akgranerholstein, et all I'll work on more in a few...:-)00:09
pleia2looks like we're almost done :)02:53
pleia2just a few more blogosphere and one more in other news02:53
pleia2ok, blogosphere stuff still to be done, and one for launchpad05:51
pleia2I'll do the stats and stuff in the morning, but if someone else could get to the rest of the summaries in the next 12 hours that'd be great :)05:51
pleia2I've copied the completed sections over to the wiki05:51
* holstein checks in13:42
akgranerholstein what's left...14:05
* nlsthzn waves15:17
pleia2same summaries needed as last night, blogosphere stuff and launchpad16:09
holsteinpleia2: yeah... i'll check in when i have time16:12
holsteinim in and out today16:12
holsteinnot sure if i'll be much help til later16:12
akgranerpleia2, ok I'll work on those in about an hour...need to finish a few things first16:12
pleia2thanks all16:13
* nlsthzn is on it...16:15
nlsthznOk... that seems done... I am very glad that there is a lot of proof reading on these as I am sure I blundered and stuttered on several of them... my mind switched of a good few hours ago16:43
akgranerhey pleia2 want to add the UW announcement to this week's UWN?  I know it's past the deadline but it's not like we've published it yet?17:02
pleia2akgraner: nah, we'll wait until next week (there are several things that came in over the weekend that we're not including)17:04
akgranergotcha  - I'm a little bias ;-)17:05
pleia2copying summaries to wiki now17:06
akgranerpleia2, cool - let me know when there in and I'll lend eyes to proof it there..:-)17:06
pleia2ok, all summaries in, I still need to do stats and stuff but work beckons :)17:08
pleia2people can start editorial review of the summaries anyway17:08
akgranerpleia2, I'm thinking we may want to add this to the Fridge - http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2011/08/22/ubuntu-11-10-release-parties/18:05
akgranerI can go ahead if no one else is working on that...18:05
pleia2sounds good18:06
akgranerK i'm on it..:-)  just didn't want to duplicate effort if someone else was working on it18:08
akgranerpleia2, just finished my last interview of the day - need about 30 minutes to recover. :-)  What do you need help with?20:41
pleia2akgraner: I'm adding stats now, can you collect "Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings"?20:44
pleia2I'll let you know when I'm done editing20:45
akgraneryeppers..let me grab something to drink and I'll work on it..:-)20:45
pleia2ok, I'm done20:52
akgranerk I'll update those links now20:54
akgranerwant me to pull out all the ## and stuff?21:02
akgranerpleia2, what are you all using to test the links?21:04
akgranerI can do that and pull out all the ## and stuffs as well as read through it all one more time.  Do you want me to publish it as well?  I'd like to see if I remember how to do all this from last week..21:05
pleia2akgraner: http://validator.w3.org/checklink21:07
pleia2it will fail on all wiki links, but otherwise should be ok21:08
pleia2akgraner: and sure, go ahead with all that :) and I'll handle the fridge publishing script21:08
pleia2also add need to add "In this issue" section21:08
akgranerpleia2, can you see if those articles I included in "In this Issue" are ok?  I like how you all have shortened that section..meant to tell you sooner..:-/21:41
akgranerpleia2, links look good21:45
akgranerI think we're ready to pull out "Work in Progress" and publish21:46
pleia2akgraner: looks good to me21:47
akgraneralright I'll take that out and do what I did last week let's see if I have forgotten :-)21:47
akgranerpleia2, woo hoo!21:50
akgranerNow that was easy...21:50
akgranerI'll post to the list and go from there :-)21:50
akgranerI <3 y'all!21:50
pleia2ok, I'll prep the fridge post (you'll just need to go into drafts, preview it and make sure the links work)21:50
akgranerwill do :-)21:50
pleia2even better, the direct link!21:51
pleia2some of the links probably need to get fixed up (it's a little goofy with ' and a few other characters)21:51
akgraneroh crap I forgot about those :-)22:00
akgranerDarn it - I haven't forgotten about the wiki mark up in 2 years DOH!22:00
akgranerand just when I thought I got this..:-)  I'll fix them before I post to the forum22:01
akgranerspeaking of forum what was that you said to search and replace with /n/n with /n22:01
pleia2the backticks `` should be ok (nhandler's script should strip them" it's the ' characters in the fridge post that get wonky so you just need to check links on fridge22:02
akgraneryep it did22:03
akgranerI will :-) thanks!22:03
akgranerbut I forget the space issue hunt and replace you showed me22:03
pleia2open up the file in gedit and replace \n\n with \n22:03
* akgraner writes it doe this time :-)22:04
akgranergot it22:04
pleia2(this should be trivial to add into the script, I'll nudge nhandler about it)22:04
akgranerI was typing n\n\ not \n\n :-)22:07
akgranerthe Fridge post looks good... I <3 that script22:08
akgranerok I love Love LOVE all the scripts :-)22:08
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue229#Elizabeth_Krumbach:_News_is_hard.2C_but_we.27re_making_it_easier link doesn't work22:10
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue229#Screenshots_and_Video:_New_Improved_Unity_Interface_Lands_in_Ubuntu_11.10 should be fixed too22:10
akgranerhmm what happened /me looks at the wiki22:10
pleia2the rest are ok though22:10
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22922:10
pleia2it's just the script being a bit silly with special characters22:10
pleia2just need to manually pull the links from the wiki22:11
pleia2so https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue229#Elizabeth_Krumbach:_News_is_hard.2C_but_we.2BIBk-re_making_it_easier and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue229#A.5BScreenshots_and_Video.5D_New_Improved_Unity_Interface_Lands_in_Ubuntu_11.1022:11
pleia2and update the post22:11
akgranerGotcha -:-)22:11
akgranerok I think it's fixed...22:15
akgraner:-)  I wouldn't have thought to look at the actual link now since it takes you to the wiki page  :-/22:16
pleia2perfect :)22:16
akgranerand last but not least - The new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:22:16
akgranerso on the googledoc are you just changing the Issue number and  the setting up a Issue 230?22:17
pleia2let me see if I can share nhandler's process doc with you22:18
akgranerAre we still adding the issues to the archives by hand?22:18
akgraneror is there a script for that now too?22:18
pleia2what email address?22:18
pleia2all wiki stuff is still by hand :(22:18
pleia2wiki hs hard to script22:18
akgranergmail or ubuntu one is fine22:19
pleia2ok, I added akgraner@gmail to the really rough doc22:19
pleia2the hope is to flesh this out and then update the wiki22:19
akgranerno worries - I just don't want to mess up the cool new process :-)  I am loving this22:20
pleia2yeah, it's amazing what some scripts and a few simplifications can do22:20
akgranergrrr I can't get the current re-direct to show 22922:26
akgranerit's stuck on 227 and I thought I changed it in the right spot..22:26
pleia2hrm, that seems broken22:27
pleia2stupid wiki22:27
akgranerI updated archives and wiki page except for the redirect22:31
akgranerpleia2, Which template are you all using the suggested one or the old one?22:34
pleia2and created 230 template \o/22:34
pleia2I've updated IssueTemplate to incorporate changes22:34
akgranerahh ok22:34
pleia2I think it has most of the ones from the Suggested22:34
akgranerok just want to make sure I new which one you all were using :-)22:34
akgranerare you just using googledoc and the wiki22:38
pleia2yeah, the etherpad isn't very reliable22:39
pleia2I still check -Ideas every week in case anonymous users add stuff, but I don't recommend use for regular contributors22:39
akgranerOk I was just going to remove those if they weren't being used22:39
pleia2I'd say remove http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN22:40
akgranerok will do22:40
pleia2can add UWN-Ideas around22:40
pleia2communicating is hard today22:40
akgranerdone :-)22:41
pleia2oh, and this doesn't work anymore You can subscribe to the Ubuntu Weekly News via RSS at: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed22:41
pleia2so we sould probably remove that too22:41
pleia2aah I shouldn't get started, the wiki needs a lot of work :)22:42

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