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* apw yawns07:08
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* smb yawns back07:33
* RAOF organises a yawnathon.07:33
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* _ruben joins in07:59
apwthey are contagious08:01
apwRAOF, while you are awake, https://bugs.launchpad.net/do/+bug/698009, this bug is rather confused, any oppinion on whether having vmwgfx is a good thing08:05
ubot2Ubuntu bug 698009 in linux "Request to enable vmwgfx driver in kernel config " [Wishlist,Confirmed]08:05
* apw is inclined to say yes given those who ask for it. and i suspect its safe08:07
smb(famous last words)08:07
apwheh, oneiric is so unstable its hard for me to "improve" it by much08:07
RAOFapw: Yes, I think having vmwgfx is likely to be a good thing.09:40
RAOFapw: I was going to bring it up at the next "what should the kernel config be" session at UDS; it's not urgent to enable.09:40
apwRAOF, ok thanks, works for me, may as well get it in for oneiric beta2 me thinks09:41
RAOFAww, man.  That means we might want to enable the mesa bits, too.09:41
apwwell that you can think about if we do it :)09:41
apwrsalveti, yo ... i was wondering if you'd see the email about "UBUNTU: SAUCE: omap3: beaglexm: fix DVI initialization" and whether it was needed etc10:51
* ppisati -> lunch12:01
rsalvetiapw: hm, not yet, will check12:39
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apwyay terminator just dumped core ... bah13:37
ogasawarabug 83029813:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 830298 in linux "TOMOYO bugfix patches" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83029813:40
ogasawaraCVE 2011-251813:40
ubot2ogasawara: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-2518)13:40
hertonppisati: I just noted when reviewing that on fsl-imx51 we use 'Tracking bug' instead of 'Release Tracking Bug' in the changelog entries, not a problem, just a cosmetic thing (sru-report still should work with it). I think it could be left that way13:40
ogra_apw, well, plant it, water it and you might get lots of small terminators ;)13:40
ppisatiherton: ok, take notice13:46
hertonppisati: more boring nitpicking :P, fsl-imx51 "distribution" entry should be lucid-proposed, not lucid on top changelog entry. same with ti-omap4 you just prepared, which should be maverick-proposed.14:13
ppisatiherton: ok14:16
ppisatiherton: do you fix it or i'll repush it?14:16
hertonppisati: yes, please repush and retag it14:16
ppisatiherton: btw, can't find any natty/ti-omap4 -proposed tracking bug, right?14:17
ppisatiok, i'll do14:17
apwogra_, heh14:18
hertonppisati: right, that's ok, no natty update in progress, the previous one didn't have yet the opened tracking bugs stuff14:19
ppisatiherton: ok14:19
ppisatiwhile rhese14:19
ppisatii'll s/Tracking bug/Release tracking bug/14:20
hertonok cool14:20
ppisatiherton: fsl-imx51 re-pushed, check it out14:22
ppisatiherton: lucid/fsl-imx5114:22
ppisatiherton: you already fixed lucid/mvl-dove14:24
hertonppisati: nope, lucid/mvl-dove was already ok. it was just fsl-imx51 and ti-omap4 that weren't -proposed14:25
ppisatiherton: ok14:25
ppisatiherton: maverick/ti-omap4 done too14:28
hertonppisati: ack, looks ok now14:37
* ogasawara back in 2015:15
* herton -> lunch16:14
* apw bounces to test out a new kernel16:23
apw[    1.798684] WARNING: at /home/apw/build/ubuntu-oneiric/ubuntu-oneiric/fs/sysfs/dir.c:455 sysfs_add_one+0xc0/0xf0()16:34
apw[    1.798687] Hardware name: Studio 153716:34
apw[    1.798688] sysfs: cannot create duplicate filename '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-LVDS-1/intel16:34
apwogasawara, am seeing this on most of my boxes, i assume it is todo with those backported backlight patches16:34
ogasawaraapw: quite likely.  have you tested reverting to verify?16:36
ogasawarakamal: ^^16:36
apw ogasawara, not as yet, just noticed it on a third box and decided it was real16:36
kamalapw, ogasawara: I'll take a look16:53
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kamalapw, ogasawara: yes, I see that intel_backlight warning also -- yes, it is definitely caused by the backported backlight patch -- I'll dig deeper and sort it out.17:09
ckingapw, perhaps we should have tests were we compare kernel logs before and after a kernel upgrade to catch these kind of regressions17:09
apwcking, dunno, maybe so, quite why apport isn't picking them up is more of a worry17:10
kamaldoes apport generally care about warnings?17:11
ogasawarakamal: not anymore17:11
apwrtg_, i vaguly reember you talking to bdmurray about doing something with warnings in apport17:11
apwdid we turn the _all_ off ?17:11
ogasawaraI believe they're no longer reported17:11
rtg_apw, you mean WARN_ONCE and its ilk ?17:12
bdmurrayany kernel oops with WARNING in it is not repored via apport / kerneloops anymore17:12
ogasawarakamal, apw: so we won't be flooded with bugs, but I would like to get this fixed if possible or revert and reapply with fix post beta-117:13
kamalogasawara: I'll look at this issue immediately (please don't revert just yet :-)17:14
ogasawarakamal: ack.  just fyi, the latest I can probably squeeze in an upload is tomorrow afternoon at the latest (my time, ie PDT) in order to make beta freeze.17:15
kamalogasawara: ack17:15
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kamalogasawara, apw: I see the cause of the intel_backlight issue -- testing a fix now.18:02
ogasawarakamal: ack18:03
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* tgardner --> lunch18:06
kamalogasawara: will I need to file a new bug in order to submit this (tiny) backlight patch?  or can I use the same bug number (for BugLink:) as we used for the original backlight backport patch?18:26
ogasawarakamal: use a new bug number18:27
kamalogasawara: ack18:27
ogasawarakamal: be sure to send it upstream too - https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/8/17/16318:27
kamalah ha18:27
apwkamal, thanks for looking at that, one less for the rest of us19:29
kamalapw: np -- i was the instigator of all this anyway :-)19:29
apwbad kamal19:29
ogasawaraapw, tgardner: any other last minute patches you want in before I upload?19:49
apwogasawara, nothing here, everything i am holding i want in first after beta-119:50
tgardnerogasawara, nope, but I've recently pushed some build patches19:50
ogasawaratgardner: yep, saw those.19:51
tgardnerogasawara, lemme know if I've broken something19:51
ogasawaratgardner: will do19:51
* ogasawara kicks off test builds19:51
tgardnerogasawara, shouldn't that top commit 'UBUNTU: i915: do not setup intel_backlight twice' be a SAUCE patch ?19:52
ogasawaratgardner: bah, yep.  I'll fix it up19:52
tgardnerogasawara, perhaps you should build master without any of the rules changes for now, just leave them on master-next.20:30
ogasawaratgardner: my test builds seems to be fine, but I can hold those patches for now till the first post beta1 upload.20:31
tgardnerogasawara, well, I've found at least one inconsistency. I'd like to run it through a PPA build before I'm sure of them.20:31
ogasawaratgardner: ack20:31
tgardnerogasawara, so, just cherry-pick the config and i915 patches onto master, right?20:32
ogasawaratgardner: yep20:32
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kamalogasawara: SAUCE?  oops.  I thought that it would only be SAUCE if it was Ubuntu-specific and not destined for upstream.  no?22:38
vanhoofwrong window :)22:42
openflyanyone know if there are dox anywhere on how the ubuntu kvm packages are built?22:43
openflylike configure flags and the sort?22:43
openflyand if really lucky package definitions22:44
RAOFopenfly: "apt-get source kvm"?22:44
openflyyeah i guess that's the best there is22:46
openflyjust kinda wish it would be less of a pain22:47
openflycompiling custom packages with all the dependencies from that direction is going to be time consuming22:48
openflywas kinda hoping someone had scripted something22:48
RAOFopenfly: No, it'll be easy.  If you need to change configure flags, just change them in debian/rules and then rebuild the package (optionally in a pbuilder or sbuild chroot).22:50
ogasawarakamal: SAUCE "This is a patch that the submitter has authored and is not yet upstream. The patch likely has been submitted to upstream but is of enough value for Ubuntu to carry it in our tree regardeless of upstream acceptance."22:53
kamalogasawara: ok, got it (until I forget again ;-)22:54
ogasawarakamal: that's why we have tim OCD gardner to remind us :)22:55
kamalnext time I'll mark it like "UBUNTU: OCD: fix the foobar frobnaz"22:55
openflyyeah but the dependencies on kvm are a nightmare23:02

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