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pitti_Good morning04:14
pitti_dobey: yup, saw the MP, will do this morning04:14
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RAOFpitti: Good morning!  Do you know how access control to sane/cups/etc devices is handled?06:07
RAOFDo we have udev rules + an ACL, or something different?06:07
jasoncwarner_hey everyone...having a heck of a day with compiz...anyone else having issues?06:07
pittiRAOF: cupsd runs as root, so we don't do much of ACL there06:08
pittiRAOF: for sane and gphoto cams we do use ACLs, see /lib/udev/rules.d/70-udev-acl.rules06:08
pittiENV{ID_GPHOTO2}=="*?", TAG+="udev-acl"06:08
pittiENV{libsane_matched}=="yes", TAG+="udev-acl"06:08
pittiRAOF: see /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules and 40-libgphoto2-2.rules06:09
RAOFAaah!  I saw /lib/udev/rules.d/libsane, but that applied an ACL for a non-existent group.06:09
pittiyeah, we don't use the scanner group06:09
pittihey jasoncwarner_ -- it got a bit better with the most recent compiz, but I still get crashes06:10
RAOFI'm running unity trunk as of last Friday evening, and that's doing pretty well.06:10
jbichapitti: how should I handle gnome-tweak-tool's missing m4 directory?06:10
jasoncwarner_pitti: I keep getting window decorator crashes06:10
RAOFAlthough it's still leaking gem_objects, so the OOM killer starts kicking in after a while.06:11
pittijbicha: hm, I'm not sure06:11
jbichaI thought I could just do it in the rules file as it seems to me a bit weird to do a patch for that06:12
pittijbicha: does it just require an mkdir/, or also files in it?06:12
jbichait doesn't actually need anything in the directory, but I believe autoconf chokes if that directory doesn't exist06:13
ubot2Debian bug 565663 in automake "autoconf: autoreconf fails if macro dir does not exist" [Normal,Open]06:15
RAOFpitti: Hm.  And what does udev-acl actually do?  I'm trying to ensure that colord gets access to the appropriate devices (scanners & printers) without root.06:17
pittiRAOF: ACLs aren't meant for system daemons06:22
pittiRAOF: they are meant for giving device access to the user who is currently on the foreground console06:22
pittiRAOF: udev-acl and consolekit cause an extra rw ACL to get added for ^06:23
pittijbicha: hm, then mkdir'ing in rules before calling configure or autoreconf ought to do it indeed06:24
RAOFpitti: So I need to add some explicit magic so the colord user has access to the appropriate devices?06:24
RAOFAnd by "magic" I presumably mean "another udev rule, applying a rw ACL for the colord user".06:25
pittiRAOF: is colord a system daemon or running in the user session?06:25
RAOFSystem daemon.06:26
RAOF(dbus activated, but system wide)06:26
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pittiRAOF: and it needs to talk to scanners?06:27
pittifor that it could ensure that the scanner system group exists and put itself in that06:27
RAOFIt is, by upstream default, run as root, but kees was concerned that it's vector for exploits; it allows the user to pass arbitrary data to lcms, and lcms has apparently had security holes in the past.06:28
pittifor printers, it should talk to them through cups, otherwise cupsd and colord would race for device access06:28
RAOFWell, really it wants to use sane to talk to scanners.  I _think_ it already talks to printers through cups, tkamppeter might know better.06:28
pittilibsane presumably06:29
pittiso, put it into "scanner" and "lp"06:29
pittiI still don't think that it's such a good idea to have this as a separate daemon, as it will provoke device locking race conditions, but that's an upstream design problem, not an "access permission" one06:29
pittiwell, for scanning there is no daemon, so it has little other chance06:30
RAOFMy understanding is that it's not going to fight for the scanner very often, and only in response to a user request (ie: I've stuck a standard colour-profile image on my scanner, kindly calibrate it for me).06:32
RAOFIt also wants to be able to enumerate scanners, as they're the sort of thing you want to calibrate :)06:36
jbichapitti: I did that in my rules file, but that didn't work when you tried to build it?06:40
pittiapparently not; I need to try again06:41
tkamppeterRAOF, AFAIK colord only talks with CUPS and not with the printers directly, but I do not really know about the internals of colord.06:45
RAOFHey, there we go.  Now colord sees the hpaio scanner.06:51
pittijbicha: aah07:28
pittijbicha: your debian/rules patch has the mkdir commented out07:28
pittijbicha: how about I comment that in, and move it into post-patches::?07:28
jbichaoops sorry about that, thank you07:29
pitti+       [ -d m4 ] || mkdir m407:29
pittisomethign like this?07:29
pittijbicha: btw, can I ask you to keep the changelog target as "UNRELEASED" as long as this isn't really uploaded?07:30
jbichayes, post-patches sounds like a better place07:30
pittiok, builds now07:30
jbichapitti: ok, I'll use UNRELEASED from now on07:30
* pitti pushes and uploads07:31
Nafallohrm. did we get rid of the settings dialog for setting the font sizes in oneiric? :-)07:32
RAOFNafallo: You can fiddle with them in gnome-tweak-tool, but there's no by-default way of doing that, no :(07:33
Nafallohehe. seems there was a lot of settings that disappeared. hopefully they'll come back on whatever p will be.07:34
jbichaNafallo: you can also try System Settings>Universal Access and then pick a Text size, but it's not very precise07:34
Nafallookay. at least I've got options now. thanks guys.07:35
pittihey rodrigo_, how are you?08:09
pittibonjour seb12808:10
seb128hey rodrigo_ pitti, how are you?08:11
seb128pitti, I'm great thanks ;-)08:11
rodrigo_hi pitti, seb08:13
Sweetsharkmorning all08:13
pittihey Sweetshark, had a nice weekend?08:13
pittiseb128: hm, just noticed the "things to sync on Debian" section08:16
pittiseb128: there are no names who requested them; how do you handle this usually, -b seb128?08:16
seb128pitti, well that was rather for the early in the cycle before the freezes08:16
seb128pitti, I just noticed that people put things there recently, 2 of 3 listed have sync request bugs08:17
pittiah, will look there, thanks08:17
seb128pitti, danke08:18
* pitti syncs gtkmm2.4 himself then, this is good and harmless08:18
pittiall syncs done08:20
seb128pitti, but yeah, I tend to sync with my name when I do those early in the cycle if people don't put their name next to the sync08:21
pittiand updated the pad accordingly08:21
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:46
rodrigo_hi chrisccoulson08:46
pittihey chrisccoulson08:47
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, rodrigo_. how are you?08:47
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?08:56
pittichrisccoulson: quite fine, thanks! had a nice weekend08:57
chrisccoulsonhi seb128. i'm good, but a bit tired thanks08:57
chrisccoulsonmy daughter kept me awake for most of last night08:57
pittiwe did quite a lot of garden and house work on Saturday, and went swimming/idling yesterday :)08:57
seb128oh :-(08:57
seb128is the ok?08:57
pittichrisccoulson: teeth again or did she catch a flu?08:57
chrisccoulsoni'm not too sure. she seems fine this morning. i'm not sure why she doesn't feel tired like me ;)08:58
chrisccoulsonoh, i already had gnome-screensaver to go09:09
seb128yeah, not sure why jbicha did it while it was assigned to you on the etherpad, I guess it was an overlook :-(09:09
chrisccoulsonit seems like i shut my eyes for a few hours at the weekend and everyone takes stuff i was working on ;)09:09
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur also reverted the changes that give it the gnome-shell look09:10
jbichachrisccoulson: yes, sorry about that, didn't see until after I had already finished it09:10
chrisccoulsonbut he's reverted it for all sessions09:10
seb128chrisccoulson, did he? where?09:10
chrisccoulsonseb128, he pinged me on IRC yesterday09:10
seb128oh ok09:10
seb128rodrigo_, oh, you have up on fighting to keep the 2s pad delay? ;-)09:11
seb128huats, lut09:13
seb128huats, how is the gktsourceview update going?09:13
Shambler[Bishopasking here as haven't found an answer on #ubuntu: how do I recover from a black screen, where all programs are still running normally, just screen is black, without rebooting, and while keeping programs open?09:14
seb128Shambler[Bishop, hi, try #ubuntu for user questions09:16
Shambler[Bishopok. is there a more dev-oriented channel I can ask in? solving my problem without losing open programs, seems like it might require dev smarts09:17
seb128Shambler[Bishop, not really, dev channels are not support ones09:18
huatsseb128, I should be able to finish it tomorrow (today I have a big deadline)09:18
Shambler[Bishopfair enough09:18
seb128Shambler[Bishop, but I would try to stop the screensaver and to restart compiz if I were you09:18
huatsseb128, I'll let you know09:18
seb128huats, ok09:18
Shambler[Bishopyep screensaver is already off09:19
seb128Shambler[Bishop, without any description of what version of ubuntu you use, what desktop, what you were doing etc it's almost impossible to help you there09:19
brycehchvt and xrandr might be of some utility09:20
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, the new thunderbird theme does work with the light radiance theme btw09:20
Shambler[Bishoplatest, in virtualbox, the new desktop with everything moved to side of screen, no screensaver, wasn't doing anything at time (it was left to its own devices, encoding a dvd in the background, as it is still doing now)09:20
seb128chrisccoulson, why not?09:20
chrisccoulsoni needed to restart thunderbird when i tried it though ;)09:20
Shambler[BishopI think gfx driver has crashed or something09:20
chrisccoulsonseb128, last time i tried it, it didn't work09:20
chrisccoulsonbut after i restarted it, i realized that it did actually work09:20
chrisccoulsonthe icons get their colours from the theme09:21
seb128oh ok, I read "doesn't work", dunno why ;-)09:21
seb128chrisccoulson, great09:21
chrisccoulsonso it looks pretty good with radiance too09:21
seb128is the default in the default install now btw?09:22
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, but it will be later today09:22
seb128excellent ;-)09:22
seb128ok, let's finish with the updates09:28
seb128chrisccoulson, want to claim one or two updates?09:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, can do09:29
pittihm, firefox seems to have forgotten to scroll down when marking text and pushing below the lower edge09:29
rodrigo_seb128, not gave up, but I thought we'll try and see if this introduces more bugs than it fixes09:29
seb128rodrigo_, why would it introduce bugs?09:30
seb128it was the default for several cycles09:30
rodrigo_seb128, that's what I've been told09:30
rodrigo_seb128, 2.0s was the default09:30
seb1280.5s just tends to be a bit short and you still get palm clicking sometimes09:30
seb128rodrigo_, what bastien said is that 0.5s leads to palm clicks because it's a bit short09:31
rodrigo_seb128, but asI said, we'll see, if nobody complains we'll be ok :)09:31
seb128but we lived with it without complain for some years09:31
seb128the 2s just feels buggy09:31
seb128you get a good 1s where you try to use the pad and where it doesn't work09:31
seb128pitti, want to do the gvfs update?09:32
chrisccoulsonpitti - that's a known bug09:32
pittiseb128: yes; I still need about an hour or two for jockey, then I can get to this09:32
chrisccoulsonwe had a distro patch to fix that in firefox 6, but this code got completely rewritten in firefox 709:32
seb128pitti, no hurry, thanks ;-)09:32
pittithe new -updates fglrx/nvidia driver packages hit around FF, and it was not so trivial to show them09:32
pittibut I got the underlying bug fixed now09:32
seb128ok, I will do updates later, I need to pilot first ;-)09:33
pittichrisccoulson: ugh, that's still not fixed upstream? weird that so few people c&p from firefox, I seem to do that rather often09:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, me too. it's always been a problem, but it was masked by the presence of the statusbar in old versions09:33
chrisccoulsonso we carried a patch since firefox 4 to fix that09:33
chrisccoulsonbut the patch needs a big rethink now09:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64462109:37
ubot2Mozilla bug 644621 in Selection "Drag selection scrolling does not work properly in fullscreen and maximized mode" [Normal,Reopened: ]09:38
pittichrisccoulson: ah, so if there was an one-pixel border at the bottom, it would work?09:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah09:40
seb128jbicha, pitti: do you have any clue about09:40
seb128I will never understand why those happen I think09:40
pittiI actually used ubuntu:gnome-tweak-tool for sponsoring this09:41
RAOFcyphermox: By the way, bug #828556 is available for your delectation.09:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 828556 in network-manager "When wireless is enabled, anything touching the network deadlocks in the kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82855609:41
pittiit happens when I push the current upload to bzr, but then the package importer sees that the actual .dsc doesn't quite match what's in the branch09:41
seb128pitti, why would the Categories be different?09:42
pittiI have no idea :/09:42
seb128ok, thanks09:42
pittibleh, DSL reconnect09:45
pittiif the archive version is right and the branch is wrong, the merge should just be rejected09:45
pittiotherwise we need to reupload; perhaps the patch application got wrong at some point09:45
pittiseb128: ^09:45
seb128pitti, ok thanks09:46
RAOFBah.  Are there any good tools for working out what's dbus-activating colord about 15 seconds into boot?09:48
pittiRAOF: hm, not that I know of; you could perhaps launch dbus-monitor early in the boot and have it log into a file?09:49
pittiRAOF: but perhaps it's easier to grep /usr/bin/, /usr/sbin etc. for the d-bus name of colord09:50
jbichapitti: I did unapply the .desktop patch before I did my merge proposal, maybe that's a bad idea09:50
RAOFpitti: Hah!  When all else fails, grep the binaries? :)09:50
pittijbicha: for this reason I really hate the UDD branches; preapplied patches are EBW09:50
pittiand there's no way to not break them, unless you tear apart a chicken09:50
pittijbicha: so seems we need another upload there?09:51
RAOFAh.  Hello cups!09:51
pittijbicha: which category is right, "settings" or "utility"?09:51
rodrigo_who can I talk to about user groups in ubuntu?09:52
rodrigo_unix user groups, that is09:52
jbichaand I'll make sure I have reapplied patches before uploading09:53
pittirodrigo_: me09:53
rodrigo_pitti, ok :)09:53
jbichathe ubuntu-desktop branches are so much easier to do the right thing with09:53
rodrigo_pitti, so, my question is about the wheel group09:53
pittirodrigo_: I'll be right back with you, need to restart session09:54
pittikeyring went AWOL09:54
rodrigo_pitti, ok09:54
pittirodrigo_: so, wheel group?09:56
rodrigo_pitti, yes, so upstream accountsservice uses the wheel group to add admin users09:57
rodrigo_on ubuntu that just adds the user to 'adm', iirc09:57
pittiwe use the "admin" group for admins09:57
rodrigo_so, if I'm right,since wheel group is recognized, it should do the correct thing, which is to add the user to the groups in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/81090709:58
ubot2Ubuntu bug 810907 in gnome-control-center "User Accounts profiles need to be updated for Ubuntu" [High,Confirmed]09:58
rodrigo_pitti, yes, but wheel is a pretty standard thing, isn't it?09:58
pittirodrigo_: or rather, it was thirty years ago :)09:58
pittirodrigo_: we don't really use it, as we use sudo09:58
rodrigo_my question is if we still have that group, should we patch apps or just make it do the correct thing?09:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - if you want to work around the scrolling issue btw, just use ctrl+f to open the find bar ;)09:59
rodrigo_that is, if you use the wheel group, create an admin user with the correct groups in09:59
chrisccoulsonor ctrl+/ to turn on the addon bar09:59
pittichrisccoulson: ah, nice09:59
BigWhaleuhm... hi. is nspluginwrapper in oneiric broken just for me or for everyone?09:59
pittirodrigo_: the concept of wheel is rather incompatible with the concept of sudo10:00
BigWhalebroken = uninstallable10:00
pittirodrigo_: the consistent Ubuntu thing is to put admins into "admin", and that's it10:00
pittiadm is fine, too10:00
rodrigo_pitti, patching apps = upload a patch I have for accountsservice to add users to all needed groups in ubuntu10:00
pittiBigWhale: you need to enable multiarch10:00
BigWhalehow do I do that?10:00
pittirodrigo_: "wheel" is for users which are supposed to mess around in /usr/ without any extra passworrd/su/sudo10:00
pittiBigWhale: slangasek sent a mini-howto to u-devel@ recently10:01
rodrigo_pitti, hmm, ok10:01
BigWhalepitti, I'll try to find it10:01
pittirodrigo_: normal users should be put into no group at all (except their own), or at most "sambashare"10:01
jincreatorHi, everyone. I want to change the default Korean font in ubuntu-desktop. How can I do it?10:01
pittirodrigo_: admins should be put into "admin", "adm", and "lpadmin"10:02
pittirodrigo_: .. and "sambashare"10:02
pittijincreator: you mean for Ubuntu in general, or just for your local box?10:04
pittijincreator: there are two places for it to change: (1) the set of default packages in the seeds (ttf-whatever), which will define the "ubuntu-desktop" metapackage10:05
pittijincreator: and (2) the fontconfig configuration, which is mostly in the fontconfig-config package (fontconfig source), plus some tweaks in language-selector10:05
BigWhaleI come back from vacation and everything seems different in Oneiric. :>10:19
pittiseb128: do you know whether we still actually need those 99_ltmain_as-needed.patch patches?10:20
seb128pitti, we don't10:20
pittiBigWhale: welcome to the feature freeze rush :)10:20
BigWhaleubuntu start button is now in the launcher?10:20
BigWhalefor good?10:20
pittiI wouldn't call it "good"10:21
seb128pitti, they are not working anyway for things using dh-autoreconf since the patches copy is overwritten by dh-autoreconf10:21
pittiit broke corner activation10:21
pittiI can't activate the dash with the mouse any more10:21
BigWhaleI don't like it there... :/10:21
pittiyeah, it's also quite pointless10:21
seb128pitti, dh_autoreconf got a --as-needed which is equivalent though10:22
seb128"  * dh_autoreconf: Add --as-needed for automatic patching of ltmain.sh"10:22
seb128but I didn't try it10:22
pittiso the desktop dailies grew again by 2 MB or so10:32
jibeldpm, Hi, can we start reporting bugs about untranslated strings in ubiquity or there is work in progress ?10:33
dpmjibel, string freeze is not until 3 days time IIRC. However, people have already started translating it. So as long as people have been keeping up with untranslated strings and ev has been exporting and committing translations, it should be fine to report bugs. Better double-check the ubiquity logs/commits to see if there have been recent translation commits first, though10:36
pittidpm: hey David, how are you?10:39
pittidpm: we need a new -base langpack refresh for beta; can we get an export towards the end of the week?10:39
pittiI'd like to upload fresh langpacks on Friday, so that they can build over the weekend10:39
dpmhey pitti, very well, thanks :)10:39
dpmlet me have a look...10:39
RAOFtkamppeter: How familiar are you with hplip's sane integration for multifunction printers?  What are the prerequisites for that to work?  colord currently gets started early in the boot process (I think by cupsd), and it doesn't pick up my hp multifunction scanner until I kill the daemon and start it again.10:41
RAOFtkamppeter: So I suspect that maybe the sane device isn't available until cups is fully up, and colord doesn't notice the hotplug.10:41
RAOFtkamppeter: For more information, this is a wireless printer, so there's no physical connection to my system.10:44
dpmpitti, sounds good, would Thursday work well for you? We've got an export scheduled already there (https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule). The only caveat is that lately full exports have started taking up to 24 hours (bug filed in LP) and might not be ready until Friday afternoon. If that works for you, then we only have to request a full export on Thursday. If you think it's too tight, we can ask the LP folks to start the expor10:46
dpmt earlier.10:46
pittidpm: what is afternoon there?10:49
pittianything until 1400 UTC would work for me, but not afterwards (as it needs some 2 hours to prep them)10:49
seb128pitti, do you know what added the 2mb?10:50
dpmpitti, yeah it'd be 14:00 UTC (assuming it takes 24h), but I cannot tell for sure. To be on the safe side, I'll ask the LP folks to start the export Thursday morning instead of Thursday 14:00 UTC10:51
jibeldpm, okay. thanks!10:55
dpmjibel, yw :)10:56
seb128mvo, hey10:56
seb128mvo, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~evfool/update-notifier/fixwording/+merge/6999210:56
seb128mvo, trivial one ;-)10:56
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chrisccoulsonpitti - what caused the dailies to grow in size?11:22
chrisccoulsonit's not me this time is it?11:23
pittichrisccoulson: I don't know yet, we don't have an earlier one any more to compare11:23
pitti(the ones which were 703 MB)11:23
pittiI could compare them to alpha-3, and just check what grew11:23
pittibut this probably makes more sense after a -base langpack refresh11:24
* pitti -> lunch, bbl11:24
chrisccoulsonactually, it looks like firefox shrank a bit11:24
pittiseb128: want me to update gnome-common after lunch?11:24
pittican also do simple-scan, I can test it11:25
chrisccoulsonthat probably means that thunderbird will shrink by a similar amount11:25
pittialthough I had expected Robert to do that one :)11:25
Davieybug #830377 needs some consideration for those that use NFS for $HOME.11:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 830377 in lightdm "autofs5 needs to start before lightdm" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83037711:28
seb128pitti, if you want to do those please do, thanks11:34
seb128pitti, seems like robert_ancell decided to stay away from packaging this cycle ;-)11:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, gedit is blocked on the new pygobject btw11:43
seb128is it?11:43
chrisccoulsonseb128, http://git.gnome.org/browse/gedit/commit/?id=9d5cd427873809f91bbef305033b87246718fb4311:44
seb128chrisccoulson, it somewhat seems upstream being overzealous on versions11:45
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, it doesn't look like there's anything which actually requires it11:45
seb128chrisccoulson, revert the commit? ;-)11:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, will try that11:47
rodrigo_anyone has a debian system at hand?11:52
rodrigo_oh, I have one! my backup server, sorry for the noise :-)11:52
seb128rodrigo_, ;-)11:53
dobeypitti: thanks!11:56
mvoseb128: I have a look at this11:57
seb128mvo, danke11:57
jasoncwarner_hey seb128 ...dbarth caught me up on compiz and them backing out window decorator etc11:59
seb128hey jasoncwarner_11:59
seb128they do back what out?12:00
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rodrigo_what was the name of that gnome tool to import music from a cd, I completely forgot12:20
rodrigo_ah, sound juicer!12:20
* rodrigo_ shouldn't ask questions so quick :)12:20
rodrigo_I'll go for lunch now, to recover my brain :)12:21
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/, desktop updates! ;-)12:21
dbarthpitti: ping? hi, could i get a priority bump on those test builds please? https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/compiz-testing/+builds?build_state=pending12:24
pittidbarth: sure, done12:26
dbarthpitti: thanks :)12:27
dobeypitti: btw, are you going to do a new release with that change? or should i make an upload with that patch for ubuntu?12:45
pittidobey: already happened :)12:46
dobeypitti: great!12:46
dobeycan fix my ftbfs then12:46
pittiseb128: done12:53
pittiseb128: I guess at this point I should concentrate my efforts on porting the U1 control panel to GTK3, to unblock the pygobject update?12:54
seb128pitti, is that blocking the update?12:54
seb128pitti, if I had to pick something that needs to be done it would be "fix the retracers"12:55
seb128we need those back12:55
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pittiseb128: yes, u1-c-p and python-ubuntuone-client mix static and GI, and break with new pygobject12:57
pittiI have the library fixed (that's easy), and the control-panel half done; but they do some rather complicated low-level hacks which take a bit to port12:57
pittiah, right, retracers..12:57
pittibbiab, supermarket12:58
* pitti 's brain melts down..13:16
* mdeslaur cools pitti's brain with dry ice and liquid nitrogen13:19
pittiaaah -- although I would have preferred an ice cream, but oh well :)13:20
pittibut getting up at 6 does have its benefits these days -- you have most of your day over when it starts getting hot13:20
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jcastroseb128: hey so, I had a hard time finding folder sharing in 11.10, and I (think) we're supposed to be using nautilus-share right? It appears to be an extension or something.13:34
tkamppeterRAOF, the scanner driver of HPLIP recognizes the availability of scanners via the existence of CUPS queues with the hp: backend. So seems CUPS must be listening so tha the scanners get listed by SANE.13:36
tkamppeterRAOF, perhaps you should add a wait loop which checks for CUPS listening every second and that until a timeout of 10 seconds. Then list the scanners.13:38
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seb128jcastro, it's broken13:41
tkamppeterRAOF, file/device permission settings are done by the UDEV rules shipped with the HPLIP package.13:50
GunnarHjseb128: Hi Sebastien, I have noticed that you often monitor bugs to ensure that they are properly dealt with. Could you please take a look at bug 770091? I really think that we shouldn't ship that bug with Oneiric too.13:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 770091 in ubiquity "Unsolicited attempt to import files and settings" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77009113:57
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, this is a simple example of my problems in Oneiric as regards compliling glibc stuff:13:57
GunnarHjIn Natty that code compiles and runs fine.13:57
seb128GunnarHj, hey, ok13:58
seb128GunnarHj, the build failure is due to --as-needed13:58
pittiGunnarHj: try swapping it:13:58
seb128GunnarHj, try putting the  "test.c -o test" part between gcc and pkg-config13:58
pittigcc test.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs glib-2.0 gobject-2.0`13:58
GunnarHjpitti, seb128: Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try those variants later.14:00
geserGunnarHj: or gcc `pkg-config --cflags glib-2.0 gobject-2.0` test.c -o test `pkg-config --libs glib-2.0 gobject-2.0`14:00
geserthe important part is the the test.c (or test.o if you compile it seperately) comes before the libs it needs (pkg-config --libs)14:01
GunnarHjseb128: "Due to --as-needed", can you please elaborate?14:02
geserGunnarHj: oneiric's ld uses "--as-needed" by default which results in libs getting only linked if object files (or other libs) *before* the -llib parameter in the ld call uses any symbols of that lib14:05
geserGunnarHj: see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/ToolchainTransition#How_to_Fix_a_Problem14:10
GunnarHjgeser: Thanks a lot for those explanations. (I didn't read that remark by seb128 too carefully, and I thought it was related to the bug report I asked him to look at.)14:16
mdeslaurI'm getting a lot of dbus disconnects and timeouts with a bunch of different applications in oneiric...is that a known issue?14:18
mdeslauruhm...maybe gconf and not necessarily dbus14:19
seb128mdeslaur, no, how does it manifest?14:20
mdeslaurseb128: Evo shows an error dialog, a python app I use triggers apport, etc.14:20
mdeslaurseb128: it's intermittent...and jdstrand is seeing it too14:21
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, does dbus-daemon use a lot of cpu when it happens?14:27
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: good question...I'll check next time it happens14:27
mdeslaurIt probably happens to me about twice a day14:28
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, i get an intermittent issue where indicator-datetime-service keeps spamming the session bus, causing everything else on the bus to grind to a halt14:28
chrisccoulson(including compiz)14:28
chrisccoulsonit basically results in everything using dbus to lag horribly14:28
chrisccoulsonperhaps you see a similar issue ;)14:28
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: hmm...could be related...do I just check top?14:28
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, yeah14:29
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: ok, will do, thanks.14:29
davmor2guys is it me or does nothing display in dash-lenses unless you type something into the search bar, too use to everything being there and getting refined by the search feature14:30
chrisccoulsondavmor2, that's known already14:30
davmor2chrisccoulson: oh great just checking it wasn't an issue here :)14:31
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Hi Rodrigo, have you seen my latest comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/gnome-control-center/langfix/+merge/71197 ? Any chance that we can process that MP today?14:32
rodrigo_GunnarHj, no, didn't see it, looking now14:33
dobeypitti: care to also sponsor https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntuone-installer/fix-ftbfs/+merge/72429 please, as it needs the new distutils-extra? :)14:33
pittidobey: can do14:36
seb128bah, got a load around 9 and xorg closed...14:36
dobeypitti: great, thanks!14:36
dobeyre seb12814:36
seb128hey dobey14:36
seb128hate oneiric, the load on my box is most of the time around 1, cpu fan spin and nothing is showing up in top, the process list, iotop, dbus14:37
dobeyseb128: well t hose extra 5 watts have to go somewhere i guess :)14:38
seb128if only I could figure what is making it14:38
dobeyyeah, i know how you feel :)14:39
pittidobey: upped14:39
seb128I'm close of reinstalling natty14:40
dobeypitti: cheers14:40
seb128it's hard to get any work done with a sluggish box14:40
pittiseb128: do you have a lot of IO in the background?14:41
seb128pitti, no, it's an idle box14:41
pittiI hardly notice CPU usage on my box, but IO kills it14:41
seb128like I just log in, do nothing and wait a minute the load is to 1 and the fan spins14:41
seb128it's driving me nuts14:41
seb128nothign shows up in iotop, top, powertop, ps diffs, dbus-monitor14:42
pittithe fan spins here as well, but then again it's > 25 Celsius in the room14:42
chrisccoulsonseb128, mine is the same, and my laptop constantly runs hot14:42
chrisccoulsonyet it doesn't seem to be doing naything14:42
pittidpm: I requested a full export at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+language-packs14:42
chrisccoulsonand disk IO kills it here too, which is why i can't do anything else when i build firefox ;)14:43
seb128I didn't notice any issue with io14:43
seb128but njpatel and some other dx guys complained about that as well14:43
seb128they were discussing it with apw earlier14:44
chrisccoulsonseb128, you're on a SSD though aren't you?14:44
rodrigo_GunnarHj, the branch depends on the non-upstreamed scripts in accountsservice, right?14:44
njpatelchrisccoulson, I wonder if it's a c++ thing?14:44
chrisccoulsondisk IO has sucked for ages tbh, but it seems to get worse with every release14:44
seb128but njpatel is on a ssd as well and he says the box comes to an halt on io hits14:44
dobeychrisccoulson: true14:44
njpatelchrisccoulson, at least, you and us use g++ frequently, maybe it's doing something stupid14:44
chrisccoulsonnjpatel, the worst part of building firefox is linking14:45
seb128well my box is really slugish now and I'm building unity14:45
chrisccoulsonit's gone from 10 minutes to around 50 minutes since running oneiric14:45
dobeymy machine practically goes rigor mortis, when evolution hits the disk14:45
njpateli swithced to the gold linker but still get th eissue14:45
seb128it doesn't tend to be that sluggish when I do GNOME builds14:45
pittichrisccoulson: yeah, here as well14:45
pittiwith the fastest SSDs the IO wait sucks more14:45
njpatelpitti, exactly!14:45
pittikernel bug 1230914:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 12309 in ubuntu "fglrx module loaded with errors, no 3D acceleration" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1230914:45
njpateli was talking to apw about it thiss morning14:46
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 12309 in Block Layer "Large I/O operations result in poor interactive performance and high iowait times" [High,Reopened]14:46
pitti(note the > 500 comments)14:46
njpatelgord, we have a bug! ^14:46
chrisccoulsonprobably not a useful bug with all those comments ;)14:47
* apw notes it is a dogpile not a bug14:47
seb128chrisccoulson, njpatel: I will join your cpp hater club14:47
njpateleither way, it's not just me and gord suffering for months with this!14:47
seb128building unity is making my box really slugish now14:48
chrisccoulsonseb128, try building thunderbird ;)14:48
njpatelseb128, ccache + gold linker makes it bearable14:48
seb128I want vala back!14:48
njpatelchrisccoulson, do not envy you at *all* :)14:48
gordtrying to build inkscape made my laptop completely unresponsive for about an hour14:48
gordwon't do that again14:48
njpatelgord, this is why tedg believes in ppas so much...it becomes launchpad's problem :)14:49
apwa lot of our pain comes from applications that thing fsync'ing everything you do is a good idea14:49
apwlike the shell, and firefox, doh14:49
pittirunning dist-upgrades through eatymdata helps a bit, but compiling stuff doesn't, as this doesn't usually fsyncs14:49
njpatelapw, "the shell" ?14:49
apwyeah it think my world will end if my last command isn't fsync'd onto the platters14:50
chrisccoulsonapw - firefox should use fsync a lot less since it now uses WAL in sqlite14:50
apwhere's hoping14:50
chrisccoulsonand it has done since 4.014:50
njpatelapw, you know when someone says "shell", DX automatically thinks Unity, right? :D14:50
apwnjpatel, heh well ... theres that assuming thing going on :)14:51
pittinessita: hmm, some hours and a few hacks later I have bin/ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk starting up without crashes now14:52
pittinessita: the window is totally blank, does that minor regression matter?14:52
nessitapitti: well... a little? :-D14:53
tedggord, There's a nightly build of Inkscape in a PPA ;_)14:53
nessitapitti: have a screenshot and log files? I can help debug14:53
* apw near deafens himself with the new volums control ... which doesn't stay open when you click on the slider14:53
pittiapw: bug 804009 FYI14:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 804009 in indicator-sound "clicking on the volume slider closes the SoundMenu" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80400914:54
pittinessita: oh, there's a log file?14:54
nessitapitti: yes, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/controlpanel.log14:54
dpmthanks pitti, I'll make sure to talk with the LP devs, so that on Thursday the export happens earlier and we've got them ready to package early on Friday14:56
pittidpm: thanks14:56
apwpitti, thanks ... it was opening it again that was painful as it then followed my cursor ... eekers14:56
seb128if you have a mouse with a scrollwheel better to use that on the indicator icon14:58
chrisccoulsonseb128, i'm going to fix the brightness notification in g-s-d, but it's going to sit in DEPWAIT until the colord MIR has been approved. do we want to temporarily disable colord support again?15:00
seb128we need to get that sorted15:03
seb128rodrigo_, ^ do you know how that's going?15:03
rodrigo_seb128, last I knew was it was waiting on a security check15:03
rodrigo_that was on Thu or Wed I think15:04
rodrigo_tkamppeter, ^15:04
rodrigo_hmm, how do I check if I have permissions to upload a package?15:06
pittirodrigo_: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-archive-tools15:06
rodrigo_pitti, ok, thanks15:07
pitti./edit_acl.py -p rodrigo-moya -S oneiric query15:07
pittirodrigo_: ^ something like that15:07
pittirodrigo_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672498/15:07
pitticurrent output15:07
rodrigo_pitti, and to check for a specific package?15:09
rodrigo_ah, -s15:10
pittisee --help15:10
rodrigo_the docs are in the source, as it should be :)15:10
pitti--help is quite okay15:10
rodrigo_ok, I can't upload accountsservice it seems, so proposing a branch15:11
rodrigo_I'm going to apply for motu now15:12
seb128that wouldn't give you access to that one15:12
seb128it should be added to the desktop set15:12
rodrigo_so, can someone please sponsor this -> https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/oneiric/accountsservice/fix-810907/+merge/72440 ?15:15
rodrigo_seb128, right, mail to cjwatson?15:15
pittinessita: hm, dependency chain hell -- seems ubuntuone-sso-client pulls in more stuff like -webkit, etc.15:15
rodrigo_seb128, it's a core package, so it can be added, right?15:16
pittinessita: at this point it seems a little too intrusive at this point; I think it'd be safer to eliminate the single GI thing that it uses right now (Soup)15:16
pittinessita: I pushed my stuff to LP branches so that it's not lost completely, but it looks like a "next cycle" thing15:16
nessitapitti: ok, let's talk on Web how we can remove Soup15:17
kirklandis anyone else having a hard time with firefox in oneiric today?15:19
kirklandkeeps going grey, hanging for minutes at a time15:19
seb128rodrigo_, yes15:22
tkamppeterrodrigo_, RAOF is working (probably together with the upstream author Richard Hughes) to modify colord so that it runs as a non-root system user. He needs to sort out that colord can see which printers and scanners are there.15:28
rodrigo_tkamppeter, ok, seb128^15:28
pittinessita: oh, I think I have a much, much simpler solution15:31
nessitapitti: do you? :-)15:31
pittiI have the backend running with full GI now, and the frontend with full static15:31
seb128pitti, \o/15:31
pittinessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/ubuntuone-client/gi-fixes/+merge/7244715:41
pittiI get an "unauthorized" exception from the backend, though15:42
nessitapitti: how are you testing it?15:43
pittibut it seems that launchpadlib suffers the same, it keeps forgetting its creds15:43
pittiPYTHONPATH=~/ubuntu/tmp/ubuntuone-client:. bin/ubuntuone-control-panel-backend15:43
pittiPYTHONPATH=~/ubuntu/tmp/ubuntuone-client:. bin/ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk15:43
nessitapitti: whew are you seeing this unauthorized? log file? can I see pliz?15:43
pittinessita: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672514/15:44
pittinessita: in the terminal of the backend15:44
nessitapitti: why you removed the GLib.format_size_for_display(int_bytes)!!! (I know why)15:44
pittinessita: can't use GLib15:45
pittiand it doesn't exist in glib15:45
pittinessita: I reverted the part of the patch that introduced it, it puts it back to the manual code15:45
pittinessita: I wouldn't mind a followup commit to fix 1024 -> 1000, though :)15:45
nessitapitti: ok, so, I'll add a couple of needs fixing to the MPs, but they look great!!!15:46
seb128rodrigo_, accountsservice sponsored15:46
seb128I almost screwed it15:46
rodrigo_seb128, thanks!15:46
rodrigo_seb128, oh, why?15:46
seb128stupid udd vcs with patches applied, it created a debian-change-... with the patch reverted15:46
seb128rodrigo_, but I debdiffed the .dsc and caught it before upload ;-)15:47
pittitoday I checked out a branch where the patches were applied and didn't unapply15:47
rodrigo_seb128, good :-)15:47
pittiat that point I gave up and used apt-get source15:47
tkamppeterpitti, hi15:47
pittitkamppeter: hi15:48
pittiso, time for sports, and day was long 'nuff; see you tomorrow!15:48
pittinessita: I'll read backscroll and answer tomorrow if you still have questions15:48
tkamppeterpitti, can you sync c2esp, it is also only the move of a printer driver package15:48
seb128'night pitti15:48
tkamppeterpitti to centralized PPD update.15:48
seb128pitti, be carefull at sport with that heat ;-)15:48
pittitkamppeter: I already ack'ed it, today's archive admin shoudl get to it15:48
pittiseb128: heh, yes15:48
nessitapitti: I'll add the needs fixing request to the MP15:49
pittinessita: ah, what's left?15:49
nessitapitti: well, on u1client we need unit tests for that change, and in controlpanel we already have the humanize defined in ubuntuone.controlpanel.gui15:50
nessitadefined "by hand" I mean15:50
pittiah, that sounds fine15:50
pittinessita: I already ported the unit tests to u1client15:51
pittinessita: but then reverted it15:51
pittinessita: as you use twisted, and that pulls in gobject or gtk (can't remember which any more), you can't use GI in the tests15:51
seb128kenvandine, hey15:51
kenvandinehey seb12815:52
nessitapitti: very likely you will need to import it (re:humanize), and make the callers do not use it like a instance method, but as a global function (ie remove the self.humanize call and call humanize directly, tehre is no point of having it as an instance method)15:52
seb128kenvandine, how are you? had a nice w.e?15:52
kenvandineand you?15:52
seb128kenvandine, the fb count issue seems to be fixed! ;-)15:52
pittinessita: using humanize sounds fine, I'll investigate tomorrow morning15:52
seb128kenvandine, great as well thanks15:52
kenvandineseb128, woot15:52
pittinessita: if you could leave the comments in the MP, that'd be great15:52
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Sorry for late reply (for some reason I missed your ping), but yes, the branch does depend on stuff in accountsservice that isn't upstreamed (yet). Hmm... Would it be possible to add debian/patches/gnome.series to accountsservice?16:09
=== zyga-siesta is now known as zyga
seb128pitti, other who have the launcher not showing with the mouse: run unity-preferences and select "edge reveal"16:25
davmor2kenvandine: did you get my 2 gwibber lens bugs :(  doesn't show up in 2d and only show photo and name and not comments :)16:40
seb128kenvandine, oh, I wrote you down on the etherpad for the empathy update16:47
kenvandinedavmor2, i hadn't seen them yet, but will look17:15
kenvandinei know about the missing content17:15
kenvandinethat is a "bug" in unity, waiting for njpatel to fix it17:16
njpatelkenvandine, gord is working on enabling horizontal again17:17
kenvandinethe lens was working in unity-2d before last weeks unity update17:17
njpatelwe didn't touch UnityCore, I sweareth17:17
kenvandinewell, it might have been before the previous update :)17:18
kenvandinemissing icon for it17:18
kenvandineand no content in17:18
kenvandinebut has all the categories17:18
seb128kenvandine, do you know if anyone plans to fix pidgin-libnotify for the new indicator libs?17:19
kenvandineit isn't working?17:19
seb128kenvandine, no, it complains about the " indicate_indicator_set_property_icon" symbol not being defined17:20
seb128kenvandine, bug #17:21
seb128bug #82762617:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 827626 in pidgin-libnotify "pidgin-libnotify not enabled and wont allow for enabling" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82762617:21
kenvandineseb128, i made it rebuild for the last libindicate change17:21
seb128kenvandine, I will sponsor the patch, unping ;-)17:21
seb128kenvandine, seems like a function changed naming17:22
seb128indicate_indicator_set_property_icon -> indicate_gtk_indicator_set_property_icon17:22
seb128kenvandine, tedg: ^ is that right?17:22
tedgseb128, Yes.  It was required for the GIR generation stuff.17:23
oly562got a question about ubuntu, i have gnome desktop, and Places is not opening Home folder, nor Network, nor Desktop. i get error  Could not open location 'file:///home/myusername  No application is registered as handling this file. now i have looked all over good so far, and those fixes are not helping at all. what i need is  --- just what the error says, howto handle opening this file, and where to make this setting.... edit m17:23
seb128tedg, no worry, thanks17:23
seb128oly562, hi, try #ubuntu for user errors17:24
kenvandinebut haven't tested it17:24
oly562how to assign opening Places > Home17:24
oly562edit menus isnt allowing me to add or Home is not listed.17:24
kenvandineseb128, ok, so you are going to handle it?17:25
* kenvandine had quite a bit of lag there17:25
oly562any body else?17:25
seb128kenvandine, yes17:25
kenvandineseb128, great17:25
seb128oly562, that channel is not an user support one17:25
oly562hey thats great17:26
oly562anyone else?17:26
oly562im sure its simple17:26
oly562i just cant figure it out17:26
kenvandinenjpatel, interesting... the model has results in it but the lens isn't displaying them, in unity-2d17:26
oly562i dont feel like rm'ing .gconf*17:27
kenvandineso the search is working and all... just nothing rendered17:27
njpatelkenvandine, it probably doesn't ahve a fallback if it can't find the right renderer17:28
njpatelthat's a bug in -2d17:28
* kenvandine reassigns17:28
kenvandinenjpatel, did something weird with background colors happen?  the dash and switcher have a bright blue background17:42
seb128kenvandine, change backgrounds17:42
njpatelkenvandine, yeah, we'll fix that17:42
seb128kenvandine, the color is computed from your background but that seems to fail sometimes17:42
seb128changing background kick it to do it17:43
kenvandinewhew.... ok17:43
kenvandinethat was very weird :)17:43
kenvandineseemed like it was fine just a before lunch :)17:43
seb128kenvandine, your unity maybe restarted17:44
seb128segfault or other17:44
kenvandineoh, yeah i logged into unity-2d for a few minutes17:44
kenvandineso i had restarted my session :)17:44
* kenvandine forgot that 17:45
* davmor2 passes kenvandine his work you shuggin fashin shuggin fashin dick dastardly^Wdash17:47
kenvandinedavmor2, :)17:48
kenvandinedavmor2, if want real crack, i've gotten daily builds working finally :)17:49
davmor2kenvandine: oh man will I ever come down if I start on real crack ;)17:50
BigWhalesomeone once said ... Why would anyone want to do a drug that was named after a part of his own ass...17:51
BigWhaleoh, and hi everyone. :>17:51
BigWhaleEmpathy is broken? :(17:59
kenvandineBigWhale, how so?18:03
BigWhalekenvandine, can't open new chats18:03
BigWhalein Oneiric...18:03
kenvandinefrom the indicator?18:03
BigWhaleno, from the menu18:04
BigWhalefrom the application window... doublicking on contact or right-click | Chat18:04
kenvandinelike when someone IMs you? and it is blinking?18:04
kenvandineor creating a new chat?18:04
BigWhaleno idea.. it didn't happen yet (at least not today) ... nobody want's me :'(18:05
BigWhalelet me start it from the terminal18:05
kenvandinei reproduced it18:05
kenvandineapport fired too18:05
* kenvandine gets stacktrace18:06
BigWhaleI got nothing18:06
kenvandinelooks related to my tp-glib upload18:07
kenvandineBigWhale, you can me too bug 82982618:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 829826 in empathy "empathy-chat crashed with SIGSEGV in dbus_connection_dispatch()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82982618:11
BigWhalekenvandine, you're already subscribed :)18:12
kenvandinei just did that :)18:13
kenvandineand downgrading to libtelepathy-glib0_0.15.4-1ubuntu2 fixes it18:14
nessitaubot2: please join #ubuntuone!18:31
ubot2nessita: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:31
fagannessita: you need to give the bot a cookie to join your party I think18:41
mbertens1hi all, got a problem, i'm running ubuntu 11.04 server with gnome desktop via Xvnc (tightvncserver) with xinetd; and after a weekend trying i got this working, i can login as my normal user account, but when i try to update the system or install a new software package its asking me for the "password for ROOT" why is this ? what i'm i doing wrong ?19:43
cyphermoxyou might be trying to do "su" rather than "sudo" for your commands. this said, you should ask in #ubuntu, which is the channel for support questions19:45
mbertens1i asked there but there is no help offered :-(19:46
mbertens1and this is a problem that appeared in the desktop so ask here too :-)19:47
mdeslaurmbertens1: policykit uses the consolekit permissions to determine if you're allowed to do privileged operations. When you use vnc, you're not at the console, so you don't have the appropriate rights.19:48
mdeslaurargh, he left19:48
brycehtypical :-)19:49
dupondjekenvandine: thx for empathy fix :D20:06
dupondjea fresh upstream version :D20:07
kenvandinedupondje, :)20:11
dupondjeEmpathy atm is like20:13
dupondjewell :) a collection of bugs :p20:13
xclaessedoes anyone knows how to get flash installed on oneiric? I'm still facing that bug for a few days now... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin/+bug/83152720:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 831527 in adobe-flashplugin "no appropriate viewer found for /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:17
dobeyi wish my problem with oneiric was "flash doesn't work"20:19
* dobey looks at the big black screen on his laptop20:20
dobeyoh, now unity shows up20:21
dobeyi wonder what it was doing20:21
dobeywhy is gnome-settings-daemon using 200% of my cpu20:22
dobeythe one owned by gdm, no less20:22
dobeyugh, this computer is so sluggish right now20:25
dobeyomg the disk io in oneiric is horrible :(20:35
=== zyga is now known as zyga-w510
BigWhaleI think I just segfaulted Xorg22:28
RAOFAny follow up details? :)22:29
BigWhaleI'm looking if there are any left... :>22:30
BigWhalethere's no core file22:30
BigWhalebut it must have been Xorg, because both my screens went blank and then lost signal.22:30
BigWhaleRAOF, I can't find anything... I was using bibblepro to convert ~4000 images and then I used display form imagemagick to display one of those converted images... then everything went blank. :/22:36
RAOF /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old might have some usable backtrace.22:37
BigWhalehmm I checked .1 and .0 ... let me see.22:37
BigWhaleno, nothing really... modelines reported from the start, then this:22:38
BigWhale[ 14682.250] (II) UnloadModule: "evdev"22:39
BigWhale[ 14682.250] (II) Unloading evdev22:39
BigWhale[ 14682.303]  ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log22:39
RAOFBigWhale: There's not an actual backtrace above that?  That looks like something asked the Xserver to kindly shut down, rather than it crashing.22:42
BigWhaleRAOF, no, there are no BT's... I looked. It didn't look like a shutdown... but who knows. Everything froze. during normal shutdowns of Xorg, mouse usually stays responsive until the very last moment. Here, there was a freeze and few seconds of pause between the screen blanking22:44
BigWhaleRAOF, I've noticed in the kern.log that bibble5 was segfaulting, but that was prior Xorg crash/shutdown22:45
RAOFBigWhale: If there's not a trace in Xorg.?.log(.old)? then it's almost certainly not an X crash; it might have been the DPMS settings kicking in and then something preventing the monitor from turning back on?22:46
BigWhalewhatever it was it crashes/restarted xorg and I had to login again22:47
BigWhaleI did notice this: [16910.777190] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id22:51
BigWhalethe only thing I cannot explain :)22:51
RAOFThat's an artefact of our plymouth integration.22:56
desrtRAOF: good evening23:05
RAOFdesrt: And a fine morning to you.23:05
desrthow confusing...23:06
BigWhaledesrt, I agree it's 1:30am here :>23:28

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