rick_h_Blazeix: _stink_ widox some awesome here I think: https://github.com/mockko/livereload11:01
rick_h_especially with the edit in one monitor, display in the other setup11:01
brouschmy twitter feed is full of mitechie and mcrute12:26
snap-lbrousch: You need to see more people. ;)12:31
brouschan occasional brent spiner in between12:31
rick_h_brousch: yea, sorry aobut that12:33
rick_h_we moved it off of twitter to IM, but too late12:33
rick_h_we didn't have each other in IM before hand or it'd never have gone that far12:33
snap-lI am SHOCKED12:33
* snap-l unfollows rick_h_ 12:34
rick_h_yea, pretty much12:34
rick_h_I kept hearing in my head "Don't be THAT guy!"12:34
* rick_h_ hangs head in shame12:34
snap-lThat's OK. We all have our moments. ;)12:34
brouschyou are hereby sentenced to 7 days of facebook as your exclusive social network12:35
rick_h_crap, /me deletes internet12:35
brouschbe happy i didn't make it myspace!12:35
Wolfgerthat would be foul12:39
snap-lbtw: I'm working on getting a booth for the loco at OLF13:02
snap-lwhich means we'll need some folks to help man it13:02
snap-land something to give out. :)13:03
snap-lThinking business cards / flyers, etc13:03
snap-land a QR code so people can scan it to get to the loco directory page.13:03
ColonelPanic001I approve.13:05
snap-lColonelPanic001: Congrats. When can you man the booth? :)13:05
snap-lYou too, Wolfger ;)13:05
brouschpenguin-shaped cookies with the qrcode in frosting on its belly13:05
snap-lOK, from 8:14pm on Friday... until? :)13:06
Wolfgersnap-l: if you get me to OLF and put me up in a room, I'll man the booth whenever you want me to13:06
snap-lbrousch is making cookies.13:06
ColonelPanic001when is it, this weekend?13:06
WolfgerOLF is the week before my wife goes to Germany, so my cash is tied up13:06
brouschi will need you to stop by here to pick them up on your way to columbus13:06
snap-lWolfger: There's always duck tape13:06
ColonelPanic001every year there's something that's in the way of me going to OLF, I've never been. One of these days.13:07
snap-lbah, I say, bah13:07
WolfgerI really wanted to get back there this year, but my wife's trip trumps my plans. She deserves it.13:08
snap-lWolfger: Understandable13:08
ColonelPanic001Germany trumps Ohio13:08
WolfgerIn many more ways than one13:09
snap-lOK, I'll post to the list to see if we can get some folks13:10
snap-lMentioned sharing a booth to the Ohio Folks, and they (very nicely) said that they have enough folks for their booth, and wouldn't it be great if Michigan had their own booth. :)13:10
ColonelPanic001it's a great idea, fwiw, I just don't plan on being there. Maybe I'll try and go next year. It's a given that whenever I'm at a con, I'm willing to help with loco stuff.13:11
snap-lColonelPanic001: Thanks. :)13:14
ColonelPanic001never said my help is a good thing.13:14
snap-lYeah, I'm surprised at how soon things are this year13:15
snap-lFeel like it's *BOOM* Global Jam, *BOOM* OLF, *BOOM* something else.13:15
ColonelPanic001OLF is free?13:15
snap-lYep, just the hotel costs money13:16
snap-land you can support them if you so choose.13:16
ColonelPanic001just found the page with the details - nice13:16
ColonelPanic001$65 isn't too bad for a weekend conf, suppose, even13:16
ColonelPanic001and free is good.13:16
ColonelPanic001maybe next year. Birthday gift to myself.13:18
ColonelPanic001and to my girlfriend (the part where I'm gone all weekend, that is)13:18
brouschping ptenhoopen__13:19
ColonelPanic001nothing really jumps on me on the schedule, but several I'd at least stop into. Maybe 2012.13:21
ptenhoopen__brousch:  Yes?13:22
rick_h_snap-l: is this going to be joint with Ohio Loco?13:23
ColonelPanic001This is Ohio Linux Fest, not Ontario Linux Fest. No joints.13:24
* Wolfger makes plans for Ontario Linux Fest...13:28
ptenhoopen__snap-l:  If you don't get too many volunteers from your posting, I can probably help out.13:32
=== ptenhoopen__ is now known as ptenhoopen
snap-lrick_h_: if things work out, we might be next to the Ohio Loco13:46
snap-lptenhoopen: Awesome.13:46
snap-lptenhoopen: I'll definitely seek you out. :)13:47
WolfgerElastic Beanstalk???13:48
rick_h_snap-l: ok, so we're getting a lococast and miloco table and there's an ohio table?13:48
snap-lrick_h_: That's correct.13:49
rick_h_snap-l: can you hit them up on trying to get lococast by these so we can help cross-cover tables?13:49
snap-lYeah, I thought of that this morning13:49
rick_h_not sure though since I think we're 'media'13:49
brousch2 of you are manning 3 tables?13:54
rick_h_ok, going to go pound the pavement and see if anyone has any touchpads left13:58
brouschyou could call around13:59
brouschand i posted a link to your query on google+14:00
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
jrwrenI haven't done this since 1998/99 with Roxen web server.14:02
jrwrenrick_h would definitely appreciate this.14:02
jrwrenor anyone who runs apache at home for themselves.14:03
jrwrenNameBasedVirtualHosts over SSL.14:03
snap-lI <3 Service Manuals14:15
snap-l"Printing is not working in the Windows.14:15
snap-lSecure more space of the hard disk.14:15
snap-lTwo samples of troubleshooting for my Samsung Printer14:16
brouschno one reads the manual14:17
snap-lThis isn't just any ol' manual. It's the service manual14:18
snap-lmanaged to stumble on it when searching for part numbers.14:18
snap-lThough I'm thinking JoDee done blowed up the printer.14:18
brouschprinted too many angry letters for the History channel?14:20
brouschused up all the red?14:20
snap-lhar har14:25
rick_h_ok, rumor is hp is getting more in stock this week14:53
rick_h_signed up to get notified...who knows...14:54
brouschfinal shipment from china or something?14:54
rick_h_no idea, just according to HP PR twitter user14:55
brouschprobably all of the returns from people who don't like them14:55
rick_h_tried to get the demo unit from local office max with no luck14:55
brouschyou a sam's club member?14:55
rick_h_lol ^14:56
rick_h_no sams club14:56
brouschcostco maybe?14:56
rick_h_I was tempted to go hitting more places, but meh, it's not worth that much to be tbh14:56
rick_h_if I could hit buy I would, hope that the webos lives a little14:56
brouschi think google should buy it from HP. they would suddenly have a hundred thousand android-capable tablets in people's hands14:57
brouschand a few patents14:57
rick_h_well, palm has some good patents, I don't think HP is going to sell them away14:58
rick_h_and I'm holding out hope they open source it tbh14:58
snap-lrick_h_: Oh geez (re: php returns md5 salts)15:06
snap-lrick_h_: Why am I getting the feeling that some high profile sites are going to ask users to change their passwords because their passwords were never saved? :)15:07
rick_h_yea, because if they fix the hashing they'll no longer match and all get 'invalid password' errors15:07
_stink_jrwren: hey, thanks for the apache link.15:09
snap-lMan, what is with these printer companies releasing these pathetic toner carts15:10
snap-l$70 gets you 2600 pages ( or 2100 pages)15:11
snap-land that's for the Brother econom printer "high yield" cart.15:11
snap-lHmm, this Brother printer uses PC133 memory. I think I still have some in some box somewhere.15:13
_stink_snap-l: i've got some you can have if needed.15:14
snap-l_stink_: Thanks for the offer. Let me check first before taking you up on that.15:15
snap-lI <3 reviews15:16
brouschbrother is on my never buy list due to the POS we had from them 8 years ago15:17
snap-lmy dad has had good luck with his inkjet printers15:18
rick_h_yea, sorry. laserjet and that's it15:18
rick_h_every other printer is a rip off15:18
devinheitmuellerYou kind of have to wonder who continues to buy crappy printer after crappy printer.  Wouldn't you have thought he would have learned after his *third* crappy Brother printer?15:18
snap-lrick_h_: The HP I was looking at had the 2100 page toner that was more like 1600 pages. ;)15:18
snap-lI want to like the HP, but that's frankly crap15:19
brouschdevinheitmueller: people that don't even look at the brand when they buy, only the price tag15:19
rick_h_snap-l: laser?15:19
snap-lrick_h_: Laser15:19
devinheitmuellerEven laser jet has had a spotted history.  When I was at Lucent we replaced a bunch of rock solid LaserJet IIIs with LaserJet 5Ls.  We actually thew them away and dug the old Laserjet 3's out of the storage closet.15:20
jrwren15 yrs ago, my dad had pretty good luck with a canon laser... I think it was canon. I honestly don't recall.15:20
jrwren++ the laserjet 5 line was terrib.e15:20
rick_h_snap-l: ah Because this is a newer machine the high yield cartridges aren't available. They don't last that long for the price you have to pay for them...15:20
snap-ldevinheitmueller: 5L? Wasn't that the upright laser printer that was essentially plastic clockwork shit?15:21
devinheitmuellerThat's the one.15:21
devinheitmuellerThe top feeder would always jam.15:21
devinheitmuellerWhat a crappy design.15:21
snap-ldevinheitmueller: No wonder they replaced them15:21
snap-ldevinheitmueller: That printer was designed for the occasional note to Aunt Martha, not an office.15:21
devinheitmuellerIt was a "standard Lucent bundle".  Basically when you order a PC it came with *that* particular pritner.15:21
snap-lthe 3 series was a workhorse.15:21
rick_h_man, we had 4's that ran forever15:21
rick_h_we actually wore out the wheels on sheet infeed15:22
rick_h_so they started taking in more than one page of paper at a time15:22
devinheitmuellerI have a Laserjet 4 that I literally found on a curb in New York.15:22
rick_h_replaced the wheels, still kept going15:22
snap-lWe had a 3SI and a 4SI at Wayne that were awesome15:22
rick_h_I've got a newer-ish 1320, buy one high capacity toner ever 1.5ish years15:22
jrwrenI still ran an LJ4 until about a year ago. it was awesome.15:22
rick_h_except for the extra generator needed to power it during warm up lol15:23
snap-lThe students completely abused those printers, though, because WSU was stupid about paper15:23
jrwrenmy LJ 4MX toner lasted 5+ yrs... I had got the toner and printer used. I almost never printed. My wife however printed many papers through grad school.15:23
snap-lwe'd get students printing Chinese newsletters that were scads of pages long, and students provided their own paper, so we'd get shit like looseleaf paper in the printer to try and get rid of these jobs.15:24
jrwrenbut still probably a very small pagecount15:24
devinheitmuellerI really should invent a laser printer that applies post-it notes to print jobs.  That would avoid the whole "entire sheet of paper wasted for a cover page" problem.15:24
snap-levery printer we had had to have the fuser replaced at one point15:24
jrwrenthe cost of the psot-it note is greater than a blank 8.5x1115:24
snap-lJust qrcode each page. ;)15:24
snap-lCover letters / cover sheets are stupid anyway.15:25
devinheitmuellerWell, these aren't actually Post-It (™) notes.  Just a smaller piece of paper adhered to the top page.15:25
devinheitmuellerYou need cover sheets if you have a common area printer servicing hundreds of users (like in a University).15:25
snap-lunless you're sending a fax to someone, cover sheets are redundant15:25
snap-ldevinheitmueller: And you have one piece of paper that everyone throws out15:26
devinheitmuellersnap-l: The point of a cover sheet for a print job is so that the guy working the printer knows who the document belongs to.15:26
snap-lIt's usefulness ceases once the job is picked up.15:26
devinheitmuellerYes, the end-user throws the paper out.15:26
devinheitmuellerIt's for routing the document to the correct user's dropbox.15:26
snap-ldevinheitmueller: The guy working the printer? Is this the 1980s all over again?15:26
snap-lLet me go to the computer center so I can go pick up my job.15:27
devinheitmuellerAt Rutgers the computer lab had 200 users attached to two high capacity network printers.15:27
snap-ldevinheitmueller: At Hope we used to get greenbar printouts from the vax15:27
rick_h_http://avdi.org/devblog/2011/08/22/your-code-is-my-hell/ <315:28
snap-lFrankly, in my perfect world, we'd just send PDF documents to each other15:28
devinheitmuellerI'm just saying, in environments where it's not economical for everybody to have their own printer, there are cases where a cover sheet is appropriate.15:28
snap-lespecially sensitive documents like insurance forms and shit.15:28
snap-ldevinheitmueller: Bah, I say. Just ferret through the stack of paper that nobody culls and find your job. ;)15:29
snap-lThat's how a real office works. :)15:29
snap-lnone of this cover-sheet-and-drop-box shit15:29
devinheitmuellerI actually spent ten bucks and bought an app for OSX that allows me to paste a scanned copy of my signature into PDFs.  Avoids the whole "print out, sign, scan, and send back the PDF issue)15:29
snap-lHR gets their own printer so you don't accidentally find your salaray report in with the TPS reports.15:30
devinheitmuellerIt's all about your volume.15:30
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I've used Xournal and a Wacom tablet to send stuff via e-mail15:30
devinheitmuellersnap-l: does that allow you to modify existing PDFs?15:31
snap-lQuite frankly, most of teh stuff that I copied / printed in an office could have easily been a PDF document if the company had laptops.15:31
snap-ldevinheitmueller: Yep.15:31
snap-land almost without exception, once the meeting was done, the printout was useless, save for a record of what we covered.15:32
snap-lI love Amazon's reviews of printers. "NO USB CABLE? I PAID $$$ FOR THIS, AND NOW I HAVE TO GET ANOTHER $20 CABLE! HP SUCKS!"15:33
devinheitmuellerYeah, in my case 90% of the stuff I end up having to print are of the variety of "sign this and send it back" crap.15:33
snap-lNever mind that it also has Ethernet15:33
devinheitmuelleranyway….  Back to work.  bbl.15:34
snap-lrick_h_: What now?16:41
rick_h_"I don't want to do that, it's poor design and usability, leaving the boxes blank is just bad"16:41
rick_h_"the client is firm, they want them blank"16:41
rick_h_"ok...here you go"16:42
rick_h_Monday comes "I don't know that those blank boxes are very obvious what they do, I mean people aren't going to understand how to use them"16:42
rick_h_ummm yea...that's a brilliant idea, we should definitely fix that, sorry for my mistake mr client16:42
rick_h_now repeat that with 4 other features and you'll get an idea of the "client requested updates" email I just got in my email16:43
rick_h_4 of the 6 are direct coming back to what I originally implemented/advised and was overruled16:43
snap-lBy the client, or coworkers?16:46
rick_h_client, email forward from co-workers16:46
rick_h_who I gave hell at the time of giving the client what they wanted16:46
rick_h_poor nicole was afraid to chat with me16:46
rick_h_waited a bit after the email and then IM'd "are you ok?"16:47
snap-ldid the client overrule you prior, or was it your coworkers?16:47
rick_h_she knows I'm getting beyond annoyed at this16:47
rick_h_I originally built it my way, gave it to them to see16:47
rick_h_even though co-workers said "They say they don't want that"16:47
rick_h_client forced changes to what they wanted, now a week later (and a ton of other changes along the way) they're coming back to original16:47
snap-lI swear you have to treat clients like they're 5 when it comes to choices.16:48
rick_h_on the one hand, getting what I originally wanted, but at this point I just want to wash my hands of this POS project16:48
snap-lTo line up for the next POS project? :)16:49
snap-lHas anyone used virtualenv from cron?16:49
rick_h_just point the cron script to be run at the python in venv/bin16:50
rick_h_all done16:50
rick_h_snap-l: quit depressing me :P16:50
snap-lie: how would I run a battery of scripts via cron using virtualenv? workon blah && script && deactivate ?16:50
snap-lrick_h_: Trust me, I've been there with a lot of projects16:51
snap-lOh, I get what you're saying16:51
rick_h_so what I've generally done is create a single master script that loads/runs things16:51
snap-lit'll work that way?16:51
* snap-l tries an experiment16:51
rick_h_then cron is /home/rharding/src/project/bin/python /home/rharding/src/project/scripts/cronish.py16:51
rick_h_and done16:51
snap-lIt's like magic16:54
rick_h_well it's really all a virtualenv is16:54
rick_h_a new python binary16:54
rick_h_with all python paths/etc there for your use16:54
snap-lshush, let me think it's magic.16:55
rick_h_oh right..magic...ooooohhhhhh :)16:55
snap-lbut that does answer a lingering question of how virtualenv works16:55
snap-l(which is awesome)16:55
snap-lgoing to script up some tests to make sure our sandbox is working, and wondered if I could do it via cron16:57
snap-lSomething strange is afoot in this house17:10
snap-lSound on my speakers is crackly.17:10
snap-lGoing to scheck if a reboot makes a difference.17:12
rick_h_the demo at the bottom is kind of cool17:20
rick_h_replaying the timeline is interesting17:20
brouschdarn, a python question i could've answered and i missed my chance17:23
rick_h_man, loving that livereload17:27
rick_h_so fun17:27
brouschi used cronjobs and virtualenvs on dreamhost for barcampgr17:28
brouschrick_h_: i sat in on a jquery BOF at barcamp and the conclusion they eventually came to was that people are starting to write web apps as an api and a web/mobile frontend. sound familiar?17:36
rick_h_no, that's madness :)17:41
brouschit was pretty interesting to see a totally different group of devs come around to that same conclusion17:50
snap-lhttp://www.meijer.com/s/big-steals/_/N-5io?icid=hpdsmon <- Hahahahaha18:14
snap-lThis looks like one of those stupid cat toys.18:14
rick_h_ pretty much18:15
brouschi have doghair balls bigger than that thing18:16
snap-lLove the cover. That is all.18:44
gamerchick02$25 for a dustmop?19:16
snap-lgamerchick02: No, $25 for a rollyball with a cage19:23
snap-la rollyball with a clock timer. ;)19:23
gamerchick02nice. i suppose...19:23
gamerchick02stupid question: why do some programs not show up in my unity launcher?19:24
gamerchick02gwibber is not showing up at all.19:24
gamerchick02i shouldn't have to restart to have stuff showing up properly. gah.19:24
snap-lYou mean the sidebar?19:33
snap-lGwibber will start up by default, but stays hidden until you bring up that window19:33
gamerchick02the window is active but there's no gwibber icon in the launcher.19:55
gamerchick02good god, i feel like a newb. how the heck can i change my farking clock to get it to show the date and stuff? I've gone into the menu and whatnot, but it won't save.20:25
snap-lfarking? Such language.20:28
snap-lFirst off, are you setting the time manually or via the net?20:31
snap-linstall ntp20:31
gamerchick02i'm in unity, and using the Time & Date settings20:31
snap-linstall ntp20:31
snap-lOK, it should be corrected20:32
snap-lIs that what you wanted? :)20:33
gamerchick02well, i want to show the weekday and month and stuff too20:33
gamerchick02there's no "save" button on the Time & Date window. >_<20:33
snap-lthat should just show up under the Clock tab20:34
gamerchick02it does20:34
snap-lIs it not saving between login?20:34
gamerchick02i probably should log out and back in again.20:34
gamerchick02it's not saving ANYTHING between sessions.20:38
gamerchick02i did an upgraded to gnome 3, got pissed, and then did a repo purge on it.20:38
snap-lgamerchick02: OK, I think you may have a bigger problem.20:38
gamerchick02so... yeah20:38
snap-lYou might want to do the following20:38
snap-l1) Log out of gnome / unity / X20:39
snap-l2) CTRL-ALT-F120:39
snap-l3) Log into the console20:39
snap-l4) cd .. (so you should be under /home20:39
snap-l5) mv current_home current_home.old20:39
snap-l6) mkdir current_home20:39
snap-land at your leisure, copy over the files from current_home.old to the new current_home.20:40
snap-land copy over the dotfile settings as you vet them to make sure they're OK.20:40
snap-lie .bashrc, .vimrc, etc.20:40
snap-lare you comfortable with using cp?20:41
gamerchick02before i do anything, i'm moving all my files to my external drive20:41
snap-lcopy the files, don't move20:41
snap-lBetter to have two backups than one20:42
snap-lrsync. ;)20:42
gamerchick02i'm actually copying over none of the dot files, methinks20:42
gamerchick02that stuff can all be recreated.20:42
snap-ldon't be so sure20:43
snap-lcopy it all20:43
snap-lworst case, you won't need them if you copy them20:43
snap-lworst case if you don't copy them is you will20:43
brouschdebian is looking good to me as a fallback distro20:44
brouscheverything i've tried in a VM has worked20:44
gamerchick02cool, regarding Debian.20:44
gamerchick02does it have Gnome Shell?20:44
Blazeixit does have it, in the experimental repo20:46
brouschthe default gnome is still non-320:46
Blazeixfedora is a good distro for playing with gnome shell, too20:46
gamerchick02i've heard that20:46
gamerchick02Fab uses it all the time.20:46
gamerchick02he loves fedora20:46
gamerchick02yeah. Fabsh.20:47
gamerchick02sorry, i thought everyone here listened to linux outlaws.20:47
snap-lFabsh on identi.ca has turned me off to ever taking that show seriously.20:48
gamerchick02he's rather outspoken20:48
snap-lThat's like saying the pope is rather Catholic.20:48
gamerchick02well. i was trying to be nice.20:48
snap-lI think he's the first dual-core human being where his mouth works completely independantly of his mind.20:49
brouschi find them too annoying with little informational content20:49
gamerchick02i get more out of LO than I do a TV newscast, so... yeah.20:49
snap-lgamerchick02: That's not saying much. ;)20:50
gamerchick02it's actually saying a lot since i pretty much only watch PBS.20:50
snap-lOh, OK20:50
gamerchick02ie, the NewsHour.20:50
snap-lI was thinking you were referring to Saginaw and Detroit news.20:50
gamerchick02i mean, LO covers more stuff I actually give to shits about20:50
gamerchick02the Saginaw News is the biggest waste of paper this planet has ever seen20:51
gamerchick02the newscasters on TV are pretty much crap too.20:51
gamerchick02have you seen our local news, snap-l?20:51
gamerchick02a big fat joke.20:51
snap-lgamerchick02: I've seen news programs outside of Detroit20:52
gamerchick02i used to watch channel 12, but they've decided to try "investigative reporting"20:52
gamerchick02well, i never know. :)20:52
snap-lDetroit is a "major market", so we tend to get the higher-paid talent20:52
snap-lbut yeah, some of these programs you have to wonder if they shouldn't be covering pork bellies20:53
gamerchick02meh. money doesn't always buy talent. i watched some of the Detroit news and they were just as vapid as the ones up here.20:53
snap-lNote I didn't say better20:53
snap-ljust higher paid. ;)20:53
gamerchick02i like that word.20:53
gamerchick02i hope i get the letters to use it in words with friends20:53
gamerchick02oh, speaking of, does anyone here play WWF?20:53
gamerchick02android, iphone, facebook?20:54
snap-lAndroid and iPhone20:54
gamerchick02also, thinking about rooting le phone so i can get rid of le ads on my apps.20:54
gamerchick02or something.20:54
snap-lI hopped on that because SOMEONE (jcastro) said it was awesome until EA released the official Scrabble the same week. ;)20:54
gamerchick02oh really?20:55
gamerchick02there's a "one click root" for my Optimus V i've heard about on the internets... not sure if i should try it or not.20:55
gamerchick02kinda wary, as i don't want to brick my phone.20:55
brouschi play wwf20:56
gamerchick02copying files is slow. i can hardly wait til i get a job and a new computer with some USB 3.0.20:56
gamerchick02username? i'm gamerchick02 (how original, i know)20:56
gamerchick02your'e as original as i am.20:57
brouschi don't like to make people guess. i am brousch pretty much everywhere20:58
jcastrosnap-l: they released it like 2 weeks after I discovered WWF21:00
gamerchick02what is that Zoosk thing? i get it's some sort of silly dating app...21:01
gamerchick02but it seems scammy to me21:01
snap-ljcastro: All I know is I was abandoned. ;)21:02
gamerchick0256 gb in my /home21:13
gamerchick02i never knew i'd ever have a /home that big.21:14
gamerchick02(and yes, that's big. i count these files as stuff i can't recreate, and when i was in college and fixing my computer every 3 months i had probably 2 gigs of files i couldn't lose)21:15
gamerchick02mostly word docs.21:15
gamerchick02usb flash drives FTW.21:15
gamerchick02and even 3.5" floppies. good god, i'm old.21:16
snap-lgamerchick02: You're only old if you have documents on 8" floppies21:19
snap-lOK, I need a judgement call21:21
gamerchick02no, i don't.21:21
gamerchick02we did have 5.25" floppies though21:21
snap-lThis band has two songs that are completely kick-ass21:22
snap-lone has accordion, and the other has a juice-harp21:22
snap-lwhich should I play?21:22
Blazeixboth, at the same time21:23
snap-lBlazeix: Not gonna happen21:24
snap-lI think the Juice-Harp wins.21:24
snap-lIt too has accordion21:24
snap-lhttp://www.jamendo.com/en/track/812851 <-Here's the track that I'm not currently playing21:25
snap-lIf this doesn't make you want to jump up and down, I'll assum you're dead.21:26
snap-lAh, hell... posted the wrong link. ;)21:26
snap-lOh well, now you have a preview.21:26
gamerchick02going to a picnic tonight. shutting down. see everyone later!21:27
snap-lWait, I'm so confused.21:27
snap-lNo, that's the one that I'm not putting in the show. ;)21:27
snap-lFeh, I suck.21:27
snap-lBlazeix: That is awesome. :)21:28
brouschrick_h_: i think you could use this, with a few upgrades http://developers.slashdot.org/story/11/08/22/2031229/Symbolic-Violence-Beats-Lava-Lamps-All-To-Pieces22:29
brouschsend one to each team member. make sure NC guy gets the one with poison darts22:30
Blazeixbrousch: heh, I just posted the github version of that22:49
Blazeixyou could just buy one, and have it hit every team member. I guess you'd have to soup it up to hit NC.22:50
rick_h_brousch: awesome23:06
snap-lWorking on OMC and a club metal episode23:08
rick_h_ok, after looking into that more, it does work under linux23:14
rick_h_it's darn tempting to order...must not be materialist pig23:14
snap-lMaterialist Pig?23:15
rick_h_http://theoatmeal.com/comics/online_gaming ftw as well23:15
rick_h_I'm realizing I've got a ton of gadget bits around the office23:15
snap-lShit, it's a way to bop your co-workers in the head for breaking the build.23:15
rick_h_too many toys23:15
rick_h_well I couldn't use it for that. We're all in diff cubes too far apart23:15
snap-lOK, who replaced rick_h_ with a Buddha?23:15
snap-lGod, i really hate wordpress sometimes23:21
snap-lCan't upload a file, even though I've got the permissions pretty-well wide open23:22
snap-loh FFS.23:23
snap-lApparently when I moved the site, it stored the full path23:25
snap-lso it was trying to write to the old path23:25
snap-lsilly Wordpress.23:25

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