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PerfieMI plead guilty!01:42
PerfieMI didn't do anything!01:42
PerfieMrww: you needa relax and explain to me what you think I did01:42
rwwI didn't ban you, but if I had banned you, I'd be extremely uncooporative and direct you to !appeals right now.01:43
bazhang* [JoeR1] (~joe@adsl-99-155-22-249.dsl.peoril.sbcglobal.net): Joseph Tayor  seems set on pushing all the wrong buttons in -ot04:32
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:17
debiansarmyI want to know how many channels you plan to kick me out of for explaining actual facts... of intelligence... Is that not the process to becoming smart???06:18
debiansarmyI find you total unaware of knowledge.  How much longer is this going to last in the world????06:19
IdleOnedebiansarmy: Ubuntu channels have !guidelines and a !codeofconduct I suggest you familiarize yourself with.06:20
IdleOnedebiansarmy: if there is nothing else please part this channel as per our no idling rule. thank you.06:23
debiansarmyWow, no response.  No wonder why we are ranked last in mathematics.  I guess we are never going to get around to my genius.  Your to busy trying to define everything. Question when are you going to get out of the box your in?  This is the biggest question!  You know what makes Einstein seem so smart is what he did.  He didn't think about what was , but how to take was new and turn it into a...06:24
debiansarmy...new power source... So when are you going to stop thinking about how to divide up a work load. But take what is created and make a new power source... That is why solar energy will be the future it has not been worked with its new06:24
bazhang? that got cut off.06:24
bazhangyour +q has been removed in #ubuntu-offtopic debiansarmy06:25
IdleOnethe ability to string together several words with more than 3 syllables does not make a person "smart". Please rejoin #ubuntu-offtopic and play nice.06:26
debiansarmyfine I got you nothing new just the same old thing... when are we going to put two engines in a car and reduce the weight to make a car that gets 200 mpg...06:26
debiansarmyIdleOne: the idea is not string together words.... It is the idea of changing thought...  We have missed the big picture... If the idea is to bet gravitational force ... The answer is easy bet the number and you solve the problem... When ever did the numbers become so radical that we dont understand 2>1 .... Funny and you wonder why we are having problems... I admit the solution is not easy,...06:30
debiansarmy...but it bets the idea of doing nothing...06:30
bazhangdebiansarmy, presumably you joined here to have your +q removed; that has been done, so you are free to speak in offtopic again06:30
tonyyarussoPreferably with sense.06:31
bazhang<honsen> oicebot   the bot from -cn06:49
elkytonyyarusso, why are you even bothering?07:48
tonyyarussoI don't know.07:48
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MyrttibloodProgrammerX: hi, do you need help with something?11:28
robinetdSome guy named "megafag" just joined -ot.11:35
robinetdThought you might want to know.11:35
bloodProgrammerXHi. Did somebody want something11:42
bazhangtroll detected12:33
* LjL2 hides12:35
bazhang<LABcrab> What is the point of a FloodBot?13:15
bazhangI sense a pattern here13:15
knomealso see #xubuntu and his first comment13:16
knomebloaty is like completely different thing than him having too little ram13:16
PiciLABcrab isn't a new user, they've been around on an off.13:17
Myrttiunless it's multiple people behind one account13:18
Myrttilike in a computer lab with default settings or something13:18
bazhangsome odd advice from chroot13:24
jpdsbazhang: You should of replied with: "What is the point of a butterfly?"13:45
bloodProgrammerXHow do I join Ubuntu.13:51
bloodProgrammerXIt seems I end up here every time I join #ubuntu.13:51
bloodProgrammerXOh, wait, nevermind. I meant to join ##club-ubuntu. That's why I'm confused.13:52
knomewas that supposed to make us feel bad because #ubuntu has rules?13:53
bazhanghow convenient14:18
* h00k facepalms14:37
h00kuh. Anyone have the old topic history?17:21
h00kfor #ubuntu-offtopic17:22
* genii-around gats a sudden urge to visit Wisconsin17:28
h00kMy plan, it worked!17:28
Picineat, I didn't realize we had a !nice factoid.18:05
h00kPici: me either18:12
h00kI just discovered it through the ubottu18:13
PiciLooks pretty handy, and much faster than trying to explain niceness to someone.18:13
genii-aroundInteresting. Just checked into ubottu factoids page.. looks like the top 4 requested factoids in order are !pastebin !ask !ops and !offtopic  ... so it sort of looks like we get flooders, confused, trolls, and the chatty in that rough order... ;)18:22
PiciGood thing that ¬°ops doesn't hilight anyone....18:23
h00kpastebin comes from the floodbots18:23
h00kwoahboy, how does one comment with eir?18:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu, blumaa said: ubottu, the thing is that I have no idea which one of those to do21:25
h00kLjL2: I was wondering the same thing22:00
bazhang* [imbored] (~philipp@chello084113015143.2.12.vie.surfer.at): philipp23:49
Myrttihow unsurprising23:49
h00koh, I think I remember that name23:52

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