slashtomgood morning10:26
slashtomhow long until your home cztab?10:26
czajkowskitomorrow morning10:27
slashtomgood good10:27
slashtomso by tomorrow evening your desire for supermacs will have waned10:28
czajkowskifollowed by taytos10:30
czajkowskired lemonade10:30
ebelapparently tk red lemonade has some additative that makes it illegal to ship across EU borders.10:35
czajkowskiseemingly some shop in north london sells it10:35
czajkowskibut you've to buy 15 bottles at a time10:35
slashtomred lemonade sounds quite vile10:40
czajkowskiit's alien to english folks10:44
czajkowskithey ask for lemonade10:45
czajkowskiand you get white stuff10:45
AlanBellyou can get expensive taytos in Waxy O'Connors10:46
czajkowskibut I'd end up on the beer if I go in there :)10:46
AlanBellcheaper than the water10:47
AlanBellI got a round of drinks, one person asked for still water, it was £4.5010:47
AlanBellpresumably it had been gargled by Irish mermaids10:48
ebel"tap water" being the magic phrase10:50
* slashtom hasn't quite gone native yet: no to red lemonade and i need to be drunk before going into supermacs10:52
AlanBellmy last full day here today, not had red lemonade yet, might get some to educate the offspring10:53
AlanBellczajkowski is bringing me a plane over tomorrow so I can get back to the UK10:54
czajkowskiAlanBell: you heading back and kids staying ?10:55
AlanBellno, we are all going back together10:55
czajkowskiahh I was gonna say give em red lemonade and cream soda10:56
AlanBellor at least that is the plan as I understand it :)10:56
czajkowskiand have em bouncing off walls10:56
dax_rocAny one using tmux here ?11:09
dax_roc*tmux & irssi + nicklist.pl11:10
czajkowskinever heard of it11:13
ebeltmux is like gnu screen.11:13
dax_rocNo its more powerful11:13
* ebel sometimes uses screen. tmux i have no idea about it11:14
ebeldax_roc: can tmux 'screen' an already running process?11:14
dax_rocyou can use screen inside a tmux window?11:14
dax_rocwith tmux you can split a terminal vertical and horizontal, have multiple windows with multiple panes . Script it's startup to log you into all servers etc run cmds etc11:15
dax_rocreally nice for monitoring servers etc11:16
ebelsounds like screen.11:16
ebelyou can split windows with screen (maybe only one way)11:17
dax_rocebel: yes if you can attach to it from the cli you can reattach in a tmux window11:17
ebelyou can reattach a screen session from a different machine....11:17
dax_rocscreen has a lot of legacy code, there is a patch to do the spliting11:18
dax_rocebel: oh yeah , thats no problem you can have it open on more than one11:18
ebelif i ssh into a server and forget to use screen, and i start a long running process, there's no easy way to put that process into a screen session.11:18
ebelis that possible with tmux?11:18
ebelI have sometimes started long processes on a server and then i want to go home (so close the ssh connection), but if i do that the long running process stops11:19
ebeltwould be cool if you could 'screen' an existing process11:19
dax_rocebel: not sure of that, but you could set a tmux session to auto launch on login. and ask you do you want to continue running the session on logout  ?11:19
ebelnah, i know you can detach a screen session and log out, that's the point of screen.11:20
ebelI sometimes start screen with "ssh somehost -t screen -RD". i dislike having it start on log in.11:21
dax_rocI think you can fork a running process to the background anyway. Never used it tbh11:21
ebelbut "screen an existing process" would be a killer feature.11:21
ebelyou can background a process and then 'disown' it, but then it's hard to view the stdout (unless you start it piping) or it's hard to interact with the process.11:21
dax_rocif you can fork it, all you need to do is attach to the process in a screen / tmux session11:22
dax_rocebel: i've used screen for years. I now moving to tmux tho :D ( 1 week testing )11:23
ebeloh? cool.11:23
ebel(and technically i think all processes fork from the original shell, that's how they get a different process id/pid :P )11:24
dax_rocebel: simple test would be run top && and try attach it to a screen/tmux session I guess11:26
dax_rocebel: take a look at retty11:32
dax_rocebel: also neercs ? not sure on either, let me know if they work :D11:56
airurandooh dear.... gruppy.com has a kids channel now.  more reasons to spend!20:44

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