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keffie_jayxhello all09:36
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trinikronogoodmornings :D11:07
czajkowskihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1186/detail/ release party has been added to the LD 13:30
keffie_jayxDaviey: ping15:35
Davieykeffie_jayx: hola15:38
keffie_jayxDaviey: I have som django code to include in LD. It involves random publichs to twitter, identica or facebook. Who could I talk to15:39
keffie_jayxstatus updates 15:39
keffie_jayxpublishing random pulled eventos from next events15:40
Davieykeffie_jayx: mhall119, cjohnston and nigelb are all good chaps.15:40
Davieykeffie_jayx: I would have a demo site people can sniff it at, and get a branch ready :)15:40
keffie_jayxI send an email to the list asking what would be less intrussive 15:40
keffie_jayxDaviey: testing involves having accounts or pages on facebook twitter and identica15:41
cjohnstonkeffie_jayx: the best way to do it would be to propose a merge.. and if you have a demo site.. how similar is it to what is already on LD?15:41
mhall119Daviey: lies15:41
cjohnstonand, just contact mhall119 15:41
keffie_jayxIt really does not add that much in the interface15:42
keffie_jayxit is all done under the hood adding some variables in local_settings.py15:42
Davieycjohnston: did you just repeat what i said? :)15:42
keffie_jayxand running some commands in cron15:42
cjohnstonDaviey: you said ton contact me.. so I said my response.. which may have been yours :-P15:43
keffie_jayxquick poll while you are all here15:43
* Daviey poll vaults outta here.15:43
keffie_jayxdoes it make sense to have events published regurlarly to twitter identica facebook if so with what frequency?15:43
keffie_jayxevery hour?15:44
Davieykeffie_jayx: duplicate announcements?15:44
cjohnstonwait.. its going to those venues, not displaying stuff on our site from those venues... hmm..15:44
cjohnstoni on that topic, I'd bring it up in the ML.. sorry.. I misread the idea.. i dunno15:45
keffie_jayxIs there a LocoDirectory Twitter account with annoucements?15:45
keffie_jayxDaviey: I am sorry I misunderstood15:45
cjohnstonI think there kinda is, but its rarely used. mhall119 could speak to that15:45
keffie_jayxahhh see, I was not aware of it, How did I miss it... :S15:46
keffie_jayxthanks guys I will speak to mhall119 then...15:46
mhall119there's a status.net account, I'm not sure about twitter15:47
Davieykeffie_jayx: a diff might help explain your idea ;)15:49
DavieyGeeks tend to grok proof of concept code better than explaing stuff :)15:50
keffie_jayxDaviey: got it :)15:50
keffie_jayxmhall119: wait, http://identi.ca/locodirectory15:52
keffie_jayxthere is a hashtag that gets fed to the front page15:53
mhall119right, that's independent of any accounts15:53
keffie_jayxI am talking about LD posting to twitter15:53
keffie_jayxexample Status Update15:53
mhall119keffie_jayx: correct15:53
mhall119which means we'll need a twitter account if we don't already have one15:53
mhall119!lococouncil do you guys have an official twitter account?15:54
mhall119the heck....where's our bot?15:54
keffie_jayxThis would go to identi.ca @LoCoDirectory Event: "Ubuntu Global Jam - Quito 2011" Sat Sep 3rd, register here: http://urltoeventiinLD...15:55
keffie_jayxnow to test this I would need to set up accounts and pages in facebook... also register an app on behalf of the ubuntu community in twitter and facebook. identica does not require it15:56
keffie_jayxthe code is no issue here15:56
keffie_jayxwe would only need the accounts and fb page ready and test15:57
keffie_jayxDoes that make sense?15:57
mhall119do you need a user account for twitter, as well as registering an app?15:58
keffie_jayxit would be better if we register the one we are going to use16:00
keffie_jayxwe would need and email linking to the account16:01
keffie_jayxif you want, we can test this on some bogus account with some bogus email16:02
keffie_jayxbut it'll double the work imho16:02
keffie_jayxwell 16:02
keffie_jayxgotta head out16:02
keffie_jayxlet me know what you think... I mean to work on this tonight16:03
czajkowskimhall119: nope 16:22
czajkowskiwe don't and I for one don't want one, if the others do fine. but there is nothing we need to use a council twitter ac for imo16:22
czajkowskiwe all use locoteams tag which was a better idea 16:22
mhall119czajkowski: okay, I just wanted to check, since we will need one for keffie_jayx's code16:26
czajkowskimhall119: you can ask the others, 16:26
czajkowskiI feel we have enough in the blog tbh 16:26
czajkowskiand we have loco contacts lists16:27
czajkowskihaving yet another place to post to is no a good idea 16:27
mhall119czajkowski: keffie_jayx's code will automatically publish news about events from LD, no human intervention needed16:28
czajkowskiI guess not up to me 16:28
czajkowskiask loco contacts what they want :)16:28
keffie_jayxczajkowski: I feel it would be beneficial for the LoCo Directory to spread the word on events automagicaly on social networks16:48
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: we already do though. 16:49
czajkowskiand each team has their own accounts16:49
keffie_jayxczajkowski: manually?16:49
czajkowskiI do feel you are duplicating things and then people are missing stuff 16:49
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: most locos have their own accounts 16:49
keffie_jayxThat does not necesarily mean they spread the word 16:50
keffie_jayxand besides before the LD came about, people promoted their events and had registration separate16:51
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: I know many people follow the @ubuntuie either by following or doing a search 16:51
czajkowskiwe post to identi.ca and twitter jut for the sake of identi;ca but few are  on there16:52
keffie_jayxczajkowski: and @ubuntuie is probably one of the best examples of a locoteam with regards spreading the word16:52
keffie_jayxczajkowski: but this is not always the case16:52
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: nothing stopping you doing what you want for the LD, as mhall119 said create a LD dev ac 16:53
keffie_jayxalso consider the idea of having all streams reminding the world how cool we are and how big we are16:53
czajkowskiand od it that way 16:53
czajkowski*do 16:53
keffie_jayxczajkowski: right, thanks16:54
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: you don't need my permission to do stuff16:54
czajkowskiI'm just saying I don't want to have to monitor or check another account16:54
czajkowskiand the #locoteams tags work well16:54
czajkowskidont want the LD being spammed either 16:54
czajkowskiif 14 or more people start to add events on one day, the LD will be messy looking 16:55
keffie_jayxczajkowski: but we I work, I kinda wan't to make sure what I mean to do makes sense16:56
keffie_jayxcodingwise, I need to be on the same pages as most devs here16:56
keffie_jayxczajkowski: it won't spam if you don't follow the account...16:57
keffie_jayxczajkowski: it won't replace the #locoteams hashtag. It is a completelly different task16:57
czajkowskikeffie_jayx: so what is the point of creating another ac if you have to follow it ?16:58
keffie_jayxczajkowski: because it needs to work the way twitter works16:58
czajkowskiI dont know what you're trying to do if not get people to follow yet another @ubuntu ac when teams already use their own 16:58
czajkowskiI mean I dont need to know what a team outside of my country is doing I can look at the LD site and see 16:59
czajkowskiI dont want my twitter ac full of events I wont be attending either 16:59
keffie_jayxczajkowski: that is a bit closed minded I think... but that's just me17:00
czajkowskiit's not 17:00
czajkowskiit's being realistic 17:00
czajkowskiI'm not gonna follow something that tweets events that I wont be going to 17:00
czajkowskiit makes no sense 17:00
czajkowskisorry 17:01
keffie_jayxbut me as a member of the community would like to learn about events in other parts of the world. and reshare them, maybe even learn from them and start our own17:02
keffie_jayxripple effect a bit...17:02
keffie_jayxdrive traffic to events in LD17:02
czajkowskiI guess we have different views 17:02
czajkowskisorry 17:02
czajkowskiI just dont want my twitter stream full of stuff I cannot attend17:03
czajkowskiI can just click on the LD and on events17:03
czajkowskiand see global events17:03
czajkowskior I can follow an idividual teams ac 17:03
keffie_jayxmaybe we need someone to check this for us...17:03
keffie_jayxmhall119: what do you think...17:03
keffie_jayxczajkowski: or List them... not follow them17:03
keffie_jayxbut that depens on how you use twitter17:03
mhall119czajkowski: if you follow the ubuntu-ie twitter account, and someone tweets with @ubuntu-ie, does it show in your stream?17:12
* mhall119 isn't a big twitter user17:13
mhall119ok, so if we have a team's twitter account name, we can just put it in tweets about that team's events17:14
mhall119so you don't have to follow @LoCoDirectory17:15
czajkowskithat'd be good 17:16
czajkowskiwould mean a person wouldn't get tweets about a b c d e f g h events which have nothing to do with them 17:16
mhall119unless they wanted to17:17
mhall119so, best of both17:17
czajkowskithough I really cannot see any reason why you would tbh 17:17
mhall119some people get obsessed with Ubuntu17:18
mhall119end up in ever IRC channel that matched #ubuntu*17:18
* mhall119 looks at nigelb 17:18
czajkowskiyeah... 17:19
czajkowskino comment so 17:19
mhall119besides, we can't post anything to twitter without an account, so it's got to be done17:19
nigelbhey, my ubuntu channels are few.17:19
mhall119for large values of "few"17:19
nigelbI have huge numbers of others17:19
keffie_jayxshare buttons on the events page is another way of spreading the word17:19
nigelbkeffie_jayx: I like tha :)17:20
keffie_jayxbut we would need design, and decide which share plugins available in django we can use17:20
czajkowskiideally if you create an event17:20
czajkowskithen click tweet this 17:20
czajkowskior post to FB or twitter would be a nicer way of getting the word out17:21
czajkowskior ideally the bug I logged ages ago 17:21
czajkowskipost to mailing list :) 17:21
mhall119czajkowski: only if I can put LEP #.... in the ML subject17:21
keffie_jayxyou bug report was tag as a wont fix at some point?17:22
nigelbJFDI is our motto. We don't stop anyone going with JFDI for a lot of things. :)17:22
mhall119you know what I'd love?  If we would stop getting MemoryErrors on cranberry >:(17:22
keffie_jayxmhall119: what version of django is LD currently using?17:23
* keffie_jayx is kinda living on the edge :S17:23
mhall1191.1.2 I believe17:23
nigelbmhall119: me too.17:24
mhall119keffie_jayx: there's a requirements.txt that'll setup the correct virtualenv for development and testing17:24
mhall119or you can use the Makefile17:24
nigelbmhall119: could you also re-review the % problem branch?17:24
mhall119nigelb: did you fix it?17:24
nigelbmhall119: yeah, i resubmitted it.17:25
keffie_jayx.. ok I'm off to code czajkowski mhall119 nigelb cjohnston Daviey thanks17:25
mhall119nigelb: the % problem really, really needs test cases17:25
mhall119np keffie_jayx, thanks for being a part ofit17:25
mhall119again, I should so17:25
czajkowskiwhich bug was tagged as wont fix ?17:26
nigelbmhall119: hhm,okay.17:26
czajkowskimhall119: ??17:27
mhall119czajkowski: I don't know which bug17:29
* mhall119 is cleaning up summit bugs atm17:29
* nigelb hugs mhall119 17:29
czajkowskimhall119: the one about mail teams when an event is created?17:29
mhall119czajkowski: I see bug 538177, which was marked as wishlist17:31
mhall119and bug 806262, which was undecided, but I just marked as wishlist17:31
mhall119I don't see any bug about sending emails that's "Won't Fix"17:33
czajkowskiaye 17:38
czajkowskimhall119: if I wanted to create 2 maybe 3 at a push static pages on the LD under the loco council or somewhere clearer how would I do it ?19:32
mhall119czajkowski: right now, either add it to our bzr tree, or attack the text you want to a bug for us to add it, I haven't added the functionality yet to wiki-like content management19:35
mhall119though  either would work I suppose19:36
czajkowskinods 19:36
czajkowskiok when it's ready I'll poke you19:36
czajkowskiwant to remove making it easy to add content to it 19:36
czajkowskiI dont want it filling up like the wiki pages19:36
czajkowskitrawling through oodles of pages that are so out of date 19:36
mhall119czajkowski: the ability to add content will be restricted to LD devs and LC members20:52
mhall119that was the intent anyway20:52
mhall119for the first round20:52
czajkowskinods 20:52
czajkowskiMakes sense tbh 20:52
czajkowskiotherwise it'll get crowded with duff20:52
mhall119there was a suggesetion to allow teams to add pages under their areas, but that would be a second phase20:52
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