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slangasektumbleweed: did you have further comments on whether bug #829709 should get a freeze exception?  You haven't acked or nacked it, just commented on the sync-from-Debian question, and I'm not sure if that means you're evaluating it18:36
tumbleweedslangasek: haven't evaluated it18:38
tumbleweedsync is probably ok from what I read, though18:38
tumbleweederr not sync :)18:38
slangasekright - and the sync route + "successfully transitioned to testing" isn't much use when it's not been uploaded to unstable yet18:39
slangaseksince that takes us into beta freeze at least18:39
tumbleweedI how hoping delaying would make him upload to debian, but complaining about poor debian maintainership isn't really ubuntu-releases job.18:42
tumbleweed(delaying a day or two)18:42
slangasekfor MOTU purposes, we obviously want to encourage people to make changes in Debian first, but this is a package actively maintained in Ubuntu whose upstream is the maintainer; I wouldn't like us to put up roadblocks to his Ubuntu maintenance18:45
slangasek(syncing with Debian is still desirable - it just isn't kirkland's responsibility per se)18:46
kirklandtumbleweed: slangasek: I'll blog up a request for a more active Debian Maintainer, as an aside, so that Debian/Ubuntu might have in sync byobus18:47
kirkland(after talking to the current maintainer, of course)18:48
tumbleweedubuntu upstream of debian doesn't tend to be very standardised (and I haven't seen any packages doing this well, yet)18:51
tumbleweedkirkland: I do see you've picked up a co-maintainer since the last upload, though18:54
kirklandtumbleweed: who's that?18:54
kirklandtumbleweed: as for standardizing ubuntu as an upstream of debian, I'd love to lead the charge on that -- I have over a dozen packages (byobu, powernap, dotdee, ssh-import-id, testdrive, bikeshed, errno, run-one, musica, pictor, bogosec) that I simultaneously upload to Ubuntu and PPAs for each supported Ubuntu release;  I'd love to just upload to Debian at the same time, as users often ask why this stuff isn't in Debian too18:56
tumbleweedin the past, there was utnubu, it seems to have died, but could be resurrected. One can just use Debain as upstream (as we do for ubuntu-dev-tools) and a couple of other packages have ubuntu-dev-team as their maintainer http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=ubuntu-dev this could be grown into something more useful18:59
tumbleweedkirkland: FFe ACKed19:07
ScottKkirkland: It should be easy enough with some sponsored uploads to get DM upload rights in Debian for your packages so you can just upload there and sync.19:12
kirklandtumbleweed: in those cases, is the same code uploaded to both archives simultaneously?  or to Ubuntu, then sync'd to Debian, or to Debian then sync'd to Ubuntu?19:12
ScottKGenerally I upload to Debian and then ask for a sync, but if timing is tight for some reason I do dual uploads using syncpackage (that's why it was originally written).19:14
kirklandtumbleweed: thanks19:20
cjwatsonfor germinate I upload to Debian first and then sync19:34
cjwatsonthe tools for working in that direction are better than for doing it in the other19:35
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