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_mup_Bug #830995 was filed: default-instance-type and default-image-id are unhelpful <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/830995 >10:47
_mup_Bug #830999 was filed: cannot specify machine constraints <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/830999 >10:52
fwereadeI need to learn to pay attention to my status :/13:18
_mup_Bug #831058 was filed: cobbler FileStorage assumes no authentication required <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/831058 >13:20
niemeyerHello all13:38
niemeyerGood week kickoffs for everybody13:38
fwereadeniemeyer: heyhey!13:49
fwereadeniemeyer: how's it going?13:49
niemeyerfwereade: Hey!13:51
niemeyerfwereade: Very nice13:51
niemeyerfwereade: Had a good relaxing weekend13:51
niemeyerfwereade: You?13:51
fwereadeniemeyer: pretty good thanks13:51
fwereadeniemeyer: keeping half an eye on libya, what with it being right in my back yard13:51
niemeyerfwereade: :(13:52
fwereadeniemeyer: it seems to me like a tentative ":)" at the moment, but who knows what's coming :/13:53
fwereadeniemeyer: and we didn't give back his fighters, so I doubt we have much to fear from the new lot :p13:54
fwereadeniemeyer: anyway :)13:54
fwereadeniemeyer: I've been wondering about bug importance and milestones13:54
niemeyerfwereade: Yeah.. worth paying some attention to13:54
niemeyerfwereade: Ok13:55
fwereadeniemeyer: there are a few bugs marked "high" but not assigned to eureka -- is that explicit notice that we shouldn't be worrying about them now?13:55
niemeyerfwereade: It's a good hint they might either a) be misplaced; or b) be miscategorized13:58
fwereadeniemeyer: hm, ok :)13:58
fwereadeniemeyer: I've been a little reluctant to go around assigning priorities and suchlike, what with still being pretty new13:58
fwereadeniemeyer: which is why 90% of my branches have been fixes to "uncategorized" bugs13:59
fwereadeniemeyer: should I perhaps be taking a different approach?13:59
niemeyerfwereade: I would guess this happens due to our overuse of bugs to mean "task"14:00
niemeyerfwereade: You're working on a single High priority problem14:00
niemeyerfwereade: Getting physical deployments working14:00
fwereadeniemeyer: similarly, when I report a bug, I don't usually assign a milestone; I only do that when I'm actually working on something, but I'm suddenly worrying that they'll just fly under the radar14:00
niemeyerfwereade: You can tons of uncategorized bugs because they are simply a path to get pieces of that work landed14:01
niemeyers/You can/You get/14:01
fwereadeniemeyer: makes sense14:01
niemeyerfwereade: The bug priority is most interesting when it's an actual issue we want to stash away without an assignee14:01
niemeyerfwereade: Because it tells the next guy what he should be paying attention to14:01
fwereadeniemeyer: I probably kinda mostly see14:03
fwereadeniemeyer: as an example, there's this idea that we should be able to specify more about what sort of machines are used in certain circumstances14:03
fwereadeniemeyer: a bug for that didn't leap out at me, so I filed one this morning, as a general "we should do this sometime" note14:04
niemeyerfwereade: That sentence gives such a positive feeling :-)14:04
fwereadeniemeyer: haha :)14:04
fwereadethat's lp:830999, which has no importance, assignee, or milestone14:05
fwereadeniemeyer: should it maybe be High, None, Eureka?14:06
niemeyerfwereade: Definitely not Eureka14:06
niemeyerfwereade: I'd personally qualify that as a Medium, non-Eureka14:06
niemeyerfwereade: Eureka has a short time span (as usual ;-)..14:06
fwereadeniemeyer: I feel vindicated in my reluctance to go around categorizing things myself ;)14:06
fwereadeniemeyer: I don't think I know when eureka actually is targeted to... LP thinks it was 1/1/2011, which I suspect to be incorrect (:p)14:07
niemeyerfwereade: As far as physical deployment goes, Eureka is about finishing the barebones14:07
niemeyerfwereade: Making it work reliably14:07
niemeyerfwereade: Rather than getting fancy features in14:08
niemeyerfwereade: Eureka is 11.1014:08
fwereadeniemeyer: that's fine by me ;)14:08
niemeyerfwereade: End of September, pretty much14:08
fwereadeniemeyer: ok, makes sense, and we have some sort of special dispensation to release whatever we have done (while most things have already passed the deadline to get in) ...right?14:09
niemeyerfwereade: Kind of.. this is actually the real deadline14:10
niemeyerfwereade: For everyone14:10
niemeyerfwereade: Or rather.. for everyone in similar circumstances14:10
niemeyerfwereade: E.g. Ensemble is in universe, it's already there right now, etc14:11
hazmati think the close out of the milestone is scheduled right before the final testing freeze14:20
hazmathmm.. actually its not, i should move it up14:20
hazmatthe final freeze is sept 22nd14:21
hazmater 29th14:21
hazmat22nd is beta 214:21
niemeyerhazmat: SpamapS requested us to land things by Sep 22nd for testing..14:37
niemeyerhazmat: We can close the milestone with 29th14:37
niemeyerhazmat: and have that week for testing on our side too14:38
niemeyerStill within Eureka14:38
jcastronegronjl: ok, I tried a few times over the weekend and just now, still getting this "error: { "$err" : "not master", "code" : 10107 }" every time15:04
niemeyerLunch time..15:28
jcastroEnsemble is on devops cafe! http://devopscafe.org/show/2011/8/22/devops-drop-004.html15:34
robbiewjcastro: did they talk about it?15:40
jcastroit's a short podcast, worth a listen15:40
robbiewjcastro: interesting..thanks15:43
_mup_ensemble/expose-cleanup r328 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:02
_mup_Initial refactoring per review16:02
_mup_ensemble/expose-cleanup r329 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:03
_mup_Merged trunk16:03
negronjljcastro:  I'll look into it.16:07
jcastronegronjl: ok I tried some other things and that didn't work either16:07
jcastroI have the instance up and running now if you want to check it out16:08
negronjlsure.  add my ssh-id ( negronjl ) 16:08
SpamapSlol... John Willis16:24
SpamapSlove his monitoring lightning talk16:24
niemeyerjcastro: How is it in the podcast?16:27
SpamapSstarts around 4:50 in16:27
* niemeyer downloads16:28
niemeyerMostly curious about what the take was16:28
niemeyerand what's the "ironic twist" :)16:28
SpamapSNot sure16:28
SpamapSstill listening16:28
jcastroI have like a minute of silence in mine16:30
SpamapSthats a quote16:31
SpamapSturn it up16:31
SpamapSits from Fast Times @ Ridgemont High16:31
SpamapSwhoa I got a silence at 8:49 too16:31
SpamapSright at the juicy part ;)16:32
SpamapSits like the missing fuzz on the nixon tapes. ;)16:32
SpamapSyeah that missing minute is really weird16:34
niemeyerNice.. quite positive overall16:40
jcastroclearly he'll have to do another one with more detail. :)16:43
SpamapSMaybe one of his listeners will write a formula w/ Chef. ;)16:43
hazmatensemble team, wikimedia, check emails17:10
hazmathappening now17:10
_mup_ensemble/expose-cleanup r330 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:38
_mup_Added mock tests with respect to refactoring of remove_security_groups17:38
RoAkSoAxfwereade: ping...17:54
RoAkSoAxfwereade: has something change whithin the code that generates the cloud-init user data?17:54
adam_gw/in 1418:04
* SpamapS cheers for adam_g's w/inning18:11
_mup_ensemble/expose-cleanup r331 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com18:14
_mup_PEP8, PyFlakes, call remove_security_groups more robustly18:14
robbiewso dumb question:  have we tried testing ensemble against Oneiric images in EC2/OpenStack...or are we still using Natty-based amis18:44
hazmatrobbiew, we've tried it, its not the default18:54
SpamapSbug 816169 has broken a few peoples' formulas..18:55
_mup_Bug #816169: When using Ensemble, add-apt-repository no longer functions properly <ensemble (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <python2.7 (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <software-properties (Ubuntu):Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/816169 >18:55
SpamapSneed to tak a look at that pronto18:55
hazmatwe should probably switch that to oneiric, there's a bug open about using the default package distros instead of the ppa18:56
hazmatSpamapS, i thought i merged the fix for that18:56
hazmatoh.. nevermind18:56
robbiewmight be good to switch it once beta is out18:56
hazmatSpamapS, there was another bug about pythonpath env variable leaking to executed hooks, and causing issues with package installation. that's no longer the case though18:57
niemeyerSpamapS: Do you know why they broke?19:00
niemeyerSpamapS: There's a thread with some questioning around that19:00
niemeyeradam_g mentioned the interactivity, but Michael Vogt mentioned it actually checks for the tty presence19:01
niemeyerNot sure about what's happening there19:01
adam_gniemeyer: its actually cloud-init that was screwing with the tty check19:02
SpamapSI have not looked at it, just followed the thread.19:02
adam_gSpamapS: just fixed that cloud-init bug, will check on the other python problems soon19:03
adam_gniemeyer: the interactivity change is unrelated to #816169 that SpamapS mentioned19:04
_mup_Bug #816169: When using Ensemble, add-apt-repository no longer functions properly <ensemble (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <python2.7 (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <software-properties (Ubuntu):Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/816169 >19:04
adam_gSpamapS: looks like that is no longer an issue. seems there was some weirndess in the python environment that has since settled? im going to wait for cloud-init to be updated in images so i can bootstrap+deploy without hacking before confirming 100%19:16
SpamapSadam_g: so since we don't really know where the problem was.. maybe just close all the tasks as Invalid once you've confirmed it doesn't exist anymore?19:17
adam_gSpamapS: will do19:17
SpamapSadam_g: sweet thx!19:19
* robbiew needs to eat...back in a bit19:26
RoAkSoAxfwereade: when you are around pelase give me a shout19:36
hazmatadam_g, yeah.. it was probably fixed as part of bug 81626419:51
_mup_Bug #816264: PYTHONPATH causing corrupt environment <Ensemble:Fix Released by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/816264 >19:51
adam_ghazmat: ah, nice19:58
niemeyerI'll break for some coffee20:31
robbiewniemeyer: your Google GOpher just arrived at my house20:34
niemeyerrobbiew: Hah :)21:02
robbiewniemeyer: I'll be sure to bring it to UDS21:02
robbiewsquishable.com....never heard of them before21:02
robbiewbut apparently they are pretty popular21:03
robbiewthe GOpher must be "special"21:03
niemeyerrobbiew: They are, somehow.. :-)21:04
niemeyerrobbiew: Thanks for feeding it, meanwhile ;)21:05
robbiewlol...sure thing21:05
niemeyerI thought they were going to send the gopher here as they asked for my home address, but if they actually sent the gopher to the original address I provided, I wonder what they've put in the mail now..21:10
niemeyerToday was remarkably unproductive21:40
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_mup_ensemble/lxc-lib-merge r323 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:43
_mup_merge lxc-lib22:43
_mup_ensemble/formula-state-with-url r315 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:45
_mup_parameterize trunk in ENSEMBLE_TRUNK env variable for makefile22:45
_mup_ensemble/formula-state-with-url r316 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:45
_mup_link reference doc for s3 auth url22:45
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_mup_ensemble/formula-state-with-url r317 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:02
_mup_formula urls are required, also seed ec2 test provider base class with fake credentials23:02
_mup_ensemble/formula-state-with-url r318 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:03
_mup_merge trunk23:03
_mup_ensemble/trunk r323 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:06
_mup_merge formula-state-with-url [r=niemeyer,bcsaller][f=761053]23:06
_mup_Formula states are now created in an enviroment with a url to their23:06
_mup_location in provider storage. This is to enable machine agents not to23:06
_mup_need access to the provider for deploying formulas.23:06
_mup_ensemble/machine-agent-uses-formula-url r316 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:14
_mup_merge trunk23:14
_mup_ensemble/trunk r324 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:21
_mup_merge machine-agent-uses-formula-url [r=niemeyer,fwereade][f=828189]23:21
_mup_Machine agents download formulas using the formula url, instead of 23:21
_mup_retrieving them directly from provider storage, when deploying units.23:21
_mup_Bug #831688 was filed: Openstack compatibility is needed <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/831688 >23:27
niemeyerCan someone please have a second review on this: https://code.launchpad.net/~fwereade/ensemble/cobbler-zk-connect-error-messages/+merge/72033?23:31
_mup_ensemble/stack-crack r326 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:32
_mup_formulas are published with a formulas- prefix instead of a formulas/, per workaround for bug 82988023:32
_mup_ensemble/flex-origin r323 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com23:44
_mup_Fix test that was depending on hash ordering in dict23:44

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