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kim0Morning everyone08:02
nigelbMorning kim0, dpm :)08:05
nigelbI may have fixed a 4-digit bug today :P08:05
kim0what's tjat08:05
nigelbkim0: bug 459508:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 4595 in launchpad "Don't auto-linkify non-existent bug reports" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/459508:07
kim0oh you're hacking on LP now! scarry :)08:08
nigelbkim0: since UDS! About 5 fixes landed. This is the 6th one :)08:09
kim0oh nice!08:10
dpmmorning kim0, nigelb and everyone else!08:48
kim0dpm: howdy o/08:49
popeyjcastro: buy me one, thanks! http://gifts.barnesandnoble.com/HP-TouchPad-Tablet-with-16GB-Memory-WiFi-12GHz-Black/e/886111788637?itm=3&usri=touchpad09:36
nigelbAlanBell: OMG10:32
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AlanBellnice nigelb10:43
czajkowskishould add the release party to the LD13:20
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paultagczajkowski: you're blagging up a storm13:45
czajkowskipaultag: only cause I'm offline as of tomorrow13:48
czajkowskione more thing to do13:48
paultagczajkowski: :)13:48
czajkowskiand then done13:48
czajkowskimail sent to loco teams13:48
czajkowskievent added13:48
jonodpm, will be a few mins, and then will set up hangout14:28
dpmjono, sure!14:28
jonodpm, invite sent14:34
nigelbjcastro: do you have a traceback?14:48
nigelbhm, mhall119 probably does.14:49
nigelbI'll ask him.14:49
* popey glares at jcastro 14:49
jcastropopey: yo14:50
mhall119nigelb: you talking sponsorship deletion?14:57
nigelbmhall119: yes14:58
jonokim0, sorry, will be a min15:05
jonowrapping up a convo with rick15:05
jonokim0, will skype you15:12
nigelbjcastro: ha, fixed that bug. mhall119 gave me a branch instead of a traceback.15:12
nigelbjcastro: Time to close the new bugs you file is pretty awesome ;)15:14
jonokim0, you are not on skype15:14
kim0jono: yeah .. an upgrade seems to have killed it (ldd issues)15:14
kim0jono: let's g+ then15:15
jonoI am in there kim015:16
jonokim0, you joined and then left15:17
jonoI lost you again kim015:19
kim0jono: yeah it's not too stable15:19
jonoit seems like you are having some issues15:19
jonolets reschedule15:19
kim0ok then15:19
kim0jono: I'll email you15:19
jonothanks kim015:19
kim0the updates15:19
kim0cool .15:19
jonoseems like the kings of communication are against us15:20
kim0lemme see what's wrong with skype15:20
kim0any idea why those libs are missing folks15:20
jonolooks like a broken Qt15:21
kim0those libs are there .. seems like it needs the 32bit variant though15:23
kim0no idea what removed that ... let's see15:23
jcastroor snag the statically compiled one from their website15:25
kim0shouldn't skype be on partner repo15:27
nigelbit probably is15:28
jcastroare you on one eyed rick?15:28
nigelbjcastro: the repo just copies the binary into the right place.15:28
nigelb*the one in the repo15:28
kim0oneiric yes :)15:29
paultagI keep reading oneiric as one-rick15:29
jcastroiirc partner is usually behind wrt. ubuntu+115:31
nigelbI keep think of rickspencer3.15:31
nigelbbut that's probably because of UDS15:31
akgranerI just say -o b/c for the life of me I can't pronounce oneiric without sounding like a hick...15:33
kim0found it .. bug 83044015:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 830440 in skype "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83044015:33
jcastrokim0: ping me when your call is done15:36
jcastroI'm having a hard time with the end of the mongodb demo15:36
kim0jcastro: it's over already15:36
kim0jcastro: what's wrong15:37
jcastroI get "error: { "$err" : "not master", "code" : 10107 }"15:37
jcastrowhen doing a db.ubuntu.find() after I add units15:37
kim0jcastro: did you deploy 2 nodes or just 1 ?15:37
jcastroI added like 515:37
kim0heh! I got that only when it was one node15:37
jcastrook so I am I missing a step?15:38
jcastroI add units15:38
jcastrothen wait for them to come up15:38
jcastrothen ssh back in15:38
jcastrobasically, I just need to prove that the data is there and in the other nodes15:38
kim0jcastro: mm .. maybe you shouldn't ssh and start playing till it's two nodes ? :)15:39
kim0it was really broken with one node15:39
kim0I opened a bug and Juan said he'd look into it15:39
jcastrowell, he told me it would work15:40
jcastrowe went through this on thursday15:40
jcastrohopefully he'll be online soon15:40
kim0jcastro: yeah .. when are you demo'ing it15:41
kim0today ?15:41
jcastrobut I'll have him physically with me15:41
kim0ah cool!15:41
jcastroI've video'ed all the steps15:41
kim0I was gonna say, if he's not around or something, I can try to ssh'in and try to see what's wrong15:41
jcastroso I can present it15:41
jcastrojust missing like that last minute where we prove the data is in other node15:41
kim0got it15:42
jcastroman dude15:42
jcastrovideo editing sucks15:42
kim0jcastro: openshot ?15:42
kim0it rox!15:42
jcastroyeah but like, it's not multicore15:42
kim0it is!15:42
kim0the final export15:42
jcastroso like, it took me all day to render the video15:42
kim0is at least15:42
kim0does 2 cores for me15:42
jcastroO_O is that a setting?15:42
kim0mm not sure15:42
kim0didn't have to do anything afair15:43
jcastroah ok15:46
jcastroon yours you do15:46
jcastrouse ubuntu;15:46
jcastrodo I need that step?15:46
jcastrooh DUDE.15:47
jcastroI think I got it, tell me if this makes sense15:47
jcastroon my demo I say "scale out camp rocks"15:47
jcastrobut I'm doing db.ubuntu.find()15:47
jcastroI should be doing15:48
jcastroand then db.camp.find()15:49
jcastrokim0: ^15:51
* kim0 brushes brain15:52
jcastroI was searching for ubuntu15:52
jcastrobut my string didn't have ubuntu in it15:52
kim0you should be saving first15:52
kim0then find'ing15:52
kim0jcastro: think it should work that way .. that part was confusing in the screencast too15:53
jcastrook let me try it15:53
kim0jcastro: and yes you probably need use someDB15:53
kim0if you don't .. I think it uses a default DB called test or so15:53
kim0jcastro: those mongos are read-slaves btw15:54
jcastroso do these steps make sense to you?15:55
kim0jcastro: that's it .. added some notes .. but only testing will let us know what works15:57
jcastroyep, trying it now15:57
jcastrokim0: ok waiting for the instances16:01
kim0drum roll16:02
jcastrosame error16:06
jcastrowant to ssh in and look around?16:06
kim0jcastro: oh sorry just saw your message .. I see Juan is with ya now .. let me know if you'll need me to try n help16:24
czajkowskijussi: ping16:24
jcastroI think I'll be good.16:24
jcastrokim0: if worse comes to worse your video is fine16:24
* kim0 nods16:24
jcastroI just want to  "push" it with 5+ nodes, mwahahaha16:24
kim0jcastro: it would actually be cooler if it had sharding16:25
kim0not just read slaves :)16:25
czajkowskiPici: you about16:25
Piciczajkowski: I am.16:25
jcastrokim0: hah, yeah, that would be awesome16:25
jcastrosharding is the secret to the web scale sauce16:25
kim0probably everyone is gonna hit 830440 on your next update .. and the workaround didn't work for me .. Let me know any insight16:26
kim0oh I have to say bug 830440 .. ok16:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 830440 in skype "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83044016:26
czajkowskiPici: our bot is missing from -locoteams :(16:26
Piciczajkowski: Which one did you have in there?16:26
czajkowskione which we could use !factorids16:27
kim0jcastro: oh btw .. wanted to ask how did that hybrid disk work out for you ? my disk is half dying, would you recommend that over a plain disk ?16:27
Piciczajkowski: Looks like ubot4 is offline, I'll see what I can do.16:28
jcastrokim0: I sold it with my old laptop, but when I had it, it was great16:30
jcastrokim0: writes are the same as a normal disk when put through the keybuk test16:30
jcastrobut reads are faster16:30
kim0jcastro: momentus xt are the good ones right16:30
kim0I was underwhelmed it only had 4G SSD in it16:30
kim0doh .. I expected 10 or 2016:30
jcastroyeah it's not what you wish it was, heh16:31
jcastrolike, 1tb of HDD and 32gb of SSD, heh16:31
kim0yeah :)16:31
kim0that would actually be good16:31
jcastrostill, if you're going to go with a spinning disk, it's not that much more than a normal drive16:31
kim0sometimes it helps .. most of the time, it's normall16:32
kim0cool thanks16:32
czajkowskihttp://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2011/08/22/ubuntu-11-10-release-parties/  if you can spread the word16:34
mhall119jcastro: I have some fixes ready to deploy for summit, if it's okay to push them out16:35
jcastroheh why are you asking me? you're the expert. :p16:35
mhall119yeah, but you own it16:36
jcastronice try16:36
mhall119I'm gonna keep saying it until it's true16:36
jcastroczajkowski: do you have a tweet I can RT?16:37
czajkowskiyeah let me rt.16:37
czajkowskiMy tweets are private atm16:37
nigelbmhall119: I agree. jcastro owns summit.16:38
czajkowskijcastro: tweeted16:38
mhall119jcastro: deployed, can you try deleting the duplication submission?16:38
nigelbjcastro: also test suggesting sponsorship for someone who doesn't exist16:39
jcastrowoo! it works!16:39
mhall119ew, the menu changes make the admin link wrap below the main-nav :P16:39
mhall119we need a better place for that16:39
nigelbmhall119: there's a pending MP for that.16:40
nigelbmhall119: cjohnston  needs to fix it.16:40
mhall119nigelb: does it move it to top-nav?16:40
jcastronigelb: that works as well!16:40
nigelbmhall119: moves it to mothership!16:40
* jcastro doesn't care where the admin button is16:40
nigelbjcastro: yay!16:41
mhall119jcastro: did you ever file a bug for that error?16:41
nigelbthe traceback?16:41
nigelbI linked it16:41
jcastroquick, get  the karma for fixing it!16:41
jcastrokim0: can I have the original ogg of your mongo video?16:51
jcastroflash isn't playing well with one eyed rick16:51
kim0jcastro: got somewhere I can push those files to (preferably from a cli app) ?16:55
jcastroubuntu one?16:55
kim0ok .. pushing16:56
kim0jcastro: give it a nice hour or so :)16:58
* kim0 goes for food .. partially afk16:58
* jcastro too16:59
czajkowskino dmp ?17:01
czajkowskidpm ?17:02
nigelbczajkowski: just left I think.17:04
czajkowskiok thanks17:04
paultagdoctormo: crap, I just remembered17:51
paultagdoctormo: I have to get some work done @ the dentist's17:51
paultagdoctormo: on wednesday *17:52
paultagthat would have been wicked random for me to say otherwise17:52
jcastrojono: I'm all set17:57
jonojcastro, oh, I thought you were out at the conference?17:59
jcastrojono: nope, just TUE-WED.17:59
jcastrooh that changed, let me adjust the calendar17:59
jonocool, give me two mins17:59
jcastrowe scaled it back17:59
jonojcastro, lets do skype18:05
jonojcastro, call me up18:06
jcastroyeah sec18:06
jcastrodoesn't run in one eyed rick18:07
czajkowskihmm cannot find an item I was assinged to for this cycle to mark in progress19:05
jonojcastro, ping?19:30
jonojcastro, so the Ensemble presentations are finished now, right?19:30
jcastroyeah basically19:30
jcastrofrom now on the folder will just have iterations of them19:30
jcastroso like, my next one will be "scaleoutcamp.ods"19:30
jcastroand will be like, the long presentation + video19:31
jonoand the planned events is all finalized and tickets booked?19:31
cjohnstonjcastro: stop changing the main-nav on uds.u.c!21:02
jcastrocjohnston: I didn't change anything22:59
cjohnstonwho added the new link jc?23:51
cjohnstonjcastro: ^23:51

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