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ubot2Ubuntu bug 831535 in thunderbird "Thunderbird hardcodes the SMTP server to smtp.domain.tld" [Undecided,New]18:25
Wellarkasac: hi! :)18:26
Wellarkoh, wait...18:28
WellarkThe UI is just confusing18:28
asachola Wellark !18:33
asacwelcome ;)18:33
Wellarkasac: I feel pretty dumb right now XD18:34
Wellarkbut I'm _still_ retaining my opinion that the UI is misleading ;)18:36
asaci didnt open the bug ;)18:38
asacand might not do18:38
asacWellark: master nowadays is chrisccoulson18:38
asacand micahg18:38
Wellarkasac: can you somehow make the bug report "dissapear".. It gives me bad karma :P18:40
Wellarkoh, well.. my bad. I should have used strace and wireshark to inspect where thunderbird is actually trying to connect and notice the "problem" user error18:42
Wellarkthat's what you get when you try to think like a "aunt Tillie" :D18:44
Wellarkasac: I start on September 12.18:45
WellarkIt would be nice if I could give some memory management love to thunderbird and firefox18:46
Wellarkwith my use cases they both consume RAM ~2GB each18:46
Wellarkwell, at least I had good reason for 8GB memory upgrade :P18:47
chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, you there?18:47
Wellarkff and tb probably not handled by DE-team, though.. :/18:48
BUGabundogood evening darlings!20:42

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