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kelemengabordpm: any news on re-enabling the Oneiric langpacks?10:54
dpmkelemengabor, I did it this weekend :)10:54
kelemengaborcool, thanks!10:54
dpmI'll send an e-mail to the list as well:10:54
dpmwe'll have the regular delta langpack this week10:55
dpma full export on Thursday10:55
dpmas pitti wants to prepare the langpacks for the beta10:55
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kelemengaborhey andrejz, got a second?18:16
kelemengaborremember that last friday, we went through the import queue, and saw this @GETTEXT_PACKAGE@.pot?18:16
kelemengaborwell, that's because of a bug, if you ever see it again, don't forget to file one18:17
kelemengaborand this is how to solve it: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kelemeng/unity-greeter/bug831026/revision/9118:18
andrejzok, i will make note of it18:18
andrejzthanks for letting me know18:18
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