HazRPGanyone seen this google+ song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGugj1ym59401:52
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AyeGiffgaffMorning folks02:14
ali1234HazRPG: people who cannot sing like freddie mercury should not cover/parody queen songs02:16
daftykinsi prefer: Queen should not be parodied/covered/etc02:19
HazRPGguessing you don't like any of bob rivers's queen parodies then either?03:12
ali1234never heard of him03:12
HazRPGamerican dude03:29
LewisCawteWhy were you guys up so early? :P05:11
MartijnVdSLewisCawte: HazRPG is always up all night, and I'm in another country (where it's 7:30 now ;)05:27
LewisCawteAnother country very close... Netherlands/France/Belgium are all ones that spring to mind05:28
HazRPGLewisCawte: heh, I sleep very little lol05:28
MartijnVdSLewisCawte: Netherlands is correct05:28
MartijnVdSHazRPG: I'm still not convinced you're not a bot :P05:28
* MartijnVdS is off to catch a train05:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hehe :P06:44
DJonesMorning daubers07:22
daubersWhy is evolution such a big pile of rubbish?07:27
daubersChange in the calender server requires me to change a calender account, right click on it to fix and it pops up a dialog telling me it can't connect and takes the focus away from the right click07:29
daubersI know it's broken NOW LET ME FIX IT07:29
DJonesI've not used evolution for quite a while, I started using thunderbird to give me cross platform consistency07:30
smittixMorning all07:31
MooDoohello all :)07:50
smittixMorning MooDoo, How goes it?07:52
MooDoosmittix: surprisingly quiet....:S07:52
* daubers considers going home and hiding in bed until the world ends08:09
gordblanket forts and cockroaches are the only thing that will survive a nuclear fallout after all08:09
DJonesDon't forget Vegemite, that survives anything08:10
MooDoodaubers: BIG HUG and a nice Cuppa Tea n Toast....there there ;)08:10
brobostigongood morning.08:13
MooDoomoring brobostigon08:14
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:14
MooDoobrobostigon: are you well08:14
daubersoh well, at least the oggcamp videos are slowly making their way onto the interwebs08:15
MooDooooo are they?08:15
brobostigonMooDoo: not perticulerly, no. and you?08:15
MooDoobrobostigon: i'm awake and at work, does that count?08:15
brobostigonMooDoo: yes, it does.08:16
daubersMooDoo: At 500k, each 700MB file might take a couple of hours :) When ones up and working I'll hand out the link08:16
MooDoodaubers: ah! :)08:16
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...08:26
* bigcalm thwaps VirginMedia08:26
DJonesAnother bad day with the conenction bigcalm ?08:32
MontyMooseHello people - having a strange problem with apt-get ... whatever I try and install it always tells me libnet-ssleay-perl / libauthen-pam-perl are required. I try to install these and it fails. I'm running Natty and have allowed all repositires - any ideas thanks :-)08:33
MontyMooseI've done the obvious things: apt-get update etc...08:34
bigcalmDJones: I hope not. But my VM modem/router had given my dev server the wrong IP address. The MAC/IP setting had gone for the device and to add it back meant the modem/router rebooted itself08:35
DJonesMontyMoose: What are you trying to install?08:37
MontyMooseI started off trying to install webmin - then just to see whether it was a webmin only thing I tried a few simple things... the text-based browser links for example... same problem08:37
MontyMoose(it's a fresh install)08:38
DJonesIt could be a problem with trying to install webmin, thats no longer supported in ubuntu and apparantely can cause problems08:39
lubotu3webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.08:39
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DJonesLooking at the "likely to cause unexpected issues with your system"08:39
MontyMooseok fair enough - I'm not that interested in webmin - just speeds up editing my conf files thats all.08:39
MontyMooseBut I get the same problem trying to install links! - surely that's still supported!?08:40
lubotu3DON'T POST LINKS! Oneiric isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the server to get more load, thus making the release LATER. Is that what you want?08:40
DJonesAre you able to sudo apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl as a package on its own?08:40
BigRedSif Webmin's still broken from trying to install the perl modules it'll winge on every successive install08:40
MontyMoosenope - same error08:40
MontyMooseoh I see - so it is installing these things - I'm just getting a stupid webmin message08:41
DJonesI'm not sure how to fix that problem, but hopefully somebody else can help fixing that08:41
BigRedSit might be08:41
BigRedSit might instead be crapping out because webmin's broken08:41
BigRedSI'd try uninstalling webmin if it's suggested that it causes problems08:41
MontyMoosebloody webmin - so what's the best way to totally remove webmin08:41
BigRedSapt-get remove webmin08:42
MontyMoosebear in mind - it never installed succesfully08:42
BigRedSwill remove it08:42
BigRedSapt-get remove --purge webmin08:42
BigRedSwill remove it and all its config08:42
DJonesDid you install it manually? I'm assuming its not going to be part of the default apt database?08:42
MontyMooseok done that - it seems to suggest that webmin has been removed - let me try the perl install again08:42
MontyMoose...and now it works -08:43
MontyMoosethanks guys - I won't be installing webmin again08:43
lubotu3zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).08:46
DJonesThat seems to be the replacement for webmin08:46
DJoneswith the change of name to zentyal08:46
JamesTaitGood morning!08:47
DJonesAlthough even that doesn't show up in the apt database08:47
DJonesAh, still shows under ebox08:47
lubotu3Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Chromium (Webkit), Konqueror (Qt, KHTML), Epiphany (GTK+, Webkit), Arora (Qt, Webkit), Midori (GTK+, Webkit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based)08:48
BigRedSMontyMoose: it should work, really, since it is in the repos. Bit crap to have it break on install and then say "oh, but it's not reccomended anyway"08:50
DJonesbigcalm: Did you mean webmin then? I couldn't see it in the ubuntu repo's08:51
MontyMooseI might see if I can manage on the config files on their own - I've always used webmin on my servers in the past. But it's just another port I have to have open on the firewall. Probably better to manage it through the shell08:52
MontyMooseok - as you're all here, and I'm setting up my new server - what FTP server do you recommend on Natty? I've always used proftpd - any reason not to continue doing this?08:56
bigcalmDJones: eh?08:57
DJonesbigcalm: The comment about it being in the repo's but then saying it breaks on on install and its not recommended anyway08:58
* bigcalm points DJones at BigRedS :)08:58
DJonesWhoops, not enough coffee yet08:58
bigcalmA tab failure hadn't happened for a while, I was starting to miss it ;)08:58
BigRedSArgh. I meant to hunt bigcalm down at oggcamp to prove that we are two separate people09:01
bigcalmI just remembered that as well09:02
BigRedSIn fact, are you in the ubuntu-uk photo thingy out the front?09:02
bigcalmBigRedS: yes, just at the last moment!09:02
BigRedSah, awesome. there's proof there, then09:02
bigcalmThe talk I was attending over ran09:02
Myrttiso I trust both of you have tagged yourselves in that picture?09:03
bigcalmIt's a little "Where's Wally"09:03
bigcalmMyrtti: I did :)09:03
BigRedSI can tag me?09:03
MyrttiBigRedS: sure09:04
bigcalmMyrtti: it looks as though you are wearing a cape :D09:04
MyrttiI know, my scarf does that at times09:05
BigRedSman flickr's changed a bit since I last paid it any attention09:05
MyrttiWHEN have you last paid attention to it then?09:06
bigcalmBigRedS: aha, there you are. Wish I had cool hair like yours09:06
BigRedSapr 8 2010 I think09:06
Myrttiwell, it has changed "a bit" but not much09:07
BigRedSMyrtti: I don't remember the people tagging, and the zoom view looks new.09:07
BigRedSbut I've never looked for people tagging before09:07
Myrttiyeah, the zoom defaults to the light box now09:07
bigcalmPeople tagging is slightly new, though tagging isn't09:08
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daubersWhy are desktop touchscreen still so expensive?09:49
bigcalmBecause not everybody has them yet09:51
bigcalmOnce we do, they will become cheaper09:51
gordnot sure, would of thought that laptops with touchscreens would of been big this year09:51
* daubers suspects the "tablet" market appearing has made things worse09:53
gordthough, using a touchscreen with windows sucks, i'm sure that plays out quite a bit09:57
Davieydaubers: nah, IMO it makes the technology more of a commodity and gets users used to interacting with computers with touch, making it more of a wanted feature.09:57
daubersDaviey: However if I'm a large tablet manufacturer with a fruit as my logo, I would buy up as much touchscreen stock as possible in order to make sure the price points stay where I want them09:58
daubersDoesn't help that HP just ordered loads and then more or less ditched them all09:59
Davieydaubers: normally, the more sold, the more that get created. :).  multi-touch is an example of this :)09:59
Nggord: any laptop with a touchscreen would suck09:59
daubersDaviey: There's only so much silicon being manufactued at any one time10:00
gordNg, what makes you say that?10:00
MontyMooseI remember a time when a ubuntu installation worked as a webserver right out of the box... not any more sadly. Every time I get a new server I have to do more fannying around before it actually works *grumble grumble*10:00
Nggord: if you're not holding the screen in your hand, it's probably in a position that's pretty unnatural to touch10:00
Ngtry holding your arms up in front of your screen and pretend you're using it like a touchpad, for about 10-15 minutes10:00
gordNg, right i don't think that you would use it like that10:01
DavieyNg: have you actually tried that as an experiment?10:01
gordNg, you would be sitting there watching youtube or whatever, you hit a pause button because you are going to make some coffee, come back and unpause. instead of faffing about with the touchpad10:01
DavieyNg: If so, did you do it in public? That would have been a kodak moment.10:01
BigRedSMontyMoose: is that because you're doing more exciting things with it?10:01
gordit would be for casual interaction, not as the main input device10:01
MontyMooseI suppose... although with my new Natty box the "exciting thing" thing I'm trying to do is to turn MySql on! - fairly standard one would have thought.10:02
daubersMontyMoose: turn it on? If you've installed mysql the service should be running10:02
BigRedSsurely that's just apt-get install mysql-server?10:02
Nggord: so just for occasional casual interaction you're going to redesign the entire interface paradigm so everything is at least the size of a fingertip? :/10:02
MontyMooseyup - done that and it says it's installed and up to date...10:02
DavieyI can see tablets totally replacing laptops eventually.  I regulary see people on the train using ipads with hardware keyboards.10:02
DavieyThe atrix i thought was a good proo of concept.10:03
NgI can almost touch type on my ipad now :)10:03
MontyMoosehowever when I try and connect to it (to add users and stuff) it just says: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket10:03
daubersMontyMoose: What are you trying to connect to it with10:03
MontyMooseat this point I'm just trying to connect through the shell with 'mysql' command10:03
daubersMontyMoose: mysql -uroot -p ?10:04
gordNg, you can be smarter about things than that, the user is not likely to want to touch things in MS Word with their finger, but is likely to want to control their media player with their finger for example10:04
MontyMooseyup - that's what i'm doing...10:04
MontyMooseERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)10:04
Nggord: that's not smart, that's lazy ;)10:04
daubersMontyMoose: sudo service mysql restart10:05
MontyMooseI tried /init.d/mysql start - and that doesn't seem to work either! have things moved on since the days of init.d?10:05
BigRedSyeah, there's a new way of doing it10:05
MontyMoosedaubers: restart: Unknown instance10:05
brobostigon /etc/init.d/*10:05
daubersMontyMoose: itym /etc/init.d/10:05
bigcalmMontyMoose: is mysql running?10:05
BigRedSwhich I appear unable to remember until /etc/init.d/* stops working10:05
daubersMontyMoose: sudo service mysql start10:05
bigcalmps aux | grep mysql10:06
MontyMoosewell... it's thinking...........10:06
bigcalmOh dear10:06
daubersMontyMoose: Is this the same box that had webmin on it?10:06
bigcalmMontyMoose: I do hope you don't have the upstart issue I had: http://www.myrant.net/2010/05/21/upstart-failing-to-manage-mysqld-on-ubuntu-10-04/10:07
Nggord: also "their media player" is not likely to be their route to your example of youtube, a browser is (unless you're going to include a touchy friendly youtube app like certain popular tablets do), and you can't make the youtube flash thing suddenly be touch friendly10:07
MontyMoosewell it sort of half had webmin on it - but it never installed properly so I apt-get removed it10:07
gordNg, it wasn't a specific example, it was hypothetical - if touchscreen laptops took off, i'm sure youtube would provide support10:07
MontyMoosesudo service mysql start = hang until ctrl+C10:08
Nggord: my personal opinion is that ipad works so well because it turned the chicken&egg problem of making laptops touchable by just throwing out all the paradigms that are confusing in a touchy laptop world and defining a new experience10:08
Nggord: I think touchy laptops would be a mostly hacky, ugly, confusing, painful experience :)10:08
MontyMoosebizarre never had any problems getting mysql going before10:08
Ngand expensive10:08
bigcalmMontyMoose: sounds like you have the upstart issue I had, read the blog post I pasted10:09
Ngadding a touchscreen to a 13"+ LCD is not going to be easy or cheap atm10:09
MontyMooseok - thanks10:09
bigcalmMontyMoose: what version of Ubuntu are you running?10:09
bigcalmBTW, read the comments as well. That's where the real fix is10:09
bigcalmMost strange then10:10
MontyMoose(fresh install this morninig)10:10
bigcalmIt would be horrible if this issue has returned then10:11
MontyMooseRight I've run the code as suggested in the comments - and I'm now rebooting - so we'll see10:12
gordNg, i don't think it would be cheep either :) but i also think you can build a nice interface around it too - frankly gnome has had giant buttons since 2.0 anyway ;)10:12
davmor2morning all10:12
MontyMooseok - so now it doesn't hang and says mysql start/running10:14
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bigcalmMorning mrevell10:16
MontyMoosesomething still isn't right - I started it and it seemed to suggest it was running - but still wouldn't let me in. Then I stopped it and it stopped properly. Then tried starting it again and it hung again.... weird10:16
mrevellhowdy bigcalm10:18
czajkowskipeeka boo10:18
* davmor2 gives czajkowski a big hug10:18
* TheOpenSourcerer thinks davmor2 must be after something10:19
MontyMooseany other suggestions - I've followed the fix in your post so the service should now have root access to  /usr/sbin/mysqld - but it still doesn't work! help!10:20
BigRedSMontyMoose: is it the same error message? About not being able to connect?10:21
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: No just freakin czajkowski out it's fun to throw in from time to time :D10:21
BigRedSdoes mysql show up in ps?   ps aux | grep mysql10:21
MontyMoose 1807  0.0  0.1   7932  1056 pts/0    S+   11:21   0:00 grep --color=auto mysql10:21
MontyMoosedoes that make any sense at all?10:21
BigRedScool, so it's not running10:21
BigRedSyou've just returned the grep for it. You'd expect another line with the mysql process in it if it was running10:22
MontyMooseoh I see10:22
=== denny- is now known as denny
MontyMooseso if I try to start the service again following the fix and reboot - lets see what happens....10:22
MontyMoosestart: Job is already running: mysql10:23
MontyMooseodd - so grep suggests it isn't running - but if I try and start it - it says it already is!10:24
BigRedSI'd be very tempted to find and delete the lockfile/pidfile and try again, though this is a tad underhand10:27
MooDoohello all10:27
davmor2MooDoo: morning me owld mukka10:27
MontyMooseI'm quite happy being underhand - how do I go about doing that?10:27
BigRedSMontyMoose: does    cat /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid    return anything?10:27
MooDoohi davmor2 :S10:28
MontyMooseno such file or directory10:28
BigRedSI was rather hoping that was how upstart or whatever it is deduced the run state of mysql10:28
davmor2MooDoo: that monday morning feeling? Give czajkowski a hug it will soon go away as she beats you unconscious :D10:29
BigRedS(it should be a file that, when MySQL starts, is created containing the PID of the MySQL process. On stopping the MySQL daemon it's deleted. any attempt to start it would check for the existence of that file and, if it exists, assume it's already started and so abort)10:29
MontyMoosegot ya - if this is going to be a big issue I'd be tempted to downgrade. This server is all about MySQL the whole purpose of it is to hold millions and millions of rows of mysql data!!10:30
czajkowskidavmor2: as of tomorrow I won't be here :d10:30
BigRedSMontyMoose: once you've got over whatever's causing it to not start now it should be fine, I'm just not sure what that hiccup is10:31
BigRedSAnd I should be doing the work I'm paid to do :/10:31
MontyMooseok thanks. Well I'll go trawling Google then... one more day like this and I'm off to buy a big shiny red hat - Ubuntu is pissing me off!10:32
MooDoodavmor2: i'm in a mood so i can't even be bothered to torment czajkowski10:32
BigRedSred hat? ew.10:32
BigRedSGo Debian if anywhere :)10:32
MontyMooseJust need something which will run a LAMP quickly and easily with no headaches10:32
davmor2czajkowski: You got a job?10:33
MooDoodavmor2: keep up man, she's going back to ireland10:33
BigRedSMontyMoose: Usually all Linuxes will do that. We routinely get Debian and Ubuntu boxes up doing that with no issues. Much more debian than ubuntu at the minute, but they're pretty similar at that sort of thing10:33
czajkowskidavmor2: nope I head to ireland10:33
MontyMooseok thanks man - I'll keep pressing on10:34
BigRedSyou might have hit a release-specific bug, where downgrading to the previous Ubuntu will render yourself unaffected, or switching to a debian (or anywhere else, but RedHat's downright insane ;) )10:34
daubersMontyMoose: Did you not just select the lamp stuff in the installer?10:34
MontyMooseit's all installed - just mysql won't start10:34
davmor2czajkowski: nuts :(10:34
* daubers has been considering moving to postgres recently10:34
BigRedSyeah, I've stuck a couple of things on postgres10:35
BigRedSit's definitely less easy than MySQL and I'm not convinced that's entirely down to familiarity10:35
daubersI've started moving a lot of my arduino stuff over to mqtt, so I've considered writing a postgres thing to capture the mqtt stuffs and store it in a db. I have one for mysql, shouldn't be hard to convert10:37
* daubers is pondering building a geiger counter for his office10:39
BigRedSwhere do you work?10:39
daubersBigRedS: Just over the road from AWE10:39
BigRedSahhh. I'd invoke the principle of not asking questions to which you'd rather not know the answer there10:40
daubersBigRedS: heh, I'm just intrigued :)10:40
BigRedSPlug it into /dev/random :)10:43
daubersBigRedS: One in my house, one in the office, one in my parents house, one in my mates house down the road. See if any patterns appear10:44
DJonesAlanBell: TheOpenSourcerer Is this of interest http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/08/22/cabinet_office_ict_asset_services_procurement/10:49
AlanBellI nearly got sucked in to that10:49
AlanBellopen source suppliers dodged a bullet there IMHO10:50
DJonesAlanBell: Expensive or just time consuming & time wasting10:57
AlanBellnot much money in it, and they wanted *lots* of bespoke interfaces to random asset tracking systems10:58
AlanBellso masses of work to do, with no scope, no budget and they wanted a fixed price10:59
TheOpenSourcererI read that story too. Sounded like a good price to me.11:00
TheOpenSourcerer£1ook for 3 years11:00
DavieyAlanBell: Fixed price is BS.. as in it will not happen.  Fixed price for the spec.. then the contract will double in cost for all the unconsidered features.11:01
MartijnVdSsounds like government contracts11:01
MartijnVdS(it's the same here in .nl)11:01
AlanBellyeah, I don't know the full details, I was just asked if I wanted to get involved, but as it was something that IBM had already failed at and other larger suppliers were competing for and the whole thing sounded toxic I backed off11:04
AlanBellplus I couldn't see the open source element of the project11:05
MontyMooseOk - I'm giving up on this mysql problem. Which version would people recommend I downgrade to with Ubuntu? I need a version where apache/php/mysql work properly?11:06
DavieyMontyMoose: They should all work.11:06
DavieyMontyMoose: People tend to prefer the LTS releases, so Lucid.11:07
MontyMooseLucid ok - I'll hunt for an iso11:07
AlanBellMontyMoose: install phpmyadmin and see if that works, it will pull in everything you need and you can test it all11:07
AlanBellthen remove it11:07
BigRedSit'll be on ubuntu.com - it's the current LTS release11:07
MontyMoosenice idea11:07
MontyMooseright oh - good plan11:07
MontyMooseshoudld have done that to start with really11:08
MontyMoosedownload underway - thanks for all your help11:08
VenkoHey guys11:31
DJonesAfternoon Venko, seems a long time since I've seen you in the channel11:32
VenkoYeah, to be honest I'm using Windows on this computer :-o11:36
VenkoIt's a gaming computer you see, you know for evil time wasting games11:36
DJonesIf it makes you feel any better, I'm using Windows as well, its an evil freedom wasting work machine11:37
VenkoOggcamp was so awesome though. It's inspired me to properly use FOSS again :)11:42
VenkoHey, I don't suppose you know of any FOSS webmail clients? I've got some ideas for a client I want to make but I don't want to build a backend if I can borrow one from somewhere11:44
MartijnVdSVenko: ^11:44
VenkoI suppose the downside is if it's GPL licensed it'll prevent me from using affero GPL for my project but it'd be a fair trade-off to avoid the extra work11:44
BigRedSroundcube is awesome11:44
andylockranguys, I'm hoping to run a wireless test to check the wireless setup over a period of a few days - is there any wireless monitoring software any of you would recommend?11:45
BigRedSIt's teh first webmail client I've found that's basically a web-based proper mail client11:45
andylockranBigRedS: RoundCube FTW11:45
MartijnVdSandylockran: write a small script that greps in the output of "iwlist", plug into your favourite monitoring tool (nagios?)?11:45
andylockranMartijnVdS: ta11:46
dwatkinsandylockran: what kinds of tests do you want to do?11:54
dwatkinsJust curious, wondering if it's response time, signal strength etc.11:54
andylockrandwatkins: many11:59
daubersurgh, uploads take too long12:03
daubersat least I seem to have got the format right for blip12:08
MooDoobloomin mondays12:49
bigcalmMoomin Mondays \o/12:51
popey\o/ Monday!12:53
* daubers notes the oggcamp video he uploaded as a test has had 5 viewers and he hasn't published the URI yet12:54
shaunospies everywhere12:55
daubersalso, did I mention, upload speeds suck12:55
BigRedSDownside of shared spotify playlist for music in the noc: Aqua - Barbie Girl has just come on12:55
MooDooBigRedS: GET OUT!!!! points....----- >12:56
davmor2BigRedS: what and you forgot what a great tune it was and are now playing it repeatedly right?12:56
BigRedSwell, I've a feeling it was me who added it to the playlist12:58
davmor2BigRedS: It could be worse it could be Sam Fox Touch Me,  if that helps12:58
davmor2BigRedS: in that case I redirect you to MooDoo's earlier statement12:59
BigRedShaha, I've had a habit of putting, er, questionable music on just as I go to leave12:59
davmor2BigRedS: Too redeem yourself now go and listen to Josh Wink Highest State of Consciousness :D13:01
BigRedSbut today someone's put the whole playlist on shuffle, so it's all over the place13:01
BigRedSooh, there's a "Tweakin' acid funk mix" of that13:02
BigRedSsounds interesting13:02
BigRedSHm. I'm not convinced this is better than Aqua13:03
davmor2BigRedS: When your ears start to bleed then you can listen to The Prodigy Firestarter :D13:03
BigRedSyeah, that sounds rather more appropriate :)13:03
daubersBigRedS: just put some Mahler on and be done with it13:04
BigRedSdaubers: there's a lot of very long song names there13:05
BigRedSwith words like 'symphony' and 'C sharp'13:05
BigRedSew. Mono13:05
BigRedSOh. The shared playlist is apparently now entirely Mahler13:10
daubers734786924 bytes sent in 9314.28 secs (77.0 kB/s) :(13:12
daubersBigRedS: My missus glared at me yesterday when I said that any song that relies on a wall of sound is essentially rubbish because they couldn't be bothered to do anything interesting with rythem, temp, or anything other other than MAKE LOUD NOISES13:15
dauberslike 5 year olds with their parents saucepans13:15
daubersStupid muscle memory13:15
BigRedSI had an 8-hour journey to Geneva with a soundtrack composed entirely of drum and bass last week13:16
daubersthink she was playing nickelback at the time13:16
BigRedSthat was, er, not very fun13:16
bigcalmGoa Trance appears to be my thing for the month13:17
krimzon2modern drum and bass sucks cause they all have the exact same drums13:19
krimzon2and it's more like drum, bass and a ton of other house crap to get rid of that nasty dynamic range13:20
gordpopey, found an actual arm server :) http://www.ztsystems.com/Default.aspx?tabid=148313:22
* popey falls over13:23
DJones"popey falls over" .... Powered by bigcalm's VM connection :)13:24
bigcalmI think that popey's own VM connection can do that at times as well :P13:24
bigcalmpopey: have you been tempted by the TiVo offer yet?13:24
DJonesYeah, but popey's VM connection is powering the whole of the interweb's as well13:25
popeybigcalm: saw an advert at the weekend and did ponder13:26
daubersYou people and your "tv".13:27
TheOpenSourcererw00t! England just got 2 quick wickets. India 262-513:27
bigcalmpopey: I _think_ that we can have it, but CS aren't very clued in, in our experience13:28
bigcalm99 quid for the box, 3 quid per month for the service13:28
bigcalmThe tivo box has its own 10mb modem in it so your tv becomes an 'internet tv'. According to an engineer, it doesn't impact upon ones 30mb connection...13:28
popeyso could plug my openwrt into the tivo to share wifi to the house13:30
bigcalmNo idea if it shares the internet connection outside of the box13:32
bigcalmShare the 10mb to everybody else and keep the 30mb for yourself? ;)13:32
bigcalmYou could just limit bandwidth to selected MACs13:33
* daubers makes coffee13:36
Davieybigcalm: yeah, cause spoofing mac is too hard :)13:38
bigcalmDaviey: if his kids and wife can spoof macs, good on 'em ;)13:41
bigcalmActually, the cat tweets, so it might be in with a chance13:41
popeyI came home once from work and clare said she'd found one of Sophies little jotter pads with "mum wii " and our pin number written in it13:47
popeyshe watched mummy put it in once, and remembered it13:47
popeyi said to sophie "how come you've got the pin number of the wii written down?" she burst into tears13:47
popeyshe thought I was cross, which I wasnt, I was impressed13:47
mgdmwell played, that girl13:48
christelaww bless13:48
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Is a thug - upsetting little children like that.13:48
* TheOpenSourcerer notes his son (10) now uses upper/lower/numeric and non-alphas for his passwords! 13:49
* MooDoo 's son is loving tuxpaint, hasn't quite figured out how to use the mouse yet13:49
Davieynah, turn on the tears early and often.. avoids getting itno trouble.13:51
daubersstill works for Daviey apparently13:52
* daubers spots some potential 9.7" touchscreens hitting the market at < £10013:53
bigcalmI think I should block all mention of "cheap" gadgets. It's unhealthy for my wallet13:54
davmor2gord: I just got my confirmation to book for UDS P :D13:55
gorddavmor2, cool :) i'll be there for only a few days though13:55
* MooDoo will go to a UDS one day...13:55
davmor2gord: I'm there before UDS till after judging by the flight tickets13:56
gorddavmor2, when is before?13:56
davmor2gord: I'll be getting in on the Wednesday before cause Thurs-Sat there will be some QA training on13:57
gorddavmor2, ah neat, i'm there the entire week before : )13:57
BigRedSFirefox/Thunderbird should really ship with a kill-everything-mozilla-and-give-me-back-my-memory tool...13:59
mgdmBigRedS: it's in coreutils, surely14:00
mgdm'killall' :)14:00
MartijnVdSmgdm: try on aix :)14:03
MartijnVdSmgdm: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/aix/v7r1/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.aix.cmds/doc/aixcmds3/killall.htm14:04
MartijnVdSmgdm: killall as root on aix = instakill :)14:04
BigRedSah yeah, I've heard that one14:05
BigRedSbut, yeah, just a short form of killall firefox-bin && killall thunderbird-bin14:05
davmor2BigRedS: I thought it was called Chromium!14:06
BigRedSpft. I did toy with opera again last night after FF irritated me again14:07
BigRedSit's not half bad14:07
gordi hear they are taking some big steps to get rid of the memory usage in the next firefox14:13
gordwhich is very welcome :)14:13
BigRedSHaha, I'm sure they did that for the 3.0 release, too14:15
BigRedSbut, yeah, I really like firefox, it's just that sometimes it stops me working for ten minutes while I get to another tty to kill it...14:16
* hamitron has changed to IE 9 :(14:16
BigRedSLucky HazRPG14:16
BigRedSbut, yeah, lucky you14:17
bigcalmBigRedS: we're not allowed to tab fail :P14:17
BigRedSno, I did feel particularly bad after all the stick we've given everyone else :)14:17
hamitronimproper highlighting14:17
Azelphurwoo, tecknet say my headset hack should work14:26
Azelphurthey did say "However please make sure the power input requirement of your headset meets the output range from Iep380."14:27
Azelphurisn't USB just one stable power requirement?14:27
hamitronAzelphur: different devices draw different currents14:37
AzelphurI see14:37
Azelphurany way to tell / negative side effects if I'm wrong?14:37
hamitronif you draw too much current (and power) from a power source, it is not healthy for the power source14:38
hamitroncan lead to damage to the power source, a drop in voltage, or it cutting out14:38
hamitronI'm not sure what the max current draw in USB specs is, or that of your device14:40
hamitrons/device/power source14:40
shauno500mA is meant to be standard, 1A isn't unusual anymore tho.  how it manifests itself differs from device to device14:41
shaunoeg, my phone will just take longer to charge on 500mA.  an ipad won't charge while it's 'awake' on 50014:41
dogmatic69usb max is 500mA14:41
Azelphurthe charger has a 1A and 500mA socket14:42
Azelphurand the headset is designed to charge off a cable plugged direct into the PC14:42
dogmatic69shauno: that is why there is http://www.amazon.co.uk/LINDY-USB-Cable-Dual-Power/dp/B000FKP7XA14:43
hamitronAzelphur: you looked at the specs in your manual?14:43
Azelphurfor the headset? nope14:43
hamitronworth looking14:43
Azelphuranything to ctrl+f for? :P14:44
hamitronor mA14:44
hamitronor current14:44
Azelphurhamitron: doesn't seem to be anything in there, http://www.logitech.com/assets/32824/g930-620-002766003403gsamr.pdf :(14:45
hamitrongimme 10 mins to download it14:46
davmor2popey: how do14:48
daubersI see popey has beef this afternoon14:48
hamitronAzelphur: does it power a mobile phone?14:50
hamitronmy guess is wireless headsets will use less power14:51
Azelphurhamitron: yea14:51
Azelphurso I probably wanna plug it into the 1A port14:52
hamitrondunno :)14:53
=== christian is now known as Guest3537
JonTheNiceGuyDoes anyone know whether there's still a mirror around of the Jaunty packages for Arm? A friend has a box he's not able to upgrade, but needs to add a package to.15:14
shaunoJonTheNiceGuy: you might luck out on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ports/releases/jaunty/release/  somewhere.15:16
shauno(or in /ubuntu/pool/ if you know exactly what version you're fishing for)15:17
JonTheNiceGuyHe's looking for mc15:18
andylockranguys, is it possible to have multiple authorized_keys files15:23
JonTheNiceGuyandylockran: Have all the lines in one file15:24
JonTheNiceGuyThanks for that Shauno. Worked for me - now all I need to do is to teach him how to use it :)15:25
davmor2directhex: so you have a new work phone and you've broken it already15:26
directhexdavmor2, ?15:26
andylockranhmm, less than helpful15:26
daubersandylockran: What are you trying to achieve?15:27
davmor2directhex: Rooted a pre3 by the look of the twitpic :)15:27
directhexdavmor2, rooting a pre3 just involves typing a NES cheat code. that's xorg running xterm15:27
davmor2directhex: as I say and broke it already ;)15:28
andylockrandaubers: I want to make 1 key valid on all servers, and a subset of keys valid on different servers.  i.e authorized_keys1 valid all the time, and authorized_keys2 only present on a few servers15:28
daubersandylockran:  There is an AuthorizedKeysFile option in the ssh config15:30
daubersandylockran: Otherwise, it doesn't look like it, unless you seperate them out by user15:33
andylockranyeah, no worries15:37
andylockrantbh, from a security perspective I shouldn't be doing what I was planning, so probably for the best that it's not possible :D15:37
andylockrandaubers: putting an authorized_key file in a vcs for dev machines15:38
daubersandylockran: Can't just create a user/key per machine and tweak the groups of those users?15:40
andylockrandaubers: yeah, will end up doing that15:40
DJonesThis is tempting http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/41625/hp-touchpad-uk-price-drop15:47
BigRedSMmm, for that sort of money I could justify an experiment in tablets15:49
BigRedSwith the worst-case scenario being something to fart around with applying the myriad hacks that the Internet is likely to come up with for it15:49
DJonesMaking it more tempting is https://twitter.com/#!/trsohmers/status/10478823390853120015:49
DJonesI wonder whether it has java in its browser and whether it'd play minecraft15:55
daubersSince marxjohnson put the uri on twitter..... http://oggcamp.blip.tv all videos are now very slowly uploading. Please be patient! They will get there eventually15:56
bigcalmAnd since you just pasted it in channel, it'll go even slower :P16:00
daubersbigcalm: have to slow down some to beat the last upload (734167918 bytes sent in 8506.99 secs (84.3 kB/s))16:00
daubersThey'll get there in the end....16:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] Desktop Summit 2011 Group Photo - http://blogs.kde.org/node/447216:02
bigcalmSod sod sod16:03
bigcalmMust not buy touchpad16:04
MooDoowassup bigcalm16:04
daubersbigcalm: An wasy way to stop you buying a touchpad, pay for some tyres for my car and my motorbikes MOT in the next week please16:11
MooDoodaubers: and brakes for my bike :)16:13
bigcalmdaubers: I recently had my read discs replaced the the aircon fixed. Had enough of motor repairs for a while ta :P16:13
daubersI get a bit antsy when I _have_ to change the tyres and to do the front two is going to cost £1x016:13
daubersHaving said that, someone at work is paying nearly £400 a tyre for his silly sports car, and they're verging on not being road legal after just 900 miles16:14
gordso you *could* buy a touchpad, or you could buy 100 kinder egg surprises.16:14
gordi think we know what is the better option16:14
daubersgord: kinder egg surprises are rubbish. The one I got last week was 3 hologram stickers16:15
gorddaubers, did you not find that surprising? ;)16:15
daubersgord: Just disappointing. I wrote in and complained16:15
* peng42phone suspects touchpad would run Ubuntu well with a bit of force16:16
bigcalmPeople say otherwise, but I say that Unity was designed with the touch interface in mind16:17
davmor2peng42phone: once you figure out how to get it on there16:17
peng42phoneDavmor2: that's the bit of force16:18
davmor2peng42phone: aggravated GBH requires less force ;)16:19
MooDooi'm using the force now!16:19
MooDoosanta vader uses the force at christmas with luke.....feeling his presents ;)16:20
davmor2MooDoo: I think you're confused it's Darth Vader or Santa Claus I know it confusing but do keep up ;)16:21
MooDoodavmor2: sorry, i haven't poked czajkowski in ahile so i'm out of touch with these things...16:22
peng42phoneDavmor2: I don't know, but it's Linux already, so should only need a light hammer16:22
dauberspeng42phone: Better chance of android running on it I'd imagine16:22
peng42phoneDaubers: why?  I think webos is much closer to std Linux16:24
davmor2MooDoo: sometimes you're just wrong! this isn't one though poke away :D, /me locks himself in a bunker so czajkowski can't get him16:24
czajkowskiknock yerselves out lads16:24
czajkowskion me holidays16:24
MooDooczajkowski: poke pke poke poke poke16:25
* peng42phone awaits a train at Hope station16:25
MooDoodavmor2: on crud she's on hols so she's happy...pah denied16:25
MartijnVdSpeng42phone: station names like that are always a bad sign :)16:25
peng42phoneVery few stop here16:27
davmor2MooDoo: were you trying to call czajkowski a pyke then16:27
MooDoodavmor2: O_o with my reputation ;)16:28
davmor2MooDoo: czajkowski would kill you if you were ;)16:29
MooDoodavmor2: i'm not scared of czajkowski [as long as thre are miles in between us]16:29
MooDoobrb all16:30
czajkowskiand no rugby matches16:30
scoundrel50abug 827198 anybody worked out if there is a fix for this.....I still cant get it to work, and the .deb package install wont intall16:36
lubotu3Launchpad bug 827198 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82719816:36
scoundrel50aanbody any ideas? the bug fix seemed to stop after that was suggested from what I can see, and no updates have appeared since then16:39
czajkowskiscoundrel50a: no idea have you tried asking in #ubuntu-bugs16:52
popeyscoundrel50a: I commented on the bug and you made the same mistake again16:53
popeyscoundrel50a: you need to "escape" the ~ character in the package when you install it16:53
popeyscoundrel50a: dpkg -i <press tab> to fill in the name of the package for you16:54
scoundrel50aI tried the dpkg -i and tab and that didnt work, I just looked in the url and didnt see the ~ sign either, ok, will give it a try again, one sec16:59
popeyyou need to have the files downloaded in a folder, open a terminal, navigate to the folder they're in and then dpkg -i the files17:01
scoundrel50anow you tell me17:02
scoundrel50aI have the .deb file on my desktop, I will see if that works17:03
popeynow I tell you!?17:07
* czajkowski hands popey a bucket of tea 17:08
scoundrel50asorry figure of speach, my appologies17:08
scoundrel50aits working17:09
scoundrel50aat least I think itn is it says its downgrading package17:09
scoundrel50aok, so I got to reboot, and see if that works, brb17:10
HazRPGBigRedS: heh, was about to ask what I was lucky for... while scrolling back... so instead read ahead, and yeah... tab fail ^_^17:15
scoundrel50aok, I am really sorry, I still havent got used to the terminal enough to reaslise that you have to cd to the directory, when you install something, but it seems that GC might be working ok, the message that it closed incorrectly and do I want to restore has gone, or at least it hasnt appeared again, which could be a good sign...so far, after playing a bit, no freezing, and it was freezing on every page17:16
AzelphurAnyone happen to know if something exists to use your android as a secondary display?18:04
Azelphurthat'd be pretty cool o.O18:04
MartijnVdSAzelphur: IDisplay (http://www.shapeservices.com/en/products/details.php?product=idisplay&platform=android)18:10
Azelphurwe're #ubuntu, that's Windows or OSX :P18:10
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's a start18:11
ali1234Azelphur: vnc18:29
HazRPGinteresting, a 7y.o. has had an idea for an app, and has managed to get it made by others: http://goo.gl/4fr7Y18:50
ali1234HazRPG: not particularly interesting, it won't be repeated19:14
ali1234like most gimmicks it only works once19:14
HazRPGthis is true19:16
HazRPG(recalls the million dollar pixel website)19:17
ali1234or the paperclip guy19:17
HazRPGI had the same idea at one point around the same idea as the dude who did that website, but I thought it was just too stupid that it wouldn't take off19:17
MartijnVdSHazRPG: remember -- IQ 100 is the median (stddev 15) :)19:34
ali1234yes, by definition19:45
MartijnVdS\o daubers19:58
marsilainenif I enable the connection sharing thing using network-manager gui, does that mean that my machine will act as a dhcp server on that interface?20:23
marsilainenor does it only work for one machine connected to it or what?20:23
* penguin42 hasn't used it, but I think it should let you share a bunch of machines21:02
penguin42ok, who was arguing before about the difficulty of getting Ubuntu onto a Touchpad: http://liliputing.com/2011/08/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-an-hp-touchpad.html23:17
Azelphurpenguin42: DAM YOU MAKING ME SPEND 90 QUID.23:18
penguin42OK, where can I buy one for 90 quid ?!23:19
Azelphurcomet but it's out of stock23:19
directhexeverywhere is out of stock23:19
directhexactually, comet have some in stock online, but their site is down23:19
directhexargos is down23:19
* penguin42 will have to go to some that are in less visited places23:20
Azelphuramazon have stock23:22
directhexmy hot tip, if you want it: debenhams23:22
directhexAzelphur, nope.23:23
penguin42Azelphur: Nice, ordered!23:23
Azelphursee 18 new from £8923:23
Azelphurpenguin42: fun :D23:23
directhex"Temporarily out of stock"23:24
Azelphurclick 18 new from £89 and then click top one23:24
penguin42damn, says temporarily out of stock, we'll notify you when available23:24
AzelphurI just ordered it right now23:24
AzelphurI GOT THE LAST ONE23:24
Laneyhuh, it let me order it23:24
penguin42Azelphur: What does it say on the estimated delivery?23:24
Azelphurfree super saver delivery23:25
Laneydon't hold out much hope of that working, though23:25
directhexthe touchpad game is the best ARG *ever*23:25
penguin42it let me order it as well, but the it stated during the ordering process temporarily out of stock and at the end 'Estimated delivery: not yet available'23:25
LaneyDelivery estimate:We'll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item.23:26
penguin42yet the search page says only 5 left in stock23:26
Laneyreminds me of trying to get a wii for launch day23:27
penguin42oh, I get it - the 18 new is total new, not the £89 one23:27
AzelphurDelivery estimate: We'll  notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this  item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.23:28
AzelphurI'm cool with waiting, I got one that's what matters.23:28
penguin42well, we don't know that23:28
directhexif they don't get more stock, you got nothing23:28
Azelphuroh :(23:29
Azelphurthey just leave me in limbo forever?23:29
* penguin42 wonders what Amazon do when they realise they have about a zillion orders for something on deep discount that they don't have23:30
directhexpenguin42, first come first served fulfilment, with all the stock they have & can get23:32
penguin42anyway, it's Amazon themselves rather than one of their dodgier resellers so I guess it has a chance23:32
popey74.17 minus the VAT :D23:34
popey(if they get some)23:34
popey(which they wont)23:34
directhexthe questions, really, are: "how many touchpads did HP make?" "how many were sold already?" "where is the remaining stock?" "what is going to be done with the remaining stock?"23:36
* penguin42 wonders if some part of that could be predicted from analysing MAC addresses on the wireless23:36
popeythey're a lot busier inside than an ipad23:44
penguin42got pictures?23:46
penguin42does seem to have a scary number of connectors23:49

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