboot fixes it.18:56
smoserwell, sort of.18:56
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smoserit would then break the nbd mount18:56
smoserwhich will break that directory from being an lxc container18:57
hallynsmoser: well id' really been mucking with my mount tables18:57
hallynnow it works, so long as i edit the xml to use the non-symlink path18:57
hallynsmoser: you're using an older lxcguest in that rootfs?  it has console.conf...18:57
hallynguess you don't really care18:57
smoserhallyn, well, where'd you et the image from ?18:58
hallynsmoser: can you proceed this way (just sed -i 's./var/lib./mnt/nova-dirs.' on any xmls you create)18:58
hallynsmoser: i follwed your instructions to the letter.  (without paying much attention :)18:58
smoserthat will get the most recent daily18:59
smoserhallyn, which is built either either yesterday or today depending on when you got it18:59
smoser(the right serial number should be in 'ls ~/images')19:00
hallynoh. hmm.  actually console.conf has the right contents.  So wtf is it running a getty?19:00
hallynall right ignore me i guess i was on crack.  it works fine now19:02
smoserwhat works fine, hallyn?19:29
hallynsmoser: starting those containers19:36
hallynsmoser: once you sed -i 's./var/lib./mnt/nova-dirs.' on the xml19:36
smoserso what do you thikn is failing ?19:38
smoserand why don't we get a debug message that says what is failing?19:39
smoseris it segfaulting somewhere ?19:39
hallynyou have a long path /a/b/c/d/e/f/g, and c along the way is a symlink which is not valid when looking at /.oldroot/a/b/c/d/e/f/g19:40
hallynso i'm not sure whether upstream will say it is a bug in libvirt, or just abuse19:40
hallynthe latter doesn't really seem reasonable, but i'm not sure what they can do to cleanly fix it19:40
hallynanyway we just need to report it upstream, and you need to just specify paths not containing symlinks in the meantime in .xml for libvirt-lxc19:41
smoserhallyn, ok. i'll try a work around in nova19:45
smoserthat should be reasonable there.19:45
smoserbasically we need a os.path.realpath() in libvirt-lxc19:45
hallynno that's not enough19:46
smoseroh, really?19:46
hallynoh, you mean for your workaround?19:46
hallynyes, that'll do :)19:46
hallyni think19:46
smoseri can easily do the os.path.realpath() in nova19:47
smoseri'm less C capable, but if that is sufficient, doing it in libvirt-lxc would be more beneficial19:47
hallynif you do that in a python shell right now on /var/lib/libvirt/nova, what do you get?19:47
hallynyeah that works19:49
hallynit just has to be done while writing the xml19:49
smoserwell, it doesn' thave to be done then. it could be done while consuming the xml.19:50
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hallynsmoser: oddly, when i try to reproduce the symlink failure with a busybox lxc container, it works just fine21:22
hallynah, i think i see21:23
hallynsmoser: apart from an hour or two tonight and a bit of checking over the week, i'll be out this week.  if you manage to reproduce it with a trivial busybox container pls shoot me an email.  i have, so far, failed21:35
Kyle__Is it normal for your nodes to not reconnect to the controller after a reboot?22:17
Kyle__Is there anything stored in eucalyptus's conf files that is mac-address specific?22:52
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obinoKyle__: if you mean about the NC host, then no23:03
Kyle__obino: OK.  And on the CC?23:03
obinoEucalyptus do not uses MAC. The only are involved when using STATIC mode23:04
Kyle__obino: OK.  Thanks.  Switched NICs out, having a bit of weirdness now23:05
obinoNC not reporting?23:11
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