itnet7RoAkSoAx: I'll try to get a hold of you later, It's not really important :-)00:09
RoAkSoAxitnet7: pong01:20
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mhall119for now15:56
itnet7dantalizing: morning..18:01
* itnet7 's too late18:01
RoAkSoAxitnet7: lol18:05
jck77hello itnet7 18:32
itnet7Hey there18:38
itnet7How've you been jck77 18:39
itnet7What's happening RoAkSoAx !18:39
jck77itnet7: doing good18:41
jck77waiting on that hurricane!!! 18:41
itnet7jck77: that's good to hear!18:42
itnet7Well the doing good part was18:42
itnet7Hopefully it won't be that bad18:42
jck77hope is what we have18:43
jck77however I still doing my preventio. thanks to the owner of the building we have a big generator18:43
jck77talking about the office building hehe 18:44
mhall119jcastro: ready for your first hurricane?18:48
jcastromy mom sent me a mail and was like "I hope you are paying attention there is a hurricane."18:50
jcastroand I'm like "there's always a hurricane"18:51
mhall119it's funny to watch the meteorologists on TV, they try not to act like it's christmas in August for them, but you can tell they're thrilled by the whirling cyclone of destruction18:52
itnet7the news already over dramatizes it. My wife's family has already called us like 10 times, from watching their news channels... 18:52
maxolasersquadUgh, the TV people are the worst.18:52
itnet7mhall119: lol18:53
jck77TV Media sucks18:53
jck77thats the main reason the whole planet is screwed18:53
jck77lies and manipulation (brainwash) 18:54
mhall119jck77: I know, I was just watching something on cable tv telling me that......wait a minute...18:55
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jck77did anyone here worked with modmono on apache?19:40
jck77I believe I have to make it work on one of the mini webserver machines I have at work to run an old aspx web files19:41
itnet7jck77: not I19:58
itnet7Though there are up to date packages and some community docs out there... Did you see: 19:59
itnet7Should help as it also gives full config and some Troubleshooting tips 20:00
jck77thank you20:02
itnet7Hope it helps!20:03
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping21:28
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