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Howieme again08:53
Howiei.said I'd be back and I came back08:56
HowieAlanBell ^^08:57
Howie ahh here we go08:58
HowieIll come back.later09:03
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Picijpds: around? It looks like ubot4 quit the other day and hasn't been back since.16:30
pleia2yeah, the server exploded a bit (may actually need to find a new home for it, 512M box with a bit too much running on it)16:45
Picipleia2: Do we have an eta for that server? Just wondering if I need to bother someone else to get another bot up.18:36
pleia2Pici: it's up right now and can be used for the next few weeks18:36
pleia2jpds can start the bot whenever18:37
Picipleia2: I'll bother him then.18:37
h00kIf it's not terribly intensive, I have a small dockstar with attached storage I'd loan to hosting if necessary ;)18:37
h00kit's got a good spot under my couch.18:38
pleia2supybot can be a bit hefty18:38
h00kIt's one of these: http://goo.gl/b7UD318:40
h00kI also have a spare dualcore laptop, 3gb ram.18:40
PiciThat looks like a doorstop.18:41
h00kPici: it's pretty sweet, currently boots Debian off a 1tb external I have on it.18:41
h00ks/on/attached to/18:42
h00kanyway, I'd set something up for hosting, get anyone who manages it access, if it's important.18:43
m4vsupybot can use between ~50mb (our bot in u-es) to ~100mb (any lubotu) of ram. The extreme is ubottu which can use 200mb.21:03
h00kI should see what that deskstar has21:12
m4vwe still have to figure out if the high ram usage is supybot's or our plugins' fault :(21:13
marienzdebugging python memory usage is awkward (meliae should help but I haven't played with it yet)21:13
m4vyeah, I played with guppy but I couldn't figure out how to use it... I tried meliae but I got segfaults only :(21:15
marienzmeliae should be a bit friendlier than heapy21:22
marienzI've used heapy but it's much more useful for a process you can sensibly freeze21:22
marienzyou don't really want to use heapy on a running supybot, while meliae can do dumps you can process externally21:22
m4vI see, I'll have to look meliae again.21:30
tsimpsonwho want's useless info, well you'll get it anyway: ubottu using 194m (RES), which is nearly 10% of our available memory. all the supybot's together are using over 740MB, spread over 10 bots, so ~74MB per-bot22:54
tsimpsonpython/supybot is far from light-weight22:55
pleia2not useless, thanks tsimpson :)22:55

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