jdeslipNow MarkDude is around, I wille repeat :)00:01
jdeslip Somebody (and by somebody I mean MarkDude) should create a list of google-plus users from Ubuntu-California (or just Ubuntu  devs/users) here: http://gpc.fm/00:01
MarkDudeGood idea, my cup runneth over at the moment00:05
* DarkwingDuck sighs00:07
rwwmaybe if you deleted your G+ you could spend your hangout time getting work done00:07
* rww runs00:07
MarkDudeWell Facebook takes more time00:13
MarkDudeMy dad just said I was a fb whore00:13
MarkDudeI had to explain I was more an attention whore00:14
MarkDudeAnd FB is just a manifestation of it00:14
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Where at google does the other half work.01:14
pleia2DarkwingDuck: he's a network engineer at the mt view office01:15
pleia2but he can put in resumes for anywhere in google, they'll get to the top of the recruiter's list!01:15
DarkwingDuckGood... :D01:15
DarkwingDuckI applied for the Doc job with Chrome OS.01:15
pleia2doh, already applied?01:16
DarkwingDuckIt was listed on LinkedIn last night.01:16
pleia2should have gone through a goog employee :)01:16
DarkwingDuckBut, there are like 5 or 6 doc jobs listed.01:16
DarkwingDuckIf he can that would be WONDERFUL01:16
pleia2not much can be done if your name is already in the system01:16
pleia2submitting through an employee just makes things happen faster01:17
bkerensaMarkDude: Its ok... I'm a Klout Whore :P02:17
MarkDudeGoog folks know secret handshake02:18
MarkDudeKlout is on my september -ocotber list bkerensa02:19
bkerensaMarkDude: Klout requires to much effort... My twitter following has grown but now my score is dropping because I stopped tweeting as much... I'm sorry I'm not Lady Gaga and can't hire a entire staff to tweet for me *Shakes Fist*02:20
bkerensadoes anyone here ever use the word "oft"02:23
akkno (might use it on twitter if I were running up against the char limit :)02:26
DarkwingDuck TRACE ("Life sucks\n");02:27
DarkwingDuck return NULL;02:27
bkerensaIf any of you like music... Three Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members are DJing on http://turntable.fm/ubuntu02:31
ariley_good monring17:23
pleia2good morning17:24
ariley_hey pleia2 and bkerensa17:52
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grantbowHi all. It's always morning somewhere :-)18:41
akkMorning here, for another 10 min or so.18:49
nhainesakk: good to catch you passing through.18:50
MarkDudegrantbow: are you fluent in Swahili yet?18:55
grantbowwho else is going to the picnic this Sat in Sunnyvale? o/18:57
* MarkDude is headed there with C Dubs19:00
MarkDudeDoing the fedora booth- we have NO cookies19:00
MarkDudeJust media and some SWAG19:01
pleia2aaditya: do we have tables assigned yet, if so where is the ubuntu one?19:01
aadityaMarkDude: awesome. Did you send in a request for a table yet?19:01
aadityapleia2: We do have tables reserved, but we haven't done the assignments yet.19:01
pleia2aaditya: ok, thanks19:01
aadityaMarkDude: please do!19:02
MarkDudeWill do19:02
aadityapleia2: two tables, right?19:02
pleia2aaditya: yes19:02
aadityasounds good.19:03
aadityaAlso, we're looking for volunteers for the registration table.19:04
aaditya...and other positions are open too.19:05
aadityaBut at the very least, please do RSVP if you're planning to attend.19:06
grantbowaaditya o/ you better be there, lol!19:07
DarkwingDuckHey guys19:14
DarkwingDuckYou are active :D19:16
grantbowlistening to LinuxOutlaws.com at the moment. Those folks are active!19:17
grantbowrecorded at ogg camp19:18
DarkwingDuckI'm trying to get my job situation sorted out.19:18
grantbowbest wishes with that19:18
DarkwingDuck:) Yeah, it's a struggle.19:18
MarkDudeaaditya: up for some loud music after? >> https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=24452249556873119:32
aadityaMarkDude, heck year.20:24
DarkwingDuckLOL Bad timing.20:31
DarkwingDuck[13:15:26] <-- MarkDude (47c68a9b@pdpc/supporter/student/markdude) has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:32
DarkwingDuck[13:24:06] <aaditya> MarkDude, heck year.20:32
DarkwingDuck[13:24:22] <aaditya> s/year/yeah/20:32
DarkwingDuck[13:25:31] --> MarkDude (47c68a9b@pdpc/supporter/student/markdude) has joined #ubuntu-us-ca20:32
MarkDudeOk- cool aaditya20:32
MarkDudeIt is a show that cool Chick Arielle is setting up - she does Nemisis records20:33
MarkDudeShort fuse should be good, The others I am not so sure20:33
aadityalol, thanks DarkwingDuck.20:36
DarkwingDuck:D I found humor in it.20:36
aadityaIf there was an irssi plugin that allowed selectively ignoring there join/part/quit messages, I'd invest in it.20:37
aadityaPidgin has this one that hides joins/parts from inactive users.20:37
grantbowIPSec is almost a four letter word pleia2 :-)20:59
pleia2it totally is :(20:59
pleia2but at least it took me 1.5 days to fix this time rather than the 5 it took last time it decided to explode all over the place :)21:00
pleia2admittedly last time I was working with a linux box and some dlink routers, this time it was linux to linux21:03
MarkDudegrantbow: you up for being a villian in the comic I am doing?21:25
MarkDudeNixie might be one also21:25
aadityaMarkDude: et moi?21:25
MarkDudeaaditya: I figure you down with helping on this21:25
MarkDudeHave you seen the outline?21:25
aadityanope, not yet.21:26
MarkDudeYou are on the thread. I dont want to scare anyone - so this is all opt-in21:28
aadityaI'm always down for some scary gory stuff.21:43
aadityaCount me in.21:43
jyoAnyone making a run on the local Best Buy for the touchpad?22:14
aadityajyo: are those still on the shelves?22:15
jyoaaditya: I heard Best Buy Dublin? Maybe Milipitas?22:15
aadityajyo: do these devices run Android easily?22:15
aadityaI heard people got Android and even Ubuntu running on these.22:16
akkThat would make them a lot more interesting.22:19
akkRight now I'd be happy to get (a more current) Android running on my Android tablet. :/22:20
jdeslipIf I saw a decent performing Android on the TouchPad, I'd buy it for $9923:58
pleia2the internet indicates that they're very hard to find (a couple articles I read said best buy isn't selling them, they shipped them all back to HP)23:58
jyoBut now they are.. well, were.23:59

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